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									                                                                 The overLook
No. 19              Land Conservation News from the Taos Land TrusT                                                    Fall 2008

   Taos Land Trust and Conservation                                                       Taos Land Trust Opens
   Booming in Northern New Mexico                                                         New Public Park on R í o
A    s Taos Land Trust marks its 20-
     year anniversary, we are busier
                                            easement on his 63 acres of forested
                                            mountain land near the village of Coy-

than ever protecting land throughout        ote west of Abiquiu. Willie’s property              e are very excited to announce
northern New Mexico. This year we           is near the historic village of Mesa                the opening of the Taos Land
have already completed more conser-         Poleo and adjacent to the Santa Fe            Trust Río Hondo Park in lower Valdez.
vation easements covering a larger          National Forest.                              The 22-acre property, which extends
area than in any previous year since        • Closer to home, we are very
the organization was founded in 1988.       excited about the DiLisio Conserva-
    Since our last newsletter in the Fall   tion Easement, which protects 18
of 2007, we have completed eight new        acres of very pricey real estate in El
easements—five of those in Septem-          Salto. Leonard DiLisio waxed nostalgic
ber alone—permanently protecting            about the area: “When I first came to
almost 390 acres of beautiful land-         Arroyo Seco I remember the dirt road
scapes between Rio Arriba County and        into this property, the sheer beauty,
Mora County. We have several more in        the peace and tranquility and the
the works to finish in 2008 and have        unobstructed path up to the waterfall
already started working on projects         and El Salto Mountain. Now, some 30
for 2009. It’s fast and furious, but very   years later, the beauty is still there, but
gratifying to be able to help so many       it is a little less peaceful and almost
people protect so much land. Projects       impossible to follow the path up to
completed this year include:                the mountain and waterfall due to
• The Hummingbird Ranch Com-                new fences, new structures and many                           Río Hondo Park, Valdez
munity in the Mora Valley placed a          more people. By setting aside 18 acres
conservation easement on 171 acres          of farmland and forest in a conserva-         from the Des Montes Rim road down to
of their wild mountain land that will       tion easement I hope to reverse the           the river, was a gift to the land trust
                                                                                          from former resident Leslie Dugan. In a
never be developed.                         trend, slow the encroachment on na-
                                                                                          valley filling up fast with new homes,
• On the other end of our territory,        ture and preserve at least some of the
                                                                                          this is one of the last wild, peaceful and
Willie Picaro placed a conservation         natural beauty of this area.” With the
                                                                                          undeveloped stretches of the Río
                                                                  see Stronger, page 2
                                                                                                A partnership with the New
                                                                                          Mexico Department of Game & Fish
                                                                                          under its open gate policy will allow
                                                                                          public access for fishing, birding,
                                                                                          picnicking and enjoying the beautiful
                                                                                          riparian habitat. Meanwhile, we just
                                                                                          finalized a conservation easement with
                                                                                          our sister organization, the Santa Fe
                                                                                          Conservation Trust, to insure that the
                                                                                          land will never be developed. We are
                                                                                          grateful to the Moore Charitable
                                                                                          Foundation for their generous assis-
                                                                                          tance with this project.
                                                                                                Stay tuned for our formal grand
                                                                                          opening! We hope this little slice of
                       Attiyeh Conservation Easement, El Prado (Carolyn Lake photo)       land will provide much joy and inspira-
                                                                                          tion for many generations to come.

