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Volume 36 Issue 4 (bi-monthly)         March/April 2010                  Adar/Nisan/Iyar 5770

                                  TU B’SheVaT 2010
                        Planting the seeds for generations to come...

                                                Religious School

          Families...                                                  ...and Friends
        Temple Beth El - Board of Trustees                                           COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                     Beth El Cares
Eileen H. Rosner, President                            324-4096
Gary P. Lessen, Immediate Past President               322-7617
                                                                        Liz Finkelstein                                          327-2187
Peter K. Kempner, First-Vice President                 968-8079         B’nai Mitzvah Committee
Jared Finkelstein, Vice President                      327-2187         Terry Hazen                                              329-2202
Scott Krowitz, Vice President                          348-8680         Rona Katz                                                329-0666
Harold Schwartz, Vice President                        968-0460
Seymour Weinstein, Vice President                      353-8873         Board of Education
Allan Lang, Treasurer                                  327-6418         Carl Weinberg                                            322-8675
Denise Greenman, Secretary                             329-8594
TRUSTEES                                                                Elissa Garber-Hyman                                      316-8228
David Arditti                                         968-2798
Melvin Bloomenthal                                    322-2398          Facilities
Gordon Brown*                                         325-8911          Sylvan Pomerantz                                         968-0605
Susan Clarke                                          968-2754          Finance
Claudia Lubin Esposito                                329-8585
                                                                        Allan Lang                                               327-6418
Rosalea Fisher*                                       323-1449
Gerry Ginsburg                                        322-1324          Fund Raising
Cheryl Bader-Goldblum                                 329-1911          Scott Krowitz                                            348-8680
Fred Golove*                                          323-0295          Peter K. Kempner                                         968-8079
Ron Gross*                                            325-3114
Terry Hazen                                           329-2202          High Holidays
Elissa Garber-Hyman                                   316-8228          Seymour Weinstein                                        353-8873
Martin Israel*                                        325-8511
                                                                        Beth El Remembers
Alan Jaffe                                            357-0377
Herbert Kahan*                                        322-3249          Fred Golove                                              322-0295
Alan Kalter*                                          322-8220          Human Resources
Eric Kaplan                                           323-2383          Scott Krowitz                                            348-8680
Doug Karp*                                            972-0910          Robert Lesser                                            321-8364
Rona Katz                                             329-0666
Carol Krim                                            968-1075          Membership Committee
Mark Lapine*                                          329-9879          Terry Hazen                                              329-2202
Susan Leiterstein                                     322-5012          Rona Katz                                                329-0666
Milton Mann*                                          322-6161
Neil Perlman*                                     203-354-8663          Project Ezra
Sylvan Pomerantz                                      968-0605          Joy Katz                                                 329-3359
Brian Rogol*                                          329-8276          Ritual Committee
Meira Rosenberg                                       968-0260
                                                                        Gerry Ginsburg                                          322-1324
Eli Savransky                                         329-2990
Norman Stone                                          866-2273          Susan Schneiderman Eitelberg                        203-333-3331
Mia Weinstein                                         595-0528          Synaplex
HONORARY TRUSTEES                                                       Roni Lang                                                327-6418
Harry Bennett, z”l                                                      Renee Migdal                                             329-1523
Frank Rosner, z”l                                                       Youth Programming
SISTERHOOD                                                              Walter Morgenthaler                                      968-8581
Wendy Durica, President                           914-764-8246
MEN’S CLUB                                                                                   WHERE TO FIND IT
Michael Arons                                          323-8436         Joshua Hammerman, Rabbi ......................... Page 3
*past president                                                         Steven Lander, Executive Director .............. Page 3
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       Monday — Thursday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.                         Service Schedule - January/February ...Page 4 & 5
             Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.                              Al Treidel, Director of Jewish Life Education ... Page 5
     Phone: (203) 322-6901 Fax: (203) 322-0532
                                                                        Ariela Pelaia, Director of Programming ....... Page 6
Joshua Hammerman, Rabbi (rabbi@tbe.org)                  ext. 307
Sidney G. Rabinowitz, Hazzan Emeritus                                   B’nai Mitzvah ............................................... Page 7
(hazzan@tbe.org)                                         ext. 309       Men’s Club ................................................... Page 8
Steven Lander, Executive Director (execdir@tbe.org) ext. 304
                                                                        Sisterhood .................................................. Page 10
Al Treidel, Director of Jewish Life Education
(eddir@tbe.org)                                          ext. 305
Ariela Pelaia, Programming Director (programdir@tbe.org) ext. 311
Diana Farberov, Education Office (education@tbe.org) ext. 306
                                                                        The mission of Temple Beth El is to fulfill the Jewish
Linda Rezak, Bookkeeper (bookkeeper@tbe.org)             ext. 302       religious, educational, social and service needs of members
Mindy Rogoff, Temple Secretary (office@tbe.org)          ext. 301       of the Greater Stamford Jewish community who identify
Ellen Gottfried, Secretary (TempleSec@tbe.org)           ext. 308       with Conservative Judaism, and to take its place in the area
Alberto Eyzaguirre, Facilities Manager (maint@tbe.org) ext. 314         as a caring, religious congregation that supports the social
Sisterhood Gift Shop (giftshop@tbe.org)                  ext. 310       service needs of the community.
             ON ONE FOOT                                                  FROM THE DESK OF
     Just after Passover, Mara and I will be                               STEVEN LANDER
traveling to Poland and Israel along with                                EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
16 teens from Stamford‟s Kulanu Hebrew                                   TBE is the Place to BE!
High School program, and up to 10,000                                    Last month we received the
high school students from around the                                proud distinction of being selected as having one of the
world. We‟ll be traveling with a group of about 75                  top five synagogue websites in a vote taken by
representing Southern New England, among them our                   synagogue executives across the country! Yasher Koach
Director of Jewish Life Education, Al Treidel. I‟ve never           to Ariela Pelaia and Andy Lehrfeld for creating and
been to Poland before and am approaching this journey               maintaining such a magnificent and informative website.
with a mixture of fear and anticipation.                            Just take a look at our website and you will see all the
     Why fear? Because the footsteps that we‟ll be                  wonderful programs TBE has to offer for every age
retracing on the Yom Hashoah, April 12, the terrifying              group. That‟s why we say TBE is the place to be!
                                                                         March kicks-off, after a busy Purim weekend, by
death march from Auschwitz to Birkenau on Hashoah, are
                                                                    joining together with thousands of other Jews across
perhaps the most bloodstained three kilometers on
                                                                    America with our Shabbat Across America dinner.
earth. How many Abels will I hear crying out from the               Hazzan Rabinowitz will lead Kabbalat Shabbat at 6:30
earth beneath me?            The Yom Hashoah event will             p.m. and Rabbi Hammerman will lead a Learner‟s Service
conclude with a memorial service at one of the gas                  for Young Professionals. We will then gather for a
chambers         in Birkenau, followed by the singing of            delicious, traditional Shabbat dinner catered by Chap-a-
Hatikvah.                                                           Nosh in Brooklyn.
     With all the sadness, there will also be celebration. It            On Shabbat, March 6, the congregation is invited to
is called the March of the LIVING, and what better sign of          join us as we dedicate the lobby in memory of Bruce
life can there be than to have thousands of teenagers               Feinberg, z‟l. The actual dedication will take place
singing, clapping, flirting, laughing, and doing all the            immediately following the morning service. Although
things that teens do. I‟m sure we‟ll see all of that, in            Bruce‟s physical presence will be poignantly missed, this
Poland and of course in Israel, in between the silence and          day will symbolize how his love and commitment to his
the tears.                                                          family, his friends and to his community lives on. Special
     During our week in Poland, we‟ll be touring other              thanks to the hundreds of Bruce‟s friends and family who
infamous landmarks, including Treblinka, Sobibor, Oscar             contributed to this effort. Although the renovations will
Schindler‟s factory in Crakow and the site of the Warsaw            not be completed until this summer, it is most
Ghetto Uprising. We‟ll also look back at the thousand               appropriate that this dedication be held the same
years of Jewish life that preceded the Holocaust in                 morning as the Auf Ruf for Bruce and Karen‟s son Matt
                                                                    and his fiancée Nikki.
Poland, centuries filled with great accomplishments,
                                                                         The weekend continues with a breakfast sponsored
legendary figures and magical places. I‟m especially
                                                                    by the Men‟s Club (everyone invited) on Sunday, March 7
looking forward to the one night our group will be staying          at 9:00 a.m. The guest speaker will be Mark Silverberg,
at hotel in, of all places, Chelm. Like so many of you, I           internationally recognized author, scholar and lecturer on
grew up loving the tales of the Wise Men of Chelm, those            the Middle East and Islam. His topic will be “To Seek a
mythical bumbling schlemiels who always took Talmudic               Newer World: Lessons for the Obama Administration.”
logic to its illogical extreme – and beyond.                             A Passover Wine and Food Tasting and Israeli
     From Poland, we‟ll be flying to Israel to celebrate            Boutique will follow from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Israel‟s 62nd Independence Day on April 20. If all goes             BevMax will have a fine selection of wines to taste and
well, in other words, if the Wise Men of Chelm have                 order. Abel Caterers will have Passover food samples
discovered Wi-Fi, I‟ll be Blogging and Tweeting away                and will take orders for delivery to TBE for pick-up the
while over there, and sending you some letters and                  day before Passover. Also, there will be a special Israeli
photos from the road.                                               Trunk Show with tablecloths and kippot as well as a large
     I am very grateful to Patty Goldstick, Betsy Stone and         selction of Passover items from our Sisterhood Gift Shop.
Kulanu for putting together such a successful March of                   On Monday, March 8 at 7:00 p.m., TBE will proudly
the Living program here in Stamford, and especially to Dr.          host the “Am Echad, We Are One” benefit concert for
Harry Romanowitz and the Holocaust Memorial                         Haiti featuring over 12 different acts and all of our area
Committee of Stamford, for nominating me to participate             choirs and religious schools. Tickets are available at
in this trip as a regional rabbi - and for the financial            www.whatsupband.net.
                                                                         Have you attended a “Listen, Learn and Latte”
assistance that committee is making available to all the
                                                                    program yet? The next one will be Tuesday, March 9, at
local participants.
                                                                    7:30 p.m. at Borders Books on High Ridge Road. This
     Here is the list of the teens with TBE ties who will be
                                                                    monthly program is sponsored by the Interfaith Council
joining us on this memorable trip : Chelsea Eisenberg,              of Southwestern CT and features Rabbi Hammerman
Dan Hammerman, Jessie Hirtenstein, Melanie Katz,                    along with other area clergy.
Michelle Goldstein, Mollie Steinmetz, Ross Neugeboren,                   March-ing forward...March 19 - 20 is our Synaplex
                                   Continued on page 17...                                           Continued on page 17...
                                                                                 SHABBAT SERVICES
      The manner in which a person prays
can be a clue to his or her philosophy of                                            MARCH 2010
life. The Talmud, therefore, encourages
certain types of prayer and discourages                                            Friday, March 5
other types. Some prayers give meaning                                      Shabbat Across America 6:00 p.m.
to life while other prayers can be harmful.                                   Shabbat Unplugged 7:30 p.m.
      So, what are the harmful kinds of prayers? The
Talmud says: “To cry over the past is to utter a vain                             Shabbat, March 6
prayer.”      The Mishnah illustrates: “If your wife is                        Shabbat Services 9:30 a.m.
pregnant you should not pray, „May it be a boy!‟ because                    Dedication of Lobby in memory of
the gender of the child has already been determined.”                               Bruce Feinberg, z‟l
                                                                              Jr. Congregation 10:30 a.m.
      Many of us cry over the past. We say, “If only I had
                                                                                 Tot Shabbat 10:45 a.m.
been a better parent, my children would have turned out
                                                                            Mincha/Ma‟ariv Service 5:15 p.m.
so differently.”
                                                                           CORRIE MINKOFF, BAT MITZVAH
      So many of us walk around feeling pangs of guilt.
But the Talmud says: “To cry over the past is to utter a                           Friday, March 12
vain prayer.” It is wasted energy and wasted emotions.                         Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 p.m.
The past is gone, it cannot be changed. For us, the
question should be what are we doing with our life                               Shabbat, March 13
today? What are we doing to make it a better future?                           Shabbat Services 9:30 a.m.
Are we working diligently to better the relationships with                     Jr. Congregation 10:30 a.m.
the people around us? At home? In the workplace? In                               Tot Shabbat 10:45 a.m.
our house of worship?
      There was a lead article in the Washington Post                              Friday, March 19
dealing with Donald Gates, a man found guilty of slaying              Grade 3 & 4 Shabbat Dinner & Shul-In 5:30 p.m.
a Georgetown student in 1981. He has spent these 28                            Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 p.m.
years in prison and only recently was exonerated of all
charges through DNA testing. Upon being freed, he                                Shabbat, March 20
made the following statement, “I‟m not into WHY me?                            Shabbat Services 9:30 a.m.
I‟m into my future. Being bitter isn‟t going to change                    Synaplex Shabbat - Dedication of Ramp
what happened.” He may or may not have studied                                In memory of David Jaffe, z‟l
Talmud or Mishnah, but he did get the message that they                            Grades 3 & 4 Shul-In
teach.                                                                           Tot Shabbat 10:45 a.m.
      This is my first Bulletin article for the year 2010. Like
most, I make my New Year resolutions - actually twice in                           Friday, March 26
the yearly cycle - some I keep, others seem to vanish                         Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 p.m.
quickly. I do believe in the power of positive thinking,                 JESSICA SCHWARTZ, BAT MITZVAH
whether it be in general conversation or in prayer. As I                      Jr. Congregation 10:30 a.m.
get older (not old - just older), I concentrate on two                           Tot Shabbat 10:45 a.m.
words found in our Torah: Uvacharta chayim - choose
life! That‟s an example of positive thinking.                                     Monday, March 29
      As good or as bad as the year 2009 may have been,                             EREV PASSOVER
                                                                                       First Seder
make 2010 a better year. Think of “choosing life” in all
its ramifications at home, in the workplace and yes, even
                                                                                 Tuesday, March 30
in Temple. It only takes positive thinking and acting
                                                                                 Passover - First Day
upon it.
                                                                               Passover Services 9:30 a.m.
      By the time you read this message a sixth of the year                     Tot Passover 10:45 a.m.
will already have passed. It still isn‟t too late for me to
          wish you a Shanah Tova, a good year. Are you                          Wednesday, March 31
          already making it a better year?                                      Passover - Second Day
                                                                               Passover Services 9:30 a.m.
                          Hazzan Sidney G. Rabinowitz                           Tot Passover 10:45 a.m.

