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					1                                         The Rocky Mountain Chapter-NCRS

                               NATIONAL CORVETTE RESTORERS SOCIETY
                                     ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER

November/December 2006                     Issue 23&24
                                                    Peter Gregory, who has been our Activities
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                  Chairman, has been re-instated to a full-time
CHAIRMANS MESSAGE                   1               position where he works and has asked to be
EDITOR’S NOTES                      2
MEMBERSHIP                          2
                                                    relieved of his board position as Activities
ACTIVITIES                          2-3             Chairman. I have appointed Mike Bird to fulfill
EARLY CAMSHAFT LOBE FAILURE         3-4             Peter’s remaining term. “Thanks, Peter, for all
THE CARPET JOB                      4-7             of your hard work, and welcome, Mike, to your
MERCHANDISE                         7-8
CLASSIFIED ADS                      8               new position.”
OFFICERS                            8-9
                                                    On November 18 we are having a combination
                                                    2008     Regional   kick-off  luncheon      and
                                                    presentation by those who went to the 2006 24
                                                    -Hour LeMans race with the UK Chapter.
                                                    SPOUSES ARE INCLUDED. We will hold it at the
                                                    Renaissance Denver Hotel, 3801 Quebec St. at
                                                    11:00 AM. I encourage everyone to attend so
CHAIRMANS MESSAGE                                   you can see how great the facilities are at the
                                                    hotel. Lunch will be the responsibility of each
By Ralph Ridge                                      attendee.
Last month was a sad time for many of us in         Our 2007 calendar is now complete with twelve
the Rocky Mountain Chapter as we lost one of        cars and we hope to have it available for the
our long-time and active members, Joe               December chapter meeting. The calendar will
Orecchio.   Several of the RMC members              include all of the 2007 activities, so plan on
attended Joe’s funeral and extended to Julie        purchasing one. One activity note of interest…
and the family our condolences. He will be          Sharon and I have decided that we would like
missed.                                             to host our Holiday Party this year scheduled
                                                    for January 6th. Details to follow.
November was a busy month with nine of our
members preparing their cars for our fall           Another 2007 activity that we are pursuing is in
chapter meet. We had to postpone the meet           the formative stage, but is very exciting. We
from the original date due to inclement             are discussing a joint fall chapter meet with the
weather, but thanks to the hard work by Jim         New Mexico chapter to be held in Gateway,
Lennartz and Dennis Kazmierzak, we were able        Colorado. The owner of the Discovery Channel
to reschedule to the following weekend for a        has built a destination resort there with a top
very successful meet. Congratulations to those      notch auto museum. This is the same individual
who Flighted their cars, and thanks to all who      who purchased the only F-85 Oldsmobile
attended for making this meet a success.            concept car at last year’s Barrett-Jackson
                                                    auction for mucho dinero. We are envisioning a
                                                    combination fall road tour/judging meet over a
2                                                 The Rocky Mountain Chapter - NCRS
three-day weekend. If you’d like to learn more        Membership in the chapter stands at 124
about this facility, go to I      members including our newest members:
mentioned this possibility to the membership at
our chapter meet last month and got an                Greg & Roberta Osborn of Highlands Ranch and
enthusiastic response. We’re shooting for a mid       their black ’63 small block coupe.
September time frame in 2007.
                                                      Tom & Michelle Meyers of Berthoud and their
This will be my last Chairman’s Message as Rick       maroon ’62 roadster.
Reiff will be taking the Chairman’s reins in
January. I’d like the membership to know how          Welcome!
honored I’ve felt to be entrusted with the
responsibility of this position for the last five     Chapter Award
years. I hope I’ve helped contribute to the
betterment of our organization during my              We are in the last quarter for qualifying for the
tenure. I intend to remain an active member           2006 Top Flight Chapter award. The only
and am confident that Rick will help take the         requirements we have not met are 2 of 6
chapter to the next level.                            technical articles published in the chapter
                                                      newsletter, and we are short 4 out of the 12 car
SAVE THE WAVE,                                        requirement for flight judging of members cars.
Ralph                                                 This issue of the newsletter should contain the
                                                      2 technical articles and if we can get the
                                                      weather to cooperate, we will have our fall
Editors Notes                                         judging meet to meet the flight judging
By Dennis Dalton
                                                      For the 2007 award, now is the time to start
I want to be the first to thank Ralph for the         writing technical articles. If you have an idea
great job he has done. If you look at the             for one but aren’t sure how to put it together
chapter officer’s list at the end of this             feel free to contact anyone on the board of
newsletter, you will see that there are quite a       directors for help.
few changes that will take place starting in
January. There will be some new faces in old          Thanks in advance for your participation to help
slots and some old faces in new slots (ha).           the chapter continue to be a Top Flight
Watch for all the changes in that list in the         Chapter!
January/February newsletter so that you can
contact the right person if necessary.                Bob Montgomery
                                                      Chapter Liaison/Membership