             Fostering a legacy of open and productive lands for future generations
 page 2                                    TTaosTaTaos Land TrusTT-                                              The Overlook
 Stronger,from page 1
Frank and Barbara Waters property—Taos
Land Trust’s first conservation easement
in 1991—this makes the second project
in El Salto to help “reverse the trend.”
• Dr. John (Bud) Wilson and his wife Bar-
bara completed their fourth conservation
easement in Lama, north of Taos, which
now makes over 500 acres they have per-
manently protected. “Gotta leave some
room for the critters,” explained Bud.
• The Attiyeh Foundation added an-
other eight acres of irrigated pastureland
to their stunning 36-acre conservation
easement across from the El Prado post                                             Touch-Me-Not Mountain Preserve, Colfax County
office—one of those special places all
Taoseños know and love.
                                                   What is a Conservation Easement?
• Earlier this year, an anonymous con-
servation easement in Arroyo Seco, just            Conservation easements allow landowners to decide how their land will be
down the road from the Taos Land Trust             cared for in the future by voluntarily agreeing to retire some or all of their
office, added another 11 acres of prime            development rights. They still own the land and are not required to provide
agricultural land. That landowner has              public access. They can continue farming, ranching or sustainable forestry,
chosen to protect 66 acres in four sepa-           can reserve limited home sites for kids and grandkids, can sell it or pass it
                                                   on to heirs, but the protection stays with the land forever no matter who
rate phases. This one is phase two and
                                                   owns it. Because conservation easements provide real benefit to the public
we are already working on phase three.
                                                   and future generations, landowners qualify for federal and state income tax
• Ted Terry completed an easement of               benefits and can reduce or eliminate inheritance taxes. Contact Taos Land
over 16 acres on his Riverbend subdivi-            Trust or visit our website for more information.
sion along the Rio Pueblo de Taos Gorge,
permanently protecting a 1 1/4-mile
                                                Longtime resident Annette McClure
stretch of the riparian area along the
                                                was enthusiastic about creating this
                                                                                             Taos Land TrusT Wish List
stream and a setback from the rim of
the gorge where no one can ever build.          protected easement as part of her
                                                legacy as wildlife habitat and a model
                                                                                            Film camera—As the rest of the
“The first time I strolled along the top of                                                 world moves into the digital age, we
the Rio Pueblo Gorge and experienced            of good forestry stewardship.
                                                                                            still need an old-fashioned film
 the wildlife there I knew that it was truly       We expect to complete another four
                                                                                            camera to document our conserva-
 unique and needed to be protected,”            conservation projects this year, total-
                                                                                            tion easements for legally-required
                                                ing 900 more acres of forested moun-
 said Ted. “I just really feel strongly about                                               photo archives. Please contact us if
 protecting whatever we can of the views        tain wildland, ranchland and irrigated      your old SLR film camera is just
                                                farmland, from Taos to Union County.        collecting dust and we will resurrect
                                                One of those projects will protect a par-   it to a long and productive life.
 “By setting aside 18 acres in a                ticular tract of open land and stunning
 conservation easement I hope                   views near Taos that we know is one of
                                                                                            Volunteers—We are always in need
 to reverse the trend, slow the                 the most treasured places in the area.
                                                                                            of volunteers with a variety of skills
 encroachment on nature and                     By the end of the year that will make       and expertise to help with any
 preserve at least some of the                  over 24,000 acres that the land trust       number of projects, from complet-
 natural beauty of this area.”                  has permanently protected, includ-          ing our conservation easements and
              —Leonard DiLisio                  ing the Taos Valley Overlook and Ute        getting out on the land for baseline
                                                Mountain, purchased and preserved           documentation or annual monitor-
and natural resources around Taos.” Since       for the public in a partnership with the    ing, to the exciting and rewarding
development is not going to stop any-           Trust for Public Land.                      work of stuffing envelopes and
time soon, this is an example we hope               All these conservation easements        helping with fundraising activities.
other developers in the community will          are the result of partnerships with pri-    Compensation includes the oppor-
follow.                                         vate landowners who have the vision         tunity to work with a fun bunch of
• Last October we completed the                 and commitment to permanently pro-          people, getting out onto some
McClure Conservation Easement, 16               tect their land for future generations.     beautiful landscapes, the gratifica-
forested acres on the slopes north of           We could not do this work without           tion of contributing to the public
                                                them. On behalf of our children and         good and an occasional party.
the village of Valdez that will remain
forever undeveloped and unsubdivided.           grandchildren, we all owe these indi-
                                                viduals and families a debt of gratitude.
The Overlookhe                          TTaosTaTaos Land TrusTT-                                                        ppage 3

