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					                Nelson Marlborough Provincial Fire Brigades


President R Bailey welcomed Delegates and Past Presidents as well as
invited guests to the conference and asked that all jackets be put on.

Roll Call: The Vice President called the roll which was answered by the

President R Bailey, IPP A Reid, SVP A Gray, VP S Grenfell, JVP M Field,
Apologies Secretary T Williams.

Bill Chandler

Blenheim         D Partridge         Collingwood     Apology
Havelock         Apology             Kaikoura        Apology
Kaiteriteri      Absent              Mapua           Absent
Motueka          Absent              Murchison       Apology
Nelson           J Humphreys         Picton          M Ivamy
Rai Valley       Absent              Renwick         C Andrew
Richmond         Proxy -Renwick      Seddon          M Uren
Stoke            Absent              Takaka          J McKay
Tapawera         Absent              Upper Moutere   Absent
Wairau Valley    I Topp              Wakefield       Absent
Ward             Absent              Woodbourne      Absent

Life Members:
M Ivamy, B Chandler, C Andrew, K Black

R Ditmer (UFBA President), G Verry (CEO UFBA), B Styles UFBA Technical
Panel, T Brunning (President WCPFBA), A Kittelty (President CPFBA)

D McFarlane NZFS Commission, G Daikee Area Manager Area 17, Past
Presidents B Bridges, H Scorgie, R Thomas, M Wells, P Holland, T Douglas,
P Woolf, G Duff,

Move that apologies be accepted: Moved: M Ivamy Seconded: C Andrew
President R Bailey asked for nominations of scrutineers.

It was moved that B Chandler and K Black be scrutineers for the meeting.
Moved: A Reid    Seconded: M Uren

SVP A Gray asked for any obituaries.

There were none

Host brigade DCFO D Partridge welcomed everyone to the AGM and hoped
everyone enjoys the conference.

Voting Power:
The Vice President advised that there were 12 eligible votes and therefore the
number of votes required to elect is 7.

Minutes of Previous Annual Conference:
The minutes of the previous Conference were circulated and confirmed as a
true and correct record of the 76th Annual Conference.
Moved: M Field       Seconded: C Andrew

Matters Arising:

Guest Speakers:

Ross Ditmer and George Verry thanked the executive for inviting them to
speak at the conference.

Ross spoke about the following:

    The 2009/2010 year
    New communications plan, including the new website, new logo,
     updated newsletter
    Barriers to recruitment
    Update of model rules
    Improved events program
    How the board is now an effective operation
    Gave an overview of the Canterbury Earthquake
George Verry spoke about the following:
   Gave an overview of the 2009/2010 year
   How the UFBA is benefitting now from the sound financial management
   Projects & initiatives for 2012/13
   The board want to enhance the annual conference:
   Looking at ways to broaden communications & build partnerships
   Challenges are important
   July 2011 World RCR Competition
   The importance of the advocacy role of the UFBA .

Bryan Styles
Bryan spoke re an overview of the National Challenge Committee

    Update of Drivers & Waterways Challenge rules
    The officials academy has been started with workshops for officials
     being run
    He was disappointed that some challenges had to be postponed this
     year due to the Canterbury Earthquake but extensive challenge
     calendar coming up in the next 18months
    Advised there is a Challenge loan equipment request form available for
     download on the website to book the UFBA equipment for challenges
    Urged those available to register on the UFBA website to help out at
     the World RCR challenge

President R Bailey thanked the UFBA representatives for their presentations
and invited the visiting provincial association presidents to address the

Alan Kittelty President of the CPFBA and Terry Brunning President of the
WCPFBA both gave updates on what has been going on in their areas and
what is planned for the future.

Bill Chandler

Bill Chandler spoke saying that he was impressed with the "open home" held
in Blenheim with the fire damaged house on display and the amount of people
that took the opportunity to view it. He also spoke on the amount of fireworks
coming into the country now which had doubled on the previous year which
was a concern. Finally he encouraged the delegates to ask questions of the
UFBA representatives that were present for the AGM.
Presidents Report:
President R Bailey presented his Annual Report.
Moved: R Bailey That the presidents report be adopted
Seconded: C Andrew



Invitations to Past Presidents and Brigades

It was moved the inwards be received and outwards be approved.
Moved: M Ivamy      Seconded: M Uren

Balance Sheet:
It was moved that the Balance Sheets as circulated be received
Moved: M Uren Second: M Ivamy

Secretary Expenses:
The meeting was advised that Secretary/Treasurer Tracy Williams was not
going to take the Secretary's expenses this year as she had done most of the
work during work time as was being paid anyway.

It was moved that the Provincial Association purchase a gift basket for her an
appreciation of her work over the past year.
Moved: M Ivamy Seconded R Bailey

Presidents Expenses:
That the Presidents Expenses remain at $400 per annum.
Moved: B Chandler Seconded: I Topp

Brigade Levies:
That the Brigade Levies increase to $150 per annum due to the amalgamation
of the Sub Associations into the Provincial Association..
Moved: C Andrew Seconded: A Gray

Remit 1
Proposed Remit Submitted By The Nelson Marlborough Provincial assn

The proposed remit to be voted on at the forthcoming 2010 AGM at Blenheim
Station on the 13th November 2010

The remit is as follows, that rule 13 (b) be amended to read The Provincial
Association Challenge Committee members will be elected at each Provincial
Association AGM/Conference by the delegates assembled and from
nominations received on the appropriate form. Existing Challenge Committee
members are eligible to be re-elected.
There will be 2x representatives from Marlborough and 2x representatives
from Nelson

To reactivate and allow for an expanded Challenge Committee with
representation from both Nelson & Marlborough to take on the role of
organising & running Challenges due to the Nelson & Marlborough Sub assns
going into recess.

