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The Assistant


									                                        EVENT ASSIST INC.
                                        P.O. BOX 5146, FALCON,WA 6210
                                        PH/FX : (08) 9586 1010
                                        E-MAIL :
                                                                                    HELPING HANDS FOR COMMUNITY EVENTS

                                       The Assistant                                                        NEWSLETTER

                                                                                                            Volume 1 Issue 2

                  New Sponsorship Deals for Waroona Events                                                  October 2009

                                                                                                             Event Assist Inc.

                                                                                                             J Top Class Classic Car

                                                                                                             J Event Management
                  NATIONAL LIFESTYLE                                                                           Workshops
                  VILLAGES are joining                                       Yet another new name            J Event Evaluations
                  the growing band of                                        joining us for the October
                                                The Event Assist Inc                                         J Data base of traders,
                  private sector supporters                                  “British Auto Classic” is         entertainers &
                  of our Events Tourism         Waroona Events Tourism                                         Suppliers to the
                                                                             “Wilf Chambers Jaguar”.
                  initiative.                   Initative 2009-2011                                            industry
                  They see the “British         Has secured a funding                                        J Multi Awarded
                                                                             The next best thing to the
                  Auto Classic” as the          grant from the Peel                                            volunteer organisation
                                                                             satisfaction of driving a
                  perfect vehicle for the       Regional Grants Scheme
                                                                             brand new Jaguar or Land
                  promotion      of    their    under     the     State
                                                                             Rover is the pleasure of
                  Lifestyle Villages for the    Government’s    Royalties                                    Inside this issue:
                                                                             owning a lovingly cared for
                  over 45s. NLV have            for Regions Program
                                                                              pre-owned model, bearing       Children benefit          2
                  villages at Bridgewater-      This Grant will provide      the “Wilf Chambers Classic
                  Mandurah,      Busselton,     seed funding which will      Seal of Approval”. They         Water Corp. join us       2
                  Vibe-Bal divis,     Tuart     underpin the cost of         specialise in all Jaguar and
                  Lak es-Rock ingh am      &    producing our two annual     Land Rover motoring             What those surveys
                  Hillview-High Wycombe,        events until mid 2011 and    requirements.                   tell us                   2
                  For more information see      attract matching funds       Phone: (08) 9204 1188           Award Nomination
          or call       from both Government                                         2009                      3
                                                and the Private sector to
                      1300 45 55 65             ensure their future.                                         WA & Seniors Week         3

                                                                                                             Event Assist

                Australian Government Funding                                                                Workshop News             3

                                                                                                             Classic English Ford
                 This years “British Auto               Network.                                             Club of WA (Inc)          3
                                                                             address current issues in
                   Classic” has attracted       Earlier in the year PACC     specific areas of the Peel
                funding from the Australian      sought applications for     Region, of which Waroona
                Federal Government, by way     funding from organisations             was one.
                  of a grant through the         conducting community         With a good track record                      MEMBERS
                  Peel Area Consultative        events, who were able to                                      Peel &
                                                                              of Regional events which
                    Committee (PACC)             demonstrate beneficial       provide so much to local      Rockingham
                Now Regional Development           outcomes for their         communities in terms of       Volunteer
                  Australia, Peel WA.                 Communities.           economic sustainability and
                 Which is the local arm of      Applications were assessed   building social capital, the
                                               on merit and preference was    Event Assist application       Centre’s
                The Australian Government’s
                   Regional Development         given to those seeking to         was successful.

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                 Golden Easter Egg for Kids Groups
                                                                                                   The funding received by Pinjarra-
                  The Easter Sunday “All Australian                                                Waroona Youthcare will go towards
                  Car Day” delivered a Golden Egg to                                               the costs of their school Chapaincy
                  the Waroona Children’s groups who                                                service.
                  were involved in the running of the
                                                                                                   These hard working volunteers
                  event. The proceeds of the Gold
                                                                                                   “earn” money for their groups by
                  Coin Donations from the day were
                                                                                                   providing a range of services to the
                  distributed on 4th May when Event
                                                                                                   event organisers. Including survey
                  Assist Inc. brought together
                                                                                                   data collection and keeping the Wine
                  Waroona District High School
                                                                                                   & Gourmet Expo section under
                  Pre-Primary P&C, President Naomi
                                                           Events Assist Inc. Coordinator          control.
                  Purcell, Waroona Playgroup
                                                           Terry Cockerham with cheque             The groups are now looking forward
                  President Natalie Birch and the
                                                           recipients, Natalie Birch, Naomi        to October 25th when the “British
                  Pinjarra-Waroona Youthcare’s Chris
                                                           Purcell and Chris Benson                Auto Classic 2009” will offer more
                  Benson ,for a morning tea and
                  presentation at the Waroona                                                      opportunities to boost their coffers.
                                                           door toddler play area.
                  Playgroup.                                                                       As one of the recipients said “We
                                                           While the Pre-Primary P&C are to
                  The Playgroup will use their share to                                            would need to make and sell a lot of
                                                           reticulate the grassed play area at
                  put down a rubber floor in their out-                                            lamingtons to make this kind of
                                                           the school.
                                                                                                   money for our groups”.

