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					                                                Tuesday 21st June 2011:
                                   Spotlight on Career Management in the Digital Age
                                           Panel and Workshop Descriptions:
                       Abbreviations: PGs - Postgraduates (Taught and Research) and PGRs - Postgraduate Researchers

               Parallel Session 1 choices:

11.30- 12.30   1. Using new technologies in your teaching and research practice

               Cristina Costa – Learning Technologies Development Officer, University of Salford
               Cameron Neylon - Biophysicist, Science and Technology Facilities Council

               Audience: All PGRs

11.30- 12.30   2. What do Employers want! Q&A panel
               What exactly do employers look for in potential employees, including Postgraduates? This is
               your chance to find out! Representatives from AVG (Global specialists in computer security
               software), NHS (National Health Service), FDM (IT Services company), Kellogg’s (Leading
               Cereal brands and convenience foods company) and IBM (Multinational technology and
               consulting firm) will be on hand to talk about the skills and experience important to them when
               looking for new recruits, offer tips including best use of social media and will try to answer any
               of your questions related to job seeking strategies for postgraduates.

               Jasdev Dhaliwal - Head of Communities, AVG
               Sarah Bradley - Leadership Development Manager, NHS
               Danielle Hill Academy Events Consultant, FDM
               Mary Findlay & Gemma Beeston European Talent Acquisition Advisers, Kellogg’s
               IBM (TBC)

               Audience: All PGs

               Parallel Session 2 choices:

1.15 – 2.15    1. Broadening Horizons
               This is a taster session of the Vitae career development programme. Using creative
               approaches to help clarify your career ideas and effectively put into action your next steps.
               Especially useful to those of you who are career-unfocussed.

               Fiona Christie - Senior Careers consultant, University of Salford
               Max Rawlings - HR Development Consultant, University of Salford

               Audience: All PGs
1.15 – 2.15   2. Public Engagement
              Public and community engagement is a way to bring together cutting edge research and
              learning by way of a meaningful dialogue between researchers and the public. This session
              will focus on how new technologies can be harnessed to aid this process, but will also cover
              examples of good practice taking place across the University.

              Paul Haywood – Associate Head (Enterprise) School of Art & Design, University of Salford
              Linda Richings - Community Engagement Manager, University of Salford
              Kevin Rowswell - Graduate Researcher - professional education & public engagement,
              School of Nursing & Midwifery, University of Salford

              Audience: All PGRs

1.15 – 2.15   3. Creative Problem-solving using the Ketso Model
              Ketso is a hands-on kit for creative group work which was developed by Dr. Joanne Tippett
              from the University of Manchester. This session will allow you to use the KETSO kit to focus
              on entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial behaviours using the FACETS model, which was
              developed by Thompson and Bolton. Do you possess any of these behaviours? Find out
              more in this session.

              Jenny Warburton - Enterprise Teaching Fellow, University of Salford

              Audience: All PGs

              Parallel Session 3 choices:
2.15 – 3.15   1. Enterprise Café – Networking Session

              This session has been coordinated by the Researcher Enterprise Development Salford Team
              (REDS). It is an ideal opportunity for you to network with local entrepreneurs and pick up tips
              on flexing your entrepreneurial skills and how to make social networking sites work for you.

              Arash Raeisi - Research Student (Information Systems), REDS
              Eleanor Jackson - Research Student (Built Environment), REDS
              Brian Flynn - Head of Sales & Marketing, Perry Online
              Jonny Hewitt - Entrepreneur, Owner, Red House Farm
              Agnieszka Olejnik - General Manager and Intrapreneur

              Audience: All PGs

2.15 – 3.15   2. Vitae – Researcher Development Framework
              The Researcher Development Framework (RDF) is a major new approach to researcher
              development. The RDF describes the knowledge, behaviours and attitudes of researchers
              and encourages them to aspire to excellence through achieving higher levels of development.
              It will be an invaluable resource to evidence and build on your skills, career plan and to help
              you effectively job search.

              Dr Emma Gillaspy - Vitae North West Hub, University of Manchester

              Audience: All PGRs

2.15 - 3.15   3. Creative Job Search
              This workshop will give you the confidence to navigate the ‘the hidden job market’ using
              creative social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to network, source career
              related information and job opportunities successfully.
              Tahira Majothi – Careers consultant
              Dr Sonja Tomaskovic – Research Skills Coordinator, University of Salford
              Chi-Chi Ekweozor - Real Fresh TV

              Audience: All PGs

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