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					                                                                    Holistic Exploration for
                                                                     the Urban Spiritualist

                                       EVENING’ ITINERARY…

                      An evening of substance & sincerity @ Rawlicious

We encourage individual inquiries into alternative approaches for body, mind & soul well being
through-out the evening.

8 to 815p      Arrival of guests…intimate greeting with vision leader Silvina Etchegoyen

815 to 830p    INTRO PLATE of Nori Rolls & MONA VIE Acai Berry Juice sample
                             Personal greeting from contributing Therapist Melanie Leeder
                             (explore the wellness guide for more details)

830 to 845p    2nd PLATE of Mango Chutney, Chick Pea Dip & Olive Tapinade with Multi-Seed Crackers.
               FROG POND Organic Cabernet Franc Sampling
                             Personal greeting from contributing Therapist Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd
                             (explore the wellness guide for more details)

9 to 930p      MAIN DISH of Zuchetti Pasta with a Basil Spinach Pesto topped with tasty Zuchetti Crisps.
               Served with FROG POND Organic Riesling White Sampling
                             Fashion Walk of GREEN IS BLACK offerings.

930 to 945p  TEA SERVICE Begins…
             AROMATICS 101… to those with interest.
                           An intro how & why the sincerity aromatic blends were created as well as
                                         their application techniques with Victoria Lorient-Faibish
     MEd, co-creator
                           & avid user.

945 to 10p     DESSERT of Chocolate Truffles served a la carte
                             Sweet Sampler plate per table available for an additional charge.

10 to          Contributors mingle about available for individual inquiries.
1030p                        Shopping nook open for product exploration
                             Hypnox, InnerGem, Green is Black & a some.

1030p          EVENING ENDS…Restaurant closes @ 11p

Please sign the guest book & include feedback on the events flow.
Efforts in offering insights & reactions would be deeply appreciated.

We thank you for engaging in an evening of substance with us.
If you enjoy the evening’ offerings & format…inquire about PRIVATE events tailored to
your family, friends, & peers collective interests, includes menu selection & product
participant options. Simply explore further @
sincerity…created to inspire, impact & nourish well being

                                A little sincerity…
Seven years ago I jumped out the corporate advertising environment as I found myself in an
uninspiring negative routine.   A friend referred me to a Holistic therapist triggering the next
“phase” of my life. Soon into my exploration of Holistic options, the inspiration & awareness’
that surfaced, became a naturally fueled passion. Though through-out my exploration &
experimentation, I found myself connected with the message but not the environment (to
which I chuckled as before         I connected with the modern environment but not the

I searched for a “place” where I could to get a sense that is a texture of “well being”. A
place to engage body, mind & soul interests within the urban landscape. Though I had
found tools inspiring moments of clarity, peacefulness, & charms, I was overwhelmed with the
options.   I found the holistic community’s offerings simple yet disorganized, effective yet
unreachable ….

Alas the sincerity vision was born. A mindful contemporary “place” for individuals choosing
to explore & integrate ancient techniques & mindful actions into their “modern” landscape.
With moments of substance, fine fair, peaceful vibes & sincere tools enabling shifts in one’s
contemporary lifestyle. The urban spiritualist is then defined as…An individual who embraces
urban living & applies “alternative” approaches for personal well being into their current life

So, thank you for engaging & exploring alternatives with us. Our efforts aspire to trigger
moments of growth & awareness for oneself, others & our planet.

              With sincerity
              Silvina Etchegoyen
              Urban Spiritualist
              Vision Leader

            simply explore further…           
sincerity…created to inspire, impact & nourish well being

                                                                     3092 Dundas Street West, Toronto.
                                                                      Monday to Thursday 11am - 7pm
                                                                                    Friday 11am - 9pm
                                                                                 Saturday 10am - 7pm
                                                                                  Sunday 12pm - 5pm
                                                          Available for private bookings. 416 551-3161

Raw, Delicious, Health, Happiness & Zen

Rawlicious is a gathering point for anyone interested in delicious food, powerful information & a dash
of inspiration.
Simply explore further…we welcome your individual inquiries.

Rawlicious Foodies: Robin, Maria, Tracy & Angus

*We endeavour to be totally organic & raw, however a very small percentage of ingredients may not
be raw eg: maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, etc. or 100% organic (when an organic selection is simply
unavailable). Please note everything is prepared with mindfulness & love!

