20 Tips for Giving Feedback by sparrowjacc


									                 20 Tips for Giving Feedback

1. Find a neutral, comfortable, and safe climate to provide
2. Connect with the person before jumping in to coaching.
3. When giving feedback, describe the situation: What you saw
   happen, and the consequences as you saw them.
4. Deliver the message in a direct and straightforward way,
   without sugar coating or beating around the bush.
5. Point out the impact the person’s behavior has had on you and
6. After giving feedback, listen attentively to the other person
   without interrupting.
7. Allow the other person to express feelings and emotion without
   becoming emotionally hooked yourself.
8. Ask the person for a more effective course of action.
9. Set specific goals and follow up.
10.      State the consequences of the ineffective behavior.
11.      Seek to learn from the experience, rather than to find
   someone to blame.
12.      Before concluding, restate the points discussed and your
   agreement for the next steps.
13.      Maintain strict confidentiality with personal or sensitive
14.      Develop a relationship of trust and cooperation with the
   other person as a result of giving feedback.
15.      Do NOT speak for others or pass on others' feedback.
16.      Do NOT exaggerate by using words like "always" or
   "never" unless they convey their literal meaning.
17.      Do NOT use cynicism or sarcasm to make your points.
18.      Do NOT phrase your feedback in the form of a question,
   such as "Do you think that you can …?"
19.      Do NOT belabor your points or do most of talking.
20.      Do NOT attack the person. Focus on the desired

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