MEMBERSHIP                                            ACTIVITIES
By Bob Montgomery                                     By: Peter M. Gregory

Fall has set in. There are still plenty of            RMC Fall Road Tour
opportunities to get a quick road trip in here
and there, but also time to plan our winter           The day began with breakfast in Loveland with
projects! I can imagine that projects by our          about 12 – 15 people attending at The Cracker
membership includes everything from just              Barrel. The food was great as well as the visit
making sure your car is stored properly all the       with everyone.
way to a complete frame off restoration!
3                                                  The Rocky Mountain Chapter - NCRS
At the meeting place in City Park of Fort Collins,     EARLY CAMSHAFT LOBE
CO were a good turnout of about ten Corvettes
and their drivers and navigators. Unfortunately
it began to rain. After much discussion it was         by Gary Steffens (member #21273)
decided to continue onto our first stop on the
Road Tour about forty five minutes away.               As an engine builder with 40 years of
                                                       experience building racing engines, and
The weather cleared and it turned out to be a          “matching number” Chevrolet engines, for
beautiful sunny day to the first stop. We              customers around the world, I have recently
stopped by the Poudre River and the Fall colors        had a few camshaft failures. Having not seen
in the surrounding trees were great.                   early lobe failures since the mid 1970’s, I
                                                       thought I had every thing figured out. So what
At this point we decided to again proceed with         has changed?I use the same brands of
the Road Tour only to be stopped                       camshafts I always use, and the same brands
Within fifteen minutes by heavy rain and               of lifters.I have specific valve springs I use, and
reports of snow up ahead. I didn’t have to             we test every valve spring for seat pressure and
cancel the tour as I looked back into my rear          open pressure, so nothing new there. My
view mirror only one Corvette out of ten was           break-in procedures hadn’t changed. There was
still behind me.                                       a shortage of lifters for a time last year, did
                                                       something change there?
I must say it was fun driving and setting up the
tour in my truck, but it was too bad that we all       With the advent of roller lifters, a number of
could have not enjoyed the beautiful scenery.          “flat tappet” lifter manufacturers saw no future
                                                       in the continued limited production of the flat
The weather is always a factor in driving              tappet style of lifters. Was the shortage of old
Corvettes.                                             style lifters being picked up by overseas
                                                       manufacturers using inferior quality materials or
Upcoming NCRS and RMC Events.                          heat treating? All of these questions needed to
                                                       be answered in my situation, because the
November 9 – 11                                        warranty costs of replacing a cam and lifters
     NCRS CAJUN REGIONAL MEET                          can more than exceed the profit made in
           @ Gonzales, Louisiana                       building the engine.
November 18                                            I satisfied my curiosity of camshaft and lifter
     RMC 2008 Regional Kickoff                         quality by having a number of cams and lifters
           @ Renaissance Hotel 11AM                    tested for “Rockwell” surface hardness. I had to
                                                       believe that cam manufacturers and lifter
December 16                                            manufacturers would not lower their quality
     RMC Tech Session                                  standards, and possibly sacrifice their
           @ Corvette City 11AM                        reputations to make an inferior product.