Moved: A Reid         Seconded: R Bailey

Remit 2
Proposed Remit Submitted By The Nelson Marlborough Provincial assn

The proposed remit to be voted on at the forthcoming 2010 AGM at Blenheim
Station on the 13th November 2010

The remit is as follows, "that rule 7(b) be altered to read,
The executive committee of the Provincial Association shall be:
Immediate Past President
Senior Vice President
Junior Vice President
Challenge Convenor

A total of five persons, all with voting rights.

The secretary shall be an ex officio member of the Executive Committee, with
out voting rights"

To reduce the length of time members have to serve on the executive to try
and encourage more prospective candidates to put their name forward, and to
allow for the new position of Challenge Convenor. This new role will allow any
Past President who would still like to be involved in the executive to do so
And would allow the Provincial Assn to make use of the experience of the
Past Presidents.

Moved: R Bailey            Seconded: M Ivamy

Remit 3
Proposed Remit Submitted By The Nelson Marlborough Provincial assn

The proposed remit to be voted on at the forthcoming 2010 AGM at Blenheim
Station on the 13th November 2010

The remit is as follows, "that rule 13(a) be altered to read,
The Challenge committee shall have a membership of five persons consisting
of two Marlborough representatives and two Nelson representatives and a
Challenge Convenor to assist and advise the executive in all matters relating
to road crash rescue, combat challenge and waterway challenges. The
Challenge Convenor to sit on the executive but will not go through the chair.

To take on the challenge organising roles of the Nelson Sub Assn &
Marlborough Sub Assn both of which have or are about to go into recess.
Having two representatives each from both Nelson & Marlborough will allow
for the alternating running of challenges each year.

Moved: A Gray        Seconded: J Humphries

Remit 4
Proposed Remit Submitted By The Nelson Marlborough Provincial assn

The proposed remit to be voted on at the forthcoming 2010 AGM at Blenheim
Station on the 13th November 2010

The remit is as follows, "that rule 7(k) be included to read,
Roles of the executive committee of the Provincial Association shall be:
President - Chairperson at all meetings
            Spokesperson for the NMPFBA
            Represents NMPFBA at awards & functions

Immediate Past President - Offer support & advice for all members of the
                           executive & deputise for the President at awards
                           & functions as necessary

Senior Vice President - Liasion Officer for NMPFBA

Junior Vice President - Assist challenge committee

Secreatry/Treasurer - Co-ordinates correspondence
                      Keeps accurate minutes of all meetings
                      Keeps financial records

To give defined roles to each position on the executive.

Moved: S Grenfell       Seconded: A Gray

General Business:

PP K Black suggested that the minutes of the previous AGM be circulated
prior to the AGM.
Pres R Bailey spoke on the provincial assn challenge medals and suggested
getting a new medal struck that is more appropriate to the current challenges
with a bar for each different challenge won.
JVP M Field suggested that the provincial association volunteer to host the
region 3 Motor Vehicle Extrication Challenge. It was discussed and this is
probably a goal for the incoming executive to look at.
There was some discussion on the Provincial Association trailer and the
incoming executive are to look at what can be done with it.

Election of Officers:

There were two nominations for JVP Blair Hall of Richmond and John
Cameron of Woodbourne. As the position of JVP is replaced by the position of
Challenge Convenor and Blair Hall was the only nomination for Challenge
Convenor he was duly elected.

That Tracy Williams be reappointed secretary subject to her acceptance
Moved: R Bailey Seconded: M Ivamy

That Bill Chandler be re-elected to the position of Patron of the Association for
the coming year.
Moved: R Bailey Seconded: M Ivamy

Move that Blenheim Accounting Services be elected as auditor.
Moved: R Bailey Seconded: M Topp

That the trustees for the ensuing year be: Ross Bailey, Andy Gray, and
Secretary/Treasurer Tracy Williams.
Moved: M Uren Seconded: I Topp

Installation of Officers:

Ross thanked A Reid for his year as Immediate Past President and escorted
him to the rear of the room.

Ross then removed the presidents chain and badge and installed Andy Gray
was as President.
Senior Vice President:
Suzanne Grenfell was installed as Senior Vice President.

Vice President:
Mike Field was installed as Vice President.

Challenge Convenor
Blair Hall was installed as Challenge Convenor in his absence

Challenge Panel
John Cameron (Woodbourne)
Chris Andrew (Renwick)
James McKay (Takaka)
Josh Humphreys (Nelson)

Were nominated for the positions of Challenge Panel (2x Marlborough & 2x
Nelson) There being no further nominations, the nominations were closed.

Life Honorary Membership:
Move that IPP R Bailey be made an life honorary member of the Association:
Moved: S Grenfell        Seconded: A Gray

Further Business:

R Bailey advised that Blenheim would like to host the Schollum Shield Golf for
2011, this was accepted.

The hosts for upcoming AGMs are as follows;

2011 AGM

2012 AGM

2013 AGM
To be confirmed

There being no further business, President A Gray declared the 77th Annual
Conference of the Nelson Marlborough Provincial Fire Brigades Association

Meeting Closed at 1630hrs

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