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Rabbi Dan and Aimee Levin Are Proud To Invite Our Temple Beth El

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									temple beth el of boca raton                        march/april 2010 | adar-nisan-iyar 5770

                                Rabbi D  an and Aimee te
                                    Are Proud To El Family
                                 Our Temple B Joy As Our Son
                               To Share In O
                                         Aryeh Joshua
                                     Is Ca lled To The Toh
                                      As A Bar Mi
                                               arei Mot / Ked770
                                 Shabbat Ach 10 – 10 Iyar, 5
                                   April 24, 20 a.m.
                                        Plea se Be Our Gue g Services
                                At Kiddu sh Lunch Foll

                                                             inkel at
                                         RS  VP to Nina F
                                  (561) 3 14-2655 or nfink
A Rite of Passage                                    By RaBBi Dan Levin

Thirteen years ago, when             parents as they watch their       to teach me.
Aimee and I were still               children lead and teach our          Temple Beth El is a family,
relatively new to Boca               congregation. To see your         it is our family, and so Aimee
Raton and Temple Beth El,            child standing in a very adult    and I look forward to sharing
we celebrated the birth of           place, wearing some very          this moment with all of you.
our son. As anyone would             adult clothes, speaking some      As you saw on the cover
expect, becoming a parent            very adult words, and to think    of The Chronicle, we are
is a transformative moment.          of the journey that led to        honored to invite our entire
Theoretically, as parents, we        that moment is a powerful,        congregational family to share
are tasked with serving as           awesome spiritual experience.     in our joy when our son Ari
teachers to our children. But           But I must admit that          celebrates becoming Bar
in truth, I have taught Ari far      privately, ever since I became    Mitzvah on the bima where he
less than he has taught me in        a father, I often take a moment   was named thirteen years ago.
these last thirteen years.           to wonder what it will be like    Please join us for services on
   There is a wonderful passage
in the Passover Haggadah that
I love to study, that discusses
our responsibility to retell
the story of the Exodus each
and every year. It relates that
even if all of us were sages,
wise and learned, that it would
still be our responsibility to
tell the story. No matter how
much we think we know, no
matter how many times we
may have heard the story, each
time is new, each time there is
something different to learn.
   I am often asked if I ever tire
of B’nai Mitzvah celebrations,
and the answer is, no. I have
shared in countless Bar/Bat
Mitzvah celebrations with
members of this congregation,        when it’s my turn to watch        April 24, 2010 at 10:30 AM, and
and I must tell you that each        my children. I wonder what        be our guest for Kiddush lunch
one is different; each one is        I will say when I have the        to follow.
special in its own way. It is a      opportunity to speak to my          Please RSVP to my assistant
singular honor and privilege         son, to place the Torah into      Nina Finkel at 561/314-2655 or
to share in this spiritual           his arms, to watch his hand       e-mail at
process with members of our          guide the yad across the sacred   so that we know how many
congregational family, and           parchment. It doesn’t matter      to expect. We look forward to
I deeply appreciate being            how many hundreds of B’nai        celebrating and learning with
invited to share in that holy        Mitzvah I’ve celebrated – my      you on this special and holy
intimacy. I love to sit next to      son has something important       day.
Annual Giving
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At Temple Beth El, anyone who              dues commitment. Clearly, these           Chai (Life)                            $100 - $249
wants to join and worship                  challenging economic times have           $1,800 - $3,599                        Mr. Stephen Barrow &
                                                                                     Mr. Robert C. & Dr. Sheila Furr            Ms. Janis Manley
with us is able to come to our             increased stress on everyone’s            Dr. & Mrs. John Rubin                  Mr. Philip Berman
Temple regardless of financial             budget, and the Temple too is                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Brauser
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circumstances. This is possible            struggling to do more with less.          $1,000 - $1,799
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participation. Many wonderful                    Book, Leaf on our Tree of Life, a Brick       occasion or honor a loved one.
opportunities are still available on the         on our Children’s Walkway at the                prayer book dedication In honor or in
Beck Family and Main Campuses. For               Main or Beck Family Campus, a Glass           memory of an event or loved one.
more information, please contact Amy             Block, or a Bench in our Mausoleum,             sanctuary seat In honor or in
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The Chronicle is printed eight times per year.                                                 March/April 2010        •   THE CHRONICLE                     3
alternative Service                                                  Family Music
the Jews of ethiopia with                                            Shabbat Featuring
                                                                     Jewish performer
barbara ribakove gordon
friday, march 12
7:30 pm
Our alternative Service                                              and Composer
is designed to create a
more intimate spiritual
                                                                     alan goodis and our
experience, inspiring greater
participation, learning,
                                                                     Fourth graders
prayer, and reflection as an alternative to our family service.      friday, march 12, 7:30 pm
  This month we will have a special guest speaker, Barbara
                                                                     Alan Goodis created
Ribakove gordon – executive director of naCOeJ (north
                                                                     the School of Jewish
american Conference on ethiopian Jewry). Join us as we gain
                                                                     Rock that has allowed
a better understanding of this important issue.
                                                                     him to help hundreds
                                                                     of kids and teens find

Sober Seder                                                                 their Jewish
                                                                               voice. Noted
Wednesday, march 24 6:30 pm
                                                                               for his
The addiction Support Team invites you to join us for our
first Sober Seder. We’ll skip the wine and fill our cups with
                                                                             to building
meaning and spirituality. This event is open to everyone!
                                  The cost is $20 per
                                                                                 and community through
                                       person and includes
                                                                                   music, Alan travels the
                                           a traditional
                                                                                    country to serve as an
                                             passover meal.
                                              For more
                                                                                      song leader and
                                                                                       performer at Temples,
                                              please contact
                                                                                       Hillels, NFTY events,
                                           Joanne Kabel at
                                                                                     and Jewish summer
                                   or 561/314-2656.

                                                                  PrE-nEEd Planning
                                                                  Can Help You and Your Loved Ones
                                                                  Make Difficult Choices, With Ease and

                                                                  The Mausoleum at Temple Beth El
                                                                  Adheres to Jewish Tradition under the
                                                                  Supervision of Our Rabbis

                                                                  please contact
                                                                  Emily Gould, our Mausoleum Advisor,
                                                                  to answer any questions or to make an

                                                                  limited time only
                                                                  Current Pricing until 3/31/10

4   THE CHRONICLE         |
Project Nuremberg                           a collaboration between temple beth el
                                                                                               the legacy of the
                                                                                               nUremberg trials in
                                                                                               the 21st centUry.

  “The greatest tribute we
                                            of boca raton and lynn University
  can pay to the memory                     april 1-10
 of those who perished in                   The German city of Nuremberg serves as bookends to significant events of the
the Holocaust and similar                   Holocaust. It is the place where Hitler’s anti-Semitic laws were announced in
 tragedies is never to stop                 1933, and it is the place where the Nazis were tried at the end of World War II. The
trying to make this a more                  Nuremberg trials prosecuted more
   humane and peaceful                      than 200 Nazi Germany leaders
                                            post World War II. Lynn University
                                            Library is home to a set of 42
   –Benjamin B. Ferencz,                    original volumes of the Nuremberg
         Prosecutor                         trials.Through study, worship,
   at the Nuremberg War                     criminal justice, drama and film, we
        Crimes Trial                        will bring these original Nuremberg
                                            documents to life and examine their
                                            impact in the 21st Century. Watch
                                            for a flyer with final event details.

scholar-in-residence events John Q. Barrett, professor of Law at                                    “nUremberg” movie and
St. John’s University in new York City, is an expert on the late U.S. Supreme                       lectUre With assistant
Court Justice and nuremberg prosecutor Robert H. Jackson (1892-1954). Barrett                       professor nava dUshi
teaches constitutional law, criminal procedure and legal history, and he is the elizabeth S.        thursday, april 1
Lenna Fellow at the Robert H. Jackson Center in Jamestown, new York. professor Barrett is a         at lynn University
graduate of georgetown University (1983) and Harvard Law School (1986).                             6:00-8:00 pm
                                                                                                    Movie “nuremberg” and lecture
“nUremberg sixty years later –                    yom hashoah - holocaUst                           with assistant professor of film
an eye toWards the fUtUre”                        memorial shabbat evening                          in Lynn’s College of international
thursday, april 8                                 Worship With professor                            Communication nava dushi. Open to
at lynn University                                John Q. barrett                                   the public.
5:30 pm                                           friday, april 9 at temple beth el
Lecture with professor John Q. Barrett            7:30 pm                                           proJect nUremberg
followed by refreshments. Open to the public.     Friday night Shabbat alternative Worship          theatre experience
                                                  Services at Temple Beth el with guest             saturday, april 10
“laWyer to laWyer – the                           Speaker John Q. Barrett marking Yom               at lynn University
meaning of nUremberg” With                        HaShoah Holocaust Memorial day.                   adam Simpson, assistant professor
professor John Q. barrett                                                                           of drama in Lynn’s College of
lawyers breakfast at temple beth el               scholar in residence                              international Communication, will
friday, april 9                                   shabbat morning service                           use parts of the original nuremberg
at temple beth el                                 and speaker                                       trial transcript to create a drama
8:00 am $10/per person                            saturday, april 10 at temple beth el              production. “project nuremberg”
This breakfast for attorneys will bring a legal   9:30 am “nuremberg and the holocaust”             will incorporate a multitude of
eye view to the nuremberg Trial Series which      with scholar-in-residence John Q. barrett         performance arts including live
will be on display at the breakfast. along        10:45 am shabbat morning services with            theater, dance, movement, music,
with professor Barrett, lawyers will study        scholar-in-residence John Q. barrett              documentary and reenacted film
the documents in depth with Lynn University                                                         work. The courtroom dialogue
Students and University of Miami Law                                                                will be drawn directly from the
Student Joshua Marcus.                                                                              transcripts.

                                                                                             March/April 2010   •   THE CHRONICLE     5
Passover in America:
          Bronia’s Flight from Darkness
           B y L I N d A H O LT z

           The Jewish calendar is highlighted          From that point
           with many holidays and long held            on religious
           traditions, but for Bronia Kleyner          practice in
           Lopatukhin, who grew up in the              Jewish homes
           former Soviet Union at a time               had come to a
           when religious observances were             standstill, and by
           strictly forbidden, these holidays          the time Bronia
           were not celebrated. She never              was born Jewish
           heard the sounds of the Kol Nidre           observances
           liturgy or looked at the evening            were almost
           stars from beneath a Succah’s               forgotten.That
           palm leaf roof. She never played            is not to say that
           the dreidel game or heard the               Bronia’s parents
           telling of the Passover story at a          denied they
           family Seder. Yet despite living            were Jewish,
           under a government that banned              but the home                           duration of
           religious practice, particularly the        they made for Bronia and her           the holiday.
           principles of Judaism, Bronia was           brother was devoid of religious        Although
           innately aware of her heritage.             articles, books and customs. But       small, the
              Beyond the stamp on her                  who could blame them or other          gesture was
           passport that clearly identified            Russian Jews when the practice         significant.
           her nationality as “Jewish,” Bronia         of Judaism would have meant               As the
           sensed who she was. As a child she          punishment and endless scrutiny        only Jewish
           was proud to learn that both her            from the KGB? Yet one memory           child in
           grandfathers, as boys, had become           shines in Bronia’s mind--an image      her school,
           B’nai Mitzvah, and she fully                of her grandmother observing           Bronia was
           understood that her grandfathers            Yom Kippur by keeping a light on       viewed as
           represented the last of their kind.         in the kitchen pantry for the entire   “different” by her classmates and
                                                                                              this led to incidents of teasing and

                                          Second night Seder                                  prejudice. She felt alienated and
                                                                                              victimized by the anti-Semitism so
                                          march 30, 5:30 pm                                   prevalent in St. Petersburg.
                                          Why is this Seder different than all other             “Life was not fair,” Bronia says.
                                          Seders? Come join the Temple Beth el                “I was a top math student and was
                                          family for the second night of passover             ignored, never credited for my
                                          and discover the answer. enjoy a fabulous           ability. Imagine how I felt when
                                          evening of celebration among friends with           children with lower grades than
                                          great music and fun.                                mine were awarded prizes for
                                                                                              their achievements. There was a
                                          COST: adults $65 (members)                          boy in my class who I suspected
                                          $70 (non-members)                                   was Jewish. Because he kept
                                          Children (ages 3 -12)                               his identity hidden, he had more
                                          $40 (members) $45 (non-members)                     advantages, you know how it
                                                                                              is. But I am glad that my parents
                                          rsvp to debbie eisenberg at 561/314-2834.
                                                                                              never denied who we were.”

