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Tomorrow Starts Here

    A Report to Our Communities
Chancellor’s Introduction

                                                          and, in some cases, even eliminate that burden.      educations through scholarships provided by the
                                                          Of particular note is Stars of Tomorrow, partially   Tarrant County College Foundation. Through the
                                                          funded by an endowment from our leasing of           generosity of numerous members of the outside
                                                          mineral rights and from various private sources.     community, as well as many from inside the
                                                          It is my earnest wish – and that of our Board        College, the Foundation has been able to provide
                                                          of Trustees – that this endowment grow to the        scholarships allowing deserving students to stay
                                                          point where every eligible graduate of a Tarrant     in college.
                                                          County high school will be able to attend TCC at          The journey often ends – the TCC segment
                                                          no cost for tuition and books.                       of it, anyway – at graduation. Nothing through-
                                                               These steps, however, are only the first        out the academic year gives me more personal
                                                          rungs on the ladder. There are other decision        pride than our Commencement ceremony, which

                                                          points along the way, such as what courses to        is a veritable explosion of joy and pride dis-
              e have all heard the proverb that a         take, in what discipline to major, what career       played by our graduates, many of whom are the
              journey of a thousand miles starts          path to seek. These are not always easy ques-        first in their families to earn a degree. There are
              with a single step. That is certainly       tions, and the answers are frequently subject to     cheers, and perhaps a few tears, not only from
true for the journey taken along the pathway              change. That is why an experienced cadre of          family members, but also from some of us who
of higher education each year by thousands of             counselors and advisors is at hand. They can-        have helped them along the way.
students at Tarrant County College.                       not make the decision, but they frequently are            Their journeys, however, will continue.
      Often, it is that first step that is the most im-   able to point the way, holding up the signposts      Many graduates will go on to universities, seek-
portant – making the decision to seek better lives        that enable students to make reasoned, informed      ing baccalaureate, graduate and professional
and/or careers by enrolling in one of our credit          choices.                                             degrees. Many others will take the skills they’ve
or noncredit programs or courses. To this end, as              Not every decision, though, turns out to be     learned at TCC and put them to work immedi-
you will see on the following page, TCC has an            correct. A journey can have wrong turns – mis-       ately in a career. Our graduates are highly sought
active and extensive outreach effort designed to          steps – and TCC has the services in place to help    after, both by universities and employers.
acquaint the people in our community of the op-           not only our students who encounter academic              I invite you, through the pages of this book-
portunities awaiting them here, whether they’re           potholes, but also those who veer off the road       let, to take the journey – step by step – with our
still in high school and part of our College Con-         entirely. Our faculty members and advisement         Tarrant County College students. And I hope
nection or are returning after years in the work-         staff partner in a number of ways to achieve         that, at the conclusion, you will appreciate and
force for additional training.                            what we call “retention,” doing everything pos-      value, as do so many of your neighbors, the vital
      The decision to attend TCC involves an ad-          sible to help students complete their journeys.      place in our community occupied by TCC and
ditional step – finding the resources for tuition,             All the advice and counseling in the world,     its mission of service.
books, and materials. Our goal is to make this            however, won’t remove some roadblocks. Any                ¡Gracias!
as easy a step as possible. We know that even             number of things can pose new financial barri-
our low tuition is a burden for some, and that            ers, such as the loss of a job, marriage, a new
is why we have an extensive scholarship and               baby, illness in the family. Many students have      Leonardo de la Garza, Chancellor
financial aid program in place – to help reduce           found the extra resources to continue their
                                                      Making the connection
                                                                                                               t’s only a short distance – just a few hundred
                                                                                                               yards – from Fort Worth’s O.D. Wyatt High
                                                                                                               School to TCC’s South Campus, but some
                                                                                                          students find it full of twists and turns. That’s
                                                                                                          why College Connection is there to help.
                                                                                                               The program, funded by a grant from the
                                                                                                          Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, be-
                                                                                                          gan in the fall of 2007 in Wyatt and seven other
                                                                                                          Fort Worth ISD high schools. Its intent is not
                                                                                                          only to inform students about how to navigate
                                                                                                          the path from high school to college, but to see
                                                                                                          them along most of the way.
                       Daleeon Sanders                                                                         “It’s College 101 and more,” said Fidel Cas-
                                                                                                          tillo, director of TCC’s Office of Enrollment Ser-
                                                                                                          vices. “I call it the one-stop shop. We help them
                                                                                                          do their application and the testing. We provide
                                                                                                          course advising, and in January we complete
                                                                                                          the financial aid application. We even give them
                                                                                                          their PIN numbers so that, when time comes for
                                                                                                          registration, they’re ready. Sometimes they’re
                                                                                                          kind of shocked and ask, ‘You mean I don’t have
                                                                                                          to wait in any lines?’”
                                                                                                               College Connection made a big difference
                                                                                                          for 2008 Wyatt graduate Erika Villegas. As a
                                                                                                          freshman, she had been determined to become
                                                                                                          the first in her family to attend college. By her
Farrah Amalathithada
                                                                                        Emily Hernandez   senior year, she wasn’t so sure, “but I decided
                                                                                                          that I had to do it for myself and my parents.
                                         Dr. Elva LeBlanc, Northwest Campus president                     I want a better life. College Connection really
                                                                                                          made it easier for me. I was able to do every-
                                                                                                         What they say ...
                                                                                                             “Our partnership
                                                                                                         with TCC’s College
thing ahead of time, and at graduation I was all                                                         Connection program
ready.”                                                              Other Steps                         has given our students
    The program has now expanded to all the                                                              the opportunity to
                                                       	TCCD embarked on a special marketing
FWISD high schools and also to the Birdville,            program during July and August of 2008          pursue postsecondary
Hurst-Euless-Bedford, White Settlement, Eagle            with particular emphasis on messages toward     education. The four-step approach of
Mountain-Saginaw, Castleberry, and Lake                  Hispanics. During those months, telephone       the program provides an easy transition
Worth ISDs. “The schools love it,” said Castillo.        inquiries directed toward Spanish-speaking
                                                                                                         for our students from the high school
“They’re trying to increase the number of their          members of the TCCD Information Cen-
                                                         ter staff went up 25 percent, and Hispanic      setting to postsecondary education.
students going on to higher education. That’s
                                                         enrollment for the fall semester showed an      Moreover, our partnership with TCC
one of the major indicators of effectiveness for
                                                         11.25 percent increase, largest in the Metro-   has not only helped the students,
the Texas Education Agency.”                             plex.                                           but the counselors as well by provid-
    All Erika Villegas knows is that it was ef-
fective for her and that she would recommend it        	TCC’s Office of Enrollment Services             ing tools to pursue career education
to her friends still in high school. “It’s so much       partners with U.T.-Arlington’s Center for       goals.”
easier than trying to do everything yourself,” she       Mexican-American Studies in Embajadores                                   – Ria Canning,
                                                         de la Comunidad (Ambassadors of the Com-                                 Lead Counselor,
                                                         munity). The program is directed toward                     Carter-Riverside High School
                                                         Spanish-speaking parents of
                                                         children in public schools to
                                                         help them navigate the educa-
                                                         tional system.

