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									the   |trinity                  choir
       a Season of Exquisite Music

       Johannes-Passion BWV 245
       Andrew Parrott, Guest Conductor
       Trinity Baroque Orchestra, Robert Mealy, Concertmaster

       Sunday, March 14, 2010 2:30 (preview)
       Monday, March 15, 2010, 7:30pm (complete)
       Trinity Church, Broadway at Wall Street
          Welcome to historic Trinity Church and this performance of Bach’s

          I am pleased to welcome to the podium Guest Conductor Andrew Parrott.
          Known to New Yorkers for his work with The New York Collegium, he has
          received international acclaim for his work in pre-classical repertory with
          his UK-based Taverner Consort, Choir, and Players. He is a former Music
          Director and Principal Conductor of the London Mozart Players. Maestro
          Parrott has also published major articles on Monteverdi, Purcell, and Bach,
          the book The Essential Bach Choir, and was co-editor of the New Oxford
          Book of Carols.

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          other artists.

          I hope you will join us on May 17 for a concert of new music by current
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          The Rev. Canon Anne Mallonee

          *Interested composers may contact the Trinity Music Department.
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the |trinity choir
                a Season of Exquisite Music

    Johannes-Passion BWV 245
    Andrew Parrott, Guest Conductor

    The Trinity Choir, Steven Fox, Acting Director of Music
    Trinity Baroque Orchestra, Robert Mealy, Concertmaster
    Marc Molomot, Evangelist
    Soloists from the Choir

    Sunday, March 14, 2010 2:30 (preview)
    Monday, March 15, 2010, 7:30pm (complete)

    Trinity Church, Broadway at Wall Street, in Lower Manhattan

SOPRANO                                     TENOR
Elizabeth Baber (Ancilla)                   Eric Dudley (#13, Ach, mein Sinn)
Martha Cluver (#35, Zerfließe)              Timothy Hodges (#34, Mein Herz)
Nina Faia                                   Stephen Sands (Servus)
Nacole Palmer                               John Young
Molly Quinn (#9, Ich folge, dir)

                                            BARITONE & BASS
ALTO                                        Raymond Bailey
Melissa Attebury (#7, Von den Stricken)
                                            Wesley Chinn (Petrus)
James Blachly
                                            Charles Wesley Evans (Jesus)
Kirsten Sollek
                                            Avery Griffin (#19, Betrachte, meine Seel)
Virginia Warnken (#30, Es ist vollbracht)
                                            Steven Hrycelak (#24, Eilt, ihr angefochtnen Seelen)
                                            Richard Lippold (#32, Mein teurer Heiland)
                                            Thomas McCargar (Pilatus)

Marc Molomot (Evangelist & #20, Erwäge)


VIOLIN                                      GAMBA
Robert Mealy, concertmaster                 John Mark Rozendaal
Dongmyung Ahn
Peter Kupfer                                BASS
Daniel Lee, principal second                Anne Trout
Amie Roosevelt
Theresa Salomon                             OBOE
Alexander Woods                             Geoffrey Burgess, principal
Margaret Ziemnicka                          Sarah Davol

VIOLA                                       FLUTE
Daniel Elyar, principal                     Sandra Miller, principal
Alissa Smith                                Anne Briggs
Jessica Troy
CELLO                                       Andrew Schwartz
Katie Rietman, principal
John Mark Rozendaal                         ORGAN
                                            Avi Stein

Richard Lippold, Music Associate
James Hamlin, Orchestral Contractor


First Part

1. Chorus: Herr, unser Herrscher
2. Evangelist, Jesus, Chorus
3. Chorale: O große Lieb
4. Evangelist, Jesus
5. Chorale: Dein Will gescheh, Herr Gott, zugleich
6. Evangelist
7. Aria: Von den Stricken meiner Sünden
8. Evangelist
9. Aria: Ich folge dir gleichfalls mit freudigen Schritten
10. Evangelist, Ancilla, Petrus, Jesus, Servus
11. Chorale: Wer hat dich so geschlagen
12. Evangelist, Chorus, Petrus, Servus
13. Aria: Ach, mein Sinn
14. Chorale: Petrus, der nicht denkt zurück


Second Part

15. Chorale: Christus, der uns selig macht
16. Evangelist, Pilatus, Chorus, Jesus
17. Chorale: Ach großer König, groß zu allen Zeiten
18. Evangelist, Pilatus, Jesus, Chorus
19. Arioso: Betrachte, meine Seel
20. Aria: Erwäge, wie sein blutgefärbter Rücken
21. Evangelist, Chorus, Pilatus, Jesus
22. Chorale: Durch dein Gefängnis, Gottes Sohn
23. Evangelist, Chorus, Pilatus
24. Aria with Chorus: Eilt, ihr angefochtnen Seelen
25. Evangelist, Chorus, Pilatus
26. Chorale: In meines Herzens Grunde
27. Evangelist, Chorus, Jesus
28. Chorale: Er nahm alles wohl in acht
29. Evangelist, Jesus
30. Aria: Es ist vollbracht
31. Evangelist
32. Aria with Chorus: Mein teurer Heiland
33. Evangelist
34. Arioso: Mein Herz, indem die ganze Welt
35. Aria: Zerfleiße, mein Herze
36. Evangelist
37. Chorale: O hilf, Christe, Gottes Sohn
38. Evangelist
39. Chorus: Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine
40. Chorale: Ach Herr, lass dein lieb Engelein


When J.S. Bach arrived in Leipzig in 1723, he found         of Jesus’s trial and crucifixion, we’re suddenly forced
that his job offered not only a weekly requirement of       to consider the events as they affect us personally, as
cantatas, but also the unusual opportunity to create        we hear a contemplative aria where the drama takes
more extended liturgical music. Two years previously,       on an interior symbolic weight, or a chorale where we,
his predecessor at the Thomaskirche, Johann Kuhnau,         the congregation, accept our complicity in the actions
had persuaded the town council to let him perform           depicted.
the Good Friday portion of the Gospel of John as a
concerted work, with arias, choruses, and chorales          The emphasis in St. John’s gospel is firmly on the role
interpolated into the Biblical text. The congregation       of Christ as a saviour, and on the tragic progression of
may well have welcomed the change: the usual practice       the Passion as a glorious fulfillment of cosmic forces.
at Good Friday Vespers was to sing all the way through      John is at pains to underline that everything that
one of the traditional Passion hymns, which generally       happens to Jesus is for a purpose; even his elevation
had at least twenty-four verses.                            onto the cross, John puns in Greek, is his elevation
                                                            into Heaven. Hence the last words Christ speaks in
As he settled into Leipzig, Bach quickly began to ex-       this gospel: “Es ist vollbracht” means not so much
plore the new possibilities of larger-scale sacred music.   “it is over” as “it is fulfilled.” The sense of absolute
By Christmas 1723, he had completed his Magnificat,         inevitability in this narrative is one of the things that
and the following spring he provided his own setting        makes the Johannes-Passion such an intensely urgent
of the Passion story from St. John for the Good Friday      work. The elaborate architecture of the turba (crowd)
service. This was to be the largest musical undertaking     choruses in the trial scene underlines this narrative
he had yet attempted. For the occasion, he assembled        drive. Bach places a symmetrical series of highly-
an elaborate orchestra that featured instruments like       charged choruses around the central trial of Jesus,
the viola da gamba and the transverse flute, a relative     which increases the sense that these unfolding events
newcomer hitherto unheard in Bach’s religious music.        are as pre-ordained as his recurring music.

The most popular re-telling of the Passion story in the     The violence of the trial scene’s choruses have
early 18th century was by the Hamburg bureaucrat            prompted a good deal of discussion about whether
B.H. Brockes, whose version was set by Handel, Tele-        this particular Passion is in fact simply anti-Semitic,
mann, Keiser, Mattheson, and many others. By order          and if the value of Bach’s music excuses the propa-
of the Leipzig town council, Bach was restricted to the     gation of the hateful myth that blames Jews for the
literal text of the Luther Bible for the Passion narra-     Crucifixion. The issue is particularly sensitive because
tive, so he was forced to put together his own libretto     Bach’s music is so vivid: again and again, the crowd
for this occasion. He took over several arias from          (who John always identifies as “the Jews”) cries out
Brockes and other poets, but did not hesitate to adapt      to “crucify him,” in music that is harsh and ferocious.
their texts for his own purposes.                           The question of anti-Semitism in Luther, and indeed
                                                            in John’s Gospel, is a complicated one, and difficult to
The resulting text is a mix of straightforward Bibli-       unravel here; for an in-depth discussion of the issues
cal narrative, highly personal aria-texts, and nearly       involved, there is an excellent resource in Michael
a dozen chorales that the congregation would have           Marissen’s “Lutheranism, Anti-Judaism, and Bach’s
known well. This pattern of narrative and commen-           St. John Passion.”
tary would have been familiar to the Leipzig audiences
from Passion sermons, which could even include              One thing to remember, though, when faced with
poetry in the first person; Bach’s musical Passion is       the horror of these choruses, is the constant shifts of
structured in two parts to accommodate just such a          register in Bach’s libretto. Just when we are ready to
sermon in its midst.                                        condemn “these people” who have forced an innocent
                                                            man—and, for the believer, the Son of God—to be
Musically, this alternation between story and reflec-       sentenced to death, we are confronted with a chorale
tion creates a series of strikingly rapid changes of        that reminds us that we are all implicated in this plot:
tone. Just as we are caught up in the dramatic story

we are all “those people.” One particularly wrenching     began to prepare a calligraphic score, along the lines of
re-contextualizing occurs just after Jesus has been       the magnificent score he produced for the Matthäus-
slapped: the chorale that follows asks “Who has struck    Passion. But he never finished this himself, perhaps
you so? It is I, I and my sins… they have caused          because of a run-in with the town council around that
you the sorrow that strikes you.” Indeed, as Michael      time. Told in 1739 that Good Friday music was now
Marissen has pointed out, in Lutheran theology “all       prohibited without express permission of the council,
humans… are guilty and in need of redemption, and         he replied that “he did not care, for he got nothing
German Lutherans most of all, for they have had the       out of it anyway, and it was only a burden; besides, the
benefit of a Restored Gospel in the vernacular and        texts have been used for years without any problem.”
cannot claim ignorance.”                                  He did revive the work one last time in 1749, the year
                                                          before he died; in that version, as we do tonight, the
Though the Johannes-Passion received its premiere in      violas d’amore featured in the first version are replaced
1724, Bach returned to it several times over the course   with muted violins, and the lute accompaniment in
of the next twenty-five years. This first version has     the same aria is taken by the organ.
become accepted as the “standard” St. John, but in
subsequent revivals Bach took great care to rework the                                             – Robert Mealy
piece. At one point, towards the end of the 1730s, he


