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   CLASS OF 1988

Twenty Year Reunion
  August 23, 2008
William Allen           Currently back in Indiana after 8 years away. Living and working in Indy with the

Chris Amos              I have been married to Kristel (Hazelgrove) for 14 years. We have two kids,
                        Emma, who is 11 and Noah, who is 7. We still live in the East Tipp area. I work
                        for Lafayette Bottled Gas.

Molly (Bagby)
Stilwell                After graduating from Purdue with a degree in elementary education, Molly
                        taught kindergarten and first grade. It was during that time that she met her
                        husband, Steve Stilwell. He is a “missionary kid” born and raised in Peru, South
                        America. They married in June 1996 and now have 4 children, Liliana (10),
                        Claudia (8), Natalia (4), and Caleb (8 mos.). Steve and Molly are serving as
                        missionaries    in    Chimbote,    Peru,    through     Baptist    Mid-Missions.

Cecelia “Cece” (Becker)
McAllister           I am married to Robert McAllister of Middlefield, CT. We have three year old
                     identical twin girls and a 12 month old daughter. We met at our job in The U.S.
                     Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps. He is a drummer and I am still fifing. The
                     military has been my career for twenty years as well as my husbands, we are
                     both retiring from the military soon and so far we plan on moving back to the
                     Battle Ground area. I have enjoyed all of the traveling and performing for people
                     all over the world including the Papal arrival ceremony, but it is definitely time to
                     move on and raise our children.

Angela (Bloemen)
Paschke                 I got married right out of high school, and have been raising 2 beautiful boys, and
                        married to the same wonderful man ever since. My oldest graduated this
                        summer! ACK!!!

Heidi (Bowen) Murray I am an accountant for Wabash National. We have 5 kids, 15 – 4 yrs; four boys
                     and one girl.

Kelly (Brandon)
Gregory                 Received my Associates degree from IVY Tech. Currently staying at home and
                        raising our kids.

Lane Brooke             two children, both girls ages 16 and 18; one granddaughter, ten years army as a
                        combat     engineer      self-employed    in   restaurant  construction   field.

Cindy (Brouwer)
Mettler                 Married to Pat for 13 years. Two girls, Sarah, age 10 and Courtney, age 7.
                        Work full-time as a dental hygienist.

Kelly (Burns)
Nagy                    My husband, Johnny, and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in September.
                        I am an RN in surgery/recovery in Lafayette. Johnny is a land surveyor and part
                        owner of a civil engineering firm in Lafayette. We do a lot of hiking, backpacking,
                        running and anything else you can do outside. We have done several Grand
                        Canyon hikes and I hiked 800 miles of the AT in 2002. We have a german
                        shepherd and a husky that we dryland mush year round. We enjoy most of our
                        time with our family and friends.

Chris Campbell          Enjoyed living in the Nation‟s Capital for the last 10 years, working in the IT
                        consulting field. Pursued an MBA at the University of Michigan, graduating in
                        1998. How time flies when you‟re having fun!
Jennifer (Chrisman)
Pescatore             Married Tony in 1993, two children –Caroline (8 yrs) and Charlie ( 3). We
                      moved to Arizona in 1994. Have been in commercial real estate lending since
                      graduating from Purdue and love it – most of the time! We like to travel, I like to
                      torture myself by running long distances and Tony plays a lot of golf so most
                      vacations are spent going to races or to play golf. I ran a slow marathon in
                      France in 2007 (in a turtle costume with 30-some wine stops) and will run the
                      New York marathon in November. I cannot believe it has been 20 years since

Tina (Cobb) Wert      I graduated Ball State in 1993 with an Elementary Education degree and a K-12
                      Hearing Impaired Education degree. In 1994 I married Kent. We now have 2
                      children. Noah is 8 and Luke is 6. We live locally, so the boys will go to
                      Hershey. I work as a pharmacy technician at Meijer and Kent works as an
                      engineer at CAT.

David Dienhart        After High school, I joined the Military and spent part of my tour stationed in
                      Korea where I met my wife. We have been happily married for 16 years and have
                      two wonderful children. Will is 7 and is very computer savvy and smart. Katie is 6
                      and is a wonderful budding artist and oh so smart. My wife Chuhui recently got
                      her nursing degree and is very happy in her new job. I am a Software
                      Development Project Manager with a degree in electronic engineering and
                      background in software development. I am a freelance software developer in my
                      spare time, and I am also an Assistant Cub Master in my son‟s pack.

