; Tel-Hi Salutes Denise McCarthy
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Tel-Hi Salutes Denise McCarthy

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            Te l e g r a p h H i l l N e i g h b o r h o o d C e n t e r
                                                                                 NEWS         Spring 2008

Tel-Hi Salutes Denise McCarthy
                                  Denise McCarthy retired from Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center (Tel-Hi) in December
  In This Edition...
                               2005 after a quarter of a century of dedicated service to the children, families, and seniors
  President’s Message, 2
                               living in northeast San Francisco. As Tel-Hi’s executive director, Denise helped build a con-
     News & Notes, 3
                               tinuum of services that have nurtured the potential of thousands of children and created
                               innovative programs that allow seniors to age with dignity.
     Betty’s Story, 4-5           As a community advocate,
                               Denise worked tirelessly with
Tel-Hi Transforms Buildings    residents, local businesses,
and Services, and History of   and community leaders to
    Health Services, 6-7
                               ensure our neighborhood
    Taste of Tel-Hi, 8-9
                               remains the most ethnically,
                               economically, and cultur-
   Volunteers at Tel-Hi, 9     ally diverse in San Francisco.
                               Our community has greatly
 Donors & Wish List, 10-11     benefited from the service,
                               care, and commitment Denise
 About our Programs, 12
                               provided over the years. Since
                               her retirement, Denise remains
     Contact Us!               involved with Tel-Hi as a volun-
       Tim Daniels             teer, advisor, and mentor.
     Executive Director           To acknowledge Denise’s
    415-421-6443 x 11                                                        Denise McCarthy surrounded by Tel-Hi participants
                               many contributions to our
                               community, Tel-Hi has established the Denise McCarthy Endowment. The endowment
       Donna Faure             will be used to provide ongoing support to programs at Tel-Hi. Funds will be restricted to
  Director of Development      program support. We invite you to honor Denise’s legacy by making a gift to the endowment
     415-421-6443 x 34
                               campaign. Contributions of all levels are accepted and greatly appreciated. All contributors
                               will be recognized through a special permanent marker at Tel-Hi. The campaign will end
      Teresa O’Brien           June 30, 2008.
    Director of Programs          To make a gift to the campaign, please send a check in the enclosed envelope made out
    415-421-6443 x 27
                               to Tel-Hi and write “McCarthy Endowment” in the memo section. Contact Tim Daniels at
                               415-421-6443 x 11 or tdaniels@tel-hi.org to learn more about the Denise McCarthy Endowment.

 Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center      660 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94133       www.tel-hi.org      415-421-6443
President’s Message
                e a r Fr ie n d s a nd Ne ig hb o r s,
                    As yo u read t h ro ugh t h is n ews l etter yo u m ay no tice that “c hang e” is a recur r i n g
                the m e. Wh ile we are h o n o r in g the l eg ac y o f D enis e M c Car thy, o u r l o ng -tim e exe c ut i ve
                direc tor who retired in 2005, we a re a l s o m ov i n g fo r wa rd w i t h m a ny o f t h e p ro j e c t s
   s he star te d, i nc ludin g t h e ren ovat io n o f the s o u th w ing o f o u r bu il ding. R ead m o re a b o ut o ur
   hi stor y a nd pla ns fo r t h e n ew space in t he ar tic l e “N ew S paces, N ew S er v ices.” I n “ B e t t y ’s Sto r y ”
   yo u’ ll le ar n about h ow o n e ch ild grew a nd c hang ed over the year s w ith the s u ppo r t o f t h e Te l -
   H i co mmuni t y.
        O ne thing that hasn’t
   c h a n ged over the years is
   t hat e ve r yone i s welco me at
   Te l -H i . M y number o n e go al
   fo r t he year is to encourage
   m o re fr iends and neighbors
   to g e t i nvolve d ( o r mo re
   i nvo l ved) with Tel-H i. As
   t he n e w board p resident, my
   ho p e i s to br i ng to get h er all
   t he di ffe re nt par t s o f t h e Tel-
   H i co mmuni t y...o ur f amilies
   a nd s e ni or s who p ar t icipate
   i n o u r programs, t h e vo lun -
   te er s who he lp mak e many
   o f t h e progra m s so sp ecial,
   o u r donors who make our
   p ro gra m s pos s i ble, o ur co m-         Dan Carlevaro and Millicent Bogert serve turkey to 400 attendees at annual Thanksgiving Dinner
   m u n i t y members who meet
   at o ur ce nte r i n th e even in gs to mak e No r th B eac h a better pl ace, and o u r dedic ated s t a f f w h o
   k e ep i t a ll goi ng.
        Tel- H i has won der f ul ac t ivit ies go in g o n year ro u nd, and I’d l ik e to m ak e s u re yo u k n ow
   a b o u t the m . We want yo u to be a p ar t o f o u r s pir ited yo u th bas k etbal l g am es, o u r com m un i t y
   e ve nts, our fundraisers, our ser vices, an d m o re. We w i l l b e i n a u g u rat i n g a n e - m a i l u p d ate o f
   ha p p e ni ngs at Tel-H i, so sen d yo ur e -ma il addres s to do nna@ tel -hi. o rg if yo u’d l ik e to re ce i ve
   t h e s e messages.
        S o, now ’s the t ime to get to k n ow more! I f yo u’ve never been to o ne o f o u r event s, p l e a s e
   co m e. I f you haven’t been to o ur cente r l atel y, s to p by and s ay hel l o. When yo u are h e re, t a k e
   a m i n u te to c hat wit h a st af f memb er o r parent o r s enio r in the nex t ro o m to f ind o u t w hy Te l - H i
   i s s u c h a s pe c i al p lace to so many. We’re a neig hbo r ho o d center – we’re here fo r ever yo n e.

