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10 Tips and Tools for Cost Effective Marketing
   Decide what your goals are
       o Branding
       o Sales leads
       o Partner leads
       o Name in the paper
   Do Some Research on Your Competition
       o Who are they?
       o Who are their customers?
       o What marketing methods do they use (successfully)?
   Educate Thyself on New Methods of Marketing (Marketing 2.0, Social Media
   Just DO It—Try some tools today
       o Create a Fan Page on Facebook
       o Create a Twitter Persona
       o Create a Linkedin Profile
   Create and Maintain Your Brand
       o Devote time to it every day/week/month
   Identify Communities and Engage with Them
       o Search for communities on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter with similar
          interests or potential customers
   Create content (articles, lectures, etc.)
       o On your Blog
       o On other people’s blogs-guest blogger
       o In the newspaper
       o Give a free lecture
   Give and Thee Shall Get
       o Create valuable content for your customer and let them find you (do
          not push-pull)
   Create a Referral System-most cost effective way to get Clients
       o Case Studies and quotes on website/blog
       o Don’t forget to ask your customers to refer you
       o Ask for referrals on Linkedin/Twitter, etc.
   Don’t Forget Your Real Friends-Don’t get addicted!
                          Nancy Shapira-Aronovic
              Managing Partner, Gelbart Kahana Global Marketing
                03-6070588, 0544863888

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