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									                                  Executive Summary

       In this study we will be looking at research and product reviews of the latest cellular
phones with the combined functionality of a personal digital assistant (PDA). These two
functionalities will enable the devices to have a multitude of features. The core feature of these
devices will be the ability to use a network connection through WiFi along with cellular
technology, making them a true hybrid of today’s advanced technologies.
       We will be exploring the operating systems, (OS), they use along with the various
features they offer. In understanding the OS technology we will look to discover the pros and
cons of each, while gathering the development history behind them. We will be looking into the
technologies they connect to and explore the new relationship they have developed. Through
this research project we will look to explain the technology and show how these devices become
part of the network structure.
       The devices that we will be researching are divided by Smartphone OS. They are as
follows: Under the Microsoft Mobile OS - Dell: Axim X51 (PDA), Treo: 700wx, Samsung SCH-
I730 & IP830w, Motorola Q, & HTC PPC-6700, & the T-Mobile MDA; Under the Palm OS –
Treo 700p, Xplore M68; The aspects of these devices we will be reviewing are the cost,
coverage, bandwidth, battery life, screen size, processor performance, memory, and the various
unique features that each offer. The focus of this study will be on the Axim and Treo devices
due to the relevant market share and popularity.
       In researching the mobile technologies of Windows Mobile & Palm OS we will be
focusing on their compatibility, supportability, and security. We will explore the way other
institutions are merging this technology with their own. Also we will be looking at the market
share data for 2004 – present. As well as surveying the Quinnipiac University freshman and
sophomore classes to better understand their needs and wants in a mobile device. In doing this,
we hope to better understand the intended users of this technology as well as the place these
devices will have in today’s technology infrastructure.

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