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       Audl                                                               Driver; to ThIIll

                    March 2006 Calendar.                 Tax Time
            JSun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.           For the first time I actually did my own taxes. I
                                  1       2     d  1:    thought it was going to be very confusing but I
              2.                                          purchased Turbo Tax and it was easier than I thought.
                     2     1     ~  2 I        1Q 11
                                                          I was able to do my state and federal taxes all in one
            ,ll     ld     14    12 12 11 ~
                                                         day. Turbo Tax directed me right through the process
            !12     20     21    22       23   24 25
                                                         and in no time at all I had everything completed. I
            I 26    27     28    29       30   n         was even able to e-file them with Turbo Tax and I
  In ThisTssue=-                                          haY~ already reG~ived my refund for botb -state and
  What's New                                  From the   federal. I know most people have more complicated
  Tax Time
  Did You Know                                 desk of   taxes than I do but Turbo Tax walks you right through
  Contact Info                                           the process and asks a lot of questions so that you
  Three-Year Anniversary                       Kevin
  Frequent Questions                                     don't miss any deductions. I was very satisfied with
  Riddle Contest
                                              Duenwald   how everything worked and I only spent $50 to get
  Free Massage
                                                         my taxes done. I have to admit I was a little nervous
                                                         that I would do something wrong but Turbo Tax goes
  What's New? (New Year's Resolution)                    though everything and checks for any errors. I did
 Well I set a new year's resolution and made             take a couple of tax classes in college and that made a
 it about four or five weeks before I gave               few things easier but Turbo Tax explained everything
 that up. Did I say weeks, I meant hours!                very well and I couldn't have been happier. If you
 You are probably wondering what my                      haven't done your taxes yet this year I would give it a
 resolution was, well I tried to give up pop             try. If you have a computer and your W-2's you
 and I couldn't do it. Now I know what it                should have no problem getting them done. Don't
 feels like to try and quit something you have           hold me to it but you might just save some money
 done all these years. I would have to                   doing it this way and it will give you a little self-
 congratulate anyone who has actually given              satisfaction.
 up something they love so much.