            Conservation News, Updates and Services

 T   he New Mexico transferable
     income tax credit is off to a great
                                              Contact Taos Land Trust to learn
                                                                                           equipment. Listen in on the third
                                                                                           Monday in December, March, June
 start, helping landowners through-                                                        and September (next program
 out New Mexico get compensated
 for permanently protecting their
 land with conservation easements.
                                              I n another move to provide incen-
                                                tives to conserve land, Congress
                                              has extended a temporary increase
                                                                                           December 15, 2008), 8:30-9:00 A.M.
                                                                                           on KRZA. Or you can download any
                                                                                           of the programs from our website. De
 Unlike most tax incentives, which            in the federal tax deduction for             la Tierra is occasionally rebroadcast
 benefit only those with money, this          conservation easements through               on KTAO (101.9 FM) as part of their
 tax credit is helping landowners at all      2009. This raises the deduction a            Thursday evening Sustainable Living
 income levels—especially those at            landowner can take for protecting            program. Let us know if you have
 the lower end who need it most.              their land with a conservation               any great ideas for a radio pro-
 Starting this year landowners can            easement to 50% of annual income             gram.
 qualify for a state income tax credit        for up to 16 years. Qualifying farmers
 worth 50% of the appraised value of
 a conservation easement up to a
 maximum of $250,000. If they cannot
                                              and ranchers can deduct up to 100%
                                              of their income from federal taxes for
                                              16 years! But it only applies to ease-
                                                                                           L  ast September Taos Land Trust
                                                                                              and the Frank Waters Foundation
                                                                                           co-sponsored the first annual Taos
 use the credit themselves they can           ments donated before the end of              Bioblitz—a treasure hunt of sorts to
 sell it through a brokerage system,          2009.                                        document every living organism we
 usually for 80 to 83 percent of its face                                                  could find over the course of a day

                                                                         L    earn
                                                                           about a
                                                                                           on the 15-acre Waters Conservation
                                                                                           Easement in El Salto. Bioexperts
                                                                                           specializing in everything from birds
                                                                           range of        and bugs to medicinal plants and
                                                                           conservation    grasses led small teams across the
                                                                           topics on       property, bushwhacking through the
                                                                           Taos Land       woods, crawling through fields and
                                                                           Trust’s De la   wading through mud and water. The
                                                                           Tierra radio    40 participants counted a total of
                                                                           program,        218 species including 122 plants (54
                                                                           broadcast on    with medicinal uses), 42 birds, 50
                                                                           KRZA (88.7      bugs and a variety of mammals and
                                                                           FM) four        other critters (including homo
                                                                           times a year.   sapiens). Along with creating a
                                                                           Our pro-        biological record, it was a great
                      Enjoying the land at Taos Land Trust’s 2007 Bioblitz grams have      opportunity for friends and neigh-
                                                                          covered the      bors to roll up their sleeves, spend a
 value. Once the credit is established,        nuts and bolts and tax benefits of          day out in a beautiful place, and
 landowners have 20 years to use it or         conservation easements, our De la           think about biodiversity and the
 sell it. That means you can get a             Tierra a la Cosecha (From Earth to          health of the land. The day also
 check for up to about $200,000                Harvest) partnership with Taos              stimulated some very interesting
 simply for protecting your land!              County Economic Development                 conversations, ranging from Curand-
 This may seem too good to be true,            Corporation and Taos Valley Acequia         ismo and local tradition to literature
 but it is a legal and legitimate policy       Association, the Mobile Matanza,            and Hinduism. Stay tuned for our
 to directly reward landowners for the         acequias, youth in conservation,            next Bioblitz.
 public service they provide by                forestry issues and more. We work
 keeping their land from being
 developed. They help maintain
 healthy watersheds and vegetation,
                                               closely with the nonprofit Cultural
                                               Energy ( to
                                               produce the program and recently
                                                                                           T   his season Taos Land Trust
                                                                                               started a series of field trips for
                                                                                           our Steward and Patron members to
 wildlife habitat and, of course,              received a small grant to buy our           some of our more interesting project
 beautiful, open, working landscapes.          own professional-grade recording            sites. Trips included a tour of some
                                                                                                         see News, page 4

