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ARTICLES SUPPORT US eNEWSLETTER Teens overcome challenges in by yaofenji


									                                    Teens overcome challenges in summer program
                               Earlier this year, Goodwill’s Job Training and Education (JTE) Program
Teens overcome             staff had an idea. If they created a summer program for low-income and
challenges in summer       underserved youth, could they positively influence their lives?
program                        “Goodwill recognizes that
                           everyone in the community
Grand Opening of           is responsible for the young
‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is people around us, and we have
a rousing success!         an obligation to contribute to
                           their well-being,” said Barbara
                           “B.G.” Nabors-Glass, Vice Presi-
• Message from Ken         dent of JTE.
                               A few months later, the pro-
• Briefs                   gram took shape as the Summer
                           Youth Training and Wilderness
• Development &            Program. Twenty teenagers,                Participants Miracle Anderson, left, and Queen Nunnery relax after
   Fundraising Update      ranging from 14 to 19 years old,        a hard day of repairing hiking trails during a wilderness trip in August.

                           learned retail and customer service skills for seven weeks and then partici-
• Volunteer News           pated in a 17-day trip into the Washington wilderness.
                               Goodwill reached out to Center for Career Alternatives (CCA), an agency
• Thank you recent         that works extensively with young people; it became a partner and provided
   donors!                 case management support. Urban Wilderness Project (UWP) also partnered
                           and coordinated the wilderness trip.
 SUPPORT US                    When the program began in June, many of the youth were initially head-
Goodwill relies on you!    strong and eager to challenge the authority of Instructor William Ayears.
To learn how you can help,
                           Students talked or slept during class, and three eventually left the program.
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                           CCA Case Manager Robert Jones said “a lot of these young people are dealt
                           a difficult hand in life and have barriers, such as their parents not being
Sales & Events
                           around. At their age, it’s easy to make bad decisions.”
Store Locations
Donation Centers               The program was therefore created for participants like Miracle Ander-
                           son, 16, who has dreams of owning a fashion business one day. Both of her
                           parents are deceased, and the program provided a constructive way for
 eNEWSLETTER               Miracle and others to spend the summer; some of the teens admitted they
                           probably would have gotten into trouble.
                               “What works with adults doesn’t necessarily work with teens,” Ayears
Sign up on our website     said. “I tried to work with them on a level where it wasn’t threatening and
Questions or Comments?         Rather than lecture, he created activities that forced students to work
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from you.
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                             together in groups. For example, the students were tasked with planning
ARTICLES                     and holding a board meeting of a company.
                                 The class sessions taught the teens marketable skills that will help them
                             get jobs. More importantly, it functioned as a platform to teach valuable
Teens overcome
                             life skills.
challenges in summer
                                 Although emotional flare-ups happened throughout the course, Lela
                             Henry, a soft-spoken 17-year-old, said the teens gradually opened up and
                             believed in what Ayears and others were teaching.
Grand Opening of
                                 “In the beginning, I didn’t get along with many people because everyone
‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is
                             brought with them a difficult attitude. But after a little while, the students
a rousing success!
                             in the class bonded. There are kids here that I’ve become close friends with
                             that I wouldn’t have been friends with at school,” she said.
                                 Henry and others in the program learned how to work and interact with
• Message from Ken
                             people who represent diverse backgrounds and personalities, a skill that
• Briefs                     will serve them well the rest of their lives, whether in work or school,
                             Ayears said.
• Development &                  The extended trip into the wilderness offered many of the students their
  Fundraising Update         first significant exposure to the outdoors. Far from the distractions of daily
                             life, staff from UWP encouraged the students to work together as a commu-
• Volunteer News             nity and use the challenge of adapting to a strange, new environment as a
                             way to negotiate the difficulties in their lives back home.
• Thank you recent               So how has the program helped the teens? For the most profound chang-
  donors!                    es, Nabors-Glass urges patience.
                                 “This isn’t the type of program where changes will happen overnight. It’s
 SUPPORT US                  when someone comes back and says, ‘I was headed in the wrong direction,
Goodwill relies on you!      but this program helped me see what I did wrong,’” she said.
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                             Grand opening of ‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is a rousing success!
                                Goodwill on the Ave, a new store in the heart of the University District,
Teens overcome               opened its doors for the first time with a flurry of excitement on Wednesday,
challenges in summer         Nov. 5. A large crowd came out
program                      to be among the first to browse
                             racks of funky, fashionable cloth-
Grand Opening of             ing and accessories as a DJ filled
‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is     the store with his signature mix
a rousing success!           of the latest tunes. Shoppers also
                             munched on snacks and had the
                             chance to win great prizes.