                   Water Corporation Join the Event Partners List
                   Just before the Easter Sunday           and staff etc. For our part we will
                   “All Australian Car Day” the WA         distribute Water Corporation
                   Water Corporation joined our long       information literature and promote
                   list of Event Partners.                 the Water Corporation as a
                   In an agreement which covers the        supporter of the Waroona Classic
                   two 2009 events the Water               Car Events through signage and
                   Corporation are to supply Event         P.A. Acknowledgements. It is
                   Assist with bottled WA drinking         hoped that we can continue this
                   water for use by our entertainers       partnership well into the future.

                                                                                                   92% Said they were well satisfied
                   What those surveys tell us                                                      would come again.
                 At each of our events we conduct two           April 09 AACD VI Results           98% said they would recommend it to
                 surveys, one is across our Trader         The Number of attendees was             others and most importantly of all
                 Partners and the other is a snapshot      12,000                                  90% said they would return to
                 20 questions asked of around 200 of                                               Waroona at other times to see more
                                                           Some 48% came from the South
                 our attendees.                                                                    of the area.
                                                           West & Peel Regions : 35% from
                 The data collected is entered into a      Perth Metro: 2% from overseas and       Most popular features were: Cars
                 computer program called “Encore”          3% from interstate. With just 12%       44% : Wine Expo 19% : Markets 16%
                 which is nationally recognised.           locals.                                 and Entertainment 15%.
                 The Evaluation results from the “All      The gender split was 44% F. 56% M.      The event brought some $350,718 of
                 Australian Car Day VI” held in April                                              new expenditure to the area which
                                                           The bulk of visitors were between
                 came up with information, which we                                                now ,after Six Waroona events,
                                                           25 and 65 years of age.
                 find very useful in setting our                                                   brings the total of new money
                 advertising, deciding on content and      43% learned of the event from           attracted to:-
                 catering needs etc. for the next          Press advertising and 32% by word
                 event. as well as selling the events to   of mouth.                                       $1,658,419.00
                 sponsors and new traders.                 For 49% it was their first visit to a   This October’s BAC could make it
                                                           Waroona Classic Car event.                             $2m.
                  Page 2
                                                                                                                           The Assistant

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                 Award Nomination                                W.A.Week &                           Workshop News
                                                                 Seniors Week                         On Wednesday 19th September
                                                                                                      Event Assist Inc. ran another of
                                                                     2009                             their “How to run a successful
                                                                                                      event” Workshops at Peel VRC ,
                 Following on from their Semi Finalist       This years British Auto Classic will     Lotteries House in Mandurah.
                 placing in the Regional Achievement         fall on the Last Day of “WA Week”
                                                                                                      Presenters from LGIS/Risk, WA
                 and Community Awards in 2008,               and the First Day of “Seniors
                                                                                                      Main Roads, Healthway, Community
                 Event Assist Inc. have been asked to        Week”.
                                                                                                      Newspapers, the City of Mandurah
                 nominate in two categories in 2009.         This provides a rare opportunity to      and Event Assist, provided a range
                 These will be the “Australia Post-          attract a bigger crowd, by linking       information on a wide range of
                 Community of the Year Award” and            it to these important weeks which        topics including Risk Management
                 the “Horizon Energy– Leadership and         are heavily promoted across the          Planning, Sponsorships, Working
                 Innovation Award”                                         state.                     with the Media and how to sell
                                                                                                      your event. as well as Road
                 These are both in respect of the
                                                                                                      Closures & Traffic Plans and City
                 groups “Events Tourism Initiative”
                                                                                                      Council assistance. Some 30
                 for the Lower Peel Region, which
                                                                                                      delegates attended from across
                 includes both their two Icon events
                                                                                                      the Peel Region and one couple
                 and their Event Management
                                                                                                      came all the way from Joondalup.
                                                                                                      More workshops are planned,

