Attached is a printed schedule that includes only courses that are approved in the OS curriculum. Departments change their schedules
frequently, and Wolverine Access is the most up-to-date source for schedule information. If you find a conflict between this
schedule and Wolverine Access, Wolverine Access should be considered the most current information.

OS Juniors must take OS 310
OS Seniors should complete a Field Research course (OS 410, 490 or 497 - see Cathy if you need to discuss options)

OS 395 – Exploring Careers in OS (1 credit mini-course, FALL ONLY, meets Sept 9 – Oct 12 only)
OS 490 – Advanced Research Team - U.S. Knowledge Economy
OS 490 – Advanced Research Team – College Life
OS 495-001 – Special Topics in OS - Negotiation
OS 495-002 – Special Topics in OS - Non-Profit Organizations

Most spaces in 300-level Econ courses are reserved for juniors and below at the start of registration. If you are a senior with a very
early registration date, you might get one of the few spaces available to seniors. More senior spaces may open at the end of
registration if the class does not fill with underclassmen. Take these courses when you are a junior for the best chance of getting in!

Mkt 300 is typically offered in both fall and winter. However, in the fall, almost all spaces are typically reserved for BBA students,
and in the winter, all spaces are typically open. You can try to register for the one fall section open to LSA students, or contact the
instructor for override information, but you may have a better opportunity to enroll in the course in the Winter term.
MO 314, 324 and STRATEGY 411 have all spaces reserved for BBA students. All three instructors are very familiar with and
supportive of the OS Program. Contact them directly as early as possible to see if overrides might be available.
MO 317 – Teamwork in Organizations, is a course we hope to add to the OS curriculum for F09 (see following page). Contact the
instructor to see if an override may be possible, and it is likely that the course will count in Cluster C for OS for the Fall term.

On Wolverine Access, you will see two types of prereqs:
    • Enforced Prerequisites: These are required, and the system will not let you register without the prereq.
    • Advisory Prerequisites: These are recommended but not enforced – you can register without the prereq.
Most prereqs are advisory only. If you really want to take a course and don’t have the required, enforced prereq, but you think you
have adequate preparation for the course, contact the professor (even with an enforced prereq, some professors are flexible).

Special Note for Comm prereqs: The Comm dept is typically willing to waive the required Comm 101 or 102 prereq for OS
students who wish to take Comm 351, 361, 371, or 381. Contact Comm advisor Elvira Rivera ( to obtain
permission to register without the prereqs. She can also provide information on space availability.

For any course that is closed, **ALWAYS** put your name on the Wolverine Access waiting list, and **ALWAYS** go to the first
day of class. In addition, you may wish to contact the professor now for any information on space availability or waitlist priority.
Many OS students have been able to obtain space in closed courses if they put forth a little effort. Many professors are familiar with
the OS program and may be willing to grant overrides if you identify yourself as an OS major.

Business school courses present a particular challenge, as they are often closed to all LSA students at the start of registration. Some
classes will open to LSA students after business school students have completed registration (but there is no notification – you just
have to keep watching Wolverine Access for restrictions to be lifted). Many business school professors are familiar with OS, and you
can email them early in the registration period to notify them of your interest in their course and to see if an override is possible.

