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Clinic Ole Foundation Receives Major Gift


									                                                                                                                              Spring 2010

                                 Community Health Clinic Ole
Clinic Ole
Board of Directors               Clinic Ole
Priscilla Upton, Chair
Karynne Duncan, MD,
  Vice Chair

Jo Moore, Secretary
Dan Lynch, Treasurer
Arjuna Elkins

                                 Major Gift
Ernest Hamilton
Ona Marks
Charles Mathewson
Peter McCrea
Patricia Perini Long             Warren and Barbara Winiarski recently made (L to R): John Shafer, Beatrice Bostick, Warren and
Jennifer Wienecke-Friedman       the largest single donation in the history of      Barbara Winiarski
Julia Wilson
                                 the Clinic Ole Foundation. Their $100,000 gift
                                 will be used, along with a grant from the American       now for more than 35 years, providing medical and
Angel Calderon                   Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), to                 dental services to people who would otherwise go
John Shafer                      purchase a modular clinic unit to be placed adjacent     without health care.”
Gregory Winnen, DDS              to Clinic Ole’s main clinic on Pear Tree Lane in Napa.
                                                                                          “Warren and Barbara’s gift is extraordinary,” noted
                                 “Clinic Ole fills a huge need in our community by        John Shafer, President of the Clinic Ole Foundation.
Executive Team
Beatrice Bostick                 providing quality, affordable health care to those       “It will help provide six additional exam rooms in
Executive Director               less fortunate,” Warren remarked. “I have admired        Napa. When we built the 25,000 square foot Napa
Robert L. Moore, MD              the work Clinic Ole does for many years. Barbara         Valley Vintners Community Health Center in 2002,
Medical Director                 and I established Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars with our      we did not anticipate that Clinic Ole would outgrow
Stacey McCall                    children in the early 1970’s about the same time as      its space as quickly as it did.” The Clinic provided
Assistant Executive Director     Clinic Ole began in Rutherford. It is a testament to     nearly 68,000 patient visits last year, 55,000 of these
Donald Dobbs, DDS                their founders that Clinic Ole has continued to serve    in Napa alone.
Dental Director

Community Health
                                 Executive Director to Retire
                                 Beatrice Bostick, Executive           and provides over 65,000 visits       Ole umbrella. Beatrice will be
Clinic Ole
1141 Pear Tree Lane,             Director of Community Health          annually. With Beatrice at the        enjoying her retirement with her
Suite 100                        Clinic Ole since 1998, will retire    helm, Clinic Ole moved into the       husband in Taos, New Mexico.
Napa, CA 94558                   in January 2011.                      Napa Valley Vintners Community
(707) 254-1774 ext. 218
Fax (707) 251-2995                                                     Health Center, became a Federally     A transition committee, chaired by                Beatrice has spent the past 12        Qualified Health Center, expanded     board member Peter McCrea, will         years shepherding Clinic Ole          services in Calistoga, increased      work with other board members,
Community Health Clinic Ole is   through phenomenal growth             services to the homeless, created     staff and CompassPoint Nonprofit
the medical and dental home
for Napa County’s underserved,   and change. In 1998, the Clinic       a behavioral health program,          Services to identify the challenges as
providing high-quality,          provided 3,000 patient visits per     implemented an electronic health      well as the skills our new Executive
affordable, compassionate and
culturally sensitive primary     year. Today, the Clinic has become    record system and brought Sister      Director will need in order to
health care.
                                 the medical and dental home for       Ann Dental Clinic and Healthy         assure our continued success. We
                                 over 24,000 low-income patients       Moms and Babies under the Clinic      expect to start our search by July 1.
  Clinic Ole
  Foundation Board
  John Shafer, President
  Sue Cross, Secretary
  Dan Lynch, Treasurer
  Christopher Cappeto
  Karynne Duncan, MD
  Ann Healy                                    Save the date
  Dana Johnson                                 2010 Clinic Ole Chili Ball
  Peter McCrea
                                               Saturday, August 21
  Patricia Perini Long
  Diana Ullman                                 5 to 9 p.m.
  Priscilla Upton                              Charles Krug Winery,
                                               St. Helena.
  Advisory Council                             Get ready to enjoy an eve-
  Bruce Jr. and Martha Atwater                 ning of fabulous food, great
  Jae Chun, Dana Estates
                                               wine and dancing under the
  William Jr. and Kathleen Collins
  Naoko Dalla Valle                            stars, all while supporting
  John C. Downing                              Clinic Ole. Invitations will be
  Dr. Karynne and David Duncan                 mailed in June.
  Raymond and Sally Duncan
  Keith and Prisca Geeslin
  Robert Lee Hudson                            No room for the
  Rick Jones                                   latest vintage in
  Darioush and Shahpar Khaledi                 your cellar?
