International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA): July 2008 Update

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					NLSI Lunar Science Conference (2008)


INTERNATIONAL LUNAR OBSERVATORY ASSOCIATION (ILOA): JULY 2008 UPDATE –MISSION, INTERNATIONAL, FINANCE AND ORGANIZATION STATUS. Steve M. Durst, Space Age Publishing Company / ILOA, 65-1230 Mamalahoa Highway D-20, Kamuela, Hawaii, 96743, USA,,, phone 808-885-3474, fax 808-885-3475

Abstract. (Keywords: international, interglobal, Hawai`i, Moon, lunar, astrophysics, multifunctional, science, communications, commerce, toehold, galactic) Originating in Hawaii near the center of the Pacific hemisphere, the ILOA in 2008 has been endorsed by and enjoys growing scientific, technical, financial and organizational support from institutes, individuals and enterprises to realize, place and operate a multifunction astrophysical observatory near the Moon's south pole as early as 2011. The ILOA also seeks to help support a follow-on human service mission to that facility and to parallel robotic village facilities that constitute the emerging lunar base settlement. The ILOA is an Earth-Moon international-interglobal science enterprise with serving and projected directors from major spacefaring powers Canada, China, India, Europe, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Crescent Moon Countries, USA and others representing the great majority of the planet's people. Primarily an observatory for radio, submillimeter, infrared and visible wavelength astrophysics, for other non-astronomical observations, and for some geophysical science, the ILO also will function as a solar power station (with silicon photovoltaic research), communications center (with varied commercial broadcast possibilities), site characterizer (solar wind, radiation, temperature, duration; micrometeorites, ground truth), property claim agent, virtual dynamic nexus, toehold for lunar base build-out and settlement, and Hawaii astronomy booster. Advancing the continuing rise of excellence for Hawaii, Mauna Kea astrophysical observatories, the ILOA is incorporated in Hawaii as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit to serve as the ILO’s enabling, executive and organizational vehicle. ILOA current assets consist of an expandable, 16-member international Board of Directors; 6 professional ILO technical feasibility research studies; space/lunar flight-tested instruments; strategic industrial and marketing partner relations; 2 international astronomy center MOUs, a growing number of grass-roots individual endorsements and interaction with top leaders worldwide; ILOA News; Hawaii / Mauna Kea office development; and directors' employment through financial reserves.

ILOA 2008 notable progress includes an international series of Galaxy Forums, designed to explore Galaxy education in the 21st Century. Forums will be held through 2008 starting in California July 4; Vancouver, Canada 26 July; Beijing, China mid-October, with considerations for other dates and locations. A strategic partnership with one or more Google Lunar XPrize entrants is being considered, and pursued, as is with the Indian Space Research Organization. ILOA Executive Committee officers are identifying a Hawaii-based, inhouse professional fundraiser. The second ILOA Board of Directors Meeting will take place 23-25 July in Vancouver, Canada, with the themes of ILOA international buildout, increased Canada support and directorship, and fundraising initiatives. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Paul D. Lowman Jr., ILOA Science Director,, phone 301-614-6453, fax 301-614-6522, / Goddard SFC, Code 698, Greenbelt, Maryland, 20771, USA. U.R. Rao, ILOA Director, India Space and Astrophysics,, phone + 91 80 2341-6406, PRL Council Chairman, Department of Space, Antariksh Bhavan, Bangalore, India. Robert D. Richards, ILOA Director, Canada Space and Astrophysics,, phone 905-532-3758, Optech Inc Space Division Director, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Maohai Huang, ILOA Director, China Astrophysics, phone + 86 10 6483 0975, National Astronomical Observatories, Beijing, China. Christian Veillet, ILOA Director, Canada-FranceHawaii Astrophysics,, phone 808-885-7944, CFHT, Kamuela, Hawaii, 96743, USA. Yuki D. Takahashi, ILOA Director, Antarctic Astrophysics,, phone 510-6848898, Univ of California, Physics Dept, Berkeley California, 94720, USA. Charles T. Bohannan, ILOA Executive Director / Wordful LLC,, phone/fax 808-

NLSI Lunar Science Conference (2008)


885-9673, 65-1231 Opelo Road #6, Kamuela, Hawaii, 96743, USA. D. Leilehua Yuen, ILOA Cultural Director / Yuen Media Services,, phone 808217-9924, fax 808-935-1722, PO Box 1199, Hilo, Hawaii, 96720, USA. PRINCIPAL AUTHOR’S BIO Steve Durst is Founding Director of the International Lunar Observatory Association, Editor and Publisher at Space Age Publishing Company since 1976, and operator of its Hawaii (1988) and California offices. Space Age publishes Space Calendar weekly and Lunar Enterprise Daily, supports pioneering ventures such as the ILO and the Stanford on the Moon and Ad Astra Kansas initiatives, and pursues a business plan consistent with establishing a third office on the Moon.

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Description: "To Explore the Full Spectrum of Lunar Science Of the Moon, On the Moon, and From the Moon." The Abstracts and Papers from the NLSI Lunar Science Conference (2008), July 20-23, 2008. Here are the scientists solving the practical problems, answers to which are vital, necessary to the return to the moon, which is already underway.
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