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					The INFRAGEOS-H hydrographic project             - A first step towards SHOM Geospatial Infrastructure

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To fulfil its responsibilities, SHOM currently operates an assortment of heterogeneous systems to
stock, manage and exploit collected hydrographic data (Navaids, soundings, tidal components,….).
The INFRAGEOS-H project aims at procuring an interoperable DBMS capable of providing better
access to optimised georeferenced databases and improved information processing.

A set of efficient tools needing to be upgraded to make the most of the existing databases
Navaid, tidal and bathymetric data are managed nowadays by a set of efficient tools which are becoming ancient and
need to be upgraded. Amongst the inconveniences encountered daily are the lack of BDMS and BDGS cartographic
display (i.e. processing spatial information blindly), limited performances in handling large masses of hydrographic
data, difficulty or even impossibility to perform coherence checks in the absence of system interoperability, bulki-
ness when releasing information, etc.

                                                                       Towards an optimised management
                                                                       of SHOM geographic information
                                                                       Following an open tender, SHOM has cho-
                                                                       sen CARIS, the software manufacturer well
                                                                       known amongst HOs, to improve the present
                                                                       situation and set up a Geospatial Infrastruc-
                                                                       Under the name of INFRAGEOS-H, this
                                                                       infrastructure aims at providing SHOM with
                                                                       a comprehensive geographic information ma-
                                                                       nagement system covering all aspects, from
                                                                       data collection to archiving process (the in-
                                                                       formation is then ready for further produc-
       CARIS Bathy DataBASE@ picture merging Golfe du                  tion).
       Morbihan digital orthophotography and bathymetry                In addition, INFRAGEOS-H, enables SHOM
                (soundings, contours, surface)
                                                                       to conform to international normalization
                                                                       standards and adhere to data dissemination
                                                                       policies (Inspire directive, International
                                                                       Hydrographic Organisation).

     CARIS HPD Source Editor@ representation of Ouessant
              cartography (coastline, navaids,…)
                                       A Geospatial information infrastructure for hydrography
   Milestones                          Within a controlled system, the INFRAGEOS-H infrastructure shall combine the
                                       following functions:
December 2007
INFRAGEOS-H Tenderer selection          • A core of interoperable databases and high-performing, better intuitive, GIS
                                        type management and processing solutions (multilayer display, vector and raster
Summer 2009                             data in various formats and from diverse sources, extended range of operations
Delivery and installation of core       on objects, etc.);
End of 2010                             • A control and transfer system of hydrographic information;
System final delivery and
                                        • A workflow control system;
                                        • Some tools to support web publication.

                                                                         INFRAGEOS-H Geospatial Infrastructure lay-out

                                                                            INFRAGEOS-H will provide SHOM with a
   Vocabulary                              3D visualization with Caris      next-generation set of tools for tackling ever-
                                               Bathy DataBASE
BDBS                                                                        changing information and products requirements,
Base de Données Bathymétriques du                                           such as new 3D developments.
SHOM (SHOM bathymetric data-
base). Contents: soundings                                                  The INFRAGEOS-H project is the first step in a
BDGS                                                                        broader process consisting of grouping together
Base de Données Générales du                                                within a coherent system all SHOM databases
SHOM (SHOM general database).                                               (oceanography, sedimentology, etc. not limi-
Contents : aids to navigation (land-                                        ted only to hydrographic datasets). The results
marks, wrecks,…)                                                            achieved by the hydrographic component will be
BDMS                                                                        capitalized and enhanced, in support of a global
Base de Données Marée du SHOM                                               reflection upon SHOM future Geospatial Infras-
(SHOM tidal database)                                                       tructure encompassing all thematics.
Database management system
Geographic information system
Hydrographic office
Infrastructure for Spatial
Information in Europe                    Service hydrographique et océanographique de la marine
                                         Direction opérationnelle - Division Maîtrise de l’Information
                                         et des Produits mixtes
                                                                                                                               version 1.0 du 6 juin 2008

                                         Project Manager: 1st Lt Engineer (Mrs) Caroline Texier
                                         Address: 13, rue du Chatellier - CS 92803
                                         Postal code: 29 228 BREST CEDEX 2 - France
                                         Tel: 02 98 22 08 23 E-mail: