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Hervey Bay Sup Regs Only 2010 approved


									                                              HERVEY BAY MINI-BIKE SCRAMBLE CLUB INC.
                                                                         WILL CONDUCT
                                                                                                                                  HERVEY BAY
                                                       2010 CLOSED TO CLUB                                                         MINI-BIKE
                                                         MOTO-X SERIES.                                                          SCRAMBLE CLUB
                                                 ON VARIOUS SUNDAY’S IN 2010
                                    SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS
             MEETING NAMES                                                       VENUE                                               DATES
     HERVEY BAY MINI-BIKE MOTOCROSS                                       DUNDOWRAN PARK,                            14/02/10 –18/04/10 – 30/05/10 –18/07/10 –
                                                                                                                      15/08/10 – 24/10/10 –14/11/10 –12/12/10
        CLOSED TO CLUB MOTO-X SERIES                                     210 DUNDOWRAN RD.
                                                                                                                      AND ON ANY OTHER DATE OR DATES
                         2010                                           W ALLAGAN. HERVEY BAY.                            WITH MX QLD APPROVAL

                 PROMOTER                                         MA TRACK LICENCE NO.                                         MA PERMIT NO.
HERVEY BAY MINI-BIKE SCRAMBLE CLUB INC                                            6703                                 39607 –39608 –39609 –39610 –
                                                                                                                        39611 –39612 –39613 –39614
            RACE SECRETARY                                                   ADDRESS                                            CONTACT NO’S
                        T . B. A.                                         C/ O   720 KENT ST.                                        4121 3223
                                                                         MARYBOROUGH. 4650                                           4123 5292
                     CLERK OF THE COURSE                                                                             STEWARD
                                         T . B. A)                                                                        T . B. A

1.   ANNOUNCEMENT                                                          5. INSURANCE:
1.1. The HERVEY BAY MINI-BIKE SCRAMBLE CLUB INC herein after               5.1. National Personal Accident Scheme provides basic cover for death and permanent
     called the PROMOTER will conduct a closed to club                          disability. (IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT COMPETITORS GIVE
     Motocross series for Juniors and Seniors at DUNDOWRAN                      CONSIDERATION TO TAKING OUT WEEKLY BENEFITS INSURANCE)
     PARK on some or all of the above dates.
                                                                           6. MEDICAL SERVICES:
                                                                           6.1. Qualified First Aid personnel will be in attendance at each race meeting, from the start of
2.1. The above mentioned meetings have been authorised by                       practice until fifteen minutes after the last race.
     MQ who has issued the Motorcycling Australia Permit
     Number ‘s as above and are open to holders of current                 7. CLASSES OF COMPETITION
     Motorcycling Australia National, Club, Nipper/Mini and One
     Meeting Licences, (OML Licences to Juniors if they hold a             7.1. 50cc Auto Demo. 4/8 yrs(all homo 50cc Demo & other suitable machines) 3 x up to 6 laps
     current JCP Log Book) who are full financial members of               7.2. 50cc Auto 7/8 yrs                                                          3 x up to 6 laps
     the Promoting Club (no discount or one day memberships).
                                                                           7.3. 65cc 7/9 & 10/12 yrs (Short or Full Track)                                 3 x up to 5 laps
2.2. The meeting will be held in accordance with the current
     Manual of Motorcycle Sport General Competition Rules                  7.4. Mini Lites 9/11 yrs (SW ) (85 cc 2/- & 150cc 4/- Comp Model)               3 x up to 5 laps
     (GCR’s), these Supplementary Regulations, and any                     7.5. Mini Lites 12/15 yrs (SW or BW) (85 cc 2/- & 150cc 4/- Comp Model)         3 x up to 5 laps
     Further Instructions approved by MQ.