                                                AL TREIDEL
           APRIL 2010                                L’dor Vador

         Friday, April 2                      On May 5, 1943, Alfred and
                                         Mathilde Treidel, and at least 17 of
     Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 p.m.
                                         their relatives with the same last name, were deported
                                         from their home town of Mayen, Germany on a journey
        Shabbat, April 3
                                         of no return. The destinations listed included: Maidanek,
    Shabbat Services 9:30 a.m.
                                         Sachenhausen, Auschwitz, Lodz, Theresienstat or just
    Jr. Congregation 10:30 a.m.
                                         simply “Osten” (east). Their youngest son Otto, z‟l, was
       Tot Shabbat 10:45 a.m.
                                         previously murdered in a forced labor camp. Alfred and
                                         Mathilde Treidel, z‟l, were my grandparents and their
         Sunday, April 4                 destination, “Osten,” was probably Maidonek. However,
     Erev Passover - Last Days           there was no record of their arrival at any of the camps.
                                         Their Uncle Hermann Treidel, z‟l, was the last President
        Monday, April 5                  of the Jewish Community of Mayen and took his own life
     Passover - Day Seven                rather than participate in that horrible journey.
    Passover Services 9:30 a.m.               My father, Eric Treidel, z‟l, and his older brother,
     Tot Passover 10:45 a.m.             Walter, were the only family survivors.           My father
                                         ultimately returned to fight in the Second World War and
        Tuesday, April 6                 was involved in the liberation of Nordhausen
      Passover - Day Eight               Concentration Camp in Germany. He took a multitude of
    Passover Services 9:30 a.m.          photographs of the horrors of what he had discovered
              Yizkor                     and wrote cryptic commentary on the back of each photo
     Tot Passover 10:45 a.m.             and then buried that evidence of the Holocaust in an
                                         envelope in the back of a dresser drawer not to emerge
         Friday, April 9                 again for a full 50 years. Those photos are now on
     Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 p.m.          display in the Queens College Holocaust Museum. He
                                         never spoke one word about what he had experienced at
       Shabbat, April 10                 Nordhausen during the remainder of his life. Growing
     Shabbat Services 9:30 a.m.          up, I had heard bits and pieces of what had occurred
      Tot Shabbat 10:45 a.m.             during the Shoah but for the most part, his generation
  Mincha/Ma‟ariv Service 6:45 p.m.       refrained until quite recently from speaking in any real
DANIELLE LEFFAND, BAT MITZVAH            detail of what they had endured.
                                              Somehow, there was never closure for me as to how
         Friday, April 16                and why I was deprived of ever meeting my
     Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 p.m.          grandparents and so many other wonderful people who
                                         were often spoken of so fondly over the years. We never
       Shabbat, April 17                 found out what had actually happened to them. No one
     Shabbat Services 9:30 a.m.          had ever returned. Ultimately, my father revealed much
      Tot Shabbat 10:45 a.m.             of his story while being taped by the Spielberg
                                         Foundation. Ironically, during the final 10 years of his
         Friday, April 23                life, he eloquently addressed middle school, high school
     Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 p.m.          and college groups sharing his experiences with the
                                         exception of Nordhausen. When asked by the Spielberg
       Shabbat, April 24                 interviewer what he was thinking when he entered
                                         Nordhausen, he simply answered in a painful tone: “I
     Shabbat Services 9:30 a.m.
                                         was thinking about my parents.” That‟s all that he would
      Tot Shabbat 10:45 a.m.
                                         ever reveal.
                                              For much of my life, I have read and researched the
         Friday, April 30
                                         Holocaust. I taught and wrote about it until I just could
     Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 p.m.
                                         not bring myself to teach or talk about it any longer. It
                                         was as if I had become a survivor and like so many of
                                         them, it was just too painful to speak about such things.
                                              So, with the exception of the U.S. History classes
                                                                           Continued on page 17…