Erster Teil                                                Part One

1. Chor                                                    1. Chorus
Herr, unser Herrscher, dessen Ruhm                         Lord, our ruler, Whose fame
In allen Landen herrlich ist!                              In every land is glorious!
Zeig uns durch deine Passion,                              Show us, through Your passion,
Daß du, der wahre Gottessohn,                              That You, the true Son of God,
Zu aller Zeit,                                             Through all time,
Auch in der größten Niedrigkeit,                           Even in the greatest humiliation,
Verherrlicht worden bist!                                  Have become transfigured!

2a. Evangelist                                             2a. Evangelist
Jesus ging mit seinen Jüngern über den Bach Kidron, da     Jesus went with His disciples over the brook Cedron,
war ein Garte, darein ging Jesus und seine Jünger. Judas   where there was a garden, into which Jesus entered
aber, der ihn verriet, wußte den Ort auch, denn Jesus      with His disciples. Judas, however, who betrayed Him,
versammlete sich oft daselbst mit seinen Jüngern. Da       also knew the place, for Jesus often met there with
nun Judas zu sich hatte genommen die Schar und der         His disciples. Now Judas, having gathered a band of
Hohenpriester und Pharisäer Diener, kommt er dahin         servants of the high priests and Pharisees, came there
mit Facheln, Lampen und mit Waffen. Als nun Jesus          with torches, lamps, and weapons. Now Jesus, know-
wußte alles, was ihm begegnen sollte, ging er hinaus und   ing all that would happen to Him, went out and said
sprach zu ihnen:                                           to them:

Jesus                                                      Jesus
Wen suchet ihr?                                            Whom do you seek?

Evangelist                                                 Evangelist
Sie antworteten ihm:                                       They answered Him:

2b. Chor                                                   2b. Chorus
Jesum von Nazareth.                                        Jesus of Nazareth.

2c. Evangelist                                             2c. Evangelist
Jesus spricht zu ihnen:                                    Jesus said to them:

Jesus                                                      Jesus
Ich bin’s.                                                 I am He.

Evangelist                                                 Evangelist
Judas aber, der ihn verriet, stund auch bei ihnen. Als     Judas, however, who betrayed Him, stood also
nun Jesus zu ihnen sprach: Ich bin’s, wichen sie zurücke   with them. Now when Jesus said to them: I am He,
und fielen zu Boden. Da fragete er sie abermal:            the drew back and fell to the ground. Then He asked
                                                           them again:

Jesus                                                      Jesus
Wen suchet ihr?                                            Whom do you seek?

Evangelist                                                    Evangelist
Sie aber sprachen:                                            They said, however:

2d. Chor                                                      2d. Chorus
Jesum von Nazareth.                                           Jesus of Nazareth.

2e. Evangelist                                                2e. Evangelist
Jesus antwortete:                                             Jesus answered:

Jesus                                                         Jesus
Ich hab’s euch gesagt, daß ich’s sei, suchet ihr denn mich,   I have told you, that I am He, if you seek Me, then let
so lasset diese gehen!                                        these go!

3. Choral                                                     3. Chorale
O große Lieb, o Lieb ohn alle Maße,                           O great love, o love beyond measure,
Die dich gebracht auf diese Marterstraße!                     that brought You to this path of martyrdom!
Ich lebte mit der Welt in Lust und Freuden,                   I lived with the world in delight and joy,
Und du mußt leiden.                                           and You had to suffer.
(“Herzliebster Jesus, was hast du verbrochen,” verse 7)

4. Evangelist                                                 4. Evangelist
Auf daß das Wort erfüllet würde, welches er sagte:            So that the word might be fulfilled, which He spoke:
Ich habe der keine verloren, die du mir gegeben hast. Da      “I have lost none that You have given to me.” Then
hatte Simon Petrus ein Schwert und zog es aus und             Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it out and struck
schlug nach des Hohenpriesters Knecht und hieb ihm            at the servant of the high priest and cut off his
sein recht Ohr ab; und der Knecht hieß Malchus. Da            right ear; and the servant’s name was Malchus. Then
sprach Jesus zu Petro:                                        Jesus said to Peter:

Jesus                                                         Jesus
Stecke dein Schwert in die Scheide! Soll ich den Kelch        Put your sword in its sheath! Shall I not drink the cup,
nicht trinken, den mir mein Vater gegeben hat?                which My Father has given to Me?

5. Choral                                                     5. Chorale
Dein Will gescheh, Herr Gott, zugleich                        Your will be done, Lord God, likewise
Auf Erden wie im Himmelreich.                                 on earth as in heaven.
Gib uns Geduld in Leidenszeit,                                Grant us patience in time of sorrow,
Gehorsam sein in Lieb und Leid;                               to be obedient in love and suffering;
Wehr und steur allem Fleisch und Blut,                        check and guide all flesh and blood
Das wider deinen Willen tut!                                  that acts contrary to Your will!
(“Vater unser im Himmelreich,” verse 4)

6. Evangelist                                                 6. Evangelist
Die Schar aber und der Oberhauptmann und die                  The band, however, and the captain and the servants
Diener der Jüden nahmen Jesum und bunden ihn                  of the Jews took Jesus and bound Him and led
und führeten ihn aufs erste zu Hannas, der was                Him first to Annas, who was the father-in-law of
Kaiphas Schwäher, welcher des Jahres Hoherpriester            Caiaphas, the high priest that year. It was Caiaphas,
war. Es war aber Kaiphas, der den Juden riet, es wäre         however, who counselled the Jews, that it would be
gut, daß ein Mensch würde umbracht für das Volk.              good for one man to be destroyed for the people.

7. Arie                                                     7. Aria
Von den Stricken meiner Sünden                              To untie me
Mich zu entbinden,                                          from the knots of my sins,
Wird mein Heil gebunden.                                    my Savior is bound.
Mich von allen Lasterbeulen                                 To completely heal me
Völlig zu heilen,                                           of all blasphemous sores,
Läßt er sich verwunden.                                     He allows Himself to be wounded.

8. Evangelist                                               8. Evangelist
Simon Petrus aber folgete Jesu nach und ein                 Simon Peter however followed after Jesus with
ander Jünger.                                               another disciple.

9. Arie                                                     9. Aria
Ich folge dir gleichfalls mit freudigen Schritten           I follow You likewise with happy steps
Und lasse dich nicht,                                       and do not leave You,
Mein Leben, mein Licht.                                     my Life, my Light.
Befördre den Lauf,                                          Pursue your journey,
Und höre nicht auf,                                         and don’t stop,
Selbst an mir zu ziehen, zu schieben, zu bitten.            continue to draw me on, to push me, to urge me.

10. Evangelist                                              10. Evangelist
Derselbige Jünger war dem Hohenpriester bekannt und         This same disciple was known to the high priest and
ging mit Jesu hinein in des Hohenpriesters Palast. Petrus   went inside with Jesus in the high priest’s palace. Peter
aber stund draußen für der Tür. Da ging der andere          however stood outside at the door. Then the other
Jünger, der dem Hohenpriester bekannt war, hinaus           disciple, who was known to the high priest , went
und redete mit der Türhüterin und führete Petrum            outside and spoke with the girl guarding the door and
hinein. Da sprach die Magd, die Türhüterin, zu Petro:       brought Peter inside. Then the maid, the doorkeeper,
                                                            said to Peter:

Ancilla                                                     Maid
Bist du nicht dieses Menschen Jünger einer?                 Aren’t you one of this man’s disciples?

Evangelist                                                  Evangelist
Er sprach:                                                  He said:

Petrus                                                      Peter
Ich bin’s nicht.                                            I am not.