• Message from Ken              “I was excited that so many
                             people were at the opening! So
                                                                                     Shoppers line up in front of the store prior to the
• Briefs                     many shoppers said they just                                        grand opening on Nov. 5.
                             loved the look of the store and they really loved all the great stuff at great
• Development &              prices. It was just a really fun event,” Store Manager Pamela Faulkner said.
  Fundraising Update            The store is located at 4552 University Way NE on the main commercial
                             thoroughfare near the University of Washington, also known as “The Ave.”
• Volunteer News             Goodwill on the Ave will stock a selection of merchandise that appeals to
                                                                                younger shoppers who are looking for hip
• Thank you recent                                                              and trendy clothing and jewelry. Many vin-
  donors!                                                                       tage clothing items will be sold, along with
                                                                                housewares, linens and small appliances
 SUPPORT US                                                                     suitable for apartments and dorm rooms.
Goodwill relies on you!                                                              At 5,400 square feet, this store is one-
To learn how you can help,                                                      quarter the size of Goodwill’s other stores,
visit our site
                                                                                and the interior differs as well. The paint
                                                                                scheme uses earthier tones and the texture
Sales & Events
                                                                                of the wood and metal in the building act
Store Locations
                                                                                as design elements. These elements all pro-
Donation Centers
                                                                                vide a more intimate shopping experience.
                                                                                     “We are very excited about testing a
 eNEWSLETTER                      Goodwill on the Ave will stock hip and trendy
                                                                                small-store model in an urban neighbor-
                                            clothes and accessories.            hood like the U-District. The success of this
                             store will allow us entry into similar neighborhoods where we have found it
                             difficult to find larger spaces,” said Cindi Forslund, Vice President of Opera-
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                                                    Message from Ken: Help the Environment
ARTICLES                                            by Donating to Goodwill

Teens overcome                                            As 2009 approaches and our 85th anniversary year
challenges in summer                                 winds down, I’ve been thinking about ways Goodwill
program                                              contributes to making communities more livable. With
                                                     a strong movement to save the environment sweeping
Grand Opening of                                     the nation, people are looking for ways to lessen their
‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is     impact. Many are now realizing that Goodwill has long been a solid contributor
a rousing success!           to a “green” way of life because of how we operate our business: quality reus-
                             able items are bought by others in our stores, thus extending their usable life.
                                 You can be eco-friendly just by shopping our stores. By purchasing goods
• Message from Ken           that are donated to us, you’re embracing the values of reusing and recycling.
                             We’ve also made the shopping experience greener by providing biodegradable
• Briefs                     bags to our shoppers and selling reusable shopping bags.
                                 The downturn in the economy has forced just about everyone to cut back,
• Development &              but you can still give to a great cause, and help the environment, by donating
  Fundraising Update         items to Goodwill. When cleaning out your closets, attic, basement and shed,
                             round up your gently-used clothes, toys, books, furniture, electronics and oth-
• Volunteer News             er items and bring them to a local Goodwill store or donation center. In addi-
                             tion to lessening the impact on our planet, the sale of these reusable goods in
• Thank you recent           our stores allows us to offer free job training and education programs, which
  donors!                    help build strong families and communities.
                                 Your donation is more than just a tax-deductible gift – it’s an investment in
 SUPPORT US                  our community.
Goodwill relies on you!          I want to thank you, and all those throughout our history, for shopping our
To learn how you can help,
                             stores and donating items. Without your support, we could not sustain this
visit our site
                             environmentally-friendly business that’s infused with the important social pur-
                             pose of helping people get jobs.
Sales & Events
Store Locations
Donation Centers             With deep gratitude,

                             Ken Colling
 eNEWSLETTER                 President & CEO
                             Your Ambassador or Goodwill
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                             Goodwill’s white plastic bags will soon be ‘green’
                                                  The next time you shop at Goodwill, the plastic bags
Teens overcome                                 used to carry your purchases will be much better for the
challenges in summer                           environment. Stores now use a new type of bag that looks
program                                        and feels similar to plastic but is completely biodegrad-
Grand Opening of                               The bags contain a special additive that allows them to
‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is                       break down in landfills, compost piles and other areas with
a rousing success!                             soil.
                                                  Goodwill gives out 2.7 million bags each year,
                             this represents a significant change. The bags will fully biodegrade in any-
• Message from Ken           where from nine months to five years.