                      For me, high school, with all of its memories, was just a springboard for things to
                      come, and the older I get, the less significant it becomes. However, I am looking
                      forward to seeing some old friends and catching up.

Tom Coffelt           Earned GED in 1988.

John Davidson         I have been married for three years to my wife, Jackie. I have two sons age 16 &
                      10 and three step-daughters. I earned an Associates Degree from Indiana
                      Business College in 1992. I have worked at Frito Lays for 13 years. I will hope
                      to    see    everyone      at    the    reunion     and     get    caught    up.

Christopher Day       Christopher and his wife Pam have one son Lincoln who is 10 months old.
                      Christopher is currently the Co-CEO of ViaStar Energy, a leading provider of
                      automated meter reading solutions in the US. Christopher is also a Principal in
                      Caldera Development which focuses on commercial development. Prior to these
                      posts, Christopher was CEO of StarCom Broadband which sold to Comcast in
                      2001. Christopher graduated from Purdue University in 1992.

Jill (Day) Cox        Married for nine years and two step-children. Volunteer at S.U.R.F. Center in

Michelle (Eslaire)
Wilkerson             I am currently living in Lafayette, IN where I am working with my parents at their
                      coin shop (Smith‟s Coins). I was married from 1996-2006 (no kids). I am currently
                      in a relationship with a wonderful guy who has a 16 yr. old son, so I am finally
                      learning the joys of parenthood.

Beth Fisher           My husband Amit and I have two kiddos, Sofia (2 ¾ years) and Deven (8
                      months). I am the Assistant Director of The Teaching Center at Washington
                      University in St. Louis. I enjoy my job and love it that I can walk to work.
Susan (Harshman)
Dawson                 I currently live in Brookston with my husband and 9 year old daughter and our
                       three     dogs.     I   am    employed    at   Lafayette   Venetian    Blinds.

Angel (Hedgecough)
Yeoman                 I work in Human Resources at Ice Cream Specialties. I have a wonderful
                       husband and three children.    I just remember all the country parties!

Jeff Hicks             I am a Program Director for NetCracker Technology. I currently am responsible
                       for Sprint and all Government accounts. I spend a lot of time in Washington, D.C.
                       and Kansas City. We live in Rockwall, TX about 30 miles East of Dallas. Jennifer
                       (Tate) and I just celebrated our 15 anniversary and we have 3 kids, Tyler (12),
                       Haley (9) and Grace (5).

Rhonda (House)
Lanie                  I Graduated from Purdue University in Elementary Education. I Relocated to
                       Houston in 1995 where I began my teaching career. I married my rival high
                       school sweetheart. Yes, he is a Red Devil! I put my career on hold and had two
                       beautiful children. My son, Payton, is 9 and Grace is 7. We moved back to
                       Lafayette to be closer to family in 2006. I am currently teaching at Klondike
                       Elementary and that is where my children attend school. I also work at
                       International Sports Club where I teach spinning and Bodypump. In our spare
                       time our family enjoys boating, biking and traveling. I have many great memories
                       of High School but the best ones did not happen during school hours.

Matt Karner            Matt graduated from Purdue University with a degree in computer information
                       systems. Upon graduation Matt joined Andersen Consulting in their enterprise
                       business solutions group specializing in enterprise software integration. Matt later
                       moved to the consulting firm of Deloitte and Touche where he focused on
                       enterprise architectures and technology integration. Currently, Matt is the
                       President of Thoughtlogiks, LLC, a technology consultancy startup. Matt is
                       married to Dr. Kendra Karner who is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist and director of
                       women‟s health services for HealthNet in Indianapolis. Matt and Kendra have a
                       son named Myer, age 2, and reside in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Jeff Kyle &
Rhonda (Shidler) Kyle Married to fellow classmate Jeff Kyle for 15 years. We have two children, our
                      daughter, Shelby is 11 and our son Jacob is 7.

Cynthia (Larson)
Baldauf                After high school I attended I.U. and graduated with a degree in criminal justice.
                       I almost attended law school, but decided I‟d become a paralegal first; then go
                       back to law school if I wanted to become an attorney. I have worked in Chicago
                       and now Indianapolis as a paralegal and as it turns out, love being a paralegal
                       and would never want to be an attorney! While at I.U. I met my husband, Greg.
                       We‟ve been married for 15 years and live in Carmel, Indiana. We have 2
                       daughters, ages 2 and 4 months. Working full time and taking care of two little
                       ones keeps me really busy right now! Can‟t wait to hear what others have done
                       since high school and where they are now!