                                                       	 TCC Faith-Based Initia-
                                                         tive provides life skills educa-
                                                         tion, preparation for higher
                                                         education and career assistance
                                                         to underserved youth, parents
                                                         and families. In partnership
                                                         with local churches, schools
                                                         and organizations, TCC reached
                                                         out to nearly 2,000 individuals
                                      Giselle Zavala
                                                         through four major events last
Financial Aid     Catching the stars

                                                 illboards all over our community urge
                                                 us to “get behind the Barnett.” Joseph
                                                 Smith couldn’t agree more. Thanks to
                                       TCC’s participation in Barnett Shale drilling
                                       and production, Smith and many of his fellow
                                       students have had their tuition and a good part of
                                       their textbook expenses funded by the Stars of
                                       Tomorrow program.
                                            The program, approved by TCC’s Board of
                                       Trustees and announced last January by Chan-
                                       cellor Leonardo de la Garza, places all mineral
                                       leasing bonuses, as well as future royalties, into
                                       an endowment for student scholarships. All
                                       students graduating from Tarrant County high
                                       schools in the top half of their classes – and from
                                       home-school programs – are eligible, provided
                                       they meet certain family income thresholds.
                                       Students may receive up to $800 per semester
                                       for a maximum of five semesters, depending on
                                       the number of semester hours taken.
                                            The awards are a “package” of federal and
                                       state financial aid plus funds generated from the
                                       endowment. Should a student’s family income
                                       fall in the gap between full financial aid eligibil-
                                       ity and the established thresholds, funds from
                                       the endowment make up the difference. Those
                                       thresholds are as low as $18,000 for a single stu-
                                       dent who had achieved financial independence
                                       and as high as $77,000 for a family of eight.
                                            Continued participation is not a given. To
   Joseph Smith
                                                                                                             What they say ...
                                                                                                             “When we learned
                                                                                                             about the Stars for
receive the award in subsequent semesters, stu-         fewer hours. “I would have had to take on a job      Tomorrow program, we
dents must pass, over two consecutive semes-            with lots of hours to try and get paid to catch up   knew that this program
ters, at least two-thirds of their coursework with      for the next semester,” he said.
                                                                                                             would inherently change
                                                                                                             everything that we do
an overall grade point average of 2.25 or better.
                                                                                                             in K-12 education.
     “We hope the program, as now constituted,
is just the beginning,” said Chancellor de la Gar-
                                                                       Other Steps                           Now, and at long last,
                                                                                                             every child can attend college without
za. “The ultimate goal is that every high school                                                             financial restriction. As a result, the
                                                         While many scholarships are administered
graduate in Tarrant County can be assured of              by the TCC Foundation, most are awarded            invitation is open to all students to be
having her or his tuition and books covered by            by the College District’s Financial Aid Of-        successful and to be college-bound.”
the Stars of Tomorrow program.”                           fice. Scholarships totaling $377,457 were                                    – Dr. Jeri Pfeifer,
     As for Smith, the 2008 Arlington Bowie               awarded to 553 students in 2007-08, while                       Superintendent, Everman ISD
graduate had barely heard of Stars of Tomor-              213 students have received $143,485 during
                                                          the current year.
row before he was one. “After I submitted my
FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student               In
                                                        	 addition to other forms of financial aid,
Aid), they told me I might be eligible in an              TCC awards short-term loans to students
                              award notification let-     who need immediate help paying tuition
                              ter,” he said. “I was a     or buying books. In 2007-08, 78 students
                              little bit late because     received a total of $23,459 in such
                              I registered the week       loans. So far in 2008-09, a total
                                                          of $5,430 in loans has gone to 33
                              before school, but
                              they gave me a solo
                              interview-type thing,      David Ximenez, District director of
