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                                         Volume 7
                                          April 2008

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2                                                                April 2008                         Gas Vehicles Report

                                                                          Consumers: It’s a good deal to buy an NGV                                                         4

                                          OEM NGV prices and fuel consumption/saving in Germany                                                                             6

                                                                                                                                          NGV news                          8

                             IANGV: OBD II performance of typical aftermarket light duty NGV                                                                                20

                                                                                       Two months left for the NGV 2008                                                     22

                                                                                Spain: need of more refuelling stations                                                     24

                                                                     Germany: stylish roadster with biogas power                                                            26

                                                                          Opinions from refuelling stations suppliers                                                       28

                                                                                                             NGV’s statistics balance                                       34

                                                                                                          Worldwide NGV statistics                                          35

    The GVR: 2008 Journalistic timetable and NGV events
#Edition Month Deadline                      Special Report                                           Events with massive distribution
    72 January           November 30th       LNG vehicles and fuelling facilities
    73 February          December 20th       NG buses: how OEMs see the market place
    74     March         January 25th        Biogas projects in Europe                             78th International Motor Show, 6-16 March Geneva, Switzerland
    75      April        February 22nd       Opinions from compressor manufacturers                14th ENGVA Conference, April Madrid, Spain
    76       May         March 25th          The world of valve and other component manufacturers
    77      June         April 18th          Methane markets in Europe, USA, and Canada            NGV 2008. 3-5 June, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    78       July        May 19 th           NGV 2008 balance
    79    August         June 25th           Vehicle conversion market in Europe: the companies and the technology
    80 September         July 25th           Special edition for Torino event                      2nd World Fair of NGV, biogas & H2V, 25-27 September, Turin, Italy
    81 October           August 25th         Balance of the Torino event
    82 November          September 19th      The voice of cylinder suppliers
    83 December          October 24th        NGV statistics balance: the progress of 2008 activities

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4                                                       April 2008                    Gas Vehicles Report

It's a good deal to buy an NGV
Vehicle model                NGV price in Italy with incentives                   Gasoline                      Diesel
                             for private citizens - March 2007                                                                   versioni 5porte
                                                                                                                                 parità di
                                   Engine               Euro                Engine         Euro          Engine      Euro
                                                                                                                                 allestimento tra le
Panda                                1.2                     11,450             1.2       10050           1.3        11980       motorizzazioni
Punto                                1.2                     13,000             1.2       13000           1.3        14400
                                                                                                                                 incentivi governativi
Multipla                             1.6                     20,500             1.6       19000           1.9        21720
                                                                                                                                 per metano
Doblo                                1.6                     16,110             1.4       14740           1.3        17060

 Opel Zafira: cost calculation at 15.000 km/year                                  Mercedes Benz E 200 NGT
Zafira                              1.9 DTI        1.6 CNG       Twinport
                                                    Ecotec        Ecotec

 List price in Euro                 23,720         23,640        21,210
Energy consumption per 100 km              6.00     5.00            7.30
Price per energy unit in Euro              1.16     0.86            1.37
Cost per 100km in Euro                     6.96     4.30           10.00
Total fuel cost/year in Euro           1,044.00 645.00          1,500.15
Insurance/year in Euro                   650.00 514.00            514.00
Vehicle tax in Euro                      309.00 108.00            108.00
Total cost/year in Euro                2,003.00 1,267.00        2,122.15
Difference relative to diesel/gasoline            736.00 855.15
Amortisation in years                                  0   2.84

 Opel Zafira: cost calculation                    (German prices 2007)
                                                                                 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Sedan with bivalent natural gas
                                              Diesel    CNG      Petrol          drive: E 200 NGT
                                                                                 Price for the base model E200Kompressor
List of price (incl. VAT)                      23,720   23,640     21,210
Running cost 1 year                                 0        0          0        (incl. automatic transmission): 32.100 Euro.
Running cost 2 year                                 0        0          0        Extra costs for natural gas Technology: 2.950 Euro
Running cost 3 year                                 0        0          0        Total: 35.050 Euro (German prices, without VAT)
Total cost after 3 years                       23,720   23,640     21,210        Price for a comparable diesel car: E 220 CDI
Residual value after 3 years and 45.000 km     13,150   13,697     11,113        (incl. automatic transmission and particulate filter):
Total cost after purchase                      10,570    9,943     10,097        33.400 Euro (German prices, without VAT)
Advantage CNG                                     627                 154

Vehicle model                                Vehicle type                 NGV                            Gasoline                      Gasoline
                                                              Engine            Euro           Engine             Euro          Engine          Euro
Berlingo Multispace Plus                Passenger car              1.4i     19.200                1.4i            16.240          1.9D          16.870
Berlingo Kastenwagen 600                Van                        1.4i     15.358                1.4i            12.574          1.9D          13.096
Jumper Kastenwagen 33MH                 Van                        2.0i     28.942                 -                 -           2.2HDI         25.810

 Opel Combo: cost calculation at 15,000 km/year                                 Opel Combo: cost calculation                     (German prices 2007)

 Zafira                            1.7 CDTI        1.6 CNG         1.4                                                       Diesel    CNG        Petrol
                                    (Diesel)                     Gasoline       List of price (incl. VAT)                     16,532   18,394      14,562
 List price in Euro                 16,532          18,394       14,562         Running cost 1 year                            1,929    1,272       1,963
 Operating costs                                                                Running cost 2 year                            1,929    1,272       1,963
 Energy consumption                     5.40     4.90              6.5          Running cost 3 year                            1,929    1,272       1,963
 Price per l/kg in Euro                 1.16     0.86            1.37           Total cost after 3 years                      22,319   22,210      20,450
 Cost per 100 km in Euro                6.26     4.21           8.905           Residual value after 3 years and 45.000 km     6,943    7,725       5,752
 Annual fuel cost                     939.60 632.10          1,335.75           Total cost after purchase                     15,376   14,485      14,698
 Annual insurance cost                727.00 532.00            532.00           Advantage CNG                                    891                  213
 Vehicle tax                          262.48 108.00             95.00
 Total cost/annum                   1,929.08 1,272.10        1,962.75
 Difference vs diesel/gasoline                 656.98 690.65
 Amortisation time (years)                        2.8    5.5
6                                                        April 2008                               Gas Vehicles Report

OEM NGV prices and fuel
consumption/saving in Germany
CITROËN                                             C3 1.4 Erdgas              Berlingo Multispace Plus 1.4 bivalent               Berlingo Kastenwagen 600 1.4 bivalent
Emission standard                                    14,670                                          15,970                                                     15,764
Emission standard                                     Euro 4                                          Euro 4                                      98/69 EG l; B≈Euro 4
Fuel                                                Gasoline        CNG                             Gasoline            CNG                                    Gasoline         CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)                    6.5         5.2                                 7.4             6.2                                        7.4          6.2
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)                   1,300       1,040                               1,480           1,240                                      1,480        1,240
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                                 1,625         884                               1,850           1,054                                      1,850        1,054
CNG fuel saving/year (Euro)                                -        741                                    -            796                                           -         796
CNG fuel saving in 3 years (Euro)                          -      2,223                                    -          2,388                                           -       2,388

FIAT                                        Punto Natural Power            Multipla Natural Power         Dobló 1.6 16V Natural Power           Dobló 1.6 Cargo Natural Power
NGV price (Euro)                                     13,990                         21,690                               17,540                           15,057
Emission standard                                  Euro 3/D4                         Euro 4                               Euro 4                           Euro 4
Fuel                                                Gasoline        CNG            Gasoline        CNG                  Gasoline        CNG              Gasoline               CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)                    6.3         4.3                9.0         6.3                      9.2         6.3                  9.2                6.3
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)                   1,260         860              1,800       1,260                    1,840       1,260                1,840              1,260
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                                 1,575         731              2,250       1,071                    2,300       1,071                2,300              1,071
CNG fuel saving/year (Euro)                                -        844                   -      1,179                         -      1,229                     -             1,229
CNG fuel saving in 3 years (Euro)                          -      2,532                   -      3,537                         -      3,687                     -             3,687

FORD                                      Focus C-MAX CNG              Transit CNG Kasten und Kombi (3 version)                  Transit CNG Pritschenwagen Einzelkabine
NGV price (Euro)                             22,925                                         31,616/33,147/33,843                                               31,523
Emission standard                             Euro 4                                                       Euro 3                                               Euro 3
Fuel                                        Gasoline         CNG                                         Gasoline      CNG                                    Gasoline          CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)            7.3          6.3                                           11.0        8.6                                      11.0            8.6
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)           1,460        1,260                                           2,200     1,720                                      2,200         1,720
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                         1,825        1,071                                           2,750     1,462                                      2,750         1,462
CNG fuel saving/year (Euro)                        -         754                                                -    1,288                                           -        1,288
CNG fuel saving in 3 years (Euro)                  -       2,262                                                -    3,864                                           -        3,864

MERCEDES BENZ                               Sprinter NGT Pritsche Doppelkabine
NGV price (Euro)                                                     43,549
Emission standard                                                 Euro 4/EEV
Fuel                                                                    CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)                                  10.9
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)                                   2,180
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                                                 1,853
CNG fuel saving/year (Euro)                                                -
CNG fuel saving in 3 years (Euro)                                          -

MERCEDES BENZ                                 E200 NGT              Sprinter NGT Combi           Sprinter NGT Kastenwagen              Sprinter NGT Pritsche Einzelkabine
NGV price (Euro)                            42,154                                41,543                               35,854                                       37,632
Emission standard                            Euro 4                            Euro 4/EEV                           Euro 4/EEV                                   Euro 4/EEV
Fuel                                       Gasoline        CNG                       CNG                                  CNG                                          CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)           9.0         6.1                     10.9                                 10.9                                         10.9
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)          1,800       1,220                     2,180                                2,180                                        2,180
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                        2,250       1,037                     1,853                                1,853                                        1,853
CNG fuel saving/year (Euro)                       -      1,213                          -                                    -                                            -
CNG fuel saving in 3 years (Euro)                 -      3,639                          -                                    -                                            -

