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booklet by linzhengnd


									Mob-Tech                                 Task One - Booklet                               Miss Smith


The topic of our booklet is about mobiles phones from the past, the present and the future. We
chose to do a booklet about mobile phones as most of the population has them and they are
popular. There are also loads of mobile phone networks and phone companies, such as Orange,
Vodafone, O2, Nokia, Blackberry and Samsung. These names are well known by everyone and we
thought people can benefit from it. At first we were going to do a booklet about iPod’s but they are
less popular than mobile phones. Mobile phones are used by everyone in different countries to
communicate or for leisure purposes or businesses. With the growth in technology, more advanced
and improved connection for signal, we decided to create a booklet about mobile phones. The
booklet will vary from formal and informal as our target audience varies from adults to young
teenagers. We decided to target adults and teenagers as they both use mobile phones. Our groups
booklet will cover the start of mobile phones, about their past, what mobile phones are like in
today’s society. It will also include mobile phones in the future and plans for upcoming phones and
applications which can be downloaded. This will ensure our audience will be more familiar with their
mobile phones and other popular ones.

Individual roles

There are three members in our group, Amber Lawson, Sophy Webster and myself. Each group
member has been assigned to choose between past, present or future mobile phones and create 3
pages for our booklet. I will be looking present mobile phones and the top 5 applications which can
be downloaded for smart phones, e.g. android phones, blackberry’s and iPhone’s. I will research
about the differences between the Blackberry and iPhone and one page will be different information
on mobile phones today and how they can range in price. Amber Lawson who is also in our group
will be researching about mobile phones in the past and how they have changed over time. She will
research the start of mobile phones and how they differ from some phones today. Another person in
our group, called Sophy Webster will research about future mobile phones, such as updated
software on different phones and the different designs, such as iPhone’s.

The editor

The project editor for our group is myself. Sophy and Amber decided I should be the editor to collate
all the information and put it together as I am the most reliable and hardworking. I was chosen to be
the editor as I am imaginative and creative and I can set my mind to it and be more focused. My job
as editor will be to ensure both group members give me enough information which I can then edit
and apply it to our booklet. I will also have to show how my group members could improve or do
something differently. I will make changes to the booklet and I will also have to produce my section
of the magazine.


The information which we will add and use into our booklet will mainly be taken from the internet.
We will also look at different magazines or advertisements about mobile phones to see what their
designs and how much information they attach onto the flyer. This will help us create a professional
booklet with detailed information included. One of our group members, Amber will be researching
information about mobile phones in different books to collect as much information as possible.
Mob-Tech                                 Task One - Booklet                                Miss Smith


Our group will set each other deadlines to achieve suitable tasks within reasonable dates. This allows
us to be more focused and more organised as we are working within deadlines. We have set
achievable deadlines so all tasks can be completed between times. We have chosen deadlines which
will allow us enough time to edit or improve our work. We have decided to do this to create the best
possible booklet. Below is a screenshot of our Gantt chart:

This Gantt shows the deadlines we have made. We colour coded it to make it clearer and stand out.
This makes it easier to read as we know what colour represents and we can fit our work in with the
deadlines. Our project has to be completed by April 15th 2011.


During our project, we may have some problems for example; Sophy goes to the Grammar School
for lessons on Tuesday and Friday. This means she will miss some of our meetings and the lessons
we have, less work will be produced without her. To solve this problem, we will think of one
communication method in which we can all communicate, such as blogs or wikis. This allows her to
catch up on work and ask us if she is stuck. A team member may be ill for one lesson which could
mean they miss deadlines or tasks not completed at all due to their illness. We will have to use the
communication method to keep in touch so we know what work can be done when all of us are

Success Criteria

To create a successful booklet we will have to make sure it looks professional and business like. We
will have to try and attend every lesson so minutes of the meeting can be done and all ideas can be
shared. We will have to find a reliable way to communicate outside of school to make sure work is
being completed. We will stick to deadlines and if any member is stuck on what to do, we will ensure
what each other needs to do. Our group will have to get along and make sure the work being
produced is to a good effort. Lastly, we will have to make sure our booklet informed the audience
about mobile phones in the past, present and the future. Our booklet should be presented well and
we will ask other groups for feedback, as this is a good way to improve.

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