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									TCC Magazine
Connecting Tacoma Community College with Community   Fall 2008

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                                 TCC is an integral part of our community
                                 And the community is part of TCC

                                 Welcome to the inaugural issue of TCC Magazine.

                                 The college is very pleased to be an integral part of the success of
                                 the Tacoma area we serve. Through this beautiful magazine, you’ll
                                 get a better idea of the college’s connectedness not only to our
                                 community, but you’ll also see the impact the college has on the
                                 lives of so many students.

                                 This new magazine emphasizes the unique and special relationship
                                 TCC has with its community, the partnerships with our friends
                                 and neighbors, our business supporters and local industry leaders.
                                 Without the support and encouragement of all these groups, we
                                 would never have been able to serve this great community for more
                                 than 42 years.

                                 The stories in this magazine connect a human face to many of
                                 our programs, and show the depth of learning going on throughout
                                 our community. The connections forged and strengthened between
                                 our students and their on-campus learning as well as hands-on
                                 learning through local businesses and non-profit organizations is
                                 truly amazing.

                                 In this issue you’ll also see the depth of involvement our TCC
                                 Foundation has in raising funds to help needy students with
                                 scholarships and help raise private funds for building construction
                                 and other projects. And, finally, you’ll see how our Continuing
                                 Education program reaches out to train current workers employed
                                 in local companies and also educate our area’s future leaders.

                                 I hope you like our new magazine.
                                 Thank you for all your support of YOUR community college.


                                 Dr. Pamela J. Transue
                                 President, Tacoma Community College

IFC   TCC Magazine   Fall 2008
    TCC Magazine
      Volume 1, No. 1


      Sidnee Wheelwright

         Rachel Payne
          Dan Small
         Dale Stowell

         Laura Chipman
         Sakura Moses
                                      service learning
                                      Manal Jmaileh
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sure to include both old and              at TCC                 16 Annual Report
new addresses.                                                          A year of highlights

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TCC creates meaningful and            celebrate                         Earnestine Jenkins

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success in our lives and our
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communities.                                                    of dane gregory meyer

                                                         Fall 2008   TCC Magazine                     1
                    Manal Jmaileh

                    Serving school,
                    church and community
 Volunteering       TCC Running Start sophomore Manal Jmaileh has              Her Friday night date at St. Clare has helped her decide
                    a full calendar. Since last May she’s been a regular       that she wants to go into medicine—as a doctor. At
          is an     volunteer at St. Clare Hospital in Lakewood, taking        the same time, her front row seat at St. Clare is helping
                    advantage of a service learning program at TCC in          her see the many sides of medicine. She’s noticed
   opportunity      which students apply course theory to real community       that doctors have many tasks on their calendars that
  to figure out     issues—a process that helps students better understand     take them away from their patients. “I like to be with
                    and learn from their community.                            people. That’s my favorite thing,” says Manal. “Nurse
      who you                                                                  practitioners are always right here, taking care of
want to be ...      Her volunteer work is also part of a high school           patients. If you are in a caring, loving environment, you
                    graduation requirement, and part of her Curtis             heal better.”
Do something        High School Key Club and National Honor Society
 you love, but      experience. She’s vice president of the NHS Chapter        Manal also volunteers at the Islamic Center in Tacoma,
                    at Curtis, where she is a senior.                          where she teaches Islamic classes and Arabic. “Many
    make sure                                                                  Muslim children are sent to Islamic school and learn
                    When Manal entered TCC as a Running Start student          the Koran in Arabic,” says Manal. “This isn’t just for
    you watch       last year, “I wanted to get involved in everything,” she   Muslims. And it doesn’t matter your age. I started
    your time.      remembers. She quickly became part of Student Life’s       teaching at age 13.”
                    multicultural education team, a paid job where she
                    helps plan, market and coordinate events. She is also      Manal will graduate from Curtis next June and at the
                    part of Phi Theta Kappa, the national academic honor       same time graduate from Tacoma Community College
                    society for community college students, in which           with an associate degree. She is already applying to
                    members give service hours to the college and the          colleges—University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, the
                    community.                                                 University of Washington and John Hopkins are on her
                                                                               list of potential schools.
                    Says Manal, “In my sophomore year, I saw I needed
                    to get in volunteer hours to apply to colleges. As soon    Manal’s advice to her classmates? “I know it worries
                    as I started volunteering though, I found out what it’s    students—but volunteer service is the last thing to
                    really about. It’s an opportunity to figure out who you    worry about. Do something you love…but make sure
                    want to be. It’s definitely something I look forward to    you watch your time.”
                    all week.”

2                 TCC Magazine    Fall 2008
Fall 2008   TCC Magazine   3
      our future

                         early learning center A building designed for children
                         This fall, the Annette B.         Carefully-crafted, developmentally-      natural lighting for reduced energy
                         Weyerhaeuser Early Learning       appropriate areas for young              consumption—and details such
                         Center opened to serve the        children throughout the interior         as reduced water use, diversion of
                         children of TCC’s students,       and exterior spaces allow children       construction waste and optimal
                         faculty and staff. The new        to explore, grow and develop.            energy performance—that add
                         $6.6 million Early Learning       Says ELC director Olga Webstad:          up to a healthy learning space for
                         Center is a leading-edge child-   “When we were designing the              children that’s also easy on the
                         centered learning environment.    Center, we asked each other:             environment. Signage throughout
                         Designed to serve 86 children     ‘What did we do when we were             the interior and exterior allows
                         from one month through five       children—what are our best               students and visitors to learn
                         years of age—the new ELC          memories of being kids?’ The center      about the sustainability features
                         serves twice the number of        has a hill to climb and to roll down,    of the LEED certified center, with
                         children served in the previous   trees with leaves to rake, a hand-       symbols related to recycling and
                         Children’s Center.                operated water pump with buckets         sustainability. “Older kids will
                                                           to fill, a big sand area, and space to   receive education in sustainability
                                                           run and play and explore.”               and recycling, and there will be
                                                                                                    raised planters for a garden – and
                                                           The interior features radiant-           worms,” says Webstad. “Recycling
  Photos courtesy of                                       heat flooring, natural ventilation       is ongoing, and it’s part of their
Dane Gregory Meyer
                                                           for improved indoor air quality,         education.”