                                                       I was not alone in my quest to discover the
Peter M. Gregory                                       problem. My engine machinist had several of
Activities Chairman                                    his customers experience the same early
NCRS # 4157                                            camshaft failures. His other customers were                                     experienced engine builders as well, albeit
                                                       admittedly some of the other failures were in
                                                       the “F” brand of motors. I won’t hold that
                                                       against them!
4                                                    The Rocky Mountain Chapter - NCRS
In searching for the problem, my machinist               not an expert on all the API ratings, nor do I
came up with an article written by                       want to be. I only want to know which oils will
Marlan Davis. I would like to give credit where          help prevent early camshaft failure. According
credit is due, but the article found was a copy          to the article, look for a “sunburst” logo on the
with no hint of where it was published.                  bottle. The logo will make mention that it is
                                                         “certified” for gasoline engines by the American
The article basically echoed my problems and             Petroleum Institute. Some API logo’s on the
results, with one difference.                            back, mention “energy saving”. These are oils
I didn’t think about the possibility that “oil”          with very reduced ZDDP content. The article
could be the problem. I have always used the             stated that the best way to identify oils with
same assembly lubricants on my cam and lifter            high ZDDP content is to look in the API logo for
installations and I am very confident in those           a “CI-4 or CL-4 Plus” rating. Usually oils rated
lubricants. What I was not aware of, were the            for diesel use will have the higher ZDDP
changes in motor oils over the last few years.           content and the “CI-4” rating. These diesel oils
The article points out that with the advent of           are completely safe for use in your older
roller cams and roller rocker arms, and tighter          engines as diesel engines have more stringent
tolerances in the newer style engines, the               need for friction reducers and detergents. Other
requirements for oil have changed. Today’s               oils mentioned, are racing oils that may say “for
engines are using lighter weight viscosity oils,         off highway use”. The “off highway use”
but more importantly to the restorers, such as           doesn’t mean it isn’t good for your engine, it
myself, many of the current oils have reduced            means it is not approved by government
or eliminated the “friction reducers” that were          standards for daily use. Another alternative to
present in oils in the past.                             changing oil brands, is to add an engine oil
                                                         supplement, or break in concentrate, with each
Just as in lead being eliminated from our                oil change. GM makes an additive called “EOS”
gasoline, friction reducers are being eliminated         and B-G Company makes “MOS”, both are
from many of the commonly used motor oils.               excellent additives high in friction modifiers.
One major anti-wear additive was zinc diakyl
dithiophosphate (ZDDP), namely zinc and                  One oil highly recommended is Shell Oil’s
phosphorus.The zinc reacted with the cam                 “Rotella T” oil. It is available at all Wal-Marts,
lobes iron surface, creating a sacrificial coating       many truck stops, and many auto parts
to reduce wear. As an engine ages and wears,             suppliers, such as NAPA. It comes in 15W-40
it develops “blow-by”. This engine blow-by was           weight, which I find perfect for the older
being re-burned in the combustion process by             engines. In fact Comp Cams recommends the
use of the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV)          Rotella T oil, obviously they don’t want your
system. The zinc was found to cause early                cam to fail any more than I do. Lets keep our
deterioration of the oxygen sensors and                  old Corvettes running as long we can!
creating early failure of emissions components,
parts that are required to be replaced under             THE CARPET JOB
warranty by the vehicle manufacturer. As a
result the manufacturers had new requirements            BY Rick Reiff
for the motor oils. Oil manufacturers stepped
up and changed formulas to meet the newer                After thirty plus years of age and over 100,000
car requirements. The ZDDP content was                   miles of driving, the carpet in my ’72
greatly reduced since it was no longer needed            convertible started showing signs of wear and
in the newer cars.                                       tear and was crying out for replacement. The
                                                         first step in the process is to make an
So, the question is, how do we identify oil with         assessment regarding what new pieces you
reduced friction modifiers?All engine oils have          want. Some vendors offer front only pieces or
the “API Service” ratings on each can or bottle,         complete sets. Also available are heat/noise
just what do all of those letters mean? Well I’m         insulating pads that fit under the carpet to help
5                                              The Rocky Mountain Chapter - NCRS
reduce high cabin temperatures during hot          time to remove the old carpet. I used plastic
weather driving and road noise. I opted for a      bags with labels to keep track of where the
complete carpet set, but decided I could live      various screws and bolts go and masking tape
without the insulation package. My kit came        for labeling the larger parts. If you have a
complete with all the pre-cut and formed carpet    digital camera it is a good idea to take several
pieces, glue, and jute backing, similar to what    pictures during the removal process so you can
was used with the factory installation. There      see how the various pieces overlap. If you
are various Corvette parts supply houses that      don’t have a camera, make a sketch which you
provide carpet kits, all in the range of $200 to   can refer to later if need be. The instructions
$250 for complete replacement kits for this        that came with my kit were pretty good, but
vintage Corvette, depending on whether you         additional information is always nice to have
need the standard interior 80/20 loop pile,        and digital pictures or a hand sketches are
which is what I have, or cut pile if you have a    inexpensive to produce.
deluxe interior. Once the carpet kit arrives the
                                                   Chevrolet used glue and rubber plugs as the
first step is to lay out all the pieces to make
                                                   primary means to anchor the carpet to the
sure you have everything and to give it a
                                                   respective body parts. The old carpet comes
chance to flatten out as indicated in Figure 1.
                                                   off fairly easy and I used a putty knife and wire
                                                   brush to remove the remaining glue and carpet
                                                   debris off the underlying fiberglass and metal
                                                   parts. Be careful removing the carpet around
                                                   the plugs if you plan on using them again or
                                                   buy a pack of plugs (about $15) to use on the
                                                   new installation - it’s almost impossible to
                                                   remove the 30-year old plugs without
                                                   destroying them. Figure 2 shows the seat area
                                                   and how the bulkhead piece overlaps with the
                                                   floor piece. Note the wire in the photograph is
                                                   for the seat belt sensor/retractor which was
                                                   new for ’72. Figure 3 shows the back storage
                                                   compartment area with the carpet removed
                                                   (note leftover glue on rear bulkhead).

