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                                               ferent ways.
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                           Christmas cake.
  Page 9 - Home Activities                     helped with the party in many dif-
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321   order as a thank you to all who had     strawberry trifles, mince pies and
  Page 8- Outings
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                            This was followed with individual
           Quiz Afternoon                      Christmas ‘. Three cheers were in
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321   song ‘I’m dreaming of a white
  Page 7 - Pantomime
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321   users in the classic Christmas          holes.
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                           croissants and mini toad in the
  Page 6 - Residents Enter-
                                               leader Julie Hilton led the service
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321     At the end of the party, activities   encroutes, cheese and bacon
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                           range of party foods – salmon
           Burns Night Cel-
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321   swans, flowers and teddy bears.         savouries from the Tesco finest
  Page 5 - Valentine Day &
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                           were served with a selection of
           Christmas Raffle                    Favourites were poodle dogs,
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321   sured possessions to many.              cranberry, red salmon and ham
           Tour of Leicester
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                           wiches, turkey with stuffing and
  Page 4 - Christmas Lights                    sculptures. These became trea-
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                             Trays of seasonally filled sand-
  Page 3 - Fancy Dress                         card tricks and making balloon
           Tea-time                            the service users and performing
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                           ing room to be seated at their tables.
           New Years Themed                    went around each table chatting to
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321   magician and balloon sculptor. He       as they were brought into the din-
  Page 2 - Christmas Carol
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                           and delight from the service users
                                                 Entertainment was provided by a
                                                                                       loons made for much amusement
                      In this Issue:
21098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                           ing a Christmas character. The bal-
                                               or a soft drink.
                                               glass of sparkling Lambrusco wine       helium filled novelty balloon featur-
         n                                      Service users could partake of a       finish the tables off each had a large
Grea g her bal
        sley        loon                                                               nating cracker and a wine glass. To
Se r v i c e with the sculpture                                                          Each table setting had a coordi-
             us       m         d ‘flo
                e r L agician,        w
                       aura    prou er’.
                                     dly                                               poinsettia.
                                                                                       featured the Christmas flower the
                                                                                       posable paper plates and napkins
                                                                                       Carrying the theme through the dis-
                                                                                       ranged around a central candle.
                                                                                       settias and Christmas foliage ar-
                                                                                       cloths with gold pots each with poin-
                                                                                       toper cloths embroidered slipper
                                                                                       with green cloths, elegant cream
                                                                                        The tables were set up party style
                                                                                       held on Tuesday 19th
                                                                                       Christmas party was
                                                                                       he Service Users’
 DEC 07 - FEB 08 ISSUE
             A Quarterly Home and Community Newsletter of Berrystead Nursing Home
                                            by members of the three           54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                               Afternoon Service
                                            churches and activities           54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                            leader Julie Hilton. The car-     54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                               Hymns, bible readings, prayers
                                            ols were accompanied by a         54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                               and poetry. Every third Monday.
                                            special CD featuring an au-       54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                               Main lounge. 3:00 PM
                                            thentic church organ giving       54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                            much ambience to the occa-        54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                               Formal Communion (shortened)
                                            sion.                             54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                               Every first Wednesday. Activities
                                                                               Lounge. 2:30 PM
                                             December is the month of         54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                            advent and in church              54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                            throughout the month a            54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                       candle is lit for each of the four
                                                                               thanked the leaders for their valued
           n the afternoon of Mon-     Sundays of advent. Berrystead
                                                                               support of the monthly church ser-
           day 17 th December,         addressed this by lighting four
                                                                               vices held at Berrystead and said
           Berrystead held a tradi-    candles at intervals throughout the
                                                                               how much they were appreciated.
           tional Carol Service for    service.
                                                                               The members of the churches were
the service users.                                                             given a bottle of port and a box of
                                       After the service, warm mulled
                                                                               mulled wine and raisin fudge.
 The service was led by members wine and minced pies were
of St Michael and All Angel’s served. Our friends from the                      Berrystead is very lucky to have the
Church of Thurmaston, St Peter’s churches reminisced with the ser-             support of the local clergy in that the
and St Paul’s Church of Syston and vice users about Christmas time,            ‘Church’ is regularly brought into
All Saint’s Church of Scraptoft.      carol and christingle services and
                                                                               Berrystead for the benefit of the ser-
                                      going to midnight mass on Christ-
                                                                               vice users. Together with activities
  Mirroring the format of services mas Eve.                                    leader Julie Hilton the services are
held in the local community                                                    made to be as authentic as possible
churches, the service followed the Activities leader Julie Hilton then         and mirror everything that goes on
nativity story through bible readings made some presentations on be-           in the local community churches
and carols. The readings were read half of the service users. She              throughout the year.

