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					Temple Baptist Church
Dr. G. Larry Pearson, Pastor
 2905 Standridge Road, Anderson, SC
                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

Staff Page                                 Page 2

Accomplishments for 2009                   Page 3 - 4

Goals for 2010                             Page 5

Matthew 28: 19-20                          Page 6

The Ministries of TBC                      Page 7 - 8

2010 TBC Church-wide Events Calendar       Page 9 - 11

Missionaries Supported by TBC              Page 12 - 14

2009 Annual Church Financial Statement     Pages 15 - 17

      2009 Financial Statement for
            Temple Christian Academy       Page 18
            Temple Child Care              Page 19

Church Guidelines:                         Page 20-23
     Tithes & Offerings
     Church Office Hours
     Church Property
     Cleanliness Guidelines

The Staff of Temple Baptist Church
Dr. Larry Pearson, Pastor
Rev. Ron Presley, Assistant Pastor
Rev. Gordon Taylor, Assistant Pastor
Rev. Mark Pollard, Assistant Pastor
Rev. Chad Gamble, Youth Pastor
Mr. Brad Ramey, Children’s Pastor
Mr. Paul Raines, Minister of Music
Mrs. Kim Tedford, Financial Secretary
Mrs. Misty Stansell, Membership Secretary
Office Phone # 864-226-7248

The Staff of Temple Christian Academy
Rev. Mark Pollard, School Administrator
Mrs. Tracie Sweet, Principal
Mrs. Mendy Fuller, School Secretary
Office Phone # 864-226-1259

The Staff of Temple Child Care

Mrs. Fredda Pearson, Administrator
Mrs. Lora Looney, Director

Office Phone # 864-375-0450

                     Accomplishments for 2009

1. 52 families joined – 88 people total

2. 19 Baptized

3. Paid off Glavol Bus

4. Remodeled Prophet’s Chambers

5. Turbo Town Construction began

6. Building for Bus Parking

7. Gravel for parking lot at Teen Center

8. Gutters for Teen Center

9. Remodeled School Building

10. Purchased Storage Pod

11. Purchased lift

12. Telephone system for Temple Child Care

13. Telephone system for Church & School

14. Tint on windows in Temple Child Care

15. Tint on windows in the Auditorium

16. Copier & printer for church office

17. Paved sidewalk area

18. Purchased Floor machine – Floor tile

19. New A/C unit for school wing

20. Camera & Tripod

21. Purchased Cargo Van

22. Basketball Goals

23. Alarm & Fire system

24. Trailer for Kayaks

25. Welcome Center updates

26. New Scoreboard in Gym

27. Averaged 450 in Sunday School for the year

28. Multi-Media ministry mass produced the following CDs:

   TBC Christmas Cantata
   TBC Youth Christmas Program
   TCA Christmas Program
   “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”
   “A Special Night of Gospel Music”
   2009 Annual Jubilee Services
   The Hoopers
   Bill Roberts & Friends

29. Began Bus Ministry

30. Began new Sunday School classes

                          GOALS FOR 2010

I.       Evangelism and Soul Winning will be our focus for 2010.
       A. We will prayerfully ask the Lord for 200 people to pray to receive
          Christ as Savior.
       B. Strive to see as many of these as possible baptized and added to the
          church membership.
       C. Consistently reach 550 per week in Sunday School attendance.
       D. Challenge and train all members to lead at least one soul to Christ
          this year.

II.      Emphasize evangelism and soul winning through Turbo Town
       A. To promote through multi-media advertising.
       B. Reach an average attendance of 250 by years end.
       C. Mobilize membership to be actively involved in promoting and
          helping to reach children for Christ.

III.     Evangelism through Stewardship.
       A. To add 5 new missionaries this year.
       B. Tithes, missions and other offerings to reach $1,600,000. Thus
          allowing us to increase financial support for each of our ministries.
       C. To be able to pay off the balance of the loan for Turbo Town.

IV.      To provide a new members class with Pastor Pearson leading.

Go ye therefore, and teach all
nations, baptizing them in the
name of the Father, and of the
 Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
 Teaching them to observe all
   things whatsoever I have
commanded you: and, lo, I am
with you always, even unto the
   end of the world. Amen.