  4                    TCC Magazine   Fall 2008
The center also has a place where       funding, which allows us to educate   Celebrating
parents can do homework between
classes; and a large kitchen where
                                        our parents in early childhood
                                        education,” says Webstad, but
                                                                              our ‘new’ campus
full, hot meals are prepared and        we couldn’t have done all of this
                                                                              Last year Tacoma Community College celebrated
students can eat with their children.   without the Foundation going out
                                                                              the grand re-opening of the ‘new’ TCC campus.
“We planned this into our budget,”      and raising money to support this
                                                                              New buildings, new public gathering spaces, a new
says Webstad. “Parents haven’t          kind of early childhood education,”
                                                                              central College Way and bridge linked new with old,
always eaten breakfast either.”         says Webstad. The Foundation
                                                                              transforming the campus look and feel—and the
                                        is continuing to raise funds to
                                                                              college’s ability to serve a large, diverse population.
Says Webstad: “Being in a college       complete the building – with
setting, we can hire teachers who       $420,000 still needed to cover the
                                                                              In the year since, new spaces have become familiar
have training in early childhood        new building’s construction costs.
                                                                              and landscaping has softened the edges. For entering
education.” Classrooms are
                                                                              students, the well-designed features—both utilitarian
arranged around a series of             To learn how you can help
                                                                              and aesthetic—are the TCC they know.
“observation pods” where students,      support TCC’s new Early Learning
teachers, and parents can view the      Center, contact Foundation
children through one-way mirrors        Executive Director Mel Zanjani        Plans         for our future
without disrupting classroom            at 253.566.5002.
routines. This arrangement                                                    The campus continues to grow and evolve to
facilitates teacher education                                                 better serve student and community needs. In the
programs, including TCC’s Early                                               pre-design stage is the new Health Careers Center,
Childhood Paraeducation program,                                              which is planned for completion in 2013.
the English as a Second Language /
Childhood Development Assistant                                               The college continues its drive toward becoming
program, and parenting classes for                                            a more sustainable campus. In addition to building
our students whose children attend                                            and grounds design, campus vehicles are moving
the Early Learning Center.                                                    off the gas-powered grid to electric power, to be
                                                                              provided by a solar power station mounted on
Project funding includes                                                      the roof of the new Science and Engineering
$1 million in capital funds from                                              building. A food recycling program will be
the State of Washington, matched                                              inaugurated to enhance TCC’s award-winning
by local donations secured through                                            waste recycling program, beginning at the new
efforts of the TCC Foundation.                                                Early Learning Center.
Donations include the largest
single anonymous gift in the                                                  Sustainability, which includes environmental
history of the TCC Foundation.                                                issues along with elements that sustain the
TCC Associated Students are                                                   cultural, economic and social fabric of our
also providing funds over several                                             community, continues to move into the classroom.
years that total more than $2                                                 “We want faculty to become really excited
million. Many other contributions       Design by:                            about sustainability so they will try new ways to
                                        McGranahan Architects
were received from individuals,                                               incorporate it into their programs of study,” said
foundations and companies               Construction by:                      Sue Habeck, TCC biology instructor.
throughout the region.                  Pease Construction, Inc.

                                        Landscape Architect:
“We have student activities fees        Cascade Design Collaborative

supported by our students; and
we get United Way and ECEAP

                                                                                      Fall 2008    TCC Magazine                    5
                     No generation gap…

                     A story of three
                     generations at TCC
                     Anne Giroux remembers when             But once in school, “this whole       Anne’s son Kevin and youngest
                     her mother Setsuko Giroux was in       new world opened that I didn’t        daughter Christin have gotten
                     nursing school. She was in TCC’s       even know existed,” says Anne.        into the act, too. Kevin, a student
                     Registered Nurse articulation          While she was in the program,         in Narrows View Intermediate
                     program, and would come home           her instructor Pat von Knorring       Challenge program, “corrects my
By sharing her       and tell her family what she learned   noticed she had an aptitude for       math papers,” says Anne. And
   stories, and      each day. “She shared so many          anatomy and physiology – and          Christin likes to “sit next to me
                     stories about being in school,” says   especially cardiology. So, after      reading her school book.” Says
the honors and
                     Anne, “it got to the point we began    Anne completed her medical office     Anne, “Christin’s teacher at
    certificates     asking about her day. Once in          certificate and had been hired by     University Place Primary assigned
    she earned       anatomy class they did a dissection    her present employer University       her #14. I showed Christin that
                     – then she gave me the shirt she       Place MultiCare, she entered the      my algebra teacher assigned me
      along the      wore the day she did it!”              Invasive Cardiac Tech program         #14 too. I even brought Christin’s
            way,                                            at TCC, with the blessing and         math paper to my algebra class
                     By sharing her stories, and the        support of MultiCare. “I’m really     and showed my instructor, Beverly
       Setsuko       honors and certificates she earned     excited about cardiology,” says       Bunch, that both mother and
         Giroux      along the way, Setsuko Giroux          Anne. And after finding out how       daughter had the number 14 on
                     showed her entire family what          much she stands to earn when          top of their daily homework. What
   showed her
                     could be accomplished.                 she graduates, her kids are pretty    are the odds of that!?”
  entire family                                             excited too.
 what could be       Setsuko’s daughter Anne was a stay-                                          Kira, a senior at Curtis High
                     at-home mom with three children.       Anne notes that she is taking         School in University Place and
 accomplished.       When she suddenly found herself        English 95-college prep English-      a freshman at TCC, belongs to
                     divorced a few years ago, Anne         while her 17-year-old daughter Kira   Curtis’ Honor Society and Key
                     quickly realized it had become         Kulman, who began Running Start       Club. Through Kiwanis, Key Club
                     “almost mandatory” to get a college    at TCC this fall, is taking English   members work with community
                     education to succeed in the work       101-college level English. “Kira      leaders on projects like Chambers
                     world. She returned to TCC to          helps me and corrects my papers,”     Creek. Kira has even interviewed
                     earn a Medical Office Professional     adds Anne—who obviously               the mayor of Lakewood to gather
                     certificate.                           enjoys the bonding time. Maybe        input about restoration efforts on
                                                            even more than Kira, who once         Chambers Creek, says Anne.
                                                            suggested, “Mom, do you know
                           Setting the example:             about the writing lab?”
                            Setsuko Giroux –
                             Anne’s mother
                              and Kira’s

 6                 TCC Magazine    Fall 2008
Kira, who is in the Curtis High
School orchestra and plays viola
with the Tacoma Youth Symphony,
is considering a minor in music
after she finishes high school. Her
major, she says, will most likely be
Pathology. “Someday I want to
help wipe out infectious diseases,”
says Kira.

Says Anne, “I’m proud of my
daughter—and myself. I had no
idea how inspiring this would be
for me. I was a homemaker without
an associate degree. Now the whole
family mentors each other. I’m not
only getting a college degree – this
is good for the whole family.”

  Anne Giroux and daughter Kira
 Kulman take a walk through the
 Japanese Friendship Garden on
               the TCC campus.

                                       Fall 2008   TCC Magazine   7
                                            Connecting to where we live...
                                            It’s a simple idea—good wine and good food for a good cause. The
                                            popular Proctor-area wine bar, Pour at Four, owned and managed by Mark
                                            and Susan Merrill since 2004, began hosting their popular late-winter
                                            scholarship fundraiser three years ago to support the aspirations of Tacoma
                                            Community College students. They decided to name the scholarship in
                                            memory of Susan Merrill’s late father, Dr. John R. Schaeffer.

                                            It was Dr. Schaeffer’s idea that the Merrill’s neighborhood wine bar should
                                            be named “Pour at Four”—a place where the clock on the wall is forever set
                                            at 4 p.m., the food is great, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the wine and
                                            food start at two. When Dr. Schaeffer passed away unexpectedly soon after
                                            the wine bar opened, the Merrills decided they wanted to give something
                                            back to their adopted community in his memory. Dr. Schaeffer, a long-
                                            time educator who was a teacher, principal, California’s head of migrant
                                            education, and retired as Assistant State Superintendent, was a firm believer
                                            that every person should have the opportunity to receive an education.
                                            So Mark and Susan Merrill set up the scholarship through the Tacoma
                                            Community College Foundation to honor her father and help continue his
                                            work. This year’s Pour at Four auction raised $28,000 for TCC students.