                              and I went ahead and        financial aid, is serving a two-year
                              got it.”                    term on the Board of Directors of
                                    Smith is taking       the Texas Association of Student
                                                          Financial Aid Administrators.
                              12 semester hours and
                              making As and Bs.
                              Without the Stars of
                              Tomorrow program,
                              he would be taking
               Learning to succeed
                                               ernardo Ramirez will never be mistaken
                                               for Professor Van Helsing, nor Whitney
                                               Rice for Buffy, but they both slay vam-
                                     pires as part of a South Campus course. Not the
                                     kind that nibble on necks, mind, but that, says
                                     their teacher, Nicole Vallee, “can suck them dry”
                                     in other ways.
                                          For Ramirez it was procrastination – never
                                     doing today what could be put off until tomor-
                                     row – or whenever. “It overshadowed everything
                                     else, especially my schoolwork,” he said. For
                                     Rice, it was a death in the family: “I just did not
                                     have it in me to focus on school.”
                                          The result for both was that they went on
                                     academic suspension, which left them three
                                     choices. They could sit out the required time,
                                     enter a monitored self-help program through the
                                     campus Center for Academic Success, or sign
                                     up for Vallee’s noncredit course “Learn to Suc-
                                     ceed.” Ramirez and Rice chose the third option
                 Nicole Vallee       and are glad they did so.
                                          “The program has given me the confidence
                                     to overcome obstacles and has not only im-
                                     proved my study habits, but also my overall
                                     performance in school and in other areas of my
                                     life,” said Ramirez. “It has really changed who
                                     I am.”
                                          The obstacles he referred to are what Vallee
Whitney Rice                         calls “vampires,” and she works with students
                                     to identify and then overcome them. They vary
                                                                                                         What they say ...
                                                                                                         “The education
                                                                                                         provided by Tarrant
widely from student to student. In the case of       way it’s intended. Part of what Vallee teaches is   County College has
one male student, according to Vallee, “he said it   that “sometimes in the path of one goal, we can
                                                                                                         had a tremendous
                                                                                                         positive impact on my
was his girlfriend.”                                 discover other paths. One of my students found
                                                                                                         life. Tarrant County
     Because of the intense, one-on-one nurtur-      that college really wasn’t for her. She went to
                                                                                                         College gave me a
ing required, Vallee can enroll only 20 students     cooking school and is now very, very happy.”        sense of confidence
in the class. Though on suspension, the stu-              As for Ramirez and Rice, he has his eye        that was established in the classroom
dents can take an additional two classes. If they    on electrical engineering and she on radiologic     and has carried over into my efforts to
complete Vallee’s course and are successful in       technology. “I’m very excited about what the        help improve our community.”
others, the suspension is lifted.                    program has done for me and about the plans                                  – Robert Rivera,
     In addition to overcoming personal barriers     I now have for my future,” Rice said. “I have                                 TCC Graduate,
and addressing such obvious strategies as study      changed both personally and as a student.”                        Arlington City Councilman
skills and notetaking, Vallee’s students discover
where they lack academic skills and how to ac-
quire them. It’s a three-track, tightly interwoven                  Other Steps
program in which the students not only set goals,
but analyze them in terms of time, resources and      WIN-R (Women in New Roles) celebrates
long-range plans. Reality checks are frequent.         its 26th anniversary in 2008-09. During that
“I had one girl who wanted to sign up for 12           time, the program, designed to assist both
                                                       women and men make the transition to col-
semester hours on campus even though she was
                                                       lege after many years away from the
way pregnant,” Vallee said. “I told her, ‘No way,      classroom, has served more than 3,000
girl,’ and she decided on distance learning.”          students.
     “Learn to Succeed” doesn’t always work the
                                                      The two-day Student Success Confer-
                                                       ence this fall at Northwest Campus
                                                       featured Olympic gold medalist Dan
                                                       Jansen as keynote speaker. Students
                                                       attended workshops on such topics as
                                                       research, interviewing, nutrition, finan-
                                                       cial management, and – on a lighter
                                                       note – yoga and hip-hop.
                           Learning new steps