  Robert and Gretchen Lieff
  Gregory and Carol Lindstrom                  If you would like to donate       Thank you, Dr. Mary Cooke!
  Dan Lynch                                    wine from your personal           Dr. Mary Cooke, a local orthodontist and long-time volunteer at
  Dennis O’Neil and Stephen Martin             collection to the Chili Ball,     Sister Ann Dental Clinic, is very busy these days with her private
  Ed Matovcik, Foster’s Wine Estates
                                               please call us at 707-254-        practice and the arrival of her first child. While she will no longer
  Thomas and Martha May
  Peter and Willinda McCrea                    1774 ext. 218 or e-mail           be able to volunteer at Sister Ann, she continues to provide a
  David and Joanne McDonald                   valuable service to our young patients with severe malocclusion
  Ron and Diane Miller                         We’ll be happy to pick up         (abnormal alignment of teeth.) These severe cases can result
  Beth Nickel
  Christopher and Betsy Peacock
                                               your wine donation.               in children being too embarrassed to go to school, or having
  John and Barbara Shafer                                                        trouble eating. We refer these children to Dr. Cooke who is
  Libby Shafer                                                                   often able to fit them with an inexpensive retainer that will help
  Charlotte Temple                                                               guide the teeth into better alignment, improving both their health
  Diane Wilsey
  Warren and Barbara Winiarski                                                   and their self-esteem. We honor Dr. Cooke for her commitment
  Douglas and Jane Wolf                        Cinco de Mayo at                  to our community.
  Paul and Betty Woolls                        the Oxbow
  C. Angus and Margaret Wurtele                The Oxbow Public Market
  The Advisory Council is composed of donors   has selected Clinic Ole             California Primary Care Association
  who regularly contribute $10,000 and above   as the recipient of funds           (CPCA) Honors Dr. Robert Moore
  to support Clinic Ole.
                                               to be raised during their           Clinic Ole’s Medical Director, Dr. Robert Moore, was
                                               upcoming celebration                recently recognized for his dedication, commitment
Did you know?                                  of Cinco de Mayo on                 and leadership in improving the health and wellbeing
Clinic Ole has a Napa Pharmacy Assistance      Wednesday, May 5. Plans             of underserved populations in Napa and surrounding
Program that helps low-income patients         include live Latin music and        communities. CPCA’s announcement stated: “In addition
apply for no or low cost prescription          vendor specials throughout          to being an exemplary family physician, Dr. Moore has
medications from pharmaceutical                the Market, with proceeds           served as an agent of change in a variety of statewide quality
companies. The program is open to all          and donations benefiting            improvement efforts. This includes his leadership positions as
Napa County residents who income-qualify,      Clinic Ole. More details            Chair of the CPCA Clinicians Committee and Standardized
regardless of whether they are Clinic          are available at                    Measures Group and his active support in advancing the
Ole patients. This program is supported          work of the Accelerating Quality Improvement through
by grants from Napa County Tobacco             THANK YOU OXBOW!                    Collaboration (AQIC) project.” We congratulate Dr. Moore
Settlement. For more information, please       Viva la fiesta!                     for receiving this distinguished honor!
contact Natividad Macias at 707-254-1781.
  Health Care Reform
  The full impact of Health Care Reform on community clinics is still unknown. As
  a federally qualified health center, we could see some increases in federal funding
  beginning in fiscal year 2011; however, this funding represents only about 6% of
  our total operating budget. When the insurance pool goes into effect in 2014,
  some of our currently uninsured patients may be able to afford health insurance.
  But, due to the shortage of primary care physicians, we expect to continue to
  see increased demand for services from these newly insured patients. We do
  know that thousands of Napa County residents will continue to rely on Clinic
  Ole for high-quality, affordable health care, and we will continue to need your
  support to be able to meet that need.

Project Homeless Connect
Last November, Clinic Ole and Sister Ann Dental Clinic participated in Project Homeless
Connect, a one-day intensive outreach to Napa County’s homeless population at CrossWalk
Community Church. The event was organized by the Homeless Services Planning Council for
Napa County and Community Action Napa Valley (CANV), with dozens of local providers                        Save another date!