    Taos Land Trust’s mission is to conserve land with scenic vistas, agricultural value, wildlife habitat or
  historic sites through direct preservation, conservation partnerships, education and land use planning for
       the benefit of the people, families, communities, cultures and natural systems of the Taos area.
page 4                           TTaosTaTaos Land TrusTTTaos                                             The Overlook

Kudos                                         Meanwhile, a writer and photog-
                                          rapher team spent several days               Board News
                                          visiting Taos Land Trust and our De
T   he conservation work Taos Land
    Trust has been doing for the last
20 years has recently received a lot
                                          la Tierra partners, landowners we
                                          work with and some of our project        W      e are happy to welcome
                                                                                          new board members Diane
                                          sites, for a new book tentatively        Enright, John Mockovciak, Jean
of attention and accolades, both
                                          titled What Are We For?: Conserva-       Trujillo (back after a three-year
locally and nationally.
                                          tion Organizations Talk About            hiatus) and Julian Varela. It’s always
  This year we were thrilled to
                                          Community Engagement and Social          good to have fresh blood and new
receive the 2008 KTAO Environmen-
                                          Change.                                  ideas, and together these four
tal Achievement Award. Brad
                                                                                   bring a wealth of practical exper-
                                                                                   tise, perspective and commitment
“From farming to cultural history and from scenic vistas to healthy                to help with our land conservation
habitat, the land is everything to both residents and visitors, and                work.
                                                                                      Farewell and mil gracias to board
the Taos Land Trust is protecting and preserving it like no one else.”
                                                                                   members Maya Cabot-Chacon and
                                —KTAO President Brad Hockmeyer.
                                                                                   Stephen Trujillo, and our long-time
                                                                                   ex-officio board member Rey Tor-
Hockmeyer, KTAO owner, president             We are honored and humbled by         res. We are a better organization
and star DJ, said, “I am honored to       all the recognition. It helps re-        for your involvement. We look for-
present this year’s award to an           charge our overworked staff and          ward to continuing our friendship
organization in northern New              keeps us going, one project, one         and working together in the years
Mexico whose efforts reward us all.       acre at a time.                          to come.
The dedicated staff and their active
board see the beauty of the land in
northern New Mexico and its inher-         News, from page 3
                                          innovative restoration work to bring      exclusively to wildlife habitat; and a
ent value to all we hold dear. From
                                          back savannah grasslands on Tony          tour of petroglyphs on the Morris
farming to cultural history and from
                                          Benson’s Wolf Springs Ranch—the           Conservation Easement near Ojo
scenic vistas to healthy habitat, the     largest conservation easement in Taos
land is everything to both residents                                                Caliente and other nearby archaeo-
                                          County; an off-road safari to the         logical sites. Please let us know if you
and visitors, and the Taos Land Trust     Touch-Me-Not Mountain Preserve            are interested in participating next
is protecting and preserving it like      above Eagle Nest, which is our largest    year.
no one else.”                             conservation easement dedicated
   Our innovative De la Tierra a la
Cosecha (From Earth to Harvest)
partnership with the Taos County
Economic Development Corporation
and Taos Valley Acequia Association
has attracted lots of national atten-
tion in the last year. Land Trust
Alliance, an umbrella organization                                                    Helping Conserve the
for about 1,700 land trusts nation-         Advising New Mexico                       Land of Enchantment
wide, has written up our work twice         Landowners On Preserv-
in the last year in its magazine called                                              Brokering the sale of all
                                            ing Their Land And
Saving Land. An article called “Culti-
vating Land and Culture,” profiling         Securing Available Tax                   transferable New Mexico
our De la Tierra partnership, ap-           Benefits.                                tax credits. Millions of
peared in a special issue on The                                                     dollars of registered
Future of Land Conservation in              For further information,
America last fall. The cover story in                                                buyers actively seeking
the Spring 2008 issue on “Land Trusts
                                            please contact Ethan                     tax credit sellers. Please
and Local Foods: A Natural Partner-         Epstein or Larry Ausher-
                                                                                     contact us at: (505) 798-2642
ship” again featured Taos Land Trust.       man at: (505) 848-1800
Both articles included beautiful            or                       or
black-and-white images from local
photographer Dorie Hagler. You can
read them on our website.                     Contact Taos Land Trust about sponsorship opportunities
    The Overlookhe                        TTaosTaTaos Land TrusTTTaos   page 5