                        The Ministries of Temple Baptist Church

Pastoral Leader
        Ministry                   Ministry Leader            Ministry Leader's Phone#

Dr. Larry Pearson
Adult Choir               Mr. Paul Raines                    226-7248 or 638-1914
Athletics - Adults &
Youth                     Rev. Chad Gamble                   226-7248 or 245-2663
Athletics - Golf          Mr. Chad Skelton                         260-9889
Befriend-a-Missionary     Rev. Gordon Taylor                       226-7248
College & Career          Rev. Chad Gamble                         226-7248
Family Ministries         Rev. Mark Pollard                        226-7248
Deacons                   Mr. Larry Lowe - Chairman                222-0210
Joy Club                  Rev. Gordon Taylor                       226-7248
Prayse Team               Pastor Pearson                           226-7248
Seniors Ministries        Rev. Gordon Taylor                       226-7248
Sunday School             Rev. Ron Presley                         226-7248
Teen Ministries           Rev. Chad Gamble                         226-7248
                          Mrs. Fredda Pearson,
Temple Child Care         Administrator                             375-0450
Temple Christian
Academy                   Mrs. Tracie Sweet, Principal              226-1259
Visitation                Rev. Gordon Taylor                        226-7248

Rev. Mark Pollard
AWANA                     Mr. Todd Fuller - Commander        231-8602 or 505-9552
Family Ministry           Rev. Mark Pollard                        226-7248
Men on A Mission          Mr. Sam Pearson                          287-8554
Camping Club - Young
Adults                    Mr. Mike Sellers                          231-9151
Kayak Ministry            Rev. Mark Pollard                         226-7248
                          Charlie Harbin, Tim Harbin,
VisionCasters             Todd Pearson                              224-7327
Children's Ministries     Rev. Brad Ramey                           226-7248

Rev. Ron Presley
Facilities Care &         Mr. Doug Haning & Mrs. Bonnie
Maintenance               Ehly                                      226-7248
Media Ministry            Mrs. Peggy Presley                        226-7248
Security Patrol           Mr. Bobby Wright                          225-5819
Literature & Tract
Ministry                  Mr. Doug Haning                           376-0664
Ushers                    Mr. Adrian Messer                         226-4347
Welcome Ministry          Mr. Rusty Rhodes                          617-2821

Mr. Paul Raines
Children's Choir          Mrs. Gretchen Skelton                     260-9889

Junior Choir               Mrs. Kim Phillips                       225-7560
Teen Choir                 Rev Chad Gamble                         226-7248

                         The Ministries of Temple Baptist Church

Rev. Gordon Taylor
Camping Club - Seniors     Parker King                             226-5709
Faith Bible Institute      Mrs. Janice Kay                         332-1638
                           Mr. David Shaw or Miss Debbie
God's Pantry               Shaw                               933-1394 or 958-1014
Homebound Ministry         Mrs. Lorene Thrasher                     225-4541

Mrs. Misty Stansell
                           Diane Hooker or Misty
For Women Only             Stansell                                226-7248
Ladies Bible Study         Mrs. Peggy Ball                         964-0025
Nursery                    Mrs. Robyn Green                        356-5622
Preschool Church           Mrs. Robyn Green                        356-5622
Resource Ministry          Mrs. Tracy Phillips                     947-1700
Secret Sisters             Mrs. Tracy Phillips                     947-1700
Wedding Representative     Mrs. Lori Milford                       225-1925

Rev. Chad Gamble
Overhead Projection        Dale Phillips                           947-1700
Audio                      Billy Milford                           225-1925
Athletics                  Rev. Chad Gamble                        226-7248
Video/Cameras              Rudy Evans                              225-4735
Web-Site Ministry          Rev. Chad Gamble                        226-7248

Bro. Brad Ramey
KFC                        Greg & Dodie Nichols                    847-5376
Children's Church          Doug & Diane Powell                     375-9583
Turbo Town                 Bro. Brad Ramey                         226-7248

        Temple Baptist Church’s 2010 Church-wide Events
January        3rd       Youth Choirs sing – Evening service
               6th       For Women Only         6:45pm
              22nd       Couples Date Night – Snow Tubing
              23rd       Teen Outing – Charlotte Bobcats Game
              24th       Deacon Elections (Morning Service)
              24th       Teen Take Over @ CiCi’s Pizza
              31st       VISION 2010 Presentation – PM service
              31st       Ministry Fair – following PM service

