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     OUR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                                 EDITION: 10/11, 2nd June, 2011

                                                     Congratulations 1F and 5/6K                             sporting memorabilia, gift vouchers, toys,
School News                                          The whole school is to be congratulated on their        jewellery etc. If you have something to donate
                                                     improved effort in their attentiveness and              please contact me on 0409 153 619.
This term continues to be a busy                     lining up at assemblies. As a result of a                                                    Lee Murphy
time for everyone. I am pleased to announce          competition held in the first 4 weeks of this                                    Fundraising Coordinator
that Mrs Christine O’Grady has been successful       term I am pleased to announce that the two
in her application to continue her work as           winning classes are 1F and 5/6K.
School Administrative Manager at our school.
On behalf of the whole school community I
would like to congratulate her on this success.
                                                                                                             Student News
You will no doubt see that the school is now
looking to fill the canteen lease position. Due to
                                                     Toy Donations
                                                     The school is currently working on refurbishing
                                                                                                             Stage 1
personal reasons Lisa Barnard was no longer
able to continue in this role. An outcome            our developmental play equipment. Before we             Sydney Excursion
should be known by the end of this term.             purchase any new resources, we are asking for           Years 1 & 2 experienced the marvels of Sydney
                                                     any good quality construction or educational            Aquarium and Wildlife World, last Thursday.
The 2010 Annual School Report will be on our         toys which are no longer used at home and you           The behavior of the children was generally
website within the next fortnight. This report is    would like to donate.        Please leave any           excellent and we would like to thank the
a celebration of the school’s achievements and I     donations with Mrs Napoleone in KN.                     mothers and fathers who volunteered to assist
encourage all parents to find time to look at the
                                                                                                             us on the day. We could not organise such
numerous programs and opportunities that we
endeavour to provide for our students.                                                                       valuable experiences without your help.

Parents are also encouraged to respond to the        Good Guys Reward Dollars                                                               Mrs V. Steinweiss
survey relating to the proposed school uniform       The school recently was able to use accrued
shop. I will share the results of these surveys at   Reward Dollars from Campbelltown Good
the next P&C meeting which will be on
Monday 20th June at 7.30pm.
                                                     Guys store for the amount of $1400.00 to fund           Student Welfare
                                                     some electrical items for our school.
                                   Mr S. Borthwick   We purchased a small fridge to store medicines          Mawarra Movers Positive Behaviour
                                                     and icepacks in the sick bay, a microwave oven                     Learning
                                                     for whole school use, a waterproof (and                 For the next week we are speaking with the
Lease Canteen Update                                                                                         children about the correct way to deliver a
                                                     kidproof) digital camera, a wireless router to
The following advertisement will appear in the                                                               message. This may be to another classroom or
                                                     connect the hall to the internet, an urn to heat
Camden-Campbelltown Advertiser this week.                                                                    to the office. We will be role playing this in
                                                     water for school events and various computer
The school is keen to find a suitable person to                                                              class. Further reinforcement from home would
                                                     components to replace worn out equipment.
lease the school canteen for the next twelve                                                                 be appreciated.
                                                     Next time you or others you know make a
months (with the option of a second year).
                                                     purchase at the Good Guys, mention that you
                                                     are part of the Mawarra community and ask for
              Call for Tenders                       School Dollars . They are free and allocated as         Multicultural Perspectives Public
                                                     a percentage of your purchase amount. Send
                                                     them to the school office so we can redeem              Speaking Competition
     Mawarra Public School                           them to make purchases to support our school.           On Wednesday, 1st June and Thursday, 2nd
                                                     As you can see, it is a fantastic way to raise          June, 2011. Mawarra held the school final of
Tenders are called for the license of the
                                                     funds with minimal effort!                              the MPPS competition.
Mawarra Public School Canteen commencing
                                                                                       Mr. Frank Scott
term 3, 2011 and for a term of 1 year (with a 2
                                                                                     Assistant Principal     In the junior section the competitors were:-
year    option).   School    enrolments     are
approximately 394. General enquiries and                                                                     Georgia Cunnion, Alyssa Heyward, Alex
requests for a Tender Information Package                                                                    Banno, Sally Price, Minjie Berry, Tayla
should be referred to Mr. S. Borthwick or Mrs                                                                Churchin, Adena Toribio, Keziah Holderness,
Christine O’Grady: phone (02) 4658 0990.             P&C News                                                David Truong, Sarah Howlett, Libbi Kynaston,
                                                                                                             Oliver Macdonald, Chenoa Brimble and Cassie
Tenders must be submitted in a sealed                School Uniforms                                         McMurdo. This competition was of a very high
envelope marked “Confidential – School               New winter school uniforms can still be                 standard and all the competitors had
Canteen Tender” and sent to:                         ordered if you missed out, please contact               interesting well structured speeches.
                                                     Brooke Troy on 0411 957 716. Quality second
The Principal
                                                     hand winter uniforms are available at very low          In the senior section the competitors were:-
Mawarra Public School
                                                     prices at the school uniform shop.                      Hannah Trethewy, Ashleigh McMurdo,
Macarthur Road, Elderslie, NSW 2570
                                                                                                             Thomas Wood, Elyssia Banno, Nicky Wilson
Tenders close 3.00pm on Friday 17th June 2011.                                                               and Anneliese Munro. Again the standard was
                                                     Trivia Night
                                                     Our next fundraiser will be our Trivia night
A tender visit and briefing session will be
                                                     which will be held on Friday 12th August, 2011.
organised for interested parties if requested.                                                               The two junior winners were:-
All applicants must make themselves familiar         We are currently seeking any donations for
                                                                                                             Oliver Macdonald and Cassie McMurdo.
with clause 2 of the tender offer.                   silent auction items or prizes on the night, e.g.