Evangelist                                                  Evangelist
Es stunden aber die Knechte und Deiner und hatten ein       However the soldiers and servants stood around
Kohlfeu’r gemacht (denn es war kalt) und wärmeten           and they had made a coal fire (for it was cold) and
sich. Petrus aber stund bei ihnen und wärmete sich.         warmed themselves. Peter however stood with them
Aber der Hohepriester fragte Jesum um seine Jünger und      and warmed himself. But the high priest questioned
um seine Lehre. Jesus antwortete ihm:                       Jesus about His disciples and about His teachings.
                                                            Jesus answered him:

 Jesus                                                      Jesus
Ich habe frei, öffentlich geredet für der Welt. Ich habe    I have freely and openly spoken before the world. I
allezeit gelehret in der Schule und in dem Tempel, da       have taught all the time in the synagogue and in the
alle Juden zusammenkommen, und habe nichts im               temple, where all Jews gather, and I have said nothing
Verborgenen geredt. Was fragest du mich darum? Frage        in secret. Why do you ask me about this? Ask those
die darum, die gehöret haben, was ich zu ihnen geredet      about it, who have heard what I said to them! Behold,
habe! Siehe, dieselbigen wissen, was ich gesaget habe.      these same people know what I have said.

Evangelist                                                  Evangelist
Als er aber solches redete, gab der Diener einer, die da-   As He was saying this, however, one of the servants
beistunden, Jesu einen Backenstreich und sprach:            who stood by gave Jesus a blow on his cheek and said:

Servus                                                      Servant
Solltest du dem Hohenpriester also antworten?               Is this how You answer the high priest?

Evangelist                                                  Evangelist
Jesus aber antwortete:                                      Jesus however answered:

Jesus                                                       Jesus
Hab ich übel geredt, so beweise es, daß es böse sei, hab    If I have spoken ill, then make it known that it is
ich aber recht geredt, was schlägest du mich?               ill spoken; however if I spoke rightly, why do you
                                                            strike Me?

11. Choral                                                  11. Chorale
Wer hat dich so geschlagen,                                 Who has struck you thus,
Mein Heil, und dich mit Plagen                              my Savior, and with torments
So übel zugericht’?                                         so evilly used You?
Du bist ja nicht ein Sünder                                 You are not at all a sinner
Wie wir und unsre Kinder,                                   like us and our children,
Von Missetaten weißt du nicht.                              You know nothing of transgressions.

Ich, ich und meine Sünden,                                  I, I and my sins,
Die sich wie Körnlein finden                                that can be found like the grains
Des Sandes an dem Meer,                                     of sand by the sea,
Die haben dir erreget                                       these have brought You
Das Elend, das dich schläget,                               this misery that assails You,
Und das betrübte Marterheer.                                and this tormenting martyrdom.
(“O Welt, sieh heir dein Leben,” verses 3 and 4)

12a. Evangelist                                             12a. Evangelist
Und Hannas sandte ihn gebunden zu dem Hohen-                And Hannas send Him bound to the high priest Ca-
priester Kaiphas. Simon Petrus stund und wärmete sich,      iaphas. Simon Peter stood and warmed himself, when
da sprachen sie zu ihm:                                     they said to him:

12b. Chor                                                   12b. Chorus
Bist du nicht seiner Jünger einer?                          Aren’t you one of His disciples?

12c. Evangelist                                             12c. Evangelist
Er leugnete aber und sprach:                                He denied it however and said:

Petrus                                                   Peter
Ich bin’s nicht.                                         I am not.

Evangelist                                               Evangelist
Spricht des Hohenpriesters Knecht’ einer, ein Gefreun-   One of the high priest’s servants, a friend of the man
dter des, dem Petrus das Ohn abgehauen hatte:            whose ear Peter had cut off, said:

Servus                                                   Servant
Sahe ich dich nicht im Garten bei ihm?                   Didn’t I see you in the garden with Him?

Evangelist                                               Evangelist
Da verleugenete Petrus abermal, und alsobald krähete     Then Peter denied it again, and just then the cock
der Hahn.                                                crew.
Da gedachte Petrus an die Worte Jesu und ging hinaus     Then Peter recalled Jesus’ words and went out and
und weinete bitterlich.                                  wept bitterly.
(Matthew 26:75)

13. Arie                                                 13. Aria
Ach, mein Sinn,                                          Alas, my mind,
Wo willt du endlich hin,                                 where will you flee at last,
Wo soll ich mich erquicken?                              where shall I find refreshment?
Bleib ich hier,                                          Should I stay here,
Oder wünsch ich mir                                      or do I desire
Berg und Hügel auf den Rücken?                           mountain and hill at my back?
Bei der Welt ist gar kein Rat,                           In all the world there is no counsel,
Und im Herzen                                            and in my heart
Stehn die Schmerzen                                      remains the pain
Meiner Missetat,                                         of my misdeed,
Weil der Knecht den Herrn verleugnet hat.                since the servant has denied the Lord.

14. Choral                                               14. Chorale
Petrus, der nicht denkt zurück,                          Peter, who did not recollect,
Seinen Gott verneinet,                                   denied his God,
Der doch auf ein’ ernsten Blick                          who yet after a serious glance
Bitterlichen weinet.                                     wept bitterly.
Jesu, blicke mich auch an,                               Jesus, look upon me also,
Wenn ich nicht will büßen;                               when I will not repent;
Wenn ich Böses hab getan,                                when I have done evil,
Rühre mein Gewissen!                                     stir my conscience!
(“Jesu Leiden, Pein und Tod,” verse 10)


Zweiter Teil                                                Part Two

15. Choral                                                  15. Chorale
Christus, der uns selig macht,                              Christ, who makes us blessed,
Kein Bös’ hat begangen,                                     committed no evil deed,
Der ward für uns in der Nacht                               for us He was taken in the night
Als ein Dieb gefangen,                                      like a thief,
Geführt für gottlose Leut                                   led before godless people
Und fälschlich verklaget,                                   and falsely accused,
Verlacht, verhöhnt und verspeit,                            scorned, shamed, and spat upon,
Wie denn die Schrift saget.                                 as the Scripture says.
(“Christus, der uns selig macht,” verse 1)

16a. Evangelist                                             16a. Evangelist
Da führeten sie Jesum von Kaiphas vor das Richthaus,        Then they led Jesus before Caiaphas in front of the
und es war frühe. Und sie gingen nicht in das Rich-         judgment hall, and it was early. And they did not
thaus, auf daß sie nicht unrein würden, sondern Ostern      go into the judgment hall, so that they would not
essen möchten. Da ging Pilatus zu ihnen heraus und          become unclean; rather that they could partake of
sprach:                                                     Passover. Then Pilate came outside to them and said:

Pilatus                                                     Pilate
Was bringet ihr für Klage wider diesen Menschen?            What charge do you bring against this Man?

Evangelist                                                  Evangelist
Sie antworteten und sprachen zu ihm:                        They answered and said to him:

16b. Chor                                                   16b. Chorus
Wäre dieser nicht ein Übeltäter, wir hätten dir ihn nicht   If this man were not an evil-doer, we wouldn’t have
überantwortet.                                              turned Him over to you.

16c. Evangelist                                             16c. Evangelist
Da sprach Pilatus zu ihnen:                                 Then Pilate said to them:

Pilatus                                                     Pilate
So nehmet ihr ihn hin und richtet ihn nach eurem            Then take Him away and judge Him after your law!

Evangelist                                                  Evangelist
Da sprachen die Jüden zu ihm:                               Then the Jews said to him:

16d. Chor                                                   16d. Chorus
Wir dürfen niemand töten.                                   We may not put anyone to death.

16e. Evangelist                                             16e. Evangelist
Auf daß erfüllet würde das Wort Jesu, welches er sagte,     So that the word of Jesus might be fulfilled, which
da er deutete, welches Todes er sterben würde. Da ging      He spoke, where He indicated what death He would
Pilatus wieder hinein in das Richthaus und rief Jesu        die. Then Pilate went back into the judgment hall and
und sprach zu ihm:                                          called Jesus and said to Him:

Pilatus                                                       Pilate
Bist du der Jüden König?                                      Are You the King of the Jews?

Evangelist                                                    Evangelist
Jesus antwortete:                                             Jesus answered:

Jesus                                                         Jesus
Redest du das von dir selbst, oder haben’s dir andere von     Do you say this of yourself, or have others said this of
mir gesagt?                                                   Me?

Evangelist                                                    Evangelist
Pilatus antwortete:                                           Pilate answered:

Pilatus                                                       Pilate
Bin ich ein Jüde? Dein Volk und die Hohenpriester             Am I a Jew? Your people and the high priests have
haben dich mir überantwortet; was hast du getan?              delivered You to me; what have You done?

Evangelist                                                    Evangelist
Jesus antwortete:                                             Jesus answered:

Jesus                                                         Jesus
Mein Reich ist nicht von dieser Welt; wäre mein Reich         My Kingdom is not of this world; if my Kingdom
von dieser Welt, meine Diener würden darob kämpfen,           were of this world, my servants would fight over this,
daß ich den Jüden nicht überantwortet würde; aber nun         so that I would not be handed over to the Jews; now
ist mein Reich nicht von dannen.                              however my Kingdom is not from here.

17. Choral                                                    17. Chorale
Ach großer König, groß zu allen Zeiten,                       Ah great King, great for all times,
Wie kann ich gnugsam diese Treu ausbreiten?                   how can I sufficiently proclaim this love?
Keins Menschen Herze mag indes ausdenken,                     No human’s heart, however, can conceive
Was dir zu schenken.                                          of a fit offering to You.