          ervice users celebrated      ing Advocaat, lemon-
                                                                                           years ago. A real party
          the New Year of 2008 with    ade and lime juice. A
                                                                                           atmosphere was en-
          a New Year’s Eve themed      light refreshing drink
                                                                                           joyed by all with much
          tea-time. The tables were    being a favourite of
                                                                                           reminiscence. The finale
          set up in true hogmany       many of the service
                                                                                           of the occasion was to
          style using the theme of     users in their
                                                                                           welcome Sarah Walton
tartan from the disposable plates      younger        days.
                                                                                           who was to lead us on
through to the napkins and crack-      Lambrusco wine
                                                                                           the flute with ‘Auld Lang
ers. Bright colourful balloons made    and soft drinks were
                                                                                           Syne’, a traditional song
for visual impact as table centres.    also enjoyable alter-
                                                                                           for New Year’s Eve cel-
Platters of sandwiches and             natives on offer.
                                                                                           ebrations. Service users
savouries were enjoyed. This was                                                           joined in the hand links
then followed by a slice of Bailey’s    To set the party
                                                                                           and sang enthusiasti-
Irish Cream cheesecake and             mood, a CD of ‘Mrs.
                                                                                           cally word for word. Sa-
mince pies and for some a slice of     Mills’ tinkling the ivories gave the
                                                                               rah happily played the song through
Christmas cake!                        opportunity for service users to
                                                                               some three times before they gave
                                       sing-a-long to many of the songs
                                                                               her a round of applause and a hearty
Activities leader made authentic       that have been sung at family
                                                                               three cheers.
snowball drinks for the ladies us-     gatherings to see the new year in


                                         and together came as a group of         ian lady, Jane Jackson as Mrs.
              n Friday 21st Decem-       snowmen – Janet Brown, Lisa Hill,       Christmas, Judith Sithole as a
              ber ’07, the staff of      Lesley Palmer, Linda Barratt and        snowman and Parm Gill as a sumo
              Berrystead were in-        Maria Dance collectively the domes-     ballet dancer.
              vited to come to work      tic staff.
              in fancy dress cos-                                                 Director Sukhi Hoonjan innocently
tumes. The occasion made for a             A group of staff including Amanda     collecting the post of the day found
wonderful atmosphere and brought         Hall, Lary Dudek, Samantha Cox,         himself surrounded by the some-
much amusement to the service            Tracey Sleath and Mandy Pateman         what ‘worrying group’ of individuals.
users and their relatives that were      came chained together with inter-
visiting on the day.                     locking handcuffs and dressed in
                                         orange boiler suits as escapees
  The domestic staff had gone to a       from psycho ward. Manager Gail
lot of effort in making their costumes   Duggan in a policewoman’s uniform
                                         tried in vain to keep them under con-
                                         trol! Julie Hilton came as a Hawai-

                                                                                  Escapees from a psycho ward.
                                                                                  Amanda Hall, Lary Dudek, Tracey
                                                                                  Sleath, Mandy Pateman and Sam

  Parm Gill - a sumo ballet dancer

                   Gail Duggan as
                   a policewoman.           The Domestics came as
                                            snowmen. Janet Brown, Lisa Hill,
                                            Maria Dance, Lesley Palmer and
                                            Linda Barratt

                                                                                    Julie Hilton as a Hawaiian girl
                                                                                    with service user Stanley

    Sithole as a                           Joseph Cann and Mandy Pateman
    snowman.                               as Father Christmas and Evie elf.       Jane Jackson as Mrs. Christ-
                                                                                   mas with service user Stanley

On the first two Monday evenings in December two groups of service users were taken to see the Christ-
mas lights and decorations of Leicester town centre. The cold and damp didn’t stop us enjoying the
evenings. Service users were cocooned within their wheelchairs over wrapped in blankets. Warm and
cozy, they were able to view the Christmas lights through the large picture windows of the bus.