                                            Says Susan: “So many times people get the idea that scholarships come from
                                            really wealthy people writing checks. I think it’s nice when people meet us
       Dr. John R. Schaeffer Scholarship
     recipient Matthew Ward (right) with
                                            and find out we’re just regular people.”
          Mark Merrill, who with his wife
      Susan sponsor the scholarship and
      the Pour at Four fundraising event.
                                            In September 2006 the first recipient of the Dr. Schaeffer scholarship was
                                            chosen. Say the Merrills, “It was very gratifying to see someone so excited
                                            and grateful for the opportunity to continue pursuit of a degree… Our goal
                                            this year was to raise enough through the auction to offer two scholarships.”
          Everyone should have the
                                            The Merrill’s most recent scholarship recipient is TCC student Matthew
             opportunity to receive         Ward, who lives in Tacoma with his wife and three daughters. Matt sees
                                            his scholarship as an opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a math
                      an education.         teacher and give back to the community himself. After years as an IT
              −Dr. John Schaeffer           specialist, including a stint at Intel during the era, Matt decided
                                            to pursue his dream. “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. When I was in
                                            school before, math was WORK. But when I returned to school I began to
                                            see math as more like a puzzle – a game.” Matt plans to complete a master’s
                                            degree in mathematics, and teach at the high school or collegel level.
                                                           Pour at Four is located at 3814 N. 26th St., Tacoma, WA.

8   TCC Magazine    Fall 2008
TCC Foundation Annual Report

The past – and future                                                       Fundraising n 29%
                                                                                                    Other n 1%

– look bright                                                                                                        Grants, Contracts
                                                                                                                     & Awards n 26%

                                                                   Contributions n 60%
Tacoma Community College’s Foundation continues to play                                                                 Net Loss on
                                                                                                                        Investments n -16%
a key role in helping TCC push forward even in times when
it is asked to do more with the same or less public funding
than in the past. Because community support of the college
has been and continues to be strong, TCC continues to be
a leading college in terms of providing services such as child
care to students, granting scholarships, and ensuring that staff
and faculty have the latest knowledge and skills to support
and prepare our students.

“Looking back at the last year, we have a lot to be proud
of,” says Mel Zanjani, Vice President for Institutional
Advancement and Foundation Executive Director. “Looking
ahead at the year to come, we have developed ambitious goals
and initiatives to do even more.”

Looking back at 2007-2008                                            Ž A strong bottom line: The Foundation ended the year
Ž College scholarships: TCC Foundation once                            with more than $5 million in assets and plans to grow
  again provided more scholarship support to students of               that base in the coming year.
  any community college foundation in our region. The
  Foundation provided more than $275,000 in scholarship
                                                                     Looking forward to the year to come
  funds, supporting more than 100 scholarship awards.                Ž Alumni association: The Foundation will lay the
Ž College support: The Foundation provided more than                   groundwork to create the first active alumni association
  $2 million support to TCC. In addition to scholarships,              in the college’s history.
  TCC Foundation helped fund construction and                        Ž Scholarship campaign: The Foundation will raise
  equipment for the recently opened Early Learning                     $350,000 for scholarships, further solidifying its place
  Center. The center more than doubles the capacity to                 as a leader in student support among area community
  provide safe, high-quality child care on the TCC campus.             college foundations.
  Foundation funds also supported student emergency                  Ž Early Learning Center campaign: A $420,000 public
  grants, professional development for staff and faculty,              fund-raising campaign to continue development and
  and special programs such as the Center for Ethical                  support of the new Annette B. Weyerhaeuser Early
  Development.                                                         Learning Center will launch in the coming months.

                                                                                     TCC FOUNDATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:
                                                                                     Mel Zanjani, CFRE, Executive Director
                                                                                     Jennifer Durham, Secretary
                                                                                     Tom Spilman, Treasurer
                                                                                     Ed Brooks, Vice President
                                                                                     Christopher Algeo, President
                                                                                     Dr. Pamela Transue, College President

                                                                                         Fall 2008     TCC Magazine                      9
                            TCC Foundation Donors 2007-2008
This donor report acknowledges new gifts and pledges contributed between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008. Gifts received after June 30,
2008 will be acknowledged in the 2008-2009 donor report. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy but mistakes sometimes do
occur. If we have misspelled or omitted your name, please accept our most sincere apologies and let us know by contacting the office of
Development and Alumni Relations at 253.460.4379 or

Anonymous                               Joseph Betz                           Dorna Bullpitt                    Melinda & Duane W. Cox
Jeeny Aarde                             Elizabeth Biber                       Patrice & Robert Bunge            CR Sandidge Winery
Pam Abernathy                           Judie Bilderback                      Shawn Bunney                      Carl & Louise Cramer
Jared Abwawo                            Charles & Barbara Bingham             Kate Burnham                      Frank & Debbie Crawford
Christopher Algeo                       Benjii Bittle                         Julie & Gary Burton               Charles Crawford
Allenmore Medical Foundation            Catherine Bitz                        Jean Buttorff                     Charlie Crawford

Altrusa International Club of Tacoma    Phil & Kerry Bivens                   C.R. Sandidge Winery              Jonathan Crawford
Amavi Cellars                           Michele Blake                         Peter & Kim Cacace                Sharon Creamer
Alan & Pamela Anderson                  Carey Blake                           Franetta Cammon                   Byron & Kimberly Cregeur
Candace Anderson                        Rick Block                            Dave Campbell                     Mark & Val Crisson
Christine Anderson                      Melanie Bloomquist                    Joe Candiotta                     Tammy Croissant
Jeannie Anderson                        Blue Frog Garden Nursery              Katrina Cardinal                  Gordon Cromwell
Karen Anderson                          BNY Mellon Wealth Management          Bonnie Cargol                     Anthony Culanag

Stephen Anderson                        Bodegas Paso Robles                   James Carkonen                    Terri & Dan Dailey
Timothy Anderson                        Body of Wellness                      Brett Carlson                     Kathryn D’Ambrosio
Tanya & J. Andrews                      The Boeing Company                    Susan Carrier                     Monica Dapper
Paige Anson                             Sherrie Bonsell                       Susan Castelin                    Joyce David
John Arbini                             L. Book                               Anastasia & Joseph Cates-Carney   Sherry Davies
Dolores & Wayne Argabright              Nancy Bordenave                       Cindy Caty                        James Davis
Carol Arjo                              Patricia Borgen                       Chalet In the Woods               Debbie Davis
Linda Armington                         Marlene Bosanko & Charles Cline       Katherine Chappell                Christyanna Dawson
                                                                              & Antonio Kodama
Janne Arthur                            Gail Bosch                                                              James & Erma Dawson
                                                                              Nigel Chiddick
Paul Asidilla                           Mary Bottomley                                                          DBA MCC Products
                                                                              Lana Childs
Augusoft, Inc.                          Samuel Bovard                                                           Tina DeFalco