Ich kann’s mit meinen Sinnen nicht erreichen,                 I cannot grasp with my mind,
Womit doch dein Erbarmen zu vergleichen.                      how to imitate Your mercy.
Wie kann ich dir denn deine Liebestaten                       How can I then repay Your deeds of love
Im Werk erstatten?                                            with my actions?
(“Herzliebster Jesus, was hast du verbrochen,” verses 8, 9)

18a. Evangelist                                               18a. Evangelist
Da sprach Pilatus zu ihm:                                     Then Pilate said to Him:

Pilatus                                                       Pilate
So bist du dennoch ein König?                                 Then You are a King?

Evangelist                                                    Evangelist
Jesus antwortete:                                             Jesus answered:

Jesus                                                     Jesus
Du sagst’s, ich bin ein König. Ich bin dazu geboren und   You say I am a King. I was born for this, and came
in die Welt kommen, daß ich die Wahrheit zeugen soll.     into the world, that I might bear witness to the Truth.
Wer aus der Wahrheit ist, der höret meine Stimme.         Who ever is of the truth hears My voice.

Evangelist                                                Evangelist
Spricht Pilatus zu ihm:                                   Pilate said to Him:

Pilatus                                                   Pilate
Was ist Wahrheit?                                         What is truth?

Evangelist                                                Evangelist
Und da er das gesaget, ging er wieder hinaus zu den       And when he had said this, he went out again to the
Jüden und spricht zu ihnen:                               Jews and said to them:

Pilatus                                                   Pilate
Ich finde keine Schuld an ihm. Ihr habt aber eine         I find no fault in Him. However, you have a custom,
Gewohnheit, daß ich euch einen losgebe; wollte ihr nun,   that I release someone to you; do you wish now, that I
daß ich euch der Jüden König losgebe?                     release the King of the Jews to you?

Evangelist                                                Evangelist
Da schrieen sie wieder allesamt und sprachen:             Then they all cried out together and said:

18b. Chor                                                 18b. Chorus
Nicht diesen, sondern Barrabam!                           Not this one, but Barrabas!

18c. Evangelist                                           18c. Evangelist
Barrabas aber war ein Mörder. Da nahm Pilatus Jesum       Barrabas however was a murderer. Then Pilate took
und geißelte ihn.                                         Jesus and scourged Him.

19. Arioso                                                19. Arioso
Betrachte, meine Seel, mit ängstlichem Vergnügen,         Contemplate, my soul, with anxious pleasure,
Mit bittrer Lust und halb beklemmtem Herzen               with bitter joy and half-constricted heart,
Dein höchstes Gut in Jesu Schmerzen,                      your highest Good in Jesus’ suffering,
Wie dir auf Dornen, so ihn stechen,                       how for you, out of the thorns that pierce Him,
Die Himmelsschlüsselblumen blühn!                         the tiny ‘keys of Heaven’ bloom!
Du kannst viel süße Frucht von seiner Wermut brechen      You can pluck much sweet fruit
Drum sieh ohn Unterlass auf ihn!                          from his wormwood;
                                                          therefore gaze without pause upon Him!

20. Arie                                                  20. Aria
Erwäge, wie sein blutgefärbter Rücken                     Consider, how His blood-stained back
In allen Stücken                                          in every aspect
Dem Himmel gleiche geht,                                  is like Heaven,
Daran, nachdem die Wasserwogen                            in which, after the watery deluge
Von unsrer Sündflut sich verzogen,                        was released upon our flood of sins,
Der allerschönste Regenbogen                              the most beautiful rainbow
Als Gottes Gnadenzeichen steht!                           as God’s sign of grace was placed!

21a. Evangelist                                           21a. Evangelist
Und die Kriegsknechte flochten eine Krone von Dornen      And the soldiers wove a crown of thorns and set it upon
und satzten sie auf sein Haupt und legten ihm ein Pur-    His head, and laid a purple mantel on Him, and said:
purkleid an und sprachen:

21b. Chor                                                 21.b Chorus
Sei gegrüßet, lieber Jüdenkönig!                          Hail to You, dear King of the Jews!

21c. Evangelist                                           21c. Evangelist
Und gaben ihm Backenstreiche. Da ging Pilatus wieder      And gave Him blows on the cheek. Then Pilate went
heraus und sprach zu ihnen:                               back outside and spoke to them:

Pilatus                                                   Pilate
Sehet, ich führe ihn heraus zu euch, daß ihr erkennet,    Behold, I bring Him out to you, so that you recognize,
daß ich keine Schuld an ihm finde.                        that I find no fault in Him.Behold, what a Man!

Evangelist                                                Evangelist
Also ging Jesus keraus und trug eine Dornenkrone und      Then Jesus went out and wore a crown of thorns and
Purpurkleid. Und er sprach zu ihnen:                      a purple mantel. And Pilate said to them:

Pilatus                                                   Pilate
Sehet, welch ein Mensch!                                  Behold, what a Man!

Evangelist                                                Evangelist
Da ihn die Hohenpriester und die Diener sahen,            When the high priests and servants saw Him, they
schrieen sie und sprachen:                                screamed and said:

21d. Chor                                                 21d. Chorus
Kreuzige, kreuzige!                                       Crucify, crucify!

21e. Evangelist                                           21e. Evangelist
Pilatus sprach zu ihnen:                                  Pilate said to them:

Pilatus                                                   Pilate
Nehmet ihr ihn hin und kreuziget ihn; denn ich finde      You take Him away and crucify Him; for I find no
keine Schuld an ihm!                                      fault in Him!

Evangelist                                                Evangelist
Die Jüden antworteten ihm:                                The Jews answered him:

21f. Chor                                                 21f. Chorus
Wir haben ein Gesetz, und nach dem Gesetz soll er ster-   We have a law, and according to that law He should
ben; denn er hat sich selbst zu Gottes Sohn gemacht.      die; for He has made Himself into God’s Son.

21g. Evangelist                                           21g. Evangelist
Da Pilatus das Wort hörete, fürchtet’ er sich noch mehr   When Pilate heard this, he became more afraid and
und ging wieder hinein in das Richthaus und spricht zu    went back inside to the judgment hall and said to Jesus:

Pilatus                                                       Pilate
Von wannen bist du?                                           Where do You come from?

Evangelist                                                    Evangelist
Aber Jesus gab ihm keine Antwort. Da sprach Pilatus zu        But Jesus gave him no answer. Then Pilate said to Him:

Pilatus                                                       Pilate
Redest du nicht mit mir? Weißest du nicht daß ich             You don’t speak to me? Don’t You know that I have
Macht habe, dich zu kreuzigen, und Macht habe, dich           the power to crucify You, and the power to release You?

Evangelist                                                    Evangelist
Jesus antwortete:                                             Jesus answered:

Jesus                                                         Jesus
Du hättest keine Macht über micht, wenn sie dir nicht         You would have no power over Me, if it were not
wäre von oben herab gegeben; darum, der mich dir              given to you from above; therefore, he who has deliv-
überantwortet hat, der hat’s größ’re Sünde.                   ered Me to you has the greater sin.

Evangelist                                                    Evangelist
Von dem an trachtete Pilatus, wie er ihn losließe.            From then on Pilate considered how he might
                                                              release Him.

22. Choral                                                    22. Chorale
Durch dein Gefängnis, Gottes Sohn,                            Through Your prison, Son of God,
Muß uns die Freiheit kommen;                                  must freedom come to us;
Dein Kerker ist der Gnadenthron,                              Your cell is the throne of grace,
Die Freistatt aller Frommen;                                  the sanctuary of all the righteous;
Denn gingst du nicht die Knechtschaft ein,                    for if you had not undergone servitude,
Müßt unsre Knechtschaft ewig sein.                            our slavery would have been eternal.

23a. Evangelist                                               23a. Evangelist
Die Jüden aber schrieen und sprachen:                         The Jews, however, screamed and said:

23b. Chor                                                     23b. Chorus
Lässest du diesen los, so bist du des Kaisers Freund nicht;   If you let this man go, you are not a friend of Caesar;
denn wer sich zum Könige machet, der ist wider den Kaiser.    for whoever makes himself a king is against Caesar.

23c. Evangelist                                               23c. Evangelist
Da Pilatus da Wort hörete, führete er Jesum heraus            When Pilate heard this, he brought Jesus outside and
und satzte sich auf den Richtstuhl, an der Stätte, die da     sat upon the judgment seat, at the place that is called
heißet: Hochpflaster, auf Ebräisch aber: Gabbatha. Es         High Pavement, in Hebrew however: Gabbatha. But it
war aber der Rüsttag in Ostern um die sechste Stunde,         was the Sabbath-day at Passover at the sixth hour, and
und er spricht zu den Jüden:                                  he said to the Jews:

Pilatus                                                       Pilate
Sehet, das ist euer König!                                    Behold, this is your King!

Evangelist                                                 Evangelist
Sie schrieen aber:                                         But they shrieked:

23d. Chor                                                  23d. Chorus
Weg, weg mit dem, kreuzige ihn!                            Away, away with Him, crucify Him!

23e. Evangelist                                            23e. Evangelist
Spricht Pilatus zu ihnen:                                  Pilate said to them:

Pilatus                                                    Pilate
Soll ich euren König kreuzigen?                            Shall I crucify your King?

Evangelist                                                 Evangelist
Die Hohenpriester antworteten:                             The high priests answered:

23f. Chor                                                  23f. Chorus
Wir haben keinen König denn den Kaiser.                    We have no King but Caesar.

