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APES 2009-10 Weekly Assignment Sheet by yaofenji


									         Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 8/31:        Thursday 9/3: WELCOME!
                    Introduction Lecture: Course outline

                    HW: Read Ch. 1
                    Print study guide Ch. 1
                    Cover Book, if not done so already
                    Parent/student signature
Tuesday 9/1:        Friday 9/4: Collect Parent sign.
                    Extra Credit
                    Environmental Quiz / IQ #1
                    Lecture Chapter 1
                    HW: Ch.1 study guide side 1
Wednesday 9/2:      Notes: Happy Labor Day! No
                    school Monday.
            Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 9/7:                      Thursday 9/10: stamp HW
NO School Enjoy                  Web assign.: ecological footprint
                                 Lecture Ch. 1
                                 HW: Study for quiz

Tuesday 9/8: stamp HW            Friday 9/11: Stamp HW
IQ #2                            Vocab. Quiz
Lecture Chapter 1
                                 HW: Study guide Ch. 2, side 1
HW: Study guide side 2

Wednesday 9/9: Stamp HW          Notes: Turn in Extra credit
Lecture Chapter 1                Endangered Species
HW: Ch. 1, page 3
                                 Project/ScrAPESbpook Due
Research End. Spp. Due Monday.
             Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 9/14: End. Spp. Pro. due Thursday 9/17: Stamp HW
Stamp HW                          Lecture Ch. 2
Back to School Night              HW: Study for test!
Tragedy of the Commons Lab.       Study guide Ch. 2 side 4
HW: finish lab write-up
Tuesday 9/15:                     Friday 9/18:
Finish Ch.1/Begin Ch. 2 lecture   Finish Chapter 2 lecture
HW: Study guide Ch. 2 side 2

Wednesday 9/16: Stamp HW          Notes: EXTRA CREDIT
Lecture Ch. 2                     Beach Cleanup Tomorrow!!
HW: Study guide side 3
             Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 9/21:                             Thursday 9/24: Stamp HW
Test Chapter 1 and 2!!                   IQ #2
HW: Study guide Ch. 3 side 1             Lecture Ch. 3: matter
                                         HW: Study guide side 4
Tuesday 9/22: Stamp HW                   Friday 9/25: Stamp HW
IQ #1                                     Lecture Ch. 3: Energy
Go over test/ Video: Search for solutions Hw: Study guide Ch. 4 side 1
episode 1 and 2/ Lecture Ch. 3
HW: Study guide side 2
Wednesday 9/23: Stamp HW                 Notes:
Lecture Ch. 3: models and systems
Video: Search for solutions episode 6
and 7
HW: Study guide side 3
         Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 9/28:Stamp HW      Thursday 10/1:
Lecture Ch. 3/4           Ch. 3 and 4 vocab quiz
HW: study guide, side 2   Biogeochemical cycles w.s.

Tuesday 9/29:             Friday 10/2:Stamp HW
IQ # 2                    Lecture: Biogeochemical
Go over assignment        cycles
Lecture ch. 4             No HW
HW: energy worksheet
Wednesday 9/30:           Notes:
IQ #3                     Bring in bottles!!
Lecture ch. 4
HW: study for quiz
         Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday10/5:               Thursday 10/8:
Lab: Ecocolumn Begin      Write in lab book/check
HW: ScrAPESbook article   Lecture/ review

                          Hw: Study for test
Tuesday 10/6:             Friday 10/9:
Lab: continue             Test Chapter 3 and 4
HW: ScrAPESbook article

Wednesday 10/7:           Notes:
Lab: finish
Lecture finish
           Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday10/12:                   Thursday10/15: Stamp HW
AP Question in ScrAPES Book    Video: Atmosphere evolution
Collect ScrAPES book           Lecture ch. 5
HW: Study guide Ch.5 side 1    HW: Study guide ch. 6 side 1

Tuesday10/13: Stamp HW         Friday10/16: Stamp HW
IQ #1                          Finish lecture Ch. 5
Lecture Ch.5
HW: Study guide side 2
Wednesday10/14: Stamp HW Notes: NO School Monday!
                         Quiz Chapter 5 Tuesday
Gaia Activity, finish for HW
           Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 10/19:                    Thursday 10/22: Stamp HW
NO School                        Lab: Specific Heat