                         Phone (02) 4658 0990                                           Fax. (02) 4658 0223
The two senior winners were:-                       specific PRC collection shelves in the library to   Faber, Hunter Lehner, Keegan Jones and Luke
Hannah Trethewy and Ashleigh McMurdo.               assist students in completing the challenge.        Buttifant.
                                                    Good Luck!
Congratulations and good luck to these                                                 Mrs C. Harloff   Gala Day Postponed
students who will now compete at the Area                                                   Librarian   Due to the recent weather, Camden Council has
Final on Thursday 9th June, 2011 here at                                                                closed some grounds making it necessary to
Mawarra.                                                                                                postpone this week’s gala day until a date to be
                                                                                                        advised. The next gala day will be held on
                                                                                                        (week 9) Friday 24th June, 2011.
Premiers Challenge Debating
Last week the two Mawarra debating teams
had their first round. The Mawarra Magpies                                                              Thank you
                                                      Schools and students are being invited to
consisting of Samyra King, Ashleigh McMurdo,                                                            Many thanks to Miss Mills, Lachlan, Ethan &
                                                      join in the 2011 MS Readathon.        By
Josh Lenard and Alex Berry competed against                                                             Tara Wilson’s mum, for repairing the netball
                                                      registering to take part in this annual
Ruse P.S. The team worked very well and was           reading event, schools across Australia           bibs.
successful in defeating Ruse. The Mawarra             unite to help change the lives of people                                               N. Scott
Bluetongues consisting of Marialee Truong,            living with multiple sclerosis (MS).
Anneliese Munro, Connor Hovey and Ellen                                                                 Zone Trials
Brown competed against The Oaks. This team            There is also an added bonus for
                                                                                                        Every year children are selected to represent
lost against The Oaks but found it an                 participating schools. Eligible schools have
                                                                                                        Mawarra at zone trials. At the moment
interesting experience. Well done teams.              a chance to win up to $10,000.00 in Apple
                                                      products. They will also get 10% of the           Razorback PSSA have 23 schools in their zone.
                                                      amount raised returned to them in Target          The following children recently attended trials
                                    Kristina Took                                                       in a variety of sports.
                                                      gift cards. Go to
                                                      for more information, terms and conditions.

