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									Planning the Perfect Family Vacation in Edmonton

Edmonton is a wonderful spot for a family vacation for both Canadian and international travelers. When
visualizing Edmonton, Alberta many individuals think of the well known West Edmonton Mall, that is
among the biggest shopping malls in the world. Even though this attraction is great for children, having
an entire amusement park and many outlets inside, the city has a lot to offer to its guests like
attractions, events and some of the most accommodating Edmonton hotels. When preparing a holiday
getaway, settle on an itinerary, to make the most of the holiday and book a hotel in Edmonton in
advance, in order to guarantee the best possible rooms and prices.

The Benefits of Edmonton: A World Within a City
Edmonton has something for everybody. The city hosts world famous events and sight-seeing
opportunities that can offer amusement for virtually any duration of stay:

Arts and culture is essential for Edmonton. The city is home to numerous art galleries as well as
museums. The gallery walk can be a popular way of spending a day, to reduce the visit of art galleries
and exhibits. The particular walk has eight distinctive galleries in a twelve block region.

Sporting activities are prominent inside the city. Just about any family that's visiting Edmonton can take
the kids to a variety of games including hockey, baseball and minor league matches. This can be a
fantastic way to bond with your family, whilst enjoying some sports arena fare, and cheering alongside
local Edmonton sports lovers.

Edmonton contains a beautiful scenery. The River Valley is a world famous trail that families can visit
again and again, seeing different sites with each and every visit throughout the 160 kilometer stretch of
natural beauty. The River Valley is North America’s largest metropolitan park. Guests can rent bicycles,
rollerblades or perhaps walk the hiking trails, for physical activity as well as a way to investigate exactly
what Edmonton is offering, in the great outdoors.

The city is certainly world renowned for its shopping centres. You will find a shop for anyone’s taste.
Parents and kids alike can find anything they fancy. The shops throughout Edmonton are a fantastic
bargain, and a lot of guests visit Edmonton, based on this particular element alone.

Edmonton has events all year around. The city is Canada’s celebration city, offering over thirty festivals
each year. There are numerous outdoor concert events and plays from Shakespeare to improvisational
comedy sketches. This is the best way to spend an evening with the whole family.

The IZOD IndyCar series race goes to Edmonton in the summer. This is a fast paced and action packed
event that's guaranteed to please any car enthusiasts, who like to see the pedal pushed to the metal, for
ultimate speed and heart rushing exhilaration. This event takes place at the City Centre Airport.

Edmonton Hotels
Selecting hotels in Edmonton is a crucial part of the trip. A hotel needs to have all of the
accommodations that a family could require in case they would like to spend an afternoon or evening
indoors, and to guarantee their relaxation:

- For the children, a hotel that has a swimming pool is an absolute must. An indoor pool offers fun and
enjoyment any time of the year, and it’s a wonderful way to stay active while the kids are taking a break
from their extracurricular activities from back home.
- Many families prefer to take their pets alongside with them on vacation. A hotel that is pet friendly will
be the best option, to accommodate pets, comfortably and safely.
- Family friendly hotels that have a children’s room is great for parents who would like to get in a little
time alone. A children’s room is equipped with everything that kids adore, such as a Nintendo Wii
Gaming Console.
- Hotels with restaurants are a necessity for a night in. A hotel with a variety of dining places is the best
choice, so that the family can choose the best places to dine based on the formality of the occasion. A
hotel restaurant usually supplies a wide variety of plate pleasing choices, to suite any taste. Numerous
hotels may even provide you with the entertainment of a dinner theatre in one of their dining places.
This is a fun and pleasant way to have a meal with the family.

Selecting one of many accommodating Edmonton hotels the city has to offer can provide a comfortable
and exquisite experience for the whole family. In combination with the events, attractions and shopping,
families that are remaining in Edmonton for their holiday are going to be guaranteed an unforgettable
experience to last a lifetime.


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