February       2nd       For Women Only 6:45pm
               6th       VisionCaster’s Fishing Tournament (Lake Keowee)
               7th       Youth Choirs sing – evening service
               9th       Joy Club Valentine’s Banquet
              11th       Deacon’s Meeting 7:30pm
              13th       Senior Adult Valentine’s Banquet
              13th       Teen Friendship Night
              20th       Missions Banquet
              20th       VisionCaster’s Fishing Tournament (Lake Hartwell)
              21st       Missions Day – A Heart For Missions
              25-27th    Couples Retreat
              28th       Communion
              28th       Teen Take Over @ Fuddruckers

March         2nd        For Women Only 6:45pm
              6th        Teen Sunday School Outing
              6th        VisionCaster’s Tournament (Lake Keowee)
              7th        HOMECOMING - Meal to follow AM service in Gym
             12-13th     Teen – True Love Waits Banquet/Trip
             13th        AWANA Games - Erskine College
             14th        Youth Choirs Sing – Evening service
             14th        TURBO TOWN DEDICATION
             15th        Awana Grand Prix
             18th        Deacon’s Meeting 7:30pm
              20th       Teen Yard Sale – Gym
             21st        Pastor Appreciation Day
             22nd-26th   Senior Adult Spring Trip – Williamsburg, VA

April        2nd         Good Friday
             4th         Easter Sunday
             10th        Sunday School Class Outing (Churchwide)
             10th        VisionCaster’s Tournament (Lake Hartwell)
             11th        Youth Sing – evening service
             15th        Deacon’s Meeting
             25th        Communion

May           4th            For Women Only 6:45pm
            6-8th            Men’s Retreat
              9th            Mother’s Day
              9th            Baby Dedication Day (this will be a yearly event) – PM service
             10th            College & Career Out to Eat
             13th            Deacon’s Meeting 7:30pm
             14th            Couple’s Date Night – Fall’s Park/Downtown Greenville
             16th            Honor Our Graduates
             22nd            VisionCaster’s Tournament (Lake Hartwell)
             23rd            Pastor’s Birthday Recognition

June         1st             For Women Only 6:45pm
             10th            The Inspirations 7:00pm
             12th            VisionCaster’s Tournament (Lake Hartwell)
             17th            Deacon’s Meeting
             20th            Father’s Day
             28th-July 2nd   Junior Camp
             29th            Joy Club Annual Independence Day Celebration

July         4th             Independence Day Celebration – Morning service (No PM service)
             5-9th           Teen Activity Week
             17th            Jubilee Community Saturation
             18th – 25h      JUBILEE (no service on Saturday – no PM service on the 25th)

August       12th            Deacon’s Meeting 7:30pm
             14th            Churchwide Training Day for all Ministries
             22nd            Baby & Children’s Day - Youth Day

September     5th            Senior Saints Day
              9th            Deacon’s Meeting
             10th            Couple’s Date Night
             16-18th         Ladies Retreat
             20-25th         Senior Adult Fall Trip

October      5th             For Women Only         6:45pm
             7th             Deacon’s Meeting 7:30pm
             16th            Family & Couple’s Hiking Trip
             31st            Trunk or Treat 4:00 – 5:30pm
             31st            The Primitives 6:00pm

November       2nd            For Women Only 6:45pm
               11th           Deacon’s Meeting 7:30pm
               24th           Thanksgiving Service Wed. Night 7:00pm
               28th           Communion

December       3rd            Couple’s Date Night
               7h             For Women Only 6:45pm
               12th           Youth Christmas Program
               19th           Adult Christmas Program

Several Ministries have preset times that they meet:
AWANA         6:30 p.m. Education Bldg. Every Wed. Night during school year
Deacon’s Meetings 7:30 p.m. Conference Room 2nd Thursday of each month
For Women Only       6:45 p.m.    Fellowship Hall 1st Tuesday of each month
KFC (Kids For Christ) 6:00 p.m. Gym Every 4th Sunday of the month (during PM services)
Ladies Bible Study 10:30 a.m. Senior Ladies Room Every Tuesday morning