                                “Goodwill is always looking for ways to be better environmental stew-
• Briefs                     ards. The bottom line is that it’s the right thing to do,” said Nicole Roberts,
                             Director of Retail.
• Development &                 Goodwill is also rolling out an eye-catching reusable shopping bag that
  Fundraising Update         customers can purchase in stores. Look for them in a store near you in De-
• Volunteer News
                             New member joins Goodwill’s Board of Di-
• Thank you recent           rectors
                                 Goodwill welcomes Jerry R. Walker as the newest
 SUPPORT US                  member of its Board of Directors. Walker is currently
Goodwill relies on you!      Vice President of Finance – Global Operations and Sales
To learn how you can help,   at Intermec Technologies Corp. in Seattle. Previously, he
visit our site
                             worked for, Applied Materials and IBM.
                                 While living in Austin, Texas, Walker served as Treasurer, Executive Com-
Sales & Events
                             mittee Member and Board Member
Store Locations
                             of Central Texas Goodwill Industries from 2005 to 2008.
Donation Centers
                                 Originally from Portland, Walker earned a Bachelor of Science in Finan-
                             cial Planning and Management at Oregon State University. In his
 eNEWSLETTER                 spare time, he enjoys running, biking, swimming, skiing and spending time
                             with his family.
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                           Goodwill builds online presence with Facebook, blogs
                                                An exciting new initiative will make Goodwill a more
Teens overcome                                 active participant in the online community. By using tools
challenges in summer                           available on the Internet, Goodwill hopes to become
program                                        more accessible to new audiences and better connect
                                               with supporters.
Grand Opening of                                To capitalize on the social networking trend, staff cre-
‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is   ated a Facebook page that contains useful information about Goodwill, but
a rousing success!         also allows “fans” to post their own Goodwill-related content, such as pho-
                           tos of great items bought at stores. This interactive element will help Good-
                           will create a relationship with people who may want to learn more about
• Message from Ken         the mission, as well as valuable shopping and donation information.
                              Goodwill is also using another tool, blogs, to post information about
• Briefs                   organizations and events. In October, Goodwill created a blog to publicize
                           November’s Glitter Sale. Like Facebook, blogs also contain an interactive
• Development &            element that lets people post comments. Additional blogs are in the works.
  Fundraising Update
                           Goodwill’s redevelopment plan clears two hurdles
• Volunteer News
                               After more than two years of talks, the developers of a proposed project
• Thank you recent         on the site of Goodwill’s Dearborn Street store reached an agreement with a
   donors!                 coalition of labor, faith and community groups.
                              In exchange for the coalition’s support of the project, the develop-
 SUPPORT US                ers have agreed to: build 200 units of affordable housing in the project;
Goodwill relies on you!    contribute $200,000 to mitigate traffic impacts in the surrounding neigh-
To learn how you can help, borhoods; offer below-market rents on 5,000 square feet of space to com-
visit our site
                           munity nonprofit organizations; contribute $200,000 for the design of a
                           community center in Little Saigon and $600,000 over 12 years to support the
Sales & Events
                           Little Saigon commercial district; and implement several additional condi-
Store Locations
Donation Centers
                              “This agreement is a win for the community, a win for Goodwill and a win
                           for the developer,” said Goodwill President and CEO Ken Colling.
 eNEWSLETTER                  In the proposed development, Goodwill would trade its land in exchange
                           for a new building that would house a store, administrative offices and a job
                           training and education center. The mixed-use development will also contain
                           housing and retail stores, including Target.
Sign up on our website
                              On Oct. 14, the Office of the Hearing Examiner upheld the site rezone
Questions or Comments? recommendation made by the City of Seattle. The rezone for this project
We’d love to hear          still needs final approval by the Seattle City Council.
from you.
                                          1(877) GIVE4GOOD | WWW.SEATTLEGOODWILL.ORG
                             Thank you to our sponsors and supporters who attended
ARTICLES                     the inaugural Glitter Gala!
                                The inaugural Glitter Gala on Thursday,
Teens overcome               Nov. 13 was truly a night to remember.
challenges in summer         The gala celebrated the 25th Anniver-
program                      sary of Goodwill’s Glitter Sale and was an        Total raised at Glitter Gala
                             opportunity for those who support Good-                    more than:
Grand Opening of             will’s mission, including sponsors, donors,                $150,000
‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is     guests, volunteers and staff, to raise funds           (Net proceeds support our
a rousing success!           for our Job Training and Education (JTE)                Job Training Programs)
                             Program.                                                Number of guests:
                                Those who attended enjoyed the si-                           355
• Message from Ken           lent auction and were entertained by an               Number of volunteers:
                             informative and glamorous fashion show                           90
• Briefs                     featuring dresses that represent many                Top-selling auction item:
                             decades and were donated to Goodwill.                  14k Cameo Pendant
• Development &              Guests also watched a moving video about                      $1,000
  Fundraising Update         JTE graduate Joyce Edwards, who used
                             her Goodwill training to find a job.