offering job development, drug and alcohol counseling, mental health services, hot meals, and              On October 9, Ad Hoc will host a
hair cuts, just to name a few of the services. Clinic Ole and Sister Ann provided medical and              Harvest Party, with proceeds being
dental screenings to 120 people in just 5 hours. More than 300 volunteers were there to                    donated to Clinic Ole. According to
help the 300 homeless adults and children who attended. Planning is underway for the 2010                  Nick Dedier, General Manager, “Ad
Project Homeless Connect. If you are interested in participating in or sponsoring the 2010                 Hoc — inspired by a collection of
event, please contact Charlene Horton, CANV, at 253-6103.                                                  delicious and iconic family-style meals,
                                                                                                           perfectly paired wine, and a gathering
                                                                                                           of community — chose Clinic Ole as
                                                                                                           the recipient for the seasonal event
                                                                                                           because of the organization’s ongoing
                                                                                                           dedication to help people in the valley
                                                                                                           in need of medical care.” The event will
                                                                                                           include an array of music played by local
                                                                                                           house bands, a four course Ad Hoc
                                                                                                           style menu, and a selection of Napa and
                                                                                                           Sonoma wines. More information will
                                                                                                           be available soon. This is an event you
                                                                                                           won’t want to miss!

  Behavioral Health Expanded
  We are pleased to welcome Christina (Tina) Zoppel, MSW, LCSW,             Clinic Ole’s integrated behavioral health program was implemented in
  as the new manager of Clinic Ole’s Behavioral Health Department.          2004 to address the many factors that impact a patient’s ability to carry
  Tina has 30 years experience in the behavioral health field, both as a    out his medical provider’s advice. The behavioral health team assesses
  clinician and in management. She comes to us from Family Service of       patients’ mental health, substance use and ability to manage chronic
  Napa Valley where she served as Associate Director and as co-chair        illnesses and then consults closely with medical providers on a treatment
  of the Healthy Aging Population Initiative (HAPI). Tina’s work has        plan. Behavioral health staff follow up with patients over time providing
  included founding the Satellite Housing Program, coordinating             education, support, brief behavioral interventions and community
  a collaborative child abuse treatment program, managing senior            resources to help patients address their needs. “The goal of the
  services and integrating behavioral health at CARENetwork Queen           behavioral health program is to help medical providers understand the
  of the Valley, Community Outreach’s medical case management               bigger picture of what a patient is grappling with and to provide patients
  program.                                                                  with the support they need to be successful,” noted Zoppel.
Thank you to our 2009 Donors!
The Clinic Ole Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 Type 1 supporting organization, was
established in 1996 as the private fund raising arm of Community Health Clinic Ole.
The funds raised by the Foundation provide Clinic Ole with operating funds, support
special projects and are being used to build a $4M reserve fund to support the
Clinic’s invaluable services to the underserved.

The Board of the Clinic Ole Foundation and the staff, patients and Board of Community
Health Clinic Ole and its divisions - Sister Ann Dental Clinic and Healthy Moms and
Babies - extend a huge THANK YOU to the hundreds of individuals, businesses,
corporations, patients and family foundations who supported us during calendar year
2009. These gifts received in 2009 from almost 550 donors totaled over $690,000.

The Foundation is providing Clinic Ole $400,000 this fiscal year ending June 30, 2010
to be used for general operating support.

Advisory                              Friends                             Supporters                             Ernesto Castillo
                                                                                                                 Jesus Castro
                                                                                                                                                     Richard & Elaine Fohr
                                                                                                                                                     Karl and Mary Forsgaard
                                      (gifts of $1,000                    19 Anonymous Donors
Council &                              to $4,999)
                                                                          Adolfo Aguilar-Banajas
                                                                                                                 Jesus Castro Cervantes
                                                                                                                 Raul Ceja
                                                                                                                                                     Teresa & Sean Foster
                                                                                                                                                     Sharyn Fuller
                                                                          Jose Alfaro                            Maria Cervantes Castro              Tom & Kellie Fuller
Other Major                           Robert C. & Alexis Deutsch-Adler
                                      Gordon (dec.) & Patty Anderson
                                                                          Maribel Alfaro
                                                                          Maria & Juan Alonso
                                                                                                                 David & Diane Chan                  Gloria Garcia
                                                                                                                 Jack Chandler                       Juan I. Garcia
Donors                                Ernest E. Arras, Jr.