FOOD 101

Living & Raw Foods
In general, the act of heating food over 116 degrees F destroys enzymes in food. All cooked food is
devoid of enzymes. Living & Raw foods maintain their level of enzymes which assist in the digestion of
foods. They are known to be the "Life-Force" & or "energy" of food. From the dictionary: Noun: Any of
the various complex organic substances, as pepsin originating from living cells and capable of
producing certain chemical changes in organic substances by catalytic action, as in digestion.
Living & Raw Foodists believe in eating only an UNCOOKED, UNHEATED, UNPROCESSED & ORGANIC
plant based diet.

Superfoods: These include foods that have many unique properties. For example, the goji berry (a
superfood) is a source of complete protein, immune-stimulating polysaccharides, liver-cleansing
betaine, anti-aging sesquiterpenes, antioxidants, over 20 trace minerals, & much, much more.
Compare this to a normal food, such as celery.

Superherbs: These include herbs that have super tonic & adaptogenic properties as well as many
other unique gifts. For example, reishi mushroom (a superherb) helps support a healthy immune
system, heart, lungs, kidneys, as well as assisting with rejuvenating brain & connective tissue.

Naturalfoods: Foods in their natural state, unprocessed, unrefined(Whole grains, fruits, vegetables,

Wholefoods: Food hasn't been cut or separated (an apple before it becomes apple pie)

Live: Still contains live enzymes as opposed to overcooked or frozen foods

Vegetarians & Vegans: Only eating a plant based diet.

            simply explore further…                
 sincerity…created to inspire, impact & nourish well being

                              HOLISTIC THERAPIES DEFINED
sincerity offers insights from the variety of “alternative” options. Focusing on the individual needs &
interests, we believe “alternative” therapies benefit all individuals. Our approach allows individuals to
connect & resonate with the therapist before committing financially, physically & spiritually. Should you
be interested in engaging with a therapist of the following modalities, simply set-up a private session
with Silvina Etchegoyen @ 647.504.4301.

Holistic medicine is a broadly descriptive term for a healing philosophy that views a patient as a whole
person, not as just a disease or a collection of symptoms. In the course of treatment, holistic medical
practitioners may address emotional and spiritual dimensions as well as the nutritional, environmental &
lifestyle factors that may contribute to an illness. Many holistic practitioners combine conventional forms
of treatment with natural or alternative treatments.

Promotes healing by balancing the body’s energy field. Can include acupuncture, homeopathy,
flower essences, sound & color healing, crystals, gems, aromatherapy, & energy-based bodywork
(Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Polarity Therapy).

Applying essential oils from flowers, trees, roots, herbs, berries & fruits, to treat emotional disorders such
as stress & anxiety as well as a wide range of other ailments.         Aromatherapy may be applied to
promote physical, mental & emotional wellness. Oils are either massaged into the skin in diluted form,
inhaled, placed in baths, or applied on & around the body. Aromatherapy is often used in conjunction
with other holistic approaches.

Nutrients are the natural chemicals found in foods, & are utilized by the body to maintain health &
combat illness. If a deficiency of nutrients contributes to the causes of disease, then it stands to reason
that an optimal level of nutrients contributes to wellness. Foods impact not only our physical body but
our emotional tendencies. This approach teaches which foods to consume or avoid during a a variety
of energetic levels & physical symptoms.        The use of herbs & spices (herbal medicines at their most
everyday level) will bring out the best in ones food, making eating a pleasure & impacting your body

***The evenings participating therapists offer certified knowledge & techniques from such modalities.

              simply explore further…                 
sincerity…created to inspire, impact & nourish well being

                The Chakra System
                                                         Originating from
                                                        Hindu philosophy.

                                                           Energy sources
                                                          within the body.

               It’s about                                   Influenced by
                                                         nature & nurture.
               aspects that                               Unites the body,
                                                              mind & soul.
               connect with
               our physical                                Associated with
               bodies.                                      consciousness.

                                                               Classified by

                                                               Insights for
                                                        personal wellness.

Use the following pages to explore internal & external connections. The pages
provide simplistic details & inspires for increasing self-awareness. Embrace the
ponders that surface.