23g. Evangelist                                            23g. Evangelist
Da überantwortete er ihn daß er gekreuziget würde. Sie     Then he delivered Him to be crucified. They took
nahmen aber Jesum und führeten ihn hin. Und er trug        Jesus and led him away. And He carried His Cross,
sein Kreuz und ging hinaus zur Stätte, die da heißet       and went up to the place that is called the Place of the
Schädelstätt, welche heißet auf Ebräisch: Golgatha.        Skull, which is called in Hebrew: Golgatha.

24. Arie und Chor                                          24. Aria and Chorus
Eilt, ihr angefochtnen Seelen,                             Hurry, you tempted souls,
Geht aus euren Marterhöhlen,                               come out of your caves of torment,
Eilt — Wohin? — nach Golgatha!                             hurry - where? - to Golgatha!
Nehmet an des Glaubens Flügel,                             Take up the wings of faith,
Flieht — Wohin? — zum Kreuzeshügel,                        fly – where? — to the Hill of the Cross,
Eure Wohlfahrt blüht allda!                                Your salvation blooms there!

25a. Evangelist                                            25a. Evangelist
Allda kreuzigten sie ihn, und mit ihm zween andere         There they crucified Him, and two others with Him
zu beiden Seiten, Jesum aber mitten inne. Pilatus aber     on either side, Jesus however in the middle. Pilate
schrieb eine Überschrift und satzte sie auf das Kreuz,     however wrote a signpost and set it upon the Cross,
und war geschrieben: “Jesus von Nazareth, der Jüden        and there was written on it: “Jesus of Nazareth, the
König.” Diese Überschrift lasen viel Jüden, denn die       King of the Jews.” This signpost was read by many
Stätte war nahe bei der Stadt, da Jesus gekreuziget ist.   Jews, for the place where Jesus was crucified was near
Und es war geschrieben auf ebräische, griechische und      the city. And it was written in the Hebrew, Greek and
lateinische Sprache. Da sprachen die Hohenpriester der     Latin languages. Then the high priests of the Jews said
Jüden zu Pilato:                                           to Pilate:

25b. Chor                                                  25b. Chorus
Schreibe nicht: der Jüden König, sondern daß er gesaget    Do not write: The King of the Jews, rather that He
habe: Ich bin der Jüden König.                             said: I am the King of the Jews.

25c. Evangelist                                            25c. Evangelist
Pilatus antwortet:                                         Pilate answered:

Pilatus                                                    Pilate
Was ich geschrieben habe, das habe ich geschrieben.        What I have written, I have written.

26. Choral                                                 26. Chorale
In meines Herzens Grunde                                   In the bottom of my heart
Dein Nam und Kreuz allein                                  Your name and Cross alone
Funkelt all Zeit und Stunde,                               sparkles at all times and hours,
Drauf kann ich fröhlich sein.                              for which I can be joyful.
Erschein mir in dem Bilde                                  Shine forth for me in that image
Zu Trost in meiner Not,                                    as comfort in my need,
Wie du, Herr Christ, so milde                              how You, Lord Christ, so gently
Dich hast geblut’ zu Tod!                                  bled to death!
(“Valet will ich dir geben,” verse 3)

27a. Evangelist                                            27a. Evangelist
Die Kriegsknechte aber, da sie Jesum gekreuziget hatten,   The soldiers however, that had crucified Jesus, took
nahmen seine Kleider und machten vier Teile, einem         His clothing and made four parts, one part for each
jeglichen Kriegesknechte sein Teil, dazu auch den Rock.    soldier, the same also with His robe. The robe, how-
Der Rock aber war ungenähet, von oben an gewürket          ever, had no seam, being woven from top to bottom.
durch und durch. Da sprachen sie untereinander:            Then they said to each other:

27b. Chor                                                  27b. Chorus
Lasset uns den nicht zerteilen, sondern darum losen,       Let’s not divide this, rather let’s toss for it, to see
wes er sein soll.                                          whose it will be.

27c. Evangelist                                            27c. Evangelist
Auf daß erfüllet würde die Schrift, die da saget: “Sie     So that the Scripture might be fulfilled, which says:
haben meine Kleider unter sich geteilet und haben          “They have divided my clothing among themselves
über meinen Rock das Los geworfen.” Solches taten die      and have cast lots over my robe.” These things the
Kriegesknechte. Es stund aber bei dem Kreuze Jesu seine    soldiers did. However there stood by Jesus’ Cross His
Mutter und seiner Mutter Schwester, Maria, Kleophas        mother and His mother’s sister, Mary, the wife of
Weib, und Maria Magdalena. Da nun Jesus seine Mut-         Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene. Now when Jesus saw
ter sahe und den Jünger dabei stehen, den er lieb hatte,   His mother and the disciple standing near, whom He
spricht er zu seiner Mutter:                               loved, He said to His mother:

Jesus                                                      Jesus
Weib, siehe, das ist dein Sohn!                            Woman, behold, this is your son!

Evangelist                                                 Evangelist
Darnach spricht er zu dem Jünger:                          Afterwards He said to the disciple:

Jesus                                                      Jesus
Siehe, das ist deine Mutter!                               Behold, this is your mother!

28. Choral                                                 28. Chorale
Er nahm alles wohl in acht                                 He took good care of everything
In der letzten Stunde,                                     in the last hour,
Seine Mutter noch bedacht,                                 still thinking of His mother,
Setzt ihr ein’ Vormunde.                                   He provided a guardian for her.
O Mensch, mache Richtigkeit,                               O mankind, do justice,
Gott und Menschen liebe,                                   love God and humanity,
Stirb darauf ohn alles Leid,                               die without any sorrow,
Und dich nicht betrübe!                                    and do not be troubled!
(“Jesu Leiden, Pein und Tod,” verse 20 )

29. Evangelist                                             29. Evangelist
Und von Stund an nahm sie der Jünger zu sich. Dar-         And from that hour the disciple took her to himself.
nach, als Jesus wußte, daß schon alles vollbracht war,     Afterwards, when Jesus knew that everything was
daß die Schrift erfüllet würde, spricht er:                already accomplished, so that the Scripture might be
                                                           fulfilled, He said:
Mich dürstet!                                              Jesus
                                                           I thirst!
Da stund ein Gefäße voll Essigs. Sie fülleten aber einen   Evangelist
Schwamm mit Essig und legten ihn um einen Isopen,          There was a vessel full of vinegar. They filled a sponge
und heilten es ihm dar zum Munde. Da nun Jesus den         with vinegar and placed it on a hyssop, and held it
Essig genommen hatte, sprach er:                           directly to His mouth. Now when Jesus had taken the
                                                           vinegar, He said:
Es ist vollbracht!                                         Jesus
                                                           It is finished!
30. Arie
Es ist vollbracht!                                         30. Aria
O Trost vor die gekränkten Seelen!                         It is finished!
Die Trauernacht                                            O comfort for the ailing soul!
Läßt nun die letzte Stunde zählen.                         The night of sorrow
Der Held aus Juda siegt mit Macht                          now measures out its last hour.
Und schließt den Kampf.                                    The hero out of Judah conquers with might
Es ist vollbracht!                                         and concludes the battle.
                                                           It is finished!
31. Evangelist
Und neiget das Haupt und verschied.                        31. Evangelist
                                                           And bowed His head and departed.
32. Arie und Chor
Mein teurer Heiland, laß dich fragen,                      32. Aria and Chorus
Da du nunmehr ans Kreuz geschlagen                         My precious Savior, let me ask,
Und selbst gesagt: Es ist vollbracht,                      Now that you have been nailed to the Cross
Bin ich vom Sterben frei gemacht?                          and have said yourself: It is finished,
Kann ich durch deine Pein und Sterben                      Am I made free from death?
Das Himmelreich ererben?                                   Can I, through your pain and death
Ist aller Welt Erlösung da?                                inherit the kingdom of heaven?
Du kannst vor Schmerzen zwar nichts sagen;                 Has the redemption of the whole world arrived?
Doch neigest du das Haupt                                  You cannot say a single thing out of pain;
Und sprichst stillschweigend: ja.                          yet you bow Your head
                                                           and say silently: yes.
Jesu, der du warest tot,
Lebest nun ohn Ende,                                       Jesus, you who were dead,
In der letzten Todesnot                                    live now unendingly,
Nirgend mich hinwende                                      in the last pangs of death
Als zu dir, der mich versühnt,                             I will turn nowhere else
O du lieber Herre!                                         but to You, who has absolved me,
Gib mir nur, was du verdient,                              O beloved Lord!
Mehr ich nicht begehre!                                    Only give me what You earned,
(“Jesu Leiden, Pein und Tod,” last verse)                  more I do not desire!

33. Evangelist                                             33. Evangelist
Und siehe da, der Vorhang im Tempel zeriß in zwei          And behold, the curtain in the temple was torn in two
Stück von oben an bis unten aus. Und die Erde erbebete,    pieces from top to bottom. And the earth shook, and
und die Felsen zerrissen, und die Gräber täten sich auf,   the cliffs were rent, and the graves opened up, and
und stunden auf viel Leiber der Heiligen.                  many bodies of saints arose.
(Matthew 27:51-52)

34. Arioso                                                 34. Arioso
Mein Herz, indem die ganze Welt                            My heart - while the entire world
Bei Jesu Leiden gleichfalls leidet,                        with Jesus’ suffering likewise suffers;
Die Sonne sich in Trauer kleidet,                          the sun drapes itself in mourning,
Der Vorhang reißt, der Fels zerfällt,                      the curtain is rent, the crag crumbles,
Die Erde bebt, die Gräber spalten,                         the earth trembles, the graves split open,
Weil sie den Schöpfer sehn erkalten,                       since they behold the Creator growing cold;
Was willst du deines Ortes tun?                            - how shall you react from your depths?