   In 1992 Bronia and her family          SHaRed CaRe CeLeBRaTeS
moved to America. Although religious
intolerance in Russia had eased up        27th YeaR WiTH iRiSH STep danCeRS
(and in fact Bronia had observed Yom
Kippur by fasting and even attended       On St. Patrick's Day, March 17th,
a Simchat Torah service), Jews            Irish Step Dancers from St. Joan
continued to pour into big American       of Arc will entertain at Shared
cities.The family’s first destination     Care to help celebrate our 27th
was Brooklyn, where her parents           birthday.
remain today. Not long after arriving,       A program inspired by Rabbi
Bronia was introduced to Gene             Emeritus Merle Singer and
Lopatukhin, a computer engineer.          Cis Rader of blessed memory,
Also Russian, Gene had moved to the       Shared Care was initially hosted
United States as a child and had been     by First Presbyterian Church
living in South Florida.                  on Camino Real, now Grace
   The two married in 1994 under          Community Church. Ginny Bond,
a huppah at Temple Torah in Little        still officiating as liaison, was the
Neck, New York. Up until then, Bronia     first volunteer. Several years later, the      With only a $10 member fee, which
had never attended a Jewish wedding       program moved to Temple Beth El and          hasn’t changed in all these years, the
or any Jewish life cycle celebration.     was joined by St. Joan of Arc.               program provides coffee, cookies,
The moment not only marked the               The interfaith program continues to       birthday cakes and special occasion
beginning of her marriage to Gene,        meet on Wednesdays from September            celebrations. Once a year caregivers are
but Bronia’s official entry into the      through May from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM.         honored in an annual program called
Jewish community.                         It gives needed respite to husbands,         Cookies for Caregivers.
   Today, Bronia, Gene and their two      wives, daughters, sons, mothers, and           Please join us for this celebration.
children Elliot, age 12, and Ricca, age   fathers using the faithful service of          For more information on the
8, are members of Temple Beth El.         volunteers that outnumber members            program or to volunteer, please contact
The preschool is what initially drew      two to one.                                  Marba Mallet at 561/391-8900.
the Lopatukhins to TBE, but it did
not take long before Bronia became

                                                                           Spring blue Jeans
involved in temple activities. As a
speech pathologist she keeps very
busy, but still manages to attend
“Lunch and Learn,” the TBE book
club and she served on the Early                                           put on your favorite blue jeans
Childhood committee for one year.                                          and join your tbe friends for dinner.
She often attends services on Friday
nights and feels very much a part of                                       friday, april 23 6:00 pm
the TBE community. As the date fast                                         cost: $15 per adult          $12 per child
approaches for Elliot’s bar mitzvah,                                        (3-13)
Bronia can hardly believe he will be
the first child in three generations to
become a Bar Mitzvah.                                                        RSVp by april 16 to debbie
   Bronia and Gene are committed to                                          eisenberg, Communications and
bringing Jewish tradition into their                                         events Coordinator 561/314-2834.
home. Holidays are celebrated with                                             7:30 pM - Continue to celebrate
joy and gratitude and each holiday                                             Yom Ha’atzmaut: israel
reminds Bronia of the freedom she                                               independence day through music
now has. Perhaps no holiday is more                                              and prayer at Shabbat Services.
significant to Russian Jews than
Passover. Arranging the table for the
Seder, Bronia is reminded of the Jews’
exodus from Egypt and of her own
journey from oppression.

                                                                                      March/April 2010   •   THE CHRONICLE   7
88 M a i m o n i d e s I n s t i t u t e f o r J e w i s h L e a r n i n g

In a world filled with carpools, music lessons, homework,           • Our School is overflowing with innovative and
sports practices and Religious School, the juggling of           educational opportunities.
responsibilities continues. Making priorities and following         • Both of our campuses are filled with happy students as
through with the expectations of these commitments can           they learn Bible, Hebrew and basic Judaic literacy.
sometimes be overwhelming. Jewish Education is not a                • On both campuses our staff is using the latest
necessity, but rather a decision and commitment made by many     technology with SMARTBoards to enhance the classroom
of our families. When you made the commitment to register        experience.The SMARTBoard on the Main Campus
your children in Religious School and continue this journey      was received through a grant from the Legacy Heritage
through high school, what were you really signing up for?        Foundation.
  Congregational Schools are the way most of our children           We had 40 of our students attend URJ Camp Coleman
experience Judaism. Many people question whether this            last summer and look forward to those same impressive
twice a week investment into the future of Judaism is            numbers with attendance at the new URJ sports camp 6
enough. We say “Yes.” Here is what we know:                      Points Sports Academy, directed by TBE’s member Randy
  • Our clergy, many of our teachers as well as Robin and        Colman.
Marcy are products of Congregational Schools.                       According to Steven Cohen’s research based upon the
  • 50 percent of those enrolled in Temple Beth El Religious     2000 Jewish Population Study, congregational education
School are also members in our youth groups.                     does make an impact on one’s Jewish identity. The more
   • Our 2009-2010 Confirmation class has 30 students in         the hours, the greater the impact, with the greatest impact
attendance.                                                      occurring when the congregational school experience
  • Journey Through Judaism (our 11th and 12th grade             is supported by additional informal Jewish education
program) had 23 students go to New York City in January.         experiences as well (camp, youth group, trip to Israel).
  • Our Derech Torah January Retreat had over 45 students.          As you register your child for Religious School this year
  • Family participation is stellar in our Family Education      and coordinate Derech Torah carpools, and save money to
Programs.                                                        pay for overnight camp. Remember that you are making
  • We have 14 teenagers participating in Shir Ruach-our new     an investment in the future of Judaism. We don’t take this
song leading program funded by the Legacy Heritage Foundation.   responsibility lightly and we hope you don’t either.

                                                    Early Childhood & Child Care*
                                                     registration for 2010-2011
                                                               Registration held at the
                                                         Main and Beck Family Campuses.
                                                      For information or to schedule a tour call:
                                                             Judy Levine (Main Campus)
                                                         ann pardes (Beck Family Campus)
                                                                   *Offered at Beck Family Campus only.

UpCOMing eVenTS
clUb chai (6th, 7th                                mitzvah proJect                                  JeWish ethics for parents:
and 8th grades):                                   sunday, april 11                                 When to rescUe yoUr child
dinner with bofty                                  12:00-3:00 pm                                    sunday, march 21
tuesday, march 16, 6:00-7:00 pm                    Meet your friends in the TBe Youth Lounge        10:30-11:30 am
Come have dinner at the Temple and meet            for lunch and be part of a Mitzvah!              instructor: rabbi dan levin
the members of BOFTY, our Senior                   For more information or to RSVp for              it is never easy to see our kids in pain, but
Youth group.                                       the Club events, please contact Juliane          pain can be one of life’s greatest teachers.
                                                   Wolfberg at or             When is it okay to let our kids hurt? For
lUnch & camp Jenny’s                               561/314-2917.                                    more information or to RSVp, please
got talent                                                                                          contact Joanne Kabel at jkabel@tbeboca.
sunday, april 25, 12:00 pm                         tefilah for tWeens: the great                    org or 561/314-2656.
Join you Club Chai friends for lunch and stay      passover afikomen hUnt
to watch Camp Jenny Talent Show at TBe.            friday, march 26 7:00 pm                         kidz korner to
                                                   Come be a part of our wonderful Shabbat          celebrate passover
clUb kitanim (3rd, 4th                             experience geared towards 3rd – 6th              sunday, march 21
and 5th grades)                                    graders and their families. Join us for the      9:30 am
havdalah happening                                 service (you get credit!) and then stay for      TBe Main Campus Youth Lounge,
saturday, march 13, 6:00-8:00 pm                   a fun scavenger hunt. We’ll also make            underwritten by the Women of Reform
play some, pray some, eat some, and                special flavored matzah as we get ready to       Judaism at TBe. Contact Melissa Romero,
create some at our Havdalah Happening.             celebrate passover!                              561/241-2987,

Continuing Education
                                                                                    For more information about our Continuing education
                                                                                    programs, please contact Joanne Kabel at 561/314-2656

hebreW 101: let’s start                         Judaism? did you become a Bar or
at the very beginning                           Bat Mitzvah as an adult? are you just
                                                                                                      spring and fall 2010
tuesdays, march 2 – may 25                      hoping to explore Judaism on a deeper
                                                                                                        temple beth el
7:00-8:30 pm fee: $54                           level? Then come enroll in Judaism                    physicians initiative
instructor: sophie Janssen                      202: Beyond the Basics. in our first                  for Jewish Wisdom
This class is developed for those who           course (which will last 8 weeks), we                         and the
have always wanted to learn how to              will explore Torah and Text. For more                 practice of medicine
read Hebrew. The goal is to develop             information or to sign-up, contact                   “Are porcine skin grafts acceptable
the reader’s ability to decode written          Joanne Kabel at                        for a religious Jew?”
Hebrew as well as to ground Hebrew                                                                   “What does Jewish law say about
in its use in Jewish ritual, study, and         haggadah 101: condUcting                             the treatment of the terminally ill?”
tradition. To enroll, please contact            and Understanding                                “What are the implications of Plastic Surgery
Joanne Kabel at or           yoUr seder                                                    in Jewish law?”
561-314-2656.                                   saturday march 20                                        “What is the meaning of
                                                10:00 am - 12:00 pm                               Jewish Medical Ethics to the Physician?”
JUdaism 202: beyond the                         explore the ancient traditions while               a special series for Temple Beth el’s
basics                                          inserting your own rituals. Become           physicians examining Jewish Medical ethics and
torah and text                                  more familiar with the Hebrew parts          physician Wellness. This program is generously
                                                                                                   funded by The ed and Freyda Burns
Wednesdays, march 10 – april 28                 of the seder while deepening your                        enhanced Living initiative
7:00-8:30 pm fee: $36                           understanding of the story of our
instructors: rabbi Jessica brockman             people’s freedom. This class will help
                                                                                                       For more information contact
and rabbi pam mandel                            you enhance your family’s seder and                  Rabbi Brockman at 561/391-8900
Have you taken introduction to                  make it an experience!