       ARIELA PELAIA                                         TBE TEENS TO TRAVEL TO PHILADELPHIA
   PROGRAMMING DIRECTOR                                          OVER MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND
      Ariela is currently away                                  For the second year in a row, Temple Beth El
                                                           teens are planning an inter-congregational trip to
        on maternity leave.                                a synagogue outside of the Connecticut area.
 Here are some photos from the Brit                        This year, from Friday, May 28 - Monday, May 31,
Milah of Ariela‟s and Peter‟s son, Asher Evan, held        TBE teens will share a special Shabbat weekend
      at TBE on Tuesday, January 26, 2010.                 with their counterparts in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania and
                                                           will have the opportunity to meet a number of other
                                                           Jewish teenagers from eastern Pennsylvania and
                                                           Southern New Jersey.
                                                                The students will depart from Beth El by coach bus
                                                           early Friday morning and will spend much of the day
                                                           touring special sights in the Philadelphia area. Late in
                                                           the afternoon, they will arrive at their destination in
                                                           Elkins Park where they will leave for their host families‟
                                                           homes.      At Elkins Park, they will share a special
                                                           Shabbaton weekend with other teens from the Elkins
                                                           Park area including a Saturday night social program. On
                                                           Sunday, they will travel with their hosts to Ocean City,
                                                           New Jersey to enjoy a day together on the Boardwalk.
                                                           That night, they will attend the annual Regional Seaside
           Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov!                           Dance only 20 minutes from Ocean City. There they will
               Special Occasion?                                    mix with Jewish teenagers from Southern New
                                                                    Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.            Monday
 Sponsor The Shabbat E-nnouncements                                 morning surprises are still in the planning stages
            (sent every week via e-mail)                            before our TBE teens return to Stamford.
                                                                            This trip will once again be led by Al
       The Shabbat Announcements                           Treidel, our Director of Jewish Life Education. He is
     (distributed each Shabbat at the Temple)              working very closely with his counterpart in Elkins Park to
                                                           ensure a memorable weekend for everyone. Last year,
         and the Shabbat-O-Gram                            our teens traveled to Toronto, Canada where they toured
          (e-mailed every Thursday night)                  on Friday morning and afternoon, enjoyed a Shabbaton
          All three publications for $72                   with their Canadian hosts, and participated in a Walk for
                                                           Israel (with 10,000 Canadians) followed by a trip to
    All sponsors will be acknowledged at the               Niagara Falls. This trip was the center of animated teen
   beginning of each of these announcements                conversation for many weeks after they returned.
   and also listed in our bi-monthly Bulletin.                  Costs are being contained to ensure a great
                                                           experience at a reasonable price for all of our
   Call Mindy in the office at 322-6901 ext. 301.
                                                           teens. Last year, this trip proved to be a special
                                                           bonding experience among our students as well
      LEARN, LISTEN & LATTE                                as with their Canadian Jewish counterparts.
Stamford’s long-running, monthly interfaith,               According to Al Treidel: “We expect nothing less
                                                           from this trip. Not only will our teens bond with one
         free-flowing “tri-alogue”
                                                           another but we anticipate that new friendships will
          Christianity, Islam and Judaism                  emerge with other youth living only a few hours away.
                 Featuring                                 We know that this Memorial Day Weekend will be even
Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, Rev. Ann Schmidt and               more exciting than our Canadian experience.” It is
               Dr. Behjat Syed                             expected that TBE will host a similar exchange weekend
                                                           here with our newly acquired friends from the Elkins Park
   At Borders Bookstore on High Ridge Road, Stamford       area sometime next year.
                 Join the conversation!                         All Beth El teens are invited and encouraged to join
   This year’s topic: “Ethics, Faith and Society”          us for this unique and exciting experience. For more
         Next sessions: Tuesday, March 9th                 information about our Memorial Day Weekend Exchange
          Tuesday, April 13th at 7:30 p.m.                 Trip, contact: Al Treidel, Director of Jewish Life Education
                                                           at: (203)322-6901 ext. 305 or email: eddir@tbe.org.
    Meets on the second Tuesday of the month
               from October - May
                     B’NAI MITZVAH                                                   MITZVAH PROJECTS

March 6 (evening)
Daughter of Robin & Bruce
Sister of Ronnie
Attends Cloonan Middle School
Mitzvah Project: Haitian Earthquake
Relief                                                                       SYDNEY KATZ - Help the people in Haiti
                                                                            Click here for Sydney's fund raising page:
March 27 (morning)
Daughter of Joy & Barry
Sister of Matthew
Attends Bi-Cultural Day School
Mitzvah Project: Relay for Life

                                                                             JENNA PLOTZKY - Candles for a Cause
                                                                                   To benefit Kids In Crisis
April 10 (evening)
                                                                                       Please visit our website at
Daughter of Maureen &                                                                           projects/
Attends Turn of River Middle School                                           for full descriptions of these outstanding
Mitzvah Project: Healing Hearts Pediatric                                                  Mitzvah Projects.
Therapy Center

                                                                                ATTENTION TBE ADULTS AND TEENS
   You are cordially invited to attend...                                       INTERESTED IN READING TORAH OR
   Any Bar or Bat Mitzvah, aufruf, yahrtzeit, baby naming,                         LEADING SHABBAT SERVICES!
   birthday, anniversary or other family milestone celebrated in
   our sanctuary at any scheduled service!                             We would love to include you! If you would like to
                                                                       lead Musaf, Torah service or Shacharit on a
   Our services are celebrations for the entire                        Shabbat morning, contact Gerry Ginsburg, Ritual
   community. Each milestone of yours is one we all have a             Co-Chair, at gerry@ginsburgglobal.com.
   stake in. Each joy is one we all share, each sorrow is one we
   all want to allay.                                                  If you would like to hone your Torah reading skills
                                                                       and read Torah, contact Susan Schneiderman
   If you have a special milestone approaching, let us know so         Eitelberg, Ritual Co-Chair at
   you can share it with your Beth El family. If you simply            sschneiderman@optonline.net.
   want to be part of a congregation that laughs, cries and
   shares life together, join us any week - join us every week!        If you would like to prepare and deliver a D'var
                                                                       Torah, contact Rabbi Hammerman at
               NO INVITATION REQUIRED                                  rabbi@tbe.org.