Any events planned for groups must be put on the church calendar, as well as reservations for
church facilities or vehicles. To do this, fill out a reservation form located outside of the
bathrooms in Building A or outside the church office and place in the “church office” box. You
may also call in your reservation to the church office (226-7248) or e-mail the office at:

                Missionaries Supported by Temple Baptist Church

No.   Missionary or Group                      Field of Service
1     Dr. Biggs                                Cambodia & Viet Nam
2     Sam and Christina Gossett                Philippines
3     Tom Patterson                            Armed Forces Baptist Missions
4     Mike Hawkins                             AWANA - Upstate SC & Around the World
5     Jon and April Flowers                    Taiwan (Independent Republic of China)
6     Bill Smith                               England
7     Bob Dayton                               Nicaragua
8     Bob Monteith                             Japan
9     Carlos Johnson                           Honduras, Central America
10    Charles Arnold                           Honduras, Central America
11    Milton Nunes                             Brazil
12    Russell Turner                           British West Indies
13    Steve Canter                             Japan
14    Wade Dotson                              Brazil, South America
15    Vicktorys School for the Deaf            Botsawana
16    Blount Family                            Ethiopia
17    David and Andrea White                   Chile
18    David Peach                               Ethiopia
19    Jason and Sarah Sykes                    Venezuela
20    Rebeca Seals                             Mexico
21    John and Jovi McFadden                   Belize, Central America
22    Bob and Jodi Hayton                      Zambia
23    BIO Building                             BIO - World
24    Francesca DiGregorio                     China
25    Garvin & Faye Dykes                      Mission Director & Recruitment for BIO
26    Gomeju Tafese                            Ethiopia, Africa
27    Jason and Kate Christiansen              Egypt
28    John Yingling                            BIO Administrator
29    Nap Donado                               Philippines
30    Pastor Emaleng                           Botswana
31    Travis & Mimi Dykes                      Botsawana Deaf Ministry
32    Pastor Tesfaye Belachew                  Ethiopia
33    Angie Seals                              Mexico
34    Berhanu Yoseph                           East Africa
35    Joyce's Kids Lines 35-65 - 30 children   Botswana (Deaf children supported by individual members)
66    Yohannes Getaneh                         Zambia
67    Bruce Rosco                              South Korea
68    Ronnie Tabb                              Derby, Vermont
69    Jack Reiss                               Jewish People
70    Myles & Temple Sterling                  Hong Kong, China
71    Don Bright                               Macedonia
72    Bearing Precious Seed                    Translating, Printing Bibles for the World
73    Ted Barker                               Cuba
74    Tim Moore                                Alaska, USA
75    Rick Groover                             Church Planting
76    Jay and Linda Ayers                      Belize, Central America
77    Don Rich                                 Peru
78    Robert Burket                            England