                                      Melvin & Oralia Atchison
                                                                          Ramon Alonso
                                                                          Vincent & Claire Amendola
                                                                                                                 Martha Chavez                       Maria Garcia de Aguilar
(gifts of $10,000                     Bergin Glass Impressions, Inc.      Jack B. Anderson
                                                                                                                 Marta Chavez                        Angelica Garibay
                                                                                                                 Xochil Chavez-Silva                 Patricia Garibay
& above)                              Robert & Stacey Bressler            Theodore & Molly Anderson              John & Catherine Chen               Gary & Nancy Gates
Anonymous                             Susan C. Burchill                   Susan Anderson Eakle
                                      Charter Oak Bank                                                           Churchill Manor                     Anna Gail Gentile
Bruce Jr. & Martha Atwater                                                Mike & Sherri Andjus                   Classic Party Rentals, Inc.         Girl Scouts Council of Napa
Annie & Richard Bennett               Michael & Eileen Chiarello          Alfonso Arceo
                                      Willam Chiat & James Gladfelter                                            Mica M. Coffin                          Troop 240
Jae Chun & Hi Sang Lee                                                    David Arteag                           Susan Cohen                         John & Carol Glaser
William Jr. & Kathleen Collins        Joanne D. Corzine Foundation        Rosa Arteaga
                                      Joe & Ashley Criscione                                                     Frank Jr. & Deborah Collin          Howard & Elizabeth Gong
Naoko Dalla Valle                                                         Martha Artiaga                         Jose H. & Veronica Contreras        Jackie Gong & Dr. Peter Mathews
David & Dr. Karynne Duncan            David & Anita Cummings              Arnulfo Avina
                                      Michael A. & Caroline D. Cusumano                                          Doug & Judy Cook, Brannan Cottage   Jesus Gonzalez
Foster’s Wine Estates                                                     Enrique Avina                             Inn                              Leopoldo Gonzalez
Keith & Prisca Geeslin                Joan L. Danforth                    J. Alberto Avina
                                      John & Liz Davis, ALKAR Human                                              Eleanor Coppola                     Macario Gonzalez
Robert Lee Hudson                                                         Jose Avina                             Alejandra Correa                    R. Kathy Gormly
Robert & Gretchen Lieff                  Resources                        Javier Ayala
                                      De Domenico Bleecher Foundation                                            Elisned C. Corro Barragan           Dr. Anthony & Lois Gouveia
Gregory & Carol Lindstrom                                                 Drs. Steven & Sara Aylard              Joaquin Costitilloa                 Vinay & Marlana Gowda
Dan Lynch                             Dr. John & Piera Dermody            Barbour Vineyard Management
                                      Tom & Kyle Futo                                                            Pilar F. Crawford Melson            J. J. Greene & Paulina Humeres
Thomas & Martha May                                                       Benito & Dorothy Barboza               Juan Creano Calindo                 Ike & Mickey Griffin
Peter & Willinda McCrea               Patrick & Julie Garvey              Salvador Barboza
                                      Robert & Susan Green                                                       Fred & Darcy Croshaw                Jesus Guerrero
David & Joanne McDonald                                                   Louis & Arlene Bates                   Sue & Jim Cross                     Guillermo Gutierrez
Ron & Diane Miller                    Shawn & Connie Gutterson            Paul & Connie Battisti
                                      Ren & Marilyn Harris                                                       Maria Luisa Cuevas                  Leonardo Gutierrez
Dennis O’Neil & Stephen Martin                                            Craig & Carol Battuello                Mario Cuevas                        Martin Gutierrez
Beth Nickel                           Peter & Virginia Healy              Bay Flora Bontanica for Fundraising
                                      Hyde Vineyards                                                             Eleanor de Limur                    Miguel Gutierrez
John & Barbara Shafer                                                     Sandra Becker                          Patricia L. Decker M.D.             Salvador Gutierrez
Libby Shafer                          Dr. Tom & Claudia Johnson           Magdaleno Benitez
                                      Richard & Kathryn Kimball                                                  Hildegund & Hans-Dieter Deiss       Maria Luz Gutierrez Villegas
Charlotte Temple                                                          Raul Bernal                            J. Miguel Delgado                   Maria Guzman
T.L.L. Temple Foundation              Blair & Parie Lambert               Mark Bernstein & Pam Walsh-
                                      Larkmead Vineyards                                                         Ismael Delgado Escobedo             Birgit Hall
Top Chef Masters/Magical Elves Inc.                                          Bernstein                           Joe & Kathy DeMaggio                Harold & Lorraine Halterman
Robin Williams                        Dale & Martha Lochel                Bettinelli Vineyard Management
                                      Bob Long & Pat Perini                                                      Marie-Louise Detert                 Walter & Wheyting Hampe
Diane B. Wilsey                                                           Thomas & Tammi Bibbs                   Howard & Dawne Dickenson            Joseph Harbison, Shea Family Ch.
Warren & Barbara Winiarski            The Long Family Foundation          Alvin Lee Block M.D. & Moira J.