   M i lli ce nt B o g e r t
   Presi d e nt, B o ard o f D i rec to rs

                                                                                                                          News & Notes
Thank You                                                                     2007-2008 Board of Directors
   Last July four dedicated long-time board members stepped                            Millicent D. Bogert, President
down after seven years of service each. Jackie Besser shared                            Gail Switzer, Vice President
her business experience and contacts to support our annual                              Victoria L. Carlin, Treasurer
event. Frances Choun served as president of Tel-Hi’s board                               Pamela Duffy, Secretary
during a critical time in our history. She successfully oversaw        Jack Bair                         Dan Giraudo
the transition of leadership at Tel-Hi when our executive              Asim M. Bhansali                  Denis Henmi
director retired after a 25-year tenure. Sandy Hoeffer served          Bruce Carlton                     Anthony C. Lincoln
as both the president of our board and co-chair of our annual          Ted Dienstfrey                    Katherine A. Munter
fundraising event in 2007. She fostered an important                   Dale Fehringer                    Rona Michele Spiegel
partnership between the San Francisco Bay Club and Tel-Hi              Nestor L. Fernandez II            Brian B. Wilsey
to bring more fitness and wellness services to Tel-Hi. Patty
McCrary has been involved with our center for over 25 years,               Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center (Tel-Hi), founded
                                                                           About Tel-Hi
                                                                           in 1890, provides opportunities for individuals and
with the last seven as a board member. She has been both
a great fundraiser and a great spirit raiser for Tel-Hi. Last year          families in our neighborhood to enrich their founded
                                                                           Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center (Tel-Hi),quality of
Patty was instrumental in bringing in Rebuilding Together                   life. Focusing on opportunities for individuals and
                                                                           in 1890, provides low to moderate income children,
to provide a much-needed new coat of paint to the inte-                     youth, in our and seniors, we enrich their quality of
                                                                           familiesfamiliesneighborhood tocreate and strengthen
                                                                            community bonds, provide health and wellness
                                                                           life. Focusing on low- to moderate-income children,
rior of our building. Jackie, Frances, Sandy, and Patty have
                                                                            programs, and broaden education and cultural
                                                                           youth, families and seniors, we create and strengthen
been wonderful board members, and we know they will
                                                                            experiences. Tel-Hi’s programs serve more than 600
                                                                           community bonds, provide health and wellness pro-
continue to be faithful friends and ambassadors for Tel-Hi in
                                                                            children, youth, seniors and community members
                                                                           grams, and broaden education and cultural experi-
our community.
                                                                           ences. Tel-Hi’s programs serve more than 600 children,
Welcome                                                                    youth, seniors and community members each day.
                                                                            Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center (Tel-Hi) es una
   We welcome four new board members to our board. Asim                    Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center (Tel-Hi) es una
                                                                            organización sin fines de lucro que da recursos para
Bhansali is a partner with the law firm Keker & Van Nest, LLP.             organización sin fines de lucro que da recursos para
                                                                            auto ayuda y darle poder mental / espiritual a la gente
Asim has volunteered in many of our programs to better                      que ayuda y darle poder mental / espiritual a Russian
                                                                           auto vive y trabaja en North Beach, Chinatown, la gente
understand Tel-Hi’s mission. Dale Fehringer has volunteered                que vive y trabaja en North Beach, Chinatown, Russian
                                                                            Hill, y Fisherman’s Wharf. Tel-Hi provee servicios
with Tel-Hi for many years. He is a writer and editor and is                multiculturales y Wharf. Tel-Hi provee servicios multi-
                                                                           Hill, y Fisherman’smultibilingues, a los niños, jóvenes,
keenly interested in our services for seniors. Anthony Lin-                culturales y multilingues, a los niños, jóvenes, familias
                                                                            familias y personas mayores; servicios médicos; y
coln is the former director of the Mayor’s Office of Children,              comunidad planeamiento y desarrollo y comunidad
                                                                           y personas mayores; servicios médicos;económico.
Youth, and their Families. He is especially interested in our              planeamiento y desarrollo económico.
teen programming at North Beach Place. Nestor Fernandez                     Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center (Tel-Hi) é un
                                                                           Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center (Tel-Hi) é un
is the regional manager of the San Francisco Bay Club. With                 centro communitario di risorse e servizi per il
                                                                           centro communitario di risorse e servizi per il pro-
Nestor’s support, Tel-Hi will continue to partner with the San              progresso e l’autonomia della gente chi risiede e lavora
                                                                           gresso e l’autonomia della gente chi risiede e lavora
Francisco Bay Club to bring more health and fitness program-                nei quartieri di North Beach, Chinatown, Russian Hill, e
                                                                           nei quartieri di North Beach, Chinatown, Russian Hill, e
ming to our center.                                                         Fisherman’s Wharf. Tel-Hi offer servizi multiculturali
                                                                           Fisherman’s Wharf. Tel-Hi offre servizi multiculturali per
                                                                            per lo sviluppo sociale e economico di bambini,
                                                                           lo sviluppo sociale e economico di bambini, ragazzi, e
Planning for Our Future                                                     ragazzi,
                                                                           anziani. e anziani.
   One of the most meaningful ways you can support Tel-Hi is
to make a legacy gift from your estate. Your bequest, life in-
come gift or other planned giving choice secures the future of
our neighborhood center. Many deferred gifts also offer you
significant tax or life income benefits. Contact Tim Daniels at
415-421-6443 x 11 to explore making a planned gift to Tel-Hi.
              i!        My name is Betty and I am 18                                 t h e a f t e r s c h o o l p r o g r a m . U s u a l l y my g r a n d -
                     ye a r s o l d. I c u r re n t l y wo r k fo r                  m o t h e r w o u l d p i c k h i m u p, b u t b e c a u s e s h e
                 Te l e g r a p h H i l l N e i g h b o r h o o d Ce n -             was getting older and walking was not as
                 t e r –Te l - H i fo r s h o r t . I c a m e t o Te l - H i         e a s y a s i t u s e d t o b e, my o t h e r b r o t h e r o r I
                 a s a p r e s c h o o l e r, s o Te l - H i h a s b e e n           wo u l d p i c k h i m u p. M o s t d a y s I wo u l d p a s s b y
my s e c o n d h o m e fo r o ve r 1 6 ye a r s. O n e o f my                        t h e s t a f f o f f i c e a n d s e e M i c h e l l e J u s t i c e, t h e
f a v o r i t e m e m o r i e s o f p re s c h o o l w a s t h a t t h e             fo r m e r p r o g r a m d i r e c t o r, s i t t i n g a t h e r d e s k .
fo o d w a s d e l i c i o u s. I o n c e a s k e d a n o t h e r g i r l            My brother and I would go into the room and
w h o h a d a l s o g o n e t o t h e p re s c h o o l w h a t s h e                 g r e e t h e r, a n d s h e wo u l d a l w a y s a s k , “ H o w ’s
m i s s e d m o s t a n d s h e s a i d, “ I m i s s t h e fo o d…                   your grandmother doing?” There were also
i t w a s ve r y d e l i c i o u s.” H e a r i n g t h a t m a d e m e               o t h e r t e a c h e r s a t Te l - H i w h o a s k e d a b o u t o u r
laugh, as I re -                                                                                                                         f a m i l y t o o. I

c a l l e d my t wo                                                                                                                      remember when
years eating the                                                                                                                         my f a m i l y w a s
fo o d i n p r e -                                                                                                                       going through
s c h o o l. H o n e s t -                                                                                                               a really tough
l y, t h e fo o d w a s                                                                                                                  time and Mi-

extremely good!                                                                                                                          chelle asked
      After gradu-                                                                                                                       how we were
ating from pre -                                                                                                                         doing and I
s c h o o l, I e n t e re d                                                                                                              s t a r t e d t o c r y.
Garfield Elemen-                                                                                                                         She was there to
tary School in                                                                                                                           listen and give
North Beach.                                                                                                                             me a hug and