              Missionaries Supported by Temple Baptist Church

79    Tom Kweder                            China
80    Children's Gospel Clubs               Around the World
81    Christian Law Association             Defending Christians in the court system
82    Evangelist Donnie Pollard             Evangelist to the USA
83    James Ammons                          Nigeria, West Africa
84    Daniel Toc                            Romania
85    John Sasser                           USA - Jews in Atlanta area
86    Rev. Jimmy Clark , Director           Farmer's Academy Girls Home
87    Bob Ford                              Bearing Precious Seed Representative
88    Billy Sampson                         World Wide Evangelism
89    Gospel Preachers Association          Mission Board
90    Gateway International Missions, Inc   Africa
91    Nathan Sears                          Mexico and Peru
92    Tim & Susan Vermaas                   Good News for Little People, Inc. (Children's Crusades)
93    Greer Baptist Camp Meeting            Greer, SC
94    John Quizon                           Philippines
95    Emmanuel Bereso                       Philippines
96    Wendell Runion                        World Wide Missions
97    Chris Murray                          Philipines
98    Robert Marsh                          Democratic Republic of Congo
99    Dan Woodard & Family                  Alberta, Canada
100   Lighthouse Home for Girls             Tallahassee, FL
101   Brian McClain                         Thailand
102   Charles Tinsley                       Cyprus
103   Curtis Couch                          Chile
104   Gordon Horton                         Canada
105   Richard Johnson                       USA - New York City, NY
106   Jeffrey Andrews                       Venezuela
107   Bob Garrett                           Spanish Speaking Churches - USA
108   Ron Naugle                            South Africa
109   Ronald Downey                         Wales, UK
110   Rudolph Waff                          Bolivia
111   Phillip Parker                        Church Planting
112   Gregoire Chimot                       France and Belgium
113   David Parks                           Germany
114   Stephen Kennedy                       Ireland
115   Jonathan & Tammy Quinn                West & Central Africa
116   Gregoire & Christina Chimot           France and Belgium
117   Dr. Art Sommerville                   France
118   Robbie Mullinax                       China
119   Howell Williams                       Papua, New Guinea
120   Jerry Alford                          Venezuela
121   Rev. Bob Ossewaarde                   Church Planting
122   TBC Radio Ministry                    Anderson, SC - USA
123   TBC Athletics                         Anderson, SC - USA
124   TBC PreSchool Church                  Anderson, SC - USA
      TBC Juniors Ministry (Kids for
125   Christ)                               Anderson, SC -   USA
126   TBC AWANA Club                        Anderson, SC -   USA
127   TBC Children's Church Ministry        Anderson, SC -   USA
128   TBC College & Career                  Anderson, SC -   USA

               Missionaries Supported by Temple Baptist Church

129   TBC Music (Choir )             Anderson, SC - USA
130   TBC Teen Ministry              Anderson, SC - USA
131   Lance Carpenter                Gospel Singer - USA
132   Hearts with Hands              Church-centered Disaster Relief in the USA
133   Dwight Parrish                 Costa Rica
134   Kabsu Kim                      Romania
135   Marlin Peterson                Ethiopia, Africa
136   Alexandro Sanchez              Spain
137   Dr. Anne Livingston            Haiti and the West Indies
138   Elwood Hurst                   Guatemala, Central America
139   Kelly Gilliam                  Australia
140   Lewis Howell                   New Zealand
141   Ronnie Walker                  Ghana, West Africa
142   Paul Young                     South Africa
143   Margaret Stringer              Indonesia - Retired
144   Stinnett Ballew                Evangelist to the USA
145   Rev. Ron Cockerham             Cuba

                                Temple Baptist Church
                               Annual Financial Statement

General Operating Expenses                                   Totals for 2009
Advertising                                                         $2,472.72
Bank Service Charges                                                  $145.27
Benevolence                                                         $1,464.65
Bereavement Meals                                                     $186.67
Bus { Gas & Expenses }                                             $17,538.42
Catering                                                              $293.10
Church Maintenance                                                 $13,234.41
Communion Supplies                                                     $35.90
Computer Repair / Software                                          $2,592.04
Copier Maintenance & Lease                                         $15,498.35
Decorating Church                                                     $197.00
Delivery Charges                                                      $175.00
Equipment - Gym Scoreboard                                          $2,900.00
Equipment - Purchased & Maintenance                                $20,522.31
Fellowship Supplies                                                   $643.17
Floral                                                              $2,053.71
Furniture                                                             $238.23
Inspections                                                         $1,894.36
Insurance { Bus }                                                   $3,314.44
Insurance { Life - Health - Property }                             $61,811.37
Interest & Finance Charges                                            $163.71
Literature                                                          $1,968.56
Media                                                                 $926.82
Memorials                                                             $795.00
Miscellaneous                                                      $10,768.56
New Sanctuary Loan                                                $248,500.92
Office Supplies                                                     $7,158.02
Postage & Delivery                                                  $2,267.38
Property Maintenance                                               $11,684.45
Prophet's Chambers Renovations                                      $4,447.60
Refunds                                                               $488.67
Remodeling & Repairs                                               $12,974.06
Retirement Annuity - { Pastor pays 1/2 / Church pays 1/2 }         $15,600.00
Returned Checks                                                       $580.00
Roush Street Warehouse                                             $84,189.00
Security & Fire Alarm Monitoring                                    $1,452.70
Shower Supplies { Baby & Wedding }                                    $168.47
Special Concerts                                                    $8,380.00
Special Donation                                                       $75.00
Staff Operating Expenses                                            $7,869.13
Storage Unit Rental                                                   $650.00
Sunday School Check Cashing                                           $405.00
Sunday School Curriculum                                           $10,020.40
Tools                                                               $2,400.95
Trash Collection                                                    $2,379.78
Travel - Miscellaneous                                              $1,003.31
Utilities                                                          $60,268.25
Vacation Bible School                                               ($202.65)