OPEL                                      Zafira 1.6 CNG Monovalent Plus                Combo 1.6 CNG Monovalent Plus             Combo Kastenwagen 1.6 CNG Monovalent Plus
NGV price (€) incl. VAT                                               23.640                                   18.580                                                17.737
Emission standard                                                     Euro 4                                   Euro 4                                                Euro 4
Fuel                                                                    CNG                                      CNG                                                   CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (kg or Nm3)                                      5,0                                      4,9                                                   4,9
Fuel consumption/year (kg or Nm3)                                     1.000                                      980                                                   980
Fuel cost/year (€)                                                      860                                      843                                                   843
PEUGEOT                                 Partner P. 75 bivalent        Partner P. GNV Kastenwagen 190 C bivalent                Boxer Großraumkastenwagen 330 mh bivalent
NGV price (Euro)                             18,800                                                 17,110                                                      29,464
Emission standard                             Euro 4                                98/69 EG I; A (≈Euro 3)                                   98/69 EG III; A (≈Euro 3)
Fuel                                        Gasoline         CNG                                   Gasoline           CNG                                      Gasoline         CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)            7.8          6.9                                       7.8            6.9                                        13.2         10.7
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)           1,560        1,380                                     1,560          1,380                                        2,640        2,140
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                         1,950        1,173                                     1,950          1,173                                        3,300        1,819
CNG fuel saving/year (Euro)                        -         777                                          -           777                                             -       1,481
CNG fuel saving in 3 years (Euro)                  -       2,331                                          -         2,331                                             -       4,443

VOLKSWAGEN                              Toruan EcoFuel         Caddy Life EcoFuel        Caddy Kombi EcoFuel        Caddy Kastenwagen EcoFuel            Golf Variant 2.0 biFuel
NGV price (Euro)                         23,355                     19,894                      18,937                              18,831                     24,475
Emission standard                         Euro 4                     Euro 4                      Euro 4                              Euro 4                     Euro 4
Fuel                                    Gasoline        CNG        Gasoline      CNG           Gasoline      CNG                   Gasoline       CNG         Gasoline          CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)      10.0          5.9          10.0        6.0             10.0        6.0                     10.0         6.0             8.1           6.0
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)       2,000       1,180          2,000     1,200             2,000     1,200                     2,000      1,200           1,620         1,200
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                     2,500       1,003          2,500     1,020             2,500     1,020                     2,500      1,020           2,025         1,020
CNG fuel saving/year (Euro)                    -      1,497               -    1,480                  -    1,480                          -     1,480                -        1,005
CNG fuel saving in 3 years (Euro)              -      4,491               -    4,440                  -    4,440                          -     4,440                -        3,015
                                                          April 2008                        Gas Vehicles Report         7

IVECO                                       Daily (35 S 11 GV)
NGV price (Euro)                                      34,916
Emission standard                                         EEV
Fuel                                                     CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)                   13.0
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)                   2,600
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                                 2,210

RENAULT                                    Kangoo Erdgas Kangoo Rapid Erdgas
NGV price (Euro)                                   -                      15,451
Emission standard                             Euro 4                       Euro 4
Fuel                                        Gasoline   CNG               Gasoline   CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)            7.8    5.8                   7.8    5.8
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)           1,560 1,160                  1,560 1,160
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                         1,950    986                 1,950    986
CNG fuel saving/year (Euro)                        -   964                      -   964
CNG fuel saving in 3 years (Euro)                  - 2,892                      - 2,892

FIAT                                       Ducato Combi Natural Power           Ducato Kastenwagen Natural Power
NGV price (Euro)                                          28,304                                     27,376
Emission standard                                          Euro 3                                     Euro 3
Fuel                                                     Gasoline       CNG                         Gasoline     CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)                       13.2         9.3                           13.2       9.3
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)                        2,640      1,860                           2,640    1,860
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                                      3,300      1,581                           3,300    1,581
CNG fuel saving/year (Euro)                                     -     1,719                                -   1,719
CNG fuel saving in 3 years (Euro)                               -     5,157                                -   5,157

FORD                                       Ford Transit CNG Pritschenwagen DoppelKabine
NGV price (Euro)                                                                36,395
Emission standard                                                                Euro 3
Fuel                                                                           Gasoline      CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)                                             11.0        8.6
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)                                              2,200     1,720
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                                                            2,750     1,462
CNG fuel saving/year (Euro)                                                           -    1,288
CNG fuel saving in 3 years (Euro)                                                     -    3,864

VOLVO                                        Volvo S60              Volvo V70
NGV price (Euro)                            30,220            34,820
Emission standard                            Euro 4            Euro 4
Fuel                                       Gasoline      CNG Gasoline       CNG
Fuel consumption/100 km (litre or kg)           8.8       6.8     9.1        7.2
Fuel consumption/year (litre or kg)          1,760     1,360 1,820        1,440
Fuel cost/year (Euro)                        2,200     1,156 2,275        1,224
CNG fuel saving/year (Euro)                       -    1,044        -     1,051
CNG fuel saving in 3 years (Euro)                 -    3,132        -     3,153

OPEL                                    Combo Sport 1.6 CNG Monvalent Plus
NGV price (Euro) incl. VAT                                      22.230
Emission standard                                               EURO4
Fuel                                                              CNG
Fuel consumption / 100 km (kg)                                     4,9
Fuel consumption / year/ (kg)                                     980
Fuel cost year (Euro)                                             833

  Mileage/year: 20.000 km.
  Premium gasoline price in Germany, March 2006
  was 1.25 Euro/litre.
  CNG price in Germany, January 2006 was 0.85
  Euro/kg = 0.70 Euro/Nm3.
  The CNG price in Germany is measured by kg.
  The normal density of CNG is 0.82 kg/Nm3.
  Data fuel consumption: EON Ruhrgas, Peugeot.

Driving concept of VW Touran and Caddy is
quasi-monovalent (gasoline = reserve fuel).
Engines for quasi-monovalent vehicles
such as the Touran and the Caddy
EcoFuel are specially designed to
run on natural gas.
This produces optimised fuel
consumption and lower
pollutant emissions for
gas operation.
8                                        April 2008              Gas Vehicles Report


NGV news                                The II World Fair takes place at a
                                        time when efforts are being made to
                                                                                The Netherlands
                                                                                Another CNG station was opened in
Italy                                   begin considering NGV as a regular      the country during mid February
Number 1 market in the continent        fuel instead of alternative.            2008, in Hengelo city. The goal to
keeps growing. As announced in                                                  install 50 stations this year was
previous editions, this year it is      Belgium                                 again confirmed trough press media
expected the authorization of           The Society for the Inter Communal      by CNGNet,a co-operation between
self-service refueling as well as       Transport of Brussels announced         dutCH4 and Ballast Nedam.
multi-fuel dispensers, two key          some new investments and policies       Municipalities are expected to
elements for the market.                in which a plan to buy 70 NG buses      support this endeavor towards the
The II World Fair of NGV, Biogas and    in 2008 is included. Those buses        achievement of better air quality and
Hydrogen continues to move              are expected to be delivered in         energy uses. Utrecht Province plans
forward, and it will be held in Turin   2009.                                   to give 0% loans to NG fuelling
on September 25-27. With the                                                    station investors , in which 2,4 M
promotion of Consorzio NGV System       The United Kingdom                      Euro funding is available.
and organized by NGV                    Since February 2003, the Transport
Communications Group, the               for London (TfL) imposed a              Turkey
industry’s response is outstanding:     “Congestion Charging” scheme to         Ankara city is building one more
the initial pavilion was fully sold,    vehicles operators in the central       CNG station which construction will
adding 1,500 m2. The meeting has        area of London. In February 2007,       be completed this year. More
Fiat Group as Sponsor Gold, and the     the charging zone was extended to       refuelling amenities are expected to
Silver Sponsors are GTT -Gruppo         Westwards. The charging fee is          come although no deadline and
Torinesi Trasporti-, Landi Renzo,       applicable for vehicles being parked    target were fixed yet. By December
Safe and Torino Metano.                 or driven in the congestion charging    2007, Turkey had over 2,500 NGVs
The official endorsement was also       zone between 7am-6pm from               and 5 operating stations. That is
received (by means of their highest     Monday to Friday. The current           equal to 0.03% of the world’s total
authorities) from the Piedmont          charge is £8-£10 for private vehicle    NGV and 0.04% of the total fuelling
Region, Province of Turin, City of      operators and £7/vehicle for fleet      stations. The GVR global statistics
Turin and the Turin Polytechnic         vehicles registered at Fleet account.   recorded 7,941,966 NGVs and
Institute (University of the            NGVs are eligible for 100% discount     12,667 stations for December
Automobile).                            on the charging fee.                    2007 (as per data on 20-02-2008).
                         WE MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND

We have a goal: helping make the world go round in       We do all this in 50 countries on all 5 continents,
the right direction.                                     working with the world’s biggest automotive companies.
We lead the way in technologies for environmentally      We want to maintain our position of prominence on
friendly mobility, producing vehicle components for      a rapidly growing market, responding to the
alternative fuels, LPG and natural gas.                  increasingly urgent demand for sustainable
In more than 50 years in the business our technologies   development.
have helped make LPG and natural gas fuelled vehicles
increasingly popular. Today we continue to open up
new horizons with research into ways of using new
fuels such as hydrogen.

