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T h E c U S T O M E R N E W S l E T T E R O f T h E V I A M A T G R O U P.

                                                         VA l U A B l E S l O G I S T I c S                          In addition, the processing of banknotes in-
                                                                                                                     creases the existing service portfolio of
                                                                                                                     VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL (USA) INC. “From
                                                      Banknote                                                       Switzerland, our company can draw on many
                                                                                                                     years of experience in the processing and
                                                      processing                                                     conditioning of banknotes. This enabled us
                                                                                                                     to achieve an optimal know-how by combining
                                                      in Miami                                                       both our local and Swiss knowledge and ex-
                                                                                                                     perience and transfer it to our new services
                                                      VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL (USA) INC. has                           in Miami”, says Joe De Rosa. To deliver this
                                                      established a center for the processing of                     service, a state-of-the-art security infra-
                                                      banknotes in Miami. here, the banknotes                        structure was established. Experts, compre-
                                                      are reconditioned according to the guide-                      hensively familiar with the tightened Federal
                                                      lines of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.                  Reserve rules are dealing with the process-
                                                                                                                     ing of the banknotes on a daily basis. w
                                                      The Federal Reserve recently enhanced the
                                                      enforcement of the rules regarding the bun-                        VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL (USA) INC., Miami
                                                      dling, banding, and packaging of banknotes.                        Phone +1 305 513 2600,
                                                      “As a consequence, VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL
                                                      (USA) INC. has developed a program to help
                                                      its customers to comply with the proper pro-
                                                      cessing of such banknotes. This process
                                                      also increases the added value that a logistics
                                                      company with a great deal of international
                                                      experience can bring to the customer”, ex-
                                                      plains Joe De Rosa, Vice President of VIA
                                                      MAT INTERNATIONAL (USA) INC. in Miami.

                                                      Sorted, bundled and reconditioned
                                                      VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL (USA) INC. in Miami
                                                      is centrally located and close to Miami Inter-
                                                      national Airport and the Federal Reserve
                                                      Branch, allowing a fast turn-around once the
                                                      shipments arrive in Miami. here, the bank-
                                                      notes are sorted, bundled and reconditioned
                                                      according to the provisions and guidelines of
                                                      the Federal Reserve.

No 9 w 2011
                              VA l U A B l E S l O G I S T I c S

                              Logistics solution
                              for gold scrap
                              VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL FzE is constantly expanding its services in Dubai and thus
                              strengthening its market position in the Middle East. Now the company, in cooperation with
                              a local partner, offers its customers a logistics solution for gold scrap and precious metals.

                              With the new service, gold scrap (gold of less than 100 percent purity) will be accepted at
                              the gold souk in Dubai. In addition, certified pure gold bars will be provided in exchange
                              for it. VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL FzE has storage facilities for precious metals at the gold
                              souk and the Dubai Gold & Diamond Park.

                              Customer Event at the Burj Al Arab
                              For about a year now, VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL FzE has been successfully active in Dubai.
                              To celebrate this, and to introduce the new logistics solution for gold scrap, its customers
                              were recently invited to the Burj Al Arab. The event offered opportunities for intensive conver-
                              sations about the development of the precious metal market in Dubai and the Middle East,
                              and to establish new contacts. w

                                                               G E N E R A l cA R G O

                                                               New direct connection
                                                               with Turin
                                                               Since the beginning of April, MAT TRANSPORT AG has been
                                                               offering its customers a new direct connection for groupage freight
                                                               between Turin and Switzerland.

                                                              Italy is one of the most important trading partners for Switzerland.
                                                              Direct transportation lines to the most important cities in northern
                                                              Italy – Milan, Vicenca, Pordenone, Bologna – are already in existence.
                                                              In cooperation with SITTAM Srl., its Italian partner of many years, MAT
                                                              TRANSPORT AG now offers a new direct connection between Turin
                                                              and Berne, as well as between Turin and Embrach-Embraport.
                                                                      The new direct groupage freight connection between the Pied-
                                                              mont region and Switzerland enables MAT TRANSPORT AG to meet
                                                              its customers’ needs for transports to and from Italy even better,
                                                              offering an excellent price-performance ratio. Customers benefit
                                                              from shortened runtimes; goods will arrive quicker at their final des-
                                                              tination. w

                                                               MAT TRANSPORT AG, Embrach-Embraport
                                                               Paolo Ambula, Branch Manager
                                                               Phone +41 44 866 2660,

VIA MAT Journal no 9 w 2011                                                                                                        2
G E N E R A l cA R G O

Intercultural management
in New york
Bernhard Bärtschi, head of INTERNATIONAL & SPECIALITIES, moved
his work place from Switzerland to the USA for one year. The
objective: to expand the general cargo business in the US and to
be closer to the American customers. his year in New york is
almost over. how has the experience been?