• Volunteer News

• Thank you recent

Goodwill relies on you!
To learn how you can help,
visit our site
                                  Models walk the catwalk         Joyce Edwards           Guests enjoy fine dining

Sales & Events
Store Locations                                                                           Total amount
Donation Centers                                                                      raised at Glitter Sale
                                                        Shoppers’ purchases          Number of items sold:
 eNEWSLETTER                                            helped this year’s                   13,690
                                                        Glitter Sale raise a        Number of transactions:
                                                        record amount for                 approx. 2900
                                                        Goodwill’s Job Training
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                                                        and Education                     Thank you!
Questions or Comments?                                  Programs!
We’d love to hear                                           7
from you.
                                             1(877) GIVE4GOOD | WWW.SEATTLEGOODWILL.ORG
                             Volunteer uses unique skills to help Goodwill
                                As a steward of its resources, Goodwill always searches for ways to oper-
Teens overcome               ate more efficiently and capably. A unique volunteer, Narissa Ratana, helped
challenges in summer         Goodwill take steps to achieve this goal.
program                         Ratana’s job as a Project Engineer at Starbucks entails analyzing its
                             operations and improving efficiency and productivity. Her skills created a
Grand Opening of             perfect opportunity for collaboration with Process Improvement Director
‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is     Andy Zozom, so she volunteered to help with projects.
a rousing success!              Ratana’s first project analyzed how Goodwill recycles metal in donated
                             items that do not sell in its stores. Rather than use valuable labor to sort
                             this metal, which can also be dangerous work, Ratana recommended that
• Message from Ken           the metal stay unsorted. Reallocating employees assigned to this task to
                             other areas proved to be much more efficient.
• Briefs                        In another project, Ratana examined the access and design of dressing
                             rooms at the Ballard store and its effect on customers’ shopping experience.
• Development &              After measuring dressing room wait times and interviewing shoppers, she
  Fundraising Update         advised staff to install ‘occupied’ indicators and provide a place to sit. She
                             also recommended that attendants stagger their breaks to ensure dressing
• Volunteer News             rooms were easy to access.
                                “She is extremely dedicated and spent three weekends at the store for
• Thank you recent           her dressing room study. She’s so good with people, too,” Zozom said.
  donors!                       By utilizing her specialized set of skills, Ratana’s efforts are helping
                             Goodwill serve its mission by providing more resources to the job training
 SUPPORT US                  and education programs.
Goodwill relies on you!         “Having a job is the main way you feel confident and secure a good life.
To learn how you can help,   There are so many barriers to securing a good job. Goodwill is so great be-
visit our site
                             cause it gives people a chance to be successful,” Ratana said.
                                Ratana plans to collaborate with Goodwill on another project in January.
Sales & Events
                             For more information on volunteer opportunities, call 206-860-5731
Store Locations
                             or visit our Web site at
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                             Thank you recent donors!
                             Financial gifts made July 1 to September 30, 2008
Teens overcome
challenges in summer             Goodwill is grateful for all gifts, large and small, that support Goodwill’s
program                      job training services. On the following pages, we honor and acknowledge
                             individual, corporate, foundation, private, public and in-kind gifts to Good-
Grand Opening of             will. We also extend our sincere appreciation to the over 1.5 million mate-
‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is     rial donors who play an integral role in the success of our retail thrift stores
a rousing success!           located throughout the Puget Sound region. Thank you donors! Your leader-
                             ship and philanthropy helps Goodwill focus on jobs – training, placement
                             and retention – Because jobs change lives!