Did You Know?
March is International Hamburger and Pickle
One in ten people in the world live on an
Half the world's population is under 25 years
of age.
The can opener was invented 48 years after                                              Contact Information
                                                                      Kevin Duenwald                           Work Hours
cans were introduced.
                                                                      Valley Imports                           M-Th     8-7
Lightning strikes men about seven times more                          402 40th St. SW.                         Friday   8-6
often than it does women.                                             Fargo, ND 58103                          Saturday 9-4
                                                                      Phone Numbers                                                 Toll Free
                                Check us out!!!!                      Cell Phone              (701)-361-2223
Frequently Asked Question?
What is Certified Pre-Owned and what                        Free Massage
does it offer me as a consumer?                            Last newsletter's winner of the
Your certified pre-owned vehicle comes to you in            I-hour massage courtesy of
 impeccable condition, having been thoroughly              Dream Haven Massage was Mike
 inspected by trained technicians using a checklist
                                                           and Laurie Brustad-Kennedy.
of over 100 quality points as a guide. You can
enjoy your certified vehicle with complete peace           Thanks to everyone that sent in
of mind, because it also comes with a bumper-to-           their Christmas cards. They
bumper warranty depending on the make. You                 were very entertaining.
also can take advantage of the incentivized
interest rates through their respective financial                                    •••••••••••••••••••••••••••
                                                                                     • Riddle Time
corporations. Some of the other benefits of                                          • ----------
buying a certified vehicle are the 24-hour                                           • How far can you run into the woods?
roadside assistance and the trip interruption.
Roadside assistance helps you change a tire or                                          If you know the answer to the riddle email
bring you gas in the event you run out. Trip                                            or mail your answer to me. If you are
interruption pays for hotels or rental cars in the                                      correct, your name will be entered in a
event your vehicle breaks down 100 miles or                                             drawing for a gift certificate to your
more away from your hometown.                                                           favorite restaurant.
 Three Year
 ________________ Ann'l_v ers a_r_v                                                  •••••••••••••••••••••••••• address on front.
                                                                                                     Mailing                             ~
        In April I will have been in the car business for three years. I just wanted to take this
  opportunity to thank all of my customers who have purchased a vehicle from me.
  (2003) James Arthur, Lincoln and Melissa Anderson, Nick Audette, Ray and Gladys Becker, Richard and Laura Block, Leroy and Connie Brasel,
  Dean and Sherri Christianson, Dan and Clarice Duenwald (my parents), Dean and Brenda Duncan, Ray Ehlers, Nancy Gardner, Denice Goelz,
  Kenny and Bonnie Hochhalter, David and Charlene Knutson, Todd and Barb Kuchenbecker, David and Julie Kurtz, Joe lindquist, Chad Mcmillan,
  Keith and Devra Olmstead, Melissa Olson, Shawn Osborne, Jean Osborne, Mike and Carrie-Jo Richards, Seth Simonson, John and Amy
 Skramstad, Bill and Joan Steen, Willis and Shirley Stelter, Heidi Stensland, Andrew Thompson, John and Tanya Wilhelm, Ed and Marilyn Wilson,
 Troy Werdel, Ed Baquera
 (2004) Gerald Barnes, Rebecca Bentley, Jermey Berg, Jennifer Bonnema, Mike and Laurie Brustad-Kennedy, Alisha Dick, Luann Doeden,
 Rochelle Engen, Terry Fred, Miles Gehihar, Chad Duenwald (brother), Norman and Caroi Grobe, Curtis Haakenson, Jonn Iille, Lee and Nga
 Hoang, Randy Holzkamm, Karle Jacobs, Kay Jastram, Dan and Karen Jongeward, Thomas and Jenneil Krier, Tom and Robyn Lawerence, Diana
 Mattson, Catherine Miyamoto, Paul and Jean Morlock, Ron Mueller, John and Jan Niedringhaus, Pete and Susan Nowatzki, Dan and Vicki Oberg,
 Mitch and Peggy Parker, Gavin Patron, Courtney Person, Neil Planteen, Rick Pretzer, Randy and Diane Punton, Amanda Riddering, Jason
 Sjostrom, Skip Sjothun, Maja MaJetic, Joesph Tillman, Francisco and Edra Valenzuela, Eric Watson, Jon Welch
 (2005) Amna AI-Arfaj, Deanna Anderson, Elvis Beganovic, Sadmir Beganovic, Lynn and Deanna Brakke, Joan Brouse, Andrew Bruhn, Iso and
 Nevena Bulbul, Uwe Burghaus, Beth Byer, Todd and Heidi Carlson, Ed and Rose Crotty, Melody Duenwald (sister), Vahid Duranovic, Jessica
 Fisher, Rendae Flaig, William and Bobbi Flink, Robert Gregerson, Jamie and Becky Gunderson, Paul Haagenson, Ashley Hallberg, Susan and
 John Helgeland, Benton and Jennifer Hicks, Stephan and Andrea Hinman, Teneil Hoepfner, George Hollingbery, Monica and Jayme Holmes,
 Dennis and Iliana Hough, Rick Jackson, Donald and Tammy Johnson, Kevin and Leeann Kingsley, Allison Krivarchka, Kip Kunze, Dave Lanpher,
 Sarah Leapaldt, Tim and Pati Lechner, Randy and Mary Lewis, Paul Lindquist, Gordon Mccahery, Jeff and Karen Mcolley-Rudy, Devin and Dawne
 Mogck, Lars Moller, Tim and Sherry Moore, Ricardo Morales, Pat and Linda Necas, Ron No Heart, Jason and Amber Nordstrom, Lelie Ostreim,
 David and Marcia Peterson, Dave Podetz, Chad and Stacy Pollert, Steven Retzer, Edna Riendeau, Merle and Mary Seidel, Haris Smajic, Ramiz
 and Sefika Smajic, Travis and Missy Stailey, Billie St Claire, Rial Stedman, Donna and Shane Suko, Cody and Rachael Trom, Sarah Tulving,
 Clinton and Amanda Vanhatton, Wayne and Lori Wiedmeier, Todd Zabel, John Zasada
 (2006) Harold Ness, Momoh Kargbo, James and Rebecca Larson, Brandon Kurtz, Eric Rogne, Penny Rogne, Hisham AIi, and Bart and Kay
        Thank you one and all for the opportunity you gave me to earn your business. I look
 forward to a long relationship and the opportunity to assist you in the future. If you know
 anybody that would like to add their name to this list, I would appreciate the referral, and I will
 treat them professionally.

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