                                                                                                   March/April 2010   •   THE CHRONICLE             9
88 M a i m o n i d e s I n s t i t u t e f o r J e w i s h L e a r n i n g

JonahChevlin                                                                     Karla
As part of my Bar Mitzvah preparation I chose to perform a community service
project that helps less fortunate households in our area. Between Thanksgiving
and Hanukkah, I organized
a food drive in our                                                              My mitzvah project was
neighborhood. I went                                                             helping needy and disabled
door to door and collected                                                       kids through the Junior
79 pounds of canned                                                              League of Boca Raton, an
and dry goods, as well                                                           innovative community
as toothpaste, shampoo,                            GOT                           collaboration enticing the
etc. for the Neighborhood                                                        Spirit Of Giving Network.
Resource Center (NRC) in                                                         As the holidays were
downtown Delray. I smiled                                                        coming up, there were
when I got personalized                                                          less fortunate children
notes from neighbors                                                             that had no gifts for
congratulating me on my                                                          Christmas, Channukah, and
Bar Mitvah and the good                                                          or Kwanzza.The Spirit of
deed I was doing.The                                                             Giving Network helped
NRC was very happy and                                                           obtain the desired gifts for
appreciative to receive the                                                      needy children all around
products because with                                                            Palm Beach County.
the bad economy and job                                                            My part was to ask
losses, the need is greater                                                      people in my community
this year than in the past.                                                      to buy presents for the
                                                                                 children in need. I also
                                                                                 volunteered to attach
                                                                                 ornaments to presents
                                                                                 and organize them for
       CAMP JENNY’S                                                              different organizations. On

                                                                                 December 13, 2009, three
      GOT                                                                        of my friends and I went to
                                                                                 help these children.
                                                                                   I would like to say
                                                                                 thank you to everyone
                                                                                 that helped me with this
           A talent show                                                         project and most of all that

        to support BOFTY’s                                                       make the holidays joyous
                                                                                 for those children. Special
        Annual Fundraiser                                                        thanks to: Skylar Crespi,
          for Camp Jenny                                                         Remy Bell, and Kyra Allen
                                                                                 who came with me and
     Sunday, April 25 12:00 PM                                                   helped with my mitzvah
           A camp that gives inner-city                                          project. Maybe I have
             children the experience                                             inspired you too.
                   of a lifetime.
                 To enter, contact
                 Joanne Kabel at

10    THE CHRONICLE    |
                                                March 6        9:00 aM       Leah Brand, daughter of Robert & amy Brand
                                                March 6       11:30 aM       Jacob gottsegen, son of Steven & ellen gottsegen
                                                March 13      11:30 aM       Sara Shmueli, daughter of david Shmueli & deena Freeman
                                                March 20       9:00 aM       Mike Spooner, son of James & Rebecca Spooner
                                                March 20      11:30 aM       Jacob greene, son of Jonathan & andrea greene
                                                March 27      10:30 aM       Sarah pincus, daughter of david & anna pincus

                                                april 1         in israel    Jacob Quinter, son of peter & Sandra Quinter
                                                april 1         in israel    alexandra Quinter, daughter of peter & Sandra Quinter
                                                april 10       9:00 aM       Matthew geller, son of alan & Susan geller
                                                april 10      11:30 aM       daniel Beckerman, son of Michael & Marcia Beckerman
                                                april 10       6:00 pM       andrew ecoff, son of gary & elise ecoff
                                                april 17       9:00 aM       Max Sibner, son of Steve & Julia Sibner
                                                april 24      10:30 aM       ari Levin, son of Rabbi dan & aimee Levin

                Leah Brand             Jacob gottsegen                      Sara Shmueli                Mike Spooner

 Jacob greene                Sarah pincus                  Jacob Quinter              alexandra Quinter                   Matthew geller

          daniel Beckerman                  andrew ecoff                    Max Sibner                        ari Levin

                                                                                           March/April 2010    •   THE CHRONICLE           11
bingo-tini ladies                 are welcome to Room 802
                                                                                 UPDATE               HOLIDAY GREETINGS
                                                                  Liliana K. Abramson                           Jan & Allen Lev & Family
night oUt                         for this event. Contact Judy    The Averbook Family                           Rabbi Dan & Aimee Levin & Family
thursday, march 11 7:00 pm        Blackman, 561/364-1627,         Helene & Arthur Avidon                        Betsy Silverfine & Russ, Ella & Brayden
                                                                  Joan & Harold Bader                                Levine
Join Sisterhood for an   or           Stanton & Carol Bass
                                                                                                                Karen, Steve & Jenna Levine
evening of bingo and drinks.      Cindy Chassan, 561/391-         The Louis Beck Family
                                                                  Abby, Steve, Hannah & Evan Bentz              The Levitan Family
Prizes can be won when            9764, chassanpw@yahoo.          Dennis & Marjorie Berg                        Susan, Robert, & Shelly Lieberman
we play purse bingo, based        com                             Ruth Berg                                     Sarina & Jerry Lind
                                                                  Linda, Bill, Marla, Lauren & Brooke Berger    Stephanie, Nathaniel, Rachel, Rebecca &
on the bizarre things you                                         Judy & Michael Blackman                            Jacob Lowen
bring in your purse. Cost         commUnity-Wide                  Betsy, David, Jeremy, Julie & Jenna           Marbie & Ronny Mallet
is $10 for first game; $15        Women’s seder                        Blechman                                 Rabbi Pam & Brad Mandel
                                                                  Richard & Marlene Bluestein & Family          The Manis Family
buys additional cards for the     thursday, march 18, 6 pm, at    Rabbi Jessica & Scott Brockman & Family
                                                                                                                Shelley & Larry Marcus & Family
evening. For information,         congregation b’nai israel       Dr. Mark & Mrs. Reginee Bromson
                                                                  George S. Brown                               Al Rubin & Sally Merzer
contact Shelley Marcus,           Didn’t receive your             Alex Bruner, Roberta Presser & Ben Bruner     The Mogell Family
561/998-7720, sampsych53@         invitation? Contact Co-         Barbara & Mariel Butan                        Susan, Bruce, Eliza, & Jordan Moldow
                                                                  The Catalfumo/Kaufman Family: Jan, Ileen,     Stacy, Steven, Zachary, Josh & Rachel or Cindy Chassan,         Presidents Gail Cohen,               & Heather                                     Needell
561/391-9764, chassanpw@          561/736-5110, lovemegal@        Judith Chason & Family                        The Niles Family               or Lisa Zwick,          Cindy, Shabtai, David, Jennifer & Rachel      Michael, Kelly & Sidnie Passeroff
                                                                       Chassan                                  The Pincus Family
                                  561/505-8486, Lzwick5596@       Gail & Irwin Cohen
                                                                                                                Andrea, Mark, Robert & Leah Platt
annUal sisterhood                               Nancy, Gary & Mitchell Eisenberg
                                                                  Robin Eisenberg & Andy Broido                 Margie & Maurice Plough, Jr.
shabbat                                                           Morton Jay & Sandra Emerman                   Susan & Barry Podolsky
friday, march 5 7:30 pm           do yoU have a son/              Dr. Merrill & Irene, Jennifer & Melissa       Sandy, Peter, Jake & Ali Quinter
                                                                       Epstein                                  The Racenstein Family
Sisterhood participates           daUghter in college             Jean & Dr. Morris Erdheim                     Helen C. Regenstreif
with clergy in the                or in the military?             Nancy-Jo & Alan Feinberg                      The Robbe Family
intergenerational Sisterhood      Sisterhood sends packages       Aline Fisher                                  Melissa, Carlos, Alexis, Josh & David
                                                                  Roy, Debbie, Julie, Rachel, Jacob, Bradley &
Shabbat service, followed by      and birthday cards to                                                              Romero
                                                                       Ben Fleishman
                                                                  The Fogel Family                              Lee, Julia & Kyle Rosen
special Oneg with desserts        college students and military                                                 Debbi, Larry, Ally & Megan Rosenblum
                                                                  Dr. Jeffrey Fromowitz
baked by members of the           personnel who are related       Sheryl & Marty Fromowitz                      The Schaum Family
Sisterhood Board.                 to TBE members. Contact         Marvin, Roberta, Melanie, Jonathan &          Norman & Elaine Schlessberg
                                                                       Marjie Galler                            Linda & Robert Schmier
                                  Shelley Marcus, 561/998-        The Garroway Family                           Sharyn, Bob, Daniel & Marc Schneiderman
knit & nosh                       7720,        Mary C. Arpe, Sarah & Michael Gelfand         Marcy, Barry, Pierce, Brooke & Skylar Schultz
                                                                  Bob & Lucille Geller
tuesday, march 9 10:00 am         or Lois Niles, 561/367-9402,                                                  Stephanie & Dr. Steven Schuster & Family
                                                                  The Goldberg Family
Seasoned and new knitters                                                           Laurie, Michael, Brandon, Jessica & Jared
                                                                  Audrey & Michael Gordon
                                                                  Glenda, Ken & Ali Gordon                           Schuster
                                                                  Gladys & Arnold Granet                        The Schwamm Family
 JUdaica shop                                                     Judith & Stanley Gray                         Lori, Michael, Lizzie & Adam Shapiro
                                                                  Sybil N. Greenfield                           Mara, Michael, Jenna, Scott & Daniel
 the sisterhood Judaica shop has seder plates,                    Judy & Gordie Grenn & Family                       Shapiro
 candle holders, haggadahs and many other                         Tracey, Gabe, Noah & Asher Grossman           Steve, Susan, Jayde & Joshua Shulman
 passover items. hours: open following friday night               The Henschel Family                           Bernard & Elaine Shulman & Family
                                                                  The Hershey Family                            Rabbi Merle & Myra Singer
 services and when religious school is in session. to             Ida B. Herst
                                                                                                                Gail Smith & Joseph Keen
 make an appointment or confirm the shop is open,                 Marc, Meredith, Ethan, Dalton & Benjamin
                                                                                                                The Steinberg Family
 call lisa zwick, 561/504-8486,                Arlene, Traci & Alexandra Hoffman             Alan & Janet Sussberg & Family
                                                                  The Homer Family                              The Turetzky Family
                                                                  The Jackman/Tucker/Garcy Family               Sheryl, Jeff, Zoe & Dara Unger
                                                                  Paul, Susie, Kirby & Sam Jacobs               Lenore & Herbert Wachtel & Family
                                                                  Ruthie & Jack Jacobson                        The Waldman Family
                                                                  Ed & Shirley Kaplan                           Marty, Marsie, Mac & Matthew Wallach
                                                                  Jonathan & Nina Kaplan & Family               David, Melissa, Andrew, Steven & Sarah
                                                                  Dr. Sidney & Annabetta Kaufman
                                                                  Natalie & Stanley Klebanoff & Family
                                                                  Mimi & Joe Klein                              Phyllis & Alan Weiner
                                                                  Janet Kline & Saul Kopeika                    Todd, Michelle, Jenna & Brett Wolfe
                                                                  Lazarovic Family                              David, Darlene, Jessica & Adam Wulkan
                                                                  Sherry, Ken, Rachel, Hannah & Josh Lerner     Lisa, Andrew, Amanda & Ian Zwick