One year in America. Last summer, Bernhard Bärtschi switched office
chair, work place and continent – a generally enriching experience,
expanding his field of vision and offering insight into other cultures. In
Bärtschi’s view, the decision to work in New york for a year was defi-
nitely the right one: “I developed a different understanding for the way
Americans work”, he explains, and adds that he was able to accom-
plish much through personal contact with customers and employees.
        According to Bärtschi, the culture in America is optimistic and
goal oriented. One tries to reach one’s goals with as little effort and                                                     Lived and worked
cost as possible. The 80-20 rule* is continuously practiced. There                                                          for a year in the USA
                                                                                                                            for the VIA MAT Group:
are differences regarding hierarchies too, says Bärtschi: “hierarchy
is less important in America than in Switzerland. Everybody knows                                                           Bernhard Bärtschi,
who the boss is, but nobody talks about it. Team spirit is part of life.”                                                   head of INTERNATIONAL
                                                                                                                            & SPECIALITIES
Ideas are quickly realized
What’s different in America? “Americans don’t like to plan ahead.            an experience the 45-year-old would recommend to anybody: “you
They are more courageous. They make a decision and when they                 become more flexible and tolerant; your entire life becomes richer.”
realize that it was wrong, they will correct it”, says Bernhard Bärtschi.           To maintain personal contact with customers and employees
This is America’s recipe for success: “If you have a good idea, you          in the USA after his return to Switzerland, Bernhard Bärtschi has set
realize it. In Switzerland, planning, structuring, and hedging come          himself some goals. “In the future, I want to make more phone calls
first. There is a world of difference between those two ways.”               and have more personal conversations. We communicate entirely
                                                                             too much by email. This creates a lot of misunderstandings. It
“One becomes more flexible and tolerant”                                     is time-consuming to iron them out.” The time in New york is
 It is important to practice intercultural management for an interna-        almost over. Soon, Bernhard Bärtschi will return to Switzerland –
 tional company such as the VIA MAT Group. “One must adjust to the           office chair, work place and continent will be switched again. w
 realities of the different countries, but still represent the interest of
 the company. Sometimes that is a balancing act.” Business trips are * 80 % of all work can be done with 20 % effort.
 not sufficient to accrue such experience. But living there is, and it is The other 20 % needs 80 % effort.

VIA MAT Journal no 9 w 2011                                                                                                                          3
T R A d E fA I R l O G I S T I c S

Precision logistics
A renowned Chinese car manufacturer used the Geneva motor show to present its
new products in Europe. MAT TRANSPORT AG ensured the flawless and timely execution
of the necessary logistics.

In cooperation with its longstanding partner SUN CARGO ChINA Ltd., MAT TRANSPORT AG               M AT l O G I S T I c S
organized several vehicle transports from several countries, as well as customs clearances
in Geneva for the Chinese car maker. A lot of organizational skills, flexibility and logistics
precision were necessary to ensure the delivery of all new models on time for the all impor-      Expert
tant media days in advance of the motor show. The unloading, customs clearance, and follow-
up had to be defined and exactly coordinated beforehand.                                          tire assembly
                                                                                                  MAT TRANSPORT AG is expanding its range
                                                                                                  of services; besides the import of vehicle
                                                                                                  spare parts, customs clearance and ware-
                                                                                                  housing, the company now offers its custom-
                                                                                                  ers the assembly of tires in Pratteln. “We
                                                                                                  can offer complete supply chain solutions for
                                                                                                  the auto industry”, says hans-Beat Rohr,
                                                                                                  head of the MAT Logistics department.

