; Installing an EverFocus Digital Video Recorder
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Installing an EverFocus Digital Video Recorder


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									Network Installation Guide

Pre-Work Checklist
Please answer the following questions before installing an EverFocus Digital Video Recorder.

Do you have hi-speed Internet?                                                     ______________
                                                                                           Hi-speed Type
Hi-speed Internet is available in three forms: T1, Cable, and DSL (in order of speed). EverFocus
suggests having at least an upload speed of 256KB.

Who is your Internet provider?                                                     ______________
                                                                                      Internet Service Provider
Please confirm with your Internet provider that the upload speed is at least 256KB.

What type of modem/router do you have?                                             ______________
                                                                                   Modem/router model name/ #
A modem is sent to you by your Internet provider to connect to the Internet. A router is an active
network component that connects one network to another network.

Do you have a static IP address?                                                   ______________
                                                                                      Static IP Address
A static IP address is an IP address whose value does not change. EverFocus suggest using a static IP
address. If your Internet provider does not offer a static IP address you have the option to use a
dynamic IP address.

Do you have a dynamic IP address?                                                  ______________
                                                                                      Dynamic IP Address
A dynamic IP address is an IP address whose value changes over time. You need to purchase a router
(we suggest a Linksys or Dlink router) that is DDNS enabled. DDNS is a Dynamic Domain Name
Server, a service that provides a central (public) database where DNS information can be stored and
retrieved. It allows those using a dynamic IP address to be registered centrally so users can connect to
it by name.

What type of DVR are you installing?                                               ______________
                                                                                       DVR Model
EverFocus EDR series: eDR 400, 1600 or 1680
EverFocus EDSR series: EDSR 110, 400H, 400M, 400, 900, or 1600

What type of network connection do you have?
EverFocus DVRs operate on three different types of network connections:

I      Peer-to-Peer Connection - A peer-to-peer connection is the most simple network connection, it
describes a connection between a single PC to a single DVR.

II    Direct Connection - A direct connection describes a network connection linking a modem that
connects the DVR directly to the hi-speed Internet.

III     Local Area Network Connection – A local area network connection requires a router
connection. This connection is the most common connection for EverFocus DVR applications. A router
creates a local area network for multiple DVRs and multiple PCs. The router communicates to the
modem and the modem is the link to the Internet.
it by name.

I        Peer-to-Peer Connection Checklist

                                                                                                       Cat 5

                          I.P.                                                                                                   I.P.








        Cat 5 cross-over-cable (a straight cable is not sufficient for this application)
        Assign both the Subnet mask (SM) and default gateway (DG) IP to the PC and the DVR. They
         must be the same on both sides. (ie. SM DG
        The static IP address must be unique on each side. A unique IP address is comparable to a
         person’s social security number. (see diagram)

II       Direct Connection Checklist


                           hi-speed modem


        Assign the IP address, subnet mask and gateway to the DVR. (The IP address, Subnet
         mask and gateway IP are provided by the internet provider)
        If you have a dynamic IP address you will need a router. (Please refer to local area
         network connection checklist)

   III Local Area Network Connection Checklist


         hi-speed modem



      Make sure the modem is in bridge mode
      Open virtual ports in the router (Log into the router using a PC)
          o EDR Ports to open: 80, 1111, 1600
          o EDSR Ports to open: 80, 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 6666
      Assign the DVR an internal IP address, Subnet mask, and gateway IP. (Log into the
       router using a PC to retrieve this information or a command prompt).
      Note- If your Internet Service Provider is BellSouth you will have a modem/router.
       BellSouth provides a Westell modem that includes a built-in router. You will need to
       disable the router functionality.

EverFocus Electronics Corp.
Technical Support    (626) 303 –3166       7:30am – 4:30pm P.S.T.     techsupport@everfocus.com

Product Info -
Demo Site EDSR Series:      User Name: Admin      Password: Admin
Demo Site EDR Series:       User Name: Admin      Password: Admin


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