                                                                              City of Tacoma
David Bader                             Sara Bowe                                                               Bert DeHaan
                                                                              Lisa Clark & Carolyn Roseberry
John Bahlenhorst                        Leilani Bower                                                           Jana Kay Demarest
                                                                              Vicky Cleaver
Melissa Balch                           Starla Bowman                                                           Sharon & Anton Demianiw
                                                                              Judi Cleghorn
Dan & Leslie Balmer                     Elizabeth Boyd                                                          Diane Demotica
                                                                              Mark Clemons
Bank of America                         Jacqueline Boyd                                                         Helen Dempsey-Tennent
                                                                              Cathryn & James Click
Edith Barker                            Sue Brabec                                                              Don Dennis
                                                                              Lucy & Michael Clifthorne
Beverly Barron                          Alan & Teri Bradshaw                                                    Richard & Lisa Devlin
                                                                              Timothy & Laura Clothier
Joseph Batt                             Diane Branca                                                            William Dewitt
                                                                              Robert & Darlene Cloud
Anthony & Kimberly Baumann              Brassfield’s Salon and SAVI Day Spa                                     Alice Di Certo
                                                                              J. Cochrane
Bayview Limosine Service, Inc.          Vicki Breaker                                                           Mary Lu Dickinson
                                                                              Judy Colarusso
Marilyn & Riley Bedford                 Kerry & Terry Brink                                                     Emily Dienst
                                                                              Bill & Gertrude Colby
Janis Beickovsky                        Ed & Carmen Brooks                                                      Kyle Dillehay
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Susan Beilke                            Stephanie Brooks                                                        Cynthia Dillon
                                                                              Columbia Bank
Mary Bellarts                           Michelle Broome                                                         Suzanne Dircks
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Benchmark Event Equipment               Patricia & Henry Brown                for the Alleghenies               Kazumi & J. F. Divens-Cogez
Ron & Karen Beneviste                   Anne & James Brown                    Elizabeth & John Comstock         Haven Doane
                                                                                                                & Sharon Peace-Doane
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Jacklyn & Timothy Berreth               Jenny Brunette                        George Cowan
                                                                                                                Nicole Downey
Paula & Allan Bessette                  Susan Bryant & Charles Bryant, II     Craig Cowden
                                                                                                                Linda Drake
Best Western Wesley Inn of Gig          Michaela Buchanan                     Beverly Cox

10                   TCC Magazine      Fall 2008
                                                   TCC Foundation Donors 2007-2008
Denise Dubnicka                    Franciscan Health System            Lu Ann Gundrum                         Ruth Hollo
Marilyn Dunton                     Ron Frederick                       David Gunnarson                        James Holman
Jennifer & Jeffrey Durham          Greg & Margarete Freitag            John Guy & Lorette Meske               Sharon Holmes
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Fieldhouse                                                             Kinne Hawes                            Anna Inthavong

                                   Michael Good
Caryl & Wade Fielding                                                  Kevin Hayes                            Calvin Jackson
                                   Arthur Goodson
Fielding Hills Winery                                                  Amy Healy                              Debi Jackson
                                   Rachel Goon
Cesar Figueroa                                                         Linda Healy                            Sue Jackson-Andre
                                   Gerry Gordon
Stephen & Eileen Finnigan                                              Elizabeth Heath                        Paul & Anne Jacobson
                                   Susan Gordon
David & Mendy Fischer                                                  Kathryn Held                           Sharon Jaffee
                                   Jacqueline Gorman
Jana & Thomas Fisher                                                   Joan Hento                             John & Anita James
                                   Ann Gosch
Sharon Rose Fitch                                                      Tracy Heron-Moore                      Jane Jason
                                   Gottfried & Mary Fuchs Foundation
Stephanie Flagg                                                        HHJ Construction                       Virginia Jenkins
                                   Marilyn Gould
Susan Flagg                                                            Sue Hickam                             Rose & Jeff Jennison
                                   Cindy Grady
Ilse & Dennis Flannigan                                                Robert Hijiya                          Laurie Jinkins & Laura Wulf
                                   Candice Granberg
Theri Flood                                                            Marcia & Rondald Hildebrandt           Arlene Joe & Richard Woo
                                   Beverly & Artis Grant
Wendy Flores                                                           Sarah Hiller                           Cathy Johnson
                                   Douglas Granum
Floyd & Delores Jones Foundation                                       Wendy Hinand                           Florise Johnson
                                   Karen Gray
Dick & Mary Foege                                                      Albert Hinson & June Kerseg-           Thomas & Teena Johnson
                                   Gray Lumber Company                 Hinson
Mathew Foley-Kordell                                                                                          Todd & Mariann Johnson
                                   Great Wolf Lodge                    Cindy Hinz
Linda & Timothy Ford                                                                                          William Johnson
                                   The Greater Tacoma Community        Caryle Hitchcock
Forest Foundation                  Foundation                                                                 Heather Johnson-Jock
                                                                       Lynn Hodder
Fort Walla Walla Cellars           Victoria Green                                                             Alberta & Merle Jones
                                                                       Christine Hoffman
Donald Foster                      Evan Green                                                                 Casey Jones
                                                                       Nancy Hohenstein
Missi Foster                       Steve & Heidi Grimstad                                                     David Jones
                                                                       Mark & Diane Holcomb
Leanne Foster                      Mary Grobins                                                               Richard Jones
                                                                       Ann Holder
Kenneth & Mary Fox                 Carol & John Grudzien


                                                                                                  Fall 2008   TCC Magazine                   11
                           TCC Foundation Donors 2007-2008
Jones View Inn                       Griselda (Babe) & Herman Lehrer   Margaret McCulloch Sax             Dorene Novotny
Marcy & David Joseph                 Bradley Lehrer                    Shelly McDonald                    Michelle Nowoczynski

K                                                                                                         O
Margaret Kalton                      Michael Lehrer                    Phyllis McGavick-Broich            Autumn & Ronald Oberhansli
Buzz Kane                            Estelle Len & Estelle Guyt        McGranahan Architects              Patsy O’Connell
Charles Kaperick                     Andrew Lench                      Karin McGuire                      Eric Ogilvie
Lilly Kato                           Kyle Lentz                        Margaret McKee-Lopez               Mary Ohno
Judy Kavanaugh                       Dorothy Lewis                     Deborah McKeon                     Thomas & Skip Oldfield
Frank Kawasaki                       Pamela Lewis-Bridges              Nancy McKinney                     Sonya Olejar
                                     & Edward Bridges
Thomas & Suzanne Keegan                                                Gretchen McKinney                  Cindy Olejar
                                     Lisa’s Leaves & My Greenhouse
Dolores Keller                                                         Charles McManus                    Janet & Michael Olejar
                                     Lissette Massage                  & Jacqueline Plattner
Lu Kelley                                                                                                 Benjamin Olp
                                     Joseph Loescher                   Dean McSweeney
Gail & Richard Kelly                                                                                      Olympic Associates Company
                                     Kandace Loewen                    Alan & Rose Mednick
June Kerseg-Hinson                                                                                        Olympic College
& Albert Hinson                      Lorraine Lofton                   Gary Meigs & Peggy O’Neill
                                                                                                          David & Inger Owen
Pat & Chad Kerth                     Kathryn Longfellow                Scott Merriman
                                                                                                          Terry & Gretchen Owen
Camille Kesinger                     Debra Longfellow                  Claudia Merritt
                                                                                                          Reid Ozaki

Kestrel Vintners                     Susan Lord                        Alexander & Deborah Mihali
                                                                                                          P G Beil Foundation
Yvonne Kevins                        Leonard Lukin                     Milbrandt Vineyards
                                                                                                          Reginald Page
KeyBank Foundation                   Ronald & Jeanette Lunceford       Vikki Miller
                                                                                                          Page Cellars
Alya Khan & Clive Cromar             Richard & Betty Lunceford         Susan Mitchell
                                                                                                          Diana Page-Goings
Mojdeh Khatam-Moore                  Peggy & Tim Lunceford             Richard & Marcia Moe
                                                                                                          Jamie Palermo
& Roger Moore
                                     Lori Lynch                        Barb Moilien
                                                                                                          Lynn Palock
Kenneth Kieffer
                                     Linda Lysne                       Susan Moorehead