                                                          Here’s how you can get involved…
Library News                                                                                            Hockey - Brenden Troy, Daniel O’Daly, James
                                                      First - you need to register. You can do this
                                                      by going to the MS Readathon website at
Book Club                                   
                                                                                                        Cricket - Hannah Trethewy, Megan Scott, Paris
The next issue of book club is due no later than                                                        La Hay, Lily Tyquin.
3.00pm Thursday 9th June, 2011. No late book          Second – Read for 30 days throughout June
club orders will be accepted.                         and July. Check the website to see when           Rugby League - Jye Richards, Jamie Geelan,
                                                      your reading period starts.                       Sam Price, Brody Dooner, Nick Mendez,
                                                                                                        Hunter Lehner, Aaron Faber.
Overdue Books                                         Third – Fundraise. Asking your family is a
There are many students with overdue books.           great way to start. They may even be able         Touch - Jessee French, Jye Richards, Jacob De
Both Mrs Jones and I are asking for your              to help you think of other ideas to raise         Filippis.
assistance in helping your child to look for and      money for people with MS.
return any missing books ASAP. Many of                                                                  Netball - Abbey Chesham, Hannah Trethewy,
these books have been requested by teachers           Visit or call
                                                                                                        Megan Bull, Alex Truong, Ashleigh McMurdo,
                                                      1300 677323 for more details.
and students for teaching programs etc.                                                                 Lilibeth Dell.
Having overdue books also slows the library
borrowing procedures dramatically.        Please                                                        Softball - Daniel O’Daly.
help us become more efficient and productive
                                                    Sport News                                          Rugby Union - Sam Price, Aaron Faber, Jye
Premier’s Reading
                                                    Rugby League State Knockout                         At the zone trials, a Razorback PSSA team is
Challenge                                           The school’s rugby league team played against       selected to compete at the Sydney South West
All children K-2 will complete the reading          Oatlands Public School last Wednesday 25th          carnival. The following children should be
challenge with their classroom teacher. Years       May, 2011. This match was one of the most           congratulated on achieving selection in this
3-6 have been encouraged to complete the            exciting matches that I have witnessed since        team.
reading challenge on their own. Mrs Jones has       our teams started competing in this
discussed this with the students during their       competition. This match had everything, from        Hockey - Daniel O’Daly, Brenden Troy.
library time. All the information is on the         extra players being on the field, numerous tries    Cricket - Hannah Trethewy.
                                                    being scored and some great goal kicking by         Swimming - Anneliese Munro, Meg Nelson.
                                                    players on both sides. The final score was 50-      Rugby League - Jye Richards, Nick Mendez.
                                                    38. After much discussion with the referee and      Touch - Jye Richard.s
                                                    two coaches       (Oatlands      Public  School
gchallenge.                                                                                             Netball -Megan Bull, Hannah Trethewy.
                                                    unintentionally had an extra player on the field
                                                                                                        Softball - Daniel O’Daly.
                                                    for most of the first half), a rematch has been
This website provides a wealth of information       organised for Tuesday 7th June 2011.                Rugby Union - Sam Price, Aaron Faber, Jye
and answers many questions. The student             Congratulations to all the boys who                 Richards.
reading log can also be downloaded here. If         represented the school in this game. Jye            Cross Country - Daniel O’Daly.
you have difficulty or no access to the internet,   Richards, Sam Price, Jacob DeFilippis, Samuel       Golf - Sam Price.
please do not hesitate to contact me for            Vecellio-Lewis, Jamie Geelan, Brody Dooner,
assistance. Many of your books from home and        Nick Mendez, Jessee Rix, Declan Magill, Aaron       At the regional carnival a Sydney South West
lexile books are PRC books, I have also made                                                            team is selected to represent our region at the

                         Phone (02) 4658 0990                                        Fax. (02) 4658 0223
NSW PSSA championships. So far this year             term 3 Thursday 12.00-1.30pm and term 4
Daniel O’Daly has been selected in the SSW           Tuesday 9.45–11.15am.
softball team and Savanna Greenwood has been         Cost: Screening assessment $100.00 and $60.00
selected in the SSW soccer team. This is an          for each weekly group session. Claimable on
                                                     most health funds or from Medicare by GP
outstanding achievement as both of these
                                                     Referral on Allied Health Enhanced Primary
students are in Year 5. This week Savanna has
                                                     Care Plan.
competed in the NSW championships at
                                                     Where:     Macarthur Paediatric Occupational
Blacktown. I’m sure she has enjoyed the              Therapy, 138 Thunderbolt Drive, Raby,
experience even though the weather conditions        NSW2566.
at times were quite difficult. Congratulations to
Savanna and Daniel on this wonderful                 Phone: Pauline Nicholls or Narelle Hypatidis
achievement.                                         for further details and bookings. (02) 9824 8945.

HELP WANTED                                          Upcoming Events
If there are any dads that are builders, that
could spare some time on a weekend to build
some shelves for our new sports storeroom,           Friday 3rd June, 2011
could you please see Mrs Narelle Scott.              * Gala day postponed

                                                     Monday 6th June, 2011
Will pick-up and deliver, I am a non smoker.
                                                     * Music Viva performance for K-6
Oval basket $25.00. Phone: 4658 0601 or 0437
570 222.
                                                     Wednesday 8th June, 2011
FREE TO GOOD HOME                                    * Gymnastics K-2
Rabbit free to good home. Hutch included. If
interested please call 4658 1357.
                                                     Monday 13th June, 2011
MACARTHUR PAEDIATRIC                                 * Public Holiday
The “Write On” Club
                                                     Wednesday 15th June, 2011
A handwriting group therapy program run by
OT’s children difficulties in handwriting.           * Gymnastics K-2
*fine motor skills, hand strength
*unusual or weak grip, posture
*fluency, working in a small group

Each group will involve assessment and 3 x 1
hour sessions during holidays using fun,
sensory-motor activities on 6th, 7th and 8th July,

Where – Macarthur Paediatric Occupational
Therapy, 138 Thunderbolt Drive, Raby, NSW,

Cost – Screening assessment $10.00 and $60.00
for each one hour day session. Claimable on
most health funds or from Medicare by GP
Referral on Allied Health Enhanced Primary
Care Plan.

Getting Ready for School Group
A school starters group therapy program run
by OT’s for children commencing school in
2012 and may be experiencing difficulties in -

* Fine Motor Skills * Hand Strength
* Hand Dominance * Unusual or weak grip
* Scissor skills * Pencil skills
* working in small group

The groups run for 1.5 hours a week for 8
weeks during term 3 or term 4 using fun,
sensory-motor activities. Groups will be run

                         Phone (02) 4658 0990                                         Fax. (02) 4658 0223

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