                                   Growing up at Tel-Hi
Te l - H i n o t o n l y                                                                                                                 c o m fo r t m e.
h a s a p re s c h o o l                                                                                                                       One of the
program, but it                                                                                                                          b e s t d a y s o f my
a l s o o f fe r s a n                                                                                                                   l i fe w a s w h e n
a f t e r s c h o o l e n r i c h m e n t p ro g r a m fo r e l e m e n -            I w a s o f fe r e d a j o b r i g h t h e r e a t Te l - H i w h e n
t a r y s t u d e n t s i n t h e n e i g h b o r h o o d, s o e ve r y -            I w a s 1 4 . I w a s s o e xc i t e d t h a t d a y t h a t I
d a y a f t e r s c h o o l I wo u l d r i d e a ye l l o w s c h o o l              r u s h e d h o m e s m i l i n g a n d w a i t e d fo r my m o m
b u s t o Te l - H i .                                                               t o c o m e h o m e f r o m wo r k . W h e n s h e a r r i ve d , I
      D u r i n g my f i f t h g r a d e g r a d u a t i o n f r o m                 b r o k e t h e n e w s t o h e r. “ M o m my ! M i c h e l l e o f -
G a r f i e l d E l e m e n t a r y S c h o o l, a m a j o r i t y o f t h e         fe r e d m e a j o b a t Te l - H i ! ! ! ” T h a t d a y w a s t h e
s t a f f f r o m Te l - H i c a m e t o c e l e b r a t e w i t h m e               f i r s t t i m e, a f t e r a l m o s t t w o m o n t h s o f s o r r o w
a n d t h e o t h e r Te l - H i k i d s. W h e n o u r n a m e s                    s i n c e t h e d a y my d a d p a s s e d a w a y, t h a t I s a w
w e r e c a l l e d t o re c e i ve o u r d i p l o m a s, we c o u l d              my m o m s m i l e. I c a n h o n e s t l y s a y t h a t s e e -
h e a r t h e Te l - H i s t a f f s c re a m a n d s h o u t o u r                  i n g my m o m s m i l e l i k e s h e d i d m a d e my l i fe
n a m e s o u t l o u d. J u s t b e i n g a b l e t o h e a r t h e i r             ( n o t i c e h o w I d i d n’t s a y “ t h a t m a d e my d a y ” ) .
e n c o u r a g e m e n t p u t a b i g s m i l e o n my f a c e. I                  Michelle has always been and will always be
fe l t s o p ro u d t o b e a p a r t o f a p ro g r a m w i t h                     my h e r o.
people who cared so much about me and the                                                   I we n t t o Lo we l l H i g h S c h o o l a n d fo r m o s t
o t h e r k i d s.                                                                   o f my t i m e t h e r e I w a s a b l e t o e a r n m o n e y
      I n e i g h t h g r a d e, I wo u l d s o m e t i m e s v i s i t              wo r k i n g a t Te l - H i a s p a r t o f t h e M a yo r ’s Yo u t h
Te l - H i a g a i n t o p i c k u p my l i t t l e b ro t h e r f r o m             E m p l o y m e n t a n d E d u c a t i o n Pr o g r a m ( M Y E E P ) .

M Y E E P i s a p ro g r a m t h a t h e l p s h i g h s c h o o l           m a t t e r. Wo r k i n g i s s o m e t h i n g t h a t I e n j o y
s t u d e n t s i n S a n Fr a n c i s c o f i n d j o b s a n d             d o i n g, a n d i t k e e p s m e f r o m b e i n g b o r e d a n d
t e a c h e s j o b re a d i n e s s s k i l l s. T h e p ro g r a m                                          h a v i n g n o t h i n g t o d o fo r
r u n s t h ro u g h o u t t h e                                                                              t h a t d a y. I wo r k d u r i n g
s c h o o l ye a r a n d o ve r                                                                               the school year as well
t h e s u m m e r a l s o.                                                                                     as the summer because I
T h e p ro g r a m h e l p s                                                                                   wo u l d r a t h e r b e p r o d u c -
p a r t i c i p a n t s d e ve l o p                                                                            tive and have something
j o b s k i l l s a n d p ro v i d e                                                                            else to do than just
work experiences                                                                                                homework.
t h a t i n c re a s e c a re e r                                                                                       O ve r t h e y e a r s I
a w a r e n e s s a n d f u t u re                                                                               helped out with both
employability and                                                                                                admin work and also
increase their knowl-                                                                                             worked sometimes with
edge of educational                                                                                               the younger children
opportunities and                                                                                                  a n d t h e s e n i o r s. I a m
c o m m u n i t y i s s u e s. I                                                                                   now enrolled at San
fe l t l u c k y t o b e p l a c e d                                                                               Fr a n c i s c o S t a t e s t u d y -
i n Te l e g r a p h H i l l N e i g h -                                                                            ing business adminis-
b o r h o o d Ce n t e r fo r my
M Y E E P j o b s.
                                                   Betty, age 6, at th                                              tration, but I am con-

                                                    Tel-Hi Playground
                                                                                                                     t i n u i n g my w o r k p a r t
       MYEEP has taught                                                                                              t i m e a t Te l - H i a s s i s t i n g
me a lot about jobs and                                                                                                   the finance man-
what I need to know                                                                                                            a g e r. Wo r k i n g a t
a b o u t g e t t i n g a j o b. T h e y                                                                                       Te l - H i h a s a l w a y s
provided training on how                                                                                                      b e e n a j o y i n my
t o p r e p a re a t i m e s h e e t ,                                                                                       l i fe. I f y o u w a n t t o
c r e a t e a r e s u m e, a n d h o w                                                                                      do something great
t o a p p l y fo r a j o b. M Y E E P                                                                                       i n y o u r s p a r e t i m e,
a l s o h e l p s d e ve l o p s o c i a l                                                                                 then I recommend
s k i l l s t h ro u g h i c e b re a k e r                                                                                you volunteer at
games and by allowing                                                                                                     Te l e g r a p h H i l l N e i g h -
e v e r yo n e a s a y i n g ro u p                                                                                      b o r h o o d Ce n t e r. I t ’ l l
a c t i v i t i e s.                                                                                                     not only help the
       Some people may                                                                                                  o r g a n i z a t i o n , b u t i t ’s
not know just how lucky                                                                                                self-satisfying (trust
t h e y a re t o h a ve a j o b.                                                                                      m e, I ’ v e v o l u n t e e r e d
T h e y m a y s a y i t ’s b o r -                                                                                    w h i l e I w a s w o r k i n g,
                                                Betty, age 1
i n g, i t ’s s t u p i d, t h a t                          8, Tel-Hi’s                                              t o o ) . A n d i f y o u’r e
t h e y wo u l d r a t h e r g o                  Spreadsheet                                                       between the ages of
hang out with their                                            Whiz                                                1 4 - 1 7 a n d y o u’r e e n -
friends during the                                                                                                 rolled in a high school,
summer rather than having someone tell                                                                            t h e n c h e c k o u t t h e M Y-
them what to do or how things should be                                      E E P o p p o r t u n i t i e s a t w w w. my e e p. o r g !
d o n e. Fo r m e o n t h e o t h e r h a n d, t h a t d o e s n’t                                                                              - B e t t y Le i

New Spaces
            New Services
   If you walked past Tel-Hi’s Lombard Street entrance             the entire computer system will be completed in the
last year you may have noticed a transformation taking             coming months. The new lab will allow more seniors
place. More than likely, the gate was locked, the garden           and children to take advantage of the computer lab.
was full of old cabinetry and plumbing fixtures, and               Marcia Drew, our long-time volunteer computer class
construction workers were tearing out the walkway.                 teacher, and all her students are thrilled about this
   Construction began in May 2007 to convert the south             new development.
wing and former medical clinic into additional classroom
space and a new computer lab. Construction costs for
                                                                      We will be able to offer more arts-based
                                                                   learning programs for the children and seniors at
the renovation have been paid for by a grant from the
                                                                   Tel-Hi. One of the new rooms has been designed
Mayor’s Office of Community Development, foundation
                                                                   as an art studio and plans are underway to bring in in-
grants, and gifts from individuals. The work was guided
                                                                   structors to lead a variety of art activities.
by local architect, Harvey Hacker, who generously pro-
vided his services on a pro bono basis.                               Tel-Hi’s popular garden area is being redesigned as
   The new space is helping make possible changes                  both a place of respite and an educational venue where
in our programs that will impact our community for
years to come. Below are just some of the benefits the
remodel is making possible:

   More seniors and children will be served. We have
long waiting lists for many of our classes for seniors and
our after school program. The expanded space will al-
low us to gradually increase the number of seniors and
children enrolled in these programs.