                                                                                fter 17 years as a professional ballerina,
                                                                                Corrina Kaltenrieder was used to quick
                                                                                turnarounds, but the leap from dancer
                                                                      to dental assistant was almost too much. “I had
                                                                      been a good student, but that was a long time
                                                                      ago,” she said. “The first few weeks were really
                                                                      tough, but I was committed to the program, and
                                                                      it all came back.”
                                                                           The difference, other than her own determi-
                                                                      nation, was the care and support she received
                                                                      from the faculty. “They’re always there for you
                                                                      if you need help or have questions,” she said.
                                                                      “They really care about their students getting the
                                                                      right information, being well-prepared.”
                                                                           Dental Assistant students don’t have the
                                                                      luxury of taking a semester or two to grow accli-
                                                                      mated. One of several noncredit career programs
                                                                      at TCC, it compresses 533 hours of classroom
                                                                      and clinical training into 19 weeks. “Some of
                                                                      our students are presented with some standards
                                                                      perhaps higher than those in previous careers or
                                                                      in high school,” said Laurie Semple, program
                                                                      coordinator. “We have very stringent policies on
                                                                      grading, professional appearance and attendance.
                                                                      It’s a very regimented program.”
Corrina Kaltenrieder                                                       That was fine with Kaltenrieder. “I had some
                                                                      questions before I started,” she said. “Does it
                                                                      really prepare you? Are you going to get enough
                                                                      of what you need? But I was really surprised.
                                   Sandy Jones, clinical instructor   The program exceeded my expectations.”
                                                                                                                 What they say ...

     Kaltenrieder chose the Dental Assistant                                                                     “When I first started
Program partly because of its short duration                                  Other Steps                        at TCC, I’d been a
but mostly because she has observed the close                                                                    homemaker for more
relationships dental assistants seem to have                    	Cornerstone, the honors program at Tarrant
                                                                  County College, has been realigned into        than 10 years and
with patients. “You develop friendships,” she
                                                                  two tracks. The humanities-based Honors        didn’t know what to
said, “and it’s like a family. Yet at the same time               Scholars Program calls for completion of       expect. With en-
you’re providing care.”                                           30 semester hours, 12 of which are team-
                                                                                                                 couragement and tremendous support
     Such an attitude, from Semple’s standpoint,                  taught by selected faculty, and comple-
                                                                  tion of a capstone course. Students in the     from the faculty, I was able to gradu-
makes Kaltenrieder the ideal student. “Some of
our students don’t fully understand how impor-                    Honors Certificate Program complete 15         ate with honors and enter TCU with
                                                                  semester hours and build portfolios of hon-    confidence and excitement. The values,
tant it is to be people-oriented,” she said, “and
                                                                  ors work in a variety of classes in addition   knowledge base and personal accom-
getting down to the very basic fact that your                     to the humanities.
patient comes first.”                                                                                            plishments I received at TCC can be
     TCC’s program has one of the highest pass-                 	David Price of the Southeast Campus math       greatly attributed to the positive influ-
ing rates in the area on the Registered Dental                    faculty was named one of the state’s top 15    ences of the caring faculty members.”
Assistant exam, and its graduates are in high                     college professors of 2007 by the Minnie
                                                                  Stevens Piper Foundation. Past TCC win-                                – Alicia LeMons,
demand among dentists and in other dental-
                                                                  ners include Laura Wood, David Clinkscale,                          2008 TCC Graduate
related areas. Kaltenrieder’s hoping that high
                                                                  Gary Smith, Duane Gage and Eduardo
demand includes her. “I’m doing an internship                     Aguilar.
right now,” she said, “and maybe there’ll be
something lined up at that office. We’ll see.”                  	In 2009-10 TCC will begin offering a
                                                                  new Associate of Science Degree, a
                                                                  transfer option for TCC students who
                                                                  plan to pursue a Bachelor of Science
                                                                  Degree at a university. The curricu-
                                                                  lum is ideal for science, mathematics
                                                                  and engineering majors. Students are
                                                                  directed into courses that transfer into
                                                                  those types of programs at the senior
                                                                  college and university level.
                    Dr. Janice Y. Smith, professor of biology
                                             Down(town) by the river