                                                                         Alternative mobility
10                                                                          April 2008             Gas Vehicles Report


Notizie NGV
                                                                                                                  intercomunale di Bruxelles ha
                                                                                                                  annunciato alcuni nuovi investimenti
                                                                                                                  e politiche che includono l’acquisto di
Italia                                                                   sostenuto da Fiat Group in quanto        70 autobus a metano nel 2008.
Il numero 1 del mercato continua a                                       Sponsor Gold e da GTT (Gruppo            Gli autobus dovrebbero essere
crescere. Come annunciate nelle                                          Torinesi Trasporti), Landi Renzo,        consegnati nel 2009.
edizioni precedenti, quest’anno si                                       Safe e Torino Metano in quanto
aspetta l’autorizzazione per le                                          Sponsor Silver.                          Regno Unito
stazioni di rifornimento self-service                                    L’appoggio ufficiale è stato dato        Dal febbraio 2003, la società dei
nonché per i distributori                                                anche (a nome delle autorità             trasporti di Londra (TfL) ha imposto
multicombustibili, due elementi                                          principali) da Regione Piemonte,         uno schema di “tassa di
chiave per il mercato.                                                   Provincia di Torino, Città di Torino e   congestione” a carico degli utenti di
La II Fiera Mondiale dei veicoli a gas                                   Politecnico di Torino (Università        veicoli nell’area centrale di Londra.
naturale, biogas e idrogeno è in pieni                                   dell’automobile).                        Nel febbraio 2007 la zona è stata
preparativi e si terrà a Torino dal 25                                   La II Fiera Mondiale ha luogo in un      ampliata a Westwards. La tassa
al 27 settembre. Promossa da                                             momento in cui si stanno facendo         deve essere pagata dai veicoli che
Consorzio NGV System e organizzata                                       sforzi a favore del metano in quanto     entrano nella zona di congestione tra
da NGV Communications Group, la                                          combustibile normale al posto del        le 7 di mattina e le 6 di sera, dal
risposta dell’industria è promettente:                                   combustibile alternativo.                lunedì al venerdì. La tassa attuale
il padiglione iniziale è stato                                                                                    ammonta a £8-£10 per i veicoli
completamente venduto, e sono stati                                      Belgio                                   privati e £7 per i veicoli appartenenti
aggiunti 1,500 m2. L’incontro è                                          La Società per il Trasporto              a un parco macchine registrati come
                                                                                                                  tali. I veicoli a metano godono di una
                                                                                                                  riduzione del 100% sulla tassa.

                                                                                                                  Un’ulteriore stazione di rifornimento
                                                                                                                  di metano è stata aperta nel mese
                                                                                                                  di febbraio 2008, nella città di
                                                       L’Industria italiana del gas naturale
                                                                                                                  I media hanno di nuovo confermato
                                                           per una mobilità sostenibile
                                                                                                                  l’obiettivo di installare 50 stazioni da
                                                                                                                  parte di CNGNet, una cooperazione
                                                                                                                  tra dutCH4 e Ballast Nedam.
                                                                                                                  Ci si aspetta un sostegno da parte
                                                                                                                  delle municipalità a favore del
                                                                                                                  raggiungimento di una qualità
                                                                                                                  dell’aria e di un uso delle energie
                                                                                                                  La Provincia di Utrecht prevede di
                                                                                                                  offrire prestiti allo 0% a coloro che
                                                                                                                  intendono investire in stazioni di
                                                                                                                  rifornimento di metano, da un fondo
                                                                                                                  pari a un ammontare di 2,4 milioni
                                                                                                                  di Euro.

                                                                                                                  Ad Ankara si sta costruendo un’altra
                                                                                                                  stazione di rifornimento di metano,
                                                                                                                  che dovrebbe essere terminata
                                                                                                                  ancora quest’anno. Si aspettano
                                                                                                                  ulteriori strutture di rifornimento,
                                                                                                                  anche se non sono stati fissati
                                                                                                                  obiettivi e scadenze.
                                                                                                                  Alla fine di dicembre 2007 la Turchia
                                                                                                                  contava oltre 2,500 veicoli a gas
                                                                                                                  naturale e 5 stazioni operative. Ciò è
                                                                                                                  pari allo 0.03% del numero totale di
                                                                                                                  veicoli a metano nel mondo e allo
                                                                                                                  0.04% del numero totale di stazioni.
                   NGV System Italia - the italian Industry                                                       Per dicembre 2007, le statistiche
                   of natural gas for a sustainable mobility                                                      globali di GVR contavano 7,941,966
                          Consorzio NGV System Italia • via Serio 16 • 20139 Milano - Italia                      veicoli a metano e 12,667 stazioni
               tel. +39 02 56810171 • fax +39 02 56810131 • •
                                                                                                                  di rifornimento (in data
12                                         April 2008               Gas Vehicles Report


Noticias del GNV
Italia                                    La II Feria Mundial se inscribe dentro   Holanda
El mercado No.1 continental sigue         de los esfuerzos por llevar al GNV a     Una nueva estación fue inaugurada a
su crecimiento. Como anunciado en         ser considerado un combustible no        mitad de febrero, en la ciudad de
ediciones anteriores, se aguarda          ya alternativo sino de uso común y       Hengelo. El objetivo de instalar 50
para este año la habilitación para la     regular.                                 estaciones este año fue nuevamente
recarga en modalidad self-service así                                              confirmado en la prensa por
como los surtidores multi-combustibles,   Bélgica                                  CNGNet, una colaboración entre
dos elementos considerados clave          La Sociedad para el Transporte           dutCH4 y Ballast Nedam. Se espera
enelmercado.                              Intercomunal de Bruselas anunció         que varias municipalidades repalden
Sigue su marcha la II Feria               algunas nuevas inversions y políticas,   este esfuerzo dirigido a mejorar la
Internacional del GNV, Biogas e           dentro de las cuales planea este         calidad del aire y del uso energético.
Hdrógeno, a realizarse en Turín del       2008 adquirir 70 buses a gas             La Provincia de Utrecht planea
25 al 27 de septiembre. Con el            natural. Estos vehículos se espera       préstamos sin interés para los
impulso del Consorzio NGV System y        sean entregados en 2009.                 inversores en estaciones de carga;
organizado por NGV Comm. Group,                                                    existen 2,4M Euro disponibles.
la respuesta de la industria es           Reino Unido
destacable: el pabellón inicial ya fue    Desde febrero de 2003, ‘Transport        Turquía
totalmente vendido, agregándose           for London’ impuso un esquema de         La ciudad de Ankara está construyendo
1500 m2 más. El evento cuenta             “Congestion Charge” para vehículos       otra estación de GNC, a completarse
con el Fiat Group como Sponsor            en el área central de Londres. En        este año. Se esperan más aunque no
Gold, y son Sponsors Silver GTT -         febrero de 2007, la zona se              hay aún un objetivo prefijado. En
Gruppo Torinesi Trasporti-, Landi         extendió hacia el oeste. La tasa se      diciembre de 2007, Turquía tenía más
Renzo, Safe y Torino Metano.              aplica a los vehículos estacionados o    de 2.500 GNVs y 5 estaciones. Esto
Se cuenta también con el respaldo         circulando en la zona antedicha, de      significa el 0,03% del total mundial de
oficial (por medio de sus máximas         lunes a viernes de 7am a 6pm. El         GNVs y el 0,04% de las estaciones.
autoridades) de la Región Piamonte,       importe actual es de £8-£10 para         Las estadísticas de GVR registraron
la Provincia de Torino, la Ciudad de      los privados y de £7 por vehículo        7.941.966 GNVs y 12.667 esta-
Torino y el Politecnico de Torino         para las flotas registradas. Los         ciones en diciembre de 2007 (con
(Universidad del Automóvil).              GNVs tienen un 100% de descuento.        data el 20/02/2008).
14                                         April 2008               Gas Vehicles Report

                                                               Reino Unido
Notícias do GNV                                                Desde fevereiro de 2003, ‘Transport for London’ impôs
                                                               um esquema de “Congestion Charge” para veículos na
Itália                                                         área central de Londres. Em fevereiro de 2007, a
O mercado Nº1 continental segue seu crescimento.               região se estendeu até o oeste. A taxa se aplica aos
Como anunciado em edições anteriores, aguarda-se para          veículos estacionados ou circulando na região referida,
este ano a habilitação de dois elementos considerados          de segunda a sexta, das 7:00 da manhã às 18:00 da
pontos chave no mercado para a recarga em                      noite. O valor atual é de £8-£10 para os particulares e
modalidade self-service e as bombas multi-combustíveis.        de £7 por veículo para as frotas registradas. Os veículos
Segue seu caminho a II Feira Internacional de GNV,             a GNV têm 100% de desconto.
Biogás e Hidrogênio, a realizar-se em Turim, de 25 a 27
de setembro. Com o fomento do Consórcio NGV System             Holanda
e organização do NGV Comm. Group, a resposta da                Um novo posto foi inaugurado na metade de fevereiro,
indústria é destacável: o pavilhão inicial já foi totalmente   na cidade de Hengelo. O objetivo de instalar 50 postos
vendido, acrescentando-se mais 1.500 m². O evento              este ano foi novamente confirmado na imprensa por
conta com o Grupo Fiat como Patrocinador Gold e GTT -          CNGNet, uma colaboração entre dutCH4 e Ballast
Gruppo Torinesi Trasporti-, Landi Renzo, Safe e Torino         Nedam. Espera-se que várias municipalidades
Metano como Patrocinadores Silver.                             respaldem este esforço dirigido a melhorar a qualidade
Conta-se também com o respaldo oficial (por meio de            do ar e do uso energético. A Província de Utrecht
suas máximas autoridades) da Região Piamonte, a                planeja empréstimos sem interesses para os
Província de Turim, a Cidade de Turim e o Politécnico de       investidores em postos de abastecimento; existem 2,4M
Turim (Universidade do Automóvel).                             Euro disponíveis.
A II Feira Mundial se inscreve dentro dos esforços para
levar o GNV a ser considerado um combustível não só            Turquia
alternativo como de uso comum e regular.                       A cidade de Ankara está construindo outro posto de
                                                               GNV, a ser completado este ano. Todavia não há um
Bélgica                                                        objetivo prefixado. Em dezembro de 2007, a Turquia
A Sociedade para o Transporte Intermunicipal de                possuía mais de 2.500 veículos a GNV e 5 postos. Isto
Bruxelas anunciou alguns novos investimentos e políticas,      significa 0,03% do total mundial de veículos a GNV e
dentro dos quais se planeja adquirir este ano 70 ônibus        0,04% dos postos. As estatísticas The GVR registraram
a gás natural. Espera-se que estes veículos sejam              7.941.966 veículos a GNV e 12.667 postos em
entregues em 2009.                                             dezembro de 2007 (com data de 20/02/2008).
16                                                  April 2008                  Gas Vehicles Report