The following materials has been sourced from Anodea Judith’s books “Eastern
Body Western Mind” & “Wheels of Life”, as well as various web sources & formal

         simply explore further…     
  sincerity…created to inspire, impact & nourish well being
                                          EVENT THERAPISTS…
                  Victoria Lorient-Faibish                                  Melanie Leeder
                  BA, MEd, CCC, RPP                                         Holistic Health Practitioner
                  Holistic Psychotherapist                                  Reiki Master Certified Aromatherapist

Formally educated & mindfully gifted, Victoria             With sincere vibes & graceful actions. Melanie offers
offers    a     wide      spectrum        of    Holistic   insights into the "little things" to add into one's life
insights. Take a moment to reflect on patterns             routine that inspire positive change. Enjoy the "good
that require a "shift. This evening offers you a           to know" moments that will for sure pop in to your
personal moment to receive clear, educated                 conversation.
and sincere perspectives that may inspire the
                                                           A little more…
                                                           Melanie's open spirit, love of the natural world &
A little more…
                                                           positive lifestyle led her to realize her passion for
Primarily people come to Victorias’ office                 natural healing. This passion and her love for travel
because they are very ready to change that                 has taken her on many spiritual journeys all over the
which is no longer working for them. She holds             globe. To further her studies in natural healing,
this space & intention in a very focused                   Melanie studied at the Transformational Arts College
way.     Working with unresolved patterns of               in Toronto, where she earned a diploma as Holistic
behaviour,       including,    grief,      depression,     Health Practitioner, Certified Aromatherapist & a
codependence, anxiety, addictions, marital,                Reiki Master.
parenting, mother, father, & sibling issues, life          Melanie believes in whole system thinking; that the
purpose issues, a variety of relationship issues,          mind, body & spirit are connected.
repetition/compulsion distress, poor self esteem,          With her individually tailored sessions, she helps her
conflict resolution, trauma, & anything else that          clients discover the root of their issue, so that the
is compromising a person from fully living in joy,         healing process can begin; the end result being a
ease, well being, health & happiness. This work            healthy balanced body & an over-all well-being.
is wonderfully effective for those who are                 Her treatments involve a variety of modalities.
dealing with chronic emotional lack of ease.               Some of which include: Swedish Massage, Shiatsu
In a session techniques used include:                      Massage,        Reflexology,   Lymphatic         Drainage
Coaching,        Somatic      focusing,        Mantras,    Massage, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Sound Therapy.
Visualizing,   Polarity    Therapy,     Cranio-Sacral,     Melanie's enthusiasm & dedication to help men,
Reiki, Affirmations, New Decision Therapy,                 women & animals of all ages reach their health &
Traditional talk therapy: Giving space for the             relaxation goals is what keeps her motivated & is
client to explore & express feelings, own                  what keeps her clients coming back.
awareness’s, observe & understand realizations,            Melanie is currently working at her private practice
transform thoughts, grieve, vent, & create vast            in Mirvish Village in Toronto & also providing in-
opportunities for completion & integration.                person   healing     treatments   at   clients    homes,
                                                           cottages & hospitals.

                 simply explore further…                    
  sincerity…created to inspire, impact & nourish well being
           EVENT CONTRIBUTORS WITH POSITIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES… aspires to build a community of business’, therapists, & peers that offer alternative
options inspiring well being for oneself, others & the planet. All sources follow standards &
ethics set simply by the intent & acts of…sincerity.

                     • A local mid-town shop Toronto offering chic ethical clothing.

                     •The talk of the Junction offering alternative & innovative culinary delights

                     •Offering the only CERTIFIED ORGANIC wine in Ontario.

                     •Elegant one of a kind jewellery pieces enhancing your appearance AND mood.

                     •A “new” drink offering an abundance of flavour & EXTENSIVE nutritional impact.

                     •Elegant tasty mints aiding in taming your “oral fixation”

                     •Ancient technique of Hypnosis complimenting efforts towards youthful beauty.

                     •A source for quality raw ingredients producing the line of sincerity’ aromatic blends.

                     •A CANADIAN publication with sources, services & products with a focus on
                     “Alternative” issues & insights.

Should you feel inspired to further explore alternative options & would like researched insights for specific
physical symptoms & emotional imbalances, please feel to contact Silvina Etchegoyen @ 647.504.4301
or email @ Private sessions offer tailored insights, sincere guidance & researched
                           sincerity events occur throughout the year...
                        Locations change...Products vary...sincerity remains.

Sign the guest book to receive E-vites to explore sincerity's offerings, philosophy & future events in the
GTA area. Send an email to include "sign me up" in the subject line. Emails will not
be sold or given out & will be used with utmost respect & the sincerest of intention.
Should “contacts” surface that you believe might compliment please forward their contact
info. Your efforts & actions offered are deeply appreciated.

                                    THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE
                                         With sincerity…

              simply explore further…