   Fitness offerings for seniors, which now include                   Health Services at Tel-Hi:
Tai Chi and line dancing classes, have been expanded
to introduce Healthy Aging, a new movement class
                                                                      A History of Serving the
designed and staffed by personal fitness trainers from                North Beach Community
the San Francisco Bay Club. The class is helping seniors
develop the strength, flexibility, and balance needed for                Tel-Hi’s history of providing health services to people
everyday life movements. This exciting new service is                 living in North Beach began in 1890 with the vision of
now available twice a week in our new space thanks to                 our co-founders, Elizabeth Ashe and Alice Griffith. These
the generosity of the San Francisco Bay Club.                         two women – one a young nurse and the other a social
                                                                      worker – were concerned about the living conditions of
   Our computer lab is expanding from 11 to 21                        poor immigrants in the neighborhood. They realized that
computer stations and will soon be equipped with the                  one of the keys to improving the lives of the children and
latest technology, thanks to a grant from the Bothin                  families they served was by protecting their health.
Foundation. The new equipment and an overhaul of                         The scope of health services offered by Tel-Hi has
 preschoolers, after school program youth, and seniors can               with Disabilities Act requirements for accessibility.
 learn about nature and take part in environmental educa-
 tion activities. The new garden beds will be located in the                We invite you to stop by and see the new facili-
 sunniest part of the garden and designed to accommo-                    ties. To schedule a tour or learn more about Tel-Hi,
 date the needs of the different groups of gardeners.                    contact Donna Faure, Director of Development, at
                                                                         415-421-6443, x 34 or donna@tel-hi.org.
     The south wing of our building and the ramp and
                        walkway to the building on the
                         Lombard Street side entrance has
                          been upgraded to meet American

                                                                             communicable diseases.
                                                                                 In the 1970’s the medical clinic staff changed from
                                                                             volunteer nurses and doctors to salaried employees.
                                                                             The tradition of on-site medical care at Tel-Hi ended in
                                                                             2004 when Dr. Benjamin Fong and his family practice
                                                                             vacated our building after an 18-year tenure at Tel-Hi. Dr.
                                                                             Fong had served as the primary physician for many of
                                                                             our neighbors and the rent from his practice supported
                                                                             Tel-Hi’s programs and services. After Dr. Fong’s departure
changed over the years as the needs of our neighbor-                         Tel-Hi conducted a community needs assessment. We
hood changed. The first service offered was a visiting                       learned that the majority of our neighbors wanted to see
nurse program where the nurses, in addition to providing                     a different model of health services at Tel-Hi. The sur-
direct medical care, learned first hand about the poor                       veys showed a keen interest in programs that promoted
living conditions of their neighbors. They used this in-                     healthy lifestyles, including fitness programs, nutrition
formation to advocate for social                                                                                education, health screen-
change, including improved                                                                                      ings, and educational
building codes, better public                                                                                   seminars on preventative
sanitation, and more protective                                                                                 health issues.
child labor legislation. By 1903                                                                                    Today much of our
Tel-Hi had opened a medical                                                                                     programming is being re-
clinic staffed by doctors and                                                                                   shaped around a “healthy
nurses who volunteered their                                                                                    lifestyle” model. Recently
services. Some of Tel-Hi’s early                                                                                Tel-Hi hosted workshops
accomplishments in the field                                                                                    for seniors on vision
of public health included the                                                                                   health and nutrition. In
establishment of the first school                                                                               the last year we also
nurse program of its kind on                                                                                    worked with a nutritionist
the West Coast, assisting the                     Early Services at Tel-Hi Included a Well Baby Clinic          to create healthier menus
wounded and homeless at Wash-                                                                                 for our preschool lunch and
ington Square after the 1906 earthquake, the creation                        after school snack menus. The renovation of the south
of a well baby clinic, and drives to inoculate thousands                     wing will allow us more room to host regular classes and
of San Franciscans against tuberculosis, polio, and other                    workshops on health, wellness, and fitness.
A Taste of Tel-Hi

   Celebrating the Center of the Neighborhood
      Last year our community showed amazing commitment                         pace for the record breaking fundraising effort. Much of the
   to the children, families and seniors of the Telegraph Hill                  meal and all of the wine were generously donated by the
   Neighborhood Center at our annual fund-                                                         restaurants and sponsors. The gifts of
   raising dinner. A Taste of Tel-Hi was held on                                                   local businesses and individuals com-
   Saturday, May 19, 2007 at our center. The                                                       pleted the fundraising effort and the total
   280 guests who attended were treated to                                                         raised was $172,000. Our dinner proceeds
   a gourmet meal prepared by the executive                                                        help pay for the services and programs
   chefs of Piperade, Butterfly, and Bocadillos.                                                   Tel-Hi offers.
   Co-Chairs, Sandy Hoeffer and John Stewart,                                                         This year A Taste of Tel-Hi will take place
   welcomed guests and set the tone for both                                                       on May 10th. Co-Chairs Mary Risley
   a fun and educational evening. Entertain-                                                       and Vicki Carlin have lined up another
   ment included a heartfelt video presenta-                                                       amazing group of restaurants for the
   tion of Tel-Hi’s programs, created by Mindy                                                     event: Piperade, Kokkari, Restaurant Gary
   Steiner. Chefs Gerald Hirigoyen, Rob Lam,                                                       Danko, and Kuleto’s Italian Restaurant.
   and Tom Snyder introduced their special                                                         We look forward to a great meal and
   course as it was being served and each                                                          evening with our friends and neighbors.
   course was paired with fine wines.                                                              For information on sponsoring or sup-
      Our top three event sponsors, the San Francisco Bay Club,                 porting our annual dinner, please contact Donna Faure at
   the Koret Foundation, and Wells Fargo Bank, helped set the                   415-421-6443, x 34 or e-mail: donna@tel-hi.org.

