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									With today’s trends towards organic and healthy lifestyles many people are changing their purchasing
choices to more organic items. At most times this is prominently seen in dietary changes, we also see this
phenomenon in other aspects of people’s lives as well. One of these aspects is clothing and a new trend we
see today is the rise in the use of hemp clothing.

Hemp clothing is made from Hemp fibre which is taken from the plants of the Cannabis family. Although
hemp clothing is called a recent trend, hemp clothing has a very far reaching history. Hemp clothing was
known to be used as far back as the Chinese in the 28th century B.C. Hemp clothing was the major part of
wearable products until the 1920’s. Till that time hemp clothing made up nearly 80% of the clothing
market. Hemp clothing has a very large range and includes jeans, shirts, dresses, hats, bags and many more.

Hemp can be easily grown in most fields alongside other crops and it requires almost no herbicides or
pesticides. The Chinese are currently the worlds largest producer of hemp clothing. The Chinese hemp[
clothing makers use a chemical process to create the fabric used in hemp clothing while their
contemporaries on the European Continent use cleaner biological enzyme technology to produce similar
fabrics for hemp clothing. The typical hemp fabric used for hemp clothing is not as white as cotton. It does
not have the same softness as the cotton fabrics do either. To manage this hemp clothing manufacturers used
a blend of cotton and hemp for hemp clothing. But now Canadian hemp clothing manufacturers have created
a process to make hemp fabrics into a soft and white product known as Crailar which is much more similar
to cotton and will be used in hemp clothing very soon.

Hemp clothing has many advantages over conventional clothing products. Hemp clothing is much stronger.
It has around three times the strength of similar cotton products. Hemp clothing is also more lightweight and
absorbent. Hemp clothing is also ideal for outdoor wear because of its resistance to ultraviolet radiation and
mold. And as mentioned before hemp clothing can be made of a blend of virtually any material and hemp.
Since hemp clothing is organic it is also healthy for the environment and for you too. This makes hemp
clothing some of the most versatile clothing ever seen.

hemp fabric
 trend of their own and they look just as good as
everyday designs. Hemp clothing has many strengths over typical outfits goods.
Hemp is an organic and natural type of material that lots of people have chose to wear. These days there are
plenty of great styles of hemp clothing made out of it. Which means you do not have to sacrifice what is
good for the environment to become stylist or to have many great pieces of your clothing collection that
you’re proud to wear.

Hemp clothing is less expensive, endures longer and doesn’t get worn or degrade as time passes. They’re
comfy and eco-friendly, and despite popular hearsay, hemp clothing can be worn not just by hippies. They
are tougher, stronger and a lot cheaper than clothing made from other materials. They are much tougher
than normal fabrics allowing you to keep clothing for a longer time. Hemp clothing is light-weight,
absorbent and 3 times stronger than cotton.

Hemp clothing tends to last for a long time, which makes it suitable to classic and versatile designs suited to
years of wear. Apart from being strong, the fabric is microbe, mildew and mold resistant, which makes it
almost indestructible with normal use. The good thing is, it stands up well to repeated laundering and never
requires dry cleaning, With every wash and wear it’s growing softer and more comfortable. Obviously,
nothing lasts forever, however when hemp clothing is no longer wearable it is biodegradable entirely,
resulting in minimal environmental footprint over the whole life of every garment.

Hemp clothing has a quite significant history, But hemp clothing also entered into recent trends. Hemp has a
very long and storied place in history. Hemp clothes is produced with Hemp fiber that’s extracted from the
plants from the Cannabis family.

Hemp clothing is 100 % bio-degradable because the clothing is weaved only with the fibers from the
cannabis plant. They help prevent harmful UV and UVB sun rays. They’re trendy and no longer carries a
hippy stigmata related to it. Hemp clothes is simple to maintain and can handle hot water temperature well.
Hemp clothing is long lasting and durable and handles any kind of washing and water temperature quite

Hemp clothing is naturally crisp and reacts well to ironing. They may also be air dried rapidly, reducing
energy usage. Once hemp clothing was a big trend but has been declining since 1990s. However their
popularity is rising since 2005 again. They’ve turn into a trend of their own and they look just as good as
everyday designs. Hemp clothing has many strengths over typical outfits goods.
hemp clothing

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