                                                                       Dates are available from now through June.

              with Rabbi Joshua Hammerman
Using the power of the Internet to bring world-class                                   SAVE THE DATE!!!
scholarship to our doorstep, this new Adult Education venture
gives people the chance to learn on their own and then come                     BIMAH TO BROADWAY
together to talk about it.                                                           A special concert featuring
Visit our website for full details:                                                 Cantor Deborah Jacobson!
http://www.tbe.org/2009/10/15/tbe-to-go-online-class-from-                      TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 8, 2010

                             SYNAPLEX                                                  MEN’S CLUB
                    March 19-20, 2010
                                                                                   MARK SILVERBERG
              Jews and Food Around the World
                                                                                SUNDAY, MARCH 7, 2010
                       Dr. David Kraemer
                      Scholar-in-Residence                                               9:00 a.m.
                                                                            Topic: To Seek a Newer World:
     We are honored to welcome Dr. David Kraemer,
                                                                         Lessons for the Obama Administration
author and professor of Talmud and Rabbinics at the
Jewish Theological Seminary, as Scholar-in-Residence.             Mark Silverberg is the Executive Director of the Jewish
Our community will join American Jews around the                  Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania and
country in observing Global Hunger Shabbat in                     internationally recognized author, scholar and lecturer on
cooperation with American Jewish World Service, delving           the Middle East and Islam.
into the fascinating topic of the global Jewish community.             Breakfast will be served. There is no charge.
How has modern technology changed the way Jews                         Open to the community - for men and women.
around the world connect with each other? What role do
food and music play in bringing people together?
     As part of this Shabbat, we are asking that                        MEN’S CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS FOR 2010
participants please bring non-perishable food items which
will be donated to the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield                    The Men‟s Club is pleased to announce that it is
County.                                                           accepting applications for its Annual Scholarship Grants.
     Dr. David Kraemer will explore the ways in which the              These grants are available to members of the
Jewish community has changed over the centuries,                  Stamford and Fairfield County area high school
beginning on Friday evening with a talk entitled                  graduating classes, who are of the Jewish faith and who
“Forbidden Fruit: Foods, Jews and Taboos.” Services               will pursue accredited programs of higher education in
begin at 7:30 p.m.                                                the forthcoming academic year.
     On Saturday morning, Dr. Kraemer will continue with               Two separate awards are available:
an exploration of a Jewish community that thrived in                EDWARD J. KAPLIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP
Egypt under Muslim rule during the High Middle Ages                   EVE K. KAPLIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP
entitled “Eat Like an Egyptian: A Different, but Very
                                                                       The EDWARD J. KAPLIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is
Typical Jewish Community.” Services begin at 9:30 a.m.
                                                                  a grant by the Temple Beth El Men‟s Club, given in equal
     Dr. Kraemer‟s final talk on Saturday afternoon will
                                                                  parts over a four-year period. The award is made based
demonstrate how the many Jewish communities around
                                                                  on an overall assessment of the following criteria:
the world have effectively become one: “Brave New
                                                                  Academic achievement, financial need, character, and
Olam: Kashrut and the Local Global Jewish Community.”
     Special children‟s programs will run throughout the
                                                                       The EVE K. KAPLIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is a
morning including the popular Tot Shabbat, Jr.
                                                                  one-year grant by the Temple Beth El Men‟s Club. The
Congregation services, a Shul-In for third and fourth
                                                                  award is made to an applicant who has demonstrated
grade students, and all of our youth will be part of an
                                                                  talent in the fine or performing arts and whose career
African Drum Unity Workshop.
                                                                  objective is to develop their talent. The award is based
     On Saturday a free breakfast and lunch, featuring
                                                                  on an overall assessment of the following criteria:
foods from around the world, will be served and
                                                                  Demonstrated talent, academic achievement, financial
everyone is welcome. The Synaplex program will feature
                                                                  need, character, and citizenship.
a full agenda of activities including Neshama Yoga, a
                                                                       Applications are available at the Temple Beth El
choice of a learning service entitled “Reflections on World
                                                                  office and through the Stamford and Fairfield County
Hunger Shabbat,” a meditative service with Rabbinic
                                                                  area high school guidance offices. Applications must be
Pastor David Daniel Klipper, traditional services, youth
                                                                  submitted to guidance counselors by April 1, 2010, and
programs and more for members and friends.
                                                                  to the Scholarship Committee by April 15, 2010. Awards
     Temple Beth El invites the community to explore
                                                                  will be granted in June.
diverse, engaging prayer and learning in a celebratory
Shabbat community…and see what everyone‟s raving
     Synaplex activities are free of charge and open to the
general public.                                                                   Passover 2010
     For a complete schedule go to the TBE website at                       Look for the newly revised edition of
www.tbe.org or call the TBE office at 203-322-6901.                                 the Passover Guide
                                                                              on our website at www.tbe.org.