                                                                                                          Pantages Theater
Derek Kilmer
                                     Katherine MacDonald               Linda M. Moran
                                                                                                          Mario Parisio
Naomi Kim
                                     Margaret MacDonald                Thomas Morgan
                                                                                                          Darryle Parker
Michelle Kim-Giron & Paul Giron
                                     Mark MacLeod                      Morgan Stanley
                                                                                                          Selena Pasin
Fumiko Kimura
                                     Daniel Madden                     Don Moseid
                                                                                                          Paso Robles Courtyard by Marriott
Debra King
                                     Ken Madsen                        Sakura Moses
                                                                                                          Uscanga Pastora
Jean Kinnaman
                                     Marilyn Mahoney                   Janine & Nicholas Mott
                                                                                                          Kathryn & William Patnode
Kiwanis Club of Greater Tacoma
                                     MaryJo Mallan                     MRG/Diversification, Inc.
                                                                                                          Patrice Designs
Colleen Klein
                                     Connie Manuel                     Muckleshoot Casino
                                                                                                          Barbara Patterson
Jaquelyn Kleiner
                                     Marine View Beverage - Sumner     Patrick Mullen & Jill Fox-Mullen
                                                                                                          Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
Shane Klingenstein
                                     Sandra Martin                     MultiCare Health Foundation
                                                                                                          Gary & Caroline Pearson
Sue & Gerald Knight
                                     Barbara Martin                    MultiCare Health System
                                                                                                          Mitch Pearson
Ford Knox
                                     Carrie Martin                     Jean Munday
                                                                                                          Sue Pearson
Sophia Korum
                                     Julia Martin-Lombardi             Theophilus Mungen
                                                                                                          Darron & Missy Pease
Keith Kragelund
                                     Maryhill Winery                   Cyndy Myers

                                                                                                          Pease Construction, Inc.
Paula Kraupa
                                     Karen Mashburn                    Douglas Neff
                                                                                                          Lisa Pedersen
James Krueger

                                     Massage Envy                      Sharron Nelson
                                                                                                          Beth Pedersen
Linda & Lee Lagerquist
                                     Susan Massey                      Richard Nelson
                                                                                                          Angela Peiffer
Kurt Laidlaw
                                     Glenna & David Mathews            Patricia & George Nelson
                                                                                                          David Pelkey & Kayleen Oka
Becky Lamont
                                     Marcia Matincheck                 Paul & Molly Neustadt
                                                                                                          Peninsula Gardens
John & Patricia Lantz
                                     Kimberle & Phillip Matison        Susan Newell
                                                                                                          Bobbi Pennell
Faye Laroche
                                     Archie Matthews                   William Nice
                                                                                                          The Pepsi Bottling Group
Jeanine Larson
                                     Ellen Mazoff                      The Norcliffe Foundation
                                                                                                          Loyd & Muriel Percy
Bruce & Joan Larson
                                     Billie Mazzei                     Peter & Karen Norman
                                                                                                          Katelyn Perigard
Kate Larsson
                                     Toni McBride                      Northwest Cascade, Inc.
                                                                                                          Lori Peterson
John Laurent
                                     Mary McCabe                       Northwest Designer Craftsman
                                                                       Assoc.                             Clare Petrich & Dawn Lucien
Ashley Layman
                                     JoAnne McCarthy
                                                                       Northwest Justice Project          James & Judie Pettit
Tonya Lee
                                     Sharon McCormack
                                                                       Ron & Nancy Novak                  M. Peter Philley & Monica Bulter
Linda Lee
                                     McCrea Cellars
                                                                                                          Wendy Phillips
Margaret & Lee Legowik

12                   TCC Magazine   Fall 2008
                                                TCC Foundation Donors 2007-2008
Jennifer Pickett               Andrew & Jan Ritting              Dan & Doreen Small                        R. Taylor
Pierce Commercial Bank         Ann & Fred Roberson               Carolyn Small                             Angela Taylor
Pierce County Library System   Gayle Roberts                     Amy Small                                 Robert & Patricia Thaden
Charlene & Eric Piercy         Valerie Robertson                 Gail Smalley                              Susan & Andrew Thompson
Laird & Julie Pisto            Ross Robinson                     Rebecca Smart & Drew Deutsch              Claudia Thompson
William Plancich               Michel & Pamela Rocchi            Tomi Kent Smith                           Wanda Thompson
Mike & Lisa Politeo            Jill Rohrbaugh                    Darryl & Jodi Smith                       Vanessa Tilberg
Port of Tacoma                 Amanda & Lorenzo Rollins          Virginia Smith                            Vincent Tilotta
Shawn Postma                   Greg Rolsma                       Gayle Smith                               Titus Will Families Foundation
Pour At Four                   Ron Carson Pottery                Barbara & Mel Smith                       Mary Beth Tollefson
Mary Anne Powell               Rosedale Gardens, LLC             Kimberley Smith                           Lisa Tompkins
Ronald Powers                  Kerry Rounds                      Laura Smith                               Kristin Tow
Ken Powers                     Joan Rubinstein                   Smith Barney Charitable Trust, Inc.       Michael Towey
Thomas & Lynn Pratt            Amanda Ruff                       Kelly Snead                               Arlene Towne
Scott Price                    Cynthia Ruggiero                  Terry & Ruth Snider                       Sandra & Robert Townley
Pride Foundation               Art Rutkowski                     Margaret Sonnen                           Trader Joe’s
Primo Grill                    Robert Ryan                       Michael & Joan Soronen                    Pamela Transue & Stuart Grover

The Prudential Foundation      S.T.T. Sports Lettering Co.       Soroptimist International                 Ailene Tronca
Matching Gifts                                                   of Gig Harbor
                               Bonnie Sand                                                                 Trueman Appraisal Co.
John Purbaugh                                                    Leonard Souchek

                               Blanca Santander                                                            Virginia & Robert Tucker
Joyce Raine                                                      Sound Electronics Div.
                               Ianne Santos                      of Carl T. Madsen Inc.                    Chee & Katherine Tung
Rainier Pacific Bank                                                                                       Sam Tuttle
                               Margaret Sargeant                 Thomas & Kristin Spilman
Rainier Pacific Foundation                                                                                 Diane Twitty
                               David Sarno

                                                                 Jaron Spoja & Rhonda Oglivie
Pamela Ralston                                                                                             Jean Ulianich
                               Rhonda Savage                     Rebeccah Sproat
Consuelo Ramirez                                                                                           Lorinda Ulsh
                               Saviah Cellars                    St. Anthony Hospital
Sierra Ramirez                                                                                             Union Bank of California
                               Audra Schindler                   St. Michelle Estates
Ed & Sharie Ramos                                                                                          Heather Urschel-Speir
                               Bob Schmitt                       David Stahl
Patricia Randall                                                                                           Pastora Uscanga
                               Abbey Schofield

                                                                 Deronda Stanley
Randy’s Nursery                                                                                            Diane Valdez
                               Ladonna Schuh                     State Farm
Julie Ranger                                                                                               Bruce Valentine
                               Joyce Schultz                     Sam Stayd
Donald & Karen Rasmussen                                                                                   Rick Valtee
                               Mary Scott                        Kellie Steinmasel
Gail Rassat                                                                                                Linda Van Doren
                               Sea Grill                         Sterling Savings Bank
Raven Ridge Naturals                                                                                       Elisabeth Van Dusen
                               William & Tatyana Searcy          Willie & Faye Stewart
Cheryl Rea                                                                                                 Gerrit & Melissa Van Ness
                               Seattle Mariners                  Barbara & Richard Stockstad
Andrew Read                                                                                                Cary & Crystal Vance
                               Secret Garden Boutique            Timothy Stokes
Michael & Susan Reed                                                                                       Lillian Vandehey
                               Scott & Debbie Seelye             Beverlee Storkman
Les & Estelle Reid                                                                                         Sara VanPerre
                               Cynthia Seward                    Claudia & David Straayer
April Reid                                                                                                 Regina Vasaitis
                               Dan & Sue Shea                    Brandy Stricker
Sandra Reilley                                                                                             Venture Bank
                               Mary Sheehan                      Paula Stuart & Philip Lynch
Linda Remsberg                                                                                             Ann Verratti
                               Selinda Sheridan                  Nancy Stuart
Candyce & Don Rennegarbe                                                                                   Vinotique
                               Lucy Sherman                      Mary Sudar

