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					Job Description Sport Performance Consultant
Division: Supervisor: Direct Reports: Summary: Club Development Director of Field Services None Field service position providing sport science and technical education and support to coaches and clubs in assigned territories with the goal of enhancing athlete performance. Education - prefer Masters Degree in one of the exercise science disciplines. Require Bachelors Degree in related field as well as expertise in and affinity for sport science and technology. Experience - prefer a minimum of ten years experience in coaching with Head Coach experience at a USA Swimming Club and have coached athletes at a national scoring level. Require a minimum of five years experience as a head coach; a practical understanding of swim clubs and long-term athlete development; and a basic understanding of USA Swimming’s structure, role, and objectives. Responsibilities: Primary:  Serve as a field service consultant and educator for coaches and swim clubs within assigned territories on sport science & technical subjects and services (2-3 day visits providing education and service in keys areas such as basic physiology & biomechanics, nutrition & drug awareness, athlete identification and development, season planning, etc.).  Serve as a communication and customer service contact for USA Swimming (USA-S) to coaches and clubs in assigned territories.  Promote utilization and provide delivery of USA Swimming programs & services particularly technical services and programs (race analysis, stroke analysis, lactate testing and analysis, land & water strength testing, etc.).  Carry message about national priorities to coaches, clubs, and LSCs.  Identify issues and problems and seek to proactively develop and implement solutions.




In addition to regular visits to clubs, attend key swim meets, camps, conferences and events that facilitate communication, education and delivery of science and technical services.

Project Work:  Serve as program/project director as assigned for programs and services offered by the Club Development Division (CDD).  Contribute to the creation and development of new programs and services within the CDD. Other Duties:  Make regular reports and maintain accurate performance, club visit, and club resource data in SWIMS database.  Serve as a staff liaison for assigned committees associated with CDD programs and services.  Work collaboratively with other USA-S staff members and divisions to facilitate the coordination and integration of USA-S services and programs.  Perform other duties as assigned. Other: This position requires significant travel, approximately 45% The position will be based at the USA Swimming National Headquarters in Colorado Springs. The territory to be covered is the _____________.

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