                                                                                               BETH EL CARES
                                                                           2009 CHRISTMAS EVE DINNER AT PACIFIC HOUSE
                                                                                As always, our Christmas Eve dinner at Pacific House
                                                                           men‟s homeless shelter was a huge success. Almost 100
                                                                           residents were served a delicious meal in an atmosphere
                                                                           of warmth and caring. Every year it takes wonderful
       Temple Beth El Family Israel Adventure                              people to make this happen. Apologies in advance if I
                       July 4 - 16, 2010                                   inadvertently leave someone out.
                                                                                A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR FRIENDS IN THE
       Led by Rabbi Joshua & Mara Hammerman                                COMMUNITY who provided food and flowers with giving
Why Visit Israel? Here are Ten Top Reasons:                                hearts. Rosemary Licari, Jimmy Kitsios and their staff at
                                                                           Court Square Café prepared and donated huge quantities
1) Visiting Israel takes you higher. It heightens your senses.
It heightens your awareness. It heightens your faith. And it               of turkey, gravy, stuffing, vegetables, cranberry sauce
heightens your sense of identification with a land, thousands of           and mashed potatoes. Without them, this dinner would
miles away, a land that is so very dear to us all. Experience              NOT have been possible! DiMare Pastry Shop provided
Jerusalem, visit Tel Aviv, float in the Dead Sea, tour the Negev,          many of the delicious and beautiful desserts, and Tom
visit Safed, the highest town in Israel, one of the four holy cities       Doyle and his staff at Springdale Florist literally filled our
of Judaism. Drive into the Galilee hills and ascend up to the
                                                                           van with beautiful centerpieces and poinsettias!
                                                                                A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Sylvan Pomerantz
2) Meet the Family. Israel is filled with unforgettable places,            for transporting items from TBE and Court Square Café to
but ultimately what will make this trip so special will be the
people that we’ll meet – the ones in the country and the ones in           Pacific House. This was the most arduous chore, done
the group. I can think of no group with whom I would rather                without a hitch and with a smile!
share these precious days than all of you.                                      THANK YOU TO OUR SERVERS: Debra Adler-Klein,
3) Feeling the serenity of Shabbat in Jerusalem.                           Rachel and Samantha Klein, Cathy Bernstein, Bud
                                                                           Freund, Hannah & Charlotte Freund, the Finkelstein
4) To get back to our “roots,” smell the air and feel the dirt of          family, Joy, Larry, Hannah, Rachel and Aaron Katz,
our ancestors. You can feel the history come up through the                Stacye, Stuart, Jason and Hannah Nekritz, Susan, David,
soles of your feet.                                                        Jennifer and Michael Rich, and Jill, Mark, Simone, Mara
5) Seeing the accomplishments of the Israelis. The desert has              and Sam Teich! A special thank you to Rabbi and Mara
become alive with bustling cities, and a thriving economy.                 Hammerman and Steven Lander for all they did to make
Visiting Israel now becomes an important statement of support              the evening so special.
for Israel, and a denial of the philosophy that “fear” will make                THANKS TO ALL OUR TBE FOOD AND SUPPLY
the Israelis leave.                                                        DONORS: The Adler-Klein family, the Bernstein/Freund
6) Everything is better in Israel. Personal relationships are              Family, David Friedman, Rosalea Fisher, Olga Goldstein,
very real and very caring, the air smells better, the food tastes          the Juris-Groz family, the Katz Family, Carol Krim,
better, the sky is clearer, the birds are happier.                         Eleanor Mirne, the Nekritz family, Julie Rakowitz, the Rich
                                                                           family, Meira Rosenberg, Eileen H. Rosner, Susan
7) The Bible just comes alive.
                                                                           Sabreen, Pegah Schiffman, Beth Silver and the Teich
8) To see that Jewish people come in all colors, shapes and sizes          Family.
and can hold all kinds of jobs...from doctors and lawyers, to
police and street cleaners.                                                   THERE ARE MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO HELP!!!
                                                                                Join us in serving dinner at Pacific House on
9) To feel connected in the present to past and future at the same         Thursday, March 11 from 5:45 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                We are in the process of expanding our services to
10) The scenery is unparalleled when standing at the Dead Sea              provide dinners throughout the year at Pacific House and
(lowest point on earth) and then directly above it at the top of           also lunches (the first Monday of every month) at New
Masada. The unplanned tears that come down your face as you
                                                                           Covenant House.          Please contact Liz Finkelstein
experience the pain of what was lost, but yet the hope of what
will come promised through the prophets long ago. It is so                 (elizfinkelstein@optonline.net or 203-327-2187) if you
awesome beyond words, that when you depart, you cannot say                 want to help serve or donate food for dinner at Pacific
goodbye, only that you will be back. There is an unseen force              House.          Please      contact      Norman       Stone
that draws you in and assures you that you will be back again,             (stonenorman15@yahoo.com) if you would like to help
it’s where you belong, it’s home.                                          serve lunch at New Covenant House.                 Also, the
               AND ONE FINAL REASON…                                       PASSOVER FOOD DRIVE is coming up soon, so keep an
11) Because WE’RE GOING! Our group is growing and                          eye out for the food bags and updates! If you want to
waiting for YOU! See the full itinerary for next summer’s TBE              help sort or deliver food, contact Liz Finkelstein.
Israel Adventure at http://www.tbe.org/site/sog/TBE-Israel-
Adventure-2010-Itinerary.pdf.                                                                                          Liz Finkelstein
Get your reservations in NOW! Check our website for further
information, or contact Rabbi Hammerman.
         Helen Golin Judaica Gift Shop                                          SISTERHOOD SPEAKS
                                                                    We hope you can join us for one or all of these
    Regular Hours: Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.         upcoming events:
         and Tuesdays from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
                                                                Passover Wine Tasting & Food Sale w/TBE Men’s Club
                                                                Sunday, March 7 - 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
                                                                Passover Merchandise by the Sisterhood Gift Shop
                                                                Israeli Trunk Show
                                                                RSVP to Fran Ginburg 203-322-1324/ginsstamf@aol.com
                                                                Mah Jongg!
Visit us for all your Passover needs, including…                Thursday, March 11 and April 8 - 7:30 p.m.
        Seder plates and matzah holders                        Parenting Discussion with Judith Goldblatt,
        Matzah covers                                          Speech Pathologist
                                                                Sunday, March 14 - 9:30 a.m.
        Elijah and Miriam’s cups
                                                                Discussion of language-based learning disabilities
        Haggadahs                                              RSVP Dora Salm 203-461-8596/d_salm@yahoo.com
        Dishes for charoset, horseradish and salt water        Intergenerational Community Women’s Passover
        Hostess gifts in a variety of price ranges             Celebration co-sponsored by TBE Sisterhood
        Toys, games and other afikomen gifts                   Thursday, March 18 - 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the JCC
                                                                An inspiring evening with guest, Leslie Gilbert-Lurie,
                 For appointments, please call                  author of Bending Toward the Sun, a mother-daughter
                Nancy Mayer at 203 561-6157                     Holocaust memoir. Books for sale and signing. Glatt
              or Jennifer Meth at 203 637-7676                  kosher meal served.
                                                                $36 per adult - - - $18 children grades 6-12
             IS YOUR BAR/BAT MITZVAH                            Keep an eye out for news of our Spring Event!
                 SIX MONTHS AWAY?                                                                            Wendy Durica
     Visit our Gift Shop to view our large selection of                                             Sisterhood President
invitation books. Make an appointment with Nancy                                  wdurica@optonline.net or 914-764-8246
Mayer at 321-1094 and she will guide you through the
ordering process. We have all the popular books to                                   TORAH FUND
choose from: C’est Papier, Encore, Jansson,                         Instead of sending greetings from Hallmark, why not
Checkerboard and more! And we have the BEST                     send a beautiful Torah Fund card? You can help celebrate
DISCOUNTS!                                                      a simcha, extend get-well wishes and send someone
     We also have Havdalah candles, Sunkist Fruit               special a mazel tov. I like to keep them “on hand” for the
Gems sold in bulk, tallitot and yarmulkes for guys and          convenience of having them in my own home.
girls and gifts. You can order your yarmulkes from us,                            What is Torah Fund?
     We are a one stop shop for your simcha!                        It is a project of Women‟s League for Conservative
                                                                Judaism to benefit the Jewish Theological Seminary in
                                                                NYC, the Ziegler School in L.A. and the Schechter
                                                                Institute in Jerusalem. Our Temple has already profited
                                                                from this wonderful organization. Rabbi Hammerman,
                 ANNUAL MEETING                                 Cantor Jacobson, Rabbi Kalev, Cantor Littman and
                May 10, 2010 at 8:00 p.m.                       Hazzan Rabinowitz are all graduates of these institutions.
Members Only: the By-laws define members as “any                               How much are the cards?
person who is a member of Temple Beth El and who                               $3 a piece or 7 cards for $20
has purchased or who is the designated beneficiary                               Who do I contact?
(on record) or two or more graves.”                                         Suzanne Stone at (203) 866-2273
                          Agenda                                     I will make this transaction as easy as possible for you!
   Report by President                                         I can meet you at the Temple at a time that is convenient
   Report by Treasurer                                         for both of us. I can drop them in your mailbox when you
   Election of Board Members                                   send me your check. Remember, if you write a check, you
                                                                may use that donation as a tax deduction.
Nominated are:                                                       I look forward to hearing from you soon.
   Harriet Dulaney, Alec Perlson and Gail G. Trell
                                                                      Suzanne Stone, Vice President of Torah Fund
    For information, contact the Temple office.
      DEDICATION OF NEW PRAYER BOOK                                            HAVE YOU NOTICED
                                                                            THE NOAH’S ARK PLAQUE
     We are pleased to add to our collection of prayer books a
limited number of the brand new publication Or Hadash: A
                                                                           IN THE SCHOOL HALLWAY?
Commentary on the Weekday Siddur Sim Shalom. Written by                        Please help support our Hebrew School!
Rabbi Reuven Hammer, the award-winning author of                                Dedicate an animal or plaque today!
numerous books of Jewish interest, including Entering Jewish
Prayer (Schocken, January 1995); Entering the High Holy                           All proceeds will be used to improve
                                                                                       the Hebrew School facilities.
Days (Jewish Publication Society, September, 1998) and The
                                                                       To dedicate an animal or plaque, please fill out the form
Jerusalem Anthology (Jewish Publication Society, June 2001),           below and return it to the Hebrew School office, with your
Or Hadash presents a comprehensively annotated yet elegant             check made out to “Temple Beth El.”
and user-friendly approach to the weekday siddur (Jewish
prayer book).                                                          NAME:
     This very special book was intended to educate and
enlighten; indeed, Or Hadash translates as A New Light. “Its
purpose is to help the reader - no matter of what background -
to understand the siddur and to be able to pray from it with           I would like to dedicate the following animal ($1,000):
great sincerity and meaning.        Or Hadash enables the              MONKEY             TURTLE               HORSE
worshiper not only to understand the texts, but how to actually                          HIPPOPOTAMUS
daven (pray with devotion),” said Rabbi Hammerman.
     THE DEDICATION OF EACH OF THESE BOOKS                             I would like to dedicate a plaque ($250):   ____
COSTS $54 and a dedication book plate will be put on the               Inscription for animal or plaque:
inside front cover.                                                        ________

The Etz Hayim Chumashim (Bibles) are available for
dedication. Having a simcha? Why not dedicate a Chumash                         ATTENTION PARENTS
to honor the occasion? Observing a yahrtzeit? Why not                          OF COLLEGE FRESHMEN
dedicate a Chumash in memory of your loved one?
                                                                       Rabbi Hammerman would like to stay in touch
A donation of $72 will reserve a Chumash for you. A lovely,            with your child while he/she is away at college.
personalized book plate will be placed inside the front cover.         Please send his/her e-mail address to Ellen in
For further information, please call Mindy in the Temple               the Temple office at: templesec@tbe.org.
office at 322-6901, ext. 301.                                          Thank you!