                                                                                                   Reduced costs and optimized processes
                                                                                                   MAT TRANSPORT AG can take over the entire
                                                                                                   handling for its customers: storage, com-
                                                                                                   missioning, tire assembly, distribution to the
                                                                                                   retailers, management of returns and dis-
                                                                                                   posal. Automobile importers and operators
                                                                                                   of garages benefit from reduced costs for
                                                                                                   storage and labor, as well as from optimized
                                                                                                   processes. Qualified experts will be charged
                                                                                                   with the tire assembly: two trained tire as-
                                                                                                   semblers are responsible for the profession-
                                                                                                   al installation on aluminum or steel rims.
                                                                                                          MAT TRANSPORT AG has traditionally
                                                                                                   been closely connected to the auto industry.
                                                                                                   After it was established in 1945, the com-
                                                                                                   pany began its activities with the import of
                                                                                                   cars from England; since then, automobile
                                                                                                   logistics have been continuously expanded.
                                                                                                  “Today we complement this tradition with at-
                                                                                                   tractive logistic supplemental services, such
                                                                                                   as tire assembly”, says hans-Beat Rohr. w

                                                                                                  MAT TRANSPORT AG, Pratteln
                                                                                                  hans-Beat Rohr, head MAT Logistics
                                                                                                  Phone +41 61 826 9777
Simultaneous delivery of vehicles from several countries
The new vehicle models were delivered on the one hand from China, but also from the USA,
where they were shown at the Detroit motor show. After the show closed, the cars were
shipped in covered car transporters to the port of New Jersey, where they were profession-
ally placed in containers, well prepared for crossing the Atlantic Ocean. “The short time
period between shows and the extreme weather in the USA with storms and snow were a
challenge for the sea freight team and demanded maximum commitment and flexibility”,
remembers Stefan Münger, Project Manager at MAT TRANSPORT AG. “The shipments from
the USA and China had to be coordinated, enabling simultaneous arrival in Europe and de-
livery in Geneva. This saved the customer unnecessary storage costs and ensured optimal
delivery”, says Stefan Münger.
        The MAT TRANSPORT AG sea freight and car departments cooperated very closely for
this project. It was the only way the logistics specialists were able to react quickly compe-
tently and to unforeseen events. Thanks to the high level of professionalism of the specialists
involved, it was possible to deliver the new products of the car maker on exactly the right day
in Geneva. w


VIA MAT Journal no 9 w 2011                                                                                                                    4

Strong partners for combined freight
For almost 20 years, BONAFIDE LOGISTIC AG has been a cooperation
partner in the EURODIS network. Read more about the strengths
and prospects of this network for Europe-wide combined freight in
our interview with EURODIS Managing Director Carsten Siebe.

EURODIS closes the gap between providers of transportation for
single packages and grouped shipments. EURODIS bundles all cargo
items from small single packages weighing only one kilogram up to
pallets weighing 800 kilograms, thus offering a complete solution for
all types of freight.

Carsten Siebe, what is the main difference between EURODIS
and other networks?
Carsten Siebe: The main difference from other networks is the availa-
bility of combi-freight, which means the transport of parcels, packages
and pallets united in a single consignment and delivered in one stop
to the consignee. Most providers only transport packages or pallets.
                                                                                                                        Carsten Siebe,
                                                                                                                        Managing Director
What are the network’s most important success factors?
                                                                                                                        of EURODIS
Through our cooperation partners in all of Europe, we are very much
attuned to the regionally different customer requirements. Decentral-
ized customer service processes, as well as our flexible organization,
result in advantages regarding the development of individual solu-
tions for customers. Other important success factors for EURODIS
are the high quality of service and service readiness, as well as at-
tractive products.