 The tour took us first by the old Thorn Lighting buildings
decorated for the last time as the company closes in the
New Year, the end of an era. Many of the service users
had fond memories of these Christmas lights that have
been a feature for Leicester people for the past 40 or so

  Then along the Belgrave Road and the Golden Mile to
view the Diwali lights. Into Leicester and in particular to
see the Clock tower, the town hall Square and the many
lights strung across the city centre roads. The colourful
lights set against the backdrop of the night sky made for a
wonderful display and were enjoyed by all.

        CHRISTMAS                                             RAFFLE
     The Christmas raffle was very well supported and raised a total of £ 159. This money has been paid into
    the Berrystead Patient’s Comfort Club to help support the activities programme organized for the service
    users over the coming year.

    Many thanks to all those who bought tickets and also to those who kindly donated prizes.

                                                      Kerry Andrews – Bottle of wine
    Michael Montague – Croft original sherry
                                                      Mandy Pateman - Mars selection
    Karen Linney – Ferrero Rocher chocolates          box

    Jackie Harrison – Mulled wine and raison fudge Lisa Hill – Bottle of Bailey’s Irish
    Reg Newby – Bottle wine
                                                   Amie Crow – Shortbread
    Parm Gill – Bottle port                                      Biscuits

    Ron Brigstock – Cherry lambrusco

    Joy Wood – Acoustic Christmas moods CD

    Maria Dance – Bottle of Tia Maria

    Gordon Jarvis – Bottle of wine

The service users of Berrystead          On St Valentine’s Day, February 14th
celebrated a week of themed St          Berrystead welcomed ‘Timeless’ to
Valentines activities. Two craft        perform a programme of love songs.
sessions were organized. The first      Timeless are a group of singers all
group made Valentine wall plaques       with musical theatre/opera back-
which involved colouring in a mo-       ground. They didn’t disappoint the
tif of a stenciled rose and then        service users singing popular love
using laces to form running stitch      songs, songs from the musicals and
around th edge of the plaques.          love medleys with solos and in har-
                                        monies. Service users were in awe
  The second group used salt            when listening to Timeless sing
dough to cut out heart shapes           some powerful ballads in three part
which they then painted red. The        harmony.
                                                                                  Service user Dorothy Ball cutting
scraps of salt dough were used
                                                                                  out heart shapes
to cut out letters to spell words as-     The Friday afternoon bingo group
sociated with St Valentine’s Day.       played for prizes of Valentine’s bags
These were then glued onto the          containing a velvet red rose and a box
red hearts.                             of heart shaped chocolates.
                                                                                  ST VALENTINE’S
                                                                                  THEMED BINGO
 BURN’S NIGHT CELEBRATIONS                                                        PRIZE WINNERS
   On Friday 25th January ’08, the ser-
 vice users of Berrystead celebrated
 Burn’s Night with a special tea-time
 themed to the Scottish poet Robert

    The tables were dressed in dark
 green cloths with a laminated
 placemat featuring the well known                                                              Dorothy Brigstock
 poem ‘My luv is like a red red rose’,
 tartan napkins and the Scottish em-
 blem a Thistle featured in the bud vase.     John Mccormack enjoying a
                                              ‘wee dram’ of whiskey
   In past years the traditional haggis,
 tatties and neeps has been on the
 menu. But this year service users
 unanimously chose the now legend-                        MENU
 ary homemade Scotch broth, a meal
                                                  Homemade Scotch Broth                            Irene Briggs
 in itself, with a freshly baked bread roll
                                                      Bread rolls
 and butter.
                                                Canarchan with raspberries
    A CD featuring Scottish pan pipes
 added to the ambiance of the occa-             Scottish Shortbread biscuits
 sion. The finale of the occasion was
 for the service users and the staff to       ‘Tot’ of whiskey – Tea and coffee
 join in singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’.
                                                                                                   Joan Potter