Our new Sim Shalom siddurim for Shabbat are ready for
dedication. A donation of $36 will reserve a prayer book for
you. A lovely, personalized book plate will be placed inside                           PEW SEATS AVAILABLE!
the front cover.                                                         Are you tired of scrambling for seats when you come to
                                                                         worship at the High Holy Days? There is a solution! Why
Please call Mindy in the office, 322-6901, ext. 301 or                   not purchase the rights to pew seats for you and your
office@tbe.org, if you would like to dedicate one of these               family?
                                                                         Pew seats may be paid over a three year period. For
                                                                         further information, please contact Steve Lander at ext.
       SHIVA MINYAN BOOKS AVAILABLE                                      304 or execdir@tbe.org.
              FOR DEDICATION
We have purchased more Prayer Books for Shiva Minyans
and they are available for dedication. A donation of $36 to
TBE will dedicate each book. A lovely, personalized book
plate will be placed inside each front cover. For further
                                                                                             The deadline
information, please contact Mindy in the Temple office at 322
-6901, ext. 301 if you would like to dedicate one of these                            for the MAY/JUNE 2010
                                                                               issue of the Temple Bulletin will be
                                                                                      Thursday, April 1, 2010
                  TOT SHABBAT
     There‟s no better way to celebrate Shabbat and
the holidays than with Early Childhood Specialist,                   Happy Passover
Nurit Avigdor.
     Saturday children‟s services take place each week from
10:45 a.m. until noon. Bring your children, nieces, nephews,
                                                                     From the Board of Trustees
grandchildren, and their friends to Tot Shabbat. These child-                and Staff
friendly services are designed for children pre-K and
Kindergarten, but we often have babies and Tot Shabbat                   at Temple Beth El
alumni for songs, storytelling, props, puppets, games, Torah
procession and special Shabbat table gathering with blessings
over candles, challah, and juice. Membership at Temple Beth               INFORMATION FOR YOU…
El is not required for Tot Shabbat.
     You can make your child‟s Tot Shabbat services even          When making a donation in honor of or in
more special by hosting or co-hosting a service. Your child       memory of someone, an acknowledgement
can sing a solo of a favorite song, recite a poem, lead the       will be mailed to the designee for donations of
procession, or say the blessings at the Kiddush. Sponsorship
                                                                  $10 or more. Donations of less than $10 will
is a great way to celebrate a birthday, the birth of a child or
grandchild, or the wonderful program that Nurit has created
                                                                  be acknowledged only in the Bulletin.
for us. A contribution of just $18.00 can help defray the cost    All donations will be published in the Bulletin
of our replacement prayer books, which can be dedicated to
                                                                  unless you state that you wish to be
your child or grandchild.
     People can‟t get enough of our wonderful children‟s
services, so in between, you can enjoy Nurit‟s wonderful
songs on CD. You may buy at the Sisterhood Gift Shop: Nurit
& Melanie – Holiday Songs – “Ledor Vador” and “Savta Shara            CELEBRATING A SPECIAL EVENT?
L‟Michael” (“Grandma Sings to Michael”). You can learn                COMMEMORATING A YAHRTZEIT?
Hebrew with your toddler while listening to the CDs and
dance to Israeli tunes.                                            Please consider sponsoring a Kiddush, following
     For more information, please call Sherry and Ken Cohen        Shabbat Services, or an Oneg Shabbat, following our
at 968-8600 or send an e-mail to mail@sherrycohen.com.             Friday evening services. Contact Steven Lander in the
                                                                   office for all of the new reasonably priced Kiddush
                                                                   options at 322-6901, ext. 304 or execdir@tbe.org.
                                                                   For information about any of the sponsorship
                                                                   opportunities listed above, please call Steven Lander
                                                                   at ext. 304.

                    BETH EL BABIES
   Meets on the first Thursday of the month 10-11
                                                                                PLEASE BE AWARE...
   a.m.                                                           Because of strict confidentiality regulations,
   Beth El Babies is for pre-walking babies with a                Stamford Hospital limits the access that clergy have
   caregiver. Come interact with other adults while you           to patient population lists.
   and your baby move to music. Bring your friends.               Please help us to help you and your loved ones by
   Membership is not required and there is no fee.                contacting the rabbi directly, by voice mail (322-
   Next sessions: March 4th and April 1st                         6901 x307) or email (rabbi@tbe.org) when you
                      TEMPLE TOTS                                 know of someone in the hospital.
   Meets on the third Friday of the month 1:30-
   2:30 p.m.                                                                        PROJECT EZRA
   This program is for walking babies up to age 5 with a
                                                                  Would you like to perform a mitzvah that is right at
   caregiver. Come move to music, have a snack and
                                                                  the heart of our Temple? Join the Project Ezra team
   welcome Shabbat. Make this your next playgroup
                                                                  that delivers pre-shiva meals to bereaved members
   meeting. Membership is not required and there is no
                                                                  of our Temple. Participating is easy and so very
   Next sessions: March 19th and April 23rd
                                                                  To learn more, contact Joy Katz at 329-3359 or

              CANTORS COME TO tbe
                                                                                MAZEL TOV TO…
      Join us in welcoming the clergy who will lead                Ariela and Peter Pelaia on the birth of a son,
       Shabbat services over the next few months.                  Asher Evan.
             Hazzan Sidney G. Rabinowitz                           Fred Golove on the 57th anniversary of his Bar
                     February 26-27                                Mitzvah
                        March 5-6
                       April 16-17                                 Carolyn and Jonathan Linkov on the birth of a
                     Friday, June 4-5                              daughter, Jessica Danielle.

                    Cantor Vicki Axe                               Sandy and David Oberhand on the birth of a
                                                                   grandson, Matthew Jaydon, born to Heather and
                     Friday, April 30
                                                                   Mark Oberhand.
             Cantor Deborah Katchko Gray
                                                                   Precy and Ben Goldstein on the birth of a
                    Shabbat, March 27
                                                                   daughter, Lily Marie.
     Hazzan-Emeritus Sidney G. Rabinowitz,                         Rose Hendizadeh on the birth of a grandson,
formerly Cantor and Director of Musical                            Max Jonathan, born to Bita and Pedram
Activities at Temple Beth El from 1970 to 2002,                    Hendizadeh.
is a graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary
of America.
     Hazzan Rabinowitz distinguished himself as                      THANK YOU FOR SPONSORING KIDDUSH
an interpreter of Jewish music and conducted three choirs
                                                                              Jessica and Jonathan Bradley
at Temple Beth El. In the community, Hazzan Rabinowitz
had an enviable reputation for his loving care and                               Beth and Robert Golove
professionalism in preparing 1,500 children and adults in                           Maureen Leffand
becoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah candidates.                                       Rebecca and Andy Lehrfeld
                                                                                Robin and Bruce Minkoff
     Rabbi Vicki L. Axe served congregations                                     Joy and Barry Schwartz
in New York, Connecticut and Ohio as a
Cantor for the last twenty years before
becoming the Spiritual Leader and                                          WE THANK OUR VOLUNTEERS
Educational Director of Congregation Shir                              Beth Finchler, Roz Finchler, Phyllis Gofstein,
Ami and most recently becoming ordained as                           Joe Rothman, Carol Sander, Danielle Schwartz,
a Rabbi.
                                                                             Norman Stone, Barbara Taksel
     A graduate of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute
of Religion in New York City, Cantor Axe has served on
their faculty, as well as the Academy of Jewish Religion,
and the National Jewish Choral Festival. In addition to her                 WE THANK THE LEADERS OF
cantorial studies at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute                     SHABBAT SERVICES
of Religion, Cantor Axe holds degrees in education from                               Judy Aronin
Temple University in Philadelphia and the Ohio State                                  Katie Kaplan
University.                                                               Rabbinic Pastor David Daniel Klipper
                                                                                    Steve Leiterstein
    Cantor Deborah Katchko-Gray grew up in                                       Susan Schneiderman
a distinguished family of cantors. A fourth
generation cantor and the second to serve a
Conservative congregation, Deborah founded                                    HONORABLE MENSCHEN
the Women Cantors’ Network in l982 to help
share the love of cantorial music she grew up                             Todah Rabah to our Torah readers!
with. At Boston University her studies with Prof. Elie
Wiesel convinced her that continuing in this family                             VISIT OUR WEBSITE!
tradition was the best response for Jewish survival.
    Since 1999, Deborah has served Temple Shearith                                  www.tbe.org
Israel in Ridgefield, CT and is active in the greater                       Read Rabbi Hammerman’s
community. The Jewish Ledger named her one of 2009’s                            Shabbat-O-Grams…
“Movers and Shakers” due to her extensive community                          View our photo albums…
outreach and publication of a ground breaking cantorial                 Learn about our upcoming events…
songbook.                                                                   Find contact information...
                                                                              And much, much more!