Chuck Long &
Robin (Wise) Long      We live in Sellersburg, IN with our three children Alex (10), Sarah (6) and Emma
                       (5). We have moved 7 times since being married but we are now settled and plan
                       to stay in Sellersburg – which is right outside of Louisville, KY. Chuck works in
                       the Grain Industry and Robin works part-time out of our home. We have a big
                       box in our basement full of high school memorabilia but we have not cleaned it
                       out in a long time so who knows what is in there!!
Nicole (Marciniak)
Flandermeyer         After I graduated from Purdue University, Craig and I married and moved to
                     California where we lived for 3 years. I now reside in Indianapolis where I
                     completed my Masters degree and continue to teach 3 grade at a science and
                     technology magnet school. I have two wonderful daughters, Emily (11) and
                     Laura (8). Our latest addition to the family is Lillie an eight month old black lab

Roger Mikels         I am married to my wife Andrea and we are expecting our first child in November
                     of 2008. After high school I served in the United States Air Force for 9 years,
                     spending time all over the globe. I returned to Lafayette in 1999 and worked for
                     Purdue University until taking a position with a technology company in
                     Indianapolis in 2006.

Dan Miller           After graduating HHS, I studied at Purdue, starting as a Theatre major, but
                     finishing in Communication. I went to grad school studying Health Promotion and
                     have been working in clinical research since, currently at Takeda in the Chicago
                     area. I‟ve had to move around the country as pharma companies merge, living in
                     Indianapolis, Milwaukee, New York, Ft. Lauderdale, and now Chicago. I have
                     stayed active in community theatre and just completed „The Music Man‟ with a
                     role in the quartet.

Jill Molter-Baumis   I have been in banking for almost 20 years. I am married to a wonderful man
                     and I have 2 stepchildren who live out of state.

Dianne (Monke)
Bosnich              After graduation from HHS, I went to Purdue and graduated with a BS in
                     Mechanical Engineering. In June 1993, I was married to Marinko Bosnich, and
                     we moved to Boulder, Colorado. I worked for Ball Aerospace for 1 ½ years. In
                     May 1994 we had our first child – a boy, Daniel. I resigned from Ball to be a
                     stay-at-home mom. Over the next 6 years we had 3 more children – 2 girls and a
                     boy. In addition to “Mommy” duties, I‟ve been home schooling the kids. I‟ve also
                     been tutoring and teaching math and science to other home schooled kids. My
                     hobbies include playing volleyball, hiking, cooking, and gardening. Two days
                     after my 20 year reunion my oldest will be starting high school!

John Moser           After high school, I graduated from Purdue University in Industrial Engineering
                     and took a job with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). After a few years with
                     Andersen Consulting, I started a company with two partners called Infinity
                     Consulting that focused on systems integration. We built the company up to 35
                     employees and subsequently sold the business to The Hackett Group (formerly
                     Answerthink) in 1998. I have been with The Hackett Group now for ten years
                     and manage their technology business units.

                     I live in Atlanta with my wife, Brittany, and our three children, Madeline (5 yrs),
                     Johnny (3 yrs) and Brynn (8 wks). We moved here four years ago after living in
                     Laguna Beach, CA, for the previous eight years.              I still enjoy surfing,
                     snowboarding and playing golf (poorly) when I‟m not working or chasing our kids
                     around (which isn‟t that often these days!).

Tim Myers            Married (Amy), three children (Mariah 14, Jacob 13, Addison 10);

Joseph O’Leary       Married with Children. Wife – Sharon; Son – Kai (born in 2000); Son – Tragar
                     (born in 2004); Purdue University – BA Kinesiology 1993. Live in Boulder,
                     Colorado. Co-owner, Mango Media Corporation – Internet Marketing, Web
                     Development, Design - email:
Paula Pearson       Find out at the reunion :)

Jon Phillips        I am married to April Phillips (Halsema) Class of 1989. We have three daughters
                    Hayley 13, Jenna 9 and Emily 6. They go to school at East Tipp and Hershey. I
                    graduated from Purdue in 1999 and IU School of Law Indianapolis in 2003. I am
                    an attorney for the Herr Law Office, LLC in Lafayette. I don't have a lot of High
                    School memories because I was always too busy studying (at least that is what I
                    tell my girls).

