The commercials are produced and media has been purchased across the internet, radio and
television, including 41 leading national cable stations.

The products that will be featured are Night Cap™ and the Night Cap™ Zz Shots, Crystal Thin™
Diet Crystals and a small sampling of the MD Product line.

Large purchase orders have been placed for these products and all are expected to be in the ware-
house ready to ship by mid July 2010 when we will kick off this program with a huge bang! If the
products arrive ahead of schedule the Push Button Program will kick off sooner.

The deadline for postmarked checks will be July 2, 2010. Then the program will close and it will be
locked and loaded for a mid July start.

                      PUSH BUTTON MARKETING SYSTEM

The Push Button Marketing System is a state‐of‐the‐art national advertising and marketing
program, exclusive to TamPogo™ iReps from Push Button Marketing, an unaffiliated outside
company of expert broadcast and internet marketers. In addition to commissions and bonuses
earned from TamPogo™, iReps can be part of an upcoming national advertising program and
benefit directly from the business that comes from it.

Imagine seeing a TamPogo™ ad or banner at the bottom of targeted Yahoo or Google e‐mails.
Picture TamPogo™ being featured as you check the weather report on Weather.com. Think of the
number of additional sales that could be generated through a TamPogo™ infomercial or radio ad.
How great would it be to turn on your favorite television program, and see a slick commercial for
TamPogo™? Depending on the amount raised by the Push Button Marketing System, these types of
advertisements and marketing approaches could become a reality.

The Push Button Marketing System and its unique marketing approach will help grow TamPogo’s
national brand and iReps who join The Push Button Marketing System will receive the direct
business benefits derived from the program.
The Push Button Marketing System brings a “strength in numbers” approach to marketing that will
enable TamPogo™ to reach levels other home‐based businesses can only dream of. For those of
you who have been looking for something that goes above and beyond conference calls and group
meetings, your search is over. We all know TamPogo™ literally sells itself, but when coupled with a
targeted national marketing approach, The Push Button Marketing System will be able to help iReps
bring TamPogo™ to the masses and to advertise our products and business on a national basis.

The Push Button Marketing System will be open to a maximum of 5,000 iReps who will receive
100% of the benefits! All The Push Button Marketing System members share a prorated percentage
of the sales and iRep signups that come in from the advertising and marketing program.

                                      Program Details
Sign up for The Push Button Marketing System from Push Button Marketing today to secure your
position! This is something you do not want to miss out on! Imagine the exposure TamPogo™ will
receive from this advertising and marketing campaign you will be helping to create. Make money
during your leisure time, while you are playing with your children or even while you watch TV.

The Push Button Marketing Media buys will begin sometime in early summer 2010 and will continue
until all accumulated funds are spent.

1. How do I register for the Push Button Marketing System (PBMS)?
Simple! There are 5,000 units available in the first issue of the PBMS. Each unit has a cost of
$100.00. If you are interested in purchasing one or more units, simply send download and sign the
ENROLLMENT FORM and send a check to:

Push Button Marketing System
Post Office Box 13491
Tampa, FL 33681

You will receive a return e‐mail with instructions when Push Button Marketing System receives your
form and check.

2. How much of the money is put into the PBMS from each sale of a unit?
The Push Button Marketing System is offered to TamPogo™ iReps by a completely independent
company called Push Button Marketing. 100% of the money goes directly to the Push Button
Marketing System to be used to market and advertise TamPogo™ in traditional and non‐traditional
ways, with the goal of generating new iReps and more direct sales. TamPogo™ does not keep a

3. Are new iReps generated from the PBMS advertising placed in the TamPogo™ genealogy?
Absolutely, they will be assigned on a pro‐rated basis depending on the number of Push Button
Marketing System units an iRep has purchased.

4. Is Push Button Marketing a part of TamPogo™?
Push Button Marketing and the Push Button Marketing System have no legal affiliation with
TamPogo™. TamPogo™ does believe, however, that the traditional media and new media
purchases by Push Button Marketing on the behalf of iReps will result in many positive benefits to
the iReps, their up‐lines and to TamPogo™. TamPogo™ cannot guarantee the performance of this
program and you enter into it totally at your own financial risk. You should not purchase units in this
the PBMS if you do have the extra capital to run your TamPogo™ business properly.

Push Button Marketing has asked us to inform you that what is being sold in The Push Button
Marketing System is not a security or a business opportunity, and no registration of the product has
been made with the SEC on any governmental agency. The Push Button Marketing System is
simply an advertising and marketing program that you are helping to fund in exchange for you
receiving a commensurate percentage of the customers, direct sales and iReps from the program. It
is not a separate business or a business opportunity.

Thank you.

I have read and understood the attached explanation of the Push Button Marketing System.
I am aware that this program is being offered by an outside marketing company, Push Button
Marketing, and that they cannot guarantee the success of any aspect of the program. I also under-
stand that the Push Button Marketing System is not a security or a business opportunity, and no
registration of the product or program has been made with the SEC on any governmental agency. I
also understand that at this time there are no President’s Circle points being awarded for purchasing
units in the Push Button Marketing System.

Name: ____________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
E‐mail address: _____________________________________
TamPogo™ iRep number:_____________________________
Signature: _________________________________________
Date: _____________________________________________
Number of Units Purchased ($100.00 per unit):_____________

Please make check payable to Push Button Marketing and mail to:
Push Button Marketing
Post Office Box 13491
Tampa, FL 33681

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