Taos Land TrusT’s Conservation Projects
page 6                                 TTaosTaTaos Land TrusTTTaos                                           The Overlookhe

         Taos Land TrusT                Member Donations through September 2008
        Board of direcTors               Donors in Bold = Land Trustees
                                                                                       Cid’s Food Market
                                         who have made a 3 year pledge                 John & Barbarah Cota
Crestina Trujillo Armstrong
President                               Stewardship Fund                               Bill & Ginny Cowles
                                        Leonard DiLisio                                Linda & Joel Gottlieb
Anthony Benson                          Annette McClure                                Louis Jaffé
Land Conservation Chair                 John & Barbara Wilson                          Ralph Leach
Delafield DuBois                                                                       Burton W. Lippa
Secretary                               Benefactors (Annual Gifts of $5,000+)          Virginia Maclovia (in honor of Crestina Trujillo
                                        Hamilton B. Brown Charitable Trust             Armstrong)
Diane Enright                                                                          Emmett & Paule Marx
                                        Sunny Hill
Member                                                                                 Regan Murray
                                        Eva Malanowski & Thomas Latousek
Thomas French                           Ken Mirr                                       Deborah Parsons and Clifton Harold
Vice-President/Community Relations                                                     Ken & Happy Price
Chair                                   Patrons (Annual Gifts of $1,000-               Julian Varela
                                                                                       Dyck & Avis Vermilye
Mary Lane Leslie                        $4,999)                                        Christine Wells (in memory of Anita Hop
Member                                  Anonymous (4)                                   kins)
John Mockovciak                         Bob & Linda Attiyeh
                                        Leonard DiLisio                                Contributors (Annual Gifts of $100-
                                        Thomas French                                  $249)
Christopher M. Smith                    Charles & Holly Greef                          Anonymous (5)
Treasurer/Financial Operations Chair    Carolyn Haddock & Douglas Smith (in honor of   Charmay Allred
Jean Trujillo                            the Historic Taos Inn)                        Linda An (in memory of Clarence Heinke)
Fundraising Chair                       John & Rebecca Hall                            Chilton & Judy Anderson
                                        David Hicks (in honor of our troops)           William & Mary Bacchus
Julian Varela                                                                          Liana & Ezra Bayles
Member                                  Hummingbird Ranch, LLC
                                        Jesse Jesperson & Sylvia Atencio               Allan Beezley
Linda Yardley                           Burt & Anne Kaplan                             Kenneth & Gloria Bjerk
Member                                  Ron & Carol Larimore                           Jim & Claire Brandenburg
                                        Annette McClure                                Alice and David Brown
                                        John and Janet Mockovciak Family Advised       Josh & Melinda Bryant
                sTaff                     Fund of the Dallas Foundation                Virginia Mudd & Clifford Burke
Ernie Atencio                           Willie Picaro                                  James & Karen Bur
Executive Director                      Susan Streeper                                 Brenda Clark
Tanya Duncan                            Nita & Henk van der Werff                      Robert Corroon (in Honor of Gov. Bill Richard-
Land Project Manager                    Sally Wasowski                                   son & The Trust for Public Land
                                        John & Barbara Wilson                          Philip and Teri Davis
Sandra LeBrun                                                                          James & Patricia Day
Office Manager                          Judith & Stephen Wolf
                                                                                       Martin & Susan Dilger
Mark Myers                              Stewards (Annual Gifts of $500-$999)           Mary Domito
Office Assistant                                                                       Delafield DuBois
                                        Arbogast Foundation
                                        Susan Arbuckle                                 Kat Duff
                                                                                       John & Marie Duggan
Mail:       P.O. Box 376                A.L. Benson
                                                                                       Edidin Family Charitable Trust
            Taos, NM 87571              Sherrill Boardman
                                        Helen Doroshow                                 Linda Kemper Fair
                                        Chris & Martha Flanders                        J.D. Farr
Location:   482 A State Hwy. 150        Carroll Harrington                             Malcolm & Susan Fleming
            Arroyo Seco, NM 87514       Claire Haye                                    Ken Gallard
                                        Harry & Eunice Mayhew                          JoAnn H. Garges
                                        Robert J. Munk & Enoch Ortega                  Robert & Monika Ghattas
Phone:      575-751-3138                                                               Hugh D. Gibson
                                        Bill & Kit Owen
Email:      Troy Foundation                                John & Nancy Glasgow
Website:       William Windham & John S. Turner, Jr.          Elizabeth Glatfelter
                                        David & Peppy Woodard                          Group3 Development
                                                                                       William & Linda Hardy
                                                                                       Mary Hobratschk
                                        Supporters (Annual Gifts of $250-              Clark & Marie Hudson
                                        $499)                                          Alford B. Johnson
                                        Anonymous (2)                                  Winn Kalmon
                                        Ann Ash                                        Suzy & Thomas J. Kane
                                        Robert & Linda Aubrech                         Amanda & David Kocon
                                        Jane & John Bales                              Rob and Peggy Leeson
                                        Pete & Liz Biester                             John Manulis & Liz Heller
                                        Maya Cabot-Chacon                              Sally Mayer & Art Clark

