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									Gift Baskets
 Snack Attack                             $70
 A munchy maniac’s dream come true.
  Spanish Marcona Almonds, pickled
 peppers, chocolate bridge mix, stuffed
  olives, crackers, cookies, and licorice

We make custom gift baskets for any budget or
  occasion. Simply let us know what you’re
    looking for and we’ll make it happen!

    Cheese Lovers                      $85                         Fog City                                $85
 The world’s finest cheeses including                       A bountiful assortment of our
Camembert, Blue, Cheddar, Manchego,                        favorite Bay Area artisan foods
and creamy Goat accompanied with fig                      including cheese, salami, honey,
   jam, marcona almonds, crackers                        mustard, biscotti, chocolate, crackers,
                                                                     and preserves

                                                                         Got Wine? We do!
                                                        Let us select a special bottle for your gift basket

                                                          Fiore di Italia                                   $100
                                                        Your passport to great taste including
                                                       smooth extra virgin olive oil, sweet and
                                                      tangy Balsamic vinegar, pasta, gnocchi,
                                                      chocolate, Parmigiano Reggiano and La
                                                          Tur cheeses, and Crostini crackers
    Meat Lovers                        $80
                                                          We ship via UPS
 All things carnivorous including local                 across the country.
 artisan salame, duck leg confit, smoky
                                                          48 hour notice
pastrami, Spanish chorizo, creamy pâté ,                appreciated for all
  cornichon pickles, mustard and more!                    UPS shipments.
                                                            All selections subject to substitution

 Cheese Plus   2001 Polk St @ Pacific Ave. San Francisco, CA 94109           415 921 2001  

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