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					Beware of Bureaucratic 'Doras'                                                                                  scale. That means the gross salary of a just
                                                                                                                employed IAS officer would easily work out
                                                                                                                to Rs 16,000 and more per month. The gross
Kancha Ilaiah                                                                                                   salary of a cabinet secretary would be around
                                                                                                                Rs 1,20,000 per month. •
The staff associations of the central government employees have                                                    The other items they asked for are much
                                                                                                                more shocking. They want their retirement
submitted a memorandum to the Fifth Pay Commission suggesting                                                   age to be raised to 60 years as against 58
revised pay scales and other benefits for IAS, IPS and other government                                         years. They asked for total exemption from
officers. The proposed salary structure indicates a conspiracy by the                                           income tax and for I (X) percent neutralisation
bureaucrats to squeeze the state's resources in order to indulge in                                             of DA. Their medical facilities need to be
western-style conspicuous consumption, even while the masses become                                             changed from government hospitals to non-
                                                                                                                government hospitals with a guarantee of
increasingly impoverished.                                                                                      full medical insurance; theirgjoup insurance
                                                                                                                needs to be raised to Rs 5 lakh. They want
THE Fifth Pay Commission is in the process         pay scale starts at Rs 44,000 with an annual                 free transport and also a vehicle advancement
of working out the modalities of pay increase      increment of Rs 1,000, ending at Rs 55,000,                  of Rs2.5 lakh. Having got all this, they need
for the employees of the central government        as against their present pay of Rs 7,000-7,600.              to live in a comfortable house, and so have
of India. It goes without saying that once         The suggested junior scale for IAS officers                  asked for a lowered interest rate House
the pay scale system of central government         is Rs 9,000 per month with an annuaUncrc-                    Building Advance (HBA) of just 7 lakh.
employees is worked out, the pay scale of          ment of Rs 250, culminating in Rs 13,500.                    Since all this is not enough, they need a reason-
different public sector units, autonomous          as against the existing Rs 2,200-4,000 pay                   able education allowance of only Rs 500 per
bodies such as universities, and the
                                                                                     TABLE I; PAY SCALES PROI>OSI:I> BY S A C G E
employees of state, governments will be
worked out based on the pay scales of central      Existing                                                                  Proposed
government employees. Of course, the
                                                                                              ICAS                                                          IRS
constitution of the Fifth Pay Commission is        Junior scale                   (a) 8<XX)-25O-12(XX)-3OO-13500 (FAS)                                    9O(X)-40O-IS0O<)
one of the routine processes of the central         2200-4000                     (b) 9<M)O-25O-12000-300-135<X) (IAS)
government as it has to refix the pay scales       Senior scale
every 10 years based on the price index, the        (a) 3000-4500                    (a) I IO(X)-25O-I2<X)O-3(X)-I5O(X) (FAS)                           I3O(X»-4OO-2OO(X)
rateof inflation, etc. As I am not an economist,    (b) 32(X)-45(X) (only IAS)       (b) 12(XX>-250-12000-300-15000 (IAS)
I am not really competent to discuss the basis     Junior administrative
of pay fixation and such matters.
                                                    (a) 37(X)-5(X)O                  (a) 15000-400-19000 (FAS)                           19(XM)-5()()-21000-750-28500
   What I am concerned with here is a specific      (b) 3925-4700 (only IAS)         (b) I62O()-4(K)-I9O()O(IAS)
question which in many ways is going to            Selection grade
condition our socio-economic life in the            (a) 4500-5700                    (a) 17000-400-19(XX)-500-21 (XX) (FAS) 28(XX)-75O-3I(XX)-KXX)-44(XX)
future. The Delhi University Teachers               (b) 4800-5700 (only IAS)         (b) 18200-400 19(XX)-5OO-21(XX) (IAS)
                                                   Senior administrative grade
Association (DUTA) has circulated a                 Grade l-5900-67(X)
                                                                  ' ""'                  22(XX)-5(X>-23OOO-75()-26O(X>(IAS)                           330<X>-1000-55000
newsletter (of October 1994) in which a             Grade Il-New                         26OOO-75.0-29(X)"0-10(X)-3(X)(X) (I AS)
shocking thing is revealed with regard to the      Super time scale
trend of pay scales for which the central           (Additional secretary)
government employees are going to ask.              ST I-73OO-76(X)                      3(XX)O-I(K)O-33(XX)(IAS)                                     44(HK)-I(MX)-55()(X)
DUTA asked various teachers associations            ST Il-New                            330OO-1O0O-36000 (IAS)
of India to suggest the modalities of pay           8(XX) (fixed)                        37(XM)-I(XX)-39(XX) (IAS)                                           55000 (fixed)
scales, promotion avenues and the structure        Cabinet secretary
of other benefits. For the information of the       9000 (fixed)                         Not suggested                                                       6(XXX) (fixed)
teachers associations, the DUTA newsletter
 furnished the details of pay scales, promotion    Notes: FAS = For All Services: IAS = Indian Administrative Services.
avenues and other benefits that the Staff                          T A B L E 2 : L E N G T H OK S E R V I C E ( I N Y K A R S ) REWIRED TO Gi':T PROMOTION
 Associations of Central Government
 Employees (S ACGE) suggested in thei r iiu. mo-   Service             Junior Admini-            Selection              Joint                Additional         Secretary
 randum to the Fifth Pay Commission. DUTA                               strative Grade            Grade               Secretary              Secretary
 asked the teacher community to study the pay      IAS                         8.5                     14                  16                   25/26                31
 scales suggested by SACGE and to suggest          IFS                           9                     14                  18            "         29                31
teachers' own pay scales, so that it can sub-      IPS (police)                8.5                     14                   _                   29/30             32/33
 mit a similar memorandum to the pay commit-       1A and AS                   8/9                      -               17/18                      30                 -
 tee appointed by the UGC recently. The 22         IPS (postal)             11/12                                       23/24                      30                 -
                                                   IRS                           9                     18               22/23                      31                 -
 main items that SACGE suggested to the Fifth
Pay Commission are given in the tables.            In case of Indian Administrative Services (IAS), the year of adinissibility to various grades is as under:
                                                   Junior scale (Rs22(X)-4(XX!)                             - Beginning
    What .is shocking is the very mood and         Senior scale (Rs 3000-4500)                              - 4th year
 thinking of central government employees          Junior administrative cadre I grade (Rs 3700-5000)       - 9th year
 in suggesting these scales, promotion avenues     Selection grade (Rs 45(X)-57(X»                          - 14th year
 and other benefits. The suggested pay scale       Senior administrative grade (Rs 5900-6700)               - 16th year
 for a cabinet secretary is Rs 60,000 (fixed)      Rules of Promotion jor IAS:              ''
 per month as .against the existing Rs 9.000,          - Senior scale on completion of four years to be given automatically.
                                                       - Junior administrative grade on January I of the year in which the officer completes nine years
 and Rs 55,000 (fixed) for'a secretary as                 to be given automatically.
 against Rs 8.000(fixed) pe'rmonth at present.         - Selection grade when an officer enters the 14th year of service, to be given practically
 For an additional secretary the suggested                automatically.

22                                                                                                  Economic and Political Weekly                       January 7. 1995
month up to a maximum of two children.              who are flying across the world to raise loans disinvestment in sector after sector. Even the
The mood seems to be that if the government         even to construct a village road? Do they selling of shares in the railways is being
allows this education allowance without             not know that the World Bank and IMF are mooted. All this is being done in the name
limit, they would like to procreate more            after us to squeeze us and capture all the of 'efficiency' of the public sector. 'Loss
children so that they can get further Rs 500s       markets? Are not the same officers telling showing' in every public sector company
per month. A forgotten suggestion seems to          us with the help of statistics they themselves has become the logic of the day, so that, that
be that those who do not want to produce            collected, that half of the Indian population particular company should become privatised
children also need to be given some allowance       is living below the poverty line? Yet why in no time.
because that is going to help the state by          are they asking forsuch salaries and benefits?     In the face of all this, if government-
reducing that bureaucratic family's growth          Is it patriotic for high administrators of employees draw salaries at this level, the
to a negative rate. The Indian bureaucratic         this country to draw more than Rs 1,00,000 first thing that will happen is that 'democracy
class does not seem to be producing chi ldren       salary per month?                              * in India' (in whatever form that it exists) will
for children's sake but producing them.for             The conspiracy of this mode of thinking collapse. How? In the face of the tremendous
allowance's sake.                                   is not an ordinary one. It is very much linked inflation that this salary structure itself is
   Apart from these substantial monthwise           to the liberalisation process. On the one hand going to create will ruin the economy in all
benefits, they asked for lowering "the              the same government is indulging in fronts. Since the government would not be
qualifying service for pension to 28 years,
raising of pension to 75 per cent of                                                     TABLE 3: OTHER BENEFITS
emoluments for full qualifying service, no          Benefit                     IAS                          IRS               Joint Consultative Committee
ceiling forgratuity, encashment of 12 months
earned leave, LTC once in two years as              Retirement age          To be raised to 60        To be raised to 60
against existing once in four years (that must      Pension entitlement     -                         -                          5 years of service
                                                    Qualifying service      To be lowered to
be given even after retirement), so on and           for pension            28 years                  -                          30 years .
so forth. It is quite obvious that the senior       Rate of pension         To be raised to
IAS officers who can influence the Pay                                      75 per cent of emolu-     -                          75 per cent of emoluments
Commission are involved in suggesting such                                    ments for full                                     for full qualifying service;
pay scales and other benefits.                                                qualifying service                                 proportionate increase for
                                                                                                                                 qualifying service in
   There is a criminal conspiracy in asking                                                                                      excess of 30 years
for and probably getting, if not as it is, but      Minimum pension         -                         -                          Rs 24,00 pm
near about scales. The conspiracy is to             Gratuity                No ceiling                No ceiling                 The ceiling of 16.5 years
squeeze the state's resources and indulge in                                                                                     andRs 1,00,000 to be
western-style conspicuous consumption in                                                                                         removed.
a country where more than half of the               Encashment of
                                                     earned leave           Up to 12 months         Up to 12 months        300 days             •
population does not get two square meals            LTC                     Once in 4 years         To be given once       Once in 4 years
a day. Jt is widely accepted that orur                                                              in 2 years
bureaucracy is a non-working negative                                      after retirement also    after retirement also. to retired persons also
bureacracy which treats the state and its           Voluntary retirement -                          -                      After 15 years of quali fying
resources as its private property.                                                                                         service
                                                    Encashment of          Be permitted without                            Equivalent of the half pay
   If their suggested scales are of absolute
                                                    half pay leave         any deduction            -                      leave accumulated
necessity fora "comfortable' life, they must        Housing                Raise HRA to realistic Taking houses on
be starving in the present scales. But the                                 levels                   lease
reality is not that. Even a person from poor                                                        HRA to be realistic    _
family without any property, within a short         CCA                    In terms of percentage Rs 500-Class-A city            -            * ;     •

