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Collect Requirements:

      Charter (see email)
      Stakeholder register: Who is our end user?
       Professor Edwards is our Sponsor
       Construction industry is our customer (Project managers, On site managers, employees)

We have to also ensure that we accurately represent PMBOK and maintain document’s integrity
 3 things from this step:
1. Requirements documentation
2. Requirements management plan
3. Requirements traceability matrix

Define Scope:

Inputs: Charter, Requirements documentation, Organizational process assets
The purpose of the Excel project is to create a web based quick reference guide to the PMBOK
Guide (4th Edition). It will be viewable on internet capable devices so that it can be readily
accessible in the field. For the purpose of the project the focus, it will be geared to the
construction industry and must be easily navigated. However, the terminology must be concise,
in accordance with PMBOK terminology, and universally applicable for cross industry
communication. There will be an embedded glossary in the design. In order to enable quick
access from hand held devices and keep data usage at a minimum, there will be limited images
and file size. The application will only be available in English for the purpose of this project.
This project will produce a plan in document form; the project itself (the internet program) and a
visual presentation.
This product will be a reference guide only, it is not intended to encompass the guide in it’s

Detailed description of project and product:
Assumptions: Internet access via smart phone or computer access on site, all users have smart

Constraints: Not all users may have smart phones, or be able to work a computer. Need to keep
language simple to not confuse users, but explicit enough to get point across

Risks: Not all users have smart phones, internet access or read English
Major deliverables:

Project Scope Statement
Project document updates

Work Breakdown Schedule:
Inputs: Project Scope statement, Requirements documentation, Organizational process assets
What we need: a breakdown of the project deliverables (Can we facilitate this through email
guys? I am trying to break it down in the body of my email as I go)
   1. Feasibility study on basis of display
   2. Get internet based platform to display content on (wordpress CMS)
   3. Get wordpress templates for display on smart phones / other devices
   4. Create content for display
   5. Validate content / functionality with stakeholders
   6. Tune content based on testing
   7. Stakeholder sign off on completion of product
   8. Release product to Operations
   9. Operations to monitor and adjust content as PMI alters content

WBS Dictionary
  1. Wordpress – a web based platform for a Content Management System
  2. Wordpress templates – a set of files that describe how the Wordpress system looks to the
     end user
  3. Smart Phone – a series of phones that have full internet access (web browsing)
     capabilities among its suite of tools on the device. Apples iPhone and Android Phones are
     examples of this.

Scope Baseline
Project document updates

Verifying Scope
Formalized acceptance of our Scope by professor Edwards?

Controlling Scope

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