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Foundation Funds New Bloomfield-Garfield Family Health Center by yaofenji


									                                                                 T H E   H A L O    | St. Margaret Foundation       |   December 2007

                                                                  Foundation Funds New
                                                                  Family Health Center
                                                                  UPMC St. Margaret’s network of Family Health Centers in and around
                                                                  Pittsburgh have earned a well-deserved reputation for quality care
                                                                  provided by outstanding healthcare professionals – and now one of
                                                                  those sites is about to move into a larger, patient-centered facility,
                                                                  to boot, thanks in large part to a grant from St. Margaret Foundation.

                                                                  The Bloomfield-Garfield Family Health Center plans to relocate to a new space on the ground floor
                                                                  of a senior high-rise facility, less than a mile from the new Children’s Hospital, said Doug Harrison,
                                                                  who runs the center. The new space covers 5,500 square feet, which is about 2,000 more square
                                                                  feet of space than the existing facility.
                                                                       The center currently is finalizing designs with the architect, in anticipation of acquiring the
                                                                  necessary building permits and sending out for construction bids from contractors. Harrison said he
                                                                  expects the new Bloomfield-Garfield facility to be open for patient care by April 2008.
                                                                       “We absolutely will offer same types of services for our patients, but we’ll have a spacious, clean,
                                                                  up-to-date facility in which to provide those services,” he said. “The center also will continue to
                                                                  serve as a teaching site for resident physicians at UPMC St. Margaret, with five residents rotating
                                                                  through the Family Health Center. The new facility will host two faculty members, an increase from
                                                                  the single faculty member assigned to our existing site.
TH E                                                                   “We are reinvesting in this community, with the strong financial support of St. Margaret
                                                                  Foundation,” he said. “It would have been just as easy to close up this facility and consolidate every-

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                                                                  thing into the Lawrenceville site, but we’ve made a commitment to Bloomfield-Garfield. We’ve
                                                                  been here a long time and we want to bring the best health care possible to the residents here
                                                                  who have come to depend on us. This new facility helps make that possible like never before.” E

St. Margaret Foundation
DECEMBER 2007                                                     New Medical Staff Endowment Begins
                                                                  Paying Dividends
St. Margaret Foundation is an independent,
community based, not-for-profit organization                      A newly formed Medical Staff Endowment Fund at St. Margaret Foundation – funded through contribu-
dedicated to promoting health and wellness                        tions made by some 720 physicians practicing at UPMC St. Margaret – recently made its first grant. The
in the neighborhoods surrounding UPMC                             fund provided $4,250 of a total of $25,000 in assistance from the Foundation to North Hills Community
St. Margaret. We are governed by a board of                       Outreach to assist residents of Millvale in recovering from flooding last summer. The purpose of this
directors made up of local community leaders,                     restricted fund is to provide grants to:
our neighbors and friends, who manage the                         • The Employee Emergency Fund, administered by the Foundation to provide employees of UPMC
resources of the Foundation with the purpose                          St. Margaret and the professional offices on campus with financial and in-kind assistance during
of improving the health of our community.                             emergency situations.
                                                                  • UPMC St. Margaret physicians to do innovative outreach or mission projects related to health
                                                                      care in the local community, region, or around the world.
                                                                  • The Bed Fund, to help needy patients pay for their medical needs. E
M H U G H E S @ S T M A R G A R E T F O U N D AT I O N . O R G

FOUNDATION                                  412.784.4205
                                                                  Our Staff:                          MATTHEW P. HUGHES
                                                                                                      Executive Director
                                                                                                                                          JUDY TOWLE
                                                                                                                                          Director of Budget and Finance

VOLUNTEER                                   412.784.4205                                              ADRIANE DEITHORN                    JAN WITUCKI
AED PROGRAM                                 412.784.5262                                              Director of Annual Giving           Program Director
CLASSIC CONNECTIONS                         412.784.5313
                                                                                                      LENORE GOODALE                      DAVE BIANCO
W W W. S T M A R G A R E T F O U N D AT I O N . O R G                                                 Foundation Coordinator              AED Program Coordinator
                                             Planned Giving Feature:
                                             Gift Annuity Leaves

                                             Legacy, Ensures Lifelong
                                             In the world of planned giving, there exists an option that sounds
                                             incredible. But it works exactly as advertised, and can serve as a
                                             terrific way to achieve two important goals for donors – the Gift Annuity.

