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					 .11                                                                  IECEx Certificate
                                                                        of Conformity
                      INTERNATIONAL                               ELECTROTECHNICAL                                  COMMISSION
                       IEC Certiflcatlon                          Scheme tor Explosive                              Atmospheres
                                               for ru•••• nddetalls oItheIECe:SCMmevtMl_.IeoeA.eoIIl

CertiflcateNo.:                     IECEx ~R 05.0034U                                                        Issue No.: 0

Status:                             Current

Oateoflssue:                       2006-02-10                                                                Page1of4

                                    Weidmuller Interface            GmbH & Co
                                    Klngenbergstrasse 16
                                    32758 Debnold

 Electrical Apparatus: SAK 83 RIIil Mounted                         Fused Tenninal
 OptIonsi acceSSOI)':

TypeofProtection:                  Typen

Marklng:                           Ex nA I

ApptDved for wue                  on behalf ot Ihe IECEx                                           CElaby

PositJonc                                                                                          Certificationotricer


 1. ThIs      certificate   anti    schedule     may   on~   be   reprnduced   In Juli.
2. This       certifica18   ia notlransfenJbIe         8nd   remainsthe   property        ofthe   Issuing   body.
3. The status and authenticity oftis oeltificat& may be veriied by visiting Öle OfticiallECEx Web6Jte.

Certificate       issued    by:

               SIRA Certification                                         Service
                                                  South Hili
                                                Kenl BR7 5EH
                                               United Kingdom
 11I11                                            IECEx Certificate
                                                    of Conformity
  Certlficate No.:                  IECEx   SIR OS.OO:UU

  Deteoflssue:                      2006-02-10                                              IssueNo.: 0


Manufaclurer:                  Weldmuller Inbttface    GmbH & Co
                               Klngenbergstrasse 18
                               32758 Debnold

Manufacluring   tocaöon(s):

Thll certificate 18lssued 8S veriflcatlon that iI sample(S), representatlve of production, was assessed and tested and
found 10 comply with the lEe standard ist below and thai the manufacture'rs quality system, relatlngto the Ex products
covered by Ihl$ C8ltllcate. was Bssessed lind tound to comp/y with the IECEx Quafity system requirements. ThIs

ClIrtilcate is granted subject 10 the condltions 89 set out in IECEx Scheine Rules, IECEx 02 alld Operalional Documents

The electrlcal 8pparatus aOOany acceptable varialons to tt spedied      In ltIe schedule of INs cerliicate     end Ule identiied
doaIments,    was 10000 to (ll)Il1)t1 wIlh the foIIowing standards:

 IEC 80079·15        : 2001     Eleclricel oppamtus Jot explosive gaa   atmospherelI     - Part   15: Type ofprotection       'n'
 Edition: 2

   This CertfffctJte doo not indcste compliance wtth electrica/ sBf8ty tmd pENformB1lCe           requirements other th8n those
                                    expressJy incIuded In the standan1s listed abow.

A umpIe(s) oIthft 8CJUIPnedlitd8d ha suc:cesafuly     met Ihe examination     end test   requhments       aa NCtJtded     h

GSlSIR/ExTR06.0Cl1      OJOO

                                                               IECEx Certificate
                                                                 of Conform ity
  Certfficate   No.:                      IECEx SIR 05.0034U

  Dateoflssue:                            2006-02-10                               lssueNo.:O

                                                                                   Page 30f4

Equipment and      systems   oovered by   this   certiftcale   are   9S fO/fOWS:

The type SAK 83 Rail Mounted Fuse Terminals are a single pole feed-through tenninal assembly, with a fuse
(link), mounted into a moulded MBakelite" insulated "Red Cap" houslng. Each fused terminal assembly consists
of a tjn~plated. copper/zinc spllt current bar, which form the two fuse contacts. Setween these is fitted a 1" x Y."
sand filled 881362 (EN 60269-3) fuse link, held by a screwed fuse cap (holder). The terminal assembly has a
zinc-plated, steel s1iding yake and screw at each end. Allemalively, a non-magnetic version (KUP) ulilises
passivated copper in lieu of sfeet. When the screw is tightened, the yake is compressed against the current bar
and serration's incorporated in the surface prevent slippage of the c:onductor. The devices are rated up to 10 A,
630 V and sre fulty described in the Annexe of this certificate.

