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					         Jana Dixon
Facebook & Social Networking
“Being on FaceBook is living
 out loud. Whatever you or
  your friends do or say on
 FaceBook — everyone will
know. Parents, employers —
                      Laura Bergells
        Rules to Live By…THINK!
• Think before you post
• Have your Privacy Settings
• ID theft…change your
  screen name!
• Never Accept Friend
  Requests from People You
• Keep private info private!
           Facebook Risks
● Harassment   or online bullying
  (“cyberbullying”) on the part of your
  children or others’
● Spending too much time online, losing a
  sense of balance in their activities
● Exposure to inappropriate content
● Potential for inappropriate contact with
● Damage to reputation or future prospects

“Revealing Pictures of Mich. Girls Turn Up
on Saudi Man's Facebook Account”
                 Parents on Facebook
Things for Parents to Check:
                                Things to AVOID
 • Who Can See Your Teen‘s     • Think before you post! Will
   Profile Information?           this embarrass my
   Photos?                        child/grandchild?
   Personal Information?
 • Who Can Find Your Teen's
 • How Can People Contact
   Your Teen?
Parents Have Rules to Follow Online, Too

• Model good behavior.   • Make kids accountable.

• Pay attention.         • Explain what's at stake.

                         • Do your homework.
• Impart your values.
                         • Don't be techno-phobic.
• Establish limits.
                         • Lighten up, embrace
                           their world and enjoy
• Encourage balance.       the possibilities
                         Liz Perle Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 2:30pm
     Tips for Talking to Teens
         about Facebook
                       from CommonSense Media

• Talk to your kids about controlling their information.
• Use privacy settings.
• Disable location services.
• Set rules about what’s appropriate to post.
• Encourage teens to self-reflect before they self-reveal.
• Watch out for ads.
• Create your own page.
• Talk to your high school-aged teens about whether or not they’re
  comfortable letting you “friend” them.
• Choose your battles.
• Keep your own nose clean.
  100 Tips for Raising Christian Kids in
     the Facebook Age by L. Fabry
Tips for Safe Internet Surfing for Kids
   – 1. Have a family computer.
   – 2. Don’t leave kids alone with the computer.
   – 3. Educate yourself.
   – 4. Run a Google search for your child’s name.
   – 5. Run a Google search for your phone number, address,
   – 6. Talk with your children about safe surfing..
   – 7. Talk with your children.
• Warning Signs for Unsafe Surfing
  – 8. Watch out for children who close browsers or
    windows when parents pass by.
  – 9. You can also use the cookies to see what sites have
    been visited by your computer
  – 10. Look for withdrawal.
Tips for Safe Online Networking for Kids
 – 15. Set up your children’s accounts.
 – 18. Never give out personal information over a
   social network.
 – 19. Watch out for dual accounts.
 – 20. Be aware of gaming devices.
 – 21. Watch out for gaming sites.
 – 22. Internet phones mean internet.
 – 24. PIR = Parents in Room. Netlingo
 – 30. My Mobile Watchdog: For only $9.95 a month,
   you can monitor all activity on your child’s
• Use the Block Feature       • Sexting:
• Report Abusive                – Dangers of Sexting
  Behavior                         • It's illegal.
• Respond to Abusers in            • Do not send it to anyone
  the Right Way                    • Talk to a parent or trusted
• Cyberbullying Sites                adult.
   – http://www.stopcyberbu
• Consider WHERE your
  home computer
  is…make it in a public
              Things to Remember
• Change your Facebook                      • As you access
  password often                              from home, a coffee shop, or
• Never use a password that is                the office, use https instead of
  close to or an exact match of a             http when entering the URL.
  password used for financial               • Under the Settings menu,
  transactions online                         check the Applications Settings
• Never use the same password                 regularly and clean out those
  as any email account                        you’re not using.
• When posting photos or notes,             • Under the Privacy settings
  check the permissions levels                menu, you have the option to
  and ensure that they are                    block users on Facebook.
  aligned with your profile                 • Always ensure that the URL is
  privacy settings.                  and not
                                              something that looks like

Quitting Facebook? Delete, Don’t Just
      De-Activate Your Account
• You can easily deactivate your account in Facebook from the
  Settings page. But deactivation will retain all your profile
  information within Facebook, including pictures, friends, etc. If you
  want to permanently delete your Facebook account, click here to
  submit a deletion request. Note that:
• There is an unspecified delay between submitting your delete
  request and actual deletion.
• If you login to Facebook, your deletion request is automatically
• There doesn’t seem to be any way to confirm that your request was
• Even after permanent deletion, Facebook says that copies of your
  photos may remain on their servers for technical reasons.
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