   A Taste of Tel-Hi Supporters – 2007
   Event Committee                Wharf Sponsors - $5,000                     State Street Foundation                  Hog Island Oyster Company
   Sandy Hoeffer, Co-Chair        Forest City Development                     Maureen and Craig Sullivan               Sue Honig Weinstein
   John Stewart, Co-Chair         The Parthenon Group                         Gail and Paul Switzer                    Hotel Adagio
   Pamela Duffy                   SFBSC Management                            Wilson Meany Sullivan                    Jillian’s at the Metreon
   Katherine A. Munter                                                                                                 Ruchira Karamchandani
                                  Cable Car Sponsors - $3,000                 Other Supporters                         Dorothy Kelly
   Rona Michele Spiegel
   Gail Switzer                   BayTree Fund                                Alfred’s Steakhouse                      Elizabeth Kneale and Carl Zlatchin
                                  Millicent D. Bogert and Scott MacDonald     Alla Prima Fine Lingerie Boutique        Monique and Martin Kobinger
   Sponsors                       McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.           American Conservatory Theater            Katherine Koelsch and John Lund Kriken
                                  Patricia Munter and Jeffrey Loomans         Bay Area Discovery Museum                Vicki Koenig and Ken Monk
   Presenting Sponsor - $25,000   Northpoint Investors                        Blue Sparrow Pilates North Beach         Kwan Henmi Architecture/Planning
                                  San Francisco 49ers                         Carol Peterson                           Leilani Latimer and Fabio Ficano
                                  San Francisco Giants/Jack Bair              Chubb Insurance                          Susan Leal and Susan Hirsch
                                  Scoma’s Restaurant Fisherman’s Wharf        Cinecitta                                David and Jean Marie Lee
                                  John and Gussie Stewart                     City Lights Booksellers and Publishers   L’Escape Spa
                                  Telegraph Hill Cooperative Nursery School   COCO 500                                 Little River Inn
                                                                              Community Educational Services           Lucasfilm Ltd.
   Bay Sponsors - $10,000         Sea Lion Sponsor - $1,500                   Janet Crane and Rod Freebairn-Smith      McCormick and Kuleto’s
                                  California Pacific Medical Center           Delilah Crown                            Patty McCrary and Dale Fehringer
                                  Victoria and Michael Carlin                 Destination Art                          Meadowood Napa Valley
                                  DAJA International, Inc.                    Bill and Ruth Diefenbach                 Merryvale Winery
                                  Pamela Duffy and Jerry Yoachum              Danuta Fitzsimmons                       Katherine Munter
                                  Experience Janitorial , Inc.                Foreign Cinema                           Nibbi Brothers General Contractors
                                  The Thomas and Eva Fong Foundation          Gelato Classico                          John and Kara Parsons
                                  Golden Gate Disposal and Recycling          Globalanguages                           Bobby and Tito Patri
                                  John and Tina Keker                         Richard Grosboll                         Pier Market Seafood Restaurant
                                  Tom Lockard and Alix Marduel                J. Lowell Groves                         Jordan Pollak
                                  North Beach Place                           Anne Halsted and Whitney Wells           Gene Prideaux-Brune
                                  Patty McCrary and Dale Fehringer            Ann Hatch and Paul Discoe                Quady Winery
                                  PIER 39                                     Lise Hewitt                              Ravenswood Winery
                                  PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP                 Hilton San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf   Pamela Rhodes

                                                                                                                    Taste of Tel-Hi & Volunteers
(A Taste of Tel-Hi supporters, continued)   Schein and Schein                    Paul and Gail Switzer          Washington Square Bar and Grill
                                            Robyn and Gower Smith                Tanner Insurance Brokers       Tony and Michele Wessling
Ripley’s Believe it or Not!                 SoccerKids Inc.                      Tante Marie’s Cooking School   William Cross Wine Merchants
Michaele Rittenberg                         Lisa Stanton and Nicholas Baker      Taste First LLC                Woodruff-Sawyer and Company
Laura Roche                                 Stinking Rose                        Irené Lindbeck Tibbits         XOX Truffles, Inc.
Myrna Rothman Elgie                         Marie Strandfeldt                    Jane and J.P. Toffaleti        Yank Sing
San Francisco Bay Club                      Michelle Sullivan and Koji Saida     Tribecca Properties LLC
San Francisco Giants                        Darian Swig                          Lee and Misty Tyree

Thanks to our Community Volunteers
   Tel-Hi is grateful for the amazing community        ingly painted our walls and trim in three different
support we received in 2007. Every day our won-        colors.
derful volunteers enrich our programs by teaching         In September ten volunteers from Sabre Hold-
classes, tutoring, serving                                                   ings joined 20 youth and
lunch, helping with our                                                      staff from Tel-Hi’s Expanded
fundraisers and commu-                                                       Learning Program (ELP) at
nity events, and so much                                                     Francisco Middle School to
more. In addition to these                                                   renovate the school’s gar-
much appreciated indi-                                                       den space. The school was
vidual contributions, we’ve                                                  closed over the summer,
also had the help of some                                                    so volunteers and youth
special groups to support                                                    worked together to weed,
several big projects. Last                                                   hoe, water, and plant a
April more than 100 volun-                                                   winter garden. In October
teers came together under                                                    the parents of Telegraph
the auspices of Rebuild-                                                     Hill Cooperative Nursery
ing Together to paint the                                                    School gave the playground
entire interior of our center.                                               a makeover, including build-
Twenty of the volunteers
                                   Sabre Holding Volunteers Work in the      ing a new sandbox cover.
were professional electri-          Garden at Francisco Middle School        Another crew of 20 Pricewa-
cians who gave our build-                                                    terhouseCoopers employ-
ing a much-need circuitry                                                    ees returned to help out at
make-over. The majority of the volunteers, how-        Francisco Middle School and also serve ice cream
ever, came from PricewaterhouseCoopers as part         to 200 grateful children in Tel-Hi’s preschool and
of a team and community building effort. The           after school programs. Tel-Hi appreciates the ef-
group made great weekend painters and painstak- forts of all our individual and group volunteers.

Tel-Hi is Looking for New Volunteers
   Would you like to help engage, motivate and                                       looking for administrative suppor t. By becom-
guide children and youth toward a success-                                           ing a volunteer you’ll become an active mem-
ful future? Do you want to be more involved                                          ber of your neighborhood and gain valuable
in your community? Are you interested in a                                           experience. Tel-Hi offers its volunteers flexible
career teaching or working with children and                                         daytime hours, extensive training and suppor t,
youth? Tel-Hi is seeking dedicated and caring                                        and a fun environment. For more information
community members to volunteer in our pre -                                          contact Kelly Komasa at 415-421-6443 x 37 or
school and after school programs. We are also                                        e -mail: kelly@tel-hi.org.
Thank You Tel-Hi Donors!
                                                                                                                                                                              Susan Weisberg