Nowosći rynku NGV                                                                                Holandia
                                                                                                 W połowie lutego otworzono w
Włochy                                             ustanowienia metanu oficjalnym                miejscowości Hengelo kolejną stację
Notowany jest dalszy wzrost na rynku               paliwem.                                      tankowania metanem.
włoskim. Jak informowaliśmy w                                                                    Jest to kolejny krok w celu
poprzednich numerach,                              Belgia                                        wypełnienia zało eń dot. zbudowania
W tym roku jest oczekiwana budowa                  Transport Miejski Brukseli ogłosił            50 stacji z metanem, co potwierdza
samoobsługowych stacji tankowania                  nowe inwestycje zakłądające zakup             firma CNGNet. Władze miejeskie
metanem oraz wprowadzenie                          70 autobusów NGV w 2008r. Ich                 popierają ta inicjatywę mając na
wielopaliwowych dyspenserów.                       dostawa ma nastąpić do końca                  iwadze poprawę jakości powietrza.
Trwają te przygotowania do II                      przyszłego roku.                              Prowincja Utrecht planuje dawać
Światowych Targów NGV, Biogazu i                                                                 0% po yczki dla inwestorów
Wodoru (Turyn, 25-27 wrzesień).                    Wielka Brytania                               chcących zbudować stacje CNG, a
Dzięki promocji Consorzio NGV                      Od stycznia 2003, Transport for               przeznaczając na ten cel a 2,4 mln
System i organizatorów NGV                         London (TfL) wprowadził schemat               Euro funduszy.
Communications Group, mamy                         “Congestion Charging” dla operatorów
szeroki odzew firm z bran y: główny                flto samochodowych w centrum                  Turcja
pawilon jest ju zajęty, dodając 1500 m2.           Londynu. W lutym zeszłego roku,               Ankara buduje kolejną stacje tankowania
Tytuł Gold Sponsor nale y do Fiat                  specjalna strefa została poszerzona o         CNG, której oddanie do u ytku planuje
Group, zaś Srebrny Sponsor do GTT -                Westwards.                                    się na koniec br. Do końca grudnia
Gruppo Torinesi Trasporti, Landi                   Opłaty za postój w centrum miasta             2007, Turcja miała ponad 2500
Renzo, Safe i Torino Metano.                       lub przejazd nim obowiązują w godz.           pojazdów NGV i 5 pracujących stacji
Targi mają te oficjalne poparcie                   7.00-18.00 w dni robocze.                     tankowania metanem. Daje to 0,03%
władz regionu: Piedmont Region,                    Obecna opłata wynosi £8-£10 dla               śwaitowej liczby poj. NGV i 0,04% ilości
Provincja Turyn, miasto Turyn oraz                 samochodów prywatnych i £7/                   stacji na świecie. Nasze statystyki
Turin Polytechnic Institute.                       pojazd dla zarejestrowanych flot.             zanotowały na świecie ju 7 941
II Światowe Targi odbędą się w                     Auta z napędem metanowym                      966 pojazdów NGVs i 12 667 stacji
czasie, gdy czynione są wysiłki w celu             wje d ają bezpłatnie.                         CNG. (na dzień 20.02.2008).


Международные газомоторные новости
Италия                                             другой инициативой: отрасль хочет добиться,   Нидерланды
Италия – лидер по развитию газомоторной            чтобы впредь природный газ называли не        Еще одну АГНКС открыли в середине
отрасли в Европе. Это при этом объемы              альтернативным, а основным видом топлива.     февраля 2008 г. в городе Хенгело.
потреблнния "голубого топлива"                                                                   Намерение построить в этом году 50 новых
продолжают расти. Как сообщалось ранее,            Бельгия                                       станций еще раз подтвердила пресс-служба
в этом году в Италии должны разрешить              Компания, в ведении которой находится         CNG Net, совместного предприятия dut CH4
водителям самостоятельно осуществлять              общественный транспорт Брюсселя (The          и Ballast Nedam. Такие грандиозные планы
заправку автомобиля газом (без участия             Society for the Inter Communal Transport),    должен поддержать муниципалитет – новые
персонала АГНКС), а также использовать             объявила о новых инвестициях и планах         АНГКС помогут повысить качество воздуха
многотопливные топливораздаточные                  работы. В них включена покупка в течение      и снизят затраты на топливо. В провинции
колонки. Эти изменения существенно                 2008 г. 70 автобусов, работающих на           Утрехт (это в центральной части
повлияют на газомоторный рынок в целом.            природном газе. Ожидается, что их             Нидерландов) планируют предоставлять
Подготовка ко второй международной                 доставят в Брюссель в 2009 г.                 беспроцентный кредит для инвестиций в
газомоторной ярмарке набирает обороты.                                                           АГНКС. Для этого необходимо почти два с
Она пройдет с 25 по 27 сентября в Т     урине.     Великобритания                                половиной миллиона евро.
Продвижением и организацией ярмарки                С февраля 2003 г. организация, которая
занимаются Consorzio NGV System и NGV              руководит лондонским транспортом              Турция
Communications Group. Внимание к                   (Transport for London, TfL) начала взимать    В Анкаре строят еще одну АГНКС. Работы
мероприятию поражает: участники уже                плату за въезд в зоны с перегруженным         должны закончить в этом году. Ожидается
давно арендовали все павильоны.                    движением в центральной части столицы.        строительство еще нескольких
Организаторы добавили еще полторы                  В феврале 2007 г. деньги за проезд начали     заправочных станций, но когда и где они
тысячи квадратных метров. На                       брать не только в центре Лондона, но и в      появятся, не определено. В декабре 2007 г.
сегодняшний день заняты и они.                     Западном районе.                              вТ урции было две с половиной тысячи
Генеральный спонсор мероприятия - Fiat             Если вы на рабочей неделе (с понедельника     транспортных средств, работающих на
Group. Т акже выставку спонсируют Gruppo           по пятницу) проехали или припарковались в     природном газе. Их обслуживали пять
Torinesi Trasporti, Landi Renzo, Safe и Torino     облагаемой пошлиной зоне с 7 утра до 6        заправочных станций. Если сравнить с
Metano. Мероприятие поддержали власти              вечера, то придется заплатить: 8 – 10         мировой статистикой, то это 0,03%
Пьемонта, провинции Т     урин, города Т урина и   фунтов стерлингов за частный транспорт и      мирового газомоторного парка и 0,04% от
Туринского политехнического института              7 фунтов за машину, стоящую на балансе        общего числа заправок. Всего по планете
(Автомобильный университет).                       предприятия. При этом владельцы газовых       ездят 7 941 966 автомобилей, автобусов и
Время проведения выставки совпадает с              двигателей получают стопроцентную скидку.     грузовиков на природном газе.
                                               April 2008                  Gas Vehicles Report                                   17


Erdgasfahrzeug-News                                                                        Niederlande
                                                                                           Mitte Februar wurde in diesem Land in
                                                                                           der Stadt Hengelo eine weitere
Italien                                       Biogas- und Wasserstofffahrzeuge findet      Erdgastankstelle eröffnet. CNGNet, eine
Die Nummer 1 unter den Europäern ist          zu einem Zeitpunkt statt, da man sich        Arbeitsgruppe, die in Zusammenarbeit
weiterhin im Wachstum begriffen. Wie          darum bemüht, Erdgas nicht mehr als          zwischen dutCH4 und Ballast Nedam
bereits in der letzten Ausgabe erwähnt,       Alternative, sondern als normalen            geschaffen wurde, hat der Presse
sollen dieses Jahr sowohl das Tanken in       Brennstoff zu sehen.                         bestätigt, dass dieses Jahr 50
Selbstbedienung als auch Multizapfsäulen                                                   Tankstellen erstellt werden sollen. Von
für Erdgas zugelassen werden, zwei            Belgien                                      den Stadtbehörden wird erwartet, dass
Schlüsselelemente für den Markt.              Die Gesellschaft für interkommunalen         sie diese Bestrebungen für die
Die 2. Weltmesse für Erdgas-,                 Transport in Brüssel hat neue                Verbesserung der Luftqualität und der
Biogas- und Wasserstofffahrzeuge kommt        Investitionen und Richtlinien angekündigt,   Energieverwendung unterstützen. Die
gut voran. Sie findet vom 25.-27.             die unter anderem die Anschaffung von        Provinz Utrecht sieht vor, den Investoren
September in Turin statt. Das Consorzio       70 Erdgasbussen vorsehen. Diese Busse        für Erdgastankstellen Anleihen von 0% zu
NGV System kümmert sich um die                sollen 2009 geliefert werden.                vergeben und hält dafür 2,4 M Euro zur
Werbung, NGV Communications Group                                                          Verfügung.
um die Organisation, und der                  Großbritannien
Industriesektor reagiert ausgesprochen        Im Februar 2003 hat die öffentliche          Türkei
positiv: Die ursprünglich vorgesehene         Transportgesellschaft Londons TfL ein        Die Stadt Ankara baut eine weitere
Ausstellungshalle und zusätzliche 1500        System des „Congestion Charging“             Erdgas-Tankstelle, die dieses Jahr fertig
m2 sind bereits ausverkauft.                  eingeführt, eine Gebühr für Autofahrer im    wird. Weitere Tankmöglichkeiten sind
Die Fiat-Gruppe tritt als Gold-Sponsor auf,   Zentrum der Stadt. Im Februar 2007           vorgesehen, auch wenn bis jetzt noch
Silber-Sponsoren sind GGT – Gruppo            wurde die Gebührenzone Richtung              keine Termine und genaue Zahlen vor-
Torinesi Trasporti – Landi Renzo, Safe        Westen erweitert. Die Gebühr gilt für        liegen. Im Dezember 2007 verfügte die
und Torino Metano.                            Fahrzeuge, die von Montag bis Freitag        Türkei über 2’500 Erdgasfahrzeuge und
Von offizieller Seite kommt ebenfalls         zwischen 7.00h und 18.00h in der Zone        5 Bedienungszentralen. Dies entspricht
Unterstützung (von höchster                   parken oder zirkulieren. Sie beträgt         0.03% der Erdgasfahrzeuge und 0.04%
Behördenebene), nämlich von der Region        £8-£10 für Privatwagen und £7 für            der Tankstellen weltweit. GVR hat für
Piemont, der Provinz Turin, der Stadt         Geschäftsfahrzeuge, die als solche           Dezember 2007 auf der ganzen Welt
Turin und dem Polytechnikum Turin (der        registriert sind. Erdgasfahrzeuge haben      7’941’966 Erdgasfahrzeuge und 12’667
Universität des Automobils).                  das Recht auf eine 100%ige Reduktion         Tankstellen registriert (gesammelte Daten
Die 2. Weltmesse für Erdgas-,                 der Gebühr.                                  bis 20.2.2008)
18                                         April 2008                 Gas Vehicles Report


