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             Automobile companies
             need to permanently
             provide          quality
             everywhere     and    in
             every condition.

Why Automobile on mobile?                                                                                                   1

       M obi l it y and v i rt ual iz at i on are t wo t rends t hat are c hanging t he way p eopl e c an
       a c c es s i nf or m at i o n whi l e o n t h e m ov e. P eo pl e a re l e arn i ng t h a t m o bi l e p h o ne s
       c an b e us e d f or m o re t h an j us t m ak i n g p ho n e c al l s . N o w, m an y m ob i l e p h o ne
       u s ers are wak i n g u p t o th e v ar iet y of use f ul v al ue - adde d s er v i c es t h e y c an
       acc ess.

       Wi t h t he i nt r o du c t i on of n e w f ac il i t i es a nd s er v i c es b ei n g i nt r o du c ed i n t he
       aut omobi l es i ndust ry ev ery day, it is bec om i ng inc reas i ngl y i mport ant f or t hem
       t o l oo k f o r ne w c han n e l s t o d el i v er t he s e s er v i c es t o t h e c us t om ers .

       A l s o, t he r e i s a d i re n e ed t o b r i n g d own t he t r ans ac t i o n c os t s i n t he i nc reas i ng
       per-c ust omer t rans acti on sc enari o.

       V AS in A ut om obil e S ec t o r i s :

                C o s t E f f ec t i v e: M ob i l e m e s s agi ng h el p s i nd us t ry i n p r ovi d e v al ue added
                s ervic es at a m argi nal c ost.

                T arget ed: S pecif ic mess age are c onv ey ed bas ed on the c ust omer
                p r of i l e.

                A ny wh er e / A n yt i m e: M ob i l e i s a l m o s t al way s wi t h t he c us t o m e r .

                P ers o na l : H i ghl y ef f e c t i v e as c om m un i c at i o n t o an i nd i v i dual

                A ut o m at ed : A ut o m at ic r el ay of c r it ic al i n f or mat io n

   Event Based


    Automobile                 Interactive

                 Value Added


Event Based Alerts 

    SMS solutions that will connect the sellers (vehicles) and the authorized
    service centers to update the vehicle owner about “what new happening
    in the Automobile industry” and about the status / reminders on the
    vehicle service / maintenance respectively as well

    Some of the trigger-based alerts are mentioned below :

          •   T he t imel y V ehic le s erv ic e remi nders by t he A ut hori z ed s erv ic e cent ers
              to t he v ehic l e owners .

          •   B ooki ng of v ehic l e t hrough S MS, t hat s av es pl ent y of c ons um er t ime.

          •   T he st at us of t he v ehic l e duri ng the s erv ic e.

          •   The deliv ery c onfirmation of the vehic l e posts the s erv ic e.

          •   I nf ormati on on t he v ehi cl e I ns uranc e along wi th the timely remi nder
              d ur i ng t h e r en e wa l s

          •   A le rt s o n s pe c i al s er v i c e c am ps / ev ent s t o t he c us t o me r

 Supported Products

Promotional Broadcasts 

 This is a purely one-way interaction and helps the Automobiles sector to
 provide timely information to it’s customers about their new products / timely
 valuable services at the regular intervals.

 Some of the Promotional Broadcast examples are listed below :

        •   P romot ional al erts on the newl y launc hed or upc oming v ehic l es in the
            i n dus t r y.

        •   A le rt o n f ac il i t i es an d t h e s erv i c es av a i l a b l e wi t h t h e A ut ho r i z e d S e rv ic e
            c ent ers.

        •   C r os s – P rom o t i on s

        •   Ne w Brac h opening announc em ents

        •   A ny f es t i v al c el eb ra t i on o f f e rs

        •   F estiv al wis hes t o t he c ust om ers

 Supported Products

Interactive Services 

 The customers can also requests for the information / vehicle status for
 themselve s from the Sellers and the service centers as well

 The industry will be enabled to interact with the customers through several
 interactive services and enquiries in order to enhance customer involvement
 and provid e them instant access to their accounts.

 Some of the examples of interactive services are:

           •   P ros pects c an register interest for the v ehi c l e us ing short c odes.

           •   Customers c an log on thei r queries/c omplaints using short c ode / long-
               c ode s erv ic es.

           •   T he st at us of t he v ehic l e duri ng the s erv ic e.

           •   V ehic le break do wn s erv ic es

 Supported Products

Value Added Services 

 One of the toughest tasks today, in front of the service industry is to retain
 their existing customers. In order to achieve this feat they are increasingly
 trying to provide their customers with se veral value added services which
 enhance the user experience to a new level.

 ACL provides with S.CREA.M (Service Creation & Management Tool) for
 managing various keywords and campaigns

 Some of the examples of Value Added services are:

       •   Cont ests

       •   P ol ls

       •   F eedbac ks

       •   B ranc h l ocat ors

 Supported Products


 Axiom, SMS dispatch and management platform is an efficient and
 robust platform to push various alerts through multiple vendors. Our
 platform offers intelligent routing, load distribution, real time
 manipulation and dynamic capacity management.

 ACL’s IntelliALERT is a sophisticated Alert system w hich enables the
 enterprises to send alerts or notifications to their customers diligently.
 The system allows an enterprise to create rules based on either
 conditions or occurrences that triggers alerts.

 Enterprises can plan mobile marketing campaigns and schedule alerts
 to be sent to their end customers. The basic functional blocks include a
 message creation module, an advance scheduler, a campaign manager
 and facility for dynamic grouping. Spam control is incorporated in
 accordance w ith the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) making it a
 pow erful, w ell-rounded broadcast application.

 Web broadcasting s ystem is an excellent and cost effective
 communication tool w hich can be used by enterprises to communicate
 information to their customers. Text SMS messages can be sent in bulk
 to mobile numbers, both national as w ell as international. Enterprise
 can plan their mobile campaigns and schedule their alert dates to sent
 messages to customers.

 S.CREA.M, Service Creation and Management platform is a complete
 suite of packaged application w hich allow s service providers as w ell as
 enterprise to generate their ow n customized services like Contest Polls,
 feedback w ith an easy to user service creation environment.

Deployment Architecture 

ACL Wi r el ess Li mi ted :

ACL Wireless is a leading pro v ider of mobile v alue added
s er v i c es. H ea dq ua r t er e d i n I nd i a i t e m plo y s ov e r 225 p e opl e
and was f o un d ed i n 20 0 0 . F oc us ed on dev el o pm ent of
Innov ativ e c ons umer-c entric mobile ap p l i c a t i on s ov er S MS , I V R
& GP RS, t he c om pany s pec i ali z es in M obi le Com m uni t ies,
E nt erpri s e and E nt ert ai nment S erv ic es. A CL has ov er 35+
mobile operator c ustom ers ac ross 24 c ountries and ov er 400
ent er pri s e c ust om ers . ACL has off ic es s pr ead ac r oss Del hi,
M u m ba i , K ol k at a, D ub ai a nd N a i r o bi .

   I f your requi rem ent s s uit es t he t ypes of s olut ions t hat we
   off er, c ontact us , and we c an disc uss ho w we might be able to
   help your bus i ness to gro w and flouris h.

   e n t erp ri s e s al e s @ ac l -wi re l es s . c om


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