          Figure 1 – New Carpet Pieces
Tools I used to replace the carpet included
various sockets/wrenches and screwdrivers to
remove the seats, console, door sills and rear
storage area framework, putty knife and wire
brush to remove remaining glue/old carpet, a
Sharpie and straight edge for marking
purposes, heavy duty scissors to cut and trim
any excess material, a paint brush to apply the
glue and clamps to help hold things in place
while the glue dries, a hair dryer to help form
the carpet if necessary, and a digital camera to
use as a reference tool.
                                                    Figure 2 – Passenger seat area (wire is for seat belt
After removing the seats, console, door sills,                       detector/buzzer)
and rear storage compartment frame it was
6                                               The Rocky Mountain Chapter - NCRS
                                                    The carpet set I purchased was designed to
                                                    cover 1968-1975 convertibles and as such
                                                    required some trimming here and there for my
                                                    specific application (ex. the ’72 had the seat
                                                    belt sensor/retractor with a plastic cover under
                                                    the seats that earlier models didn’t have and
                                                    the carpet was cut accordingly). The old carpet
                                                    served as a template for the installation of the
                                                    new carpet and provided a good starting point
                                                    as to where to start the trimming/fit process.
                                                    Figure 5 shows the old (on left) versus the new
                                                    and where the carpet and jute padding needed
                                                    to be cut.
                                                    I started the installation process in the rear
                                                    storage area to limit exposing the carpet up
                                                    front to wear and tear during the installation
      Figure 3 – Remove old carpet and glue         process. Figure 5 shows the driver side rear
                                                    wheel area which was the first section to get
When pulling up the old carpet, be prepared to
                                                    the new carpet. I used some clamps to help
find    miscellaneous     things    that    have
                                                    glue down the bulkhead carpet section in the
accumulated under the carpet over the years.
                                                    storage area (see Figure 7). The factory glue
In my case, along with the odd spare change,
                                                    locations that were used to install the original
screws, and wrappers that had worked its way
                                                    carpet provide a good guide as to where to
into various nooks in the floorboard I found an
                                                    apply the glue for the new carpet. This is
unused, original ignition key, complete with
                                                    where a digital camera comes in handy as well.
knock out. I have owned the car for almost 30
                                                    Figure 8 shows the rear storage area nearing
years (third owner) and I am not sure how the
spare key got there, but suspect it was either
stashed as a “spare” by the original owner or       Also, although not required, now is a good time
was accidentally misplaced by the factory           to consider doing some touch up work, if
sometime during the assembly process.               needed, on the parts you removed. I used
Couldn’t find a matching round-head key, but        interior spray paint and redid my console and
was happy to find the original ignition key. A      trim pieces to give a like-new appearance. I
picture of the key I found is shown in Figure 4.    also purchased new sill plates (for about $40)
                                                    to complete the project. Figure 9 shows the
                                                    front area with the carpet installed prior to
                                                    putting the seats back in.
                                                    With the carpet pre-cut in sections and only
                                                    minor cutting and trimming required, the
                                                    installation process is fairly easy and goes
                                                    pretty quickly. I imagine it takes a little longer
                                                    on a coupe, but is still something most club
                                                    members could do over a weekend or two.
                                                    So, if any of you are contemplating a carpet
                                                    replacement I hope this has given you an idea
                                                    of what’s involved. Who knows, maybe you’ll
                                                    find something as interesting as a new key
                                                    lying under that old carpet. At minimum, you’ll
      Figure 4 – Original/unused ignition key       pick up some change.
7                                                      The Rocky Mountain Chapter - NCRS