35. Aria                                                   35. Aria
Zerfleiße, mein Herze, in Fluten der Zähren                Dissolve, my heart, in floods of tears
Dem Höchsten zu Ehren!                                     to honor the Highest!
Erzähle der Welt und dem Himmel die Not:                   Tell the world and heaven the anguish:
Dein Jesus ist tot!                                        Your Jesus is dead!

36. Evangelist                                             36. Evangelist
Die Jüden aber, dieweil es der Rüsttag war, daß nicht      The Jews however, since it was the Sabbath day, so
die Leichname am Kreuze blieben den Sabbat über            that the corpses would not remain on their crosses
(denn desselbigen Sabbats Tag war sehr groß), baten sie    over the Sabbath (for this particular Sabbath day was
Pilatum, daß ihre Beine gebrochen und sie abgenom-         very great), asked Pilate for their bones to be broken
men würden. Da kamen die Kriegsknechte und brachen         and that they be taken away. So the soldiers came and
dem ersten die Beine und dem andern, der mit ihm           broke the bones of the first and the other one, who
gekreuziget war. Als sie aber zu Jesu kamen, da sie        had been crucified with Him. But when they came
sahen, daß er schon gestorben war, brachen sie ihm die     to Jesus, and they saw that He was already dead, they
Beine nicht; sondern der Kriegsknechte einer eröffnete     did not break His bones; instead one of the soldiers
seine Seite mit einem Speer, und alsobald ging Blut        opened His side with a spear, and immediately blood
und Wasser heraus. Und der das gesehen hat, der hat        and water came out. And he that saw this, bore wit-
es bezeuget, und sein Zeugnis ist wahr, und derselbige     ness to it, and his testimony is true, and this same
weiß, daß er die Wahrheit saget, auf daß ihr gläubet.      knows that he speaks the truth so that you believe.
Denn solches ist geschehen, auf daß die Schrift erfül-     For all this has happened in order that the Scrip-
let würde: “Ihr sollet ihm kein Bein zerbrechen.” Und      ture might be fulfilled: “You shall break none of His
abermal spricht eine andere Schrift: “Sie werden sehen,    bones.” And in addition another Scripture says: “They
in welchen sie gestochen haben.”                           will behold what they have pierced.”

37. Choral                                                 37. Chorale
O hilf, Christe, Gottes Sohn,                              O help, Christ, Son of God,
Durch dein bitter Leiden,                                  through Your bitter Passion,
Daß wir dir stets untertan                                 that we, being always obedient to You,
All Untugend meiden,                                       might shun all vice,
Deinen Tod und sein Ursach                                 Your death and its cause
Fruchtbarlich bedenken,                                    consider fruitfully,
Dafür, wiewohl arm und schwach,                            so that, although poor and weak,
Dir Dankopfer schenken!                                    we might offer you thanksgiving!
(“Christus, der uns selig macht,” verse 8)

38. Evangelist                                                 38. Evangelist
Darnach bat Pilatum Joseph von Arimathia, der ein              Afterwards Joseph from Arimathia, who was one of
Jünger Jesu war (doch heimlich aus Furcht vor den              Jesus’ disciples (though secretly out of fear of the
Jüden), daß er möchte abnehmen den Leichnam Jesu.              Jews), asked Pilate whether he might take away Jesus’
Und Pilatus erlaubete es. Derowegen kam er und nahm            body. And Pilate permitted it. Therefore he came
den Leichnam Jesu herab. Es kam aber auch Nikode-              and took the body of Jesus away. But Nicodemus also
mus, der vormals bei der Nacht zu Jesu kommen war,             came, who previously had come to Jesus in the night,
und brachte Myrrhen und Aloen untereinander, bei               and brought myrrh and aloe with him in hundred-
hundert Pfunden. Da nahmen sie den Leichnam Jesu               weights. Then they took the body of Jesus and
und bunden ihn in leine Tücher mit Spezereien, wie die         wrapped it in linen cloths with spices, as is the Jewish
Jüden pflegen zu begraben. Es war aber an der Stätte,          custom of burial. However, there was a garden near
da er gekreuziget war, ein Garte, und im Garten ein            the place where He was crucified, and in this garden a
neu Grab, in welches niemand je geleget war. Daselbst          new grave, in which no one had ever been laid. In that
hin legten sie Jesum, um des Rüsttags willen der Jüden,        same grave they laid Jesus, according to the Sabbath
dieweil das Grab nahe war.                                     wishes of the Jews, since the grave was nearby.

39. Chor                                                       39. Chorus
Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine,                               Rest well, you blessed limbs,
Die ich nun weiter nicht beweine,                              now I will no longer mourn you,
Ruht wohl und bringt auch mich zur Ruh!                        rest well and bring me also to peace!
Das Grab, so euch bestimmet ist                                The grave that is allotted to you
Und ferner keine Not umschließt,                               and encloses no further suffering,
Macht mir den Himmel auf und schließt die                      opens heaven for me and closes off Hell.
Hölle zu.

40. Choral                                                     40. Chorale
Ach Herr, lass dein lieb Engelein                              Ah, Lord, let Your dear little angel,
Am letzten End die Seele mein                                  at my final end, take my soul
In Abrahams Schoß tragen,                                      to Abraham’s bosom.
Den Leib in seim Schlafkämmerlein                              Let my body, in its little sleeping chamber,
Gar sanft ohn eigne Qual und Pein                              absolutely softly, without any anguish or pain,
Ruhn bis am jüngsten Tage!                                     rest until the last day!
Alsdenn vom Tod erwecke mich,                                  At that day wake me from death,
Dass meine Augen sehen dich                                    so that my eyes may see You
In aller Freud, o Gottes Sohn,                                 in all joy, o Son of God,
Mein Heiland und Genadenthron!                                 my Savior and Throne of grace!
Herr Jesu Christ, erhöre mich,                                 Lord Jesus Christ, hear me,
Ich will dich preisen ewiglich!                                I will praise You eternally!
(“Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, o Herr,” verse 3)

“Herzliebster Jesus, was hast du verbrochen,” verses 7, 8, 9, Johann Heermann, 1630 (mov’ts. 3 & 17);
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(mov’t. 26); “Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, o Herr,” verse 3, Martin Schalling, 1571 (mov’t 40).
©Pamela Dellal

 abOuT THE aRTIsTs

TRINITY CHOIR                                              Praise & Premieres

        he Trinity Choir is the premier ensemble of the    A highlight of the Choir’s season is their annual presen-
        music and arts program at Trinity Wall Street.     tation of Handel’s Messiah. With a profusion of Messiah
        The Choir leads the liturgical music during Sun-   performances in New York City concert halls and sacred
day services, performs in concerts throughout the year,    spaces every holiday season, the Trinity Choir’s offering
and has made world-class recordings for the esteemed       stands out. The New York Times hailed the Choir’s 2005
NAXOS label. It is both a beloved church choir, singing    performance as, “A Messiah to Beat in a Season Bursting
favorite Anglican hymns and historic sacred music, and     With Them,” praising the “pure” voices of the soloists
one of New York City’s most acclaimed professional         from the Choir.
vocal ensembles.
                                                           Under the direction of J. Owen Burdick, the Choir
Particularly well-versed in major compositions of the      offered New York premieres of many works including
Baroque and Classical periods, the Choir’s repertoire      Dominick Argento’s The Masque of Angels, and William
also includes Baltic choral compositions as well as        Albright’s oratorio, A Song to David, which the composer
works by Britten, Brahms, Howells, Pärt, and other con-    hailed as the work’s “finest, most accurate and moving
temporary composers. The New York Times has praised        performance.” Premieres under Larry King included
the Choir as possessing “voices so pure they suggest a     Iain Hamilton’s Epitaph for This World and Time, Jean
seraphic chorus beyond the human sphere.”                  Guillou’s Allen, and several liturgical settings by Richard
                                                           Feliciano, as well as much of King’s own music.
Directors                                                  In addition to their active concert series at Trinity
Steven Fox was appointed Acting Director of Music in       Church, the Choir has appeared at The Metropolitan
2009. Previous Directors of Music at Trinity include Dr.   Museum of Art, The Cloisters, and The Tribeca Film
J. Owen Burdick (1990-2008), Dr. Larry King (1968-         Festival, which invited the Choir to perform Arvo Pärt’s
1989), and George Mead (1941-1968). In recent years the    Passio in a mixed-media collaboration with Paolo Cher-
Choir has collaborated with a number of guest con-         chi Usai’s film of the same name.
ductors including Jane Glover, Stefan Parkman, Simon
Carrington, Andrew Megill (who also served as Guest        Behind the Scenes
Choirmaster in 2008 and 2009), and Eric Milnes. Guests     Video profiles of choir members and guest conduc-
in 2010 include Andrew Parrott, Steven Fox, and Stefan     tors can be found on the Trinity Wall Street website.
Parkman in a return engagement.                            Other feature videos include a history and apprecia-
                                                           tion of Handel’s Messiah and the story of a music camp
Recordings & Radio                                         started in post-Katrina New Orleans by several Choir
The Trinity Choir has recently released Haydn: The         members. A rich archive of past concerts can be found
Complete Masses, an eight-disc boxed-set on the NAXOS      online as well. To find the “Music at Trinity” channel,
label. Twelve masses and the Stabat Mater were recorded    go to
over a nine-year period in Trinity Church. Conducted by
Burdick and Glover, and in collaboration with Rebel Ba-
roque Orchestra, the set commemorates the bicentenary
of the composer’s death. Also on NAXOS, the Choir has
recorded Handel’s Messiah and Christmas from Trinity.
In addition to these recordings, Trinity Choir concerts
are broadcast on WQXR 105.9 (a subsidiary of WNYC).