Nouvelles des NGVs                                                                    Une nouvelle station CNG a été
                                                                                      ouverte dans la région mi-février
Italie                                    réalisés dans le but de considérer le       2008, plus précisément dans la ville
Le numéro 1 du continent continue         NGV comme carburant régulier et             de Hengelo. L’intention d’installer 50
sa progression. Comme annoncé             non plus comme carburant alternatif.        stations cette année a été reconfirmé
dans les éditions précédentes, il est                                                 dans la presse par CNGNet, une
prévu cette année, l’autorisation de      Belgique                                    coopération entre dutCH4 et Ballast
l’utilisation des dispensaires multi      La Société Intercommunale du Transport      Nedam. Les municipalités sont
carburants ainsi que le remplissage       de Bruxelles annonce de nouveaux            pressenties pour supporter cette
en self-service, deux éléments clé du     investissements et une nouvelle politique   initiative dans le but d’assurer une
marché. La 2ème Foire Mondiale            en 2008, dans laquelle l’achat de 70        qualité de l’air meilleure et de
des NGVs, du Biogaz et de                 nouveaux bus au gaz est prévu. Ces          promouvoir les économies d’énergie.
l’Hydrogène se met en place et aura       bus seront livrés en 2009.                  La province d’Utrecht offre une charge
lieu à Turin en septembre du 25 au                                                    de 0% aux investisseurs de stations
27 . Avec le soutien de Consorzio         Royaume Uni                                 de remplissage , dans laquelle 2,4
NGV System et l’organisation de NGV       Depuis février 2003, le Transport           M€ de subsides est disponible.
Communications Group, la réponse de       Londonien (TfL) impose une Taxe de
l’industrie est remarquable : le pavil-   Congestion aux conducteurs de               Turqie
lon initial a été complètement loué       véhicules dans la zone centrale de          La ville d’Ankara construit une
d’où une extension de 1.500 m2.           Londres. En février 2007, cette             station CNG de plus qui sera terminée
Cette manifestation a comme sponsor       zone a été étendue à Westwards.             pour la fin de cette année . D’autres
d’or le Fiat Group et comme sponsors      Cette charge particulière est               stations sont attendues mais aucune
d’argent GTT-Gruppo Torinesi              appliquée aux véhicules en                  prévisions n’ont été données. En
Transporti, Landi Renzo, Safe et          stationnement ou roulant dans la            décembre 2007 , ce pays disposait
Torino Metano. L’aval officiel a été      zone définie entre 7 heures et 18           de 5 stations de remplissage et de
également donné avec l’aide des plus      heures , du lundi au vendredi.              2500 véhicules roulant au gaz. Ce
hautes autorités de la région du          Le montant de cette taxe est                chiffre représente à 0.03% du total des
Piémont, la province de Turin, la ville   actuellement de 8£-10£ pour les             NGVs et 0.04% des stations de
de Turin et l’Institut Polytechnique de   véhicules privés et de 7£/véhicule          fourniture, dans le monde. Les statistiques
Turin ( Université de l’Automobile) La    de flottes enregistrées comme               de GVR sont de 7.941.966 NGVs et
2ème Foire Mondiale se déroulera          telles. Les NGVs sont exemptés de           12.667 stations en décembre 2007
au moment où les efforts sont             cette taxe                                  (données du 20-02-2008).
                                   December 2007                  Gas Vehicles Report                              19

                                        een tijd dat de inspanningen die zijn
NGV Nieuws                              gemaakt er voor zorgen dat NG wordt
                                        gezien als een gewone brandstof in
                                                                                Een ander CNG-station werd geopend
                                                                                in het land in medio februari 2008 in
Italië                                  plaats van een alternatief.             Hengelo. Het doel, 50 stations te
De belangrijkste markt op het                                                   openenen dit jaar, werd opnieuw
continent blijft groeien. Zoals in      België                                  bevestigd via persmedia door
vorige afleveringen al werd             De Maatschappij voor gemeentelijk       CNGNet, een samenwerkingsverband
aangekondigd wordt dit jaar de          transport in Brussel heeft nieuwe       tussen dutCH4 en Ballast Nedam.
autorisatie verwacht voor zowel         investeringen en gedragslijnen          Van gemeenten wordt verwacht dat
self-service alsmede multi-fuel         aangekondigd, waaronder een plan        ze deze poging zullen steunen om zo
tankstations, twee sleutel elementen    om 70 NG-bussen aan te schaffen in      een betere luchtkwaliteit te vekrijgen
voor de markt. De tweede wereldten-     2008. Deze bussen worden geleverd       en een beter gebruik van energie. De
toonstelling van NGV, Biogas en         in 2009, zo wordt verwacht.             provincie Utrecht is van plan,
Watersfof is in aantocht en zal                                                 rentevrije leningen te verstrekken aan
gehouden worden in Turijn op 25         Het Verenigd Koninkrijk                 NG-tankstations investeerders,
t/m 27 september. Samen met de          Sinds februari 2003 heeft het           waarbij er 2,4 miljoen euro ter
promotie van Consorzio NGV-System       Transport for London (TfL) een          beschikking staat.
en georganiseerd door de NGV            “verstoppingsbelasting” schema voor
Communicatie Groep is de weerklank      voertuigbestuurders opgelegd in het     Turkije
van de industrie geweldig: het eerste   centrale gedeelte van London. In        De stad Ankara bouwt er een CNG-
paviljoen was geheel verkocht en        februari 2007 werd de belastingzône     station bij dat dit jaar afgebouwd zal
besloeg 1500 m2 . De ontmoeting         uitgebreid naar het westen. De          zijn. Meer tankvoorzieningen worden
heeft Fiat Group als Sponsor Goud       belasting is van toepassing voor        verwacht hoewel er geen deadline of
en de Zilver Sponsors zijn GTT-         voertuigen die staan geparkeerd of      doelen zijn vastgesteld. In december
Gruppo Torinesi Transporti, Landi       rijden in deze zône tussen 7.00 uur     2007 waren er in Turkije 2.500
Renzo, Safe en Torino Metano. De        ‘s ochtends en 18.00 uur‘s avonds       NGV’s en 5 werkende stations.
officiële steun werd gegeven (door      van maandag tot vrijdag. De huidige     Dat is gelijk aan 0,03% van het
de hoogste autoriteiten) van de regio   aanslag is £8-£10 voor private          wereldtotaal aan NGV en 0,04% van
Piedmont, de provincie Turijn, de       voertuigen en £7,-/voertuig voor        het totaal aantal aan tankstations.
stad Turijn en het Turinees             bedrijfsvoertuigen die                  De GVR wereldstatistieken
Polytechnisch Instituut (Universiteit   geregistreerd zijn bij Fleet account.   registreerden 7.941.966 NGV’s en
van automobiliteit). De tweede          NGV’s komen in aanmerking voor          12.677 stations in december 2007
Wereldtentoonstelling vindt plaats op   100% korting op deze belasting.         (bekend gemaakt op 20-02-2008)
20                                                     April 2008                     Gas Vehicles Report