Figure 5 – Use the old carpet as a template for the

                                                              Figure 8 – Rear storage area installation nearing

    Figure 6 – Start of the installation process

                                                           Figure 9 – All that’s left is installing the seats

                                                           By Bill Pearson

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9                                                     The Rocky Mountain Chapter - NCRS             (303) 523-9517
   Term expires: 12/31/2006
ACTIVITIES                        Peter Gregory                 (303) 805-2936
   Term expires: 12/31/2007
MERCHANDISE                       Bill Pearson              (303) 652-3185
   Term expires: 12/31/2006
MEMBERSHIP                        Bob Montgomery              (303) 734-4649
   Term expires: 12/31/2006
TECHNICAL ADVISOR                 Gary Steffens            (303)762-8388
   Appointed Position
COMMUNICATIONS                    Bob Davis                  (303) 838-9529
   Appointed position

Membership in the NCRS is open to persons interested
in the restoration, preservation and history of the
Corvette produced by the Chevrolet Motor Division of
General Motors Corporation from 1953 through 1982.
NCRS is not affiliated with Chevrolet or General
Membership in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the
NCRS is open to all members of the NCRS National
organization. Dues are $30.00 for the first year, and
are $20.00 per year for renewal. First year dues entitle
the new member to a Chapter ball cap and
membership nametag.
Advertising in the Rocky Mountain Chapter Newsletter
is free to all active members, for all Corvette related
items or Corvettes for sale. Commercial advertising
rates for the Newsletter are $15.00 for a business card,
$25.00 for a ¼ page, $40.00 for a ½ page and $60.00
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All editorial material can be sent to the editor.
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