                                                                                                                  CC’s Trinity River Campus, set to
                                                                                                                  begin offering classes this summer, is
                                                                                                                  more than just a pretty place. If Tahita
                                                                                                         Fulkerson has her way – and as president, she
                                                                                                         probably will – the new campus will serve the
                                                                                                         community in ways far beyond classrooms and
                                                                                                              “Every member of the campus family will
                                                                                                         be expected to participate in community ser-
                                                                                                         vice,” she said, citing the adoption of a nearby
                                                                                                         elementary school and participation in such
                                                                                                         events as blood drives and charity runs. A com-
                                                                                                         munity advisory committee will let the campus
                                                                                                         know what the needs are, and the campus folks
                                                                                                         will pitch in.
                                                                                                              The students will do their share, too. “Ser-
Dr. Bryan Stewart,                                                                                       vice learning courses will be available in every
VP Teaching and                                                                                          department,” Fulkerson noted. “Every schedule,
                                                                                                         every activity, every course will contribute to
                                                                                                         what Dr. George Kuh calls ‘an unshakable focus
                                                                                                         on student learning.’”
                     Dr. Tahita Fulkerson,                                                                    And what a wonderful place in which to
                                               Dr. Robert Muñoz,
                     President                 VP Continuing Education                                   learn! The campus leapt from drawing board
                                                                                                         to reality last June when TCC announced the
                                                             Angel Garcia,
                                                             Coordinator, Community Outreach             purchase of the RadioShack complex on the
                                                             and Service Learning                        northwest corner of downtown Fort Worth. The
                                                                                                         College immediately occupied three of the five
                                                                                                         buildings and began an extensive renovation
                                                                                   Sharon Maxwell,       from corporate headquarters into classrooms.
                                                                                   Executive Secretary   RadioShack will continue to occupy the other
                                                                                                         two buildings for three years and then will have
                                                                                                    What they say ...
                                                                                                    “TCC’s Trinity
                                                                                                    River Campus cre-
an option to occupy one of those for an addi-                                                       ates a new higher
tional two years.                                               Other Steps                         education anchor
     The purchase, paid in cash thanks to TCC’s                                                     in the heart of the
“pay-as-you-go” method of financing ma-           	TCC’S Capital Improvement Program               city. Minds hungry
jor projects, gives the College a much larger       consists of much more than the new Trin-        to expand will be
campus, at 929,000 square feet, than originally     ity River Campus. The 20-year master
                                                    plan, approved by the Board of Trustees in      fed at the new cam-
planned and enables the campus to open much                                                         pus, leading to improved career oppor-
                                                    2004, includes a wide variety of renovations
sooner than expected. “We have more space for       and new construction on the four existing       tunities, educational advancement, and
our growing student and faculty populations,        campuses at a total projected expenditure of    a more diverse workforce.”
we have better facilities, we can open a down-      more than $200 million.
                                                                                                                               – Andy Taft,
town Fort Worth campus quicker, and our new
                                                  	Many of TCC’s classes do not rely on brick-        President, Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.
campus will bring us cost certainty,” said TCCD
                                                    and-mortar facilities. The College has one of
Chancellor Leonardo de la Garza.
                                                    the largest Distance Learning Programs in
     Chancellor de la Garza emphasized that the     the nation. There were 34,323 courses taken
acquisition of the Trinity River Campus would       either through instructional television or
not require a property tax increase and would       over the Internet in 2007-08, an increase of
have no effect on planned renovations and ex-       almost 70 percent. This is the 35th year TCC
pansions at the four existing campuses.             has offered distance learning courses.

                                                  	The TCC Web site has received a
                                                    complete overhaul thanks to a two-
                                                    year study and the purchase of new
                                                    software. The new site, which will go
                                                    live in February 2009, includes a new
                                                    program that keeps track of student
                                                    questions and answers in order to pro-
                                                    vide faster, more accurate solutions.
     TCC Foundation
                  A legacy of helping
                                                     aria Hernandez remembers that when
                                                     she and her late husband Mario went
                                                     grocery shopping, Mario was on the
                                         lookout for more than a bargain on meat or veg-
                                         etables. “He would read the young kids’ name
                                         tags and ask, ‘You go to school?’” she said. “If
                                         they said no, he’d ask, ‘Why not?’ Then he’d
                                         hand them his business card and say, ‘You come
                                         see me.’”
                                              That business card identified Mario Hernan-
                                         dez as director of financial aid at TCC’s North-
                                         east Campus, and – before his death in 2000 – he
                                         helped many a young person realize the dream
                                         of a college education. His legacy of helping
                                         continues, however, in the Mario Hernandez
                                         Scholarship, one of 30 endowed or named schol-
                                         arships overseen by the Tarrant County College
                                              In Hernandez’ case, the scholarship was
                                         the idea of some of his TCC colleagues, who
                                         decided to turn the College’s annual golf tour-
                                         nament into a fund-raiser. “It was real little at
                                         first,” Maria Hernandez said. “I think the first
                                         award was maybe $150, but it has grown.”
                                              Indeed. Over the last six years, the schol-
                                         arship has provided a dozen awards totaling
                                         $13,100. “I think the endowment is about
                                         $75,000 now,” she said. “My goal is to get it to
                                         where it’s self-sustaining, and we don’t have to
                                         do fund raising anymore.”
Maria Hernandez           Meagan Sharp
                                                                                                         What they say ...

                                                                                                         “A TCC scholar-
                                                                                                         ship is an incred-
     Daughters Marsha and Margot, who help           three of the four students who received Hernan-     ibly cost-effective
their mom raise money for the endowment, have        dez Scholarships this year. “I enjoyed that very    way to change a
their eyes on perhaps creating a nationwide          much,” Maria said. “They’ve got their goals,        person’s life for
scholarship for Hispanics. Maria’s not so sure.      and I told them not to let anyone or anything get   the better – to give
“This is his town where he was born and raised,      them out of their paths.”                           someone a new
became the first in his family to attend college         The goal of one of those students, Meagan       start – to empower
and started his career as a financial aid director   Sharp, is to become a high school teacher and       them to provide for themselves and
at a community college,” she said. “I would love     perhaps sponsor the drill team. She’s on track to
                                                                                                         their families. It’s high-quality educa-
to keep the scholarship here.”                                                                           tion at an amazingly low cost that
                                                     transfer either to Texas A&M or the University
     “Here,” of course, is where Mario’s impact
                                                                                                         leads to immediate employment and
                                                     of North Texas, and is able to take a full class
                                                                                                         higher achievement.”
was felt most. “Of course he never bragged           load only because of the scholarship. “I went
                                                                                                                       – Flora Brewer, President,
about it,” Maria said, “but after his death so       to school part time last year and had two jobs,”
                                                                                                                   Paulos Properties, Fort Worth
many people came up to me and said, ‘If it           she said. “It was very stressful. I applied for a
hadn’t been for your husband, I wouldn’t have        scholarship and prayed that I would get one. It’s
gotten my degree.’”                                  a big relief.”
     At a reception last fall for Foundation do-         Mario Hernandez would understand per-
nors and scholarship recipients, she got to meet     fectly.
  Next Steps                     Preparing the way ahead