                     Spirit to Top BAC 09 Show Bill                                                   register your interest with Event
                                                                                                       Assist soon.
                 Top of the Bill at this years “British   been very fortunate to engage the
                 Auto Classic” , Go for 2&5 variety       Australiand Senior High School
                 show on the Lotterywest Outdoor          Jazz Band and the whole show will
                 Stage will be those great award          be under the control of MC Richie
                 winning dancers from Parkfield Pri-      Howlett who will have lots of give-
                 mary at Australind. Who will put on      aways for everyone.
                 an hour long Mass Dance Spectacu-
                 lar, featuring the Spirit of the Park,
                 Irish dance group, Boys in Boots, and
                 their great Jive Team.
                 Popular music Duo MeandMcgoo will
                 return after their great success at                                                      Risk Management with
                                                                                                          Marg.Hemsley of LGIS
                 the All Australian Car Day in
                 April .To complete the mix we have           Spirit of the Park Dancers

                                                      Classic English Ford Club
                 Last year the Classic English Ford       Car Display alongside the 50 years of     at reasonable prices to mem-
                 Club of WA , were judged to have         the MINI celebration.                     bers.The club is incorporated and
                 the best Club Display.                   The CEFC was founded in 1989 by           has ‘Confessional License ‘status
                                                          four enthusiasts and has grown            which allows members to run their
                                                          steadily since that time. The club has    vehicles at a lower annual registra-
                                                          a strong social bond but with the em-     tion cost on Club & recognised
                                                          phasis on restoration and having fun      vintage motoring events.
                                                          with Fords. This make it an ideal club     If you are an owner of an 8 or 10hp,
                                                          for someone with an urge to restore        100E or even one of the larger side
                                                          a vehicle but is not sure where to          valve English Ford vehicles, or you
                                                          start. The club has a wide range of          are looking to purchase one, give
                 So this Year they will take pride of     technical expertise and access to a         Secretary Chris Newman a call on
                 place at the centre of the Classic       big range of parts which are available                  9454 8198.

                 Volume 1 Issue 2                                                                                                   Page 3

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                                                            OUR EVENTS TO DATE :-
                 EVENT ASSIST INC.                          YARLOOP

                 P.O. Box 5146                              February      2003, “Classic Holdens in the Loop”
                 Falcon, WA 6210
                                                            September 2003, “Fabulous Fords in the Loop”
                 Phone: (08) 9586 1010                      April 2004, “Aussie Cars in the Loop”
                 Fax:    (08) 9586 1010
                 E-mail:                April 2005, “Aussie Cars in the Loop II”
                                                            April 2006, “Aussie Cars in the Loop III”
                Events with Something for Everyone WAROONA

                                                            October 2006, “British Auto Classic 2006”
                                                            April 2007,        “All Australian Car Day IV”
                               FINALIST                     October 2007 “British Auto Classic 2007”
                              2005 & 2006
                                                            April 2008,        “All Australian Car Day V”
                                                            October 2008, “British Auto Classic 2008”
                                                            April 2009,        “All Australian Car Day VI”
                                                            October2009        “British Auto Classic 2009”
                  SEMI-FINALIST           RECIPIENTS
                                                            WAROONA EVENTS in 2010
                      2008 & 2009           PREMIERS
                                        AUSTRALIA DAY       April 11th       “All Australian Car Day VII”
                                          AWARD 2009        October 24th “British Auto Classic 2010”
                                                                     Past Events Partnered with SHANNONS

                              Some of our long term supporters include:-

                   Not only do Shannons Ltd. offer          It’s easy to “Go for 2&5“           Image Data are a West Australian
                  Insurance for motoring enthusiasts                                             company who provide a range of
                                                        •     Try adding fruit to your
                  but can provide Home and Contents                                             personalised promotional products.
                                                              breakfast cereal or yoghurt.
                  Insurance at competitive rates too.
                                                        •     Blend soft fruit with low fat           To put your business
                  Features include:-
                                                              milk, yoghurt & ice for a                   ”Out There”
                  •      $10,000 Enthusiast Section           frothy fruit smoothie.                ahead of your competitors
                  •      Multi Policy Discount          •     Add extra veggies to recipes      They also provide a wide range of
                  •      Payment Flexibility                  for Meatloaves, Casseroles,      Name Badges, Personalised Key Rings
                  •      New for Old Replacement of           Stir-Fries, Pasta & Rice
                                                                                                       & Fridge Magnets.
                         Contents                             Dishes.
                                                                                                 Offering quick friendly service
                  •      Flood Cover                                   VISIT
                                                                                                    and high quality products
                              Call 13 46 46        
                  The October 25th “British Auto            For more tips and recipes
                  Classic 2009” will be the TENTH
                  event at which Shannons Ltd. have                                                           CALL
                  been a supporting partner.                                                          (08) 1300 787 861

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