                                                                           7.6. Junior Lites 13/15 yrs inc (87cc to 150cc 2/- & 163cc to 250cc 4/-)        3 x up to 5 laps
     AGREE TO COMPLY WITH THESE RULES,                                     7.7. Senior Lites (all grades) (up to 150cc 2/- & up to 250cc 4/-)              3 x up to 6 laps
     REGULATIONS, BY-LAWS AND INSTRUCTIONS.                                7.8. Senior Open (all grades) (153cc to 510cc 2/- & 255cc to 663cc 4/-)         3 x up to 6 laps
                                                                           7.9. Clubman (‘C’ Grade)Lites (up to 150cc 2/- & up to 250cc 4/-)               3 x up to 5 laps
3.1. Entries will be accepted on the day of the race meetings,             7.10. Clubman (‘C’ Grade)Open (153cc to 510cc 2/- & 255cc to 663cc 4/-)         3 x up to 5 laps
     before the close of Scrutineering.                                    7.11. Veterans Unlimited (30 - 39 yrs) (all grades and all capacity mach.)      3 x up to 5 laps
3.2. Only entries received on the official Entry Form that is              7.12. Veterans Unlimited (40 yrs plus) (all grades and all capacity mach.)      3 x up to 5 laps
     accompanied by the correct fee will be accepted.
                                                                           7.13. Expert Unlimited. (Int, Exp and Pro Graded Riders – all capacity Mach.)   3 x up to 5 laps
4.   ENTRY FEE:                                                            7.14. Enduro Unlimited. (all grades – all ADR compliant Machines.)              3 x up to 5 laps
4.1. Senior:- $20.00 (1st class) extra $10.00 / additional class           7.15. Ladies Unlimited. (all grades)                                            3 x up to 5 laps
4.2. Junior :- $15.00   (1st   class) extra $10.00 / additional class      7.16. Evolution Unlimited. (all grades)                                         3 x up to 5 laps
4.3. The Club reserves the right to review entry fees during               7.17. Quads Unlimited. (all grades.)                                            3 x up to 4 laps
     the series should circumstances warrant.
                                                                           7.18. An additional class may be run at some rounds                             3 x up to 6 laps
4.4. Payment is by cash or cheque. Make payable to Hervey
     Bay Mini-Bike Scramble Club Inc.
8.   AWARDS AND PRIZEMONEY:                                                             16.5. A time will be made available during Scrutineering for the riders
                                                                                              to inspect the track on foot.
     8.1.   Trophies, and awards for all classes will be determined on the
            day. All 50cc Auto Demo & 50cc Auto entrants shall receive an            16.6. For the purposes of drug & alcohol testing, the commencement
            encouragement / participation award at each race meeting.                      of the meeting will be deemed to be 8:00am with the completion
            50cc Auto will be pointed 1st, 2nd and 3rd. There will be Club                 of the meeting determined by the Clerk-of-Course
            Trophies awarded at the end of the series.                           17. CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION:
                                                                                        17.1. Dundowran Park Motocross Track is approximately 1.4 kms in
                                                                                              length. It is predominately sand with loamy soil, and man made
     9.1.   To constitute a Class, the number of contestants entered and                      obstacles.
            competing in each Class may be six (6).
                                                                                 18. STARTS
     9.2.   Should there be insufficient entries in any Class of Competition,
            the decision to run or cancel the Class, or to combine events will          18.1. All starts will be by forty (40) self-penalising gates.
            be at the discretion of the Promoter, subject to the MQ steward’s
            approval.                                                            19. RACING:
                                                                                        19.1. There will be a minimum of Five laps or 10 minutes of practice
                                                                                              (which ever is the lesser) per group (as advised by the clerk-of-
     10.1. All machines entered must comply with the current GCR’s for                        course at riders briefing). Race format will be displayed at
           Motocross Competition.                                                             Nomination and announced at Riders Briefing. Some classes
                                                                                              may be combined and possibly Stagger Started.