Respiratory Care Society                                                                                   Sumiho Wada
of Washington                  Amy Shipp                         Shannon Sullins
                               Gerald Shulenbarger               Sunset Pacific General                    Yasuko Wada
Sandy Reyier
                               Signs by Tomorrow                 Contractors, Inc.                         Corydon Wagner
Gene Rezac
                               What’s Your Sign, Inc.            Sally Swanson                             Richard & Catherine Wakefield
Richard Rhea
                               Silverlake Winery                 Anthony Szalyga                           Walla Walla Inns

Caridad Rhoades
                               Simpson Investment Company        Tacoma Investment Group, Inc.             Deb Wallin
Astrid Rial & Tony Malaghan
                               Sister City Community of Tacoma   Tacoma Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
                               ~ Kitakyushu                                                                Marilyn & James Walton
Steve Rich
                                                                 Ron Talley                                Debbi & Bill Wambold
Marie Rider                    Jim Skalski & Csilla Muhl
                                                                 Kitty Tartaglia                           Yi Wang
Deborah Riegsecker             Linda Skyler
                                                                 Rod Tayet                                 Betty Wani
                               Mary Slaughter


                                                                                               Fall 2008   TCC Magazine                     13
                                         Moving into Management
TCC Foundation Donors                    Training a New Generation of Leaders
2007-2008, continued                     at General Plastics
Kimberly Ward
Jeanne & Duane Warner
Lilly & Jack Warnick
Linda & Steve Washburn
Alan Waugh
Wendey Weathers
Joe Webb
Olga & Norman Webstad
Karla & William Webster
June Weled
Laura Weselmann
Emily West
Denise Wester
Marilyn Westervelt
Annette B. Weyerhaeuser
Frederick & Ki Hyen Whang
Karyn Whitacre
S. White
Steve Wilkinson
William Mitchell Photography
Steven & Dara Willis
Darrell Willits
Patty Wilson
Roger & Sharon Wilson
Wineglass Cellars
Carol Wissmann
Ruth & A. James Witsmeer
Jean Witte
Woodward Canyon
Allen Woolf
World Cultural Interaction
Marjorie Wright

Don & Dianne Yaw
Anna Ybarra & Pamela Ralston
                                         Todd Roppo, a Senior Sales Engineer at General Plastics in Tacoma, is one of
Lois Yoshida
                                         25 General Plastics employees chosen for a management training program
Christine & Calvin Young
                                         administered by Tacoma Community College. Writes Eric Hahn, Vice President
Iris & James Young                       of Organizational Development at General Plastics:
Jayme Yount

Mel & Fred Zanjani
Jennie Zecher                                        “The Job Skills Program is the foundation for our leadership development
Caryl Zenker
                                                      and succession plan. The coursework provides critically needed
Richard Zimmerman
Ed Zittel                                             instruction in the areas of leadership development, supervisory
                                                      techniques, manufacturing basics, finance and materials planning.”

14                   TCC Magazine   Fall 2008
                                                                                          TCC Corporate and
                                                                                          Continuing Education
A    t General Plastics, a Tacoma institution for over fifty years, they’re quite
self sufficient. They make 90 percent of their own tools. They transform rigid
foam and other plastic products into an astonishing variety of applications,              Carlson Paving Products
from the 400 different gap seal configurations used in airplane interiors to              Chicago Title Insurance Company
the plastic components of the underwater robotics systems used in homeland                Chief Leschi Schools
security operations. They run their products through onsite tensile tests,                City of Renton
flammability tests, and compression tests. They cross-train their workers in
                                                                                          City of Tacoma
the use of dozens of specialized machines. But when the time came to train
a new generation of managers, they decided to call Tacoma Community                       Community Health Care

College.                                                                                  First Choice Health
                                                                                          General Plastics
Todd Roppo, a Senior Sales Engineer at General Plastics, is also a                        Manufacturing Company
management trainee. “Right now the company is going through a transition.                 KeyBank
They’re trying to foster the next-generation leaders for the company,”                    Kitsap County Consolidated
explained Roppo. To that end, General Plastics partnered with Tacoma                      Housing Authority
Community College to set up a seven-module course, taught onsite by TCC                   MCMNW
instructors. TCC’s Corporate and Continuing Education Department hires
                                                                                          Metro Parks Tacoma
experts in specialized fields to provide onsite and on-campus training to
local businesses. Typically, a business will partner with the college to design a         Orting School District

customized training program. Topics covered in the General Plastics program               Pierce County
range from “Supervisory Essentials” to “Process Improvement” to “Finance                  Pierce County Health Department
Improvement.” As part of the Job Skills Program, the training program is                  Pierce Transit
partly funded by a $48,000 grant from the State Board for Community and
                                                                                          Port of Tacoma
Technical Colleges. The twenty-five General Plastics employees chosen for
                                                                                          Puget Sound ESD #121
the course will receive a certificate upon completion. They’ll also receive 8
college credits that can be applied toward a college degree. “Perhaps an MBA              Puyallup Tribal Health
at some point,” said Roppo, who received a BS in Mechanical Engineering                   Red Wind Casino
from the University of Washington. “The ultimate goal would be to keep                    Schnitzer Steel Industries
moving up the management ladder.”                                                         STOPWA
                                                                                          Tacoma Public Schools
The management trainees meet for a three-hour class once a week, using a
conference room that doubles as a multimedia classroom. Their program is                  True North – Student Assistance
                                                                                          and Treatment Services
scheduled to continue through June 2009. Roppo explained that the group
is currently wrapping up the second training module, on leadership. “We                   Washington State Association
                                                                                          of Counties
have homework, and a test at the beginning and end of each module. But
since it’s onsite training, it has to be a little more user-friendly.” While Roppo        Washington State Department
                                                                                          of Personnel
enjoys the enthusiastic presentation of useful information in class, he believes
that the program’s most important benefit is that the learning takes place                Washington State Transit Insurance
                                                                                          Pool (WSTIP)
with his co-workers. “It fosters teamwork,” said Roppo. “The group is a real
cross-section of the company. In this class we interact on a work level, but
                                                                                          For more information contact:
also on a personal level. People on the floor have a different perspective than           Ron Asahara, Director
I do.” Roppo’s classmate Dan Hesser agrees: “The opportunity for teamwork                 Corporate & Continuing Education
in this class - it’s priceless. I can really see how it’s had a lot of impact on the
company in the last couple of months.”                                                    253.460.4469.

