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        Newsletter, March 2009
              Edition 3                                     What makes a great workplace?                                  loyees
                                                             Employees share their views…
                                            • A connection to the workplace. A feeling that your job makes a difference to the
                                              company and that you are part of the company’s strategies, its vision & values.
                                            • I know what is expected of me and I have the appropriate resources to achieve
                                              those expectations.
                                            • My opinion is valued to management.
      Don’t forget our existing
                                            • Professional development opportunities to grow in my role and to grow towards
        customer special…                                                      KPI’s          employer
                                              future roles as identified in my KPI’s and my employer’s succession plan.
    If you refer a new client (or give           b                                    level                respect.
                                            • A boss/company that treats its entry-level employees with respect
    us the name of a business you           •RResponsibility and accountability for mistakes.
    think we should contact), and           • If employees feel they are all treated fairly, that promotes a positive environment.
    we actualize the business with                oss
                                            • A boss that gives responsible employees space and more control (within reason).
    them you get a free one hour            • Small things too - non-work things (morning tea etc) with colleagues, during
    HR consultation or training               working hours, to make a warmer work environment.
    session.                                                          realis
                                            • A boss/company that realises your potential.
              What a deal!                  • Source:

                                     Tips for dealing with staff conflict…
Common sources of workplace conflict and tension;
   • Unclear performance expectations
   • A lack of communication
   • Frustrations in staff performance and productivity levels
   • Perceived favouritism
   • Fear of workplace change and insecurity in job roles
   • Personality clashes
   • A lack of accountability

We have all experienced some form of conflict in the workplace. As an employer, dealing with workplace conflict is one of the
most difficult functions of management; however it is also one of the most important. Many managers bury their head in the s
and hope that the conflict will go away, however this is not the most advisable way to manage workplace conflict.
When faced with workplace conflict the three most important points to remember are:
    • Don’t become emotionally involved yourself
    • Don’t make judgments or take sides
    • Focus on the issues, not personalities

Make sure that you complete a thorough investigation of the conflict and then make a fair and unbiased decision based on your
findings from your investigation. Don’t forget to offer a witness to your staff when interviewing them. It is also advisable to give
the staff member as much notice as possible before any such meeting.

For further assistance, please don’t hesitate to call Phoebe or Rebecca.

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