  CERT - LOUIE                            “OUR FLOSSIE’S” CHRISTMAS
                                           The finale of the Christmas
                                         Programme organized for the ser-
                                         vice users of Berrystead was ‘Our
                                         Flossie’s Christmas Concert’. On
                                         the afternoon of Friday 22nd Decem-
                                         ber, activities leader Julie Hilton
                                         packed service users and many of
 Louie with service user Iris Parker     their relatives into the lounge for a
 On the afternoon of Wednesday           much looked forward to afternoon’s
30th January ’08, the service users      entertainment.
of Berrystead gathered for an after-
noon of easy listening music per-          ‘Our Flossie’ is a much sought af-
formed by Louie.                         ter polished entertainer and has
  Louie sings in the style of Nat King   been coming to Berrystead for the
Cole and Louie Armstrong and sings       last two years. She has fast become
the songs from an era well loved         one of the service users favorites.
and remembered by the service
                                           ‘Our Flossie’ starts her concert
                                         wearing all of her costumes and af-
  THE                                    ter each medley of songs cleverly
BELTONES                                 removes a layer of clothing to re-
                                         veal her next costume                          Things’ and ‘Edelweiss’. The
 CHOIR                                   and then adds relevant                         dress then came off to allow
                                         accessories.                                   for a pair of shorts and
                                                                                        braces made in the same
                                             The afternoon                              curtain fabric as the dress
                                         started with ‘Our                              (just as Maria had made for
                                         Flossie” dressed as a                          the Captain’s children in the
                                         nun and the theme                              film). ‘Our Flossie’ showed
                                         tune from the musical                          us her talent of yodeling
                                         ‘The Sound of Music’.                          which included some audi-
                                         When the nun’s outfit                          ence participation.
                                         was removed she re-
 The Beltone’s Choir was wel-            vealed a dress made                              The service users loved
comed back to Berrystead to per-         of curtain fabric and
form an evening concert on Mon-                                                        ‘Our Flossie’s ‘transforma-
                                         sang further well loved                       tion into Country and West-
day December 07.
                                         songs from the film in-                       ern idol Dolly Parton. Com-
The choir is made up of a group of       cluding ‘My Favourite                         plete with a long blonde wig
individuals who enjoy singing and                                                      and buxom cowgirl outfit,
who all live in and around the vil-                                              she was a hit with everyone.
lage of Beltone just outside
Loughborough. The choir has now          Activities leader Julie Hilton then       Strictly Come Dancing came into
been coming to Berrystead for the        served tea, coffee and mince
past five years.                                                                 Berrystead with ‘Our Flossie’ wear-
                                         pies. Members of the choir chat-        ing a glamorous outfit. A trained
                                         ted to the service users. For
Service users enjoyed listening to       some, who had met the choir             dancer, ‘Our Flossie’ danced a
the choir sing a programme of            before it was like seeing old           waltz, a foxtrot and a tango whilst
Christmas songs accompanied by           friends.                                singing some classic dance songs.
the choir master on keyboard. The                                                If the service users had been
finale of the occasion was for ev-       The choir promised to return in         judges there would have been
erybody to join together to sing a       the New Year to sing songs from         scores of ten in abundance.
medley of Christmas carols.              the musicals


  SG Productions returned to            cals. Dick Whittington in
Berrystead on the afternoon of          true pantomime was
Thursday 21st December to per-          played by a girl. With
form the pantomime Dick                 the short top, black fish
Whittington.                            net tights and boots she
                                        did not go unnoticed by
  Three talented and enthusiastic       many of the male ser-
actors led us through the story of      vice users!
Dick Whittington and his cat travel-
ing to London to try and find their       At the end of the per-
fortune with their many adventures      formance, activities
on the way.                             leader Julie Hilton
                                        thanked the actors on
  Fast moving with colourful cos-       behalf of the service us-
tumes, dance routines and the           ers for a thoroughly en-
chance for audience participation       joyable afternoon of en-
kept the interest of the service us-    tertainment.
ers and led to much laughter, clap-
ping of hands and foot tapping.           SG Productions will
                                        return in 2008 for a sum-
  King Rat was a dastardly charac-      mer show ‘In the Mood’.
ter to be booed and hissed at. Dame     A musical tribute to the
Cook was a favourite with her out-      legendary Glenn Miller.
rageous dresses and hairstyles                                                    Cast of ‘Dick Whittington’ in panto-
                                        Also at Christmas for the panto-
and of course loud over the top vo-                                               mime costume
                                        mime Cinderella.