12   THE CHRONICLE        |
                                                                               UPDATE                  mother’s day event
Dear Friends –                                 ever growing population of current                      sunday, may 9
I want to tell you                             and future members of TBE. But most                     Come join us in
about a great event                            of all, his highest priority continues to               celebration of one of the
that everyone looks                            be ensuring that our spiritual home                     most cherished days of
forward to every                               continues to have the personal touch and                the year.Treat your mother
year. It is our Annual                         feeling that we have all come to know,                  and wife to a terrific
Brotherhood Golf                               love and appreciate. His dedication to our              breakfast sponsored
Tournament. This                               congregation is second to none and the                  by Brotherhood with
year we are thrilled      mike blackman        Brotherhood is privileged to honor Mark,                incredible entertainment
to honor an individual that is known by        and share this occasion with him.                       that will make this event
all and has spent 19 years devoting his          As an added value this year we are                    one to remember. Again
time and efforts to TBE as well as his         rolling back the participation fee, so look             keep your eyes pinned
commitment to Brotherhood.                     for your application in the lounge and                  to posters in the lounge
   Our honoree is Mark Platt and as            send to TBE Brotherhood Attention Steve                 and emails with details.
many of you know he is our current             Bentz. For more information contact                     Trust me when I tell you
Temple Beth El President. He took over         Steve at 561/451-2949, or email him at                  that you are in store for
that leadership role when our previous                                         a Mother’s Day event
president had to relocate for job related        In addition, we are also very pleased to              that will be like no other
reasons. Mark’s leadership has guided          commit a portion of this year’s golf event              you’ve experienced.
the Temple successfully through some           profits in support of Camp Coleman.
very challenging times. Under his tenure       Camp Coleman is a Jewish camp based                     brotherhood
he not only oversaw the growth and             in Cleveland, Georgia that many of TBE                  foreign film festival
expansion of our membership, but               family’s children have attended, and will               tuesday, march 16
has also been instrumental in so many          attend. This camp provides experiences                  7:00 pm
positive changes in TBE’s, programming,        for our children that last a lifetime and               “Lemon Tree”
membership, fund raising, ritual, spiritual,   we are very pleased to offer our support.
and organizational activities, while             So let’s all get behind this terrific                 tuesday, april 20 7:00 pm
maintaining a social environment that          event by participating in a number of                   "Live and Become"
everyone enjoys and continues to want          ways. First, if you play golf put together a
to be part of. Additionally, Mark has led      foursome and register. Be part of the fun               fishing again
us through the beautiful modification          and enjoy what will be a terrific day on                Back by popular demand.
of our Frances and Solon Cohen Atrium,         April 11. Second, if you are not a golfer               If you thought our
and our newest expansion out West              you can be part of this recognition by                  Brotherhood Sponsored
with the opening of the Beck Family            providing an ad in our event program                    Fishing contest back in
Campus. It now has over 100 children           sharing your message and appreciation to                August was fun, wait
and has the capability of servicing an         Mark, and support of Camp Coleman.                      until you hear about our
                                                                                                       next one. With all of the
                                                                                                       excitement that lead up
                                                                                                       to and during the last
                                                                                                       fishing event we have had
Brotherhood golf Classic                                                                               a huge calling for a second
                                                                                                       deep sea journey. So keep
Honoring Mark platt                                                                                    your eyes on my emails
                                                                                                       as well as on posters and
Sunday, april 11                                                                                       flyers in the lounge with
Boca greens Country Club                                                                               all the details of our next
                                                                                                       fishing event currently
                                                                                                       scheduled for May.

                                                                                    March/April 2010   •   THE CHRONICLE       13
                                                                                             By LOTTIE NILsEN

       The Tale
           of a

     T      he snapshots of memories are stark and haunting:
            a four-year old forced to watch as her father is
            publicly hanged in the town square; one final look
     at the sweet face of her baby brother over her mother’s
     shoulder as they board a train to their deaths; digging
                                                                                              it happened,” she said.“You have
                                                                                              clusters in your brain, and you have
                                                                                              no way to clarify it.”
                                                                                                 For years, she has searched for
                                                                                              information about her family and
                                                                                              her history.Thanks to research,
     a hole in the mud with her bare hands so she can bury                                    some of her stories have only
                                                                                              recently had the details added. In
     herself up to her neck in hopes of finding warmth and
                                                                                              April 2008, a researcher in Poland
     remaining unnoticed in Bergen-Belsen.                                                    was able to locate a copy of her
                                                                                              birth certificate and her parent’s

     F   rieda Jaffe is a Shoah survivor who
         has been an active member of
     Temple Beth El since she and her
                                                 called childhood.” She is dedicated to
                                                 telling her story, a tale that belies the
                                                 vibrant woman she grew up to be.
                                                                                              marriage certificate. For the first
                                                                                              time, she knew for sure that she had
                                                                                              been observing the correct birthday,
     husband, Harold, and sons Steven and          “You get to a point where you think        as well as information about her
     Paul joined in 1979. This vivacious         did I dream this? Is it a nightmare that     father’s family, about whom she had
     woman with sparkling eyes, beautiful        just refuses to go away? When you            known nothing. However, finding a
     hair and a surprisingly ageless face        are a child, explanations of events          few answers has revealed even more
     has spent a lifetime seeking clues to the   are still live. They are very clear, very    questions.
     mysteries of what she calls her “so-        in-depth, but not necessarily the way           Born Fredzia Gelcman on June 16,

14   THE CHRONICLE       |
1937 in Piotrkow, Poland, Jaffe was just     “We need to honor, we need to remember and we
two years old when Germany invaded
Poland, swiftly setting up the country’s     need to be sure we don’t overprotect our children.”
first ghetto in her hometown. By the
time she was four years old, her family      by a guard who said ‘Let her watch. She               After that, there were less than 1,000
had moved from Piotrokow to the small        has to learn a lesson.’That is just not            people left in the ghetto. Jaffe managed
Polish town of Lututow, where her            something any child can rid her mind               to survive for another two years there by
father was a well-known chemist with a       of.You can try, but it just won’t go away.”        hiding, blending in and being passed from
formula for turning otherwise unusable         After her father’s murder, Jaffe, her            one person to another.
animal hides into fine leather. In January   mother and baby brother made it back to               The last adult to care for her in
1942, when he refused to give up his         the ghetto in Piotrkow. On October 22,             Piotrkow was a young man, a distant
formula to the Nazis, they made an           1942, the ghetto was almost emptied as             relative by marriage.When they were
example of him.                              22,000 Jews were deported to the death             deported in November 1944, they
   “One morning, the door was broken         camp at Treblinka.                                 were separated and she spent four
down by these people in uniforms. I            Only five years old at the time, Jaffe           horrific days in a cattle car going to
didn’t know who they were, but of            remembers the Jews were rounded up                 Ravensbruck, a concentration camp
course they were Germans,” she said.         at the railway where cattle cars were              where the Nazis performed medical
   Her father was taken away and her         waiting. Being independent and spirited,           experiments on women and girls.
next memory is in a public square            Jaffe says she left her mother’s side and             “In January of 1945, there must have
where he was made to crawl to the            wandered around in the crowd.When                  been a reason we had to move, it was
gallows across sharp stones that             she heard her mother’s name called to              coming down to the end, so we were
                          ravaged his        board the train, she tried to get to her,          transported to Bergen-Belsen,” Jaffe said.
                          knees and legs.    but as she made her way through the                   Conditions at Bergen-Belsen were
                          “I remember        masses a hand grabbed her, pushed her              horrendous.“It was winter and we
                          so clearly my      down and muffled her shouts. It was her            didn’t have any clothes. People were
                          mother trying      Aunt Gittel, who prevented her from                dying from the cold. Once a day there
                          to put her         going to the gas chambers at Treblinka.            was a bowl of --let’s call it soup. It was
                          hands over           As she watched her mother board                  muddy water, with pieces of something
                          my eyes so I       that train, her baby brother looking               in it, later I learned it was a wild beet.
                          wouldn’t see       back over his mother’s shoulder, it                It was a little bit like a cactus, and the
                          the gallows,       would be the last time she would ever              chunks of it would get stuck in your
                          the hanging.       see either of them. She doesn’t doubt              throat,” she said.“What I remember in
                          Her hand was       her mother’s love, though. “Imagine                Bergen-Belsen is finding ways to not
                          knocked away       what it took for her to walk away                  be seen.There was stuff that was going
                                                         without looking back while I           on; bodies were being piled; there were
                                                         called out to her,” Jaffe said.                                   COnTinUed On page 18

                                                      opposite freida Jaffe with other young bergen belsen survivors. this page top freida Jaffe’s
                                                      passport to leave bergen belsen bottom Jaffe before the war in lututow poland, freida and
                                                      her parents at the beginning of the war, Jaffe’s brother, szimek who died in treblinka.

                                                                                             March/April 2010   •   THE CHRONICLE             15
   All events are held at TBE’s Main
   Campus unless otherwise noted

                                                                                       MARCH                                                                                            2010
             S U N D AY                            M O N D AY                              T U E S D AY                         W E D N E S D AY                         T H U R S D AY                            F R I D AY                             S AT U R D AY
                                         4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)             12:00 PM-Lunch & Learn: Mishkan T’filah   4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)             4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)    3/05 - 3/08-NFTY-STR Spring Kallah   9:00 AM-Bat Mitzvah of Leah Brand
                                                                                  4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)      6:45 PM-Bridge                           4:30 PM-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class                                               9:30 AM-Shabbat Morning Torah Study
                                                                                  6:00 PM-BOFTY Dinner                     7:00 PM-Introduction to Judaism          7:00 PM-TBE Adult Chorale              9:30 AM-BEMA & EC Committee Meeting 10:45 AM-Shabbat Morning Minyan
                                                                                  7:00 PM-Derech Torah                     7:30 PM-Membership Meeting               7:30 PM-RAC Meeting                        (BFC)                            11:30 AM-Bar Mitzvah of Jacob Gottsegen
                                                                                  7:00 PM-Confirmation Class                                                                                                6:30 PM-Tot Shabbat Service
                                                                                  7:00 PM-Hebrew for Beginners                                                                                             7:30 PM-Shabbat Evening Service with

31                                        1                                        2                                        3                                        4                                       5                                           6

9:30 AM-6th Grade Parallel Classes       4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)             10:00 AM-Knit and Knosh                  9:00 AM-PBJ Sandwiches for Dixie Manor   4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)    6:30 PM-Rehearsal 4th Graders               9:30 AM-Shabbat Morning Torah Study
9:30 AM-Religious School (Main & BFC)    5:30 PM-Building & Ops Meeting           12:00 PM-Lunch & Learn: Mishkan T’filah   9:30 AM-Shared Care                      4:30 PM-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class          7:30 PM-Alternative Service: The Jews of    10:45 AM-Shabbat Morning Minyan
12:30 PM-Shir Ruach                                                               4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)      4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)             6:30 PM-Brotherhood Board Meeting          Ethiopia with Barbara Ribakove Gorden   11:30 AM-Bat Mitzvah of Sara Shmueli
                                                                                  6:00 PM-BOFTY Dinner                     6:45 PM-Bridge                           7:00 PM-Sisterhood Bingotini           7:30 PM-Shabbat Evening Family Service      6:00 PM-Club Kitanim Havdalah
                                                                                  7:00 PM-Hebrew for Beginners             7:00 PM-Judaism 202: Beyond the Basics   7:00 PM-TBE Adult Chorale                  with Alan Goodis                            Happening
                                                                                  7:00 PM-Derech Torah                     7:00 PM-Introduction to Judaism          7:00 PM-Continuing Education Meeting
                                                                                  7:00 PM-Confirmation Class

 7                                        8                                        9                                       10                                       11                                      12           ch 12 ice 13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Marbb at Se r v o dis
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    S h a h Al a n G o
9:30 AM-6th Grade Parallel Classes       4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)             12:00 PM-Lunch & Learn: Mishkan T’filah   9:00 AM-PBJ Sandwiches for Dixie Manor   3/18 - 3/21-Interfaith Weekend                   wi t                 9:00 AM-Bar Mitzvah of Mike Spooner
9:30 AM-Religious School (Main & BFC)                                             4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)      9:30 AM-Shared Care                      9:00 AM-Sisterhood Board Meeting                                                   9:30 AM-Shabbat Morning Torah Study
                                                                                  6:00 PM-BOFTY/Club Chai Dinner
10:00 AM-Religious School Parents Book                                                                                     4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)             4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC) Interfaith Weekend 19-21                       10:00 AM-Haggadah 101-Conducting and
                                                                                  7:00 PM-Derech Torah
    Club                                                                                                                   6:45 PM-Bridge                           4:30 PM-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class         6:00 PM-Shabbat at 6 with Kindergarten           Understanding Your Seder
                                                                                  7:00 PM-Confirmation Class
12:30 PM-Shir Ruach                                                               7:00 PM-Hebrew for Beginners             7:00 PM-Judaism 202:                     6:00 PM-Community Wide Women’s Seder      & 1st Graders                            10:45 AM-Shabbat Morning Minyan
                                                                                  7:00 PM-Film Festival                        Beyond the Basics                        (OOT - CBI)                                                                    11:30 AM-Bar Mitzvah of Jacob Greene
                                                                                  7:00 PM-Finance Committee Meeting                                                 6:15 PM-Executive Board Meeting (OOT)
                 ch 14      ol                                                                                                                                      7:00 PM-TBE Adult Chorale
            Margious Sch o Club
14          Re li n ts Bo ok 15                                                   16                                       17          ch 17
                                                                                                                                  Marre d Care nce rs 18                                                    19                                         20
             Pare                                                                                                                 Sh a h Ir ish Da
9:30 AM-Passover Experience              10:00 AM-College Outreach                12:00 PM-Lunch & Learn: Mishkan T’filah           wi t              4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)                   7:00 PM-Tefilah for Tweens                   9:30 AM-Shabbat Morning Torah Study
9:30 AM-Religious School (All at Main)   4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)             4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)      9:00 AM-PBJ Sandwiches for Dixie Manor 4:30 PM-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class            7:30 PM-Shabbat Evening Service             10:30 AM-Bat Mitzvah of Sarah Pincus
10:00 AM-WRJ Kidz Korner                                                          6:00 PM-BOFTY Dinner                     9:30 AM-Shared Care                    7:00 PM-TBE Adult Chorale                                                            10:45 AM-Shabbat Morning Minyan
10:30 AM-Jewish Ethics for Parents:                                               7:00 PM-Hebrew for Beginners             4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)           7:30 PM-Board Meeting
    When to Rescue Your Child                                                     7:00 PM-Derech Torah                     6:30 PM-Sober Seder
12:30 PM- Shir Ruach                                                              7:00 PM-Confirmation Class                6:45 PM-Bridge
                                                                                                                           7:00 PM-Judaism 202: Beyond the Basics
                                                                                                                           7:00 PM-Mausoleum Committee Meeting
21                                       22                                       23                                       24                                       25                                      26                                         27