                        Temple Baptist Church
                       Annual Financial Statement
Visiting Preachers - Lodging                             $390.12
Visiting Preachers - Meals                              $4,304.49
Webb Site                                               $1,582.28
Wedding Coordination                                    $1,250.00
Yard Maintenance                                        $6,992.33
Total General Operating Expenses                      $659,113.43

Ministries Expenses
Athletics Ministry                                      $1,587.87
AWANA                                                   $2,886.15
Children's Church                                       $1,171.04
College and Career                                       $380.18
Couples Ministry                                       $10,777.02
Deacons                                                  $977.01
Faith Bible Institute                                    $348.86
For Women Only                                           $239.19
God's Pantry                                            $2,227.38
Juniors Ministry - KFC                                  $2,039.70
Media Table                                             $4,175.42
Men on a Mission                                           $80.40
Music Ministry                                          $8,342.81
PreSchool Church                                        $1,867.31
Radio Broadcast                                          $950.00
Senior Adult Ministry                                  $10,211.82
Shoe Box Ministry                                        $273.00
Sound & Video Ministry                                  $9,816.32
Teen Ministry                                           $8,550.00
Temple Child Care                                       $2,220.13
Temple Christian Academy                                $5,041.25
Ushers Ministry                                            $25.44
Vision Casters                                           $149.00
Total Ministry Expenses { Includes Reimbursements }    $74,337.30

Missions                                              $114,567.08

Payroll Taxes
TBC Federal                                            $53,341.19
TBC State                                               $8,069.58
Total Payroll Taxes                                    $61,410.77

TOTAL SALARIES                                        $329,687.75

                             Temple Baptist Church
                            Annual Financial Statement

Special Events
Fireworks for New Years                                       $400.00
Mother Daughter Brunch Deposit                               $2,567.80
Pastor Appreciation                                          $2,100.00
Wild Game Banquet                                            $1,008.55
Graduation Recognition                                        $794.85
Mother's Day Recognition                                      $377.50
Rescue Day                                                   $1,600.72
Staff Birthday Recognition                                   $2,700.00
Secretary's Day (3 Secretaries)                               $150.00
Senior Saints Day                                            $1,939.09
Wade Spencer Concert                                         $2,500.00
Jubilee 2009                                                $13,582.30
Jubilee Childcare                                            $1,331.80
Fund Raiser / Benefit                                        $4,685.50
Total Special Events                                        $35,738.11

TOTAL EXPENSES                                           $1,274,854.44

Balance brought forward                                     $61,023.57
Checks voided                                                 $856.82
Deposits for the year                                    $1,489,157.90

Income Transfers :
  New Account & Savings Account Transfers                 -$163,000.69
  Turbo Town Special Offerings                             -$51,896.23
Total Transfers                                            $214,896.92

Expenses for the year                                    -$1,274,854.44

Balance for the Year                                        $61,286.93

                              Temple Christian Academy
                              Annual Financial Statement

I. Operating Expenses

Bob Jones Press                                                 15,673.36
A Beka Material                                                     72.30
Academic Testing                                                 1,229.53
Advertising                                                      8,255.81
After School Care Salaries                                       8,255.81
Benevolence (Speakers, Charitable Gifts, Teacher Bonus’, etc.)   2,457.08
Classroom Supplies                                               3,439.71
Copier Lease and Maintenance                                     2,815.25
Student Accidental Accident Insurance                              654.50
Dues and Subscriptions (SCACS)                                   1,498.50
Field Trips including Gas                                        1,364.25
Fundraiser Expenses                                                250.00
Student Extracurricular Activities                                 211.45
Miscellaneous                                                    1,743.00
Lunch Program                                                      419.41
Graduation and Awards                                              410.17
Office Supplies                                                  1,934.12
Yearbook and Student/Staff Shirts                                  883.85
Postage and Delivery                                               625.05
Bank Service Charges                                                35.50
Salaries, Taxes and Medical Insurance                          167,609.72
Phone Service                                                    1,168.79
Internet Access                                                    385.15
ACS Technologies                                                 1,279.65