time after joining service as an IAS or IPS                                of basic pay             Rs 400-Class-B city
officer, can acquire .urban properties. In a                                                        Rs 300-Class-C city
                                                    Medical facilities     Froin non-governmental Medical insurance              _

situation of. collusion of bureaucrats and                                 hospitals should also be
politicians their non-salary incomes have no                               perm i [led
limit. Yet they want these salaries; greed          Group insurance        Ceiling to be raised to  Ceiling to be raised'
does not seem to have any limits.                                        . Rs 5 lakh                to Rs 5 lakh instead
                                                                                                    Rs 1.2 lakh
   We were all witness to the fact that after the   Conveyance             Free transport           Provide transport            -

revision of pay scales in the 1980s, almost one-                                                    facilities to all
third of the top bureaucrats and university         Bonus                  Scope to be narrowed     No ceiling                   -

teachers entered the 'Maruti car class'. In spite
                                                    Vehicle advance         down
of increasing inflation, as the employees'                                                            To be raised to             _ _

                                                                            Ceiling to be raised to
DA rates were correspondingly increasing,                                   Rs 2.5 lakh               exfactory price of
the position of the salaried class is far better                                                      800 cc Maruti
                                                    HBA                     Ceiling to be raised      To be raised to Rs 10      -

than that of middle peasants or small entre-                                to 7 lakh;                lakh
preneurs. The IAS officers, in their memo-                                  interest rate to be
randum, made it very clear that they want                                   lowered
to belong to the 'Maruti class' and hence           Computer advance        To be given separately . To be given separately -
asked for Rs 2.5 lakh vehicle advance, of                                                             ^noi in lieu or   col}
course, specifying the price of a Maruti 800.       Education allowance     Reasonable up to two      Rs 500 pm per child         _     .

                                                                            children                  up to a maximum of
   Do not these 'responsible' officers, a great                                                       two children
majority of them meritorious as they did not        Income tax              Income totally exempt     -                           -

come under the reservation quota, know the                                  from tax
economic condition of the country? Are they         DA                      100 per cent                                          _

not the ones who are handling the economic                                  neutralisation
affairs of the country? Are they not the ones       Source (all tables): Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) newsletter, October 1994.

Economic and Political Weekly           January 7, 1995
able to pay such huge salaries, mass retrench-   The same bureaucrats will, then, begin to say
ment would take place. Along with the top        that democracy is an inefficient system, and
industrial class the top bureaucratic class      dictatorship controlled by imperialist bosses
will become thoroughly integrated iiito          will be projected as the only alternative.
imperial markets. Already the gap between           Whether it is DUTA or other teachers'and
the urban and rural economies is enormous        employees' associations, they must under-
(if we exclude urban slums), and this gap        stand the implications of this kind of salary
is going to increase. "Americanised' riches      structure. Instead of asking for such salaries
and comforts on the one hand, mass poverty       we must, first, fight this very mood of aggran-
and starvation deaths on the other, will         disement. One only hopes that the teaching
become the order of the day. We know that        community behaves with greater responsibility,
the dalits, bahujans and tribals will be the     not toward one's self and one's own family,
victims of this kind of inflation economy.       but towards the starving masses of this country.

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