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                SUNDAY’S RALLY
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                The Pendulum                ELON, NORTH CAROLINA                          |   WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 2011

                                                                                                                                           |   VOLUME 37, EDITION 14


                                                                                                                                                                                                       Brian allenBy | staff photographer
Elon University students donned American flags to celebrate the demise of Osama bin Laden. A large group of students marched through campus around 12:30 a.m., chanting patriotic slogans. Mark Rehbein (from left to right),
Keegan Johnson, Carolyn Koleszar, Elliot Dawes and Earle Pope cheer from the roof of a car and waved American flags to commemorate the United States’ retaliation against the mastermind behind the attacks on Sept. 11.

Al-Qaeda’s leader dead, Student response varies
Obama addresses nation between widespread
Kassondra Cloos
News Editor
                        celebrations, reflection          compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan
                                                          Sunday. Although firefight ensued,
                                                          killing four people, Obama said no
   Osama bin Laden, leader of al-Qaeda                    Americans were injured. American                          Caitlin O’Donnell                                         Manhattan and was there on Sept. 11.
and decade-long fugitive on the FBI’s                     forces then took custody of bin Laden’s                   News Editor                                               When she first heard the news of bin
“Ten Most Wanted” list, was announced                     body, which has reportedly been buried                                                                              Laden’s death, she said her mind went
dead by President Barack Obama                            at sea.                                                      Elon University students expressed                     blank and she couldn’t fully grasp what
late Sunday night, following years of                         Jason Kirk, assistant professor of                    contrasting reactions following the                       had happened.
domestic and overseas efforts toward                      political science, said he first learned of               announcement late Sunday night of                             Nerich said she knew many people
his capture.                                              the news when he read it in Monday's                      the military strike against Osama bin                     who lost family members in the terrorist
   Obama said the operation had been                      newspaper. Americans should not make                      Laden in Pakistan. Some erupted in                        attacks and, while she will never forget
ongoing since August 2010, when he                        the mistake of making bin Laden’s death                   celebrations and others quietly paid                      what happened that day, the death of
was briefed about a possible lead to                      only about the United States, he said.                    tribute to those who lost their lives                     bin Laden brings some closure.
bin Laden indicating he was hiding in                         “The most important question right                    during the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.                     “It doesn’t really change a lot, but it’s
a compound deep in the north western                      now is what this is going to mean for                        A large group of students, originating                 good for our mentality,” she said. “And
part of Pakistan.                                         our relationship with Pakistan,” Kirk                     in Danieley Center, made its way across                   it’s nice that someone that caused me,
   “It was far from certain, and it took                  said. “Pakistan obviously is where                        campus starting at 12:30 a.m., chanting                   my friends, New York City and America
many months to run this thread to the                     bin Laden was killed, not far from the                    patriotic slogans and waving American                     so much fear is out of the picture.”
ground,” he said in his speech. “Finally,                 capital at all. Did the U.S. help because                 flags. While the participants said the                        Nerich, who lives in Danieley Center,
last week, I determined that we had                       of, or in spite of, Pakistan? It’s simply                 demonstrations were in celebration of                     chose to partake in the demonstrations
enough intelligence to take action, and                   not credible that he could have been in a                 revenge against one of the United States’                 last night, partly to emphasize to
authorized an operation to get Osama                      place like that. Someone had to know.”                    most wanted former fugitives, others                      terrorists that citizens of the United
bin Laden and bring him to justice.”                          Soon after hearing of bin Laden’s                     characterized Sunday night’s events as
   U.S. forces at his direction launched                                                                            an unnecessary celebration of death.
a targeted operation against bin Laden’s                   See BIN LADEN DEAD | PAGE 3                                 Sophomore Elizabeth Nerich lives in                                 See STUDENTS | PAGE 3

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