No Religious School                      Erev Passover - School & Offices Closed   Passover 1st Day - School & Offices       B’nai Mitzvah of Ali & Jake Quinter
                                            at 12:30 PM                              Closed                                   (OOT - Israel)
                                         3/29 - 4/03-                                  No Religious School
                                            ECC Spring Break                           10:30 AM-Passover Morning           9:00 AM-PBJ Sandwiches for Dixie Manor
                                                                                           Festival Service                9:30 AM-Shared Care
                                                                                            5:30 PM-Second Night Seder     6:45 PM-Bridge
                                                                                                                           7:00 PM-Judaism 202: Beyond the Basics
                                                               h 30 Se de r
                                                        Marcnd Nigh t
28                                       29             Se c o        30                                                   31                                        2                                       3                                           4
   All events are held at TBE’s Main
   Campus unless otherwise noted

                                                                                                  APRIL                                                                    2010
             S U N D AY                              M O N D AY                            T U E S D AY                       W E D N E S D AY                         T H U R S D AY                            F R I D AY                              S AT U R D AY
                                                                                                                                                                  1st-10th Project Nuremberg              6:30 PM-Tot Shabbat Service                 9:30 AM-Shabbat Morning Torah Study
                                                                                                                                                                  No Religious School                     7:30 PM-Shabbat Evening Service             10:45 AM-Shabbat Morning Minyan
                                           Going Green                                                                                                            6:00 PM-”Nuremberg” movie and lecture
                      If you would prefer to read the Chronicle online, please contact                                                                            7:00 PM-TBE Adult Chorale
                            Debbie at or 561/314-2834.                                                                                     7:30 PM-RAC Meeting

27                                        28                                       29                                    30                                        1                                        2                                          3

No Religious School                       Last Day of Passover - School & Offices   12:00 PM-Lunch & Learn: Leadership    9:30 AM-Shared Care                      4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)     8:00 AM-Lawyer to Lawyer-”The Meaning       9:00 AM-Bar Mitzvah of Matthew Geller
9:00 AM-Easter Dinner at Wayne Barton        Closed                                    Lessons from Our Tradition        4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew                   4:30 PM-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class               of Nuremberg”                           9:30 AM-Shabbat Morning Torah Study
    (OOT)                                                                          4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)   6:45 PM-Bridge                           5:30 PM-”Nuremberg 60 Years Later”      9:30 AM-BEMA & EC Committee Meeting             with John Q Barrett
                                          10:30 AM-Passover Service with Yizkor    6:00 PM-BOFTY Dinner                  7:00 PM-Judaism 202: Beyond the Basics       (OOT)                               7:30 PM-Shabbat Evening Family Service      10:45 AM-Shabbat Morning Minyan with
                                                                                   7:00 PM-Confirmation Class             7:30 PM-Membership Meeting               6:30 PM-Brotherhood Board Meeting           Yom HaShoah Holocaust Memorial              John Q Barrett
                                                                                   7:00 PM-Derech Torah                                                           7:00 PM-TBE Adult Chorale                   Service with Professor John Q Barrett   11:30 AM-Bar Mitzvah of Daniel
         4           at                                                            7:00 PM-Hebrew for Beginners                                                   7:00 PM-Continuing Education Meeting                                                    Beckerman
  Apr il e r Dinne r n                                                                                                                                                                                                                                6:00 PM-Bar Mitzvah of Andrew Ecoff
   Eas t ne Barto
 4 Way                                     5                                        6                                     7                                        8                                        9                                         10

Brotherhood Golf Outing (OOT)             4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)             12:00 PM-Lunch & Learn: Leadership    9:00 AM-PBJ Sandwiches for Dixie Manor 4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)       6:00 PM-Shabbat at 6                        9:00 AM-Bar Mitzvah of Max Sibner
Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom            5:30 PM-Building & Ops Meeting               Lessons from Our Tradition        9:30 AM-Shared Care                    4:30 PM-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class                                                         9:30 AM-Shabbat Morning Torah Study
    HaShoah)                                                                       4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)   4:30 PM-Religious School (BFC)         7:00 PM-TBE Adult Chorale                                                             10:45 AM-Shabbat Morning Minyan
9:30 AM-Religious School (Main & BFC)                                              6:00 PM-BOFTY Dinner                  6:45 PM-Bridge
10:00 AM-Religious School Parents Book                                             7:00 PM-Hebrew for Beginners
    Club (BFC)                                                                                                           7:00 PM-Judaism 202: Beyond the Basics
                                                                                   7:00 PM-Derech Torah
12:00 PM-Club Kitanim - Mitzvah Project
12:30 PM-Shir Ruach                                                                7:00 PM-Confirmation Class
12:30 PM-Journey Thru Judaism
11                                        12                                       13                                    14                                       15                                      16                                          17

Israel Memorial Day (Yom HaZikaron)       Israel Independence Day (Yom             12:00 PM-Lunch & Learn: Leadership    9:00 AM-PBJ Sandwiches for Dixie Manor   9:00 AM-Sisterhood Board Meeting        6:00 PM-Spring Blue Jeans Shabbat dinner    9:30 AM-Shabbat Morning Torah Study
                                              HaAtzmaut)                               Lessons from Our Tradition        9:30 AM-Shared Care                      4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)     7:30 PM-Shabbat Evening Service             10:30 AM-Bar Mitzvah of Ari Levin
                                                                                   4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)   4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)
9:30 AM-5th Grade Parallel Classes                                                                                                                                4:30 PM-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class                                                       10:45 AM-Shabbat Morning Minyan
                                                                                   6:00 PM-BOFTY Dinner
9:30 AM-Religious School (Main & BFC)     4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)             7:00 PM-Confirmation Class             6:45 PM-Bridge                           7:00 PM-TBE Adult Chorale
12:30 PM-Shir Ruach                                                                7:00 PM-Derech Torah                  7:00 PM-Judaism 202: Beyond the Basics
                                                                                   7:00 PM-Hebrew for Beginners          7:00 PM-Mausoleum Committee Meeting
                                                                                   7:00 PM-Finance Committee Meeting                                                                                                    23        ans
                                                                                   7:00 PM-Film Festival                                                                                                         Apr ilng Blue Je
18                                        19                                       20                                    21                                       22                                      23                                          24
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Spr i bb at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sh a
9:30 AM-5th Grade Parallel Classes        4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)             12:00 PM-Lunch & Learn: Leadership    9:00 AM-PBJ Sandwiches for Dixie Manor   11:30 AM-Sisterhood Jewelry Making      7:30 PM-Shabbat Evening Service
9:30 AM-Religious School (Main & BFC)                                                  Lessons from Our Tradition        9:30 AM-Shared Care                          Activity                                Honoring High School Graduates
12:00 PM-Camp Jenny’s Got Talent                                                   4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)   4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (BFC)             4:30 PM-Midweek Hebrew (Main & BFC)
12:00 PM-Club Chai Event                                                           6:00 PM-BOFTY Dinner                  6:45 PM-Bridge                           4:30 PM-Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class
12:30 PM-Shir Ruach                                                                7:00 PM-Hebrew for Beginners          7:00 PM-Judaism 202: Beyond the Basics   5:45 PM-Executive Board Meeting
                                                                                   7:00 PM-Derech Torah                                                           7:00 PM-TBE Adult Chorale
                                                                                   7:00 PM-Confirmation Class                                                      7:30 PM-Board Meeting

25                                        26                                       27                                    28                                       29                                      30                                           1
COnTinUed FROM page 14                       followed a hunch, spent                                   Beach County for child
corpses; and people were sick and            days making his way to the                                survivors and serving
crying and dying.”                           displaced persons camp and                                as a contributing editor
   On April 15, 1945, British troops         found her alive. Her Aunt                                 to various publications
stumbled upon the horrors of Bergen-         Gittel, Bernard’s sister, had                             including one about her
Belsen. Jaffe is convinced that if they      also survived, so the three                               hometown of Piotrkow.
had arrived one week later, she and          made their way first to Paris                             She is currently working
the other handful of children still alive    and then to Belgium where                                 on a book to compile
wouldn’t have survived the brutal            Jaffe stayed for the next five                            more than 30 life stories of
conditions.At 7-years old, she was one       years, going to school for the                            survivors.
of only about 15 children under the age      first time in her life.                                      Jaffe is also a long-
of 10 to survive that camp.                     At the age of 13, Jaffe came                           time lecturer and Shoah
   Within months, Jaffe and the other        to the U.S. where she was adopted by       educator.“There are a lot of lessons, but
children were to be sent to Sweden for       a Great Aunt and Great Uncle who had       I think it’s not enough to commemorate
adoption. But she was convinced her          immigrated to Ft.Worth,TX in 1913.         Yom HaShoah once a year.There are
Uncle Bernard, who was one of the last       Age and cultural differences strained      Jews right here in town that don’t
people she had seen in the ghetto, was       that relationship, but Jaffe had honed     know what the number on somebody’s
coming for her. So the day she was to        her ability to blend in, work hard and     forearm is,” she said.“We need to honor,
depart, she hid.The transport was held       survive. She finished six grades in four   we need to remember and we need
up for hours while they searched, but        years, earned college scholarships and     to be sure we don’t overprotect our
finally left without her.                    attended the University of Texas at        children.”
   The next day, her Uncle Bernard           Austin before graduating from Texas           There are also three very personal
arrived at Bergen-Belsen. He couldn’t        Christian University with a major in       reasons for Jaffe to share her lessons
have known she was still alive, because      foreign languages.                         and experiences with the world: to
in the ghetto she’d had to change her           She worked for years in the legal       honor the memory of Josef Gelcman,
last name many times, so he didn’t           profession, then in real estate. She       Pola Gelcman and Szimek Gelcman, the
recognize it on a list of survivors.         continues extensive volunteer work,        family she never had the privilege to
Her uncle, her mother’s brother, had         having founded an organization in Palm     know.