• Message from Ken           INDIVIDUAL GIFTS       Charles & Norah              Duncan             Roger & Jennifer
                             George & Gale Adair        Butzberger          Dale Dykins                 Grohs
• Briefs                     Mary F. Ahearn         Dale Carter             Billie Eby              Victor Gross
                             James W. & Maxine L.   Katherine Chalmers      Lewis & Susan           Bethany Guldi
• Development &              Allan Arthur Allen &   Harvey & Cindy Chang         Edelheit           G.J. Gump
  Fundraising Update         Anne Wilson Allen      John & Patricia         Harold & Judy Eden      Stephen & Jean
                             Sue Amundson               Chigaras            Ayleen Erickson             Guthrie
• Volunteer News             Murray & Mary Anag-    Diana Childs            Mrs. William Feaster    Augusta Hackstock
                             nost                   Georgianna F. & Rich    Linda Finch             Kathy R. Hale
• Thank you recent           June Anderson              ard W. Cogswell     Clifford Fiscus         Larry Hamilton
  donors!                    Stephen Arnold         Ken & Jeannie Colling   Harriet L. Flaccus      Jewell Hanna
                             Ken Arvidson           James Conan             Donald & Florine        Shirley Hansen
 SUPPORT US                  Bob & Dorothy Atkins   Anne Conkle                  Fleck              Gary Hill Sr.
Goodwill relies on you!      Roger Atlas            Patricia Coulter        Betty Florance          Judith Hill
To learn how you can help,   Rae Azose              Charles & Barbara       Jacob Fox               Jo & Pat Hillyer
visit our site               Elizabeth Baker            Cox                 Carol Furry             Walter & Doris Hoke
                             Darrel Barton          Marie Coyle             Irene Fury              Brenda Hokkanen
Sales & Events               John & Linda Bartram   Johanna Dahl            Fay & Mary Garner       Joanne Hollingsworth
Store Locations              Virginia Bathrick      D.A. & Marjie           Arlene Geist            June P. Holmes
Donation Centers             Eric Bauer                 D’Angelo            Mary Graham             Maurine Howard
                             Betty Mae Berman       Pauline Davison         Thomas & Jane           Barbara Howell
                             Anna Bero              Ronald Dear                  Greene             Menache Israel
 eNEWSLETTER                 Frank & Marjorie       Marjory Devers          Theodore & Sandra       Al Jacklin
                             Bigford                Robert & Geraldine           Greenlee           Ken & Joan Jackson
                             Sandy & Borge              Dillon              Ruth Gregory            Stella Jacobs
                             Boeskov                Ainsley & Joyce Dixon   Wallace & Margaret      John & Elizabeth
Sign up on our website       Dan Bose               Alexa Dobbs                  Gri                    James
                             Lael Braymer           Donald & Mary           Basil & Verena Grieco   Helen Jaspen
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                             Robert & Minty         Nancy McCauley       Denise Mouroux         Robert Statome
                                 Jeffrey            Catherine & Barry    Frank & Jane Reanier   Diane Steen
ARTICLES                     Alex & Janine Jijina       McConnell        Lillian Rehbock        Lars Steinnes
                             Ethel Johnson          James & Peggy        Robert & Evelyn        John Storbeck
Teens overcome               Betty Jones                McDonald              Reutimann         Bryce Storseth
challenges in summer         Mary-Louise Jones      Carolyn McGhee       Iris & Dean Reynolds   Jan Stroh
program                      Michael Jurich & Ro    Jim McMaster         Lauriann & Norton      Adeline Struble
                                 lando Valdepenas   Pat Miller                Reynolds          Shirley Stubben
Grand Opening of             Dorothy Kesterson      Helen Mitchell       Don Riddle             Laura Sundquist
‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is     Suzanne Kilroy         Sandy Morgan         Phyllis Roberts        Helen Tall
a rousing success!           Gary K. Kirkpatrick    Shirley Morgan       William Robertson      Charlotte Tasker
                             Kathryn Klosky         Tom & Debby Morio    Gene Roeglin           Joshua Taylor
                             Peter & Norma Kok      Raymond Moser        Shelton Rogers         Joseph & Carol Teply
                             Greg Lahti             Tracy Neighbors      Lee Ross               James & Pauline
• Message from Ken
                             Dennis & Ruth          Francis Nelson       John Russell               Thaidigsman
                                 Landmark           Sidney & Jeannette   Shellie & Ali Sadr     Herbert & Sally
• Briefs
                             Shirley Lange              Nelson           Ray Sakamoto               Thomson
                             Michael & Carol        Mahlon & Jeanne      Alicejo Saubert        Trudy Tindall
• Development &
                                 Lazara                 Nichols          Clinton Schenk Jr      Helen Turner
  Fundraising Update
                             John & Liz Lee         Tina Norsworthy      Avis Schwab            Paulla & James
                             Robert & Maria         Mary O’Brien         Jack Seeley                Upjohn
• Volunteer News                 Levenson           James & Frederica    Jerome & Josephine     William Valentine
                             Betty & Jim Loranger       O’Connor              Seidl             Rene & Blanche
• Thank you recent           Elsie Loucks           Beatrice Olson       Ellen Shannon              Valverde
  donors!                    Diana Lull & David     Charles O’Morchoe    David & Chlona May     Margaret Vogel
                                 Johnson            Richard & Margaret        Shesely           Matsue Watanabe
 SUPPORT US                  Joann Lund                 Osborne          Ellen Shipley          Sherman & Annie
Goodwill relies on you!      Daniel & Maureen       Omar Alihagi Osman   Ron Siggs                  Laurie Whipple
To learn how you can help,       Lyons              William Pascoe       Margaret Sigley        H. M. & Miriam
visit our site               David Mack             Joan & R. Kim        Ron & Barb Sim             Whippo
                             Vivien Maier               Peterson         Daniel Singer          Shirley White
Sales & Events               Wilbur Mann            Benny Lou & Robert   Roger Smarr            Ramon & Mabel
Store Locations              Yoshiko Markham            Pierce           Doris Smith                Wilder
Donation Centers             Margaret L. Marshall   James Pierce         Erma Smith             John Willis Jr.