CONOITIONS OF CERnFICA110N:                      NO
                                                      IECEx Certificate
                                                        of Conformity
  Certificate      No.:                  IECEx: SIR 05.0034U

  Date of Issue:                         2006-02-10               IssueNo.:O

                                                                  Page 40f4

Additional        infonnation:

Annexe:         IECEx SIR 05.0034U.pdf


                                           IECEx 5IR OS.OO34U

                                           Weidmuller Interface GmbH & Co.
                                           Type SAK 53 Rail Mounted Fused Terminal
                                                                                                                            Certification                   Service

The Type SAK S3 Rail Mounted Fused Terminal compfises a single pole, feed-through,             terminal assembly with a
fuse (link) mounted     inta a moulded "Bakelite"         lnsulated "Red Cap" housing.    Each fused terminal   assembly
conslsts af a tin-plated,    coppertzinc,    split rurrent    bar, which fanns the two fuse contacts.  Between these is
fitted a 1" x V4", sand filled, 851362 (EN 60269-3) fuse link, held by a screwed fuse cap (holder).         The terminal
assembly has a zlnc-plated,      steel, sliding yoke and a screw at eaeh end. Alternatively,     a non-magnetic   version
(KUP) utilises passivated copper in Heu of steel.

When the screw is tightened,   the yoke Is compressed                          against    the current           bar and serrations           IncorJXlrated         in the
surface prevent slIppage of the conductor.

The knurled fuse link cap (holder) consists of a "Bakelite"    (Phenolic                                 PF 31) insulated           unit, whldl          has a spring
loaded, sitver-plated, copper contact spring ta holcl the fuse link.

Self-deformation is incorporated  in the design when                          the screws are tightened                  down,     this is used to provide             an
automatie and progressive anti-rotationfantl-vibration                          locking effect.

The SAK 53 fused terminal is designed to be fitted onto a 32mm mounting                                           rail (EN 50035).  Thls features a f1at
section stainless steel spring kx::ated In a recess at the Foot of the terminal                                    housing that allews it to be cUpped
onto a TS32 assembly rail.

The fuse link is removed by a counter-dockwise                          rotation   movement          cf the fuse link cap (holcler).                      This breaks
the contact between the two fuse contacts.

The following         fused terminal        is covered:

Terminal            Voltage       Current       Minimum           Maximum           Fuse rating                 Terminal         reslstance          - with 651362
type                 rating        cating       cable slze        cable size         (651362-3)                      (EN 60269-3) fuse link fitted
                       (V)           (A)            (mm')              (mm')             (A)                        (see Note below) (0 @ 20"C)
                                                                                          1                                    0.1735
                                                                                          2                                    0.1273
                                                                                          3                                    0.0309
5AK 53                 630            10             0.5                 10
                                                                                          5                                    0.0166
                                                                                          7                                    0.Q105
                                                                                          10                                  0.006719
Note:        When the above tused terminal                 is fitted Inside junction boxes, the tenninal reslstance                             flgure    to be used
             for maximum power dissipation                 assessment purposes Is as listed in table above.

The voltage         rating    is an absolute condition of use as statecl in Table 7                      cl    EN 50021:         1999.     The rurrent       rating     is
a maximum           flgure    with cables having the following ratings:

                                               Cable      Size (mm       )     Maximum          current           (A)
                                               0.5                                             5
                                               1                                               10
                                               1.5                                             10
                                               2.5                                             10
                                               4                                               10
                                               6                                               10
                                               10                                              10
The marklng          is elther    moulded     inta the body of the terminal              or "tampo"        printed      onto it.

A knock-out         is provided     in the moulded         Insulated    body to permit       a Type QL cross-connector                      to be fitted.