                                                                                       Fall 2008   TCC Magazine             15
TCC Annual Report
A year of highlights                       TCC had many reasons to
National rankings, and designations as                  In the last 12 months,                       „ Tacoma Community College
“the best” or “the fastest growing” became              Tacoma Community College:                       Early Learning Center project
commonplace at Tacoma Community College during          „ Enhanced and streamlined its                  was selected the winner of
the 2007-2008 academic year. While last year kicked        student intake and advising                  the Northwest Construction
off with a Grand Reopening to celebrate several            model. The efforts helped create             Consumer Council 2008
years of achievement and redevelopment, TCC did            a 70 percent fall-to-winter                  Distinguished Project Award for
not lose momentum in the months that followed.             retention rate for the first time in         public projects under $10 million.
                                                           the college’s history.                    „ Received a $250,000 grant to
Based on enrollment fall quarter, state officials
                                                        „ Placed third nationally in Grand              install solar power electric
recently forecast that Tacoma Community College will
                                                           Champion category and fourth                 generating panels on campus.
be the fastest-growing community college in the state
                                                           in waste reduction in the                    The panels are believed to be
over the next two years. Taking a look at highlights
                                                           RecycleMania competition among               capable of generating enough
from last year shows some of the reasons why.
                                                           more than 400 colleges and                   power to recharge the batteries
                                                           universities. TCC was the top-               in its fleet of electric-powered
                                                           rated community college. TCC’s               security vehicles and campus
                                                           year-long focus on sustainability            maintenance fleet.

            TCC Executive Staff                            has continued into the 2008-2009          „ Connected 474 students to
                                                           academic year.                               service-learning opportunities
                                                                                                        and internships throughout the
                                                                                                        year that contributed to both
                   Dr. Pamela Transue
                     President                                                                          education and community health.

                   Dr. Tim Stokes
                     VP Academic &
                     Student Affairs
                       Mary Chikwinya 
                         Associate VP
                      Student Services

                   Kathryn Longfellow
                     VP Administrative
                     Services                                                                              44 + n 17%
                        Bill Benjamin 
                        Associate VP                                                                                    Under 25 n 50%
                     Human Resources                                                25 to 44 n 33%

                   Mel Zanjani, CFRE
                     VP Institutional
                     Advancement &
                     Foundation Ex. Dir.
                            Dan Small                                                                Student Age
                         Associate VP
                     External Relations

16               TCC Magazine            Fall 2008
celebrate during the past year
„ Supported the transition of                            „ Provided seven presentations           „ Restructured International
   34 percent of adult basic                                 at the 2008 Washington State            Student Programs supporting
   education and English as a                                Teaching & Learning Conference          significant increases in overall
   second language students to                               in Spokane highlighting model           enrollment as well as enrollment
   credit FTE students. TCC has the                          efforts to improve access and           in short-term language and
   highest transition rate in                                quality using technology.               culture programs.
   the state.                                            „ Began the Encore! Program              „ Increased revenue of the
„ Were recognized nationally on                              to reach out and serve learners         Continuing Education & Corporate
   the 2008 CCSSE for Active and                             over age 50.                            Training Division by 32 percent.
   Collaborative Learning and for                        „ Created and launched the
   Academic Challenge. TCC scored                            Tribal Enterprise & Gaming
   above the 80 percentile in
                                                             Management degree program
   both categories.                                          now offered on location at four                  TCC Board of Trustees
„ Increased online course                                    tribal casinos.
   offerings by 22 percent over                          „ Designed career pathways in
                                                                                                                           Don Dennis
   the previous year.                                        several Professional Technical                                  Vice Chair
                                                                                                                                 David Edwards 
„ Offered an all-time high                                   programs, allowing job                                                       Chair
   of 1,190 courses during evening                           preparation certification at
   and weekend time periods.                                 15-credit-hour, 45-credit-hour and
„ Launched its first, fully online                           Associate-of-Applied-Science                                  Laurie A. Jinkins
   degree program, Health                                    milestones to better serve
                                                                                                                             Marilyn D. Walton 
   Information Management.                                   students and businesses in need
   Enrollment in the program                                 of qualified employees.
   has increased 24 percent.

                                                                                                                           Fred P.S. Whang

          International Program n 3.4%                                                                           Institutional Support n 20.2%     Plant Operations/
                                            Running Start n 3.9%
                                                                                                       Student Services                            Maintenance n 10.1%
                                                       Continuing Education                                   n 11.2%                                  WF/WR
 State Allocation                                      & General Fees n 1.9%                                                                           Financial Aid n 0.9%
       n 66.1%                                                                                       Library/Learning
                                                                                                   Resources n 2.9%
                                                       Tuition n 24.6%                                                                                     Instruction/Primary
                                                                                                                                                           Support n 54.7%

                    Revenue Sources                                                                                     Program Expenses
                For Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2008                                                                For Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2008

                                                                                                                          Fall 2008        TCC Magazine                          17

                                                            and Secure Logistics

                                                            The answer
                                                            to a career
                                                            Earnestine Jenkins is a people person. The 20-year
                                                            veteran bus driver for the Clover Park School District
                                                            also loves the freedom, variety and challenge of being
                                                            on the road. This year her route is special needs kids;
                                                            she picks them up at their homes and takes them to
                                                            their school and back again. It’s a job she especially likes.
                                                            “You learn to care about people and care about the
                                                            situation,” says Earnestine. “I think I have a knack
                                                            for working with people, and in this job there are lots
                                                            of personalities and needs.”

                                                            For eighteen months a couple years ago she also
                                                            worked in the bus dispatch office, filling in for a fellow
                                                            employee deployed to Iraq. “I loved dispatching,” says
                                                            Earnestine. “If I got another job that is one of the first
                                                            I would look at.”

                                                            Earnestine says she got into bus driving because she had
                                                            three boys and wanted to be home with them. “Driving
                                                            bus I could be there after school and in the summers.”
                                                            When her sons grew up and moved out, it became her
                                                            goal to stay on, and retire at 55 with 20 years on the job.

                                                            That was the old economy. Enter the new economy:
                                                            “Now I have 20 years on the job, but I’m 10 years from
                                                            retirement,” says Earnestine.

                Earnestine Jenkins, a bus driver for the
                Clover Park School District for 20 years,   One Sunday a couple of years ago, Earnestine Jenkins
                is completing TCC’s Associate in Applied
                                                            saw a story in the newspaper about a new program
 keeps me
                Science degree in Logistics.
                                                            at TCC. “It was a big spread about the relationship

   going is                                                 between Tacoma Community College and the Port
                                                            of Tacoma,” said Earnestine. The story talked about
       the                                                  the need for people trained in distribution, shipping,
                                                            and logistics. “It said TCC offered a certificate and an
  support.                                                  associate degree in Logistics.”

18            TCC Magazine   Fall 2008
                                                                               Secure Logistics, Transportation
She quickly saw the solution to a career dilemma.            Photo courtesy:
                                                              Port of Tacoma   and Supply Chain Management
Now Earnestine is close to graduating from TCC’s
Transportation & Secure Logistics associate degree                             The importance of safeguarding the
program, with hopes of transitioning into the                                  distribution of transported goods is a
transportation industry. “With this degree it could be                         primary reason why the National Science
an easy transition,” says Earnestine.                                          Foundation awarded Tacoma Community
                                                                               College with a grant to develop a certificate
The degree is interesting, and includes courses                                and degree program in the field of
in business, security and management, and it’s
                                                                               Logistics. TCC offers:
convenient—but it’s not easy. “Ms. Reid (April Reid,
Dean of Counseling, Advising and Transition Services)                           ∙ Transportation and Secure Logistics
– that’s where I get my inspiration to keep going. And                            Certificate
the online courses make it convenient for a person who                          ∙ Associate in Applied Science degree in
works full time. Last winter I had to go to Canada.                               Logistics
I was able to log in to my coursework right from my
condo,” says Earnestine.                                                       For more information, contact
                                                                               Erika Bowles, Logistics Program Chair,
“I always ask for help; and it’s always available. I never           , or 253.566.5253;
have to go it alone. My advisor Erika Bowles makes sure                        or visit the website at
I’m comfortable with my classes and my instructors…                            academics/areasofstudy/logistics.aspx.
I’m happy I chose TCC to enhance my skills to be able
to compete in today’s market. What keeps me going
is the support.”