18   THE CHRONICLE       |
                            IN HONOR OF                                                                                                I AM DKJA
ADULT CHORALE FUND                               PRAYERBOOK FUND
Sam Tabin’s Bar Mitzvah, thanks to Rabbi         Paul Sher’s 75th birthday, by Dr.
   Levin & Lori Shapiro, by the Tabin’s             & Mrs. Elias Neuren

                                                 RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND
                                                 Ronald Abramson, my son, on the opening of
Gladys & Arnold Granet’s birthdays, by
                                                     his new law practice, by Liliana Abramson
   Ray Siegel & Blanche Debeauchamp
                                                 Barbara Kaplun, my aunt, on her
                                                     birthday, by Liliana Abramson
GELFAND-ARPE YOUNG                               Marvin Sager’s special birthday, by
CHILDREN’S INNOVATIVE                                Helene & Arthur Avidon
EDUCATION ENDOWMENT FUND                         Jolie Bershad’s baby naming, by
Mark Friedman’s marriage, by Michael                 Jill & Adam Bershad
  J. Gelfand & Mary C. Arpe                      Jacob Isaac Shindler’s birth, by Alan Finn
                                                 Madeline Rossen’s special birthday,
GENERAL FUND                                         by Seena & Mel Goldberg
A speedy recovery to Arthur Avidon,              My upcoming marriage to Carrol
    by Mr. & Mrs. Murray Ellman                      Hedlund, by Alan Finn
Gladys & Arnold Granet’s 75th birthdays,         A speedy recovery to Marsha Chernoff,
    by Sanford & Marion Goldstein                    by Natalie & Stanley Klebanoff
Ilene & Peter Wohlgemuth, by                     Get well to Lenore Brachman,
    April, Roger & Alex Leavy
Bat Mitzvah of Liliana Kaplan Abramson,
                                                     by Mimi & Joe Klein
                                                 Liliana Abramson’s Bat Mitzvah on                A K-12 Jewish Community Day School
    by Richard & Jane Pickering                      February 6, 2010, by Veronica Lewin
Carly & Michael Schloss’ B’nai Mitzvah,          My grandson Eric’s Bar Mitzvah,                   Community Open House on Friday, March 19, 2010 at 9:30 a.m.
    by Arleen & Herb Rudnick                         by Lorraine A. Reit                           Please RSVP to our Admissions Department at (561) 852-6004 or
Their 40th Wedding Anniversary,                  Granddaughter Rachel Frazin’s Bat          Need-based tuition assistance available.
    by Esther & Mike Solnick                         Mitzvah, by Barry & Joni Shlissel
Liliana Abramson’s Bat Mitzvah on February
    6, 2010, by Steven & Judith Varady
                                                 Rabbi Brockman, for coming to
                                                     The Reserve and lighting the
                                                                                                                 Donna Klein Jewish Academy
Aline Fisher, by Harold & Aileen Zofcin              menorah, the Yudell family                                                      Experience Excellence
                                                                                                                      Jewish Living, Learning, and Academic Achievement
MUSIC FUND                                       RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND
                                                                                                                            9701 Donna Klein Blvd., Boca Raton
Thank you to Lori Shapiro for Ian’s Bar          Birth of Chloe James Schmier, parents                                       (561) 852-6004 ■
   Mitzvah, by Cindy & Duncan Morton                 Brian & Jamie Schmier, grandparents
                                                     Linda & Bobby Schmier, by Robin
                                                     Eisenberg & Andrea Broido
PRAYERBOOK FUND                                  Sheryl & Marty Fromowitz on the
with a Dedication in Honor of,                       engagement of their son Dr. Jeffrey            Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center
Barbara Blue’s Bat Mitzvah, by                       Fromowitz to Jolie Marisa Masters, by
                                                                                                                           T Attractio
    Rochelle & Eli Brownstein                        Robin Eisenberg & Andrea Broido
Gladys & Arnold Granet’s 75th birthdays,
                                                                                                 Levis JCC
                                                 Jan & Allen Lev on the marriage of their
    by Jay & Helene Eichler                          son Jonathan to Lyndsay Chauveau, by
Gladys & Arnold Granet’s 75th birthdays,

                                                     Robin Eisenberg & Andrea Broido
    by Edward & Helene Farrell
Aline Fisher’s 60th birthday, by                 PHYLLIS AND ALAN H. WEINER
    Sue & Steve Feldman                          ENDOWMENT FUND
Gladys & Arnold Granet’s 150 years,              Gladys & Arnold Granet’s special 75th
    by Arlyn & Herb Hutt                            birthdays, by Phyllis & Alan Weiner                                                                  Ki dF iT
                                                                                                     9801 Donna Klein Boulevard
                                                                                                             Boca Raton
                                                                                                 Inside the Sports & Wellness Center

              Our Congregation Mourns:                                                                   Ages 3-5 yrs:
                  Rachel “Rose” Sussman, grandmother of Kim Greenfield                               Mon-Fri 12:30-2:30 p.m.
     Leon Mayerchak, father of Joe & Rhea Mayerchak, grandfather of Justin Mayerchak,
       grandfather of Marjorie & Adrian Minor, great grandfather of Jack & Lexi Minor,                   Ages 5-11 yrs:
       grandfather of Sari & Steven Sheiner, great grandfather of Joey & Brody Sheiner              Mon-Thurs 2:30-8 p.m.
     Alan Benrubi, brother of Rick & Karen Benrubi, uncle of Joshua & Michael Benrubi                   Fri 2:30-4 p.m.
                    Stuart Goldring, father of Andrew & Karen Goldring,                           Saturdays 7:45 a.m.-12 p.m.
                           grandfather of Devin & Shelby Goldring                                 Sundays 8:45 a.m.-12 p.m.
                          Adele Shinder, mother of Merrie Shinder*
                     Louis Marquisee, father of Jed & Karen Marquisee*                              Levis JCC Members:
    Muriel Perry Bloch, mother of Gail & Keith Kronish, grandmother of Mitchell Kronish
         William Halperin, father of Stacey & Scott Podradchik, grandfather of Julia                   6-month $125
                                         Podradchik                                                Monthly $25 • Hourly $4
                              *Laid to rest in our Mausoleum                                       Non-Members: Hourly $8                  3-level Indoor Playground
                                                                                                                                           20 ft. Rock Climbing Wall
                                                                                                                                           Wii Fitness Games
                                Mazel Tov To:                                                                                              Dance Video Mats
                Shay & Rachael Corcia on the arrival of their new daughter Lily
                     Isabel Corcia; grandparents are Jane & Steve Throne                            For more information, call (561) 852-3117
                 Brooke & Jason Shindler on the arrival of their new son Jacob                           or e-mail
                        Isaac Shindler; grandmother is Carrol Hedlund

                                                                                                                      March/April 2010    •   THE CHRONICLE               19
May is
Chez Gourmet Month
       Beginning May 1, Chez Gourmet of
       Boynton Beach will be our new on-
       site caterer.To celebrate their joining
       the TBE team and to allow them to
       dazzle you with their delightful and
       creative selections, they will host
       two events in May.
          On Friday, May 7, Chez Gourmet
       will provide refreshments at onegs
       following both the Tot Shabbat
       and Family Services. On Thursday,
       May 13, they will hold the Chez
       Gourmet Showcase, an event to
       showcase Chez Gourmet and their
       vendors including florists, rental
       stops, DJs and decorators.This event
       is designed for Bar/Bat Mitzvah
       parents, engaged couples and
       congregants interested in holding
       catered events at the Temple or in
       their home.
          “Sheri and Jack are amazing,” said
       Lisa Henschel,TBE member who has
       hosted parties in her home catered
       by Chez Gourmet for over nine
       years.“They are creative, fun and
       easy to work with. Anything you
       can dream, they can make a reality.
       Every party is unique and reflects
       the personality of the family they        just what foods are appropriate for      five years where they developed
       are working with.”                        every Jewish occasion.                   a love for Pacific Rim cuisine and
          Chez Gourmet is one of South             “Jack and Sheri have a passion         fabulous food. Missing family and
       Florida’s finest catering and party       for food and it shines through in        friends, they soon moved to the
       planning companies. Founded in            every event they create. They            mainland and opened the award-
       1996 by chefs Sheri and Jack Jacobs,      also work seemlessly with other          winning Pastabilities restaurant
       Chez Gourmet has gained a devoted         vendors (floral decorators, djs, event   in Atlanta, GA.The restaurant was
       following among both private and          planners, etc.) to make event            soon voted the best new Italian
       corporate clients for its personalized    planning with them a pleasure,”          restaurant by readers of a major
       service, creative spirit and attention    said Jackie Saltzman, chair of TBE’s     Atlanta newspaper. Pastabilities also
       to detail.The couple brings to each       Programming Committee.“Their             specialized in catering intimate
       and every event a diverse culinary        staff is something to talk about         dinner parties. A few years later,
       background and a desire to please         too.They are very knowledgeable,         after once again hearing the call
       your palate with the most delectable      always nice and professional.”           of the ocean and the sound of the
       flavors from around the world. And          Prior to starting Chez Gourmet,        wind whistling through the palms,
       because they are Jewish, they know        Sheri and Jack lived in Maui for         Sheri and Jack sold the restaurant

20   THE CHRONICLE     |
and pursued their dream of creating a           “They are creative, fun and easy
unique catering company in beautiful,
sunny South Florida.                        to work with. Anything you can dream,
  Today, Chez Gourmet has grown
beyond their highest expectations,           they can make a reality. Every party is
encompassing both catering and party
planning that has delighted thousands      unique and reflects the personality of the
of customers. Chez Gourmet has been
featured in Palm Beach Illustrated
                                                 family they are working with.”
Magazine and Boca Raton Magazine’s         help make your party dreams come             some have international backgrounds.
annual Fine Dining issue as one of the     true,” said Sheri.“Fabulous food and         Our service team is always willing to
“Caterers We Love.”                        gorgeous presentation are just not           go the extra mile to make every event
  “For us, creating an unforgettable       enough, however. We owe so much              a memorable success.”
dining experience for our clients and      of our success to our wonderful and            Don’t forget to mark the above dates
their special guests is a true pleasure.   professional service staff who are           on your calendar, and look for more
Whether the event is a surprise            always ready to bring a smile to every       information in an upcoming mailing.
birthday party, an open house or a         guest. Many of our chefs are graduates
romantic outdoor wedding, we will          of the Culinary Institute of America and       

Send UNIONGRAMS to Members of the 2010 Confirmation Class
Send a Uniongram to a Confirmand.These congratulatory messages are a wonderful, convenient way to
acknowledge this simcha. Sisterhood compiles and presents each student with his or her own book of best
wishes. For just $2 per message or $36 for the entire class, you may express your joy. Proceeds from Uniongrams
benefit the WRJ Y.E.S. Place a checkmark next to the name(s) of the Confirmand you wish to honor.

___ Carly Block, daughter of Debra & Stephen Block              ___ Rachel Levine, daughter of Annette & Manuel Levine
___ Michael Casciato, son of Laura Casciato                     ___ Joshua Lukes, son of Brooke & David Lukes
___ Tori Cleaver, daughter of Leslie & Tom Cleaver              ___ Michael Mandel, son of Diane Perkins & Paul Mandel
___ Max Crampton-Thomas, son of Shari & Daniel                  ___ Daniel Rodriguez, son of Charlotte & Richie Rodriguez
                                                                ___ Alexandra Rogers, daughter of Wendy & Andrew Rogers
___ Benjamin Cross, son of Jill & Michael Cross
                                                                ___ Hayden Saul, son of Karen & Howard Saul
___ Mitchell Eisenberg, son of Nancy & Gary Eisenberg
                                                                ___ Zachary Schlein, son of Keryn Rod & Jeffrey Schlein
___ David Gracin, son of Marisol & Hank Gracin
                                                                ___ Brooke Schultz, daughter of Marcy & Barry Schultz
___ Nicole Hahn, daughter of Lauren & Barry Hahn
                                                                ___ Ryan Schwamm, son of Shari & Craig Schwamm
___ Danielle Haskin, daughter of Marcia & Lee Haskin
                                                                ___ Abigail Solomon, daughter of Lois & Geoff Solomon
___ Kylie Herman, daughter of Margie Gilbert
                                                                ___ Jesse Sullivan, son of Kim Sullivan
___ Emily Herr, daughter of Melinda & Thomas Herr
                                                                ___ Braemen Weiner, son of Cheryl & Robert Weiner
___ Jared Kahhan, son of Michele & Alan Kahhan
                                                                ___ Alexandra Weiss, daughter of Linda & Dennis Weiss
___ David Kanner, son of Wendy & Sam Kanner
                                                                ___ Tiffany Wunsch, daughter of Monica & Steven Wunsch.
___ Ana Keusch, daughter of Cristina & Donald Keusch
___ Robert Klasfeld, son of Rebecca & Alan Klasfeld

Before May 10, mail a check payable to TBE WRJ to: Elisa Morlini, 12091 Rockwell Way, Boca Raton, FL. 33428.
Contact Elisa with questions at 561/487-1292.