                                                                         hree days a week, Tanzania Collins sits
                                                                         in a TCC Southeast Campus Counseling
                                                                         Department office dispensing informa-
                                                                tion on all the many things for which students
                                                                need advice – what majors to consider, what
                                   Chris Jasper
                                                                subjects to take, and especially how prepare for
                                                                transfer to a university.
                                                                     There’s nothing very special about that
                                                                except that Collins is not a TCC employee. She’s
                                                                a transfer counselor at The University of Texas
                                                                at Arlington whose primary assignment is to
                                                                work with Southeast Campus students who are
                                                                considering transferring to UTA.
                                                                     Her job is not all UTA, all the time, how-
                                                                ever. “I do regular advising for all students,” she
                                                                said, “and when those who want to transfer to
Esmeralda Duran
                                                                UTA self-identify, I begin to work with them.”
                                                                     The UTA-bound students get help as to
                                                                which of their TCC courses will transfer and
                                                                which others they can take or need to take.
                                                  Gena Archer
                                                                Part of Collins’ job is not to get them into UTA
                                                                quickly, but to keep them in TCC as long as
                                                                possible. “Because of the difference in tuition, it
                                                                benefits them to take as much as they can before
                  Alicia Grove
                                                                transferring,” she said.
                                                                     To make the transition to UTA as smooth
                                                                as possible, Collins recommends the “Maverick
                                                                Track.” Under this partnership between the in-
                                                                stitutions, full-time TCC students can be pre-ad-
                                                                mitted to the university (contingent on achieving
                                                                an adequate grade point average) and have UTA
                                                                                                        What they say ...
                                                                                                        “U.T.-Arlington is
                                                                                                        fortunate to enroll
library privileges, student discounts at retail          Right now, Collins’ position is unique         almost 1,000 trans-
outlets, discounts on special events, and, perhaps   within TCC, but if College officials have their    fer students from
most valuable of all, access to UTA’s counseling     way, there will soon be transfer centers on each
                                                                                                        Tarrant County
and advising services.                               campus.
     Collins brings to her assignment not only                                                          College every
a wealth of educational training and profes-                                                            year. Time and
sional experience, but also something that can’t                    Other Steps                         again, these stu-
be acquired in a classroom – a total empathy                                                            dents have proven ready to succeed
                                                     	The Course Applicability System is help-
with community college students. She attended          ing TCC students considering transferring to     at the university level -- in and out
Navarro Community College in Corsicana and             the University of North Texas. Students can
Westark College in Fort Smith, Arkansas, before        enter their TCC courses, or those from any       of the classroom -- and are poised
finishing her degree at the University of North        other institutions, and click on any degree      to become leaders in their communi-
Texas. “Yes, I have that background,” she said.        program offered by UNT to see the remain-        ties. We are proud of these excellent
“I was the first in my family to attend college.       ing requirements.
                                                                                                        students and our strong partnership
I can put myself in their shoes and understand
                                                     	Michelle Word, Northeast Campus student,         with TCC.”
where they’re coming from.”                            was one of 20 students named to the all-
                                                                                                              – Dr. James Spaniolo, President,
                                                       USA Academic First Team by USA Today.
                                                       Word, currently attending TCU on full               The University of Texas at Arlington
                                                       scholarship, was one of 20 students selected
                                                       out of more than 1,700 nominations.

                                                     	Susan Tallant, former editor-in-chief of
                                                       TCC’s student newspaper, is working full-
                                                       time for the Corpus Christi Caller-Times.
                                                       The newspaper will pay her tuition to con-
                                                       tinue her education at Texas A&M-Corpus
                                                       Christi this spring.