Tuesday 10/20:                   Friday 10/23: Stamp HW
Check eco-column                 Formation of Deserts W.S.
Quiz Ch. 5
Lecture Finish Ch. 5 begin Ch.
HW: Study guide Ch.6 side 2
Wednesday0/21: Stamp HW          Notes:
Video: Endless Voyage:
Something in the Air
Lab: Relative Humidity. Finish
for homework
           Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday10/26: Substitute    Thursday10/29: Stamp HW
Videos: Meth / Biomes      Lecture Biomes
                           Continue Biomes Sheet
                           HW: Ch. 7 side 2
Tuesday 10/27: Stamp HW      Friday10/30: RALLY DAY
Early release day            Finish biomes sheet
Lecture: review climate/
HW: Study guide Ch. 7 side 1
Wednesday10/28: Stamp HW Notes: Happy Halloween
Lecture Biomes
Work on Biomes Sheet
         Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday11/2:                   Thursday11/5:
Lecture Biomes: Terrestrial   Finish lecture
HW: work on ScrAPES book      Put together packets
articles.                     Review sheet

Tuesday11/3:               Friday11/6:
Lecture Aquatic Life Zones TEST CH. 5, 6, & 7
HW: work on ScrAPES book
Wednesday11/4:             Notes:
Finish Lectures
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday11/9:                    Thursday11/12: stamp HW
Lecture                        Lecture

HW: Study guide Ch.22 side 1   HW: Study guide Ch.22 side 3

Tuesday11/10: stamp HW         Friday11/13:Stamp HW
Lecture                        Video: Journey to Planet Earth:
                               State of Planets Wildlife

HW: Study guide Ch.22 side 2
Wednesday11/11:                Notes:
        Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday11/16: Stamp HW    Thursday11/19:Stamp HW
Lecture Ch. 22           IQ: Biodiversity video
HW: none                 Worksheet Endangered
                         HW: Ch. 23 side 3
Tuesday11/17:Stamp HW    Friday11/20:Stamp HW
Lecture 22/23            Ch. 23/24
HW: Ch. 23 side 1        HW: Ch.24 side 1
Wednesday11/18: Stamp HW Notes:
Lecture Ch. 22
Video: biodiversity
HW: Ch.23 side 2
         Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday11/23:             Thursday: NO SCHOOL
No HW:

Tuesday11/24:            Friday: NO SCHOOL

Wednesday11/25:          Notes:
Video: Rage over Trees
           Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday11/30:                 Thursday12/3:
Lecture Ch.23                Lecture Ch. 24
HW: 24 side 1                HW: Study for test

Tuesday12/1:Stamp HW            Friday12/4:
Video: Journey to Planet Earth: TEST Ch.22- 24!
The State of the Planet’s
                                ScrAPESbooks due Monday!!
HW: Ch. 24 side 2
Wednesday12/2:Stamp HW       Notes:
Lecture Ch. 24
HW: Study for test
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday12/7:                        Thursday12/10:
Lecture Ch.8                       begin Ch. 9 Lecture
HW: chapter 8 study guide side 1   HW: Study guide Ch. 9 side 1

Tuesday12/8:                       Friday12/11:
Lecture Ch. 8                      Lecture Ch. 9
                                   HW: Side 2 Ch. 9
HW: Study guide side 2
Wednesday12/9:                     Notes:
Lecture Ch. 8
Lab: Succession (due tomorrow)
HW: Finish lab
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday12/14:                    Thursday12/17:
Collect Lab                     TEST CH. 8,9,12
Lecture Ch. 9/ begin Ch. 12     Packet due
HW: Ch. 12 study guide side 1

Tuesday12/15:                   Friday12/18: ELF DANCE!!!
Lecture Ch. 12                  Fun day
HW: Ch. 12 side 2

Wednesday12/16:                 Notes:
Lecture Ch. 12
HW: Ch. 12 Study guide side 3
         Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday1/4: Welcome Back      Thursday1/7: Stamp HW
Special Guest Speaker:       Video: Earth Revealed:
Adam Chaffee                 Minerals
                             HW: Study gde. Ch. 10 side 3

Tuesday1/5:                  Friday1/8: Stamp HW
HW: Study gde. Ch. 10 side 1

Wednesday1/6:                Notes:
Video: Earth revealed: Plate
HW: Study gde. Ch. 10 side 2
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday1/11:                     Thursday1/14: Stamp HW
Video: Earth revealed:          Lecture finish Ch. 10 & start
Weathering and Soil             13.
HW: read lab                    HW: Side 2
Tuesday1/12:                    Friday1/15: Stamp HW
Lab: Soil
Finish lab for homework
Wednesday1/13:                  Notes:
Lecture Soil and conservation
HW: Ch. 13 study gde. side 1
        Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday1/18:               Thursday1/21:
NO School                 Lecture: Fishing
                          SCRAPESBOOK DUE