What quality criteria are convincing your customers?                      About EURODIS:
Reliable transport and on-time delivery within the EURODIS network, The European Distribution Network (EURODIS) is a consortium of
but also the availability of status information are the most important strong national providers of logistics services from all over Europe
quality factors for our customers. That is what our quality manage- with the objective of developing and implementing internationally
ment is aimed at too.                                                     specialized industry solutions without quality compromises. Together
                                                                          they cover 34 European countries. Any of the partners are able to
How do you assess the market potential for EURODIS?                       quickly, efficiently and securely transport cargo from small single
Our analyses show that the market for international distribution will packages weighing only one kilogram up to pallets weighing 800
grow faster in the long term than the national market segment. In kilograms in a continuous process. In addition, many regional services
addition, EURODIS partners benefit from a continuing trend to replace are offered, such as: c.o.d., express delivery, and dangerous goods
expensive express services with only marginally slower standard transports. The EURODIS management company is based in Wein-
transports.                                                               heim. It ensures compliance with quality guidelines, international
                                                                          data transfer, tracking of shipments, and billing among partners.
How do you view the services of BONAFIDE LOGISTIC AG?            w
BONAFIDE LOGISTIC AG is one of the longest standing partners in
the EURODIS network and excels through its high service quality. BONAFIDE LOGISTIC AG, Pratteln
The company actively contributes to the expansion of the network. Phone +41 61 686 8710,
We especially appreciate the high reliability and flexibility of BONAFIDE
LOGISTIC AG, as well as its readiness to fulfill individual customer

EURODIS has grown more than 25 % in the last year.
What will you focus on this year?
We will further develop our service quality and also expand the
coverage of our network in Europe. In addition, we are betting on the
strengths of our combined freight network and will add selected
additional products to our offerings.

VIA MAT Journal no 9 w 2011                                                                                                                 5

Partner at the hospitalar
The hospitalar is the largest hospital exhibi-
tion in Latin America; it took place recently
in São Paulo, Brazil. The Swiss-Brazilian
Chamber of Commerce organized a shared
exhibition booth for companies from Switzer-
land and Liechtenstein. In this pavilion, O.LIS-
(O.LISBOA) based in São Paulo, presented
itself with its own platform as a competent
and innovative partner in logistics.
       For importers, red tape is still a big
challenge in Brazil. A large number of docu-
ments must be submitted to apply for the
necessary registration of imported products.
This process is complicated and may take
some time – especially in the health care
sector. O.LISBOA can draw on many years of
experience and an extensive know-how regard-
ing customs clearance issues in South
America. It will support importers for an un-
complicated processing of their logistic
tasks. w

Phone +55 11 5581 0101,

cUSTOMER EVENT                                                                                      GENERAl cARGO

Full throttle                                                                                       Networking benefits
on the kart track                                                                                   in the USA
VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL AG recently invited its customers in Switzerland to the kart track            The General Cargo department of VIA MAT
in Spreitenbach near zurich. The 35 customers were divided into six teams, and while some           INTERNATIONAL (USA) INC. is now part of the
teams were doing laps with state-of-the-art electro karts at a top speed of 55 km/h, the            APLN (Advanced Professional Logistics Net-
others could fortify themselves with snacks and aperitifs for their drive. All in all, the racing   work). This global group links more than 780
teams drove 200 laps. The winning team was rewarded with champagne, while the three                 independent transportation companies in
best teams all won a medal which they proudly displayed.                                            126 countries.
      There was enough time left for conversations and discussions during the event. It was                The new membership in the APLN-Net-
an excellent opportunity for new employees of VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL AG and customers                work enables VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL (USA)
to meet and get to know each other. The two new Branch Managers of VIA MAT INTERNA-                 INC. to better market its worldwide general
TIONAL AG, Lucie Prévot at the Neuchâtel branch and Jean-Paul Mangiacapra at the Geneva             cargo services in the USA. “We now have at
branch, took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the customers. Lucie Prévot and             least one agent in every country who shares
Jean-Paul Mangiacapra are committed to strengthening the company in the western part                the APLN focus on quality. This makes us more
of Switzerland. w                                                                                   efficient and flexible concerning our world-
                                                                                                    wide offerings for our customers”, explains
                                                                                                    Bernhard Bärtschi, head of INTERNATIONAL
                                                                                                    & SPECIALITIES. w

T h E V I A M AT G R O U P                                                                    w     EdITORIAl OffIcE                             w
O.LISBOA DESPAChOS INTERNACIONAIS LTDA. • VIA MAT ARTCARE AG • VIA MAT (FRANCE) S.A.R.L.            Obstgartenstrasse 27, Ch-8302 kloten
VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL AG (ChINA, GERMANy, SWITzERLAND, UAE, Uk, USA)                                Phone +41 44 804 9292, Fax +41 44 804 9293
VIA MAT MANAGEMENT AG • VIA MAT PACkSAFE AG                                               ,

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