                                 Tanzania Collins
                         One road ends, others begin

                                                                      ach year, more than 3,000 TCC students
                                                                      reach a common point in their journeys
                                                                      toward tomorrow – graduation. For
                                                             Misty Wagner and Harley Brown, the pathways
                                                             then diverged, Wagner’s to TCU on full scholar-
                                                             ship and Brown’s to Arlington Memorial Hospi-
                                                             tal as a nurse.
                                                                  For both, however, graduation was a time
                                                             for elation and pride. Just talking about that
                                                             night, in fact, brings tears to Wagner’s eyes.
                                                             “That’s how I felt,” she said. “A high sense of
                                                             euphoria. I was on top of the world.”
                                                                  The recollection wasn’t that emotional for
                                                             Brown, but he said that graduation was “a great
                                                             feeling of accomplishment, the culmination of
                                                             several years with everything coming together.”
                                                                  As did so many TCC students, Brown and
                                                             Wagner came seeking a career change. Brown
                                                             had worked in a Vermont hospital as a psychi-
                                                             atric technician and had been working for a
                                                             medical supply company since moving to Texas.
                                                             In the course of his jobs, he had observed how
                                                             nurses “were the ones impacting patients’ lives
                                                             on a daily basis and saw the level of respect that
                                                             nurses command. I thought that it would be a
                                                             more fulfilling career, something I wanted to do
                                                             on a daily basis.”
                                                                  Wagner wasn’t quite that focused. She had
                                                             been working for an insurance company and
Chancellor de la Garza                        Misty Wagner
                                                             knew only that she wanted to return to school
                                                                                                            Our challenge ...
                                                                                                                As Tarrant County College surveys its
                                                                                                           own pathway to tomorrow, the way is any-
                                                                                                           thing but clear. Thanks to the foresight of
                                                                                                           the Board of Trustees in implementing the
– even at age 30. “I always had a desire to go         programs in the area, Brown found TCC’s to          “pay-as-you-go” method of financing major
to college, but life kind of got in the way,” she      be everything he needed – “very high recom-         projects, TCC is in a stronger financial
said. “I was very nervous – almost turned around       mendations from a lot of people I knew who are      position than most of its counterparts. The
before the first class. I thought I was too old, not   nurses, plus it was close, affordable and worked    state of the economy at the start of 2009,
smart enough, all of that.”                            with my schedule.” Another big plus was the         however, makes the outlook cloudy for the
                                                                                                           College’s major sources of revenue:
     Instead, she found many more “people just         faculty, especially Deborah Sanford-Wilson who
                                                                                                             • Property tax revenue – Will the trend
like me – not just kids out of high school,” and       “molded us, teaching us what it takes to be a            of sizeable increases in the total prop-
the campus eventually became almost a second           nurse – not just the academics but also how to           erty valuation of Tarrant County end
home. She volunteered as a tutor in the math           carry yourself professionally and how to interact        or, indeed, be reversed?
lab and became a campus leader, even delaying          with patients.”                                       • State appropriations – How will the
her graduation a semester to fulfill her respon-           Students like Misty Wagner and Harley                economic downturn affect the state’s
                                                                                                                ability to provide critical support for
sibilities as president of the Northwest Campus        Brown have come to Tarrant County College for
                                                                                                                educational programs?
chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the community col-         reasons as diverse as our students themselves.        • Tuition – If conditions worsen, will
lege honor society. “Sometimes I’d get there at        Each have had their own pathways to get here,            more students, despite TCC’s afford-
8 in the morning and not leave until 9 o’clock at      and each their own after leaving. All had in com-        ability and wide range of scholarships
night,” she said. “I’m just sorry that there are no    mon, however, the desire to make their tomor-            and financial aid, find cost a barrier?
more classes I can take at TCC.”                       rows better and the faith that TCC could help            Such questions could not come at a less
     After looking over the various nursing            them do it.                                         opportune time. With jobs hard to find and
                                                                                                           just as hard to keep, thousands of Texans
                                                                                                           will turn to TCC and the state’s other com-
                                                                                                           munity colleges to acquire new skills and
                                                                                                           upgrade old ones. We must look to our lead-
                                                                                                           ers, particularly at the state level, to help
  Harley Brown                                                                                             us maintain the ability to provide critical
                                                                                                           educational services.
                                                                                                                Such services have rarely been as vital
                                                                                                           as they are today. Thousands will come to
                                                                                                           us – through College Connection like Erika
                                                                                                           Villegas or seeking a career change like
                                                                                                           Corrina Kaltenrieder. We must ensure that
                                                                                                           they see the dawn of their tomorrows. Our
                                                                                                           nation, state, and community cannot afford
                                                                                                           to do otherwise.
Board of Trustees

   Louise Appleman         Robert J. McGee Jr.    Robyn Medina Winnett      Kristin Vandergriff    Randall Canedy           Joe Hudson   Gwendolyn Morrison,
   President               Vice President         Secretary                 Assistant Secretary                                          Ph.D.

                                   Leonardo de la Garza, Ph.D., Chancellor
                                   Chancellor’s Executive Leadership Team
                                   Robert Aguero, Ph.D.             Vice Chancellor for Learning Support Services
                                   Judith J. Carrier, Ed.D.         President, Southeast Campus
                                   Gary W. Cumbie, B.B.A., M.B.A.   Special Assistant to the Chancellor
                                   Larry Darlage, Ph.D.             President, Northeast Campus
                                   Tahita Fulkerson, Ph.D.          President, Trinity River Campus
                                   Rudy V. Gonzales, M.B.A.         Vice Chancellor for Financial Services
                                   Erma C. Johnson Hadley, M.Ed.    Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Community Services
                                   William W. Lace, Ed.D.           Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
                                   Elva C. LeBlanc, Ph.D.           President, Northwest Campus
   Leonardo de la Garza, Ph.D.     Maria Shelton, M.B.A.            Vice Chancellor for Information and Technical Services
   Chancellor                      Lily F. Tercero, Ph.D.           Associate Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budgeting
                                   Ernest L. Thomas, Ph.D.          President, South Campus
                                   David A. Wells, Ph.D.            Vice Chancellor for Operations and Planning Services