                                      Tom Manos                                                                  Dominga Duenas                          Trust
Wolf Family Vineyards                                                        Block                               John Dunlap                         Bill & Margie Hart
Paul & Betty Woolls                   Steven M. Mansfield, D.M.D.         Frank Borges Jr. General Contracting
                                      David & Catherine Marsten                                                  Isaias C. Duran                     James & Alexandra Haslip
Margaret & Angus Wurtele                                                  Bruce & Liz Boulware                   Sandra Durin                        Hayne Vineyards
Foundation                            Joe A. McCarthy                     Chip Bouril & Penny Proteau
                                      Robert and Valerie Montgomery                                              Dorothy M. Ehrlich                  Patricia Haynes
Advocates’                            Vernon F. Moore
                                                                          Raymond & Patricia Branstetter
                                                                          Hilda Bravo
                                                                                                                 Mayra Elias
                                                                                                                 Julio & Tay Espinosa
                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Francis & Ann Healy
                                                                                                                                                     Jim & Phyllis Heaney
                                      Napa Community Bank
Circle                                Wilmer & Joan Nord
                                                                          Brotemarkle, Davis & Co. LLP
                                                                          Brown’s Auto Parts
                                                                                                                 Juan Espinoza
                                                                                                                 John & Carol Euser
                                                                                                                                                     Bruce & Carole Heid
                                                                                                                                                     Larry & Fran Heit, Reeds
(gifts of $5,000                      Mary W. Novak                       Boots Brounstein
                                      Dr. Richard & Martha Pastcan                                               Greg & Ann Evans                    Donald & Elaine Henfling
                                                                          Larry Brown
to $9,999)                            Christopher S. Peacock              Robert Brownscombe
                                                                                                                 Evans Family Gift Fund              James & Nancy Henry
Thomas & Jeanne Andrews               Kent Rasmussen Winery                                                      Eric & Audrey Ewig                  Richard & Cheryl Henry
                                                                          John M. Bryan Family Fund              Facilitait                          Ursula Hermacinski
Linda Burgess                         Rubicon Estate                      John & Rose Burkholder                 Julio Farfan                        Guadalope Elias Hernandez &
Paul & Majella Campbell               Dario Sattui                        John & Christine Burns                 Claudia Maria Farfan Chavez             Maria T. Elias
Kenneth Goldman & Judith Bernstein    Lawrence S. Schwartz                Michael & Mina Byrne                   Apolonio Farfan-Nunez & Maria S.    Manuel Hernandez
Jess Jackson & Barbara Banke          Doug & Annette Shafer               Jack & Dolores Cakebread                  Farfan                           Maria G. Hernandez de Gutierrez
K & J Jaeger Family Fund, NVCF        Elizabeth & William J. Shea Jr.     Aida Caldera                           Fatima Fasihuddin                   Marcella Herrod
Maurice Marciano Family Foundation    Rusty Staub Foundation, Inc.        Enrique Calderon                       Mary Jane Turnball Fay              Doug Hill, Yountville Equipment Co.
Richard L. Martin                     Larry & Suzanne Turley              Jose Calderon                          Antonio Fernandez, Jr. & Dana       Dr. Donald & Patricia Hitchcock
McMinn Foundation                     William & Kathryn Villasenor        Martiniana Calderon                       Estensen                         Edward & Lynne Hobaugh
Elizabeth C. Peters                   Mike & Paula Vlaming                Thomas & Samara Calforda               Jaime Fernandez                     Dale & Marie Hoemke
Jean Phillips                         Barry Waitte                        Michael Callahan                       Javier Fernandez                    John R. Hoffnagle & Suzanne Easton
Robert & Alexandra Phillips           Walsh Vineyard Mgmt                 Jose H. Candelario                     Art & Bunnie Finkelstein            Diana Holmes
Silverado Farming One Percent Fund,   Westamerica Bancorporation          Teresa Cantera                         Fisher Vineyards                    Robert B. Hornberger Vineyards
   NVCF                               Richard & Sue Wollack               Raymond Cardona                        Janet Fletcher                      Gordon Huether
Robert & Marie Torkelson