  TRINITY BAROqUE ORCHEsTRA Robert Mealy, Guest Concertmaster

The newly formed Trinity Baroque Orchestra made its           sorts with the Boston Camerata, to Rameau operas with
debut (in this configuration) for the 2009 performances       Les Arts Florissants. Mr. Mealy has appeared at music
of Messiah. Trinity has used period-instrument orches-        festivals from Berkeley to Belgrade, and from Melbourne
tras for early music concerts for over a decade, in presen-   to Versailles; he has also toured with the Mark Morris
tations of major works of Bach and Mozart, for Haydn’s        Dance Group and accompanied Renée Fleming on the
Masses and Purcell’s Operas, as well as for liturgical per-   David Letterman Show. In New York he is a frequent
formances, especially Christmas Eve. The practice began       leader and soloist with various ensembles. Since 2004,
with the core members of the acclaimed REBEL Baroque          he has been concertmaster for the distinguished Boston
Orchestra, led by Jörg-Michael Schwarz and Karen Marie        Early Music Festival Orchestra, leading them in three
Marmer, combined with a wealth of New York’s finest           Grammy-nominated recordings and several festivals. A
period players. Baroque orchestras in NY are contracted       devoted chamber musician, he is a member of the me-
from a relatively small pool of exceptionally skilled         dieval ensemble Fortune’s Wheel, the Renaissance violin
Baroque and Classical players. Trinity Baroque Orches-        band the King’s Noyse, and the 17c ensemble Quicksilver.
tra will continue to be filled with many of the players       Mr. Mealy is Professor of Music (adjunct) at Yale Uni-
with whom our audiences have become familiar. Robert          versity, where he directs the Yale Collegium and teaches
Mealy, one of America’s leading historical string players,    courses on rhetoric and performance; for a decade previ-
has been praised for his “imagination, taste, subtlety, and   ously, he directed the Harvard Baroque Orchestra. He
daring” (Boston Globe); The New Yorker described him          is also on the faculty of the new Historical Performance
as “New York’s world-class early music violinist.” He has     program at Juilliard. In 2004 he received Early Music
recorded over 50 cds on most major labels, ranging from       America’s Binkley Award for outstanding teaching at
Hildegard of Bingen with Sequentia, to Renaissance con-       both Harvard and Yale.

 ANdREw PARROTT                 Guest Conductor

Conductor Andrew Parrott is perhaps best known for          narrator, premièred with actor Simon Callow.
over 50 pioneering recordings (principally for EMI) of      Contemporary music has always played an important
pre-classical repertory from Machaut to Handel with the     part in Andrew Parrott’s musical life and for several years
London-based Taverner Consort, Choir and Players, which     he was an assistant to Sir Michael Tippett. He conducted
he founded in 1973. Parrott’s musical range is broad, and   the world première of Judith Weir’s A Night at the
he works extensively with both period- and modern-          Chinese Opera (which he later recorded with the Scottish
instrument orchestras and with opera companies, in a huge   Chamber Orchestra) and has made CDs of new music
range of repertoire. Besides co-editing the 700-page New    by other British composers (including John Tavener), by
Oxford Book of Carols (1992), he has published several      Vladimír Godár (with the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra)
major articles on Monteverdi, Purcell and Bach and a        and by Arvo Pärt. His most recent recording is with the
book, The Essential Bach Choir (2000; German translation    Taverner Choir: Requiem: Songs in Memory and Beslan
2003). A further long-awaited book is inching towards       by the British composer Nick Bicât.
                                                            For Toronto’s Opera Atelier he has conducted produc-
In 2002 Andrew Parrott was appointed Musical Director of    tions of Lully’s Armide, Gluck’s Iphigénie en Tauride and
the period-instrument New York Collegium, with whom         Orphée, and Mozart’s Figaro, Magic Flute, Idomeneo and
he presented ground-breaking programmes of baroque          Don Giovanni, all with the period-instrument orches-
music from Giovanni Gabrieli to Rameau. He has also         tra Tafelmusik. In the UK he recently conducted Cosi
held the post of Music Director and Principal Conductor     fan tutte for Opera North in a new production by Tim
of the London Mozart Players, where he explored the         Albery. Other recent engagements include concerts and
classical repertoire in particular. Programs frequently     recordings of the complete Beethoven piano concertos
featured dramatic music with narration by distinguished     with Ronald Brautigam and the Norrkoping Symphony
actors, which led to the commissioning of Jonathan Dove’s   Orchestra, and concerts in Bratislava, Trondheim,
The Crocodiamond, a children’s work for orchestra and       Lucerne and Israel.

 MARC MOLOMOT                 Evangelist

Haute-contre Marc Molomot’s performances in the 2009-       program. He returned to Opéra National de Lyon for
10 season and beyond include further performances of        Basilio in Le nozze di Figaro, sang Lord Cockburn in
Bach’s Johannes-Passion with Poland’s Capella Cracovi-      Auber’s Fra Diavolo at the Opéra Comique and Opéra
ensis, Bach’s Matthäus-Passion at Norway’s Trondheim        Royal de Wallonie, and created the role of McPhee in the
Cathedral, the Son in Les mamelles de Tirésias with both    world premiere of A House in Bali in workshop perfor-
Opera de Lyon and Opéra Comique, and the roles of           mances in Bali.
Adolphe and Un page in Les Brigands with Opera de
Toulon, Opéra Comique, and at the Festival d’Aix en         He has joined Philharmonia Baroque for Bach’s
Provence.                                                   Johannes-Passion, Ensemble Boreades and Musica
                                                            Angelica for concert performances of Arnalta in Acis
Mr. Molomot’s recent engagements include a debut with       and Galatea, Tafelmusik for Purcell’s Fairy Queen, New
Opéra National de Lyon as Arnalta in L’incoronazione di     York Collegium for Evangelist in Matthäus-Passion
Poppea with Les Arts Florissants under the baton of         and Handel’s Israel in Egypt, Apollo’s Fire for Bach’s
William Christie. Other performances with the ensem-        Johannes-Passion, and the Cathedral Choral Society in
ble include Les boréades at the Opéra Garnier followed by   Washington, D.C. for Bach’s Mass in B minor.
performances at Brooklyn Academy of Music and Barbican
Centre and Les Indes Gallant in Paris, and a tour of
Europe and South America with an all Charpentier

 The Trinity Choir’s 8-CD Haydn Recording
 On Sale During Intermission
                HAYDN THE COMPLETE MASSES (8 CDs)                                 CD 5 Missa in honorem BVM ‘Grosse Orgelsolomesse’, Missa
                Soloists • The Trinity Choir                                      Sancti Bernardi von Offida, ‘Heiligmesse’

                REBEL Baroque Orchestra                                           CD 6 Missa brevis ‘Harmoniemesse’
                Conducted by J. Owen Burdick • Jane Glover                        CD 7 Missa brevis (1805 revision) ‘Schöpfungsmesse’
                Retail price: $49.95                                              CD 8 Missa brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo ‘Kleine
                                                                                  Orgelsolomesse’, ‘Theresienmesse’
                Today Haydn is viewed mainly in the light of
                his string quartets and symphonies, yet his first                 ‘…a performance that goes straight to the
                and last compositions were Mass settings.                         top of the heap in terms of clarity, energy,
                They encompassed an extraordinary musical                         musicality, and ensemble coordination.’
                output, within which his Masses shine as uplift-                      – on Missa brevis (CD 6)
                ing and deeply satisfying sacred works. While                                           and Cäcilienmesse (CD 2)
                acknowledging the Viennese traditions of
                church music, these Masses are infused with the                   “Whether you feel you know or like Haydn’s
                kind of inspiration and originality that make                     music, this CD represents a spectacular
                Haydn an undisputed master in so many genres.                     cross-section of Trinity Choir history.
                                                                                  While recently listening to the Masses several
                CD 1 Stabat Mater
                                                                                  times over, I was poignantly revisited by the
                CD 2 Missa Cellensis in honorem BVM, ‘Cäcilienmesse’              faces, voices, instruments, talents, hard
                CD 3 Missa Sancti Nicolai ‘Nikolaimesse’, Missa in angustiis      work, and support of the 150+ people
                ‘Nelsonmesse’                                                     who were involved. By the way, the music is
                CD 4 Missa Cellensis ‘Mariazellermesse’, Missa in tempore belli   pretty terrific too.”
                ‘Paukenmesse’                                                                                 –Richard Lippold,
                                                                                                                 Haydn Project Coordinator
                                                                                                                                & Baritone

     Trinity Preschool and Nursery is…
            • An Episcopal School offering a quality program
              for infant, toddler and preschool children
            • A year-round, full-day school with 5-, 3- or 2-day options
            • Located in the Wall Street area
            Tours conducted by appointment, call 212.602.0829
            Member of Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY),
            the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES), and the Educational Records Bureau (ERB).

