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                              PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Instructors: Mr. Apriesnig & Mr. Moua

To foster an environment of learning and fun through sports and fitness activities that will encourage
students to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

The physical education program will provide all students with the opportunities to:
   1. Develop an understanding of the effects of exercise on the human body through basic knowledge
       of current health related physical fitness.
   2. Develop an understanding of motor skills and movement principles to meet the rigors of daily
       living, working, and lifetime leisure activities.
   3. Develop positive social and emotional skills, attitudes, and behaviors to include: consideration,
       competition, and the acceptance of rules and authority.
   4. Enhance their self-concepts through a sense of achievement and increase awareness of their
       strengths and weaknesses, abilities and limitations.

  1. Attendance/Proper Dress/Participation are required to pass the course.
  2. Responsibility---for locks, lockers, belongings, and equipment. (a $5 fee for a lost lock)
  3. Promptness---four minutes to dress and report to assigned attendance spot.
  4. Respect---respectful of classmates, teacher, facility, and equipment.
  5. Behavior---display a cooperative behavior, positive attitude, good sportsmanship, and appropriate
  6. Safety---abide by prescribed safety procedures and respect equipment and facilities.
  7. Follows all the classroom rules (absolutely NO GUM in class)

Students must have separate clothes strictly for their physical education class that they change into. NO
STREET CLOTHES that are worn to school will be allowed as their gym clothes; for instance putting
their gym shirt over the shirt they wore to school is not acceptable.
     GYM SHOES (only non-marking athletic shoes)
     GYM SHORTS (any athletic shorts that are mid-thigh or longer are acceptable; no low cut shorts)
     SHORT/LONG SLEEVED T-SHIRTS (no alcohol, drug, or inappropriate logos are acceptable)
     OPTIONAL SWEATPANTS AND/OR SWEATSHIRT (athletic pants are acceptable)
     DEODORANT STICK (absolutely no body spray such as AXE, BOD, etc.)

In addition to the required PE clothes, each student will be responsible for having the following items:
     Heart rate monitor straps (this can be purchased at the school office for $8)
     A pen/pencil
     A 2 pocket folder
     Loose leaf paper/note book (for quizzes)

*Note: The items in bold will only pertain to the 7th and 8th graders and not the 6th graders.
1. Grading will be based upon a percentage in 3 major areas:
     10% SKILLS (improvement checklist and how its incorporated into game situations)
     20% QUIZZES

2. Daily points will be graded on a 10-point system.
     3 points – having proper clothes (shoes, shirt, shorts)
     2 points – being prepared, sitting in the attendance line on time, and actively doing the warm-ups
     5 points – active participation in the lesson and following all classroom rules

  1st time--- verbal warning
  2nd time--- PBIS referral, make up time with teacher, and parent phone call
  3rd time --- PBIS referral, loss of 3 classroom points, and make up time with teacher
  4th time --- PBIS referral, loss of 3 classroom points, administration involvement
   Non-dressed students will be expected to be active and helpful

  1. Parent note for up to 3 excused days.
  2. Doctor’s note for more than 3 excused days (Parents – please have doctor write what your child
     can do in PE)
  3. A medical waiver if more than 2 weeks. *

*Note: This will not hinder the student’s grade, but make-up work will be used in place of classroom