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									                                File Conversion Programs
Programs are available from Refunds Today that convert data from popular tax software
packages to a Refunds Today-compatible file. Refunds Today has made it easy for you to
convert last year’s returns into our software.
Simply run the conversion program and all your returns are converted automatically. In addition,
the Proforma program included in our software carries forward last tax year’s data to the
appropriate forms and fields of this year’s program. This saves you considerable time since the
data does not need to be manually re-entered.

File Conversion Programs are available for:
Lacerte                 Crosslink               Drake            *If your program is not listed, please call
ProSeries /Intuit       Sabre-ATX               Turbo Tax         as more may become available.
Taxslayer               UTS TaxWise

                                                                                                                   Fi l e C on v ers i on Prog ra m s
The following forms, schedules and worksheets are supported for conversions:

Form 1040              US Individual Income                 Form 1099 Misc         Miscellaneous Income
                       Tax Return
                                                            Form 1099-R            Distributions from Pensions,
Form 1040A             US Individual Income                                        Annuities, Retirement or
                       Tax Return                                                  Profit-sharing Plans, IRAs,
                                                                                   Insurance Contract, etc.
Form 1040EZ            Income Tax Return for Single
                       Filers with No Dependents            Schedule A             Itemized Deductions
Form 2106              Employee Business Expenses           Schedule B             Interest and Dividend Income
Form 2106-EZ           Employee Business Expenses           Schedule C             Profit or Loss from Business
                       Short Form                                                  (Sole Proprietorship)
Form 2441              Child and Dependent Care             Schedule C-EZ          Profit or Loss from Business-
                       Expenses                                                    Short Form
Form 4562              Depreciation and                     Schedule D             Capital Gains and Losses,
                       Amortization                                                But not Schedule D 1
Form 4797              Sales of Business Property           Schedule E             Supplemental Income
                                                                                   and Loss
Form 4835              Farm Rental
                                                            Schedule EIC           Earned Income Credit
Form 6252              Installment Sale Income
                                                            Schedule F             Profit or Loss from Farming
Form 8829              Expenses for Business Use of
                       Your Home                            Schedule H             Household Employment Taxes
Form W-2               Wage and Tax Statement               K-1 Worksheets
Form W-2G              Certain Gambling Winnings

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