II. Facilities/Improvements

Building Up-Keep, Supplies and Lockers                          1,739.84

Beginning Balance January 1, 2009                               8,396.86
Total Income                                                  214,939.75
Total Expenses                                                217,728.99

                    Temple Child Care
                   Financial Statement

Payroll / Taxes                         $228,505.73
Return Checks                           $ 4,061.85
Classroom Supplies / Curriculum         $ 5,002.08
Sam's / Wal-Mart                        $ 18,395.82
Phone                                   $ 5,811.53
Insurance                               $ 11,723.83
Pest Control                            $ 540.00
Janitorial Supplies and Services        $ 4,749.50
D.S.S. / DHEC (New Employee)            $ 656.61
Office Supplies                         $ 3,852.45
Other / Misc.                           $ 9,257.15

                Total Expenses          $292,556.55
                Total Deposits          $290,155.10

    Malachi 3:8-10          Concerning Tithes and Offerings                         Luke 6:38

There are boxed envelopes located in the vestibule and outside the Church Office that you
can take and put your weekly tithes in. (If the dates on the envelope do not correspond
with the date you are giving, simply scratch out the date and put the correct one.) We also
have envelopes in the pews if you forget your other ones. Whichever envelope you use,
please fill out all applicable sections completely. Also, be sure to put your check number
in the upper left corner of the envelope for IRS reasons. A complete “Contribution
Statement” will be prepared in January for each contributor for the prior year. If you have
any questions regarding your giving during the year, contact the church office.

                                       Church Office Hours

                     Monday – Friday                  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

     Occasionally our duties require us to leave the office, please leave a message and
                      your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

 The secretaries reserve Sundays for worship. Please place your requests in
   writing in the church office box or call during regular business hours.
                   (226-7248) Thank you for understanding.

                              Guidelines for Church Property
   1. The fellowship hall and/or gym may be used by active church members for personal
      gatherings such as family reunions, wedding receptions, etc. on a first come-first
      serve basis.

   2. The church van may be used by a group in the church for a church event, not for a
      member’s personal use. Members are responsible for refueling/cleaning before
      returning to the church.

   3. Any request for the use of facilities or vehicles must be made by filling out a
      reservation form located outside the church office and returned in the box beside it.
      The church secretary will put the reservation on the church calendar and will contact
      you if there is a conflict. Any church related function will take precedent if there is a
      conflict in dates.

                                              Cleanliness Guidelines
As an active member you have the privilege of using the church facilities for personal gatherings as well as Sunday School
fellowships and other ministry gatherings. Of course, with this privilege comes the responsibility of caring for the facilities.

Please use these checklists to ensure that each facility is clean for the next group that is using it.

               Clean up all wet spills before sweeping.
               Sweep all floors.
               Check the bathrooms for cleanliness.
               Put away all tables, chairs, lattice, decorations, etc.
               Put away all toys and sports equipment in the proper place.
               Remove all trash to the dumpster behind the building.
               Refill the trashcans with liners.
               Turn off the lights.
               Turn off the heat/AC.
               Lock the door.

You will find cleaning supplies in the Ladies bathroom and outside the door nearest the “dumpster” side of the gym.

           Sweep floor & mop any spills.
           Clean all appliances (stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator)
           Wash all dishes used and return to proper location
           Clean all counters
           Return all tables and chairs to original setup
           Make sure bathrooms are left clean
           Wash and return any dish rags used
           Take out trash to the dumpster behind gym
           Turn off the heat/AC
           Turn off lights
           Lock the door

You will find the vacuum and cleaning supplies in the cabinets underneath the sink or in the Janitorial Supply closet located
in the hallway of the Education building between the restrooms by the church office entrance.

Please leave the room in better condition than you found it! Some Sunday School teachers are not able to come early to
ready the rooms for use on Sunday and it is very disruptive to have to clean up someone else’s mess before teaching a

                              Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our facilities clean
                                         and ready for use by the next ministry.