                                                                          Curt & Marchelle Carleton              Flora Springs Wine Company          Martha E. Hurtado
Louis & Evalyn Trinchero
                                                                          Ted & Cara May Carpenter               Joel Flores                         Barbara Insel
Sloan & Priscilla Upton
                                                                          David & Margarita Castillo
Antolina Jacobo de Creano            Thomas & Helen McDermott                Imelda Perez                            Esther Torres                           Susan Jane Pacey from Robert
Gary & Pam Jaffe                     Carmen Medina                           Jorge A. Perez                          Jorge Torres                              Peacock & Barbara Pacey
JHL Commercial Properties            Ricardo M. Medina                       Jose F. Perez                           Maria de los angeles Torres             Hon. Wesley Walker from Robert
Alan C. Johnson M.D. & Donna         Amelia Mendez                           Maria D. Perez                          Roberto Torres                            Peacock & Barbara Pacey
   Dolislager M.D.                   Blanca Mendez                           Petersen Janitorial Services            Sandra Torres
Dan Johnson & Kim Hansink            Reynaldo Mendez                         Susan W. Pillsbury                      Vincente Torres Avina                   In honor of
David & Stacey Jones                 Duke Mendoza                            Davie & Jennifer Pina                   Susana Torres Ortiz                     Sandy Becker from Lisa
E. Richard Jones Family Foundation   Jose Luis Mendoza                       Jose Luis Plancarte                     Ramon Torres-Perez                      Michael Chiarello from Tom &
Francisco Jurado                     Dr. Michael & Judy Merwin               Graeme & Sue Plant                      Joel & Kathleen Tranmer                    Tammi Biggs, Alan & Chris Levin,
Christine & Anton Kaes               Eleanor Meyer                           Chris Pommerening                       Marty & Diana Ullman                       Bill & Kathy Villasenor
Lynn Kambury                         Juan Meza Pere                          Jose Preciado                           United Methodist Women, First Unit.     Pat & Julie Garvey from Michael &
Paul Kampmeier                       Elizabeth Moffitt, M.D.                 Salvador & Gloria Preciado                 Meth. Church                            Mina Byrne
Tina K. Kaps                         Luis P. Molina                          John & Joyce Prescott                   Maria Elena Valadez                     Howard & Elizabeth Gong from
Natan Katzman                        Dorothy Mondavi                         Francisco Ramirez Lopez                 Rodolfo Valdes                             Jackie Gong & Dr. Peter Mathews
Melinda Kearney                      Esperanza Montanez                      Dr. Hugh & Margaret Reat                Ernest & Virginia Van Asperen           Rick Jones from Rusty Staub
Mary Lu Kennelly                     Dr. George & Giselle Monteverdi         Dr. John & Linda Reichel                Beatriz & Claudio Vargas                Gail Laird from Belinda Laird
Joel King                            George & Nancy Montgomery               Raymond & Mary Beth Reyes               Miguel Vega                             Herb Lamb from Melissa Lamb
Jennifer Kline & Juan Sacristan      E. Johanna Moore                        Emilia Rico                             Juan E. Velasquez                       Barbara Langham from Peter
Patricia A. Klote                    Robert L. & M. Christine Moore          Ricardo Rios                            Paulino Velasquez                          Langham
Jody Krall                           Moraima Mora                            Jesus Rios Medina                       Maria Veloz                             Dan Lynch from Rusty Staub
Pam Krell                            Victoria Mora                           Lourdes Rivera                          Angel Villa                             Mike & Mary Beth Macksey from
David Kunihiro & Arezou Mansourian   Cecilia Morales                         The Roberts Family                      Rosa Villares                              Christine & Robert Moore
Dr. Steven & Patty Kunihiro          Ramon Morales                           Felipe Rodriguez                        Jesus M. Villasenor                     Dr. Peter Mathews & Jackie Gong
Donna Ruth La Point                  Remigia Morales                         Maria G. Rosales                        Thomas & Theresa Wajnert                   from Howard & Elizabeth Gong
Jon & Robin Lail                     Remigio Morales                         Thomas & Virginia Rue                   Howard & Lyndal Walker                     and David & Diane Chan
Belinda Laird                        Nancy Morrell                           Ofelia Ruiz                             Walton Family Fund, NVCF                Peter McCrea from Art & Bunnie
Carrie V. Lalonde                    Charles & Judith Morse                  Rodrigo Ruiz                            Judy C. Webb                               Finkelstein
Melissa Lamb                         Anne Moses and James Hall               Martha Ruvalcaba                        Julian & Pauline Weidler                Christine & Robert Moore from Stan
Peter & Barbara Langham              Peter & Nancy Mott                      Jose & Josefina Salcedo                 Kara Whitaker                              & Jasmine Symms
Martin Larios-Sanchez                Richard Mullins, Jr. & Janet Healy      Tobias Saldivar Flores                  John & Judy Whiting                     E. Johanna Moore from Penelope
Julia Larsen & Greg Buffington       Marco Muniz                             Arturo Salomon                          Concha Whitney & Arden Sanders             Pawl