                                             Through a Gift Annuity, a donor makes a sizeable gift to St. Margaret Foundation. The Foundation then
                                             pools those dollars into its larger operating fund, putting them to work in the form of programs and services
                                             designed to improve the health and wellness of neighbors across our community. At the same time, those
                                             dollars become part of the funds that the Foundation uses for investments and that earn a return. In that
                                             way, the Gift Annuity donor can receive a portion of those returns in the form of monthly income for life.
                                                  So, in effect, a Gift Annuity helps a donor achieve a legacy of giving through the initial gift to the
                                             Foundation, while also setting up a lifelong income stream. Quite an achievement – just ask Leah Green.
                                                  Leah made a gift to the Foundation and
                                             specified that those funds be used in support
                                             of the Bed Fund, which assists patients with
                                                                                                “I believe each of us has a
                                             their medical needs. It came as no surprise
                                             to anyone that she would make such a
                                                                                                responsibility to give back
                                             designation, since Leah has overseen the Bed
                                             Fund for five years and believes in its benefits
                                                                                                to our community. So why
                                             so strongly.
                                                  Leah reviewed her will with her attorney      not do it now?”                                  – Leah Green
                                             and financial advisor. “They urged me to take advantage of the annuity option,” she said. “Not only will I
                                             have the pleasure of seeing how the gift will impact a patient’s life or how the money is used while I’m still
                                             alive, but additionally it gives a good rate of return and there’s a tax benefit.
                                                  “My parents were immigrants and gave me a wonderful gift of a college education,” she recalled. “They
                                             gave to the best of their ability to the community and their children. I have tried to follow their lead. I hope
                                             my son continues to fulfill this legacy. I believe each of us has a responsibility to give back to our community.
                                             So why not do it now?” E

North Allegheny Captures Fifth
Fall Face-Off Title
North Allegheny shut out Mars, 2-0, in the 15th Annual St. Margaret Foundation Fall Face-
Off Hockey Tournament in October to win its fifth championship in tournament history.
     North Allegheny rode the smothering goaltending of Max Richards, who blocked 23
shots, to win the crown. Richards also was named the recipient of the Arthur Scully award
for the Most Valuable Player. The award is named for the Tournament’s founder, who was in
attendance and presented the award.
     The Fall Face-Off is a major fundraiser for St. Margaret Foundation, which offers
programs and services designed to improve the health and wellness of neighbors across the
communities served by UPMC St. Margaret Hospital. This year, the event raised $280,000.
     For a complete Tournament Wrap-Up, please visit the Pa Hockey Website at or the St Margaret Fall Face-Off Website at
                                                                                                    PUTTING THE ‘WOW’ IN LUAU – St. Margaret
                                                                                                    Foundation recently held a luau appreciation dinner
pahockey/index.cfm?league=604905&subsite=4200813. E                                                 for UPMC St. Margaret physicians and their guests at
                                                                                                    the Fox Chapel Racquet Club, to inform the physicians
                                                                                                    about the many ways in which the Foundation can
                                                                                                    help them serve their patients and practices through
                                                                                                    its programs and services. E
                                                                  T H E   H A L O       | St. Margaret Foundation         |    December 2007

                                                                          NOTE: For the following classes for older adults, pre-registration (either on line at
                                                                 or by calling Jan Witucki at 412-784-5313) is required
                                                                          and walk-ins will not be accepted. Fees made payable to St. Margaret Foundation unless other-
                                                                          wise noted, and sent to: Program Director, 815 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15215. This is a
                                                                          sampling of the available classes for the Winter/Spring 2008 semester. All classes are listed
                                                                          in the Class Booklet for Older Adults, Winter/Spring 2008, available by calling 412-784-5313.

                                                                          Beginner Tai Chi. A six week course for older adults who have not had any instruction in Tai Chi. You will
                                                                          learn movements emphasizing the importance of weight transference, which helps with balance and pre-

Ask Jan                                                                   vents falls. $10/person.
                                                                          • Mondays, March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, and April 7, 2008 from 2 p.m.-3 p.m., Canterbury Place, Lawrenceville

                                                                          Intermediate Tai Chi. A six week course for those older adults who have been instructed on the basics of
                                                                          Tai Chi. $10/person.
What type of advanced planning can I do for                               • Mondays, January 14, 21, 28, February 4, 11 & 18, 2008, from 10 a.m.-Noon,
my medical needs?                                                              Salvation Army, 917 Brackenridge Avenue, Brackenridge.