           WE ARE GRATEFUL                                                      WE ARE GRATEFUL
 FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS IN HONOR OF:                                        FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS
TO MAKE MY DAUGHTER, RACHEL‟S BAT MITZVAH                        In honor of…
SPECIAL: DANA WEINBERG, SUE PLUTZER, SUSAN                       Gregory Robinov becoming a Bar Mitzvah by Jackie
& MARTIN CLARKE, NANCY MAYER, STEVE                              Tepper & David Robinov
RACHAEL LITTMAN, BRACHA MOSHE                                    The Brit Milah of our son, Benjamin Joseph by Amy &
Karen Resnick                                                    Aron Davidson
THE BIRTH AND BRIT MILAH OF ASHER EVAN                           Rabbi Joshua Hammerman for preparing me for my
PELAIA                                                           conversion to Judaism by Mary Lester
Rabbi Joshua & Dr. Mara Hammerman
                                                                 Rabbi Joshua Hammerman in appreciation for your
                                                                 support for Jake during his Bar Mitzvah by Beth, Pete &
Sam Kravitz
                                                                 Jake Silver
Elsie Ralph                                                      In memory of…
                                                                 Sydelle Piaser, z‟l, by Burt Piaser

        WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR                                 BRUCE FEINBERG MEMORIAL FUND
       CONTRIBUTIONS IN MEMORY OF:                               In memory of…
                                                                 Helen Englander, z‟l, by Karen Feinberg
Carol & Wil Brewer                                               Maxine Duberstein, z‟l, by Karen Feinberg
Carol & Wil Brewer, Gayle & Howard Rothman, Debbie &             BETH EL CARES
Jon Cline, Liat, Chris & Annabelle Bishko                        In memory of…
SYDELLE PIASER, z’l                                              Alexander Jackson, z‟l, by Jennifer and Harris Meth
Carol & Wil Brewer, Bob Ulrich, Barbara & Joe Field
ALEXANDER JACKSON, z’l                                           KIDDUSH/SHABBAT LUNCHEON FUND
Frances & Gerry Ginsburg                                         In memory of…
RICHARD MILES, z’l                                               Marilyn Rich, z‟l, by Carol & Willy Sander
Linda McLaughlin
                                                                 RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND
Susan and Richard Blomberg, Myrna & Herman
                                                                 In honor of…
Alswanger, Diego Musilli, Marlene & Jeff Gatz, Sunny &
                                                                 In gratitude by Flora Smithline of Celebrate All Things
Alan Rich
Myrna & Herman Alswanger                                         Fred Golove on his milestone birthday by Leslie & Herb
         THANK YOU FOR DEDICATING                                In memory of…
           AN ETZ HAYIM CHUMASH                                  Marilyn Rich, z‟l, by Deb & Ken Goldberg, Sandy & Joe
In honor of Jack Steinberg on his 95th birthday
                                 By Dolly and Bob Gordon
                                                                 MEN’S CLUB SCHOLARSHIP FUND
         THANK YOU FOR DEDICATING                                In memory of…
                                                                 Eve Kaplin, z‟l, by Elaine Kaplin
                                                                 Selma Zager, z‟l, by David & Elaine Kaplin
In memory of Mildred Sesnowitz, z‟l
                         By Suzanne and Norman Stone
                                                                 DAVID JAFFE MEMORIAL RAMP FUND
    THANK YOU FOR DEDICATING A SHIVA                             In honor of…
                                                                 Greg Robinov on becoming a Bar Mitzvah by Jeannie
In memory of Richard Turshen, z‟l
                                                                 Jeannie Kasindorf on her new business move by Marsha
                                    By the Turshen Family
                                                                 & Neil Matthews
                                                                 Myra Graubard for being such a good friend by Marsha &
                                                                 Neil Matthews

                                                   REMEMBERING OUR LOVED ONES
Joanne & Marshall Goldberg ...........ISADORE ABRAMS                               Carolyn Farin ................................... KENNETH NADEL
Debra Adler Klein & Matthew Klein .......... YETTA ADLER                           Ellen Naidorf ............................... KENNETH NAIDORF
Dayna & David Patashnik .................... ELAINE ALBERT                         Honey Nelson ..................................... ALVIN NELSON
Maddy Shapiro and Family ...................... ROSE BELITZ                        Stacye & Stuart Nekritz ....LYDIA & JEROME NEKRITZ
Peggy & Alan Kalter ............................ RICHARD BELL                      Eileen Nemoitin .............................. JACOB NEMOITIN
Molly Bernstein ......................... HERMAN BERNSTEIN                         Merritt Nesin .............. ALEXANDER & EUGENE NESIN
Darlene Hornstein .................... SOPHIE BLOOMFIELD                           Lorraine Nisonoff ......................... LILLIAN NISONOFF
Ruth & Alan Locker ............................. HILDA BORTEN                      Meryl Silverstein .................................. FREDA NOVICK
Susan & Edward Bralower ............. DORIS BRALOWER                               Sandy & David Oberhand .......... MICHAEL OBERHAND
Marcia & Mark Staines & Family ... JULIUS BRESSLOUR                                Suzanne & Craig Olin .............................. ELLIOT OLIN
Stewart & Victoria Casper & Family ......IRWIN CASPER                              Kathy & Jeff Paseltiner ....................... THOMAS PARKS
David Wolff................................................AL COCHIN               Kathy & Jeff Paseltiner ................... ERIC PASELTINER
Malerie Yolen-Cohen & Jeff Cohen ...... GERALD COHEN                               Julie & Lenny Rakowitz ...................DAVID RAKOWITZ
Elizabeth Libner .............................. MILTON DONNER                      Claire Redniss .......................... ALEXANDER REDNISS
Evelyn Kahn .................................................... IDA ELKAN         Meryl Silverstein ......................................... ETTA RICH
Barbara & Philip Finn & Rachael Levitt ...JEANNE ELSTEIN                           Susan & David Rich & Family ................ MURRAY RICH
Ronnie & Ed Fein ..................................... PEARL FEIN                  Roger Rodwin ................................. SIDNEY RODWIN
Beth Finchler ............................... ARTHUR FINCHLER                      Barbara & Jerry Rose ........................ FLORENCE ROSE
Nancy & Evan Finchler.................. ARTHUR FINCHLER                            Amy & Howard Rosenberg & Family..... CLARA ROSENBERG
Rosalea & Dick Fisher .......................... FANNY FISHER                      Rosenblum Family ....................... ELMER ROSENBLUM
Barbara & Stan Friedman ............MARTHA FRIEDMAN                                Stanley Rosenstock ....... SESSI & KURT ROSENSTOCK
Frances & Gerry Ginsburg....................DAVID GINSBURG                         Robert Rosenthal .................... RICHARD ROSENTHAL
Sondra & Leo Gold.......................................... SAMUEL GOLD            Evie Shapiro .................................... BERTHA ROSNER
Paula & Sidney Epstein ..ROSE & SIGMUND GOLDENBERG                                 Diane Arditti ................................... LEE ROTHSCHILD
Edmund Gorman ................................... ANN GORMAN                       Gloria & Mel Rothstein ...................... ANN ROTHSTEIN
Sandy & Bill Gottlin ............................ KURT GORWITZ                     Magida Family............................................ JOY RUBIN
Sandy & Bill Gottlin ......... SALLY & NATHAN GOTTLIN                              Joyce & Lewis Slayton ................... LENA RUBINOVITZ
Lois & Dick Martin .................... MORRIS GRANOWITZ                           Rosalea & Dick Fisher ................... NORMAN SANDLER
Phyllis & George Heller .....EDITH & WILLIAM HELLER                                Carol Schwartz & Family ............. EVELYN SCHECHTER
Steven Grushkin ............................ LILLIAN HELLMAN                       Nancy Wolfson & Family ............... SOPHIE SIDEROWF
Frieden Family .......................................RUTH HILFER                  Evie Shapiro ..................................... MORRIS SIEGEL
Roset Hendizadeh & Family .. MORTEZA HENDIZADEH                                    Jerry Silber ............................................ LOLA SILBER
Roset Hendizadeh & Family ..... NOSRAT HENDIZADEH                                  Susan & Larry Holzman ................. CHARLES SNIPPER
Larry Hornstein ............................ DORIS HORNSTEIN                       Stuart Sobel ............................................ ANNA SOBEL
Penny & Michael Horowitz ........ EPHRAIM HOROWITZ                                 Elaine Tashman & Family.............. HAROLD TASHMAN
Marilyn & Bob Rodwin ...................... SARAH HORVITZ                          Temple Family ............................... MAURICE TEMPLE
Bobbi & Jerry Jacobs .......................... MURRY JACOBS                       Claire & Paul Stuken & Family ............ ANNA WALLACH
Herbert Kahan ....................................... LEON KAHAN                   Claire Redniss ............................ ABRAHAM WALTERS
Vivien & Arthur White ........................ ESTHER KARATZ                       Barbara & Stan Friedman ................IRVING WARSAW
Barbara & Stephen Phillips ....................... BEE KARTON                      Phyllis & George Heller .......... HERBERT WASSERMAN
Victoria & Stewart Casper & Family ......... DANA KRAUS                            Dana Platt & Brent Brezina ........................... CY WEISS
Kathy, Howard, & Alexis Kraus ................ DANA KRAUS                          Sondra & Leo Gold .................... DAVID WITTENBERG
Sam, Hal & Robert Kravitz ............... LILLIAN KRAVITZ                          Andrea & Jimmy Koplik.................... DAVID WOLFSON
Gloria & Seymour Baum ................... JOSEPH KURZON                            Andie & Jim Koplik .........................FRIEDA WOLFSON
Ilene & Jim Locker & Family ............ SYLVIA KWESKIN                            Muriel Siskind .............................. DELPHINE WOFSEY
Roni & Allan Lang ................................. JOSHUA LANG                    Peter Wolly .............................................. JILL WOLLY
Phyllis & Seymour Lapin ............ BELLA & PAUL LAPIN                            Malerie Yolen-Cohen & Jeff Cohen ...... BURTON YOLEN
Ann & Julius Lasnick .... BADANA & HERMAN LASNICK
Lederman & Madison Families ..... JEFFREY LEDERMAN
                                                                                              WE MOURN THE PASSING OF…
Dorothy Levine & Family................................ CLAIRE LEVINE
Daniel Lieber ...............................................CHARLES LIEBER         SAMMY GREENBAUM, father of Fred Greenbaum
Helen Miloslavsky ....................................... MEYER LINSHITS               MOLLY RUDELL, mother of Robert Rudell
Eunice Lubov ................................................. ESTHER LUBOV               ABE DANSKY, father of Ira Dansky
Lowell Mallon ............................................GERTRUDE DOSIK                  MARILYN RICH, wife of Jerry Rich
Lois & Dick Martin ................................... BEATRICE MARTIN                   and mother of Vivian Rich Goldberg
Toby & Andrew Miller ....................................... PAUL MILLER                      LILLIAN SOSNOWITZ, z’l
Norma & Milton Mann....REGINA & KENNETH MUNOWITZ                                                   IDA ARONS, z’l

