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									The Wedding Trap
The Trap Trilogy

Author: Tracy Anne Warren

From ugly duckling to beautiful swan

Eliza Hammond has always been quiet and reserved--hardly the best qualities for finding the man of her
dreams and living happily ever after. A new heiress, Eliza is financially secure, courtesy of her aunt's
fortune, but even great wealth has its drawbacks since every greedy, fortune-hunting bachelor suddenly
finds Eliza irresistible.

To help her best friend, Violet takes Eliza's romantic dilemma into her own hands, enlisting the social
skills of her brother-in-law, Lord Christopher "Kit" Winter. Kit helps transform Eliza into a stunning belle,
certain to attract a worthy beau. There's just one problem: Eliza has always been head over heels in love
with Kit, the very man who is trying to find her a husband! But during Eliza's sometimes-comic extreme
makeover, and with a few secret love lessons from Kit on the side, sparks--and passionate kisses--begin
to fly. Kit soon finds himself completely overcome by an all-consuming desire for Eliza. But if he fails to
realize his true love for her, he may lose this fair lady forever.

From the Paperback edition.

This business of acquiring a husband is going to be far from pleasant, Eliza Hammond decided from her
place on the saffron-and-white-striped sofa in the upstairs family drawing room of Raeburn House.

Considering this would be her fifth Season--a lowering realization indeed--she knew she would need all
the assistance she could get, despite the immense fortune her late aunt had quite unexpectedly left to
her only six weeks ago. At least she knew she would be able to count on the steadfast support of her
dear friend, Violet Brantford Winter, Duchess of Raeburn. Perhaps with Violet's assistance, the process
would not be as dreadful as she feared. Then again, thinking of the assorted ne'er-do-wells and fortune
hunters already vying for her hand, perhaps it would.

"There is Mr. Newcomb," Violet stated as she reviewed the current selection of Eliza's prospective
suitors. "He seems a very pleasant sort of gentleman with a genuine interest in the arts."

"Yes, he was most attentive when we happened upon each other at the gallery the other day," Eliza
agreed, recalling the man's even features and straight auburn hair, a shade that had put her in mind of a
glossy-coated Irish setter. "He demonstrated a definite command of the great masters. Perhaps he has
an interest in historical subjects as well."

"What he has is an interest in card playing, followed a close second by a love of the dice," interrupted a
deep, smooth male voice that never failed to send a pleasurable tingle down Eliza's spine no matter how
firmly she tried to suppress it.

She shifted her gaze toward Lord Christopher Winter, better known to his family and friends as Kit. Tall,
broad-shouldered and ruggedly lean, he sat relaxed in a leisurely all-male sprawl upon a nearby chair.
Having spent the past twenty minutes eating his way through a stack of small watercress, cucumber and
chicken sandwiches, he leaned forward now to conduct a perusal of the dessert tray.

A lock of his dark, wavy brown hair fell across his handsome forehead as he selected a pair of lime tarts
and a thin slice of rum cake. As he transferred the sweets to his plate, he got a smudge of whipped
cream on one of his knuckles. Eliza's stomach tightened as she watched him lick it away.

She forced her gaze down to her shoes. Kit was Violet's brother-in-law and nothing more, she reminded
herself. Certainly he was nothing more to her. True, she had once nursed a secret infatuation for him but
such silliness was long since over and done. During the nearly year and half he had been away traveling
on the Continent, she had ruthlessly purged him from her heart. And by the time he returned to England
this Christmas past, she had long since grown used to giving him scarcely a thought.

Still, that didn't mean she couldn't admire him for the gorgeous male specimen he was. And Kit Winter,
with his beautiful, lazy-lidded green and gold eyes, sensuous lips and infectiously charming smile, was a
gorgeous man indeed. One with an infamously prodigious appetite that seemed to make no impact at all
upon his trim, well-muscled physique.

He bit into one of the tarts from his plate, a tiny smile of gustatory delight on his lips as he settled back
into his chair. Engrossed in the confection, he seemed utterly oblivious to the volley of disappointment he
had just lobbed into the room.

Violet shot him a mighty frown. "What do you mean by that remark, Kit?"

He swallowed and glanced upward. "Hmm?"...
Author Bio
Tracy Anne Warren
Tracy Anne Warren is the author of The Husband Trap and The Wife Trap. She grew up in a small central
Ohio town. After working for a number of years in finance, she quit her day job to pursue her first love--
writing romance novels. Warren lives in Maryland with a pair of exuberant, young Siamese cats and
windows full of gorgeous orchids and African violets. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading,
watching movies, and dreaming up the characters for her next book. Visit her website at<br><br>

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