Dana & Fran Leavitt                  Ignacio Munoz                           Salvador Salomon                        Melissa Whitney                         Tom & Sharon Moore from Christine
Norman & Pauline Lee                 Salvador Munoz                          Laurentino Sanchez                      John & Peggy Wilkinson                     & Robert Moore
Robert E. Lee, CRNFA                 Jorge Munoz                             Sandra Sanchez                          Richard & Carole Williams               Jim Nord from Charles & Judy Morse
Samuel M. Lee, Jr.                   Gilberto Munzo Aguilar                  Esmeralda Sandoval                      Dr. Robert C. & Carol Williams          Eleanor “Ellie” Meyer from Sharyn
Ellen C. Lende                       Mustards Grill                          Seferino Sandoval                       Martha Wise                                Fuller
Patricia A. Lenz                     Napa Berryessa Lions Club               Marciano Sarmiento                      World Class Wines, Inc.                 Macario Montoya and Griselda Ceja
Juan Leon                            Napa County Chapter of Thrivent         Bill & Charlotte Savidge                Dr. Richard & Sharlene Yamanaka            from Jennifer and Davie Pina
Rafael Leon                             for Lutherans                        Louis & Claire Scalzo                   James H. Yoo D.D.S.                     Beth Nickel from Rusty Staub
Juan M. Leon Silva                   Napa County Medical Society             Ron & Sandy Schneider                   Ronald & Linda Young                    Pat Perini from
Alan & Christine Levin                  Alliance                             Benjamin Segura                         Maria G. Zamudio                           Moira Johnston Block, Boots
Gary & Patty Lieberstein             Maria Negrete                           Richard & Barbara Shurtz                Juan Zavala                                Brounstein, Eleanor Coppola,
Norman B. & Sheila Loewenstern       Maria Guadalupe Neloz                   Steve & Kathy Silva                     Robert & Inge Zeller                       Naoko Dalla Valle, Art & Bunnie
Jesus Lopez                          L. Kendall Nelsen M.D.                  Hugh & Alline Singrey                   Dr. John & Dr. Rue Ziegler                 Finkelstein, Mickey Griffin, Robin
Luiz Lopez                           Ron & Hannah Nunn                       Sisters of St. Dominic, Siena Convent   Tomas Zuniga                               Lail, Pat Lenz, John & Barbara
Victor L. Lopez                      Oakville Ranch Winery, Inc.             Joshua Slater & Anna Lewis                                                         Shafer, Carole Williams
Miguel Lopez Trujillo                Gabriel Olguin                          Charles Slutzkin                        In memory of                            Sue & Stephen Parry & Cindy
Dr. Robert & Meg Losey               Tom & Jane O’Neil                       Craig Smith                             Christopher Cole from Barbara &            Pawlcyn from Kathy & Rick Kimball
Darwin F. Lum D.D.S.                 Juan Ontiveros                          Marge Smith                               John Shafer                           Peggy Ray from Christine & Robert
Anita M.C.                           Rosaura Orozio                          R. Lawrence II & Nancy Snideman         Tala DeWynter from Carrie Lalonde          Moore
Everado Macias                       Francisco J. Ortiz                      Adelaida Solano                           and Thomas & Virginia Rue             John & Barbara Shafer from Rusty
Larry & Joan Mack                    Hilda Ortiz                             Dr. Jerome & Alice Solomon              George Falvy from Thomas & Helen           Staub
Jim & Barbara Maggetti               Martha Ortiz                            Noe Soriano                               Mc Dermott                            Darian Swig from Roselyne Swig
Bob & Mary Lou Maier                 Robelio Ortiz                           Osvelia Sosa                            James Klote from Patricia Klote and     Stan & Jasmine Symms from
The Malloy Family                    Luis Oseguedo                           Carol Spencer                             Robert & Christine Moore                 Christine & Robert Moore
Eleodoro Marin                       Pacific Union Real Estates/Christie’s   St. John’s Lutheran Women’s             Lorrain Kongsgaard from:                Tom & Theresa Wajnert from Rusty
Arnolfo Mariscal                        Great Estate                            Ministries                             Sue & Jim Cross, Suzanne Easton          Staub
Jose L. Martinez                     Lourdes Paniagua                        St. Helena Hospital                       & John Hoffnagle; Dorothy Ehrlich,
Jose Martinez
Jose Luis Martinez
                                     Laura Paoletti & Eddie Heintz
                                     John Pappas D.D.S. MD & Jeffrey
                                                                             Stags’ Leap Winery/Foster’s Wine
                                                                                                                       Karl and Mary Forsgaard, Kenneth      In-kind Donors
                                                                                                                       Goldman & Judith Bernstein, Larry     Charles Bartlett, Printing Strategy Inc.
Maria Veronia Martinez                  Politz D.D.S.                        Robert & Connie Stanley                   & Beta Hyde, Jeff & Kris Jaeger,      Marlys Clark
Patricia Martinez                    Pamela A. Parker                        Mary Steinbacher                          Tina Kaps, Paul Kampmeier, Ellen      Mary Cooke, D.D.S.