                    Northeast Campus                     Northwest Campus                     South Campus                         Southeast Campus                       Trinity River Campus
                    828 W. Harwood Road                  4801 Marine Creek Parkway            5301 Campus Drive                    2100 Southeast Parkway                 300 Radio Shack Circle
                    Hurst, Texas 76054-3299              Fort Worth, Texas 76179-3599         Fort Worth, Texas 76119-5926         Arlington, Texas 76018-3144            Fort Worth, Texas 76102

                                                                                        Administrative Offices
                                                                                           May Owen Center
                                                                                          1500 Houston Street
                                                                                     Fort Worth, Texas 76102-6524
                                                                                        817-515-TCCD (8223)

                                                                                       Continuing Education,
                                                                                  Corporate and Workforce Services
                                                                                         1500 Houston Street
                                                                                    Fort Worth, Texas 76102-6524

Tarrant County College is an Equal Opportunity Institution that provides educational and employment opportunities on the basis of merit and without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, age,
national origin, veteran status, or disability.
Tarrant County College at a Glance
TCC is the sixth-largest college or university in Texas.
Full-Year Enrollment • 9/1/2007-8/31/2008                    Tuition (2008-09)
   Credit students                                 58,717    $50 per semester hour, incuding all mandatory fees
   Noncredit Continuing Education students         31,275
   Total                                           89,992    Faculty Characteristics • Full-time
                                                             Educational Attainment
  Approximately one in every 19 Tarrant County                  Doctorate                                           17%
   residents takes a class at TCC each year.                    Master’s Degree                                     75%
                                                                Bachelor’s Degree                                    5%
Credit Students Fall 2008                         39,596       Associate’s Degree                                    3%
    Northeast Campus                      15,071 (31.2%)
    Northwest Campus                      10,086 (20.9%)
    South Campus                          11,155 (23.1%)
    Southeast Campus                      12,023 (24.9%)
                                                             Financial Information
(Campus totals added together equal more than the District
figure due to duplicate enrollments.)                        2008-2009 Operating Budget
                                                             Income                                                         Expenses
                                                              Source                               Amount         Percent   Purpose                                              Amount             Percent
Credit Student Characteristics                                  State Aid                     $045,442,760         24.95       Instruction                                  $088,987,170             48.86
   Men                                 16,357     (41.3%)       Maintenance Tax -                                              Student Services                             $011,769,519               6.46
   Women                               23,239     (58.7%)        Operation and Maintenance    $072,985,000         40.07       Staff Benefits                               $015,422,235               8.47
   African-American                     6,091     (15.4%)       Tuition and Fees              $043,696,000         24.00       General Administration                       $012,124,709               6.66
   Native American                        209       (.5%)       Interest and Other            $007,050,000          3.87       General Institutional
   Anglo                               22,675     (57.3%)       Designated Reserve            $012,955,000          7.11          Expenses                                  $012,834,204                 7.4
   Asian                                2,457      (6.2%)       Total                         $182,128,760          100        Learning Resources                             $ 6,714,788               3.69
   Hispanic                             7,689     (19.4%)       Debt Service Taxes            $007,739,000                     Physical Plant Operation                     $028,731,474               15.78
   Other Ethnic                           475      (1.2%)       Maintenance Tax -                                              Contingency:
   Under 21                            16,632     (42.0%)        Renewal and Replacement      $047,655,920                      Insurance, Enrollment/Other                 $005,544,661                 3.04
   21-25                               10,228     (25.8%)       Total Renewal and                                              Total Operation and
   26-30                                4,559     (11.5%)        Replacement Income           $089,891,222                        Maintenance                               $182,128,760                  100
   31-35                                2,734      (6.9%)       Maintenance Tax -                                              Debt Service                                 $007,739,000
   36-40                                2,046      (5.2%)        Building Fund                $035,741,940                     *Renewal and Replacements                    $089,891,222
   Over 40                              3,397      (8.6%)       Interest Income               $000,723,187                     *Building Fund                               $052,245,880
   Average age                           25.7                   Building Fund Balance         $015,780,753                     Auxiliary Enterprise                          $ 03,483,000
                                                                Total Building Fund Income    $052,245,880                     Total Operating Budget
                                                                Auxiliary Enterprise          $003,483,000                      Expenses                                    $335,487,862
                                                                Total Operating Budget                                      *These budgets include all construction and renovation funds. TCC is the only com-
                                                                                                                            munity college in Texas to fund such expenses exclusively out of maintenance and
                                                                 Income                       $335,487,862                  operations tax revenue rather than through bonds.

                                                                                                                            County Assessed Valuation                                 $119,246,325,772
                                                                                                                            2008 Tax Rate                         13.796 cents per $100 valuation

Office of Public Relations and Marketing
           1500 Houston Street
     Fort Worth, Texas 76102-6524
                                           PR&M: 1/09

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