                                                QUIZ AFTERNOON THEMED
                                                     TO THE WINTER
                                        find the identity of three individuals.   the colour of the hot water bottle and
                                                                                  the brand name of the cough medi-
                                          Sense of smell was then tested          cine etc. This round led to much
                                        with service-users being given three      reminiscence especially with re-
                                        pots containing a cotton wool ball        gards to old fashioned cough and
  On Monday 12th January ’08 a          infused with the smell of three
group of service users met together                                               cold remedies.
                                        things associated with the winter
for a quiz afternoon themed to the      season. Vicks vapour rub, pine and
winter.                                                                             The popular alphabet round was
                                        oil of olbas.                             found to be far more challenging
  The first round was to try and beat                                             than the service users first thought.
                                          A Kim’s game followed with activi-      They had to think of something to
the hangman by choosing letters to      ties leader Julie Hilton introducing
fit to an unknown word presented                                                  do with the winter through each let-
                                        the service users to 20 items again       ter of the alphabet.
in large format on an easel as a        associated with the winter. The
series of dashed lines. Each word       items ranged from a sprig of holly
themed to the winter-time, January,                                                 The song round was enjoyed by
                                        through to a hot water bottle. The        all. Service users had to think of as
snowflake and poinsettia.               items were then covered up and the        many song titles as they could con-
                                        service users had to recall as many       nected with the winter. This was
  This was followed by the 20 ques-     of the items as they could remem-
tions round where the service us-                                                 then followed by the group joining
                                        ber. To make the task a little more       together to sing three of these
ers have to ask questions to try and    challenging it was necessary to give      songs.


                PUB WEEK
               he month of February
               hosted Community         or society.
               Pub Week. This is a
               national annual event      Berrystead joined in with this
               where community          event with two groups of service
pubs focus on the fact that they pro-   users being taken for a pub lunch
                                        at the Flying Childers.                 go at dominoes, table skittles (devil
vide social opportunities for mem-
                                                                                among the tailors), darts and table
bers of their local community. For
                                         Activities leader Julie Hilton orga-   top pool. The singing for enjoyment
example going out for a meal, be-
                                        nized a pub quiz afternoon and          group joined in the pub spirit by en-
ing a member of the darts team, en-
                                        served crisps and pork scratchings      joying a ploughman’s supper fol-
joying a skittle evening with supper,
                                        together with lager shandies. A pub     lowed by a pub style sing-a-long
meeting friends for a chat over a
                                        games afternoon was also enjoyed        ending with the customary chuck-
drink or using the pub facilities to
                                        with service users able to have a       ing out songs.
hold regular meetings for their club

                                                                            SINGING FOR
              OUTINGS                                                       ENJOYMENT
  T his year two                                                               GROUP
groups of service us-
ers went for a Christ-                                                                  T     he singing for enjoy-
mas meal at the Fly-                                                                    ment group meets every
ing Childers, Kirby                                                                     Thursday in the activities
                                                                                        conservatory at around
Bellars just outside
                                                                                        4.30 PM. Service users
Melton Mowbray.
                                                                                        firstly have their afternoon
Christmas is a spe-
                                                                                        tea of sandwiches and
cial time and those
                                                                                        cake with a cup of tea.
service users with a                                                                    This is then followed by a
spouse were able to invite        Service users Ada Baines enjoy-
                                                                                        session of singing for en-
them to come with us.             ing a floater coffee with activities
                                  leader Julie Hilton and care staff                    joyment led by activities
                                  Vicky Pillington.                                     leader Julie Hilton. The
  We were made to feel                                                                  emphasis is on enjoy-
very welcome by the man-                                                                ment not the need to have
ager and his staff. The                                                                 a good singing voice.
                                  The menu provided us with a
Childers with its Christmas
                                varied choice but most opted for
decorations set the festive                                                             Anybody interested in
                                the traditional turkey meal with all
ambiance for us to enjoy                                                                joining the group would be
                                the trimmings.
our meals.                                                                              very welcome. See activi-
                                                                                        ties leader Julie Hilton for
                                                                                        further information.