                                                                          Internet 1 & 2: Two-day course on search engines, browsers, connecting to and navigating the Internet.
In many situations patients have the right, under law, to
                                                                          $37/person made payable to Web Wise Seniors.
make decisions on what medical care they should receive.
                                                                          • Tuesdays, March 4 & 11, 2008, from 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m., Lighthouse Pointe,
These decisions include life support systems and other
                                                                               500 Chapel Harbor Drive, O’Hara.
lifesaving treatments. It is best if these decisions are made
by the patient and doctor together.                                       E-mail 1 & 2: Two-day course with hands-on experience on how e-mail works using Microsoft Express.
     There may be situations when a patient cannot tell                   $37/person made payable to Web Wise Seniors.
their doctors what medical treatment they want. This may                  • Tuesdays, March 18 & 25, 2008, from 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m., Lighthouse Pointe,
be brought on by a serious illness or injury that keeps a                     500 Chapel Harbor Drive, O’Hara.
person from making those decisions. It is important to plan
                                                                          AARP Driver Safety: Eight-hour classroom course to refine existing skills and develop safe, defensive driv-
ahead in the event of an unforeseen incident that leaves a
                                                                          ing techniques. You must attend both half days to receive car insurance discount. $10/person made payable
patient’s wishes not being fulfilled. There are two ways to
                                                                          to AARP.
let your doctors know of your wishes regarding using life-
                                                                          • Monday, March 17 and Wednesday, March 19, 2008, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Boyd Community Center,
sustaining treatment – you can appoint an agent (someone
                                                                               1220 Powers Run Road, O’Hara.
to make decisions for you), prepare a living will, or do both.
     Your agent is someone you must identify as your sub-                 Maintain Your Brain: Learn strategies to keep your brain healthy and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and
stitute decision maker. You need to talk to this person about             other dementias (class will not provide medical overviews). FREE.
the care you would want should you become terminally ill                  • Monday, March 31, 2008, from 10 a.m.-Noon, the Boyd Community Center, 1220 Powers Run Road, O’Hara.
or in a coma. It is best to talk to this person now before you
are placed in the above situation. When you have identified               Diabetes and Nutrition: Two-day class to better control diabetes through food choices. FREE.
an agent, you then sign a healthcare power of attorney.                   • Wednesday, April 2 and Thursday, April 3, 2008, from 1 p.m.-3 p.m., Boyd Community Center,
     A living will states your wishes about medical treat-                    1220 Powers Run Road, O’Hara.
ment for life-threatening illnesses. It can be very general or            Basic Watercolors: A three-day class learning the basics of color, color combinations and how to use
very specific. For example, some people may not want a                    watercolors to make pictures $35/person (includes supplies). Instructor Mary Pat Parsons, Pine Hill Studio.
feeding tube or other artificial forms of food or water if they           • Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, Feb. 6, 7, & 8, 2008, 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Salvation Army,
become terminally ill. Others may refuse attempts at having                   917 Brackenridge Avenue, Brackenridge.
CPR. You can also name your agent in a living will.                       • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, March 12, 13 & 14, 2008, 9:30 a.m.-Noon, East Union Presbyterian
Pennsylvania law does not require a living will if you                        Church, 292 East Union Road, Cheswick.
are not terminally ill, permanently unconscious or in an
emergency.                                                                Music Appreciation: A two-hour class to re-discover musical sounds of 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s and current
                                                                          music covering classical to jazz, old standards, show tunes and more. $10/person.
     In Pennsylvania the living will takes effect in the
following situations:                                                     • Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2008, Noon-2 p.m., Salvation Army, 917 Brackenridge Avenue, Brackenridge.
• Your doctor has a copy of it.
• Your doctor concludes that you are incompetent
     or that you can no longer make your own medical
• Your doctor and a second doctor conclude that you
     are in a terminal condition (final stages of a disease
     or permanently unconscious).