                               Guidelines for Bereavement

1. The church voted in 1995 to send a flower or memorial when there is a death of a
   member or the member’s spouse, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, or sister.

2. A bereavement meal will be done by the church when there is a death of a member
   or the member’s spouse, father, mother, son or daughter.
Note: If a member is in the hospital, the church does not send a flower. It is up to the individual Sunday
School Classes to decide what to do for one of their members.

     The church will continue to send flowers as outlined above. Please notify the church office
as soon as you know of a death in one of our church families. If the family requests it, a
memorial gift of $50.00 will be given in lieu of flowers. The church secretary will order the
flowers or forward the memorial gift.
     We have asked our Sunday School classes to shepherd those in their class. To create a closer
relationship between the class members and involve the class in ministering to their grieving class
members, we ask that each class be responsible for the bereavement meals. The church will pay
$25.00 for the meat item, if the class is not able to provide it, and ask that the class provide the
other items and make necessary arrangements for serving the meal. A bill for the meat item
should be turned into the church office for reimbursement.
     In addition to the above church guidelines, the Sunday School class, at its own discretion,
may decide to send flowers or provide a meal from their class for extended family members
beyond those listed above in the “Guidelines for Bereavement.”
     The class might also decide to send flowers to class members who are in the hospital. If your
class orders flowers to be billed to the church, please ask the florist to put on the statement that
the flowers were ordered by your class. This will be a great help to the church office.
     It is the goal of our church to minister to our church family in every way possible at their time
of need. This requires a combined effort by all of our church family. This is only intended as a
guide to see that no one is overlooked or neglected. Help us by keeping the church office
informed any time you know of a situation that we need to know about. We will then make sure
that Sunday School class teachers and leaders are contacted.

                                    Guidelines for Showers
1. Showers are given by the church for active members who are getting married for
   the first time or having their first baby. The couple’s Sunday School class will
   schedule the shower through the church office and handle all arrangements. The
   costs of the showers should be no more than $35.00 per shower and reimbursed by
   the church.
2. The announcement of a shower given by the church will be put in the bulletin the
   week before and the day of the shower.
3. All showers are given in the church fellowship hall on a Sunday evening from 4:00 to

Note: If a member is having a baby and it is not their first child, a birth announcement will be put
in the bulletin. Those who wish to give a gift may bring it to the church to give to the family.

                            Summary of Wedding Agreement
It is very important to note that the membership of Temple Baptist Church is not asked
to pay fees for the use of its facilities. The fees listed below are designated to provide
payment to the individuals who carry the responsibility of the task below. These
individuals are providing a service and are sacrificing their time to ensure that your
wedding is the special day you desire it to be. All fees must be paid at least 2 weeks
prior to the wedding.

Sound Technician (1 person, 7 hours approximately)            $ 50.00
Video Technician (3 people, 7 hours approximately)            $150.00

Church Representative ( 12 hours approximately) $100.00

Custodial Services (2 people/4 hours approximately)           $200.00
      $100.00 for clean up of Sanctuary
      $100.00 for clean up of Reception Hall
   *Custodial services following the wedding ceremony & reception may be requested prior to
wedding date at the bride/groom’s expense. This must be pre-arranged to ensure the custodian’s
availability. If you choose to decline custodial services you then assume responsibility of all
clean up required following wedding/reception. A detailed list of proper clean-up of church and
gymnasium is available through the church representative.*

If you are unable to pay these fees, Temple Baptist Church will assume the responsibility of the
named fees at your request. There must be a pre-arranged agreement by both parties at least one
month prior to the wedding date.

I understand the terms regarding the wedding guidelines of Temple Baptist Church and
agree to pay the fees listed above.

Bride’s Signature ________________________________ Date _____________________

Groom’s Signature _______________________________ Date _____________________

Church Representative ____________________________ Date _____________________

       _____________ (circle)                       __________ (circle)
 Opening Time for sanctuary ______________ ____________________

 Opening Time for gym/fellowship hall ________________ ____________________

 TABLES:         Please indicate the number of tables needed below:

 REHEARSAL_____________ (rectangle)                     RECEPTION__________ (rectangle)
               _____________ (circle)                        __________ (circle)


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