     10.2. Change of machine maybe permitted if submitted to the Clerk of
           The Course prior to the start of the event in which the                      19.2. The maximum number of riders for practice which will be 125%
           substitution is requested. Substitute machine must have past                       of the number of start gates.
           machine examination, be eligible for the class and replace a
           machine that cannot be reasonably repaired. The Lap scorers           20. NOISE
           must also be advised of race number changes should they occur
                                                                                        20.1. As per GCR’s.
                                                                                 21. SPECIAL NOTES AND WARNINGS:
     11.1. Wherever possible, competitors will be allocated their Normal
                                                                                        21.1. Junior Lites class is (87cc to 100cc BW, 125cc & 150cc two
           Riding Number (the Motocross Number on their Licence.)
                                                                                              stroke and 200cc to 250cc four stroke) machine. No 85cc BW
     11.2. All others will be allocated numbers at the Club’s discretion.                     permitted in the Junior Lites class.
     11.3. All number-plates on Machines may have to comply with the                    21.2. The Clubman Lites / Senior Lites class is (up to 150cc two stroke
           GCR’s.                                                                             and up to 250cc four stroke).
                                                                                        21.3. The Clubman Open / Senior Open class is (153cc two stroke up
                                                                                              to 550cc and 255cc four stroke up to 663cc).
     12.1. Method of allocation of grid positions will be announced at rider’s
                                                                                        21.4. The Mini Lites 9-11 years / 12-15 years (unless numbers do not
                                                                                              permit it) will be raced together but scored separately.
13. RIDERS BRIEFING:                                                                    21.5. A junior rider’s age on January 1 will determine his / her age for
                                                                                              competition that year. However, a rider may move to the next
     13.1. A Riders Briefing will be held prior to the commencement of
                                                                                              higher class when he / she becomes eligible to do so at any time
           racing and ALL Competitors MUST attend the Riders Briefing
                                                                                              during the year, but once a rider moves to the higher age class
           and may be required to sign on. Riders Briefing is a NON
                                                                                              in any competition, he / she may not move back to the lower age
           Smoking Area.
                                                                                              class. Points earned in a lower class will not transfer to the
                                                                                              higher class. This rule will apply to all riders up to and including
                                                                                              16 year olds.
     14.1. All competitors and officials are advised that as part of the MA
                                                                                        21.6. Junior & Senior competitors who, under special circumstances,
           drug education program, drug testing may take place at any
                                                                                              are regraded, may apply to the HBM-BSC Executive to transfer
           competition in accordance with Australian Sports Commission
                                                                                              a percentage of their points to their new class. Points can only
           policy as implemented by the Australian Sports Drug Agency.
                                                                                              be transferred to a class of the same capacity. Eg. Lites to Lites.
     14.2. If any doubts exist over banned substances it is recommended
                                                                                        21.7. Flag Marshalls: Each competing family is required to
           competitors telephone the Drugs in Sport Hotline 1800 020 506.
                                                                                              provide a senior for assistance as Flag Marshall, official or
           When drug testing takes place, the payment of prize money or
                                                                                              helper for a period at each club moto-x race meeting. Upon
           awards may be delayed at the Promoter’s discretion until the
                                                                                              request that person must be able to act. A $20.00 fee
           results of the tests are known.
                                                                                              applies at nomination if this condition cannot be met.
                                                                                              Exemptions will only be allowed if family members support
                                                                                              the club as regular workers or are official major sponsors.
     15.1. All Competitors, Officials and Parents are reminded of the
                                                                                        21.8. The Mini LItes 12-15 years is open to Standard Wheel or Big
           Motorcycling Australia By-Law - CODE OF CONDUCT (as
                                                                                              Wheel motorcycles; the Mini Lites 9-11 years is only open to
           stipulated in the GCR’s) which is a guide to appropriate
                                                                                              Standard Wheel Motorcycles.
           behaviour at all Motorcycle Race Meetings. This CODE OF
           CONDUCT applies to these Meetings and will be enforced.                      21.9. There will be a working bee the Saturday before all rounds.
     16.1. MACHINERY:                                  8:00AM - 9:00am
     16.2. Riders Briefing:                            9:00 am
     16.3. Practice:                                   9.10am
     16.4. Racing: Starts immediately after the conclusion of practice.

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