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In an effort to reach a broad audience, Trinity Wall Street records its services and events for broadcast on the internet. Your attendance at a service or an event constitutes
your consent to be included in any filming, photographing, audio recording, or broadcast and for any other use, in whole or in part, including publicity and promotion.

      Buy Someone Lunch for Lent
      Working to end hunger and homelessness, volunteers from Trinity Wall Street’s congregation and
      staff, as well as community partners, serve a twice-weekly Brown Bag Lunch to support people in
      need in Lower Manhattan. Volunteers have served 200 people a week since the program began in
      October 2009. During the Lent season, the 5,000th bag lunch will be served.

      HOw TO HELP:
      Give a suggested donation of $4 during Lent (before April 4).
      • $3 buys a nutritious lunch for someone in need
      • $1 supports the New York City Coalition Against Hunger
        and Picture the Homeless.

      You can make a difference for less than many of us
      pay for a cup of coffee.
      Donation boxes are available in the church.

                                                            CONCERTS aT ONE
                                                            thursday, march 18
                                                            Cadillac Moon

                                                            thursday, march 25
                                                            BAS Duo

                                                            thursday, April 8
                                                            Ensemble Olivier

                                                            thursday, April 15
                                                            Beverly O’Regan Thiele

                                                            thursday, April 22
                                                            Jeong-hyn Kim, flute

                                                            thursday, April 29
                  All ConCerts At 1pm                       Christine Marie Heath, soprano
                     at trinity ChurCh
                                                            thursday, may 6
                   trinitywallstreet org                    Cypress Ensemble

 Planning Today...
        Comfort Later
 Beautifully set amid hundred-year-old oak trees,
 Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum is the only
                                                                          present this coupon
 active cemetery in Manhattan. We offer a variety
                                                                        for 10% off any purchase
 of affordable options for above-ground interment
 and memorials. Pre-planning counseling is available
                                                                          at the greene grape.
 to guide you in making choices about future                                Valid for one week after the concert.
 memorials and services. Planning ahead helps lessen
 the financial and emotional decisions that family
 members may face. Trinity Church Cemetery serves                          55 Liberty street (East of broadway)
 individuals and families of all faiths.                                         New York, NY 10005
 Open daily from 9am – 4pm                                              
 To schedule an appointment, contact us at 212.368.1600.
 770 Riverside Drive at 153rd Street | New York, NY 10032                           store hours
                                                                            sunday–Wednesday 12 to 9pm
                                    Thursday–saturday 12 to 10pm

spafor the
A meditation series presented by                Saturday, April 17, 2010
Trinity Wall Street that explores the           Image and Imagination
many varieties of peaceful contemplation        Led by Dr. Lucinda Mosher
by engaging heart, imagination, and             Study interesting, even provocative works of
                                                visual art and consider what lessons these
body in relationship with God. All who          artworks hold for our own spiritual journey.
seek peace and stillness are welcome,
from any religious tradition or none, and       Saturday, May 15, 2010
with experience in meditation or not.           In Deep Silence: Exploring Quiet
                                                in Community
One Saturday each month from 10am to 3pm.       Led by Dr. Westina Matthews
                                                Find the aesthetic within you as we learn
Saturday, March 20, 2010                        how to live a calmer, less cluttered, and more
Fall Back in Love with Your Body                God-centered life.
Led by Andrea Moss and Hadley Seward
Explore what’s stopping you from feeling        Saturday, June 19, 2010
comfortable in your body and learn strategies   Exploring the Labyrinth
to fall back in love with yourself.             Led by Zara Renander and Kerry Holder
                                                By walking a replica of the Chartres labyrinth,
                                                we are rediscovering a long-forgotten mystical

                                                Registration and Fees
                                                $25 single workshop or $125 for all workshops.
                                                Workshop fees include lunch. Registration begins
                                                at 9:30am day of the event. To register, contact
                                                Janine McHale at
                                                or call 212.602.0800.

                                                74 Trinity Place
                                                New York, NY 10006

     Holy Week & Easter
     Trinity Church & St. Paul’s Chapel
     Palm Sunday                                   Good Friday
     Sunday, March 28                              Friday, April 2
     HOLY EUCHARIST                                THE LITURGY OF GOOD FRIDAY AND
     St. Paul’s Chapel, 8am                        VENERATION OF THE CROSS:
                                                   Trinity Church, Noon–3pm
     & HOLY EUCHARIST                              THE WAY OF THE CROSS:
     St. Paul’s Chapel & Trinity Church combined   Trinity Church, 3pm
     service, 10:30am                              A LITURGY OF GOOD FRIDAY
                                                   FOR CHILDREN:
     Begins at St. Paul’s Chapel at 10:30am and
                                                   Trinity Church, 4:30pm
     processes to Trinity Church. Webcast from
     Trinity begins at approximately 11:15am       THE LITURGY OF GOOD FRIDAY:
                                                   St. Paul’s Chapel, 6pm
                                                   Easter Eve
     Wednesday, March 31
     Trinity Church, 6pm                           Saturday, April 3
                                                   THE GREAT VIGIL OF EASTER WITH
     Maundy Thursday                               HOLY BAPTISM:
                                                   St. Paul’s Chapel, 8pm
     Thursday, April 1
     HOLY EUCHARIST: Trinity Church, 6pm           Easter day
     ALL NIGHT WATCH BEFORE THE                    sunday, April 4
                                                   FESTIVE EUCHARISTS
     Trinity Church, All Saints’ Chapel
                                                   St. Paul’s Chapel, 8am and 10am
     April 1, 8pm–April 2, Noon
                                                   Trinity Church, 9am and 11:15am

                                                     Watch online at

                                                                    Trinity Church | Broadway at Wall Street
                                                              St. Paul’s Chapel | Broadway and Fulton Street
                                                                 | 212.602.0800

                                                                            The Rev. Dr. James H. Cooper, Rector
                                                                           The Rev. Canon Anne Mallonee, Vicar

be part of a community
for a world of good
Welcome to Trinity Wall Street, a historic Episcopal parish in lower Manhattan that
includes both Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel. We are glad you joined us for this
concert and hope you will consider this an invitation to all of Trinity’s offerings – daily
worship and prayer, educational programs for all ages, concerts and arts events, volunteer
and mission opportunities, and more.

Trinity is one of the most diverse parishes in New York City with people from all over
the New York metropolitan area and beyond. Our commonality is our shared belief that
a relationship with Jesus makes us more vital and that by reaching out to one another,
we live more deeply. We endeavor to serve the communities around us as well as those
around the world.

Your visit means a lot to us. If you liked this concert, keep in mind that
the Choir sings Sundays at Trinity’s 11:15am worship service and at many
other services.

We welcome you and look forward to meeting you. To learn more
about us, visit us on the web at


The Rev. Dr. James H. Cooper

About Trinity Church                   Worship Services
and St. Pauls’ Chapel                  Trinity Church | Broadway at Wall Street
Trinity Church                         Sunday: Holy Eucharist 9am and 11:15am
                                       Monday-Friday: Morning Prayer 8:15am
• Part of New York City since 1697     Eucharist 12:05pm, Evening Prayer 5:15pm
• Burial site of Alexander Hamilton
                                       On Thursdays in All Saints’ Chapel – Contemplative
• Home of the renowned                 Prayer at 8:30am, Laying on of Hands for Healing
  Trinity Choir                        following the 12:05pm Eucharist, and Evensong
St. Paul’s Chapel                      at 5:15pm.

• Survivor of the Great Fire of 1776   St. Paul’s Chapel | Broadway and Fulton Street
                                       Sunday: Holy Eucharist 8am and 10am
• Host to George Washington
                                       Daily: Prayers for Peace 12:30pm
  on his inaugural day
• Home to September 11                 Sunday’s 11:15am service is webcast live from
  rescue workers                       Trinity Church at

the   |trinity                   choir
               2009-2010 SEASON
       a Season of Exquisite Music
        New (York) Music
        Monday, May 17, 2010 • 7:30pm
        Steven Fox, Conductor
        Music of Burhans, Blachly, and others

        Watch on-demand at
        Johannes-Passion, Johann Sebastian Bach
        Andrew Parrott, Guest Conductor
        with the Trinity Baroque Orchestra, Robert Mealy, Concertmaster
        Recorded live March 15, 2010

        Concert for Haiti
        Bach, Handel, & Vivaldi
        Steven Fox, Conductor
        with the Trinity Youth Chorus, and the Trinity Baroque Orchestra
        Recorded live February 24, 2010
        Estonia to Europe
        Stefan Parkman, Guest Conductor
        Recorded live February 8, 2010
        Messiah, George Frideric Handel
        Jane Glover, Guest Conductor
        with the Trinity Baroque Orchestra, Robert Mealy, Concertmaster
        Recorded live December 14, 2009

        Requiem & Remembrance
        Jane Glover, Guest Conductor
        Recorded live November 2, 2009

        All concerts performed at Trinity Church, Broadway at Wall Street,
        and recorded live for broadcast on WQXR-105.9 FM
        The Trinity Choir is under the direction
        of Steven Fox, Acting Director of Music

        Visit for:
        • Ticket information:
        • Concerts webcast live and on-demand
        • Videos about the Choir, conductors,
          and composers

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