                                                                                       Fall 2008   TCC Magazine          19
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                                                        Basketball 3p                                                                                    7:30p

at The Gallery                                                      21                   22                   23               24
                                                                                                                   College Closed      Christmas

                                                                                                                                       College Closed
                                                                                                                                                         College Closed

Call 253.460.4392 for more
                                                                    28                   29                   30               31
through December 19, 2008
73/67 Heartland Intersections
Recent work by Melinda Cox and                                              2009
Linda Staats                                                                                                                                        1                 2                    3

                                                                                                                                       New Years Day College Closed
2009                                                                                                                                   College Closed

                                                                        4                    5                 6                   7                8                 9                10
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May 18-June 11                                                      18                   19                   20               21                  22                23                24
TCC Student Art Exhibition                                                  MLK Jr. Birthday                       Basketball 6p                                           Basketball 1p
                                                                            College Closed                         Basketball 8p                                           Basketball 3p
June 22-August 14
7th Annual Juried Local Art                                         25                   26                   27               28                  29                30                31
                                                                                                                                                                           Basketball 1p
Exhibition                                                                                                                                                                 Basketball 3p

August 24-October 9
                                                                        1                    2                 3                   4                5                 6                    7
Liu Lujun Ceramics

                                                                                                                                                                           Basketball 1p
                                                                                                                                                                           Basketball 3p
October 19-December 31
Rick Mahaffey and Reid Ozaki                                            8                    9                10               11                  12                13                14
                                                                                                                   Basketball 6p       TCC A&LS:
                                                                                                                   Basketball 8p       David Silverman

TCC Arts &                                                          15                   16
                                                                            President’s Day
                                                                                                              17               18                  19                20                21

Lecture Series                                                              No Classes

                                                                    22                   23                   24               25                  26                27                28
For more information, contact                                                                                      TCC Chamber                                             Basketball 1p
Student Life 253.566.5118.                                                                                         Orchestra 7:30p                                         Basketball 3p

2009                                                                    1                    2                 3                   4                 5                6                    7

                                                                                                                                       TCC Symphonic
February 12 ..........David Silverman                                                                                                  Band 7:30p
A writer and director for television
                                                                        8                    9                10               11                  12                13                14
and film, David Silverman is                            Pour at Four                                                                                                       TCC Choirs
probably best known for his work                        Wine Auction                                                                                                       Dinner Theater
on the animated television show
                                                                    15                   16                   17               18                  19                20                21
The Simpsons.

April 12 .........Summer Rayne Oakes
Summer Rayne Oakes is a model                                       22                   23                   24               25                  26                27                28

and entrepreneur who promotes
sustainability and awareness of
                                                                    29                   30                   31
ecological issues.                                                          Spring quarter

20               TCC Magazine          Fall 2008
                 SUN                MON     TUES            WED             THURS                     FRI                SAT

                                                                 1                 2                   3                   4
                                                                                                                                 TCC Concerts

                                                                                                                                 7:30 p.m., Building 3
                       5                6      7                 8                 9                  10                  11     $5 suggested donation. For more
                                                                                                                                 information contact Dr. John
                                                                                                                                 Falskow, 253.460.4374, jfalskow@
                      12               13     14               15                16                   17                  18
        TCC A&LS:
        Summer Oakes
                                                                                                                                 December 2 ..................TCC Choirs
                      19               20     21               22                23                   24                  25
                                                                     Job Fair 10a-4p                                             December 19 .......... TCC Jazz Band
                                                                     TCC Gym
                      26               27     28               29                30
                                                                                                                                 February 25 ..... Chamber Orchestra
                                                                                                                                 March 5................ Symphonic Band
                                                                                                       1                   2
                                                                                                                                 March 14......Choirs: Dinner Theater

                                                                                                                                 May 20 ............. Chamber Orchestra
                       3                4      5                 6                 7                   8                   9
                                                                                       Clay Club                                 May 28 ................. Symphonic Band
                                                                                       Pottery Sale
                                                                                                                                 June 6 ...............Choirs: Celebration
                      10               11     12               13                14                   15                  16                                 of Community

                      17               18     19
                                                   TCC Chamber

                                                   Orchestra 7:30p
                                                                                 21                   22                  23
                                                                                                                                 TCC Foundation
                                                                                                                                 March 8 ...Pour at Four Wine Auction
                      24               25     26               27                28                   29                  30
                                                                                                                                 4 p.m. Bid on wines from around
                           Memorial Day                              TCC Symphonic
                           College Closed                            Band 7:30p                                                  the world: verticals, cases and
                                                                                                                                 specialty bottles. Benefits the TCC
                                                                                                                                 Foundation’s Dr. John R. Schaeffer
                                                                                                                                 Scholarship. Pour at Four, 3814
                                                                                                                                 N. 26th St., Tacoma. 253.761.8015.
                                        1      2                 3                 4                   5                   6

                                                                                                            TCC Choirs
                                                                                                            7:30p                May ............... Tacoma Wine Classic
                                                                                                                                 Ninth annual wine tasting
                       7                8      9               10                11                   12                  13
                                                                     Commencement                                                benefiting the TCC Foundation.
                                                                     Tacoma Dome                                                 Call 253.460.4318.
                      14                      16               17                                     19                  20

                      21               22     23               24                25                   26                  27
                                                                                                            Gig Harbor
                                                                                                            Garden Tour

                      28               29     30               31
        Gig Harbor
        Garden Tour

                                                                                                                                 June 27 & 28, 2009
                                                                                                                                 Gig Harbor Garden Tour
                                                                                                                                 The Gig Harbor Garden tour is a
                                                                                                                                 tour for literacy. Proceeds benefit
                                                                                                                                 the Peninsula Adult Basic Education
                                                                                                                                 Program at the Gig Harbor Campus.

                                                                                                                          Fall 2008   TCC Magazine                  IBC
      6501 S. 19th Street
       Tacoma WA 98466

The Tacoma Community College
Annette B. Weyerhaeuser
Early Learning Center
„ Enables our student parents to pursue their
  education by providing a safe, affordable and
  nurturing environment for their children.
„ Provides unique links to the community by
  bringing TCC’s early childhood programs into
  one well-designed facility. TCC offers training and
  college credit for local child care providers, with
  certificates in Child Development and Management
  of Early Learning and the two-year Associate in
  Applied Science degree
„ Through a partnership with Lesley University,
  TCC’s new center serves as the site for the
  college’s residency teacher certification program
  in elementary and special education, and also
  provides meeting space for the early childhood
  education community.
„ The facility is part of a campus-wide environmental
  sustainability initiative. Built with natural, child-
  safe materials and energy-efficient systems, the
  building is designed to meet U.S. Green Building
  Council LEED Gold building standards.
„ Operation of the center is subsidized by TCC
  Associated Students to keep quality child care
  affordable, providing funds over several years that
  total more than $2 million.
„ The $5.6 million project includes $1 million in
  capital funds from the State of Washington,
  matched by local donations secured through
  efforts of the TCC Foundation.

The TCC Foundation is launching the public phase of
the Early Learning Center campaign to raise $420,000
to complete project funding. Interested community
members please contact Mel Zanjani at 253.566.5003,
or email
   Commitment to Community is at the core of everything Tacoma Community College does.
   It is the goal of the college to meet the diverse educational needs of our community with
   relevant, timely, high quality professional, technical, and academic programs.

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