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ILLuSION by gdf57j



Illusion A                                                        Illusion B
Exterior Height:   3100mm   Separate toilet / shower              Exterior Height:                3100mm    Separate toilet / shower
Exterior Length:   7244mm                                         Exterior Length:                7755mm
Exterior Width:    2480mm   Electric Drop Bed                     Exterior Width:                 2480mm    Electric Drop Bed

Illusion C                                                        Illusion D
Exterior Height:   3100mm   Separate toilet / shower              Exterior Height:                3100mm   Separate toilet / shower
Exterior Length:   7755mm                                         Exterior Length:                6497mm
Exterior Width:    2480mm   Electric Drop Bed                     Exterior Width:                 2280mm   Electric Drop Bed

                            These measurements are approximates and may change with chassis choice.


INTERIOR                                                                             EXTERNAL
Full walk through cabin                                     Std                      Fibreglass external finish                                   Std
upholstery                                                 Cloth                     240v/Gas Hot                                                 Std
Cabin Seat Finish                              Inserted to match rear                Water service
Drivers Swivel Seat                             Std (except Illusion C)              Roof Hatch                                              Fan Hatch
Passenger Swivel Seat                                       Std                      Moulded bumper and spoiler                                   Std
Fridge                                               120 ltr 3-Way                   Awning                                                    Roll Out
Stove                                                    3 burner                    Windows                                        Dometic Double Glazed
Oven & Grill                                                Std                      Motorhome door                                               Std
Microwave                                                   Std                      Entry step                                                Electric
Splashback in kitchen                                       Std                      Gas bottles                                               2 x 4kg
Fridge Door Finish                                        Timber                     External cargo bins                                          Std
Pull out pantry                                  Std (except Illusion D)             Provision for generator                                      Std
Ceiling Lights                                              Std                      External power point                                         Std
Reading Lights                                              Std                      External grab handle                                   Illuminated
CD Player with internal speakers                            Std                      ThermoTough Wall Construction                                Std
External Speakers                                           Opt                      Awning Light                                                  1
LCD TV/DVD combination                                   15 inch                     Cabin entry steps on chassis                                 Std
Converter/Charger                                        30 Amp                      Fresh water                                                 120
Battery VSR                                                 Std                      Grey water                                                   60
Full sun block shading                                      Std                      External Storage with                                        Std
around cab windows                                                                   12 volt lighting
Innerspring mattress                                        Std                      External Shower                                             Opt
Toilet                                                   Cassette                    Solar panel                                                  Std
Diesel heater                                               Opt                      Bike rack                                                   Opt
Air Conditioner (reverse cycle)                             Std                      Wheel trims                                                  Std
Bed peak                                                    Opt                      Rear view camera/monitor                                     Std
Flick mixer taps                                            Std                      Inverter                                                    Opt
Colour matched wall lining                                  Std                      Wind up TV antenna                                           Std
Large stainless steel sink                                  Std                      House battery                                       1 x 100 Amp/Hr
Stainless steel rangehood                                   Std                      Generator                                                   N/A
Washing Machine                                             Opt                      External BBQ                                                Opt

Sleeping & seating accommodation, fluid capacities, gas bottle capacities may vary within model ranges. Carrying capacity, TARE mass, unladen mass, gross vehicle
mass and Australian Design Rule allowances for passengers, personal affects, luggage and living equipment is available on request and provided with new vehicles.
All capacities weights and measurements listed in this brochure are approximates. All specifications and options on this brochure may be changed at any given time
   according to availability and supply. Floor plans are dependent on chassis type and dimensions may change depending on base chassis. Images shown may not
depict the actual model or may contain items not standard or available with specific model. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that the vehicle purchased
                                                    is suited to their needs. This brochure should be used as a guide.


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