Raul Martinez                        Mike & Deanna Parness                   Maria & Tim Stel                          Lende, Thomas Malloy & Kathleen       Alice Crane
Reynaldo Martinez                    Sue & Stephen Parry                     E. William & Lois Swanson                 Hart, Pat Perini & Bob Long, John     Betsy Gewirz & students at St. John’s
Samuel Martinez                      Judy Parsons                            Roselyne C. Swig                          & Barbara Shafer, Virginia & Ernest     Lutheran School
Socorro Martinez                     Penelope A. Pawl                        Stanley & Jasmine Symms                   Van Asperen, Kara Whitaker            Michael Kramer
Reynaldo Martinez Garcia             Robert H. Peacock & Barbara H.          Mark B. & Alicia Taylor                 Rosa Lopez from Alicia & Mark Taylor    Dr. Jill Leverton
Maria Erika Martinez Rosas              Pacey                                Glen & Shawna Terry                     Robert Mondavi from the Dorothy         Meritage Resort and Spa
Elizabeth Martini                    Joseph & Angela Peatman                 Carter Thacher                            Mondavi Family                        Dr. Robert Moore
Dr. Lewis & Karen May                Jane Pepe & Jeff Adams                  The Doctors Company                     Her mother & sister from E. Johanna     Napa Women’s Club
Kevin McCarthy                       Robert Pepi & Ingrid Croft              Raymond & Deborah Tonella                 Moore                                 Star Dental
Dr. William & Christine McClure      Adela Perez                             Ernesto Torres

   We want to thank the following on-going supporters of Clinic Ole, Sister Ann and Healthy Moms and Babies:
     •	 ALKAR Human Resources                                                                        •	 Kaiser Permanente
     •	 Auction Napa Valley                                                                          •	 Napa County Tobacco Settlement
     •	 Blue Shield Foundation of California                                                         •	 Queen of the Valley Medical Center
     •	 Boston Scientific Foundation                                                                 •	 Redwood Community Health Coalition
     •	 Capacity Building Grant from Auction Napa Valley, Napa Valley                                •	 Silverado Farming One Percent Fund, a donor-advised fund of
        Community Foundation, The Peter V. and Vernice H. Gasser                                        Napa Valley Community Foundation
        Foundation, and The E. Richard Jones Family Foundation                                       •	 Susan G. Komen for the Cure
     •	 First 5 Napa County
                 Community Health Clinic Ole                                                                                  Non-Profit
                 1141 Pear Tree Lane, Suite 100                                                                             U.S. Postage PD
                 Napa, CA 94558                                                                                              Permit No. 29
                 (707) 254-1774 ext. 218                                                                                     Yountville, CA
                 Fax (707) 251-2995
Community Health Clinic Ole is the medical and dental home for
Napa County’s underserved, providing high-quality, affordable,
compassionate and culturally sensitive primary health care.

                                                                          Donations from all
Wells Fargo Horse Trots into Healthy Moms!
                                                                          around the Valley
Healthy Moms and Babies Manager, Kathy DeMaggio (r), RD,
                                                                          Yaneth De Loera,
CDM, happily receives “Al”, the legendary Wells Fargo pony,
                                                                          Program Assistant in Clinic
from Christopher Cappetto and Leona Charfauros. Chris,
                                                                          Ole’s Behavioral Health
a Clinic Ole Foundation Board Member and Leona, both
                                                                          Department, receives a $500
                                                                          check from Diageo Chateau
                                                    from Wells
                                                                          & Estate Wines presented by
                                                    Fargo Business
                                                                          Manuel Ruiz, a cellar worker
                                                    Banking in Napa,
                                                                          at Provenance Vineyards
                                                    presented “Al”,
                                                                          in Rutherford. Diageo sponsors a program called Zero Harm,
                                                    one of the
                                                                          which encourages their employees to work safely with no injuries
                                                    original horses
                                                                          or missed days of work. Every month employees pick a non
                                                    used to pull the
                                                                          profit organization to donate money to, in return for no injuries
                                                    Wells Fargo
                                                                          in the work place. In January Manuel picked Clinic Ole and the
                                                    wagons around
                                                                          employees were successful in working safely that month. THANK
                                                                          YOU MANUEL!
                                                    Denver in
the 1800’s. He’ll now be one of the gifts available at Healthy
                                                                          Once a month, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of North Bay
Moms’ Sweet Baby Dreams gift shop. Clients earn points
                                                                          selects a local organization they would like to support and invites
throughout their pregnancy by attending education classes and
                                                                          them to speak at their weekly service held at the Napa Boys’ and
visits with their social workers and dietitians, as well as their final
                                                                          Girls’ Club. Money from the collection plate that day is donated to
postpartum visit. Clients then use these points to “purchase”
                                                                          the organization in what is called “Share the Plate.” Recently, the
gifts including clothes, diapers and supplies for newborns.
                                                                          Fellowship invited Maria Stel, Clinic Ole’s Development Director, to
Healthy Moms welcomes cash donations to help them purchase
                                                                          speak. “It was an honor to speak to such a caring, involved group of
gift shop items. Contact Kathy at 707-252-6541.
                                                                          individuals. We are very grateful for their support,” said Stel.

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