                Info from the International
                Association for Natural Gas Vehicles
 OBD II performance of typical                                                                         The objective of the program was to develop
                                                                                                       an understanding of the OBD II performance of

 aftermarket light duty NGV                                                                            typical aftermarket NGV conversions. The
                                                                                                       OBD II system is designed to detect faults
                                                                                                       which cause the emissions to exceed 1.5
                                                     standard. For example, when the MIL is            times the emissions standard. Therefore, the
                            By Alex lawson           illuminated as a result of a fault detected by    program was designed so that a fault was
                                                     one of the monitors while the vehicle is          progressively induced, during CNG operation,
                            Chair, IANGV             running on natural gas, the emissions may be
                            technical committee                                                        for each monitor, until the MIL was illuminated,
                                                     2.5 times the emissions standard when the         as determined by the gasoline threshold
                            President Alex
                            Lawson Associates Inc.   MIL is illuminated, and the vehicle will not be   settings. At that point the emissions were
                                                     in compliance with OBD II regulations.            measured to compare them against the
                                                                                                       required malfunction criteria. For bi-fuel
OBD II compliance of natural gas vehicles can        Ideally, when the vehicle operates on natural     vehicles, threshold performance could be
be achieved by demonstrating that the                gas, the gasoline monitor thresholds should       compared directly between CNG and gasoline.
Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) will be            be recalibrated for natural gas operation, but    Test were run on bi-fuel vehicles certified on
illuminated when a fault is detected which will      this involves an expensive test program           CNG to the same emissions standards as
cause the emissions when operating on CNG            designed so that faults are progressively         gasoline, and on dedicated CNG vehicles
to exceed 1.5 times the applicable emissions         induced in the CNG system until the               certified on CNG to much lower emissions
standard for the vehicle. There are 120              emissions reach 1.5 times the emissions           standards than on gasoline. The study
diagnostic trouble codes and 10 major                standard, at which point the MIL is set to        therefore covered different CNG conversion
monitors in a typical OBD II monitoring              illuminate. Not only is this an expensive         technologies, different OEM vehicles, bi-fuel and
system, of which at least 5 of the major             undertaking for an aftermarket converter, but     dedicated CNG conversions, and different
monitors are affected by switching to natural        he would generally be unable to change the        levels of certification stringency.
gas operation, including fuel trim, oxygen           MIL thresholds to comply with the 1.5 times
sensor, misfire, and catalyst monitors.              emission malfunction criteria.                    The results of these tests will be reported in
The OBD II emissions performance on natural          A recently completed research project was         detail in a paper to be presented at
gas for each of the monitors must be shown           undertaken to investigate to what extent the      NGV2008 3 – 5 June in Rio de Janiero,
to comply with fault detection thresholds of         emissions would be out of compliance if the       together with the test methods employed.
1.5 times the applicable emissions standards.        gasoline monitor thresholds were used             The following general conclusions were
The OBD II monitoring system has, of course,         without recalibration. The NGV converter,         reached by the study: Provided that the
been designed for gasoline operation, and            perhaps, is being forced to carry out an          certification level remains the same as the
comprises sophisticated monitors which               expensive test program without good reason..      base gasoline vehicle, the gasoline monitors
detect adverse behavior in the primary                                                                 will generally detect faults with an NGV, at
engine management system.                            Since neither the US EPA or CARB had any          emissions levels below the malfunction
                                                     knowledge of the OBD II performance when a        criteria set by the OBD regulations. When
The gasoline monitor fault detection                 vehicle was converted to run on natural gas       the certification level on CNG is more
thresholds have been set up by the vehicle           and the gasoline monitoring system was            stringent than the base gasoline vehicle, then
manufacturer based on a correlation                  simply used without alteration, a major test      the threshold levels may have to be reset
between the monitoring strategy designed to          program was initiated, supported by the           from the gasoline settings.
detect faults, and the emissions performance         California South Coast Air Quality Management
when the fault is detected by the monitor.           District, (SQUAMD), the New York State Energy     For cases where it is desired to certify an
That same correlation will not necessarily           R & D Authority (NYSERDA), and Natural            NGV to a more stringent level than gasoline,
exist when the vehicle runs on CNG.                  Resources Canada. The participants included       the technology now exists for some NGV
When the vehicle is operated on CNG using            a number of representative aftermarket NGV        converters to access the OEM computer to
unaltered gasoline thresholds, then when a           converters, two test laboratories, and program    make appropriate changes to the original
fault code is set during CNG operation, the          management was provided by Alex Lawson            threshold levels in order to reach OBD II
emissions may be greater or less than the            Associates Inc. as a consultant to the Canadian   compliance. A brief description of this
required value of 1.5 times the emissions            Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance.                     approach will be provided in the paper.

 IANGV Sponsors


22                                               April 2008                  Gas Vehicles Report

The event with the greatest worldwide

Two months left for the NGV 2008
This international                              "the way for a clean and powerful            The exhibition will be a unique opportunity
                                                sustainable world", the exhibition and the   to summarize business and to diffuse the
encounter will be carry                         congress will be developed in the complex    products and services of all the firms and
out by the International                        RioCidadeNova Convention Center, in          sponsors that will be there.
Association for Natural                         where the main referents and
                                                protagonists of the sector at worldwide      For more information on stands available
Gas Vehicles in the city of                     level will meet.                             you can consult the link below
Rio de Janeiro, from 3rd                                                           
                                                Among the subjects anticipated for the
to 5th June 2008, under                         plenary sessions, during the three days of      Floor “A” - NGV 2008 - Brasil
the organization of IBP                         the congress, there are the regional
and NGV Communications                          markets of NGV, the last technological
                                                innovations and coming tendencies, power
Group. There’re left few                        policies and consequences of the
spaces available.                               creation of a cleaner world,
                                                opportunities at the market of
The election of this city as host for the       natural gas vehicular,
11º biennial and most important                 automotive terminals,
exhibition of the industry demonstrate the      the heavy vehicles’
central role that Brazil occupies in the        metanization,
NGV world at the present time.                  etc.
As regional motor and with a strategic
location, the country is positioned like one
of the leaders at Latin American and
world-wide level in matter of conversions
of car population, with more than 200
cities with provision of the fuel.

Its thriving inner market is constituted as
a central niche for the industry, due to
the fact that still exist an extensive sector
of automobiles that aren’t converted yet
and an important space for the
investments. At the same time, the nation
takes part in the regional expansion of the
NGV, with the significant incentive of hav-
ing a stable economy, with a dynamic
industry and with an exporting
capacity and a high possibility
and needs of commercial
exchange with the
NGV´s world

Under the

 Floor “B” - NGV 2008 - Brasil
April 2008   Gas Vehicles Report   23
24                                                       April 2008                   Gas Vehicles Report

Spain: need of more refuelling stations
                                  Answers by            absolutely indispensable to have
                                  Manuel Lage           refueling stations in their route.

                                  IVECO Director of     There are voices talking about the
                                  Natural Gas Vehicle   formation of a Spanish NGV
                                  Development           Association. Could you confirm
                                                        this and give details?
Tell us please about the current                        Iveco, together with Gas Natural and
NGV situation in Spain                                  other partners are working now
Natural Gas Vehicles sales are                          actively to found and promote a
increasing and will increase further                    Spanish Association for Natural Gas
with the main municipalities requiring                  Vehicles. It is still, however, a work in
that newly acquired vehicles for                        progress and more details will be
urban freight be powered by natural                     provided when the association is                  CNG-powered urban buses Citelis
gas.                                                    finally founded.                                  and Europolis and a Daily-derived
Which are the challenges to a                           Iveco is a leading Company in the
bigger development of natural gas                       Iberic market. Which NGVs are                     Projects in development include new
as transport fuel?                                      you offering? Are there new                       CNG engines, LNG-powered trucks,
A better infrastructure of refueling                    projects ahead?                                   CNG hybrids and much more.
stations, including both CNG and                        Iveco can offer today the widest
LNG. Country and local                                  range of CNG vehicles, from the                   Anything else to say?
administrations should be investing in                  Daily CNG, with an engine power of                In Spain, Natural Gas has not been
the development of the natural gas                      136 HP and maximum weights from                   considered an automotive fuel until
distribution and refuelling network in                  3,5 to 6,5 tons to the Stralis CNG                the end of 2005. In order to catch
Spain for automotive purposes. Even                     with an engine power of 272 HP and                up with other European countries it
for urban customers with captive                        maximum weights from 18 to 26                     is prioritary that country and local
fleets it is of key importance to have                  ton in two and three axle                         administrations take actions
at least a critical mass of refueling                   configurations. Additionally, Irisbus,            promoting CNG vehicle purchases
stations in a city. In the case of                      part of the Iveco group, includes in              and development of the refuelling
long-distance logistic operators, it is                 their product portfolio the                       station network.
 Premium NGV Equipment

                                                                                                        The total solution provider

                                                                  GreenField Group           Güterstrasse 107   Tel. +41 61 827 35 35
                                                                  Headquarter, Switzerland   CH-4133 Pratteln   Fax +41 61 827 34 34
II Fiera Mondiale dei Veicoli a
   Gas Naturale ed Idrogeno
II World Fair of NGVs & H2Vs
                                                  Sponsor      Sponsor    Sponsor
                                                    Gold        Silver     Silver

Hosted by                                                      Sponsor    Sponsor
                                                                Silver     Silver

Energia pulita per un mondo sostenibile
            Clean energy for a sustainable world
                            Esposizione - Ciclo di Conferenze Magistrali
                            Exhibition - Master Conferences

                            Dal 25 al 27 settembre 2008
                            September 25-27, 2008
                            Lingotto Fiere, Padiglione 1 - Torino, Italia
                            Lingotto Fiere, Pavilion 1 - Turin, Italy