                                            much nostalgia with the service users        Service users asked their relatives to
               he week started with an
                                            recollecting memories of their own bak-      bring in their old cook books. The Be-ro
               afternoon quiz themed to
                                            ing days.                                    cookbook was a favourite with many and
               baking days. Service us-
               ers particularly enjoyed                                                  when a copy of the book was loaned for
                                            These memories and favourite recipes         the reminiscence project it led to many
               the Kim’s rounds where
                                            of the service users were then used by       memories of them owning their own cop-
               utensils and items used
                                            activities leader Julie Hilton to make a     ies and the recipes that they used to
               for baking were dis-
                                            book. Memories from winning cups for         use.
played, held and talked about. The
                                            their Victoria Sandwich Cake, conden-
items were then covered up and the ser-
                                            sation running down the walls of the           A special themed tea-time recreating
vice users then had to recall as many
                                            kitchen when steaming puddings, bak-         a Lyon’s House Corner Tea Rooms was
as they could remember. Amongst the
                                            ing for church fund raising to husbands      arranged for the service users. A selec-
items were old fashioned scales,
                                            raiding the cake tin to add to their pack-   tion of homemade cakes including a tra-
weights in pounds and ounces, an old
                                            ups when on fishing trips.                   ditional Victoria sandwich cake, lemon
cookery book, earthenware
mixing bowl and marble roll-                                                             butterfly cakes, chocolate and walnut
ing pin. The ever popular A-                                                             cake and a Swiss coffee and chocolate
Z round challenged the ser-                                                              mocha cake were displayed on cake
vice users to think of the                                                               stands on a central trolley in the dining
names of cakes, pastries                                                                 room. Julie Hilton, activities leader and
through each letter of the al-                                                           the care staff wore broid anglais aprons
phabet.                                                                                  and caps to become Nippy girls serving
                                                                                         tea and cakes to the service users.
Another group of service us-
ers spent an afternoon us-                                                                  The Friday afternoon bingo group
ing their pastry making                                                                  ended the week bringing in the baking
skills. They helped to weigh                                                             theme by ‘Mr. Kipling’ cakes being
out the ingredients and mix                                                              served with the afternoon tea and cof-
a batch of pastry. They then                                                             fee (Battenburg, angle cake and almond
rolled out the pastry to make jam tarts.    Service users enjoyed homemade               slices.) ‘Mr Kipling’ had been one of the
The scraps of pastry were then used to      cakes at the Lyons House Corner              mystery subjects in the 20 questions
cut out letter to spell out words associ-   Tea Rooms activity                           round at the quiz afternoon earlier in the
ated with baking bread. This prompted                                                    week.

                                                                                           AVID JIGSAW PUZZLERS

 The jig-saw group meets in the             week using special jig-saw storage
activities conservatory every Friday
morning 10.30 to mid-day.
                                              The adult themes of the jig-saw
                                            preserves the dignity of those in-
  It is a small group activity that
                                            volved in the group and the larger,                 Jean & Arthur Moulton
helps support those service users
                                            thicker pieces help to address the
who used to enjoy the challenge of
                                            problems that some service users
completing a jig-saw puzzle.
                                            have with poor dexterity.
 Activities leader Julie Hilton has a
                                             All service users involved need help
selection of puzzles with adult
                                            to some degree and so if anybody
themes in various sizes and thick-
                                            would like to help with this activity
nesses from those that can be
                                            your support would be much appre-
completed in a morning to some
                                            ciated. Please see Julie Hilton for             Marjorie           Frances Lewis
that can be worked on week by
                                            further information.                            Newby


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