        AL TREIDEL continued from page 5…                                STEVEN LANDER, continued from page 3…
that I had instructed in public school, I refrained from             Shabbat featuring Scholar in Residence, Dr. David
teaching or talking at all about the Shoah for close to 25           Kraemer. The theme of the weekend is “Jews and Food
years. In 2004, I was approached by the Director of                  Around the World.” Check out our website, www.tbe.org
Merkaz, the Community High School of Judaic Studies of               for a full schedule including a special African Drum
Greater Bridgeport, to co-found a program called “Adopt              Program for the kids and a very diverse panel discussion
a Survivor” which paired up survivors with high school               on growing up Jewish in other lands featuring: Osna Gad,
juniors and seniors. The decision to undertake this                  Afghanistan, Aviva Maller, India, Violet Tehrani, Iran,
                                                                     Laura Drucker, Russia and Carole Baum, South Africa.
project was both very difficult and personally painful but
                                                                     Don‟t miss the free international lunch.
I decided to make the commitment. The incredible
                                                                         Synaplex Shabbat concludes with a Cabaret Night
students who participated in the program put amazing                 featuring Sarah Aroeste and the Sarah Aroeste Band
amounts of time into this project. They interviewed,                 presenting an exotic blend of East and West combining
filmed, chronicled and learned their survivors‟ stories and          Mediterranean Sephardic music with rock, funk, jazz and
have pledged to attend a conference in 2045 in                       blues. This will be a great social evening.
Washington, D.C. There, they will tell these stories for                 In addition to all of these activities, check our
the entire world to hear on the 100th Anniversary of the             website and your e-mail for our special Career
Holocaust.                                                           Networking programs. This program, sponsored by our
     This April, I hope to finally bring some kind of closure        Men‟s Club and hosted by Michael Arons, has been
to my feelings about the Holocaust. I will be embarking              written up by the N.Y. Times, Stamford Advocate and
on a two-week trip to Poland and Israel with thousands               Connecticut Jewish Ledger.
of Jewish teens (including students from Temple Beth El)                 Beth El Babies for pre-walking babies with mommy,
from around the world on a program known as March of                 daddy or another caregiver, Temple Tots for toddlers
the Living. We will tour the remnants of what was the                through age five with a caregiver, special youth
largest Jewish community in Europe. We will visit the                programs, Religious School, Kulanu and all of our regular
locations of the largest ghettos and death camps. We                 programming continues.
will observe Yom HaShoah on a mass March of the Living                   So, you can see why they call TBE the place to be.
through the infamous Auschwitz Concentration Camp.                   Keep checking our website, www.tbe.org and make sure
                                                                     you are on our e-mail list to keep up with all of the
We will emerge from the ashes of Poland into the vibrant
                                                                     events happening at TBE.
State of Israel singing and dancing on Yom HaAtzmaut
                                                                                                             Steven Lander
celebrating the re-birth of the Jewish People.
     Perhaps I can finally come to terms with the
Holocaust as I visit the places where many of my
relatives ultimately perished. I will be there to teach
students, to dialogue with colleagues and to sense the
pain and suffering that our people endured. There is no                        OPPORTUNITIES FOR GIVING
doubt that there will be so much to talk about when I
return and perhaps I will finally bring some closure to the             Religious School Fund
sense of personal loss that I have carried within me for                Youth Programs
so long. But of even greater importance, I will know that               Camp Scholarship Fund
the next generation will not allow the world to forget
                                                                        High Holy Day Appeal
what happened to my grandparents and the other
6,000,000 souls who were never able to speak for                        Adult Education Programs
themselves.                                                             Kiddush Fund
                                                 Al Treidel             Beth El Cares
                                                                        Music Fund
                                                                        Men’s Club
                                                                        Men’s Club Scholarship Fund
                                                                        Rabbi Joshua Hammerman’s Mitzvah Fund
                                                                        Sisterhood
       ON ONE FOOT continued from page 3…                               Capital Needs
Joelle Peikes and Shayna Levin. I‟m proud of them all.                  Hazzan Sidney Rabinowitz Mitzvah Fund
    We‟ll be sending the group off with a special blessing              Prayer Book Fund
at services on April 3, the Intermediate Shabbat of
                                                                        General Fund
                Happy Passover to you and yours, from all               Project Ezra
        the Hammermans.                                                 Beth El Seniors

              MEMORIAL PLAQUES
Inscribe the names of your loved ones on a plaque for
our Chapel wall along with a light to commemorate their
yahrtzeit and yizkor observances throughout the
Please contact Mindy at 322-6901, ext. 301 for
further information.

              TREE OF LIFE
    A beautiful way to commemorate a special
occasion is to purchase a “leaf” on our beautiful
“Tree of Life” sculpture adorning our Temple
lobby. There are many more leaves available for your
own personal inscriptions.
   The following categories are still available:
   Triple Chai                                $5,400
   Guardians of the Temple                    $1,000
   Silver Leaves - Gold Border                   $750
   Silver Leaves                                 $250
   Please contact Mindy in the Temple office at 322-
6901, ext. 301 or office@tbe.org.

 METROGUARD                                    Debbie’s
security service provider for
  TEMPLE BETH EL                                  Alterations on Men’s
                                                  And Women’s Clothes
                                                        Debbie Soifer

                                           HELP IS HERE FOR YOUR STUDENTS!
                                                   italMath Learning Center
                                                   Prof. Vitaly Drucker, PhD
    Residential Keyholding                 Comprehensive Mathematics Program from
                                           Basic Math to AP Calculus for Grades K - 12
  Residential Security Service
                                                     One-On-One Instruction
   Security Alarm Response                    Evening and weekend hours available
         800-495-0400                                FIRST SESSION IS FREE!
  info@metroguardinc.com                             Call (203) 327-1332
  www.metroguardinc.com               vdrucker@optonline.net      www.mathtutor101.com
                                      Stamford resident and member of Temple Beth El since 1989

                                               STUDIO A
                                          PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO
                                               20 Church Street, Greenwich, CT
                                                      cell: 914-629-2204
                                      Experience working with TBE for over 20 years.
                                                   Ask your friends!


          SAT “VERBAL” SCORES?
                   If so, Step    Write Up!
Let me prepare your student for the future. In addition to specific
tutoring for the SAT “verbals,” and guidance on college
application essays, I can teach your high school or middle school
student how to write well. And good writing is a good skill for life.
     Call (203) 461-8312 or visit www.stepwriteup.com
      Henry Hecht, member of the Stamford Jewish community

           Glatt Kosher Custom Catering
      Catering for all occasions, on-premises
     or off-premises at location of your choice.
American, Middle Eastern & International foods.
    China, Silver, Linens, Waiters & Bartenders
                                              106-06 Queens Blvd.
                                            Forest Hills, NY 11375
                                            Phone: (718) 261-4775
                                               Fax: (718) 261-4607           www.progersflorists.com

             KOSHER            SUPERMARKETS
            1066 WILMOT ROAD
        SCARSDALE, NEW YORK 10583
     Phone: 914-472-2240             Fax: 914-472-2215
     Glatt Kosher Meats, poultry, Prepared Foods,
           Grocery, Dairy, Frozen, Bakery...
           of The Va’ad haraBonim of QUeenS

TEMPLE BETH EL                 Non-Profit
350 Roxbury Road             U.S. POSTAGE
Stamford, CT 06902           STAMFORD, CT
                             PERMIT NO. 42

                          MARCH/APRIL 2010


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