26                                    April 2008            Gas Vehicles Report

Schicker Roadster mit Biogas-Power
> Symbiose aus              zusammen mit ihren         einem Gewicht von 980
Performance, Design und     Partnern PGO Automobiles   Kilo. Dies ermöglicht eine
Umweltverträglichkeit       und gasmobil die           Beschleunigung von 0 auf
                            Weltpremiere eines         100 km/h in 6,5
> CO2-neutral cruisen
                            Roadsters mit              Sekunden. Die CO2-
mit dem CNG-Roadster        Methan-Turbomotor, der     Emission beträgt rund 118
von BRA und PGO             mit Erdgas und Biogas      g/km. Wird ausschließlich
> München – Hamburg         betrieben werden kann.     Biogas getankt, kann der
für 30 Euro                 Der PGO Cévennes           Wagen CO2-neutral
                            Turbo-CNG ist eine         bewegt werden. Feinstaub
Die BRA GmbH präsentiert    seriennahe Studie mit      und Ruß sind für den PGO
auf dem Internationalen     einer Reichweite von 450   Cévennes Turbo-CNG             liegen rund 30
Auto-Salon in Genf vom 6.   Kilometern und einer       ohnehin kein Thema und         Erdgastankstellen,
März bis zum 16. März       Leistung von 150 PS bei    auch bei den Stickoxiden       insgesamt gibt es in
                                                       hängt der Erdgas-Roadster      Deutschland zurzeit rund
                                                       konventionell betriebene       770. Auch bei unseren
                                                       Sportwagen klar ab.            europäischen Nachbarn ist
                                                       »Damit haben wir einen         die Versorgung gesichert.
                                                       neuen Meilenstein              So gibt es in Österreich
                                                       umweltfreundlicher             rund 90, in der Schweiz
                                                       Fahrzeuge erreicht.            fast 100 und in Italien
                                                       Erstmals sind                  über 600 Tankstellen mit
                                                       Performance, Ästhetik und      Erdgas oder Biogas.
                                                       Ökologie in einem Wagen        In Deutschland sind schon
                                                       vereint«, freut sich Mathias   über 60.000 Fahrzeuge
                                                       Braune, der                    mit dem umweltfreundlichen
                                                       Entwicklungschef der           Antrieb unterwegs.
                                                       Innovationsschmiede BRA.       Spitzenreiter in Europa ist
                                                       »Der PGO Cevennes              Italien mit über 430.000
                                                       Turbo-CNG wird ein echtes      Fahrzeugen – weltweit sind
                                                       Highlight in dem eher          es bereits 7,5 Millionen.
                                                       vernunftorientierten           Vorbestellungen des PGO
                                                       Angebot an CNG-                Cévennes Turbo-CNG für
                                                       Fahrzeugen«, ist er sich       Deutschland nimmt die
                                                       sicher. Mit einem              Schweinfurter BRA GmbH
                                                       Durchschnittsverbrauch         schon jetzt entgegen.In
                                                       von nur rund 4,6 kg auf        Abhängigkeit von der
                                                       100 Kilometer lässt sich       Resonanz werden die
                                                       der Fahrspaß mit Erdgas        Partner BRA und PGO
                                                       auch finanziell genießen.      entscheiden, wann
                                                       Bei einem aktuellen            der umweltfreundliche
                                                       Durchschnittspreis von rund    Roadster in Serie geht.
                                                       83 Cent pro Kilogramm          Erklärtes Ziel der
                                                       wird die Strecke               Projektpartner ist es, den
                                                       München–Hamburg für            sparsamen Sportwagen zu
                                                       unter 30 Euro zurück-          einem Preis um 48.000
                                                       gelegt. Auf dieser Strecke     Euro anzubieten.
                                           April 2008               Gas Vehicles Report   27


Stylish roadster with biogas power
> Symbiosis of performance,               eco-friendly fuels.
design and eco-friendliness               Italy comes in first in Europe with
> Cruise CO2-neutral with the             over 430,000 vehicles – and there
                                          are already 7.5 million worldwide.
new CNG-Roadster from BRA
                                          The Schweinfurt-based firm BRA
and PGO                                   GmbH is already accepting advance
> Munich – Hamburg for 30 euros           orders for the PGO Cévennes
                                          Turbo-CNG for Germany. Depending
Schweinfurt, 6 February                   on the response, the partners BRA
2008 – At the International Auto          and PGO will decide on when the
Salon in Geneva from 6 to 16              eco-friendly roadster will be produced
March, BRA GmbH presented with            in series. The declared objective of
its partners PGO Automobiles and          the project partners is to offer the
gasmobil the world premiere of a          thrifty sports car for a price of
roadster with methane turbo engine,       around 48,000 euros.
which runs on natural gas or biogas.
The PGO Cévennes Turbo-CNG is a
soon to be series study with a range
of 450 kilometres and a perform-
ance of 150 hp with a weight of
980 kilos. This permits acceleration
from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5
seconds. The CO2 emission amounts
to roughly 118 g/km. If only biogas
is used, the car can be run
CO2-neutral. Fine dust and soot are
no topic for the PGO Cévennes
Turbo-CNG anyway, and the natural
gas roadster also beats
conventionally run sports cars in
terms of nitrous oxides emitted.
“With this we have achieved a new
milestone for eco-friendly vehicles.
For the first time, performance,
aesthetics and ecology are united in
one automobile,” says Mathias
Braune, Head of Development at the
Bavarian innovative force BRA. He is
convinced “the PGO Cevennes
Turbo-CNG will be a true highlight in
the more sensibly styled range of
CNG vehicles”.

With an average consumption of only
around 4.6 kg per 100 kilometres,
driving with natural gas can also be
fun from a financial point of view.
Given a current average price of
roughly 83 cents per kilogramme,
the route Hamburg-Munich can be
covered for less than 30 euros.
There are approximately 30 natural
gas refuelling stations along this
route and about 770 at the moment
in all of Germany. Supply is also
secured among our European
neighbours. For example, there are
around 90 in Austria, almost 100 in
Switzerland and in Italy over 600
refuelling stations with natural gas or

In Germany, already over 60,000
vehicles are on the road driven by
28                                            April 2008               Gas Vehicles Report

Opinions from refuelling stations suppliers
  The heart of a refuelling station are the compressor and dispenser/s.
  Their manufacturers well know the CNG market place and that is the reason why
  we have asked them several questions:
  1- Please explain your points of view about the current NGV development in three
  different levels: the world, Europe and Asia.
  2- In which Asian markets is your company more active now? Which Asian
  market/s do you consider important to be entered in the future?
  3- In which European markets is your Company more active now? Which countries
  in the continent do you consider important to be entered in the future?
  4- Kindly explain the competitive advantages of your products.

Safe: 12,5M NGVs by 2010                                                              encouragement given by OEMs when
                                                                                      producing NGVs –all types, LDVs and
                                                                                      HDVs (industrial vehicles and buses)-
By Velio Bellini, Director of Business       recorded a global increase of 6 M        by providing users with quality and
Development                                  vehicles, with an annual growth rate     confidence in the sector.
                                             of 18% that forecasts that the world
1- The world                                 NGVs population will be of 12.5 M        Europe
Around 8 M NGVs and over 12,999              by 2010). This means a daily saving      With an average annual rate of
refuelling stations in almost 2,000 cities   of 1.5 M oil barrels, over 30 trillion   11%, by the end 2007 there were
of 75 countries; this is today, extremely    m3 of additional sales yearly, what      some 750,000 NGVs and
summarized, the NGV segment.                 asks for the setting-up of thousands     approximately 2,420 methane
In terms of prospects, it can be             of new fuel outlets. This situation is   refuelling stations in operation; in
argued that –based on GVR’s updated          also determined by the strong            relation to the end of 2006, there
statistics- in 2001-2007 it was
                                              April 2008               Gas Vehicles Report                                 29

are 75,000 new vehicles and other            firms are obviously focused on those     capacity compressors compared to
105 supplying centers.                       countries and markets “with largest      competitors’…The highest capacity
The European Community, which in             NGVs population and/or increase”         and fast filling ensures no long
the past inserted NGVs in its program,       –markets that appear in the segment’s    queues at the filling station.
is introducing rules –environmental          statistics- but hard work may also be    Customized solutions, i.e. special
ones as well, such as CO2 emissions          targeted on diverse directions, on       cylinders for extremely low pressures
limit, with fines on vehicle manufacturers   the basis of forecasts, information,     ensuring highest capacity.
in case of nonobservance- aimed at           parameters and impressions
stimulating its use.                         resulting from subjective inquiries to   Full product ventilation according to
                                             be differently interpreted by each       aspiration pressures and required
Asia                                         company.                                 capacities. The right compressor for
With nearly 3.3 M NGVs and more                                                       each application and at any pipeline
than 4,499 refuelling stations in 24         This whole business wealth is the        pressure.
countries –out of which, some 2.7            source of future development,
M vehicles and over 2,800 stations           coming from “propaedeutic” market        Solutions specifically projected for
are clustered in the first 4 countries:      research and tests through the           mother-daughter stations.
Pakistan, Iran, India and China- Asia        employment of significant resources      Simple modular design, which
has surpassed the 40$ threshold of           both in terms of energy and means,       ensures easy maintenance, the
the world market.                            due to generally long maturity terms     lowest downtime, and the lowest life
                                             of concrete conditions for the           cycle cost.
Although some issues are emerging            effective opening of a market.
in several countries regarding gas                                                    Remote monitoring, diagnostics &
supply infrastructure, which will            4- Complete “own designed” CNG           maintenance of our CNG stations
certainly be solved, the initiatives         solutions, including compressor,         Competitive advantages determined
already announced and the ones to            dispensers, storage cascade, cooling     by research and development which
be allow describing Asia as the most         system and auxiliaries.                  push our products to the forefront,
thriving market nowadays.                    The lowest oil compressor consumption    on which the market’s attention
                                             respect to competitors, referred to      converges and places us in the
2 & 3- The companies’ individual             same-capacity-units. The sole            privileged status of “state-of-the-art”.
commitment to individual markets is          “alignment-free” compressor.             They are also a benchmark for “new
usually different and depends on             Advance built-in gas recovery system,    comers and/or followers” who
considerations and events beyond             so called “valve lifters”, eliminating   –without favouring much the sector’s
the possibility of immediate purchase        the need of blow-down vessels.           progress- choose to copy technology
orders. The efforts made by various          The most compact yet the highest         to earn a place.
30                                        April 2008             Gas Vehicles Report

Compac: CNG is gaining momentum
                                         huge increase in conversions and the   3- We are active in most of
                     By Richard
                                         use of CNG as a fuel.                  European markets, both directly and
                                         Parts of Europe are seeing very high   through our extensive distribution
                                         growth rates and conversion to CNG     partner network. We have
                    Manager              is gaining momentum.                   dispensers throughout Western
                                         Asia will continue to be a growth      Europe that have been working
                                         market where the greatest volume of    successfully for many years, and this
1- Globally CNG is growing and new       new stations will be installed.        number will continue to grow. We
countries are constantly joining the                                            have many dispensers in Poland and
NGV world. Countries everywhere          2- Compac is active throughout Asia    the Czech Republic, as well as a
are looking to CNG as the only           in such counties as Pakistan, India,   local manufacturer of dispensers in
current and realistic alternative fuel   Bangladesh, Malaysia, China,           Bulgaria, using Compac technology
that can reduce their oil consumption,   Myanmar and Thailand. We are also      modules. Safety and quality is very
and provide cleaner air. Countries       working on opportunities in a number   important and the right European
with aggressive policies are seeing a    of other markets as they develop.      approvals is crucial. Our dispensers
                                                                                can be used anywhere - we have
                                                                                ATEX for Compac electrical
                                                                                components and PED for our