                                                                                                                                                                              $100 - $249
                                                                                                                                                                              Susie Albrecht and James O’Neil
(gifts received January 1-December 31, 2007) San Francisco Giants                          William K. Coblentz                        Marc A. Schoenfeld                      Paule Anglim
                                             Scoma’s Restaurant                            Harvey B. and Linda Eckmann                Laura E. Spanjian                       Maya Armour
Government Support
                                             Shorenstein Realty Services                   Rod Freebairn-Smith and Janet Crane        Rona Michele and Paul Spiegel           Theresa Avansino
California Department of Education           State Street Foundation                       Gwendolyn Fyfe                             Michelle Sullivan and Koji Saida        Kenneth and Jean Ayer
Children’s Council of San Francisco          John Stewart Company                          Richard Grosboll                           Irené Lindbeck Tibbits                  Yvonne Baker
Mayor’s Office of Community Development Swig Foundation                                    Gordon P. Hayes, Jr.                       Michael Wilsey                          Rachael Balyeat
San Francisco Department of Children, Youth, Syntax, Inc.                                  Richard Henry                              Jane Winslow and Robert Lee             Paul Benton
and their Families                           Tanner Insurance                              Pia Hinckle and Chris Mittelsteadt         Christina and Philip Zimbardo           Jeffrey and Diane Bernstein
San Francisco Housing Authority              Telegraph Hill Cooperative Nursery School     Katherine Koelsch and John Lund Kriken                                             Mary E. Brant
San Francisco Unified School District        Telegraph Hill Dwellers                       Mr. and Mrs. David Lilly, Jr.              $250 - $499                             Mark and Susan Burden
                                             United California Glass and Door              Paul Luckin                                Anonymous                               Jennifer Cano
Foundation and Corporate Support             Upper Grant Avenue Art Fair Association       Flicka McGurrin                            Donna and Samuel Benedetti              Lyman and Carol Casey
Alcatraz Enterprises                         Van Gelder Enterprises                        Dolores Morris                             Marilyn and Gene Benedetti              Nancy Chan and Charles Ho
Armada Protective Services, Inc.             Vittice Corporation                           Katherine A. Munter                        Chris Benitez                           Harry and Justine Chang
Arroyo Fund                                  Weather Masters, Inc.                         Mike and Judy O’Shea                       Kathryn and John Blum                   Danielle Chavanon Beebe and Morton Beebe
Gerson Bakar Foundation                      Wells Fargo                                   John and Kara Parsons                      William Breslan                         Fannie Chinn
Bank of America Matching Gifts               West Coast Property Management Co.            Art and Carol Peterson                     Dale Carlson                            David Chiu
Bay Area Longshoremen’s Memorial Association Wilson Meany Sullivan                         Jerrold and Dorena Petruzzelli             Claudine and Jessie Cheng               Marcella Chow
Benitez Design, LLC                          Woodland Foundation                           John M. Sanger                             Julie Christensen and Greg Smith        Tan Chow and Jackie Kan
Black Employees Association of PG&E          Woodruff Sawyer and Company                   Robyn and Gower Smith                      David and Vicki Cox                     Carmelita and Eugene Chu
California Pacific Medical Center                                                          Craig and Maureen Sullivan                 Pat Darden                              Megan Colwell
Chubb Insurance                              Individuals                                   Towse-Kendall Family Fund                  Gerry and Sally Davolos                 Maureen E. Crowe
CirclePoint                                                                                Mary and Mike Wolfe                        Peter Dwares                            Gerry Crowley
                                             $10,000 - $20,000
City Lights Foundation                                                                                                                Laurel Elkjer and Peter Schmitz         Joan Claire Cucek
                                             Claire and Dan Carlevaro
Commercial Maintenance Corp.                                                               $500 - $999                                Kim A. Fraser                           Tim Daniels
                                             Michael Dewees
Community Educational Services                                                             Jack Bair                                  Lee Goodin and Therese Grenchik         Denise D’Anne
                                             Tina and John Keker
Cottrell’s Moving and Storage Exchange                                                     Leonard and Mary Anne Baker                Richard and Margaret Harder             Kenneth and Annie Dare
DAJA, Inc.                                                                                 Bonna Benedetti-Flynn and George Flynn     Ann M. Hatch and Paul Discoe            May and Leland Dea
                                             $5,000 - $9,999
Emerald Fund, Inc.                                                                         Margaret Cambell                           Holly Huebel                            Kathleen Densmore and David Oberweiser
                                             Barbara and Gerson Bakar
Empire Elevator Co., Inc.                                                                  Leslie Cancel and Edward Boynton           Pearl and Ming Hui                      Rick Dinckle
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Bogert
Experience Janitorial, Inc.                                                                Caley and Heidi Castelein                  Robert and Riki Intner                  Earl Diskin
                                             Millicent Bogert and Scott MacDonald
Thomas and Eva Fong Foundation                                                             Anne Desautels                             Ronald H. and Barbara Kaufman           Richard Dong
                                             Jordan and Sarah Hymowitz
Forest City Development                                                                    Bill and Ruth Diefenbach                   Astrid Keene                            Marcia and Walter Drew
                                             Jeff Loomans and Patricia Munter
Fremont Group Foundation                                                                   Ted and Patricia Dienstfrey                Kevin Kelly and Erin Jaeb               Phoebe and Geoffrey Ellis
                                             Madeleine Trembley-Perrot and Scott Shwarts
Gap Foundation Money for Time Program                                                      Millie Fong and the Tel-Hi Tai Chi Class   Robert Kimmel and Ann Kimmel            Aline Estournes and Bill Mackey
                                             Diane B. Wilsey
Gelato Classico                                                                            Roger H. Forbes                            Monique and Martin Kobinger             Brian Ferrall and Laurie K. Poston
Gensler                                                                                    Tony Fung                                  Vicki Koenig and Ken Monk               Brian D. Finley
                                             $2,000 - $4,999
Golden Gate Disposal and Recycling Company Victoria and Michael Carlin                     Maud Hallin                                Ravi Krishnaney                         Robert Sara and Peter Fitch
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund                                                             Sandy and Ed Hoeffer                       Gyongy Laky and Thomas C. Layton        Betsy and Jim Flack
                                             Donna Carnes
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation                                                             Sue Honig Weinstein                        Judy Lipsett                            Sarah Flanagan
                                             Frances Choun and Bill West
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund                                                           Kelly Johnson                              Wolfgang and Patricia Lusse             Annie Fong
                                             Pamela S. Duffy and Gerald Yoachum
Mimi and Peter Haas Fund                                                                   Patricia H. Kelso                          George Markell                          Edna Fong
                                             Sallie and Richard Griffith
Hilton San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf                                                     Susan Leal and Susan Hirsch                Linda Markstein                         June and Howard Fraps
                                             Lynn and Ian Jefferson
Interior Design Services                                                                   Jonee Levy and Harvey Hacker               Matt McGuiness                          Bruce C. Fuller and Susan D. Holloway
                                             Ella Mae and James Lew
Interpacific Group, Inc.                                                                   Ann and Karl Ludwig                        Jonathan Meyer                          Victor Fung and Margaret Hon
                                             Tom Lockard and Alix Marduel
Kaufman Management Corporation                                                             Jean MacCurdy                              Beverly Mills and Townsend Walker       Maile and James Giaquinto
                                             Chris and B.J. Martin
Keker Family Foundation                                                                    Joan and Wallace MacDonald                 Glenn and Dorothy Molyneaux             Keith and Susan Gilbert
                                             Patty McCrary and Dale Fehringer
Quentin and Mara Kopp Foundation                                                           Jessica and Dave MacGregor                 Peter Montgomery                        Henry and Nina Go
                                             Yasmine Mehmet and Paul Scott
Koret Foundation                                                                           Doris Cuneo Maslach                        Edward and Mary Etta Moose              Karen Ann Gon
                                             Dana Merker
LEF Foundation                                                                             Denise and Tom McCarthy                    Mairin O’Mahony                         Florence and Koon Goo
                                             Charles and Kathleen Mills
Lucasfilm Ltd.                                                                             Ellena Ochoa and Ted Ridgway               Caroline F. and William H. Orrick III   Andrew Thompson Gregg
                                             Jon and Laurie Owyang
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.                                                          Jack Oswald and Anne Elizabeth Seley       Peter and Rozell Overmire               Patricia Griffiths
                                             Eric and Penelope Roberts
MCG Architecture                                                                           John and Kara Parsons                      Aaron Peskin and Nancy Shanahan         J. Lowell Groves
                                             Lisa Stanton and Nicholas Baker
Metta Fund                                                                                 Mary Risley                                Harvey and Tispa Peskin                       John E. Hamer and Teresa J. Parli
                                                   John K. and Augusta Stewart
Nibbi Brothers General Contractors                                                         Deedie and Edward Rose                     Babette and Steven Pinsky                      Wendy Hampton
                                                      Paul and Gail Switzer
North Beach Marine Canvas                                                                  Angelo and Yvonne Sangiacomo               Gene Prideaux-Brune                             BeBe Hanson
                                                        Ken Switzer
North Beach Neighbors                                                                                                                 Barbara Reed and                                Stanley and Monica Hayes
                                                         Lee and Misty Tyree
North Beach Place                                                                                                                     Richard Ward                                          Craig and Barbara Heckman
                                                           Wells Whitney and
Northpoint Investors                                                                                                                  Pamela Rhodes                                          Elizabeth Hirsch
                                                            Anne Halsted
Pacific Group Insurance Services                                                                                                      Michaele Rittenberg                                     Judy Hom
                                                                John and Denise York
Parthenon Group                                                                                                                       Julie Schure and                                        Jack and Rose Marie Jair
Pat’s Café                                                         $1,000 - $1,999                                                    Michael Hansen                                          Sheila James
Peravid Foundation                                                  Dan Benedetti                                                     Sandra Siharath                                         Pearl and Lawrence Joe
PIER 39                                                             Asim Bhansali and                                                 Greg Stewart                                            Lucy Johns
Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP                                        Brittny Bottorff                                                  Darian Swig                                            Andy Katz and Judi Powell
Russian Hill Neighbors                                              Robert and Cynthia                                                Janet and David Taylor                                Seth and Wendy Katzman
S.F.B.S.C. Management                                               Birmingham                                                        Fred and Millie Toy                                 Patricia Kaussen
San Francisco 49ers                                                Add Bonn                                                           Robert and                                          Mary Kay Kew and John Fitzgerald
San Francisco Bay Club                                             Theodore W. Brown                                                  Deborah Van Nest                                    Donald and Karen Kintzer
San Francisco Convention and                                     Kwok and Fu-hua Chan                                                 Mark and Leslie Vestrich                            Herb Kosovitz
Visitors Bureau                                                Clara Chun                                                             Jill Vivanco                                        Norman J. Laboe