Tuesday1/19: Stamp HW     Friday1/22:
Lecture: Farming          TEST Ch. 10 and 13
HW: side 3

Wednesday1/20: Stamp HW   Notes:
Lecture: Ranching
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday:                   Thursday: FINALS
                          Period 4: 8:02-10:02
Final review worksheet.   Period 5: 10:22-12:22

Tuesday: FINALS           Friday: NO SCHOOL
Period 0: 8:02-1002
Period 1: 10:26-12:26
Period 6: 1:06-3:06

Wednesday: FINALS         Notes:
Period 2: 8:02-10:02
Period 3: 10:22-12:22
           Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 2/1:                      Thursday 2/4: Stamp HW
Lecture chapter 20: Pesticides   Lecture Ch.20: finish
HW: study guide chapter 20       Begin Ch.11
side 1                           HW: Ch. 11 study guide side1

Tuesday 2/2:Stamp HW             Friday 2/5: Stamp HW
Lecture chapter 20: Pesticides   Lab: risk assessment
HW: study guide chapter 20
side 2
Wednesday 2/3: Stamp HW          Notes:
Lecture chapter 20: Pesticide
HW:AP Question 2
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 2/8: Stamp HW       Thursday 2/11: Stamp HW
NO School                  Finish video

Tuesday 2/9: Stamp HW      Friday 2/12: Stamp HW
Lecture Ch. 11: toxicity   Lecture Ch. 11: Human health
HW: study guide side 2

Wednesday 2/10: Stamp HW   Notes:
Video: Trade Secrets
        Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 2/15:               Thursday 2/18: Stamp HW
NO SCHOOL                  Finish Lab: Toxicity
                           Quiz chapter 20 and 11
                           HW: Lab questions

Tuesday 2/16: Stamp HW     Friday 2/19: Stamp HW
Lecture: finish Ch. 11     Lecture Ch. 21
HW: Preview lab and do     HW: CH. 21 side 1
Wednesday 2/17: Stamp HW   Notes:
Lab: Toxicity
         Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 2/22: Stamp HW      Thursday 2/25:
Early release              TEST CH. 11, 20, 21??
Lecture Ch.21
HW: Ch.21 side 2

Tuesday 2/23: Stamp HW     Friday 2/26:
Lecture Ch 21              ScrAPES book due
HW: side 3                 (3 articles 1 AP Questions)
                           WASTE lab due Monday.
Wednesday 2/24: Stamp HW   Notes:
HW: AP question #3
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 3/1: Collect lab   Thursday 3/4: Finish Lab
Lecture Ch. 15            Finish lab
HW: CH. 15 side 1         Lecture Ch. 15
                          HW: lab write-up
Tuesday 3/2: Stamp HW     Friday 3/5: Collect Lab
Lecture Ch. 15            Oil resources activity
HW: Side 2                HW: side 4

Wednesday 3/3: Stamp HW   Notes:
Mining Lab
HW: side 3
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 3/8: Stamp HW           Thursday 3/11: Stamp HW
Lecture Ch. 15: Oil            Ch. 16 begin: solar
                               HW: Conservation of Energy
HW: finish oil activity        w.s.

Tuesday 3/9: Stamp HW          Friday 3/12: Stamp HW
Lecture Ch. 15: Natural gas.   Lecture Ch. 16: Solar cont.

Wednesday 3/10: Stamp HW       Notes:
Lecture Ch. 15: Coal           TEST Next Thursday!!
HW: Ch. 16 side 1
            Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday:                              Thursday:
                                     Lecture: other renewables
Video: Who killed the electric car

Tuesday:                             Friday:
Lecture: solar energy                Finish lecture/ Video: The Big
HW: side 2                           Energy Gamble

Wednesday:                           Notes:
Lecture: hydroelectric/              TEST Monday
moving water, wind
HW: Side 3
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 3/22:              Thursday 3/25: Stamp HW
Turn in packet            Lab waters physical properties
Test Ch. 15 and 16        HW: Study guide side 2

