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					Justin Minnich

                                       Physical Observation

       The class that I am observing is a gym class at North Side High School. The set up is a

little bit different in a gym class than in a regular classroom. At North Side my teacher I am

observing is Mr. Taliffero. Mr. Taliffero stands near the sideline of the basketball court in the

gym. The students are lined up on the gym floor. They are arranged in sets of six deep by six

wide. After Mr. Taliffero takes attendance the class begins. When class begins the students

usually break off into groups to work on the physical activity for the day. Mr. Taliffero stands

near the sideline and watches the students work. If he sees students having trouble he goes

over to where the students are and teaches them. The gym that we are in is pretty old. The

lighting in the gym is a little dim. The walls surrounding the gym are white cinder blocks.

Underneath the two main baskets are red padding on the wall. On one side of the gym are

wooden bleachers. The bleachers are usually folded up to give more gym space. The floor is

white tile with several different lines showing where the basketball court and volleyball courts

are. The gym usually tends to be pretty hot. There are clocks on all four of the walls. Only two

of the clocks actually work. On one side of the gym is an old scoreboard. The two main

basketball hoops are older glass backboards. The other four baskets are old wooden

backboards. On most of the backboards the padding is falling off. The total physical

environment affects the learning because some of the students are upset that they have class

in the old gym instead of the newer gym, which has nicer floors and equipment.
Justin Minnich

                                 Human Environment Observation

       The teacher that I am observing is Mr. Taliffero. He is a pretty nice guy. I noticed that

he is really nice to girls. He is really nice to most of his students. He only gets not so nice when

kids just do not care. Some kids just refuse to do some of the things he has set up for the class.

He treats the kids with attitudes with a little bit of an attitude as well. There is one class that

has all the kids that failed the first time they took gym class. I only observed this class one time.

The teacher in this class that I observed is Miss Hillary. This class just does not like to listen at

all, and they like to do their own thing. The teacher treats this class differently. The teacher is

a lot stricter and does not let the kids have too much freedom. The students in this class do not

listen to the teacher very well. I think that they may listen better if the teacher was a male.

There are several male students in this class. There are a few who are on house arrest. Those

kids tend to hang out together and cause a lot of problems. All of the classes are pretty diverse.

I noticed that most of the black students hang out together. The white students hang out

together, but there are a few white students who hang out with black students and vice versa.

Most of the Asian students hang out together or with no one at all. A lot of the Asian students

barely speak English. On occasion I have seen students making fun of the Asian students

because they cannot speak English. I have also seen some special handshakes. I do not know if

the handshakes are gang related or not. North Side is in the inner city of Fort Wayne so it is

very possible that the handshakes may have been gang related.
Justin Minnich

                                      Discipline Observation

       There does not seem to be too much discipline at North Side High School. I know there

was definitely more discipline at my high school. The kids curse a lot. When the teachers hear

the students curse they sometimes tell them not to, but most of the time they act like they did

not even hear it. I think the cursing should not be allowed in the classrooms. There have been

several occasions when kids just refuse to do something, like dress for class. If the student does

not want to dress for gym class the teacher just writes it down and they get a bad grade for the

day. The teacher does not send the student to the office or give them a detention. I think kids

should be forced to at least dress for class. The only reason most kids fail gym class is because

they do not dress for class. The thing that I really do not like about the disciplinary system at

North Side is that they put all the kids who failed gym the first time in the same class. The kids

that failed gym class the first time are usually kids that are very rebellious and do not listen

well. They put all these kids into the same class. This class does not listen. The kids often do

whatever they want and talk back to the teacher a lot. I asked the teacher why they would put

all the troubled kids into the same class. The teacher said they do that because they do not

want the troubled students interrupting the kids who are trying to learn. In my opinion putting

all the troubled students into the same class is not a good idea. The kids just act up even more

than they would in a regular class. The disciplinary system at North Side is very different from

what I am used too. If I were in charge I would defiantly change things.

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