Susan (Pierce)
Bundy               Married with 5 children. Currently enrolled at Parkland College.

Angela (Rogers)
Lucus               I am living in Lafayette. I have two children and one husband(ha,ha). I work for
                    Arnett Health Plans, a Company of United Health Care. I am the President of
                    Unit 11 Auxiliary a branch of the American Legion Post 11 in Lafayette. I also am
                    a phone tree contact for the Family Readiness Group out of Rensselear because
                    my sister is serving in Iraq. My children are 16 and 12. I really don't have any
                    special memories from high school. I remember wanting it to be over and yet I
                    was carefree and enjoying life. So the one thing I remember is driving and
                    partying with my friends.

Paul Romanowski     Currently living in Ocean Ridge, Florida with my wife Lisa and son Alex (7). We
                    have lived in Florida for the past 15 years and I have worked in Real Estate and
                    Development since graduating from Butler University in 1992. I have been with
                    D.R. Horton, Inc. (Homebuilder/Developer) since 1999 and am currently Division
                    President of our South Florida Office. We really enjoy living in Florida and
                    consider this our home, but I am proud to have grown up in West Lafayette and
                    excited to bring my family back to show them my hometown.

Kirsten (Sherman)
Haynes              My husband Greg & I opened a business here in Lafayette. Lafayette Billiards

James Shook         Married to Jeni (Cole) Shook (class of 1989). We have one son, Ethan, who is 2
                    years old.

Mark Speer          I will be married Sept. 2 of this year. No kids, but three great stepchildren. I am a
                    pipefitter with Local 157.
Bill Spitznagle     Married to Bridgit (Mahan) Spitznagle; two children Jaden 14, Brett 11.

Stacy Terry         11 years married with 4 kids. All kids are girls with an age range of 9-21.
                    I also have a one year old granddaughter. Traveled a lot after high school until
                    finally settling back home in W. Lafayette.

Bryan Trapp         Work at Eli Lilly and Company for 17 years. Married Pam in Pittsburgh PA 11
                    years ago. Have two boys ages 5 and 3.

Tammy (Vandeveer)
Wiley               After high school, I graduated from Purdue with a degree in Organizational
                    Leadership and Supervision. I have been in the hospitality industry for more than
                    15 years and currently own a meeting and event planning company called
                    Professional Conventions and Meetings, Inc. My husband, Ryan, and I have
                    been married for 10 years and have two daughters (Ella, born 2001 and Lauren,
                    born 2003).
Pam Walters       I graduated from Ball State University with an accounting degree. I am a
                  Supervising Financial Analyst for the Indiana Department of Insurance. I am
                  married with two kids. My daughter, Rachel, is 8 years old and keeps us busy
                  with softball. I also have a son, Logan, who is 3 years old and a handful! My
                  husband, Paul is a firefighter.

Angela (Warner)
Allen             Graduated from Purdue in 1992 with a BS in Retail Management. After
                  graduating she moved to Indianapolis and worked in a management position for
                  Lazarus and Parisian. Angela met her husband Brad Allen (a MET grad) their
                  freshman year at Purdue and just celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary.
                  They have three wonderful kids - Alexis 13, Bradan 10 and Olivia 5. Alexis was
                  born with a surprising birth defect, spina bifida, that changed the direction of life
                  for us. Together, Angela and her daughter speak at fundraisers for Riley
                  Children Hospital sharing their story and encouraging others that life isn't always
                  fair, but how to live life to the fullest and enjoy the journey. Angela is blessed to
                  be a stay home mom - which includes the roles of taxi driver, maid, chef, tutor,
                  therapist, coach and personal shopper. In her spare time she enjoys landscape
                  and interior design, volunteering at church/school and learning to play the wii.
                  Angela and her family spend many weekends traveling to Bradan's soccer (our
                  next David Beckham) and Alexis' wheelchair basketball tournaments where
                  Olivia practices her talent of cheering on the clan with her energy and zeal.

John Yestrebsky   Graduated Purdue University with a degree in Anthropology/Archaeology. Police
                  Officer with the City of Lafayette for 14 years and currently a Sergeant in patrol.
                  Married Christina Erwin (HHS class of 1991) and we have one child (Andrik
                  Logan Yestrebsky) who is 21 months old. I am still best buds with HHS class of
                  1988-Mike Brown and Jason Huber (also police officers). I play the bagpipes.
                  My favorite memory is how our class had "fun" and "spirit" compared to what I
                  observe in schools today.

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