Tuesday 3/23:             Friday 3/26: Stamp HW
Begin Ch. 14              Video: Endless search
HW: ScrAPES book (due     HW: study guide side 3
Wednesday 3/24: Collect   Notes:
ScrAPES book
Lecture Water resources
HW: Study guide side 1
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 3/29:Stamp HW           Thursday 4/1:
Lecture: physical properties   Begin Ch. 19
of water/ Use of water/
Increasing water supplies
Tuesday 3/30 :                 Friday 4/2: NO SCHOOL
Lecture: Increasing water
supplies/dams, water transfer,
groundwater, desalination,
water mining
Wednesday 3/31: Acacia         Notes:
park??? Cold, dress warm
Lecture: water efficiency,
flooding, sustainability
         Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday4/5: Stamp HW       Thursday 4/8:
Finish lab/ lecture 19    TEST Ch. 14/19: water
HW: Ch.19 side 1-2        resources and pollution

Tuesday 4/6: Stamp HW     Friday4/9: Blood Drive (SUB)
Lecture Ch.19             Video: Strange days on planet
HW: Ch. 19 side 3         earth

Wednesday 4/7: Stamp HW   Notes: Have a wonderful and
Lecture Ch. 19            well deserved Spring
HW: study for test        Break!!
                          Do some extra credit!!
           Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 4/19:                      Thursday 4/22:
Begin Ch. 17: Air and air         Finish Ch. 17/ begin Ch. 18
pollution                         Video: Air Challenge
Reading Indoor air pollution      HW: Ch. 18 Study guide Side 1
HW:Ch. 17 study guide side 1
Tuesday 4/20: Stamp HW            Friday 4/23:
Lecture Air pollution/ out door   Lecture Ch. 18
HW: study guide side 2            HW: Side 2

Wednesday 4/21: stamp             Notes: STAR testing next
Lecture: Air Pollution/ Indoor    week
HW: Study guide side 3
Weekly Assignment Sheet (STAR testing)
Monday4/26:0, 1, 3, 5          Thursday 4/29: REG. DAY
8-11:25 testing                Testing Juniors only
Video: An Inconvenient Truth
                               Finish video
HW: AP free response
questions Ch. 14, 17, 18, 19
and energy problems Due
Tuesday 4/27:0, 2, 4, 6        Friday 4/30: REG. DAY
8-11:30 testing                Testing Sophomores only
Video: An Inconvenient Truth
                               Test: Ch. 17 & 18
HW: AP free response
questions Ch. 14, 17, 18, 19
and energy problems Due
Thursday.                      ScrAPES Book Free
                               Responses due Monday
Wednesday 4/28:No 0 Period Notes:
8-10:05 testing
Video: An Inconvenient Truth
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 5/3: AP/IB begins    Thursday 5/6:
Begin Ch. 25                Continue work on project
Assign green city project
HW: Study guide 25 side 1

Tuesday 5/4:                Friday 5/7:
Work in groups on project   Review ideas for APES Test
HW: study guide side 2      Work on project

Wednesday 5/5:              Notes: APES Test Tuesday!!!
Work in groups on project
HW: side 3
           Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 5/10:          Thursday 5/13:
Work on projects      Work on projects
Study for AP Test

Tuesday 5/11:         Friday 5/14: SUB
AP test am            Video: Dangerous Catch
Work on projects

Wednesday 5/12:       Notes:
Work on projects
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 5/17:            Thursday 5/20:
Present presentations   Present presentations

Tuesday 5/18:           Friday 5/21:
Present presentations   Video: China Revs Up

Wednesday 5/19:         Notes:
Present presentations
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 5/24:         Thursday 5/27: Field Trip to
Study for final      LA Convention Center

Tuesday 5/25:        Friday 5/28:
AP FINAL EXAM        Free day? Video?

Wednesday 5/26:      Notes:
TT Fair
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday5/31: NO School         Thursday 6/3: Finish video
                              HW: Write essay for video
                              (prompt online)
                              Free Reading time (After
                              video)-Bring your book!!

Tuesday 6/1: Video: Never Cry Friday 6/4:
Wolf                          Video: Habitable Planet:
HW: Write 1 page review of    Looking Forward
Convention or answer video
discussion questions
Wednesday 6/2: Video: Never Notes:
Cry Wolf
HW: Write essay for video
(prompt online)
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 6/7:                Thursday 6/10:
Work on Carbon Footprint   Book Reviews due with
                           presentation hard copy
                           Presentations (8)

Tuesday 6/8:               Friday 6/11:
Finish Carbon Footprint    Presentations (9)

Wednesday 6/9:             Notes:
Last day to work on book
          Weekly Assignment Sheet
Monday 6/7:          Thursday 6/10:
Presentations (9)

Tuesday 6/8:         Friday 6/11:
Presentations (9)

Wednesday 6/9:       Notes:
Presentations (3)

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