The fused terminals may be used in assodation                      with Type QL 2, QL 3, QL 4 or QL 10 (two, three, tour or ten way
respectiveJy) cross-connectors and/er partitions,                  in which case the voltage and current ratings are unc:hanged.

In addition, the fused terminals may be used in assodation wlth AP end p1ates. The fused terminal assembly                                                             or
assemblies istare to be clamped in place, at both ends, uslng elther a Weidmuller, Type EK earth terminal,                                                             or
associated Type EW end bracket respectively.
                                                                                                              Sira Certlficatlon                           Service
Date:         2S November          2005                                  Page 1 of 2                          Rake lane, EcclestOll, Chester, CH4 9JN. England
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Annexe to:

Electrical Component:
                                        IECEx SIR 05.0034U

                                        Weidmuller Interface GmbH & Co.
                                        Type SAK S3 RaU Mounted Fused Terminal
                                                                                                                   Certification                     Service

Special Points tor noting
        The end terminal shall be covered with the associated Type AP end plate and the fused terminal
        assembly (assemblies)  clamped in place, at both ends, using either a Weidmuller Type EK earth
        terminal or associated Type EW end bracket respectively.

        Where      smaller   wire       sizes are used, a crimped           lug or ferrule     with       a minimum        size of 0.5 mm2            shall be

        Except where shown in a certificate    as being interna I wiring of apparatus,   not more than one single or
        multiple strand lead shall be connected into either side of any terminal,    unless multiple conductors have
        been joined in a suitable manner, e.g. two conductors into a single insulated crimped boot lace ferrule.

        Leads connected           to the terminals shall be insulated for the appropriate                       voltage      and this insulation             shall
        extend to within          1mm of the metal of the terminal throat.

        All terminal     screws,        used or unused,     shall be tightened        down to a tightening               torque     of between         1.2 Nm
        and 2.4 Nm.

        The minimum    creepage and clearance distances between the installed terminals and adjacent                                                 exposed
        faces of equipment,  endosure walls and covers shall be 8 mm and 5.5 mm respectively.

        The Type SAK 53 Fused Terminals               shall be instalIed onto 32 mm mounting                       rail to    lEe     60715:1995         Am. 1
        e.g. Weidmuller          reference   TS32.

        All fuse     links   must       be 1" x 114", sand     filled,     approved      to BS 1362           (EN 60269-3)            and     have     a 10 A
        maximum        rating.

        The fused terminals         shall never be exposed to temperatures               that are outside of the following                range:

          Material                                                              Temperature Range
                                                                                -50ne to + 130 e      ü
          Melamine       KrG

        In addition,    they shall only be installed and wired with cable in a temperature                        range of         -lOoe to +80°(,
10      When this product 1s intended to be used in a potentially explosive dust abnosphere, it shali be installed in an
        enclosure that has been suitably certified for use in tllis environment by a notified OOdy.

11      All of the Type QL cross~connector  links are Iimited to the same maximum                                        current     rating    as the fused
        terminal and shall not be used with currents in excess of this value.

12      The fuse cap shall be fully secured               (screwed       "horne")   at all times.

13      The fuse link shall not be replaced in the presence of a hazardous area and the associated enclosure shall
        be marked "Switch off supply and discharge any stored energy safely before removing fuse(s)", The
        "stored  energy"   statement   may be replaced by a statement      declaring a de-energising time before

14      The Type SAK 53 Rail Mounted Fused Terminals     shall be mounted  inside a minimum                                                 IP54 enclosure
        that meets the impact requirements of EN 50021:1999 c1auses 6.2 and 26.3.

15      The end user shall fit a label adjacent to each bank of Type SAK 53 Fused Terminals                                                 that   states     the
        replacement fuses must be of the value and type originally specified, as in 15.8 above.

                                                                                                      Sira Certificatlon                           Service
Date:      25 November           2005                                Page 2 of 2                      Rake Lane. EccleSlon, Chesler. CH4 9JN. England
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