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Explore the world
                                                                                       to Valerie Graves, the artist who
you’re helping to protect.                                                             generously created that logo for us in

B    ook a guided trip for your small                                                  the early 90s. Thank you!
     group to one of the Southwest’s                                                      We invite our members and
special places, led by Taos Land Trust                                                 supporters, professional or amateur
Executive Director Ernie Atencio.                                                      artists of all ages, to submit your
Ernie’s background as an anthropolo-                                                   ideas for a new Taos Land Trust logo
gist, archeology instructor and park                                                   that we will use for many years to
ranger—along with his love of the                                                      come. Our guidelines are simple:
land—make him the perfect guide for                                                    something that is easily reproduced
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                                                                                      or color, that simply and elegantly
 “Loon’s Echo was absolutely the best, most fabulous trip we’ve ever taken in our
                                                                                      captures our vision of “creating a
 lives—we watched moose, saw beaver, fished. Just beautiful, beautiful. And the legacy of open and productive lands
 accommodations—couldn’t ask for anything better. It’s hard to describe in            for future generations.” Like the
 words how nice it was. If you’re looking for the place to unwind, there’s no         landscape of northern New Mexico
 better, more relaxing spot on the face of the Earth.”                                we all love, our land conservation
                                                                 — Jack Chapman work ranges from vast scenic lands
                                                                                      and wildlife habitat to working farms,
                                                                                      ranches and villagescapes.
ChacoCanyon or other remote sites.
                                                                                        Please submit your entry by January
Through a special and very generous       Logo Contest                                31, 2009, to: TLT Logo Contest, PO
connection, Taos Land Trust can also
                                                                                      Box 376, Taos, NM 87571 or info@

arrange private trips to Loon’s Echo,           aos Land Trust is looking for a Our committee of
one of Montana’s most exceptional               dazzling new logo as we prepare
wilderness resorts, “conveniently                                                     local artists and TLT board members
                                            to retire the beautiful image of Taos     will select the winner and present a
located in the middle of nowhere” and
                                            Mountain with a menagerie of animals certificate of appreciation, with public
one of the most amazing places you’ll
ever visit. Call Ernie to discuss the       in the foreground that we have used       acknowledgement, to the winner in
possibilities.                              for many years. We are very grateful      February.

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