                                                                                4- Compac is unique in that we are
                                                                                both a technology company, and a
                                                                                dispenser manufacturer. This gives
                                                                                the customer the extra benefit of
                                                                                buying a dispenser with all
                                                                                components designed,
                                                                                manufactured, assembled and tested
                                                                                by Compac. Our experience of 25
                                                                                years in designing and manufacturing
                                                                                CNG meters and valves has led to
                                                                                our current world class range of
                                                                                Compac engineers have designed
                                                                                the KG80 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
                                                                                to be part of an integrated design
                                                                                with our dispenser electronics. All
                                                                                our valves are stainless steel and
                                                                                provide high flow rates for car and
                                                                                bus filling applications. Our CNG
                                                                                solenoid is very high flow, and its
                                                                                dual stage design allows for precise
                                                                                shutoff in preset applications.
                                           April 2008               Gas Vehicles Report                                 31

Get: people start looking NG with more attention
                                          markets: Middle East and India area.
                     By Ugo Uberti
                                          We believe that 50-60 % of the
                                          Asian market will be concentrated in
                                          these areas.
                     Sales Manager
                                          3- Get is working hard to enter the
                                          Italian, Bulgarian and Scandinavian
1- World: thanks to different drivers     markets, for sure these are the best
(oil prices over 100 USD and              markets also for the future. The
environmental issues) all countries       changing ideology in the people,
are investing in alternative fuels such   caused by the continue growing of
as CNG, LPG and alcohol.                  the fuel prices, make people start
Europe: the growth trend it almost        looking with more attention to the
linear, it seems that Scandinavia         new fuels, such as natural gas.
area is working al lot with Biogas,       In Europe one of the key reasons to
Spain and France are opening the          switch into CNG is also the possibility
CNG market to public fleets.              to refuel the car without the operator    • Equipped with crossheads: higher
More and more municipalities are          assistance, in fact many countries        reliability and less wear for seals
converting their fleets into CNG due      are allowing or in progress to            • Non-lubricated cylinders: negligible
to the fact that buses are                authorize self service also for CNG.      presence of oil in the gas (no
contributing a lot to cities pollution.                                             storage banks pollution from oil, no
Asia: this market is the most             4- • Conservative Rotational Speed:       volume reduction of vehicles tanks,
exciting one. Thailand, India, Iran are   safer and smoother operations.            no problems on conversion kits),
investing a lot both for political,       Higher reliability of components          minimum lube oil expenses.
environmental and price reasons,          whose life depends on cycles. Lower       • Forced lubrication and sleeve
the growth trend is exponential and       maintenance costs.                        bearings for crankshaft &
most of operators are focusing in         • Long piston stroke & Liquid cooled      connecting rod
these areas.                              cylinders : assure long life of sealing   • General accordance with API 618
                                          elements through an effective cooling     • Safety operation: no pressurized
2- We are focusing in two big             of cylinder                               crankcase
32                                              April 2008           Gas Vehicles Report

Idromeccanica:                                                  Eugen Seitz: A real
Low emissions and low                                           alternative to oil
price are key aspects                                                                 By Mr. Heinz
                       By Gabriele
                       Gozzi                                                         Head of Business
                                                                                     Unit AFS
                                                                1- CNG has become a real alternative energy to oil since
                                                                during the last two years price for crude oil has
1- Both Europe and Asia are focused on low emissions            increased more than 30 %. In Europe the market has
and CO2 reduction, while in Asia, like in South America,        reacted with cost money saving potential and CNG has
the low price for the fuel also plays an important role.        distinguished environmental advantages. China for
2- India is the country where we are more active; the           instance had an oil price raise of nearly 35 % in the last
whole of South-East Asia has either a high growth rate          two years. CNG is between 35 % - 41 % cheaper than
or great potential.                                             premium gasoline.
3- Idro Meccanica is especially active in Northern              We think, that people in the near future will consider
Europe, where the requirements for quality are among            much more how economic and how far they can drive
the strictest in the world. Now we are especially looking       with a full tank than they do today.
at Eastern European Countries.
4- Idro Meccanica compressors for CNG filling stations          2- SEITZ is a worldwide leader and supplier of products
are low-maintenance, non-lubricated units that can perform      and systems in the field of valve technology for gaseous
direct fast fill to the vehicles without any storage of any     media. Through the quality of our products and services
kind, like a petrol pump, Alternatively, in the case of need    we are the number one choice for customers in the
of storage facility to cover the peaks, they can make the       growing Asian markets such as India, Pakistan, Iran, the
most of the amount of stored gas (over 90%) with high           Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and China, just to mention
flows, a function which is particularly suitable for daughter   the most potential ones.
stations. Indeed, Idro Meccanica is the company that
invented the booster for daughter station applications.         3- Europe did not utilize its huge potential for alternative
                                                                fuel yet but an increasing awareness for environmental
                                                                problems paired with a growing fuel station network is
                                                                going to increase the number of NGV’s substantially. Due
                                                                to the economic factors in Europe, the SEITZ valve block
                                                                solution is even more attractive to our customers in

  Leading type 4 cylinder technology
  and complete storage systems
  • Transit busses, trucks and passenger cars
  • Gas transportation and stationary storage
  • CNG and hydrogen
                                                                4- Our valve blocks are installed as a refuelling unit in the
                                                                dispenser. Through the combination of a total of six
                                                                valves which control the low, medium and high bank of
                                                                the CNG filling station, two vehicles can be refuelled with
                                                                natural gas simultaneously.
                                                                Our latest single valve units from the CNG valve
                                                                generation are characterised by their compact and
                                                                sturdy construction; an attractive feature is their
                                                                exemplar price-performance ratio.
                                                                Customers throughout the world place their confidence
                                                                in SEITZ and rely on their products and systems
                                                                solutions. SEITZ solenoid valves are engineered and
                                                                manufactured in Switzerland according to highest
                                           quality- and safety standards.
                                                 April 2008                  Gas Vehicles Report                                    33

Aspro: CNG prospect expansion is optimum
The prospect of expansion           areas covering the needs           to meet the specific               been adopted and new
of the different international      of every country while             requirements of each               factory technology is
markets is optimum. CNG             developing new technologies.       region in the planet.              included every month.
is tomorrow’s fuel, awaiting        Nowadays we are already            Moreover, they observe             In connection with products,
the day after tomorrow’s            present in Thailand,               stringent international            research and development
fuel, that will be renewable        Indonesia, Bangladesh, India       certifications. Our expansion      are being carried out to
resources with hydrogen in          and Pakistan among others.         to new markets results             enhance the compression
the first place, explained                                             from a permanent growing           systems so that they suit
Aspro Board members.                - Which markets are you            process and it is a                the needs of the different
Hydrogen will be, in addition       exporting to?                      consequence of a production        markets. The same holds
to the Auto transportation          At Aspro we intend to              rise, modifications in factory     true for dispensers, control
energy, the support for             encourage the development          processes and storage, as          panels, sound proof enclosures
wind and solar energy.              of CNG to the world at             well as in strategic and           and storage batteries. In
Therefore CNG is a                  large. And in order to             economic distribution              2008 we have launched a
completely consistent step          achieve this goal we produce       variables. When it comes           new line of cutting-edge
towards renewable energies,         equipments with high               down to protecting their           CNG compressors specially
which in 15 or 20 years             technical quality, give training   investment, business people        developed for low-pressure
are going to be used in a           courses to engineers and           from the world over                inputs and excellent
high percentage. The                technicians from different         acknowledge the benefits and       performance compression.
installation of stations of         countries and facilitate the       versatility of our equipments.     To date, although these
CNG today is growing                access to CNG world in its         At Aspro they find international   have proved difficult to
more than 15 % per year             commercial and functional          quality, service and counseling    manufacture, our new line
(GVR/NGV Group Source).             aspects.We are the                 throughout all stages in           of compressors has been
This shows the CNG as a             company with the largest           the process.                       specifically designed for
safe, ecological and                volume of international                                               markets with these
economic fuel.                      sales and from our industrial      - News related to                  characteristics. Finally,
Latin American markets              plants in Argentina and            technological                      these new products will
are similar among them,             Brazil we export solutions         breakthroughs and                  improve the feed of heavy
but different from those in         to over 28 countries.              developments?                      vehicles such as buses, trucks
Asia and Europe.                                                       New IT processes have              and natural gas tankers.
Latin America is the world          - What products are
region with the best rate in the    being exported?
growth of CNG conversions,          Aspro exports integral
being Aspro solutions               solutions that range from
present in all this countries.      complete compression
                                    systems for a refueling
The European markets                station (for private vehicles
are highly demanding in             or trucks) to the know-how
the systems of quality and          for market expansion.
processes of manufacture            In Argentina, CNG market
for every product. That's           leading country, Aspro has
why Aspro products have             proved to be the market
very good reputation in this        leader in equipments for
region. Recently a new              refueling stations. Aspro´s
station was open in Germany         development technology and
for CNG loading, to supply          its own manufacturing
buses and heavy vehicles.           contribute to making refueling
This station joins to those         stations a profitable, safe
who are already operating, in       and reliable business.
countries like Holland, Bulgaria,
Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia,          - What types of products
and Italy among others.             are welcomed in foreign
Asian markets are growing           markets? Why?
rapidly, both for the carrier’s     European countries
transportation and for the          welcome all products
public transportation as            bearing a CE Certification
well as particular vehicles.        regardless whether CNG is
Also we are operating in            used to feed cargo transport
Asia where the Aspro                or to supply refueling
compressors have an excellent       stations that provide
reputation. Our growth on           services to private vehicles.
these markets is significant        Aspro equipments comply
and our target is to keep           with these high quality
on going throw these                demands and are developed

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