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Pupil Discipline and Zero Tolerance


									 EAST RUTHERFORD                                             EAST RUTHERFORD
BOARD OF EDUCATION                                            SCHOOL DISTRICT

   Kevin Felten, President
Kathy Winston, Vice President                               Pupil Discipline
       Maria Caruso                                               and
    Marguerite Hansen                                       Zero Tolerance
    Michael Homaychak               East Rutherford
       Dennis Monks                 School District
        Debra Zoller
                                 Board of Education and
Thomas Kobin, Board Attorney     Administrative Offices

                                Uhland and Grove Streets
                                East Rutherford, NJ 07073

      Mr. Kenneth Rota
   Mr. Anthony Juskiewicz  
     Business Administrator/
        Board Secretary
                                                            Parent Information

                                                              September 2011
Why “Zero Tolerance”?
                                            o   Through the provision of mandated           o   Harassment, intimidation and bullying
The East Rutherford Board of Education          punishments for certain offenses, “zero         (Policy Nos. 5501, 5512, 5512.01 &
and the Administration believe that the         tolerance” increases the consistency of         5512.02); and,
conduct of pupils in school should              school discipline and thereby the clarity
enable them to derive the greatest              of the disciplinary message to pupils;      o   Possession, transfer or delivery of
potential benefits from the educational                                                         alcohol, controlled dangerous
programs offered, and that pupils should    o   Removal of students who violate school          substances or over-the-counter non-
                                                rules, will create a school climate more        prescription drugs on school property or
learn to assume responsibility for their
                                                conducive to learning for those pupils          while participating in school activities
own behavior and the consequences of            who remain;                                     (Policy Nos. 5530, 5533 & 5535).
their actions. Pupils are required to
conform to reasonable standards of          o   The swift and certain punishments of
acceptable behavior; to respect the             “zero tolerance” have a deterrent effect    Right to a Hearing
rights, person and property of others;          upon pupils, thus improving overall pupil
preserve the degree of order necessary          behavior and discipline; and,               The Superintendent of Schools and the
for the successful conduct of the various                                                   Board of education will conduct pupil
educational programs; and obey those        o   “Zero Tolerance” policies ensure the        discipline hearings in cases of zero
adults in authority.                            safety of pupils and provide them with      tolerance violations. Pupils may be
                                                the feeling of security since               excluded from school for a period of
The Board of Education has adopted a            transgressions are dealt with in no         time of up to one year.
Pupil Discipline Code / Code of Conduct         uncertain terms.
(See Policy No. 5600) to establish
standards and procedures to encourage       When will Zero Tolerance be invoked?            Parents should review the Zero
and support the development of positive                                                     Tolerance regulations provided in
                                            The District will use a “zero tolerance”
social behaviors and establish pupil        approach to pupils who commit certain           this pamphlet, and also the
behavioral expectations while pupils are    disciplinary infractions. These                 student handbook, to make certain
on school grounds, on a school bus, on      infractions or offenses result in               that their child(ren) possess a
field trips or at school-sponsored
                                            exclusion from the regular general              clear understanding of the
                                            education program and include, but are          consequences of engaging in anti-
                                            not limited to:                                 social behavior.
The assumptions behind “zero
tolerance” policies designed to enforce
                                            o   Possession of a weapon or facsimile of
pupil discipline and the presumptions           a weapon (Policy No. 5611);
made in applying a zero tolerance
approach in maintaining pupil discipline    o   Assault on staff members or other
are based on the following:                     students (Policy Nos. 5610 & 5612);

o   Anti-social behaviors necessitate       o   Calling false alarms, bomb threats or
    forceful, no-nonsense strategies for        false 911 calls;
    violence prevention;

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