_____Confirmands checked x $2 per message or $36 for the entire class= _________________________________________________

your name as you wish it to appear ________________________

Phone # ____________________________________e-Mail Address ___________________________________________________________

Message _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                      March/April 2010   •   THE CHRONICLE   21
                        LET US SHOW THE WORLD THAT
                       WE WILL ALWAYS STAND BY ISRAEL.

                      INVEST IN STATE OF ISRAEL BONDS.

                              Development Corporation for Israel/State of Israel Bonds
                                    Arlyne Monroe, Registered Representative
                                          951 Yamato Road - Suite 206
                                             Boca Raton, FL 33431

           This is not an offering which can be made only by prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate
                               the risks associated with investing in State of Israel bonds. Issues subject to availability.

22   THE CHRONICLE       |
  GIVING TREE                             wElComE
Patty & Louis Beck
Abbi & Stephen Bentz
Linda Berger                              mEmBErS
Mike & Judy Blackman
Alessana Briczkowski-Fordin
Steve & Dana Brown
                                           Debra and Ronald Gouz
Brown’s Interior Design
                                            and their daughters,
Hark Burkhalter
                                             Rachel and Jenna
Joel & Linda Cohen
Morris & Gladys Erdheim
                                            Sheri and Jack Jacobs
Robert & Sheilah Harrow
Daniel Hurwitz
Deborah & Herbert Jackman
                                            Stacey and Benjamin
Jack & Grace Jaiven
                                            Kaminecki and their
Kenneth & Lorri Klein                    children, Susan, Steven and
Myra & Stuart Perlen                                Aaron
Susan & Barry Podolsky
Suzanne Schoenfeld                       Dr. Melanie Rosenblatt and
Lori Shapiro & Family                    her children, Hannah and
Myra & Rabbi Merle Singer                          Jacob
South Florida Hand & Orthopedic Center
Martin & Edith Stein                      Tammi and Jonathan Stein
Janice & Stanley Sussman                  and their children, Alayna
Shirley Weinstein                                and Austin
Larry & Paula Winker                                                          

                               HARVEY DUBOV
                               561-542-SELL (7355)

                                    Now is the Time to Buy!!
                                Licensed Florida Realtor since 1979 • Boca Raton Resident since 1982
                                  Ranked #14 in the entire U.S. among 120,000 RE/MAX Associates
                                     Ranked #5 in Residential Sales in the Entire Florida Region
                                (TOP 1%., NATIONALLY - “ELITE OF THE ELITE”)
               Past Awards include: RE/MAX EXECUTIVE CLUB. 100% CLUB. PLATINUM CLUB AND
                                              CHAIRMAN’S CLUB
                               Luxury Estate Specialist • Gated Communities • Country Club Estates
                                             Waterfront Properties • Pre-Construction
                                        Servicing all of Broward and Palm Beach Counties
               He has successfully fulfilled the dreams of thousands of families throughout South Florida.
      See why so many homeowners have chosen Harvey Dubov to represent them for all of their real estate needs.
                              EXPERIENCE IS NOT EXPENSIVE – IT’S PRICELESS!
                                                   (561) 542-SELL (7355)

                                                                                   March/April 2010   •   THE CHRONICLE   23
                                                                                              IN MEMORY OF
                        Just for You!                               RICHARD ALLEN BRANSDORF                            Rose & Samuel Ruben, by Robert S. Ruben
     The Hilton Suites Boca Raton offers discounted rates           MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT FUND                            Dr. Edward W. Katz, by Mark & Susan Sosin
     to all members of Temple Beth El and any affiliates,           Joseph David Rosen, beloved father, by
                                                                                                                       RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND
                                                                        Beverly & Marvin Bransdorf
                       family or friends!                                                                              Elayne Weiss’ beloved husband, by
                                                                    CARING CONGREGANT FUND                                Helen & Arthur Avidon
                                                                    Sol A. Lind, by Jerry & Sarina Lind                Rita Sokohl, by Ann Cohen
                                                                                                                       Jack Folkman, beloved brother, by Ann Cohen
                                                                    CONTINUING EDUCATION FUND                          Rose Cohen, beloved mother, by Robert Cohen
                                                                    Jacob Jacobson, by Ruth Jacobson                   Mickey Kippel, beloved uncle,
                                                                    Louis Marquissee, by Ruth Jacobson                    by Betty A. Ginsburg
                                                                                                                       Roslyn Kirsch, by the Kirsch family
                                                                    GELFAND-ARPE YOUNG                                 Barnet S. Reit, my husband, by Lorainne A. Reit
                                                                    CHILDREN’S INNOVATIVE                              Scott J. Reit, my son, by Lorraine A. Reit
                  Your friends and family will enjoy:               EDUCATION ENDOWMENT FUND
      Spacious Two Room Suite                                       Beatrice Shapiro Shandoff, by Michael              RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND
      Complimentary full cooked to order breakfast each                J. Gelfand & Mary C. Arpe                       Seymour Neuman, Linda Schmier’s father,
      morning                                                                                                             by Robin Eisenberg & Andrea Broido
                                                                    GENERAL FUND                                       Solomon Meshullam, Lois Niles’ father, by
      Complimentary two hour premium cocktail reception each        Joel Levine, by Adina & Justin Gould                  Robin Eisenberg & Andrea Broido
      evening                                                       Bea Siegel, by Audrey Stern                        Florence Weinstein, Connie Cohen’s mother,
      Complimentary local transportation within the Boca Raton                                                            by Robin Eisenberg & Andrea Broido
                                                                    GROSBERG INTERFAITH
      area                                                                                                             David Zabner, Howard Zabner’s father, by
                                                                    ENDOWMENT FUND
      Located just minutes from Temple Beth El, area                                                                      Robin Eisenberg & Andrea Broido
                                                                    Bridget Agnes Kelly, by Susan Bloom
      attractions and local beaches                                                                                    REVA & HERBERT STERNECK CAMP
                                                                    DR. HOMER MELVIN
      For reservations call 561- 483-3600. Be sure to ask for the                                                      KUTZ SCHOLARSHIP FUND
                                                                    ENDOWMNET FUND
      special discounted Temple Beth El Rate.                                                                          Lil Lewis, by Patty & Louis Beck
                                                                    Melvin Homer, by Franklin & Jenny Homer
                                                                                                                       Vicki Rosenthal, by Patty & Louis Beck
                                                                    SIDNEY & ANNABETTA KAUFMAN                         David Weiss’ mother, by Patty & Louis Beck
                                                                    AND FAMILY CHILDREN’S
                                                                                                                       TREES TO ISRAEL FUND
                                                                    EDUCATION ENDOWMENT FUND
                                                                                                                       Murray Rifkowitz, by Norma & Layne Locker
                                                                    Stuart Goldring, by Gary & Pat Kaufman
                7920 Glades Rd. Boca Raton, FL 33434
                                                                               MYER WEINGARTEN
                                                                    PRAYERBOOK FUND
                                                                                                                       ENDOWMENT FUND
                                                                    with a Dedication in memory of,
                                                                                                                       Myer Weingarten, by Iris Weingarten
                                                                    Barbara Brodsky, by Dr. Bruce Brodsky
                                                                    Dorothy Resnick, by Millie Fradin
                                                                       & William Cyrkin
                                                                    Our parents, by Herb & Susen Grossman
                                                                    Louis Marquissee, with deepest
                                                                       sympathy, by Mimi & Joe Klein

     Favors that will be remembered long after your                   DISASTER RELIEF FUND FOR HAITI
                   party is only a treasured memory                 Ruth Berg                                           Margaret Kottler, in memory of Leo Platt
                                                                    Irene & Merrill Epstein                             Leonard & Mimi Leeds
                                                                    Ruth Fagan                                          Jan & Allen Lev
     Shop online or visit our showroom                              Lorraine & Howard Freeman
                                                                    Howard, Shari, Aaron & Jackie Jablon,
                                                                                                                        Shelley & Larry Marcus
                                                                                                                        Olivia & Alison Richmond
                                                                        in memory of Marcia Jablon                      Ann Schimmel
     We have 1000 of items to make your
                                                                    Roberta & Jacob Kalmanson                           Jennifer & Craig Shapiro, Julia & Lauren
                                                                    Jeffrey & Suzanne Katz                              Lori Shapiro
               Party Special                                        The Klayman family, Lawrence,
                                                                        Lainie, Izzi & Amanda
                                                                                                                        Jill & Alan Slootsky
                                                                                                                        Susan & Mark Sosin
                                                                    Mimi & Joe Klein                                    Marilyn & Hubert Wulk
        We offer the Largest Selection
            at Discounted Prices
                                                                            SISTERHOOD cONTRIbUTIONS
          Visit us Online                                                                          MITZVAH FUND IN MEMORY OF
                                                                                            Solomon Meshollam, by Dr. Merrill and Irene Epstein
                                                                                               Dr. Louis Marquisee, by Stanton and Carol Bass

                Or                                                                          COLLEGE OUTREACH FUND IN MEMORY OF
                                                                                                Solomon Meshollam, by Jan and Allen Lev

        Call 561-750-8683                                                                            YES FUND IN MEMORY OF
                                                                                               Solomon Meshollam, by Gail and Irwin Cohen