     Many legal advisers recommend that you have both a
living will and the healthcare power of attorney to ensure
that your medical wishes are implemented by your physi-
cian and that you have a legal representative to ensure                                         Stock Challenge 25
that all is followed per your instructions. Be sure to give a
copy of both healthcare power of attorney and the living                               Help St. Margaret Foundation raise $50,000 by
will to your physicians and your agent. Keep the original                              participating in an innovative gift-giving program
in a central location that is known to your agent (i.e., bank
safety deposit box, home safe).
                                                                                                      this holiday season.
     If you have a question you would like to see
answered, contact Jan Witucki at 412-784-5313 or                                      Donate 25 shares of your favorite stock and invest in the Community
via e-mail at                                                     Investment Fund which supports many great health and wellness
                                                                                      initiatives in the community.

                                                                                      For more information on Stock Challenge 25 visit
                                                                             and click on the
                                                                                      stock certificate at the bottom of the page, or call
                                                                                      Judy Towle at 412.784.5067.
                                                                                                                                                NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                                                US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                                                PERMIT NO. 5303
                 815 FREEPORT ROAD                                                                                                              PITTSBURGH, PA 15215
                 PITTSBURGH, PA 15215

                              Mile of Quarters Update
     Earlier this fall, employees at the UPMC St. Margaret campus came together and
     raised more than $10,000 for St. Margaret Foundation programs by participating in
     the first-ever “Mile of Quarters” campaign.
          Individuals, groups, and organizations on campus were asked to support the
     campaign by donating a quarter, a foot of quarters ($3), a yard ($9) or whatever they
     wished to help support the effort, said Adriane Deithorn, Director of Annual Giving
     for the Foundation.
          “The cost of providing quality healthcare and support is staggering,” she said.
     “When we come together to raise money through programs like the Mile of Quarters
     it helps to cover the costs of Foundation programs.”
          Three individuals donated $100 each, which helped tremendously in making
     the Mile of Quarters event a success. They were Susan Hoolahan, John Carroll and
     Thomas Kotchey.
          Paper “feet” representing $3.00 of quarters – or one foot’s worth – were hung in
     the hospital, displaying the names of individuals and campus organizations making
     those donations. E

     Special thanks to Sullivan Chevrolet in Etna, “official car dealer” of
     St. Margaret Foundation this year, for donating a 12-month lease on a
     new car for the top donor during the Mile of Quarters campaign.

                                                   M E S S A G E                      F R O M               T H E
                                                   EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                                   So much of our message at St. Margaret Foundation seems geared toward the individual, whether at the donor
                                                   or the recipient level, and that’s perfectly well and good. But there’s another constituency out there that’s every
                                                   bit as important to our ongoing success – our corporate partners – and what they represent to the Foundation is
                                                   very well and good, too.
                                                       I’m referring to partners like MEDRAD, the worldwide medical equipment manufacturer with facilities
     D I D YO U                                    virtually in the shadow of UPMC St. Margaret, which has been such an incredible supporter of Foundation
                                                   programs. Then there’s the Sunoco Foundation, based in the Pittsburgh Technology Center, which has built a

     KNOW?                                         wonderful record of underwriting Foundation events and funds.
                                                       Or how about Cardiac Science, our partner in the PULSE program, which has helped to expand our net-
                                                   work of automated external defibrillators (AED) across southwestern Pennsylvania. And we can’t forget area
                                                   car dealer Sullivan Chevrolet, which has not only donated a year’s lease on a new car to help us with our internal
1.   St. Margaret Foundation provided
     North Hills Community Outreach with
                                                   fundraising efforts, but that also has helped hospital employees buy vehicles through special financing offers.
     $27,500 to be used for flood relief in            When corporate partners like these and many others step up to the plate, everyone wins. The Foundation
     Millvale.                                     benefits from additional financial support and from innovative ideas in raising additional dollars. The corporate
                                                   partner benefits from the goodwill generated, along with important tax advantages. But the biggest winners are
2.   The Foundation also made available
     $7,500 in relief to residents affected
                                                   the recipients of grants, participants in programs, and beneficiaries of services that the backing of our corporate
                                                   partners helps to make possible.
     by the fire in the Blawnox senior                 We thank them and look forward to building even greater ties with them in the months and years to come.
     citizen high-rise building.

3.   During the first five months of the
     fiscal year, the Foundation has
     already provided $28,000 in grants
     to the UPMC St. Margaret Hospital
     Employee Emergency Fund.

                                                   Matthew P. Hughes
                                                   Executive Director
                                                   St. Margaret Foundation

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