                             Clyde & Ruth Mason     Jean Prael           Paul Smith             Beverly Witte
                             David & Sharon         Eilert & Virginia    Deborah Snyder         Allan Wolter
 eNEWSLETTER                     Masseth                Prestegaard      Thomas Snyder          David & Susan Woltz
                             Estate of Audrey B.    Robert Purfeerst     Eric Sorlien           Ethel Woodhouse
Subscribe!                       Matzen             Raymond Radke        Sharon Staehli         Fred & Patricia Wright
                             Kent & Donna           Kay Ramsay           William & Joyce        Suchatri Yesuwan
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                                 Mc Lean            John Rankin Jr. &         Standing

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                             CORPORATIONS,                Corp.                TRIBUTE GIFTS
                             FOUNDATIONS,             Snohomish County         Honor the memory of
ARTICLES                     TRUSTS,                      Public Works         a loved one, or com-
                             NON-PROFIT &             Stanton & Everybody      memorate a birthday,
Teens overcome               GOVERNMENT               US Bancorp               graduation, signifi-
challenges in summer         AGENCIES                     Foundation           cant achievement or
program                      $5,000 and above         Washington First         a personal milestone
                             Bank of America              International        by giving a gift to
Grand Opening of                 Foundation               Bank                 Goodwill as did the
‘Goodwill on the Ave’ is     Cascade Commercial                                following people:
a rousing success!               Properties           $100 - $999
                             Foushée & Associates     Bank of America          In MEMORY of
                             MissionFish              City of Seattle –        Robert Gregory
                             Norcliffe Foundation         Combined             Ruth Gregory
• Message from Ken
                             PKJB Architectural           Charities
                                 Group                NALC Branch 79           In HONOR of
• Briefs
                             Short Cressman &         Wachovia Foundation      Carol Thomas
                                 Burgess, PLLC        WaMu Corporate           Jo & Pat Hillyer
• Development &
                             WaMu                         Giving
  Fundraising Update
                             Wells Fargo                                       In HONOR of
                                                      Gifts up to $99          Lauriann Reynolds
• Volunteer News             $1,000 - $4,999          Europa Imported          PEMCO Insurance
                             BELFOR                        Service, LLC        Companies
• Thank you recent           CBS Radio      
  donors!                    First Place School       Sill Family Foundation
                             Frederick Foster Trust   Urban Fashion            If we have made
 SUPPORT US                      Fund                      Network             a mistake, please
Goodwill relies on you!      GoMobile Advertising     Whitworth Elemen-        contact Bethany
To learn how you can help,   Goodwill Job Training         tary School, 2008   Guldi, Development
visit our site                   & Education               3rd Grade Class     Specialist, at (206)
                                 Department                                    860-5705, or email so
Sales & Events               ICA VDAC                 In-Kind                  that we may correct
Store Locations              Key Foundation           Ben Bridge Jewelers      our records.
Donation Centers             Key Private Bank         Clutch
                             Local Independent        GoMobile Advertising
                                 Charities            Macy’s
 eNEWSLETTER                 Martin Smith, Inc.       NW Asian Weekly
                             Microsoft Corporation    Pepsi Bottling Group
Subscribe!                   Nucor Steel Seattle,     Retail Point of Sale
                                 Inc.                     Systems, Inc.
Sign up on our website
                             Pepsi Bottling Group
                             Seattle Iron & Metals
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