                                                                                                                                                                              Donors & Wish List
Michael D. Lampen                         Edward H. Voigt                      Mari Malvino                           Food Runners                               Katherine Koelsch and John Lund Kriken
Lily Lee                                  David and Margaret O. Wadhwani       Kim and Melvin Mar                     Roger S. and Lorri Kaufman                 of Glenn Fong
Sondra Leqve                              Richard Walczak                      Nan McGuire and Jim Stevens            Tina and John Keker                        Fannie Chin
Meagan Levitan                            Marilyn and Murry Waldman            Quong and Fannie Foo Mock              Landmark Building Group                    Mei L. Gan
Jeanne Lew                                Dale and Susan Weidmer               Joyce and James Moye                   Levi Strauss and Company                   Lily Lee
Dr. Lawrence S. Lipkind                   Matthew Werdegar                     David Myrick                           Jane Lozins                                Wai Lee
Jean Lippi                                Tony and Michele Wessling            Angeline Or and Aimee Chan             Doris Cuneo Maslach                        Maggie Leong
Jordan Luttrell                           Sean and Daphne Wilsey               Bobby and Tito Patri                   Sharon McCall                              Susie Sui and Kenneth Gock Lum
Timothy J. Lynch                          Brigitta and Martin Wolman           Alda Pineda                            McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.          Stephen and Dorothy Wong
Susan and Matt Mackowski                  Stephen and Dorothy Wong             Jordan Pollak                          Patty McCrary and Dale Fehringer           Margie Yim
Alan Mark and Jeffrey Fraenkel            Susan Wu and Andy Choi               Jennifer Raike                         Susan McCullough                           Ellen and Joe Yin
Robert Martin                             Ellen and Joe Yin                    Diana Sansoe                           MCG Architecture
Anthony J. and Pat Mathios                Irene and Bob Young                  Katherine Seiden                       The Parthenon Group - San Francisco        of Florence Goo
Roy O. Matthes                            Patricia Young                       Ken Sippola                            Jennifer Plotke                            Mei L. Gan
John and Babette McCarthy                 Carl and Elizabeth Kneale Zlatchin   Ken Guang Yi Situ and Sheng Wen Wu     PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP                Daisy and Morgan Lee
Timothy and Altamira McCarthy                                                  Wing Yau Go Siu and Kerry K Siu        San Francisco Academy Ochestra             Gloria Soohoo
Michael and Reimi McDonell                Up to $99                            Mary L. Slusher                        San Francisco Bay Club                     Lily Wong
John and Lynne McGraw                     Richard Ah Tye                       Marilyn Stettler                       San Francisco Giants                       Susie Sui and Kenneth Gock Lum
Kimberly Merlitti                         Jan Akers                            James and Sally Stewart                Matt Stolte                                Annie Fong
Janet M. Monaghan and Brian J. McKeever   Joanne Allen                         Marie Strandfeldt                      Paul and Gail Switzer                      Ellen and Joe Yin
Mia and Robert Morrill                    Patricia Baker                       Paulett Taggart                        Tante Marie Cooking School                 Fannie Chin
Karol Ostberg                             Dayna Bender                         Angelina Co Ying and Anthony Tai       Theresa Tice                               of Irene Liberale Palwez
David Owen                                Martin and Karen Bogetz              T. Mason Talamo                        Scott Torgan                               Denise and Tom McCarthy
Francisco and Kee Suk Park                Martin and Farron Brotman            Eddie and Marian Tam
Stephanie Parr and Joshua Rosenfeld       Lili Brown                           Mary J. Tripp                          Gifts in Honor                              of Quong Yet Mock
Jay Pidto and Lynne Baer                  Jean and Bruce Brugmann              Nancy Trogman                                                                      Richard Ah Tye
                                                                                                                      of Millicent Bogert
Robert V. Piva and Catherine Chapman      James A. Carr                        Sandra Tye                                                                         Betty and Sheriann Chew
                                                                                                                      Dayna Bender
John Pong                                 Elsie and William Chan               Edward Van Egri                                                                    Bing Chin
                                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Bogert
Barbara Reed and Richard Ward             Betty and Sheriann Chaw              Holly Veldhuis                                                                     The De Goff Family
                                                                                                                      Clara Chun
Billy and Deborah Reinschmiedt            Bing Chin                            Dee Whalen                                                                         Jimmy and Gloria Doon
                                                                                                                      Janet and David Taylor
Laura Roche                               Dorothy Danielson                    Keith Wilson                                                                       Wilmer Fong
Ruby Ross                                 Josephine and Diego De Leo           Winnie Wong                            of May and Leland Dea                       Bertha Hing
Jaime A. Rossi                            Gianna DeCarl                        Jonathan and Haley Xia                 Laurie and Jon Owyang                       Anne Law
Nan and Nathan Roth                       De Goff Family                       Lev and Olga Yevselevskia              of the marriage of Anne Moon and Dan Conlan Kim and Melvin Mar
Jill Rowe, Esq.                           Elizabeth Diaz                       Margie Yim                                                                         Diana Sansoe
                                                                                                                      Pia Hinckle and Chris Mittelsteadt
Mark and Tobi Rubin                       Jimmy and Gloria Doon                Luk Ying                                                                           Flora and Robert Young
                                                                                                                      of Mary Risley                              Fannie Chinn
Richard and Andrea Rubin                  Peggy Edwards                        Flora and Robert Young
                                                                                                                      Marilyn and Murry Waldman
Neil Ruditsky                             Honorable John Ertola                O’Brien Young                                                                      of Piero Patri
Maria C. Rugerio Medina and               Danuta Fitzsimmons                                                                                                      Kim A. Fraser
                                                                                                                      Gifts in Memory
Juan A. Melendez-Diaz                     Patrick J. Flanagan                  In Kind Donors
                                                                                                                      of Jim Augustino                           of Peter Winslow
Lou and Kyung Sarto                       Grace S. Fong                        The AA Bakery and Café
                                                                                                                      James A. Carr                              Jane Winslow and Robert Lee
Erik Scheller                             Helen Fong                           American Assets Real Estate Group                                                 Nora Lindahl
Gregory Scott and Pamela Otstot           Wilmer Fong                          Katherine Beckwith                     of Jo Ann Brook                            George Markell
Leslie Selcow                             Allen Fung                           Boudin Bakery and Cafes                Ruby Ross
Patricia Shean                            Mei L. Gan                                                                                                             of Kenneth Wong
                                                                               Caffe Capriccio                        of Elsie Chan
Sylvia and Earl Shorris                   Charles Giovannini                                                                                                     Dorothy and Stephen Wong
                                                                               Bunny and Ernie Chin                   Ellen and Joe Yin
Louis Silcox                              Thomas and Eileen Green              Coblentz, Patch, Duffy and Bass, LLP
Bob and Marilyn Smith                     Nancy Clarke Hayes                                                          of Ruth Cuneo                              Tel-Hi has made every effort to include all
                                                                               Kathy Dodds                                                                       supporters in 2007. We offer our sincere
Marilynne Solloway                        Danielle and Paul Herrerias          Pamela Duffy and Gerald Yoachum        Christina and Philip Zimbardo
Ann King Somerville and Zach Stewart      Lise Hewitt                                                                                                            apologies for errors or omissions. Please
                                                                               Andrew Eckman                          of Nancy Dewees                            contact Donna Faure at 415-421-6443,
Mindy Steiner                             Bertha Hing                          Laurel Elkjer and Peter Schmitz        Jane Winslow and Robert Lee                x 34 to correct any mistakes.
Lucy Stofle and Leonard Anderson          Kirsten Hoenes
Dennis and Miki Sullivan                  Howard Jay and Judy Jay Jew
Jane and J.P. Toffaleti
Ben and Ruby Tom
                                          Ruchira Karamchandani
                                          Suzanne Keebler                                           Donations Needed at Tel-Hi
Audrey Tomaselli                          Dorothy Kelly
                                                                                                    Senior Program
                                          Carol King
                                          Marla Bastien Knight
                                                                                                    •Tickets to movies, concerts, and sporting events
                                          Prudy and George Kohler                                   •New coffee maker with filters
                                          Anne Law and Alan Jung                                    •Party supplies(festive disposable placemats, napkins, plates, etc.)
                                          Daisy and Morgan Lee                                      •Oilcloth table cloths for senior kitchen (54” x 108”)
                                          David D. T. Lee and Jean                                  •Healthy snacks (fresh fruit, dried fruit, crackers, etc.) for 150 seniors
                                            Marie Lee                                               •Plastic food storage containers
                                            Wai Lee
                                            Eli Leong                                               Youth Program
                                            Maggie Leong                                            •Table tennis tables
                                            Lorraine Leu                                            •Youth baseball gloves
                                            Eugene and Mildred Lew                                  •Youth-sized basketball shoes
                                          Wayland Lew and Susan Ishkanian                           •Tickets to weekend sporting events or recreational activities
                                          Nora Lindahl                                                         (i.e. ferry rides, horseback riding, canoeing)
                                          Angela Long
                                                                                                    •Arts and crafts supplies
                                          Steven Loo and Mary Lum Loo
                                          Susie Sui and                                             If you can donate any of these items, please contact Donna Faure at
                                          Kenneth Gock Lum                                          415-421-6443, x 34 or donna@tel-hi.org.
                                          Jo Magoncelli