If you find an interesting course that seems to have organizational content, you may petition to have it count toward your major. Be
sure to register for the course in order to hold your space, then send an email to Cathy that includes 1) the course description, and 2) a
brief paragraph describing why you think the course should count for OS and how the course fits into your pathway. Cathy will
respond as quickly as possible, usually within a few days.
OS Courses Offered in F09
CORE                                                                     CLUSTER C - INTEREST CLUSTER
OS 310 Formal Orgs and Environments (ULWR)                               Acc 272 Principles of Accounting II
                                                                         Acc 315 Cost Accounting
CLUSTER A - ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS                                Acc 471 Accounting Principles
Anthrcul 330 Culture, Thought, and Meaning                               CAAS 418/Polsci 324 Black Americans & Polit Syst
Anthrcul 374/Ling 374 Language and Culture                               CAAS 450 Law, Race, and Hist Process I
Comm 361 Media and Public Affairs                                        Comm 454 Media Economics
Comm 381 Mass Media & The Individual                                     Comm 484/PS 484 Media and Political Behavr
Econ 401 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory                               Cmplxsys 250 Social Systems and Energy
Environ 360/Psych 384 Behavior and Environment                           Econ 310 Money and Banking
Ling 374/Anthrcul 374 Language and Culture                               Econ 370/Environ 375 Environmental & Resrce Econ
Orgstudy 495-001 Negotiation (A or C – student choice)                   Econ 398 Strategy
Polsci 330/Psych 393 Political Psychology                                Econ 481 Government Expenditures
Psych 280 Social Psychology                                              Environ 367 Global Enterprise & Sustainable Devlpmnt
Psych 353 Social Development                                             Environ 370/UP 423 Intro to Urban Planning & Environ
Psych 384/Env 360 Behavior and Environment                               Environ 375/Econ 370 Environmental & Resrce Econ
Psych 393/PS 330 Political Psychology                                    History 476/LHC 412 American Business History
Psych 449 DecisionProcesses                                              LHC 305 Legal Environ of Business
Pubpol 330 Microeconomics for Public Policy                              LHC 412/History 476 American Business History
                                                                         Ling 305 Advertising Rhetoric
CLUSTER B - ORGANIZATIONS AND SOCIETY                                    Mkt 300 Marketing Management I
AmCult 345 American Politics & Society                                   MO 314 Managing Change
Comm 351 Media Industries                                                MO 317 Teamwork in Orgs – see previous page
Comm 371 Media, Culture and Society                                      MO 324 Managing Professional Relationships
Cmplxsys/Polsci 281 Emergent Challenges                                  Orgstudy 395 Exploring Careers in OS
Econ 320 Survey of Labor Econ                                            Orgstudy 495-001 Negotiation (A or C, stdt choice)
Econ 330 American Industries                                             Orgstudy 495-002 Non-Profit Orgs (B or C, stdt choice)
Econ 402 Macroeconomics                                                  Polsci 324/CAAS 418 Black Americans & Polit Syst
Econ 421 Labor Economics                                                 Polsci 369 Politics of Internatl Economic Relations
Econ 431 Indus Organization and Performance                              Polsci 432 Law and Public Policy
Econ 432 Government Regulation of Industry                               Polsci 484/Comm 484 Media and Political Behavr
Orgstudy 495-002 Non-Profit Orgs (B or C – stdt choice)                  Psych 356 Educational Psychology
Polsci/Cmplxsys 281 Emergent Challenges                                  Psych 411/Womenstd 419 Gndr & Grp Proc Multicul Cntxt
Polsci 300 Contemp Political Issues                                      RCSSCI 365 Politics of Education
Polsci 311 American Political Process                                    SM 332 Organizational Behavior in Sports Orgs
Polsci 363 Internatl Organization & Integration                          Soc 454 Law and Society
Pubpol 320 Politics, Pol Institutions & Public Policy                    Thtremus 385 Performing Arts Mgmt
Soc 305 Intro to Sociological Theory                                     UP 423/Environ 370 Intro to Urban Planning & Environ
Soc 315 Economic Sociology                                               Womenstd 419/Psych 411 Gndr & Grp Proc Multicul Cntxt
Strategy 411 Corporation in Society

QUANT SKILLS                                                             SPECIAL ORGSTUDY COURSE OFFERINGS
Soc 210 Elementary Statistics                                            (also listed in clusters above)
Stats 350 Intro to Stats and Data Analysis
Stats 400 Applied Statistical Methods                                    Orgstudy 395 Exploring Careers in OS       Cluster C
Stats 405/Econ 405 Intro to Stats                                        Orgstudy 490 U.S. Knowledge Econ           Research or C**
Econ 404 Stats for Econ                                                  Orgstudy 490 College Life                  Research or C**
Econ 405/Stats 405 Intro to Stats                                        Orgstudy 495-001 Negotiation               Cluster A or C
                                                                         Orgstudy 495-002 Non-Profit Orgs           Cluster B or C
Orgstudy 410 Adv Res Meths in Org Stds
Orgstudy 490-001 U.S. Knowledge Economy**                                Reminder List of OS Requirements:
                                                                         Core: OS 305 & 310 required, 6 credits
Orgstudy 490-002 College Life**
                                                                         Cluster A: 2 courses required, 6 credits minimum
Orgstudy 497 OS Honors Research I                                        Cluster B: 2 courses required, 6 credits minimum
                                                                         Quantitative Skills: 1 course required, 4 credits minimum
**Research must be taken in the OS senior year to fulfill the research   Senior Field Research: 1 course required, 3 credits minimum
  requirement. For any OS juniors taking an OS 490 research course,
  it will count in Cluster C.
                                                                         Cluster C: 3 courses required, 9 credits minimum
  Any extra research credits may be counted in Cluster C.                37 total OS requirements required for OS concentration

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