 Call to Setup an Appointment to visit our Showroom

24    THE CHRONICLE         |
             MARcH 2010 YAHRzEIT
Max Adler, by Leonard Adler
Riva Bluvshtein, by Roza Akselrud
Morris Goodman, by Natalie Bachman
                                               Lynne A. Jackman, by Herbert Jackman
                                               Bernard Jaiven, by Jack & Grace Jaiven
                                               Charles Kanfer, by Jack Kanfer
                                                                                                Ar-Line Promotions
Dr. Milton Rosenbaum, by the Bargas family     Julius Kaufman, by Michael Kaufman                 We will print on almost anything under the sun!
Gerald Baron, by Sylvia Baron                  Daniel Keisman, by Myrna Keisman
Sonya Rock, by Flo Baumwell                    Tillie Kahn, by Rhodie Klar
Esther Berg, by Dennis & Margie Berg           Celia Lind, by Natalie & Stanley Klebanoff         Bar Mitzvah and Wedding Invitations & Favors
William Manning, by Linda &                    Naomi Sternberg, by Marianne Lerner
    Bill Berger & family                                                                        Pens, calendars, drinkware, cheer/team uniforms
                                               Florence Kushner, by Gloria Levy
Isidor Bobick, by Edward & Marianne Bobick                                                        Golf & tennis tournament awards & incentives
                                               Louis Levy, by Gloria Levy
Ida Sabath, by Dana, Steve, Susan,
                                               Howard Greenberg, by Lana & Jerry Lieberman
    Andrew & Jordan Brown
Emanuel Kashman, by Ron,
                                               Evelyn R. Lyons, by Stephen B. Lyons                      Ph: 561.477.6268 Fax: 561.477.0905
    Annette & Laura Cashman                    Emanuel Kaufman, by Carol & Buddy Magod
Pauline Fomon, by Judith Chason                Anna Lazarus, by Geraldine Mailender                                  Lois Pathman
Harriet Cherry, by Jay L. Cherry               Selma Furman, by Harriet Mandel
Nat Cohen, by Gerrie Cohen                     Betty Mandel, by Martin Mandel
Alfred Cohn, by Michael Cohn,                  Edwin R. Manning, by Barbara Manning
    Jessica Miller, Linda Cohn                 Florence Goldstein, by Barbara Manning
Isidore Lassen, by Michael Cohn,               Arthur A. Marcus, by Larry & Shelley Marcus
    Jessica Miller, Linda Cohn                 Irma Marcus, by Larry & Shelley Marcus
Sam Dichter, by Anne Dichter                   Rita Baldwin, by Adele C. Marmer
Shava Dichter, by Anne Dichter                 Herman Marx, by Gail Marx
Rose Ginsburg, by Anne Dichter                 Michael Meyers, by Arlene Meyers
Ethel Dicker, by Saralyn & Gerry Dicker        William Tandet, by Bernice T. Miller
Irving Dicker, by Saralyn & Gerry Dicker       Albert Kolikof, by Mr. & Mrs. Marvin E. Miller
Paul Donoff, by Craig Donoff                   Bernard Paskin, by Anne Paskin
Irving Dranoff, by Morton F. Dranoff           Saul Pedvis, by Len Pedvis
Sarah Elinoff, by Bernard Elinoff              Clara Pollock, by Ellen & Edward Pollock
Leora Erdheim, by Morris, Carol,               Edith Steinfeld, by Joan & Howard Poorvu
    & Allen Erdheim
                                               Arthur Weitzner, by Ellie & Stan Rassler
Gertrude Goldstein, by A. P. Fiorillo
                                               Larry Scher, by Ellie & Stan Rassler
Frieda Slon, by Sandy Flax
Peri Lisa Purus, by Mildred Fradin             Bertha Prell, by Shirley Rubin
Brenda Friedman, by Barry &                    Rose Meyer, by Jean & Keonard Satin
    Madelina Friedman                          Irene Satin, by Leonard & Jean Satin
Shirley Gale, by Noreen Friedman & Mark Gale   Mamie Siegel, by Lawrence Siegel
Sara Galler, by Marvin Galler                  Louis Greenfield, by Minnie Siegel
Renee Gant, by Benjamin Gant                   Dr. Bruce Siegel, by Minnie Siegel
Stanley Kuttler, by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Geller
Ida Weingarten, by Dr. Sanford Glanz
                                               Faye Livon, by Muriel & Leon Simon
                                               Samuel Grobman, by Selma G. Sitrick                          Palm Caterers
Rubin Brenner, by Sally Glascom
Steven Glascom, by Sally Glascom
Rita Goldberg, by Barry & Donna Goldberg
                                               Alice Weinberger, by Shelly Smith
                                               Jacob Weinberger, by Shelly Smith
                                               Anna Ulitsky, by Delores Solomon
                                                                                                          at Temple Beth El
Peter Gold, by Dr. Jerome & Anne Goldberg      Nadzia Sonn, by Barbara Sonnmarcello               cordially invites you to be a guest at your simcha
Isadore Kamen, by Arden Kamen Goldstein        Charles Levin, by Diana Stein
Julius Miller, by Glenda Gordon                                                                                                            For your shabbat dinner,
                                               Dr. Arnold Stein, by Audrey Stern & family
Marc Gordon, by Jim & Judy Gordon              Sadye Mirman, by Betty Taub
                                                                                                                                     kiddush brunch, or black tie gala,
Bonnie Gibson, by Sondra Gorodinsky            Ida Taub, by Betty Taub                                                      let Palm Caterers design an event that
Julius Gould, by Lewis Gould                   David Taub, by Betty Taub                                                will remain in your memory long after the
Libby Ackerman, by Susan Gould                 Sadye Mirman, by Marc & Ronna Taub                                                 last cup of coffee has been served.
Samuel Ackerman, by Susan Gould
                                               Beatrice Kandel, by Elinor Toberoff
Pearl Granet, by Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Granet
                                               Dr. Theodore Pick, by Alice Turner                                                          For events after May 1st
Nettie Greenbaum, by Fran Greenbaum
Julius L. Goldberg, by Sylvia G. Greenberg     Audrey Kaylin, by Randy & Peter Warheit          RSVP 561-394-PALM (7256)                           call 561/395-3690
Eve Beth Greenfiedl, by Sybil N. Greenfield    Samuel Luks, by Frances & George Weinberg
Sylvia Grossman, by Stuart Z. Grossman         Paul Luks, by Frances & George Weinberg
Daniel G. Rubin, by Bonnie & Barry Halperin    Molly Weinberg, by Frances & George Weinberg
Herman Herst, by Ida Herst                     Joan Weingarten, by Abby & Adam Weingarten
Bertha Barrett, by Ida Herst                   Arthur & William Shapiro, by Shirley Weinstein
Warren Hofstadter, by Betty Jane Hofstadter    Isaac Weiss, by the Weiss family
Harry Sall, by Deanna & Irwin Isert            George Tirck, by Jackie & Al Wheeler
Morris Tucker, by Deborah Jackman              John D. Whiteman, by Mrs. John D. Whiteman

GENERAL FUND                                   Robert & Barbara Hausman
Joseph P. & Miriam B. Klein                    Lois Niles & Solomon Machulam
                                               Robin & David Soblick
RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                     Roberta & Irwin Sporn
Bambi & Barry Deanto                           Betty & Millard Suid
Jamie & Philip Garroway

                                                                                                               March/April 2010    •   THE CHRONICLE                  25
                                                                                                   temple officers
                                                                                  Mark E. Platt     pReSidenT
                                                                            Barry M. Podolsky       exeCUTiVe ViCe pReSidenT
                                                                                   Allen P. Lev     ViCe pReSidenT OF adMiniSTRaTiOn
                                                                             Elinor Josephson       ViCe pReSidenT OF COngRegaTiOnaL
                                                                                                    aCTiViTieS and COMMUniTY SeRViCeS
                                                                                                    COMMiTTee CO-CHaiR
                                                                            Stephanie Lowen         ViCe pReSidenT OF edUCaTiOn and YOUTH
                                                                           Maurice Plough, Jr.      ViCe pReSidenT OF deVeLOpMenT
                                                                                                    and SeCURiTY COMMiTTee CHaiR
                 CLINICAL SEXOLOGIST
                                                                                    Patty Beck      SeCReTaRY
     for your emotional, sexual and spiritual health

 2900 N. Military Trail #165                       Tel: 561.995.4004
 Boca Raton, FL 33431          
                                                                                                Board of trustees

                    real “Boca Expert“
                                                                                   Gail Cohen SiSTeRHOOd CO-pReSidenT
           The                                                                       Lisa Zwick SiSTeRHOOd CO-pReSidenT
                                                                            Michael Blackman BROTHeRHOOd pReSidenT

                                                                                   Adam Fogel BOFTY pReSidenT
                                The real “Boca Expert”
                                                                                   Aline Fisher ReLigiOUS aCTiViTieS COMMiTTee CHaiR
                                                                                Jeffrey A. Graef OpeRaTiOnS COMMiTTee CHaiR

                                                                             Elinor Josephson COMMUniTY SeRViCeS COMMiTTee CHaiR
                                                                                Sandy Listokin edUCaTiOn and YOUTH COMMiTTee CHaiR

                                                                                 Michael Manis FinanCe COMMiTTee CHaiR
                                                                                  Larry Marcus MaUSOLeUM COMMiTTee CHaiR
                                        World Class Service            Kenneth A. Mogell, DMD COnTinUing edUCaTiOn COMMiTTee CHaiR
                                        Business Experience               Richard K. Newman endOWMenT COMMiTTee CHaiR
                                          World Class
                                        since 1976 Service                     Susan Podolsky MeMBeRSHip COMMiTTee CHaiR
                                     Business Experience since 1976
                                                                               Jaclyn Saltzman pROgRaMMing COMMiTTee CHaiR
                                                                           Melissa Weinberger eaRLY CHiLdHOOd COMMiTTee CHaiR
                                                                            Sandi Altner               Lisa S. Henschel                    Neal Slafsky
                                         (561)395-8244                     Irwin Cohen                 Mitchell Hershey              Stephanie B. Stiepleman
                          (561) 395 - 8244
                                 Dr. Marvin Galler
                                                                         Kenneth Gordon
                                                                                                       Keith P. Kronish                  Shelly Turetzky
                                                                                                                                          Sheryl Unger

                                                                       honorary Board
                                                                         Marc Applebaum*                  Stanley Gray                      Irving Rifkin u
                                                                         James B. Baer** u            Stanford Hermann u                   Morris Robinson
                                                                          Donald Berger                    Ida Herst**                      Stanley Rose u
                                                                           Alvin Cohen **               Joseph Q. Kline u                  Albert Schiff ** u
                                                                         Frances Cohen u                 LTC Ben Lake u                 Dr. Bernard Shulman**
                                                                        Herbert Gimelstob**                Cis Rader u                     Alan H.Weiner **
                                                                                   *Immediate Past President   **Past President   u Of Blessed Memory

                                                                        professional staff
                                                                                                  Rabbi Daniel Levin
                                                                                          Rabbi Jessica Spitalnic Brockman
                                                                                                Rabbi Pamela Mandel
                                                                                            Lori Shapiro, Cantorial Soloist
                                                                                      Steve Dropkin, Musical Artist-in-Residence

                                                                               Rabbi Merle Singer, D.P.S., D.H.L., D.D., Rabbi Emeritus

      advertise With tbe                                                              Cantor Martin Rosen, Cantor Emeritus

                                                                                         Jan Catalfumo, exeCUTiVe diReCTOR

                                                                                maimonides institUte for JeWish learning

       The Chronicle                                                    Robin Eisenberg, RJe, diReCTOR OF JeWiSH LeaRning and LiVing
                                                                       Marcy Schultz, aSSiSTanT diReCTOR OF JeWiSH LeaRning and LiVing

        TBE website                                                    Judy Levine, diReCTOR OF eaRLY CHiLdHOOd edUCaTiOn, Main CaMpUS
                                                                             Ann Pardes, diReCTOR OF eaRLY CHiLdHOOd edUCaTiOn,

     Thursday tbe-email                                                                            BeCK FaMiLY CaMpUS

                                                                                      Denise Calderon, diReCTOR OF FinanCe
                                                                                      Cara Robbe, diReCTOR OF MeMBeRSHip
                   call debbie at                                                   Amy Friedman, diReCTOR OF deVeLOpMenT
                    561/314-2834                                                     Sally J. Ling, COMMUniCaTiOnS ManageR
                                                                                     Debbie Lipson, LCaSW, SOCiaL WORKeR

26     THE CHRONICLE           |
a night of 50 shabbats
                         March/April 2010   •   THE CHRONICLE   27
                                                                                                                                                                                        561/391-8900 Boca Raton
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  333 Southwest 4th avenue, Boca Raton, FL 33432
a Reform congregation affiliated with The Union for Reform Judaism

                                                                                       dated material
                                                                         please rush

                                                                                                                                                    CURRenT ReSidenT OR

                                                                                                                                                                              Boca Raton, FL

                                                                                                                                                                              U.S. pOSTage
                                                                                                                                                                              permit no. 37

                                                                                                           Joshua M. Berlin, M.D.
                                                                                        Board Certified in Dermatology
                                                                       Specializing in All Forms of Dermatology Care and Skin Surgery
                                                                                                        Trained at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio in Dermatology
                                                                                                           The Berlin Center for Medical Aesthetics
                                                                                                               Cosmetic & Laser Skin Treatments
                                                                                                                 Fraxel® Chemical Peels
                                                                                                          Micro Dermabrasion Facials Age Spots

                                                                                                         BETHESDA HEALTH CITY / BOYNTON BEACH

                                                                     INTELLIGENT SKINCARE FOR A LIFETIME
                                                                                                                  Member of Temple Beth El of Boca Raton

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