Enriching Lives and Strengthening Community
   Tel-Hi provides opportunities for individuals and families    Senior Program
to enrich their quality of life. Focusing on low- to moderate-   Daily services for 300 local seniors include nutritious hot
income children, youth, families, and seniors, we create and     lunch program, health screenings, wellness education,
strengthen community                                                                                   English-as-a-Second-
bonds, provide health and                                                                              Language classes, social
wellness programs, and                                                                                 activities, fitness classes,
broaden education and                                                                                  and computer instruc-
cultural experiences.                                                                                  tion.

Preschool Program                                                                                       North Beach Place (NBP)
State-licensed year-round                                                                               Offers academic enrich-
quality preschool educa-                                                                                ment and recreation
tion for 42 children ages                                                                               activities at North Beach
2 ½ to 5 years.                                                                                         Place for 50 teens living in
                                                                                                        this low-income housing
After School Academy (ASA)
                                                                                                        development located
After school academic and
                                                                                                        one block from Tel-Hi.
enrichment activities for
105 children in Kindergar-
                                                                                                     Community Organizing
ten through the 5th grade
                                                                                                     Tel-Hi hosts North Beach
during the school year and                “Healthy Aging” Classes                                    Community Court and
full day in the summer.
                                         Begin in Renovated Space                                    is involved in numerous
Expanded Learning                                                                                    partnerships to ensure
Program (ELP)                                                                                        community members
Collaboration with Francisco Middle School to provide after      have a safe place to voice concerns, problem-solve, and
school academic and enrichment activities for 150 middle         assume an active role in the health and well-being of the
school students at the school.                                   neighborhood.

                                                                                                               NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION
                                                                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                  SAN FRANCISCO, CA
                                                                                                                    PERMIT #161

    Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center      660 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94133        www.tel-hi.org        415-421-6443

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